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The Insider -An independent newspaper for Wynmoor residents. December 2019

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The Insider - December 2019

The Insider -An independent newspaper for Wynmoor residents. December 2019

An Independent Newspaper

For Wynmoor Residents

VOL. 3, NO. 12 DECEMBER 2019

New Year’s Eve

Celebrate With Us!
Tickets $25. Box Office window sales begin
Monday, December 9, 2019 at 9:00 AM

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Trinity Health Care Services, LLC is a family • Skilled Nursing
owned and operated home health care agency, • Newborns
since 1994. Licensed by the State of Florida, • Infants
Insured and bonded. Medicare / Medicaid • Adults
• Personal Care • Registered Nurses
Our program is designed to keep you or your • Respite Care • Licensed Practical Nurses
loved ones in the comfort of your home as long • Homemaking • Certified Nursing Assistants
as possible, providing professional supervision • Companionship & Sitting • Home Health Aides
and quality services appropriate to the degree • Live-in/Live-out • Medical Social Workers
of your impairment. • Physical Therapy • Physical Therapists
• Occupational Therapy • Occupational Therapists
We are accredited by the Joint Commission • Speech Therapy
which is a symbol of excellence.
• Teaching/Support/Staffing
Trinity Health Care Services, LLC, is renowned
for its fundamental divine motto, “Faith, Hope • Ventilator Care
and Love.”

We maintain an open line of communications
between you and your relatives, which enables
us to tailor the highest quality of care for


Pro Pickleball Exhibition At Wynmoor
By Sandra Cohen

The Pickleball Club of Wynmoor celebrated the inauguration of its beautiful newly resurfaced courts with a dazzling display of Pickleball played by
some of the area’s top professionals. A large crowd of Wynmoorites turned out to watch local Pickleball pros, Taylor Niss, Brandon Hubschman, Stacie
Townsend and Stephan Joliceur who played mixed doubles and then, teamed up with Wynmoor players for some fun games.

The event also provided the opportunity to promote the 3rd Annual Delray Beach Pickleball Classic and assisted Wynmoor players interested in signing

up for this exciting tournament. A great day in Wynmoor was had by all who attended.



pen to paper “Now I want you to take a couple of the Oreos out; crumple them up into
little pieces and place them on the floor. Good! Now do the same thing with
The Insider is not responsible, and assumes no liability for the content expressed in any contributed some of the potato chips.”
material. Material in the paper represents the author’s own opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of
the Insider. After I did what it wanted me to do, in a very threatening voice it said, “YOU
The Hostess With The Mostest AND DON’T COME OUT UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN!” Fearing for my life,
I ran as fast as I could to my bedroom and closed the door.
By Peter Hardis
Two weeks ago I returned home from shopping at the supermarket. When I While I was in the bedroom I started to wonder what they were going to
walked into my apartment I had a strange feeling that I was not the only one do next. Listening through the door I heard the tv in the living room go on,
there. I yelled out, “IS ANYONE HERE?” There was no response, however and could hear that they were watching “The Price Is Right.” They were
I still had this feeling that I wasn’t the only one in the house. laughing and they seemed to be having fun. I thought to myself, “they really
Because I was scared I reached for my phone to call 911. All of a sudden know how to party.”
a voice said, “don’t you dare call anyone!” I nearly jumped out of my skin.
I said, “who are you; where are you?” Then I got a hold of myself and said, “what? I must be crazy admiring the
“I’m down here right by your feet.” I looked down at the floor and saw lifestyle of these ants. Look at the situation they put me in! I began to fear
what I first thought was a piece of dirt, but I realized that it couldn’t be dirt the worst by thinking, “if they wanted to they could keep me captive for as
because it was running around in circles. I bent down to take a closer look long as they want to, or maybe until I die, or worse, there are enough of them
and saw that it was the tiniest ant I had ever seen. to kill me just for the fun of it.
“Listen to me carefully! We don’t want to hurt you, but I promise we will
if you don’t cooperate with us.” It then yelled out, “I have the place secured, After about nine hours of my being held hostage, I heard a knock on the door.
you can come in now.” “Listen to me very carefully! In 15 minutes you will be allowed to come out,
I looked down at the space at the bottom of the front door; in disbelief I saw but not one second before that! Do you understand me?” I replied, “yes I do.”
thousands of ants marching into the house. Many were even pulling small
suitcases behind them. They were well behaved, but that didn’t take away When the 15 minutes were up I peeked out from the door. It was eerily quiet.
from how scared I was about what was taking place before my eyes. With a great deal of fear and apprehension I left the bedroom.
After the last ant arrived, their leader said to me, “there are two reasons we
chose to come here; It’s so hot outside, we need a place where we can cool off. Looking around I saw that the tv was off; the kitchen was spotless, and all
The other reason; we noticed that you were carrying packages, we followed of the items in the packages I brought in were neatly put away. There wasn’t
you thinking that you would have something for us to eat. We are hoping an ant in sight. Then I noticed a note on the counter. It read:
you bought some things we like. Our favorites are cookies and potato chips.”
I said to it, “it just so happens you are in luck. I bought Oreos, but only “Dear Peter, We can’t thank you enough for your generous hospitality. You
because they were ‘buy one get one free,’ and Lay’s potato chips which were are quite the host! Not everyone is as welcoming to us as you were. Because
also ‘buy one get one free.’” of how nice you are we are looking forward to many more visits with you in
I thought that if I told it what it wanted to hear they would eat and then leave. the near future. Thanks for being THE HOSTEST WITH THE MOSTEST!

Yours truly, your little friends”

A Dreamer’s Christmas Past

By Lawrence E. Correia
In today’s world, I have often heard people say, “Christmas is not like it
used to be, because it has become so commercialized that it has lost its spirit
and its sense of togetherness.” I have to agree with some of these comments,
because I can remember that stores geared up for Christmas shortly after

Continued on page 8


pen to paper I can still see my mother on the evening before Christmas boiling potatoes,
butternut squash and turkey innards in preparation for the next day’s dinner.
The Insider is not responsible, and assumes no liability for the content expressed in any contributed The purpose of boiling the turkey was two-fold: 1st: to cook the meat and
material. Material in the paper represents the author’s own opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of make it pliable enough to be mixed in the dressing and 2nd, to provide the
the Insider. broth for the dressing. On Christmas morning, mom used day old bread, for
its consistency, to make the dressing by adding turkey broth, eggs, chopped
Continued from page 7 onions and celery. With the dressing made, she stuffed it in the turkey and
tied the ends and with the remaining dressing she placed it in baking pans
Thanksgiving Holiday but now they gear up for their sales even before in the oven. The turkey, she basted with butter and turkey broth, allowing
Halloween in October. I guess in today’s world, sales is more important than the remainder settle in the bottom of the pan. When the turkey was done,
celebrating the spirit and meaning of this holiday. mom used the residue at the base of the pan to be mixed with flour to make a
homemade gravy (she hated store-bought gravy). The only items mom used
It seems that when I come home, I am spending more time dreaming of the gravy on was the turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing. The butternut
Christmases of my past. Back in 1958, when I was 15 years old, my father squash was usually mixed with a bit of butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.
brought home a Christmas tree and the family would devote its energies to All other vegetables such as string beans, corn, carrots, peas and waxed bean
make whatever it could to decorate that beautiful fir. were boiled and served.

As a family, we worked in teams: 1st, we strung up the multi-colored My dad had the honor of carving the turkey, while my brother Steve and I
lights. 2nd, the family broke up into groups as several worked on stringing had the chicken legs. The rest of the family had the wings and white meat.
popcorn and wrapping it around the tree. 3rd, the next group cut up strips What a meal. I can still taste it even now. About an hour later, my mother
would serve apple pie with maple walnut ice cream.
of colored paper and glued them into rings to do a second wrap of the tree.
4th, we then proceeded to place the bulbs and other ornaments, followed by Later that evening, my dad asked if any of us siblings would enjoy a coffee
aluminum foil on the branches to not only give it color but also to give it a malted frappe (by the way, frappe comes from the French meaning, “to beat”).
In the South, it is called a milk shake. In New England, a milk shake is merely
shimmering effect. For the last step of the procedure, my father asked, “who milk and syrup shaken, but a frappe is milk, ice cream, syrup and malt powder
should place the angel on top of the tree?” The rest of the family agreed that mixed in a blender. The pleasure and flavor of this drink is indescribable. To
our three-year-old Eileen should have that honor. So, my father lifted Eileen this day, the mental reminder of these gastronomical delights fill me with
on his shoulder and she happily and proudly placed a golden angel on top. longing.

