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Cocktails are becoming very popular these
days. Whether it's a luxury restaurant or a
small coffee shop, almost every recipe has
begun to develop from blending liquor, tea,
coffee, fruit juice or water with a sweet
taste. to create came out as a new menu
However, the designer is interested and is in
the process of studying and learning about
the process. brewing cocktails Therefore, I
have an idea to present a formula that I
have thought and researched new. In order
to apply for maximum benefit in the design
of women's apparel in the street fashion
(Street fashion) and combine with the
outline of the cocktail dress (Cocktail
Dress), which this design is transmitted
from 6 cocktail recipes that The designers
have taken ingredients such as Liquor,
nectar, juice, fruit and decorative
accessories To convey the flavor through a
set designed to match the taste of all 6


FD 465 DEGREE PROJECT EMAIL ; [email protected]
430/33 M.12 Thappraya Road,
Nongprue, Banglamung,
Chonburi 20150


This research was accomplished with the kindness of Ajarn
Dalita Ketusak and Ajarn Natsupacharoenyingwattana.
Research advisors who gave suggestions and ideas as well
as fix various bugs continued until this research was
completed. Therefore, the students would like to express
their gratitude very much. I would like to express my
deepest gratitude to my mother, father, and guardians for
giving advice on various matters. Including always being a
good encouragement thank you friends that gives good
advice About this research And thank you for your patience
to complete this project until it was successfully completed.
during the entire semester of work

Supansa laoin






























The costume design project was
inspired by the problem of cocktail
mixing by using the main
ingredients used in cocktails to
develop. Into a new formula that
occurs in 6 different flavors and
unique under the guidelines

"The more you drink is the more you


to convey the knowledge gained from

making cocktails through the process
costume design
To develop and design a collection of
streetwear style apparel.

as a guide for costume design This will
be broadly useful for students in the
fashion design department and the
general public who are interested.
To develop knowledge and ability to
design apparel in the use of beverage
making and design in accordance with
the current era


Research methods in women's clothing

design The purpose of this study is to

develop the potential of women's
fashion design. Cocktail
The design phase used in this study was
2564 in one and two academic years.


As a guideline for costume design and the

use of cocktail making techniques in the
design. Understand and draw conclusions

on how to use fashion trends to help

conceptualize fashion collection design.
As a guide and useful for those interested in
studying street fashion apparel design.


COCKTAIL a kind of drink Mix different types
of liquor, add ice and shake, and
MIX may add juice or fruit pieces to
add a different color or flavor to it.
GARNISH Popular before meals.

o m b i n e m o r e t h a n t w o o b j e c t s
together to make the mixed object
STREET move. Important steps in food
FASHION processing are found in almost all
food production methods.

Decoration and decoration are
elegant in color, smell, taste and

“Street” (Street) + “Wear” (Wearing) is a term
commonly used to describe clothing choices
that are based on lifestyles that arise from
independent thinking. This independence is
considered the heart of the word. Streetwear
that reflects the urban, or urban culture, which
is also linked to other subcultures in the city as
well. Reggae, hardcore, hip-hop, dance clubs,
graffiti, as well as sportswear trends. and the
arts and crafts in the heart of the city, so it is
also part of the street culture.


THE HISTORY (Self Expression) to express the identity and
OF attitude of the streetwear (Streetwear) often
STREETWEAR refers to the machine. Dress that is casual

(Casual), easy to wear, easy to move

(Athleisure) and is larger than the body
(Oversize). It expresses the individuality and
STREET expresses the attitude of the wearer. Initially,
streetwear was rooted in groups.
WEAR Against mainstream culture in the 1980s
(Countercultures) and developed from a
Streetwear (Streetwear) is a form of dress. different subculture (Subculture) to become a
That has changed according to the culture.
development of society mainstream dress which in this culture
starting in the 1980s in the United States. It has grown exponentially and plays an
important role. in the fashion industry at all
The streetwear style of dress was market levels
developed from Combining the influence The beginning of streetwear and street culture
of subculture (Subculture) such as Skate It was created by creator Sean Stussy.
Board culture, Hip-hop culture, with Surfboard business in Laguna Beach
sportswear, which has a unique style of The top surfers in the state of California
dress. that looks casual (Caual), easy to United States, 1979
move (Athleisure) and is larger than the
(Oversize) by important concepts of the
clothing style This street is an expression
of individuality.