To add a degree of beauty and harmony to the occasion, my father would In my dream of Christmas past, I see myself, in the evening, walking down
Purchase Street in New Bedford, Mass., admiring all the decorations in the
play on the stereo beautiful Christmas music every evening to set the mood shop windows and on the lamp posts. To add to this mood of reverie, I could
see the falling of the snow, not biting or stinging from a storm, but rather
of peace and unity within the family. To extend this attitude and feeling in gently and peacefully, as it seemed to float in the air making them look larger
and more graceful. What really made this mood so special, was hearing the
the neighborhood, he placed a speaker outside the window to share the music church bells ringing to the sounds of Christmas, making one feel that even
heaven was taking part in creating this feeling of peace.
with our neighbors.
So here I am, no longer in my dream world of Christmas past, but still
In addition to the sights, sounds and feelings of Christmas, my mother desiring to once again, recapture some of that magic I enjoyed in my youth.
In my feeble attempt to accomplish this, I am taking my wife Lynn to Helen,
added to the aromas, tastes and utter joy of this special Season with a dinner
fit for the gods. It seems she had a disdain of prepared store-bought food and Continued on page 11
preferred to make it basically from scratch. Our turkey we purchased from

a neighbor, vegetables we either got from a farmer’s market or produced
ourselves and the only thing that was store-bought was olives, cranberry
sauce, bread, butter and ice cream.




pen to paper addition, my daughter Marla once told me that because I was an only child, I

The Insider is not responsible, and assumes no liability for the content expressed in any contributed didn’t like to share. If I began a meal and Jim then began making changes and
material. Material in the paper represents the author’s own opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of
the Insider. additions, I backed away. In addition, once I learned about spatial perception,

Continued from page 8 I realized that I had none. Jim could fill a small pot to the brim and never
spill anything, while I would use the largest utensil possible and still make a
Georgia (a quaint German town, decorated and made festive for the Season).
At the same time, I will be contacting all the members of my family to share mess. I also was never able to fit the first lid to any Tupperware in less than
the memories of our Christmas past and our sense of family unity. three tries.

Kitchen Adventures However, enough excuses. I am short on adventures but can recall at least
And Misadventures four misadventures:

By Beverly Friend 1. Cornish hens. These were my company dishes. The first time I made
I could say that I have given up cooking, but the reality is that I never did just one hen - duly stuffed - for a trial. It was perfect. However, when I
very much of it. For years, I have eaten most of my meals out, or ordered in made 12 for company, I learned the time allotted to bake depended on the
fast food. In fact, I used to say that if my late husband Jim invited company number of items being baked. Everything came out raw.
for dinner, they got a home-cooked meal (which he carefully prepared). If I
invited, they got something to eat, but I was not the cook. Instead, it would 2. Cookies. My friend Kati Samet was a fabulous baker and sent me over
be delivered from a nearby restaurant, or carry out. These prepared dinners some great, chocolate-chip cookies that were large and fluffy like a baked
never entered my oven except maybe for a rewarming (pizza, Chinese; you meringue. When I returned her dish, I decided to replicate them. I followed
get the idea).
There may be good reasons for my lack of domesticity. My mother was so the recipe faithfully, never knowing that egg whites had to be beaten stiff.
very competent that I cannot recall ever being included in meal preparation
– and, frankly, I never offered. Later with the graduate-school roommate of However, my cookies, while still tasty, resembled chocolate-flavored potato
my single days, Betty Tannenbaum (Badini), we owned few dishes or pots chips.
and pans, ate out of cans or cartons and made everything on cookie sheets
After marriage, my husband Jim was a great cook and enjoyed it. I became 3. Birthday cake. I made an Angel Food Cake for Jim’s aunt, following
slightly more interested with the invention of the micro-wave where I enjoyed
the ease of simple dishes like scrambled eggs (one of my successes). In the recipe on the cake box. When I took it out of the oven, it was lopsided,

slanting down on one side. “No problem,” I thought. I could just use the

canned frosting I had bought and sculpture it, building up the sagging side.

However, when I dropped a tablespoon of frosting into the spot, it weighted
it down, increasing the droop. The cake - while ultimately frosted, still
listed sideways.

4. Setting the house on fire. The Samets were over for dinner and I was
cooking something in an electric frypan. I don’t recall what it was, but it had

to be flamed. I poured in something alcoholic, lit a match, and set not only
the dish on fire, but the paper towel rack above it. Charles Samet rushed
to the rescue and as I recall, burned his hand slightly. I remember nothing

else about the meal.

However, one cook’s disaster, provides another cook’s pleasure. Next door
neighbor Sharon Haskell (about age 13), LOVED working with me. She said,
it was great fun because her mother did everything perfectly and never made

a mistake. I - on the other hand - did! Oh - to be appreciated.



Meet Your Neighbor and Advertiser temple beth am

Roberta Feiler

Hello there! I’m your new neighbor at Wynmoor and am thrilled with my decision to move here. Your
community has surpassed my expectations on every level. 

I’ve been in the Home Organizing field for 5 years and I love what I do. I do entire clear-outs, pack families
or individuals for short or long distance moves and assist with divesting unwanted items. 

I am very respectful of people’s possessions and feelings and have excellent references.

If you have any questions, please call any time at 561-412-7910. See my ad on page 6.

Come Home To Your New Spiritual Home Temple Beth Am is also offering some exciting new courses as part of
Temple Beth Am
its Adult Education series, including The Book of Daniel taught by Rabbi
By Linda Storfer
Samuel Kieffer and Israel, and “Through Song, Poetry and Art,” taught by
Temple Beth Am is gearing up for a number of cultural and educational
Melinda Kieffer.
programs to suit everyone’s interests. We are presenting the movie, “Fanny’s Want to study modern conversational Hebrew? We’ve got it plus other
Journey” on Saturday night, December 7th as the second film in our 11th
Annual Film Festival. Our Sisterhood will be hosting an Indian kosher cooking upcoming courses. Make this your year of learning and take a bite out of

demo to satisfy your culinary cravings, something different and exotic. Join the Tree of Knowledge. Of course, with the month of December comes the
Festival of Lights, Chanukah, which signifies a time for celebration and
us and learn to cook new recipes and take home some of your labor. family and friend get togethers. Please join us on Sunday December 22nd for
a festive meal and candle lighting as we usher in the eight days of Chanukah.
Our dynamic Men’s Club will be joining hundreds of other sports fans and
Temple Men’s Clubs from Southeast Florida at Jewish Heritage Night. They Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday and a happy secular New Year.
will watch the Florida Panthers take on the San Jose Sharks in the BB&T
Center in Sunrise which will begin at 5:00 PM. For more information about the above or any other programs at Temple
Beth Am, please contact Alanna at our office at 954-968-4545 Ext.16 or stop
by 7205 Royal Palm Blvd. to pick up our 2019-2020 program brochure.





Financial Focus®
Jordan T. Spohn, AAMS® Financial Advisor For EDWARD JONES (954) 973-0825

Year-End: Time For Some New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions for 2020? When • Don’t overreact to market downturns. You’ve probably heard stories
many of us make these promises, we focus on ways we can improve some
about people who lamented not getting in “on the ground floor” of what
form of our health. We vow to get more physically healthy by going to is now a mega-company. A far more common investment mistake is
overreacting to temporary market downturns by selling investments at the
the gym, or we promise to improve our mental health by learning a new
wrong time (when their prices are down) and staying out of the market
language or instrument. It’s also important to think about our financial
health – so it’s a good idea to develop some appropriate resolutions for until things calm down (and possibly missing the next rally). The financial
markets always fluctuate, but if you can resolve to stay invested and follow
this area, too. a consistent, long-term strategy, you can avoid making some costly errors.

What kinds of financial resolutions might you make? Here are a few • Be financially prepared for the unexpected. Even if you’re diligent
suggestions: about saving and investing for your long-term goals, you can encounter
obstacles along the way. One of these roadblocks could come in the
• Increase your retirement plan contributions. One of the best financial
moves you can make is to take full advantage of your 401(k) or similar form of large, unexpected expenses, such as the sudden need for a new
employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you contribute pre-tax dollars to
your plan, the more you put in, the lower your taxable income will be for car or some costly medical bills. If you aren’t prepared for these costs,

the year, and your earnings can grow on a tax-deferred basis. So, if your you might have to dip in to your long-term investments to pay for them.
salary goes up in 2020, increase the amount you put into to your plan. To prevent this from happening, you may want to keep sufficient cash,
Most people don’t come close to reaching the annual contribution limit, or cash equivalents, in your investment accounts. Or you might want to

which, in 2019, was $19,000, or $25,000 for those 50 years or older. You maintain a completely separate account as an emergency fund, with the
might not reach these levels, either, but it’s certainly worthwhile to invest
money kept in low-risk, liquid vehicles. If possible, try to maintain at
as much as you can possibly afford. least six month’s worth of living expenses in this account.