after street culture which the image The distinctive of hip-hop
has spread into New York City artists or rappers at that time. are all African-
infiltrating the music industry Hip-hop American artists of color and Often wear
and sports apparel, during which large-sized attire (Baggy and Loose) with
street culture has become a popular gold chain necklaces and sneakers of famous
trend. Recognition is overwhelming as brands such as Nike (Nike). that Bling Bling
a key driving force is MTV, the most (Bling Bling Culture) and is an image that
influential teen television station in the people tend to Memorable of street wear.
United States. MTV presents the music street culture and streetwear apparel It has
program 'YO! MTV Raps' bringing hip- grown by leaps and bounds and spreads the
hop music to audiences across the tide. It quickly became popular during the
country. 2000s when the influence of the Internet and

social media enabled people around the
world to Easy access to various social media

In 2017, streetwear has evolved to become An
important part of many high-end fashion
CULTURE brands are producing casual and
Easy to move out to meet the needs. of
consumers with a younger average age and
want Wearing a dress that is not too formal
can be. Can be worn on many occasions

STREET Interpretation of female culture
WEAR Every designer is different, but identity is
important.Every great feminist culture
Freedom of design reflection And
today's society holmium city culture

In the high-end fashion brand market, there is story. The above factors lead to

an increase in the production of sneakers by diversity.Culture - cultural difference is
10% and t-shirts by 25%, including the details of an important variable of fashion design
apparel that are Combining the street culture to in society.Today's female heroes are
be tailored with high-class clothing (Luxury more free fashionThere are no correct
Fashion) has appeared more widely. There has fashion rules.The concept of clothing is
been a collaboration on the designs of the a mixture of culture: cross culture There
Supreme and Louis Vuitton brands, as well as is no need to stick to anything cultural.
Burberry and the streetwear brand Gosha

Rubchinskiy, among others. Tware continues to

grow. In the high-end fashion industry (High-

end) has changed.

According to the fashion trends that occur in

each season






ที่ ม า H T T P S : / / B L O G . E D I T E D . C O M / B L O G / T H E -



Cocktail dress is appropriate attire at semi- ที่มา
formal times sometimes called cocktail parties,
usually in the afternoon and often with
After World War I, the idea of ​"working women"
gained popularity. After 1929, it was more
common to see women in social contexts. With
the help of the organization liberated the idea of
The "new woman" began and soon could be seen.
More and more companies are hosting cocktail
parties to provide a fun environment for
employees and customers to socialize. These
parties usually begin after 5 PM. Since guests are
expected to walk around and meet people,
clothing made for these occasions is often
functional and comfortable. This practical and
modern garment became a popular uniform for
progressive aristocratic women in the 1920s


19th century
Dinnerware was the outfit worn by women in the elevance&what=Cocktail+dresses&ft=*&offset=0&rpp=20&pos=12
Victorian era for dinners and home parties. It can be
very complicated In the 20th century, however, ที่มา
dinner dresses went out of fashion and were
replaced by evening dresses for formal 20th century
dinner images. sketches of the outfits to wear
Buttoned front and long sleeves up to the elbow.
sketch of french cocktail dress Black cocktail dress
with spaghetti straps on mannequins. 1960s Italian
Cocktail Dresses In the 1920s, French couture clients
mostly consisted of American department stores
producing French designs and promoting French
designers. This led French designers to create
dresses to attract. Because cocktail parties
originated in the United States, French designers
create their own cocktail dresses.

ที่มา ที่มา

The French designed a very loose and flowy beach pajama
set that consisted of a cardigan and palazzo pants. This is
often paired with a calf-length wrap. jacket or sheath These
garments are often worn for more intimate and special
gatherings. The French style emphasizes simplicity and
elegance in its design. while American style places
emphasis on functionality and efficiency. American
customers wanted a single outfit that could be adjusted to
fit multiple times of the day using jewelry. The texture of the
dress and whether it's worn with a cocktail hat makes a
daytime dress different from a cocktail dress. In the mid
1920s, dresses were below the knee rather than ankle length.
This is normal for evening dresses.


ที่มาอยากเหล้าเรื่อง Cocktails Most people tend to think of cocktails. mixed
with alcoholic beverages, which, as a matter of fact There
1.mixed drinks (Base) is a clear-colored drink, are all kinds of cocktails. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so
but with liquor mixed together without fruit cocktails mean a mix of
juice or cream mixed with it mixed in a glass, - liquor + liquor
then stirred or merged. Together with these - liquor + juice.
ice will be easily mixed together such as - Fruit juice + fruit juice is a drink called Non Alcoholic
Martini , Gin , Manhattan Cocktails as well, which is suitable for non-drinkers and
children. It is believed that it has been around for a very
2.. Beverages mixed with juice, sugar, eggs long time in Europe, but the word cocktail (Cocktail) is
and cream (Modifiers) must be mixed by not known for sure. Cocktail refers to a drink that uses a
shaken together with an ice shaker called certain type of liquor as a main ingredient. Add a more
Shaker or electric generator inviting aroma and flavor by mixing other beverages with
(Electricblender) to mix together It's good different aromas and flavors. Normally, every cocktail
for mixing to pour the liquor last. There are contains about 60% liquor, or at least half the amount. all
also fruit decorations such as pineapple, seasoning The most popular liqueurs used in cocktails
lemon peel, orange slices. Orange juice, are: Gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, etc. When the
tomato juice, olives, soda, lemon juice, ingredients are mixed, some recipes are just enough to
Grenadin mix, others require vigorous shaking with the blended
cocktail ice. Popularly served cold, arranged in a cocktail
glass, mixing different types of liquor is expected to have
been around since ancient times, but the word "cocktail"
(Cocktail) has no one. know the exact source of evidence
It is only expected to happen due to various reasons,
such as John.
Doxat recounts three stories in The Book of Drinking, but
the most interesting is that in the 18th century,
cockfighting was very popular among the people and
there was a tradition of drinking to bless the rooster who
was the winner. Well, the drink used to toast this kai is a
mixed drink made up of various spirits. How many types
will be used depends on The rest of the chicken's tail
feathers have been left uncooked, or Alec Waugh
recounts in Wines and Spirits, a book in Time Life
International (Nederland) BV's Foods of the World series,
that no one knows the true origin of the cocktail. at all
Write a funny story about the origin of the cocktail: During
the American War for Independence

But the word "cocktails" (Cocktails) has certain
evidence that american publications has been referring
to cocktails as early as 1806, and 50 years later it has
published a book about This cocktail was the first in
America. The inventor of the recipe was a master of this
method, such as Crusta, Fix, Daisy, Cobbler, Smash and
others. In 1919 Londoners still did not know how to serve
cocktails before meals but later learned how to serve
them. go from america which is commonly served
before a meal about half an hour This cocktail is
considered important as the dinner by reference.,2552.

ที่มาอยากเหล้าเรื่อง ที่มา

At the taverns in New England, where Miss Bey The word Cocktails comes from the French
was run by the Sfelnagae, the soldiers were coquetel, which means mixes and cocktail
frequent supporters who scolded them. parties. Born in the middle of the 20th century,
Responding to Ms. Bethez of Tory, who flinched this is an invitation to party them. which may be
fearlessly as he drank thirstily. served in large or small groups Iris or whiskey
A special blended liquor for those soldiers, a poured over the ice in a glass called “On the
liqueur served with rum mixed with fruit juice, Rock” or served with crushed ice, also called “In
each glass decorated with tail feathers. The new the Mist” (In the Mist) The liquor in the glass
drink was so furious that the band members may be filled with water or soda. The glass that
heard the exclamation of a young French soldier, was originally used for the same purpose was a
“ViveLeCoq's Tail.” The origin of this word, but the short glass with a tall glass. (Highball) In
author (Alec Waugh) has the idea that most addition to liquor, there is also a type of
people in the western hemisphere accept this appetizers prepared for the price, called Horsd'
novel oeuvres, which are mostly hand-picked.