• Use “found” money wisely. During the course of the next year, you It will take some effort but following these resolutions could help you

may well receive some money outside your normal paychecks, such as move closer to your financial goals in 2020 and beyond.
This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward
a bonus or a tax refund. It can be tempting to spend this money, but you
Jones Financial Advisor.
may help yourself in the long run by investing it. You could use it to help
See our ad below on this page.
fund your IRA for the year or to fill a gap in another investment account.


Saturday, December 7th - Time: 8:00 PM - Price: $16


Saturday, December 14th - Time: 8:00 PM - Price: $12

Saturday, December 21st - Time: 8:00 PM - Price: $14


Saturday, December 28th - Time - 8:00 PM - Price: $16



Tuesday, December 31st - Time - 8:00 PM - Price: $65

*Id’s required for all shows, dances and movies. All shows are subject to change. Guest show tickets available two (2) weeks prior
to show. PLEASE NOTE: Children under the age of 15-years-old are not permitted in the theatre. No shorts allowed in the Theatre
after 6:00 PM (excluding movies).


Safety Solutions
By Scotty Leamon
Public Safety Information Officer, Coconut Creek Police Department
The Top 3 Scams Of 2019

Department hang up.
While we don’t keep any type The IRS Scam: This is a common one but it must work or else the
of functional database of every
scam reported to the Coconut fraudsters wouldn’t keep trying it. The victim gets a phone call from
Creek Police Department, we do
outline them in police reports and someone claiming to be from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The
calls for service. Our reports keep
up with when the scam artists get phony IRS agent says that the victim owes the federal government money.
someone, and when they try to get
someone, which is why I make it a They say that the victim must pay now or else they’ll be arrested. The bad
point to look at each one of these
reports when they come in. guys offer a “way out” by telling the victim to go to the store and buy a
As I’ve written here before,
scams are often cyclical, in that the bunch of gift cards, and then give all the numbers on those cards to them. Of
same scam, or one a lot like it, seems to show up at the same times every
year. Tax scams, for example always get going strong around the first of course, once the victim has loaded any gift card with money, and then gives
March and continue through mid April, when our tax returns are due.
So, here were the top three scams in 2019, in no particular order, based those numbers on the card to the thief, the thief has control of that card and
solely on my own research (and how to avoid them):
The Bank Card Scam: This one happened a lot, more often than we drains it dry. The bottom line on avoiding this scam is to understand that the
would’ve liked in 2019. And it involved some bold thieves. Victims got
a call from a con artist posing as a representative from their bank. The IRS would never treat anybody this way. Don’t they have a rough enough
fraudsters explained to the victim that their bank card was “compromised,” reputation already? So, if you get a call like this one in 2020, just hang up!
and they needed to replace it immediately. They then offered to send a
courier to the victim’s home to take possession of the “bad” card and, later The Grandparents Scam: This one made the rounds in 2019, but luckily,
on, they promised to send them a new one. Of course, they never did. We we didn’t have as many victims compared to the two scams listed above.
had several people who gave their cards to these scam artists. Afterward,
the bad guys would charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on those In this one, the con artists call you up pretending to be a relative, usually a
cards before the victim realized what happened. Remember that no one grandchild. They have some sob story about getting arrested in some far-
from the bank, or a credit card company, would ever send someone to your off place, or getting sick and getting stuck there. Oftentimes, the scammer
home to collect your card. So, if you get a similar phone call in 2020, just
has a buddy who will come on the phone and pretend to be a lawyer or a

doctor. The “lawyer” or “doctor” says that the only way to get your loved

one out of trouble is to send them those gift cards I wrote about earlier. If
you get a phone call like this one in 2020, the first thing I want you to do is
hang up. Then call another family member and check on the loved one who

was supposedly in trouble. I’m willing to bet you a dollar that the family
member you thought was in jeopardy was just fine all along.

There, of course, were several other varieties of scams that entered our
radar in 2019, but these were the three most common based on my study.
You’ll see that the common denominator in scam prevention for all of these

three was not to bother talking to the fraudsters and just hang up on them. As

always, if you have any questions, or any stories you want to share on how

you beat the scam artists, please email me at slea[email protected]


Have your questions answered by an AT&T Representative in the Country Club Library every Thursday from 9:00 - 11:00 AM
No appointment required



Fine Jewelry Line Based in South Florida

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Camera Wednesday Night Pool Tournaments Wynmoor Brings
Club Home The Trophies
Join us every Wednesday night at 6:00 PM. This Tournament is handi-
capped for all skill levels. All Residents and their guests* are welcome! By Bob Horowitz
Enjoy AC comfort while having fun and meeting new friends! Please Two trophies were won by the
bring your Wynmoor ID cards.* guest pass required for non-residents. Wymoor A Pool Team in the SEF
(Senior Summer League). The
Weekly Winners: Wymoor A team won the trophy
for third place. Wynmoor Pool
wk-36; Wed; Marc, Dom, Amy wk-37; Mo, Hector, Julio, N Club Co-President and Team
Captain, Ralph Rubin won the
2 for Tango 9-Ball Single Championship.
Lee Levine The Wynmoor 9ers Team won
first place in their division and
Colored Lanterns brought home our third trophy.
Nancy Landman
9ers: L to R: Richie, Julio, Mo. Dom, Hoover,
Mike N, Rassool, Jim E, Jon, Jim D, Terri, Angel

wk-38; Jim, E, Terri wk-39; Norman and Amy A team: L to R: Jim S, Tom P, Andre, Ralph, Tony C,
Bob H, Jules (not shown)

Clubhouse on a Mirror Wynmoor’s Women Pool Team “The MzCues”
Mike Brodie
By Bob Horowitz
Join us for friendship and join for fun every Tuesday at 3:00-5:00 PM in the Pool & Billiard Room in the Country
Club. Congratulations to the ladies!

wk 30 Mzcues: Bunny & Linda wk 31 MzCues: Regina wk 32 MzCues: Janet won wk 33 MzCues: Amy, Darlene, Bu


Service Equals Reward
By Sheriff Gregory Tony

A Year Of Progress And Transformation

A Year Of Progress And What a year it has been for have promoted more than 200 employees from within the
the Broward Sheriff’s Office. When I took command of
this organization, I pledged to put public safety first. I am Community Connections: We have implemented
proud of the improvements we have made and the initiatives progressive community policing initiatives and are
listening to your needs. Our countywide Neighborhood
we have implemented toward our mission of providing
Support Team is designed to make law enforcement more
high quality services to Broward County. Here are some
highlights: visible and reduce fear in our communities. We are focusing

School Safety: We have worked diligently to improve on collaboration and engagement from all community
the safety of our schools. We have launched the Real
Time Crime Center, which gives us the ability to monitor stakeholders to unify efforts to meet community needs.
Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF): Accountability
surveillance cameras across all Broward County Public
and distribution of funds will be fairer and more
Schools. We have expanded the Guardian Program and equitable. We have increased the opportunity and expansion
of funds provided to support nonprofit organizations through
developed an active shooter training curriculum and video. the LETF.

We have provided Bleeding Control Kits to all road patrol Investing In Our Future: We have expanded youth programs and opportunities

deputies as well as public schools. to further develop the ambition of our young people. We have established
the Bureau of Recruiting to ensure we are hiring the most diverse, qualified
Training and Preparedness: Our training division and course curriculums personnel. We have developed the BSO Legacy Program, which provides
reflect today’s public safety priorities. We have reallocated one million dollars
to increase the manpower of our training division. We are the first agency in scholarships, sponsorships and internship opportunities. The program’s
the state of Florida to have a Nationally-certified active shooter training unit,
and in collaboration with our federal partners, we have certified instructors in objective focuses on helping minority students reach their goal of a career in
Active Shooter and Basic Tactical Medical Response, FBI ALERRT Program
public safety.
and Incident Command Structure.
I am proud of the work we have accomplished thus far and am excited about
We have invested $500,000 toward enhanced Racial Equity and Cultural
Diversity Training and increased the number of deputies trained in crisis what’s to come. The men and women of this organization are committed to

intervention. For the first time in BSO history, construction for a state-of-the-art their duties and embrace their responsibilities as public safety professionals.
Regional Training Center is underway which will provide for more intensive,
As your sheriff, I am humbled at the outpouring of support from all of
frequent training to address today’s public safety challenges.
Broward’s communities. As we move forward, we will continue to listen to
Promotions: Our agency’s leaders are experienced and are a better
reflection of the communities we serve. I understand firsthand the importance your needs, demonstrate transparency and maintain accountability while never
of diversity in public safety. We have the most diverse command staff in the
losing sight of our public safety mission.
agency’s 104-year history. I believe experience is a priceless resource, and I
If you’d like to learn more about our new initiatives, visit us online at www.

From our BSO family to yours, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.