which is convenient while drinking Many of the hors d'oeuvres can be used from the simple to the more
elaborate. The cocktails are constantly evolving in popularity, as is the recipe from the hotels in the book
you're holding. It is considered a very popular cocktail. Today and from the cocktail legend. (Surapon
Navanik) said when cocktails were born. Who came up with the recipe? mix up this type of liquor This
problem, no one can tell for sure. As far as history has been traced, it can be said that Europeans were the
first nations to mix liquor with cold water. And some kind of fruit juice to drink before, especially the people
of Bordeaux (Bordeaux) of France like to drink alcohol called Coquetel, which is a type of liquor. Later,
French soldiers who were sent to the Army to help George Washington in the War of Independence in the
United States brought this blended liquor to the Americans of that era known as "Coquetel".
often mixed with liquor In a container similar to egg cups (Egg Cup), always fed with friends. Balance
magazine said that the liquor mixed in the egg cups, known by the French as coquetiers (Coquetiers) of
this chemist, were attracted to each other. so much that later Americans had memorized his recipe and
drank it in more and more cockerels until finally

Liquor mixed with cocktails, so it's ที่มา
called out of the American accent. It
is a cocktail (Cockters) until it ที่มา
becomes a cocktails (Cocktails)
that are known to the mouth until And it is surprising that shortly thereafter american soldier It was your
every day. This was during the daughter's lover who found the chicken and brought it back to his father-in-
American War of Independence in law. In the end, Betsy's father-in-law had to give up his daughter to fulfill the
1779 (around B.E. 1779) Then a promise. Betsy is very pleased So I mixed the liquor. In her father's shop for her
revolutionary soldier's widow named wedding guests, the guests became so enamored with the flavor of this liqueur
Betsy Flanagan built a tavern to that they called the liqueur a cocktail. With the end of World War II, countries in
welcome customers, French soldiers Europe and America improved their livelihoods. fast forward Making the
from the Army who were fighting for tradition of raising cocktails become a tradition. Cocktail (cocktail) is a type of
the George Washington government drink that uses different types of liquor mixed together, put ice and shake, and
near Bate's Tavern. C also has may add fruit juice or fruit pieces to add a different color or flavor to the
another liquor store called Loyalist. popular. drink before meals The origins of the cocktail are unclear, but the
which raising chickens with fast food blend dates back to the fourteenth century in France using beer. Honey liquor is
for a day One Betsy hosted a feast in the main and then mixed with spiced liquor. and has evolved to use wine,
honor of her foreign friends by liquor, spices, sugar, fruit juices mixed together The French call it "coquetel".
bringing chickens from the Loyalist to
treat her guests with a quirky mix of
spirits and served them before
dinner by decorating the decanters
with chicken tail feathers. Use it to
bless you beautifully. The soldiers
who went to the feast all drank in
your honor. images and greetings in
language The French coined "Vive le
cock tail." Since then, this liqueur has
been popularly drank before a feast
or dinner. Chalong therefore called
cocktails (chicken tails). There is
another story that in the same era as
Betsy, an American tavern owner
prevented his daughter Betsy from
marrying an American soldier one
day. Cockfighting champion arena
that you I love you so much, the
name Washington is gone. of this
tavern was so sad that he
announced that whoever caught this
chicken Come back to him. Willing to
give his daughter as a reward.


SPIRIT divided by the drinking process
Ready-to-drink beverages that do
divided according to production process not require any further preparation or
Divided with steps to prepare before blending include wine, brandy,
drinking cognac, beer, RTD beverages (eg
Soaked liquor or fermented liquor Bacardi Spy), and other non-
(Fermentation) is a liquor obtained from alcoholic beverages.
the fermentation of raw materials with
mold and / or unrefined yeast, and Drinks that are prepared before
includes spirits that have been mixed with drinking (PreparedBeverage) is a
distilled spirits but still have an alcohol beverage that must be prepared
strength of not more than 15 degrees, or mixed before drinking, such as
such as wine, champagne, wort, chilled, whiskey, cocktails.
sugar. drunk, sake,
wine coolers, sparkling wines, beer, etc. Divided by the time of the meal
Distilled spirits (Distillation) is the bringing due to the people of the sun Fall
of spirits soaked in distillation. to get the in popularity to drink while
alcohol eating before meals. (Aperitif)
Higher and includes distilled spirits mixed Used to drink to quench thirst. Or
with chilled spirits but with an alcohol appetizer,
strength of more than 15 degrees, such as wine, used to drink between
whiskey, brandy, cognac, vodka, gin, rum, meals, along with eating each
tequila, white spirits, liqueurs, etc. dish after a meal (Digestif) is
often a sweet drink or liquor to
aid in digestion.

commonly used liquor To be mixed into cocktails, there are 5 types

Brandy is a popular alcoholic drink. Much caused by
fermenting grapes into wine (Wine), then distilled into a
brandy, then stored and aged to have a good color, flavor,
brandy that is sold in the general market.

Whiskey is a distilled spirit made from
one or more types of rice or corn or grain that has been
fermented. Distilled to have a higher degree It was then aged
in acorn vats. to get a better color, smell, taste, but before
being bottled Some species are also used for flavoring, color,
and flavor again in order to meet the standards of consumer

Gin is a white liqueur with a juniper aroma. It is made by
distilling rice or grain and blending aromas and flavors of
herbs. and juniper It is very popular in Holland, formerly
known as "Dutch Courage" and was renamed for short as Gin.
Gin is another spirit distilled from the fermentation of
molasses, seeds. Cereals (which also contain corn kernels,
barley seeds, rye seeds, and other grains)

Rum is classified as a spirit, a liquor distilled from the
molasses or molasses produced in the islands. Caribbean
coast Which grows a lot of sugarcane, produces and sells in
many countries such as Puerto Rican, the color is Clear,
Jamaica will be Dark, Cuban will be Light, Gold, Dark, etc.

odka The word “Vodka” or Wodka comes from the Russian
language. “ZhiznenniaVoda” translates to “WaterofLife,” sometimes
translated as “LittleWater.” Vodka was accepted by the Americans
around 1946. Vodka is a clear, white liqueur with a slight odor that
makes it almost undesirable. Green 40-60 In the past it was
unknown but today it is liquor. The most popular is liquor. that is
fermented from rice or mango and sugarcane, depending on the
raw materials of the country



Jigger Some people call manu
"measures" and it's easier to
understand. This first device is of
great importance Because in
each drink mix It is imperative
that all liquid ingredients are
'measured'. The right amount or
proportion, the way it should be


Shaker is to "shake" to make all
the ingredients together and
cool in a short time. Shaker
consists of 3 parts: the
cylinder, the filter cover. and
the part that is the lid


Boston Shaker (Boston Shaker) EQUIPMENT
is another type of shaker. The
difference from the first type is MELON BALLER MUDDLER
that it is divided into two parts:
a glass measuring cylinder. Melon Baller "Coring Spoon" is Muddler (crushed wood)
and stainless steel measuring useful for coring or decorating used for crushing lemons,
cylinder When pouring all the various melon fruits such as oranges, etc.
ingredients into the glass jar
(Some will have a volume) and watermelons, cantaloupes,
then put the stan side together
and shake until the desired into beautiful round balls to STRAINER
level of cooling is obtained.
be used to decorate the Strainer (Ice filling

mouth of the glass. or put it

down with Drinks are also machine) is used for filling

STRAINER available, such as fruitpunch. ice. from the drink

Strainer may be called.

Strainer or filter cap, this
device will always be used KNIFE
with the Boston Shaker as
mentioned above. Fruit knife (fruit peeling Cutting board (Chopping
knife) is used to peel the board) is used for slicing

fruit. raw materials.