From The Other Side Of The Couch
By Merri Goldberg

I would like to begin this month by light conditions have a significant effect on mood. Although not as much here
a brief thanks for the overwhelming in Florida, cold weather and poor weather conditions may limit movement,
response to last month’s column on
kindness to others. I learned so much pleasurable activities and getting together with others. Staying in, particularly
and the responses were so varied. All
showed the importance of kindness here if you are alone, can be depressing. Preparing for the holidays in December
in the Wynmoor community.
and cleaning up in January, shopping, gift giving, cooking, cleaning and
I was reminded by members of many
different religions of the daily practice of kind acts as key concepts of their visiting can be exhausting, as we realize we don’t have the all energy we once
religion beliefs. So many others relayed stories and memories of even small
kind acts that had been so meaningful for them in the past and present. I was had. We can get really tired. Generosity and overspending in December for
repeatedly touched. Thank you and keep up the feedback and the kindnesses.
gifts is a wonderful kind act but can certainly lead to January money blues.
Today’s column will focus on “holiday blues.” When I first started writing Holidays are traditionally, a family time and many of us don’t have family
this article, I wondered if the topic had been over-expressed, but it is really
important, particularly in the months of December and January that so many nearby. Almost all of us have also lost family and friends who were dear to
of us may feel mood shifts at a time when we’re supposed to be joyful. What’s
going on? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Statistics show holiday blues, us and at this time of year, we remember often with joy, but also sadness
sadness and depression are more common among seniors than any other
group. I became curious as to what may be going on and what are some of and loss. Although we know how lucky we were to have these people in
the things that we can do about it.
our lives, the feelings of loss and aloneness can be profound and at times,
Although the final verdict is not in, I believe that time changes and changing
overwhelming with a sadness at holiday time that feels like it won’t lift. It

would seem that recent losses may have the most profound impact but that is

not always true. If that is the case, know that the feelings will lift some and

again, you are not alone in your feelings. Being physically alone has nothing
to do with your self-worth. Reach out.

The most important thing to remember at this time of year, more than any

other, is to be kind to yourself. There is nothing wrong with not feeling jolly,

even if it seems that at this time of year, everyone else is. That is just not

true. Let’s try some “be kind to yourself” ideas. These are just a few ideas

and they may seem hard to do if the blues are severe, but try.

1. Try not to isolate even if you feel like it. Speak to a friend or kind

neighbor. Talking helps. You may be surprised at how much they understand

and the relationship may deepen.
2. Go to an event where there is activity and fun. Drive around enjoying

Christmas decorations. Listen to holiday music or treat yourself to a concert,

movie, or show.

3. If you feel very tired, take a nap and really enjoy it.
4. Volunteer. There is a huge need for volunteers at this time of year.
You will be doing a wonderful service for others and will increase your
self-worth. Remember kindness to others.
5. Think of good past memories or look at pictures. Instead of focusing
on what is no longer here, try to focus on how lucky you were to have had

these people and times. Assess joyful moments.
6. Plan a getaway or adventure in February or March - something to

look forward to.
7. Create a short-term bucket list. Be creative and let your imagination

go wild. It is a bucket list after all.
8. Think of someone in the past who thought you were great. Think about

the reasons they thought you were great. Write down the reasons. This is
not silly. Guess what - you are still that great person.
Let me know if you have other ideas. Again, you don’t have to be jolly,

but this is a time of year to dream and imagine and take care of yourself as

well as others.

Keep up the wonderful feedback and let me know anything you would like

to see in future columns. My hopes for a good and healthy year for all of you

and your bucket list ideas.



CCBetcchooMnn. RuuettinSSsmmteiiinll, Beating The Odds

Beth 9M5.4R-e5i8n4s-te9i5n0, 0D.D.S. By Beverly Friend
[email protected]
Meet vivid TV characters who make lemonade from life’s lemons on
3880 Coconudt [email protected], Snuuittec2a0r0e•smCoicloen.uctoCmreek, FL 33066 four January Mondays at 10:30 AM in the Lecture Hall.

- Located across from Wynmoor - Beating the Odds will feature Golden Girls, Grace and Frankie and

NEW PATIENT SPECIAL $45.00 This is Us.

Includes Exam (D0150), Full mouth x-rays (D0210) and Dental Cleaning (D1110) • Jan. 6th: Golden Girls

15% Off All New Treatment For Wynmoor Residents Only • Jan. 13th: Grace and Frankie

Low Cost Quality Dentures • Expert Crown & Bridge • Jan. 20th: This is Us, Episode 1
Root Canals • Extractions
FREE CONSULTATION • Jan. 27th: This is Us, Episode 2
The audience will see specific episodes from each series and examine
how the characters triumph. The first session, Jan. 7th, will look at a
popular award-winning oldie: The Golden Girls. Enjoy the humor and
triumph of four widows, not only surviving, but conquering widowhood.

It stars talented Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle
Getty as the memorable stubborn Dorothy, ditzy Rose, man-eater Blanche,
and Dorothy’s wise cracking mom, Sophia.

For the second session, Jan. 14th, we will see Lily Tomlin and Jane
Fonda as Grace and Frankie, in what has been called an updated Golden

Girls with more style, more swearing, and much more sex. In both shows,

the women become “family” for each other and while they do their fair

share of bickering, have the considerable love and devotion for each other.
For the last two weeks, Jan. 21st and 27th, we will explore a family’s

history in one of the most brilliant TV productions ever: This is Us.

The series follows the family connections of a father and his children,

all of whom share the same birthday and the ways in which their lives

separate and intertwine. The fascinating plot methodically weaves

four seemingly disparate stories into a believable and emotional whole
through tiny-telling details, relatable moments, and conversations and
confrontations that are funny, tender or painful, or all three at once.

Critics have written:
“A 21st century thirtysomething for a TV generation that likes a splash
of high concept in their shows and isn’t afraid of melodrama.”

“The hour accomplishes what it set out to do. It creates characters so

compelling that we compulsively want to tune back in to see them again.”

“The pilot is beautifully shaped, the themes of building your own

meaning in life are smart, and the actors know their characters.”

You will know them and become enthralled, too.

The fee is $40 for the four classes and you can sign up in the Registration
Office near the pool or in the Clubhouse Library.

Brilliant Musical Historian
Returns To Wynmoor

By Beverly Friend

A confession: Irv Kaplan and I are not the only groupies in the

neighborhood. Many Wynmoor residents who enjoyed him last year will be
joining us on Tuesday morning, January 14th, when Charles Troy returns
to Wynmoor from 10:30 AM-12:00 Noon in the Lecture Hall.

We have been following Troy for many years, first at a Synagogue
program, and then at many libraries, community centers, and residences,

both in Illinois and Florida. In fact, I even hired him twice, once for

my birthday party in Lincolnwood, and the second time, for a cousins’
get-together in Boca Raton. This year, he has also appeared in Peru IN,
Scottsdale AZ, San Francisco, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, and New York City.

I can honestly say that there is no presentation I would not enjoy seeing

more, and none that I would not equally enjoy even if I were seeing it for

the second or third time.
Last January, he entertained Wynmoor with his multi-media discussion

of “Cabaret.”
This year, it will be on “The Creation Of South Pacific.”
As Troy describes the presentation: “Badly needing a hit, Rogers &

Hammerstein decided to base their next show on an obscure new book of
short stories by first-time author, James Michener. The book subsequently
won the Pulitzer Prize and so did their show, an enormous success. We will
see how South Pacific came to be this multimedia presentation illustrated
by photos, graphics, and film clips, and hear plenty of its hit tunes.”

Tickets are $10 from the Recreation Office near the pool or the Country
Club Library.

Between January 7th-24th, Troy will be making 13 presentations
throughout South Florida: in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Delray Beach,
Boynton Beach, Highland Beach, and Boca Raton. While most of these are
restricted to an audience of members and guests, the Boca Raton session on
Guys and Dolls is open to the public on January 24th from 1:00-3:00 PM at
the Sinai Residences. The cost will be $15 at the door.


2020 Homestead Exemption:

All qualified Florida residents are eligible to receive a Homestead
Exemption on their homes, condominiums, co-op apartments, and certain
mobile home lots. To qualify for Homestead Exemption, you must own and
make the property your permanent residence on January 1st of the year for

which you are applying for this valuable exemption. Pursuant to Florida law,

all assessments and exemptions are based upon the status of the property

on January 1st. If you purchased and/or made the property your permanent

residence in 2019 and have not applied for Homestead Exemption, you can
apply for 2020 exemptions at any time. There is no need to wait until 2020
to file your exemption application with the Property Appraiser’s Office. You
can easily apply online at or at one of our many outreach

events. Please visit to see when our Mobile

Exemption and Information Team will be assisting property owners with

exemption applications in your neighborhood.

The timely deadline to file for all 2020 exemptions is March 2, 2020:
You must make the property your permanent residence by January 1, 2020

in order qualify; however, you have until March 2nd to file your application
with the property appraiser’s office. The late filing deadline for all 2020
exemptions is September 18, 2020.

Once approved, your Homestead Exemption automatically renews each
year provided there is no change in the ownership or use of the property. If

you are receiving Homestead Exemption for 2019, you do not need to reapply
for this exemption. You will receive a Homestead Exemption renewal card
next month to keep for your records.

If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact
me directly at 954-357-6904 or by email at [email protected]

Kevin Rader
State Senator, District 29

Dear Friends,

The end of committee weeks brings us to the

start of the holiday season. I want to extend my

dearest wishes that you have the happiest, blessed

holiday with your loved ones and a spectacular end

of the year. During this time, many tend to donate

to noble causes and shop online. It is essential that

while doing so, you still stay protected. This month,

I will be sharing tips on internet safety.


During the holidays, many use the internet as a resource for friends and

family gift shopping or donating to charities. Although the internet has proven

to be an incredible asset, there still needs to be some caution before entering

any sensitive information, such as your name, address, or any financial

data. The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General’s

Consumer Protection Division especially warn that internet users be wary

of scams that may be sent to their email. Below are some tips on how you

can avoid online scheme.

• Ensure that your computer has its anti-virus software up to date.
• Don’t open attachments or click links in an email from an unknown source.

• If you receive any suspicious emails, mark them as spam.

• Never include personal financial information in an email.
• It is recommended that you use a credit card instead of a debit card when

online shopping. While the disputing charges process may be the same

for both cards, it may take longer for funds to be returned to a debt card.

• Do not be a hacker’s dream by having the same password for all your

accounts. Create separate passwords for different sites, which include

symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letters.

• Review your financial accounts regularly to ensure there are no duplicate

or fraudulent charges.

• When online shopping, only use brands and businesses that you are

familiar with or have a strong reputation.

For more information, please visit the Florida Attorney General’s Consumer

Protection Division website at or report a scam

by calling the Fraud Hotline at 1-866-966-7226.
As always, my office is here to help, so please contact us for any issues

or concerns.

District: Tallahassee:

5301 N. Federal Highway 222 Senate Office Building
Suite 135 404 South Monroe Street
Boca Raton, FL 33487  Tallahassee, FL 33344
561-443-8170 850-487-5029
Email: [email protected]


Puzzles and Games Solutionsonpage54

Crossword Puzzle Sudoku

ACROSS 41. 500 sheets 10. Low leather Use your logic to find the correct number for each square. When finished,
all nine rows across, all nine columns down and all nine 8-by-8 boxes
1. Stave 42. Study hard step-in shoes must contain all nine numbers, 1 through 9 with no repeats.

6. Flower part 43. Snack 13. Speaks Delicious Desserts

11. Latin name for 44. A young horse 14. Peddle Find and circle all of the summer words that are hidden in the grid.
The remaining letters spell an additional summer item.
our planet 45. Travel on water 15. Marsh plant

12. Diverse 46. Nurse shark 16. Camels
15. Regret
16. Barren 47. “Dig in!” 19. Quickly

17. Mistake 48. Memory loss 22. Carnal
18. Twisted into
deformity 51. Little bit 24. Lodging

20. Faster than light 52. Levels in rank 26. Automobiles

54. Narrate 27. Black gunk
21. Perishes
23. Kettles 56. To that 30. Bacterium
24. Part of a foot
25. Heredity unit 57. Danish monetary 32. Skirt’s edge
26. Arrived
27. Unit of pressure unit 33. Instrument
28. Biblical garden
29. Card with one 58. Adjust again indicators
59. Melodies 34. A decorative pin
30. Magnetic
35. Cowhide
induction unit
DOWN 38. Finish on a
31. Paper destroying
1. Celebrated surface
2. Terrestrial 39. Demesnes
34. Music genre
36. Manner 3. Arrive (abbrev.) 40. Tint

37. Frosts 4. Tailless stout- 42. Unable to

bodied amphibian 44. 3 in a yard

5. A young deer 45. Clobbered

6. Slender 48. Beers

7. Relieves 49. Bothers

8. Goad 50. Relating toaircraft

9. Bother 53. Before, poetically

55. Bamboozle

Definition: to drink liquor freely or excessively BAKED ALASKA ECLAIRS MONKEY BREAD SORBET
Example: Each fall the campus newspaper runs an editorial BAKLAVA EMPANADAS MOUSSE STRAWBERRY
urging students to recognize that studying and getting BREAD PUDDING FRUIT CRUMBLE PARFAIT STRUDEL
involved in official campus activities benefits them far more BUTTER TARTS GELATO PAVLOVA TIRAMISU
Word: incongruous
Definition: lacking  congruity: as
Example The sight of a horse and carriage amongst the cars

on the road was a bit incongruous.






Home Care Services

and Custom Care Assistance

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Your Home Care Service Plan

Custom Assistance Solutions for your Future Needs

As low as $3 a day / Available throughout USA

An Evolution in Avoiding Nursing Home Confinement

According to Health and Human services, 70% of seniors will need some
form of home care in their lifetime. That is nearly three out of four of us.
Many seniors are under the impression that their traditional health care
programs will also provide the desired services in the home such as meal
preparation, assistance in hygiene, dressing, grooming, 24 hour care, etc.
Medicare, Medigap and most Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to
cover hospital stays, doctor bills and some short term skilled nursing.
Unfortunately, they do not cover the cost of everyday assistance
in your own home.

Premier Plan Features

• Field Issue Contract
• No Underwriting
• No Claim Forms
• No Deductible
• No Age Limits
• Available Nationwide

For more information, Call:

1 (888) 589-0998

H.I.F.E. (Health Insurance For Everyone)


City Matters
By Commissioner Mikkie Belvedere

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is nearly over. Much This is a farewell article to give me a chance to
has been accomplished so far this year. The city’s tree concentrate more fully on my last year in office. I
enjoyed sharing with you and hope you will keep in
canopy looks great. There have been improvements
touch. To keep getting city information, read your
in roads, street lighting, bus shelters, sidewalks, new
Coconut Creek Life magazine and check the Cocogram,
businesses, employment, concerts, movies, fresh a weekly e-mail that lets you know what is happening
in the city. You can sign up for the Cocogram on the
markets, new bus routes, additional School Resource
Officers (SROs), plus more activities for children, city’s website at
adults and seniors. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy Hanukkah

To end the year on a positive note, you can attend and Merry Christmas to all celebrating this month.

the free Senior Expo at the Community Center on the Remember Wynmoor collects walkers, wheelchairs,

corner of Lyons Road and Coconut Creek Parkway crutches, canes and eyeglasses, as well as such unused
on Friday, December 6th from 9:30 AM to 12:30
PM. The expo will feature information on medical medical equipment such as needles, diabetic meters
and diapers, to be donated to the nonprofit Food for the
screenings, vendors to answer your questions and, as Poor. These donations can be picked up by Wynmoor

always, giveaways. security if you need assistance.
I will be seeing you around the Wynmoor campus. Have a great,
There’s also the free Mayor’s Chess Challenge at the Recreation
Complex at 4455 Sol Press Boulevard on Saturday, December 14th. For healthy and prosperous New Year! I can be reached at [email protected]
details, call 954-956-1580. Plus, this month’s free movie at Sabal Pines and 954-803-7696. I’m always willing to listen to
Park, located at 5005 NW 39th Avenue, will be “The Grinch” and will suggestions, recommendations and even complaints. Have a good day
be shown on Saturday, December 21st at 6:00 PM. Look out too for the and keep smiling!
city’s cultural series, concerts and “Do the Right Thing Ceremonies.”



Supper Club
By Lynne List

Ticket sales for the Supper Club’s Dinner Theater
show are now available to everyone in Wynmoor.
Flyers have been placed in the carousel in the
Country Club Library and each flyer has an order
form on the back. All you have to do is fill out the
order form, write a check to the Supper Club, and
mail it to the address on the form making sure to
include a SASE. Tickets will be mailed back to you.
It’s that simple.
Tables are assigned on a first come/first served bases so get your order in
early. Tables hold up to 9 people and you can order anywhere from 1 to 9
tickets. It’s only $35 per ticket which includes tax and gratuity, the dinner and
a professionally performed Broadway show by the Curtain Call Playhouse
who perform in theaters throughout Broward and Palm Beach County.
The show dates are Thursday, March 19th and Friday March 20th. Doors
open at 5:15 PM. Dinner is served at 5:30 PM and the curtain goes up at
7:30 PM. The venue is the West Wing, so you don’t have to travel to enjoy
the hilarious Midlife - The Crisis Musical. This show consists of a series of
vignettes and 22 toe tapping songs depicting the problems of midlife for both
men and women. Prostate problems, mammograms, forgetting why we came
into a room and many many more comedic situations will have you rolling
in the aisles.
Prior to the show, Old Florida Caterers will serve a gourmet meal starting
with a glass of wine (BYOB if you want more). Next you will enjoy a green
salad and an entrée of either Salmon in dill sauce or Chicken Marsala along
with rice pilaf and baby carrots. To top it all off, you will have an éclair for
dessert (a sugar free dessert is available is ordered in advance). Naturally,
beverages will accompany the meal.
Only once a year are you able to enjoy a Broadway show and a wonderful
dinner right here in Wynmoor. Don’t miss out on this entertainment treat. You
will enjoy the show at the comfort of your table. If you have any questions,
email Lynne at [email protected]
Please write “Supper Club” on the subject line and include your name. If
you wish to be added to the email list for early purchase (early purchase starts
in September), follow the instructions above. Happy holiday to all.