Barspoon A "bar spoon" or a
"stirring spoon" has the
function of sifting and mixing
beverages that do not require
shaking. But it is a normal
pouring mix. Another benefit of
the leather is that it is used as
an aid in Making a layered
drink, which will be discussed
in the next chapter.



(Martini glass)

. and straight up
liquor so widely At present, when organizing a
accepted that it is luxury party It is popular to bring
generally accepted champagne glasses and
as a true modern saucers to stack them in layers.
glass. With a and when test park rolling The
design to have a wine comes down to fix the top
long stem and a of the top leaf. The golden yellow
glass to put liquor water will flow down like an
amber curtain. But not popular to
which is quite classic There are put champagne Because it will
probably two sizes of martinis make the beautiful bubble
available: a 2-3 ounce single disappear quickly.
martini that holds a single
liquor, and a 3-4 ounce double BRANDY GLASS
martini, capable of holding 2-3
spirits. one It is commonly used to add

brandy or a single liqueur.

highlighted by aroma this
brandy glass It is designed to be
COCKTAIL GLASS held in the palm of your hand.
because wanting to be
It is a glass photographed The temperature
designed primarily of the heat from ourselves to the
for cocktails. which glass When the liquor in the
is not popular to glass warms up will emit a
pack ice into Basil smoldering fragrance Cocktails
has a capacity of used in this glass include the
only 6-7 ounces. B&B Straight-up, Cognac
To highlight and Straight-up, Rusty nail Straight-
the taste is still up.
popular put this
kind of glass


At present, when
organizing a luxury
party It is popular to
bring champagne
glasses and saucers to
stack them in layers.
and when test park
rolling The wine comes
down to fix the top of
the top leaf. The golden
yellow water will flow
down like an amber
curtain. But not popular
to put champagne
Because it will make the
beautiful bubble
disappear quickly.


This type of mug has a It is a glass with a
capacity of 1 1/2 - 2 capacity of about
ounces only. So there's 4-5 ounces, similar
only room for 1-2 of in shape to a
them, and most of liqueur, but larger.
them are liqueurs. for a intended for port
drink after or before liquor and a few
meals But there are mixed drinks such
some cocktails that as the Whiskey
need to be added to Sour or the Sour
this liqueur: the family.
Rainbow, the B-52, and
the typical straight-up SHERRY GLASS
It's a wine glass with
COCKTAIL GLASS a squeaky shape.
Known in Spain as
It is a glass "copita", it is a very
designed primarily proud old culture. Its
for cocktails. which functionality is also
is not popular to suitable for Spanish
pack ice into Basil sherry wines. The
has a capacity of capacity is 2-3
only 6-7 ounces. ounces.
To highlight and
the taste is still MUG GLASS
popular put this
kind of glass It's a beer mug with a handle. It
is commonly used to add draft
CHAMPAGNE beer during festivals. or various
SAUCER GLASS parties matter of capacity There
shouldn't be a rule of death. But
t present, when organizing probably depends on the
a luxury party It is popular satisfaction of the customers.
to bring champagne The larger the size, the more
glasses and saucers to beer can be put. because the
stack them in layers. and customer's mood is in the range
when test park rolling The of happiness already having fun
wine comes down to fix the And I haven't seen any cocktails
top of the top leaf. The using this glass. In addition to
golden yellow water will freshly cracked young coconut
flow down like an amber water Approximate capacity is
curtain. But not popular to 10-14 ounces.
put champagne Because it
will make the beautiful
bubble disappear quickly.


It is another type of beer It is a glass that is smaller than a
glass that is commonly glass of red wine. The properties of a
used in restaurants. and white wine glass are Do not want the
various restaurants The wine to have a lot of air or what we
higher the mouth, the higher call breathing (breathe). The
the froth of the beer. to pop aromas in white wine do not need to
up to be more appetizing develop in the glass anymore. And in
There are a few cocktails practice, we may use this white wine
that are popular with this glass for red house wine or wine that
glass: Shandy, Mimosa, and is sold by the glass as well. And it
other beer-based can also be used to put some
beverages. It has an cocktails that can be mixed with
approximate capacity of 10- wine, such as Sangria, Spritzer, Kir.
14 ounces. The capacity is about 7-9 ounces.