Fabulous Flicks
Reel Times

Only Bottled Water!


2 Hrs. 4 Mins. - Rated PG-13 2 Hrs. 8 Mins. - Rated PG

Sunday Dec. 1 2 & 8* PM Sunday Dec. 22 2 & 8* PM
Monday Dec. 23 2* & 8 PM
Monday Dec. 2 8 PM Tuesday Dec. 24 NO MOVIE
Wed. Dec. 25 NO MOVIE
Tuesday Dec. 3 8 PM

Wed. Dec. 4 2 PM*


1 Hr. 52 Mins. - Rated R 2 Hrs. 2 Mins. - Rated R

Sunday Dec. 8 2 & 8* PM Sunday Dec. 29 2 & 8* PM
Monday Dec. 30 2* & 8 PM
Monday Dec. 9 8 PM Tuesday Dec. 31 NO MOVIE

Tuesday Dec. 10 8 PM Wed. Jan. 1 NO MOVIE

Wed. Dec. 11 2* PM


1 Hr. 56 Mins. - Rated PG-13 * OPEN CAPTION

Sunday Dec. 15 2 & 8* PM $2.00 ALL Times
Monday Dec. 16 8 PM
Tuesday Dec. 17 8 PM * Id’s required for all shows, dances and movies. All shows subject to change.
Wed. Dec. 18 2* PM Guest Show tickets available two (2) weeks prior to show.

PLEASE NOTE: Children under the age of 15-years-old are not permitted in the theatre.


Update On New Florida Laws For 2019/2020

By Martin Zevin, Attorney

In a previous article, I discussed new laws that totaling over $100. Subsequent violations within five
years will result in steeper fines plus court costs. If you
passed the Florida Legislature and were signed by are stopped for violating this new law as of January

Governor DeSantis. The previous article discussed the 1, 2020, you can also be issued a ticket for other
anti-Semitism bill which requires that discrimination violations, such as not using your seatbelt or child car
against Jewish people be treated the same as acts of
racial discrimination in public schools. Anti-Semitism seat infractions.
is defined in the bill as including speech that makes
dehumanizing or stereotypical allegations about the During the upcoming session of the Florida

Jewish community, expresses hatred for Jews, calls Legislature, the ban on using cell phones while driving

for killing or harming of a Jewish person, criticizes the may be expanded. Representative, Emily Slosberg, a

collective power of the Jewish community or accuses Democrat from Boca Raton, has filed a bill that would
essentially require drivers to go fully “hands-free”
Jewish people or Israel of inventing or exaggerating anywhere they are driving in the state.
the Holocaust.
A new law, which also took effect October 1, 2019,
The previous article also discussed a bill that could makes it a third-degree felony for anyone that actively
plans or solicits others to commit a hazing act which
eventually allow Floridians to gain access to cheaper
Canadian prescription drugs. However, this bill cannot take effect without ends in a serious injury or death. The new law supplements an existing
approval from the federal government, which has yet to authorize similar
law that made it a third-degree felony for someone to haze another if the
laws from other states. Also, there were budget cuts for state universities act results in death or serious injury. Now, either actively planning or

but funding was authorized to keep the tourist agency Visit Florida in soliciting others to commit a hazing act is also a third-degree felony. The
operation until June 30, 2020. new law also protects from prosecution anyone who alerts authorities to

The most important new law prohibits texting while driving and a need for medical care during a hazing incident.

also prohibits holding a cell phone while driving in a school zone or Also, as of October 1, 2019, anyone who kills or seriously hurts a law
enforcement dog, horse or fire department search and rescue canine will
construction zone where workers are present. The new law went into face a second-degree felony charge carrying a sentence of up to fifteen
effect on October 1, 2019. There is a grace period in the law requiring years in prison.
police to issue warnings only through the end of 2019.
Please feel free to call me for a free personal or phone consultation
However, as of January 1, 2020, you will get a ticket which will be
punished as a moving violation with three points assessed against your regarding any issues pertaining to Wills, Trusts, Estates and Probate. I am
driver’s license. You cannot text, e-mail or do anything that involves
touching the keyboard of a wireless device while you are driving. In also available for free consultation regarding personal injury claims or

addition, if you are talking on a cell phone in a school zone or in a car insurance coverage. Call me at 954-569-4878. My address is 3275 W.
Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 204, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442. My website is
construction zone where workers are present, the phone must be used and my e-mail address is [email protected]
in hands-free mode. A first violation will result in a fine plus court costs com See our ad on page 17.



New Year’s Eve WYNMOOR
Golf and Tips
West Wing Celebration
By Kevin Battersby, PGA
Season Opening
Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us in the West Wing. Putting Class 

Enjoy dancing, dessert, champagne and friends at this We started our free short game class with the
Celebration. Enjoy music by DJ Walter. He uses his cooler weather at Wynmoor in November. 
vast knowledge to play great music from rumbas to The focus was on “spot putting,” a technique Jack
cha-chas to doo wop to latin, line dances to disco and Nicklaus fashioned his whole career. 
rock and roll. DJ Walter will get you on the dance floor!  Similar to bowling using the arrows on the lane,
on the green look for any distinguishing mark
Tuesday, December 31, 2019 at 9:00 PM  visible within a few feet of your putt. Look for an
Price: $25pp old cup, divot, or coloration in the green on your
intended line as an intermediate point affirming
DOORS OPEN AT 7:15 PM.  DINNER SERVED AT 8:00 PM.   the line you have chosen. 
(BYOB) Maximum of ten (10) people per table.   After discussing the spot putting technique we
paired off and had a putting scramble. 
The residents can reserve their seats at the Theatre Box Office or mail in the Event Sheet. The free short game classes are several time a
The Event Sheet can be found at the Theatre Box Office.  month and posted at the pro shop. Feel free to
email me at [email protected] to put your
name on the list to be alerted for dates and times
going forward.  
Kevin Battersby PGA 
Private lessons by appointment 
Group classes at Palm-Aire - weekdays 
Email - [email protected]

Dr Phil Werner
Marsha Lesley 

Regina Kaplan and Carol Seidman
picking their intermediate point!


december computer classes

Tuesdays, December 3rd, 10th, 17th, 6:00-8:00 PM: Creole class.
Covers various computer subjects in Creole.
Thursdays, December 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, 12:00-1:00 PM: Digital
Downloads Open House (Rm. 226). Library staff or volunteers are available
to assist with downloading library eMedia or using your digital devices on
a first come, first served basis.
Wednesday, December 11th, 2:00-4:00 PM: Introduction to Email.
Practically everyone needs an email account these days, and this course is

an introduction to all the things you need to know about creating and using

one. Based on the Gmail system, the skill set is transferable to any email

provider. (Smartphone required)
Wednesday, December 18th, 2:00-4:00 PM: Internet Safety. An
introduction to online safety, teaching you the skills you need to use the

Internet safely and avoid identity theft and scams.


One-on-one training is available by appointment: (954) 201-2601


By Alfred Herman

Can you guess which program at Wynmoor the film, the stars who appear in them and some January 21st, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: Bar
tid-bits about the making of the film. There is Mitzvah with Boris Tomashevsky .
draws some of the biggest crowds? As many as no better way to spend an evening which offers
100 people attend each session and can’t wait for February 5th, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: The
such nostalgic glimpses into culture, great music, Dybbuk.
the next one to be scheduled. If you are one of the
wonderful performances, and above all, such February 19th, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: Motel
loyal afficianados, you already know the answer - The Operator.
YIDDISH CINEMA! pleasant company. Many of our participants bring
March 10th, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: Tzvei
Every month, from November through March, friends and relatives to share the joy, hartz vatig, Shvester (2 sisters).

I, Al Herman, your host, will provide a Yiddish and mameloshen. March 17th, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: Uncle
film from my collection for the silver screen in Moses with Maurice Schwartz.
the Lecture Hall. By a Yiddish film, we refer to TRY IT - YOU’LL LIKE IT!!
those in the Yiddish language and whose subject Schedule for January - March, 2020: Tickets may be purchased at the Recreation

matter is meant for a primarily Jewish audience. January 7th, 7:00 PM, Lecture Hall: Amerikaner Office or call me at 954-657-8579.
Schadchen with Leo Fuchs.
Through the magic of computerization, the films
are of exceptional quality, considering that most of Cute Nails Open 7 Days A Week
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 7:30pm
them a were made more than 70 years ago. English
sub-titles have also been added so that anyone can Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm
enjoy these precious treasures. Of course, if you
speak or understand Yiddish, or grew up in a home

where it was spoken, your enjoyment will reach Manicure ............................... 10 Foot Reflexology
Pedicure................................. 20 20 min. .....19.99 30 min....24.99 60 min.....49.99
untold heights. Gel Manicure ......................... 20
Some films are recreations of presentations have Gel Pedicure .......................... 30 Chair Acupressure Massage
Acrylic Full Set ....................... 20 10 min. ............. 9.99 20 min. ............. 15.99
graced the stages of the many theaters on 2nd Acrylic Fills............................. 15 30 min. ........... 24.99 60 min. ............. 49.99
Avenue on the lower East Side. The works of the Acrylic Gel Full Set ................. 30
Acrylic Gel Fills....................... 25 Hot Oil Massage
great Yiddish writers such as Sholom Akeichem, Dip Powder ............................ 30 30 min. ........... 24.99 60 min. ............. 49.99
Sholem Asch, Peretz Hirschbein, S. Ansky, and Pink & White ......................... 35
Mendel Mokher Seforim will be represented. Waxing + Eyebrow + Tinting

Others will serve as tour de forces for the great (954) 951-7839

Yiddish stage personalities such as Ludwig Satz Lyons Plaza • 1475 Lyons Road • Coconut Creek, FL 33063

(his Wife’s Lover), Molly Picon (Yidl Mit Em

Fidl, Mamele), Maurice Schwartz (Tevye, Uncle

Moses), Moishe Oysher (the Cantor’s Son, The

Singing Blacksmith), Leo Fuchs (American

Matchmaker) and the great comic duo of Dzigan

and Schumacher (Jolly Paupers). The music of Abe

Ellstein and Alexander Olshenetsky, which were

adored by generations of Jews, will be featured in

several of the films.
All together there are more than 40 films in my

collection. Many are great examples of the Golden

Age of Yiddish film (the mid-thirties). Some go
back to the silent film era, some depict life in pre-
war Poland, Russia, and Germany. Still, others are

wonderful examples of “shund,” a word used to

describe typical Yiddish melodrama which were

not acclaimed critically but were loved by Jewish

audiences of the time. Each one is guaranteed to

bring tears to one’s eyes.

Before each film, I will offer some hilarious jokes
centered on the foibles, mores, and stereotypes

which makes Jewish humor so universally funny.

Then a short lecture will provide the audience

with some insights into the times portrayed in


PROGRAMS... North Regional/Broward College Library

1100 Coconut Creek Blvd. • Coconut Creek, FL 33066 • 954-201-2601


Thursdays - Digital Downloads Open House. Learn how to access and download the library’s free

Exhbiboiotkss:, music, magazines and movies to your device. First come, first served. Noon to 1 p.m. Inquire at

the 2nd floor Information desk for location.

GexaplleWcTehdhreeiyuttdi:irnnoSsgendesamvdtyheao,rynrDoe, ,DDueacgeonehcodmerdmtbosifeb.fmrAeerern5ee4ta-n-prtVKtecooiuninpcillsettettuiaAwnrlecglhatsoi&tvoisoafhCtnaterhrdboeeycyThwoleeoucotchrirnanilndlgota.lCeoRrritgeerisyscft.ltl.eeVANc.otlAaliizcnlgeelgirveAAoealsnmtsswihwisraotegaywlnhcttoaoskmsgn-eeeomYt.woy4i.uo:l3Seru0dernsvgteeoeewlfn6hkipDenn.lviomptitossi.nirRbosglmvelaeen.frad2rcdi2eocs6nrm.odo-.enebaor
leadCsotmo ea asntrdolnegarenr acboonuntehcotwionVobiectewAesesnisthauntms alinkse. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant work. Learn about

privacy, security, how to use them around your home, and in the library. 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Rm. 226

1st FTlohuorrsDdaisy,pDlaeyceCmabseer: A5 s-iFarniePndaspoefrNCorrathftRAergtioEnxahl/iBbCitL. EibarratrhysperaesCehntar“aWcteelcrosmainndgCthreeaHtuorliedsaiynssipnired
ReaStdaolsgneigcle”wcwtiiniotthenrt“hhAoelWBidraiozywasraodrfdoHfWaEnouamkrktehanhs’esaaCn.d”hCorharlisGtmroasupin.cJlouidninugs for an hour of music that celebrates the nos-
a variety of musical styles, from joyous and

traditional to humorous and modern. 2 to 3 p.m. Rm. 154. Light refreshments will be served.
2nd FMlonodraDy,isDpelcaeymCbaerse9:-CMheocvkieo&utDsiosmcuessoiofnth. (e1t9o9p6)b, oRoaktesd: PTGop. 2Btoo4k:3o0fp2.0m1. 5R.m. 154. Call 954-201-
2601 for movie title.

LanTlgibuureaasrgdyeapyC,rloDafesescsseeimosn:baelsr 10 & 24 - Coffee & Conversation. An opportunity for friendly dialogue between
and community members. Light refreshments served. 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Rm. 226.

Sponsored by Friends of North Regional/BC Library.

TueWsdeadynses&daWy, eDdenceemsdbaerys11–-EJnoginliusshfCorafAég:ealecsosnGvrearcsea,taiofnitnpersascatnicdewcelallsnsesfos rprinogterarmmethdaitacteonlseiastrsnoefrs of
6:30simtopl7e:4ex5eprc.mise. tRoomls2d2e6signed for all ages and abilities. These exercises, based on everyday movements

that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and mind. Presented by certified

Wedinnstersudctaoyr sE–leSanpoarnRisohbiCnsaofné.:1c:o3n0vteor2s:a3t0iopn.aml.SRpman. i2s2h6p. rSapcotniscoerfeodrbEynFgrliiesnhdsspoefaNkoerrtsh. R6e:3gi0ontoal7/B:3C0 p.m
on 1LWsitbeFrdlaonroeysrd. ay, December 11 - The Ruth E. Cohan Jewish Book Review: “The World We Knew” by Alice

Hoffman. Set in Europe during the Holocaust, it follows three young women who must act with courage

TaxtoPrsuerpvaivreahtiisotnoryb’ys dVaIrTkAes:t hour. Steeped in history and Jewish mythology it is a spellbinding portrait of

what it means to be human in an inhuman world. 2 to 3 p.m. Rm. 154.

FreeWabIlenedctnooemsadneaswyT,eDarxeycoAeumsrsqbiuseetras1tn1ioc-neRs:eaIpnnrdceospemrnotveaitrdieveqeisnuffirororemmmatethineotnN.ios2r$ttho5B44,r0po0.wm0a..r0Ld0oSboobcryila.elsSse,ctuarxietys oafrfeicfeilweidllebleeacvtraoiln- ical
OrigSiantaulrSdoacyi,aDl Seececmurbietyr C14a,rd(Jsafno.r1y1o)u-,AyolwuarysspWoursitee!anAdB/oibrlidoeBpoeanrddeWntesboinrasroSciearliesse.cHuroiwtytnoucmrebaeter ver

issuceodllbabyoSrSaAti,vgeobvoeorknsmweintht Pisrseusesbdopohkos tPouibdleicn.tDifoicyaotiuohnafvoeraypoouetaryndanytohoulrogspy,osuhsoert, fsotorrmy cWol-l2ec,tWion-2oGr, 109
empaplcroianydtee-rrmesai,cdInywtboeorrkoekst?htaWatniatdnhddBiyrvooiwudrearfndedlClosowtuantcetoym-aLeuinbthrtoasrryfsr’wsomforuebledaselnilkkf-espt(uoFboltiursrhmnini1ng0ttoo9oa9l),p,Prdorefaesysssbcioaoornkeasle-Pqxuupbaelliinctys,eietsBiswoeoiatkshioetrrhe p
andtahmanoeuvnert tpoatiadke(igfraopupplwicoarbklsel)ik, beacnlakssrroooumtinpgronjeucmts,bbelrosgas,nodr calcucboeusnsatynsuamndbteurrsn ftohermdiirnetoctbdeaeuptoifsuiltl,yblan
of ladyseotsuyirgengaerrod’useptB’asoxocrukersrteounrrtpnwr,ianotnr-kyr,eoaindtshytaebnrotlroyekldefievlseaisgn.nTt ahinnisfdosfreomsrsmiaotanitowwniiltalhbsphorouewt-miynaocduoemhtoeewmaptnoladatecescx,epasensdnPsreeexssps,obHroteoyakolstu,hrimiwnposorurktranc
109i5nAto, 1pr0e9fe5rBredorbo1o0k9f5oCrm. Iaft.y1o0u:3q0uaa.mlif.ietodNfoorona.nCeoxmepmuptetrioCnenthterr.ough the Health Insurance Marketplac

ExemSaptutirodnayC,eDrteicfiecmatbeerNu14m-beRru(sEsiCaNn )C. ulture Club. NEW monthly culture club for those interested in

learning about the Russian culture and the language. 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Rm. 226.

lTeussesFadnradiyd,gaDeyte,tciMepmsafbroecrrhe1a47ti,n-2gA0hd1eua6llttihnygo1n01a:bTuidg1gh0ette:.0nA0ylloaau.gmreWs. –waie3slt:c0ao0nmdep!y.mPour.erseWntaeldlebt!RyLmWeaE2rn2Fh6loorwidtaoFgientafnitcifaolr.