It is another fancy This red wine from Bordeaux
shaped beer mug. takes time to reveal the fullness
that are still used in of its aromas from years of
some restaurants aging. Different sizes and shapes
because it will create must allow the wine to be
an atmosphere and exposed to the air. There has
having fun in another been another adjustment and
way will have development. It was like waking
unlimited capacity up fine wine from years of
But the right amount slumber. Most of them are used
would be 16-20 in large grill rooms. The capacity
ounces. is about 15-20 ounces.


Usually, a glass of red wine 22 ounce size, suitable
is seen in this picture. Will for general cocktails
suit different types of red that emphasize large
wines. But overall, it can be volumes. It is about
used in general. The fashion glass
appearance of a good

glass must be large

enough to pour a few
words or two of the wine,
i.e. no more than half of the
glass is strictly prohibited.
when the drinker wants to
perceive the aroma full of
wine clearly It must be
stimulated by swinging the
glass. So a good red wine
glass must be designed to
do these things, about 8-10
ounces capacity


Many people call it an It is a glass
ancient style pointed shaped similar
glass, that is correct. to another Hi-
because the name is ball, but larger
already suing This type than 4 ounces.
of glass is popular with In use, it is
ice cubes. It is then popularly used
topped with one or two as a Longdrink
liqueurs, in an on the glass, but the
rock style. Popular only emphasis is
cocktails are Rusty Nail, on. Collins family
Black Magic, Black cocktails
Russian, Godfather, etc.


It is a tall glass with a The package size
standard shape. Can is 12 -13. 1/2 oz.,
be used anywhere, popular with
everywhere It's typical Strand-
probably a universal based cocktails.
glass, with a capacity zombie, maitai,
of about 8-10 ounces. etc.
Some of the blended

drinks used in this

glass include Bloody
Mary, Caba Libre, Gray
Houd, Tequila Sunrise,
and Yellow Jacket.


This is another type of
glass that belongs to
the Hi-ball family, but
larger. Sometimes
referred to collectively
as the Hi-ball, it has a
capacity of 10-12
ounces. In addition to
being used in
cocktails, it is similar to
a high-ball. will also
be highlighted in the
entire Sling family of





Fancy garnishes go back to the 19th

century when star bartenders were

quite jovial in their trim. Stack the

spatula and compote high. or light

a burning orange peel (a trick

brought back in style by bartender

Dale DeGroff), but it's all food. The

inedible ornaments arrived after the

ban with the advent of the popular

tiki, paper umbrellas, branded

broomsticks. and plastic duo

hickeys It has transformed the dark

brown rum and mixed juice into a

more colorful affair. And for most of

the 20th century, tiki was inhabited by ghetto drinks.

Such condiments were important during a time when the Tiki culture was

reborn. in the form of bars like Lost Lake in Chicago and Latitude 29 in New

Orleans. not accidental But the decorative renaissance cannot be attributed to

a single thing. The perfect storm of factors makes lemons bloom over your


“I think people are thinking cocktails are a complete experience,” says Leo

Robitschek, beverage director at The NoMad in New York City. “Before, it's about

drinking in a cup and tasting it. People are not interested in aromatics and

aesthetics. Part of it showing another level of skill. superior to general



The adornment renaissance began quietly Cocktail garnishes are garnishes that add

with baby steps born from the instinct of personality or style to a mixed drink. In

craftsmanship. There are eighty-six particular, cocktails are used to enhance and

bottled condiments. Cherry cocktails are enhance flavor in drinks by stimulating special

handmade instead of brandy. Homemade neurons in the nose and mouth, used as a

pickled onions finally followed. The end garnish for a variety of cocktails. A cocktail

result for a drink that tastes better and that uses a lot of rum. especially with fruit

more appealing. Lime, lime and tangerine flavor It is usually decorated with tropical-

twists grow from the wood chips in themed garnishes or fruit slices. Tequila-

dramatic lines. They are often cut into based drinks like lemons and other citrus fruits.

neat shapes or tied into a clever knot. Gin- and vodka-based beverages tend to be

Candied ginger is found on the rim of the flavored with a more elegant flair (olive, onion,

glass. Anise swims on the surface of the or perhaps orange or single cherry

drink. However, with the rapid maraschino) unless it's a gin- and vodka-

development of cocktail party bars it is based drink. Rum-based fruit Whiskey and

becoming more crowded and it is difficult brandy beverages tend to be the least

for every new bar to get their attention flavored, if any, and hotel chains and bars

with their own creativity. Anything that tend to use larger, more elegant garnishes.

makes customers happy, whether inside And the nearby bars tend to go to extremes

or outside of glass, is good for business.


Grapefruit Slices + Salted Rim +

It can help relieve insomnia and
promote better sleep.
help nourish the skin stimulate collagen
production Help make the skin shine

Cucumber + Blackberries

can strengthen and restore collagen As a
result, our skin does not dry out as quickly
as it should.
Helps reduce the risk of heart disease
and blood clots in the brain as well Foods
rich in bioflavonoids strengthen blood

Orange Peel + Rosemary

Relieve colic, distension, flatulence,
flatulence, expel wind from the
intestines aids in digestion

helps to soothe the stomach freshen
breath Because it has a natural
antibacterial effect.

Apple Slices + Cinnamon Sugar
Rim + Cinnamon Stick

Nourish the body, keep the body
warm Help spread the cold in the
body make good blood circulation
Cinnamon can reduce insulin
resistance, causing cells to use
blood sugar for energy so it doesn't
stay in the blood.


26 YRS

A woman with sharp face, In addition to working as a TASTE OF
long hair, good figure, street model In his spare time,

style dress according to social Kendall likes to find time to

network that no matter what exercise 3-5 days a week.

you catch, Mix & Match looks She also likes to swim and

expensive, looks stylish, sunbathe, so Kendall often

"Kendall Jenner" Teen Queen posts bikini pictures. He also

of the fashion industry and is likes to hangout and party

also Icon in today's teenage with friends in his spare

outfits, Kendall Jenner stepped time.

into the modeling industry at

the age of 14, modeling for

Forever 21, and since then has

been trusted to walk with

world-class brands like

Chanel, Givenchy has also

become a Victoria's Secret

Angel and is also the face of

many brands.




When it comes to off-duty She usually wears neutral

style, few It-Girls models' colors, such as black, TASTE OF LIFE

fashion today does it better cream and brown, but

than Kendall Jenner, and her she also has a
street style is proof. Whether transparent color or
she goes shopping in New stripe, such as She likes
York City with her sister. or blue, blue, blue, blue, blue,
being seen on the way to blue, blue, blue, blue, blue
dinner with friends or her and blue. This dress has
boyfriend in Los Angeles never felt too planned,
Jenner has put together a although I must have a
beautiful wardrobe. That lot of clothes. This proves
requires a lot of staples that that every item can wear
everyone can pick up now, day and night. It depends
such as graphic t-shirts. cut- on the style.
out shorts and black ankle

boots These are the kind of

items that are bought once

and owned forever. So it's

usually good value for money.




“Kendall's tastes are “Her life involves chaos, TASTE OF
bohemian and I like travel and high energy. HOUSING
natural, not luxurious. So Kendall wanted a
Quite a little and down to home that felt secluded.
earth.” Kendall has a taste A place where you can
for her age. The house is zone and relax.” A living
therefore unique. When I room is perhaps the best
walked into this place will example of how young
be immediately drawn to models love to use warm,
the Spanish-y, farmhouse organic surfaces. earth
atmosphere.” This sums tone and distinctively
up the transcontinental comfortable furnishings
architecture prevalent in

Los Angeles.



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