2:30Mtoo4n:3d0apy.,mM. Ramrc.h2276,.2016 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Rm 226
W(20e1dM1n)e,osNdnaodyta,RyDa,teMecdea.mr2cbtheor1414:38,02-p0F.m1or6.eRigmn. F15il4m.2S:S0peo0rniepsso.:mreDd.i–sbcy7uF:s0srii0oennpd.&smo.Cf oNmormthenRteaRgrimyonw1ali5/tBh4CS(AhLeiublldryairtIyos.arCaiucasmll. )
954-F20r1id-2a6y0,1Mfoarrmchov1ie8t,it2le0.16 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Rm 226

M2T6ho0un1rSMdsfaaodotyraun,myrdD,doDaevacyeieye,cm,eMtmiMbtalebearr.ercr2ch31h29-11F-9,lMo,2r2o0iv0d1ia1e66L&icDenisscinugs21sO:1i0o:nn00.W0p(1a.h9m.e7me.2l–).s,.– 2 p.m.RRmm.115544.(CAaulld9i5t4o-r2i0u1m- )
selectioRnmof1s5er4vi(cAesu: dFiirtsotrtiimume )

licenFsersi,dcaoyn,vMertaoructho2f 5st,a2te0l1ic6ense, renewa1l0s,:r0e0plaac.mem. e–nt3s,:0a0ddpre.mss/.name chaRnmge,1ID54ca(rAdsu,dreitinosrtiautem- )
mLietnetrSsaa,catyundCrdleamasysee,rgsM:enacryccho2nt6ac, t2i0nf1o6rmation.– . to 1:30Rpm.m.2L2o6bby.
TuesMdaoynsd- aEyn,gMlisahrCchaf2é:8c,o2n0ve1r6sational i.n–ter7m:0ed0iapte.mle.arners of ERngmlis2h2. 66:30 to 7:45 p.m.

Rm. 226.

**Coming in January 2020**

AduSlattPurrodagyr,aJmansu: ary 4, 11, 18 & 25 - Belly Dancing for Beginners. Learn a handful of movements and

variations that allow you to experience the joys and mystery of an ancient dance. 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Rm.

Thu1r5s4d. aSyposn–soerRedeabdy eFrriOenpdesnofHNoourtsheR. eLgeioanrnal/hBoCwLtiobraacrcyess free eBooks on your mobile device. Noon






Clubs and Activities
Billiard & Pool Club Yearly membership is $10 per person, $15 for married couples. New to
the club? Your first meeting is FREE!
By Bob Horowitz
Wynmoor residents can join the Wynmoor Billiards and Pool Club For the 2019-2020 Season, we will meet 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
from 3:30-5:30 PM in the Lecture Hall at the Clubhouse. Come join us! For
to participate in additional fun events. Past events included: Karaoke more information, call Nancy Landman at 954-979-9894.

night, Comedy Club Night, group BBQ and Dance, Club Pool & Billiard Contract Bridge Club
By Phillip Cummins
tournaments, and other social events. There are many options for playing Bridge at Wynmoor each week. There
For more information about the Pool and Billiard Club, to join our e-mail are ACBL sanctioned games on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. There
is a Friday game at 12:30 PM. Please note the new time. All of these games
list or to sign up for an event or meeting, email [email protected] are held in the East Wing. The Saturday afternoon game has been suspended
com or come into the room and look for event sign-up sheets. You can also until further notice, as has the Saturday morning mentoring program. There
join our Facebook page “Wynmoor Poolclub” are also social duplicate games on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12:30 PM in
the East Wing. Please note the new location for the Friday game. There is a
To join the club, come to a meeting or see a club official when in the pool room. Bridge lesson on Fridays at 12:00 Noon. Two notes: For a partner, call Gerri
Club Officers for 2019 are: Co-presidents- Bob Horowitz & Ralph Rubin, Silverman at 954-978-2457. Also, please remember to arrive fifteen minutes
V.P.- Mike Nash, Secretary- Mike Brodie, Treasurer- Rose Ortiz. Cost to join before game time to help the director organize the game.
the club is $5 a year.
Clay Sculpture Club
Next Pool & Billiard Club Meeting: is December 8, 2019 in the Multi-
Purpose room (next to Main Pool and grills) at 11:00 AM. Come meet & By Batya Wininger
Come play in the clay with us! We’re a group of clay sculpture artists, from
greet fellow pool players. Bagels and coffee will be served. The cost is $1 beginner to professional and all newcomers are welcome. We’ll even provide
for members, $5 non-members. you with your first piece of clay for free while it lasts. No experience necessary.
There’s usually someone in the studio on Tuesday from about 11:00 AM to
Wednesday Night Pool Tournaments: Join us every Wednesday night at 1:00 or 2:00 PM. Also, on Saturdays at about the same time. You may also
contact Batya at [email protected] or call her at 561-558-3229. The studio
6:00 PM. This Tournament is handicapped for all skill levels. All Residents is at the back of the main Clubhouse, behind the Billiard Room. Dues are
$10/year. Hope to see you there.
and their guests* are welcome! Enjoy AC comfort while having fun and
Computer Club
meeting new friends!
Pool Lessons: Put your name on the pool lesson sign-up sheet in the Pool By Jerry Murphy
The Wynmoor Computer Club meets the third Wednesday of each month
Room or email us to schedule no cost Pool lessons for Wynmoor residents from November to April. The meetings are from 9:00-11:00 AM in the West
Wing. We look forward to seeing you there.
at [email protected] Our meetings cover problem solving with your devices; phones, computers,
tablets, etc. and speakers pertaining to computers, phones and software.
Wynmoor Pool & Billiard Room: All residents and their guests* are We are happy to serve a light breakfast and computer related information!
All levels of users are welcome. For more information, visit our web site at
welcome to play at the Wynmoor Billiards and Pool Room located in the See you on December 18th.
Wynmoor Country Club building, next to the library. With boasting 14
tournament grade regulation size pool tables, 4 heated- billiard tables and one Conservative Club
regulation snooker table, this club has been called the “best Pool, Billiard,
By Perri Cohen
and Snooker venue, public or private, in all South Florida.” Players of all On December 17, 2019 at 7:30 PM in Ballroom A, the Conservative Club is
skill levels are welcome. The Room is open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to thrilled to have as our speaker, Jim Pruden. Mr. Pruden is seeking a seat in the
12:00 Midnight. U.S. House of Representatives for Florida, currently held by Ted Deutch. His
campaign philosophy is based upon the principles of economic and political
Women’s’ Pool Team, “The MzCues:” Explore a new activity, make freedom established by our country’s founders and an original adherence with
the U.S. Constitution.
new friends and have fun in our A/C pool room. This is for beginners and In addition, and as a special treat, “Clear Captions” will be hosting our
advanced players. Join us Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 PM. Residents and their meeting. They will be giving away an answering device with captioned
guests are welcome.* *All Events are Free for Wynmoor residents. Guests messages. They are also providing dinner catered by Jersey Mikes Subs at
NO COST to us! Bring your interest, bring a friend, and bring your appetite!
must register and pay a guest fee. All are welcome. Also, there will be a 50/50 raffle.

Bocce Documentary And Discussion Club

By Lucia Catone By Enid Wolf-Schein
Wishing everyone a healthy, festive holiday Season! Plans for our March 27, 2020 second Annual Short Film Festival are well
on their way. We have had a good response to our “Call for Entries” and
This month, our Bocce Court is starting to get busier as Snowbirds return to currently have several complete films that are bound to delight our audience
and several others that are good possibilities. We should have our final lineup
Wynmoor. We are inviting all Wynmoor residents, the “want to learn” Bocce by February. Anyone still thinking about submitting a film can get the “Call
players to visit us at the Bocce Court on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-6:00 for Entries” in the Country Club Library. Ticket sales will begin February
PM, and on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 8:00-12:00 12th in the Library from 2:00-4:00 PM on Wednesdays until all tickets are
PM. We are collecting Annual membership dues of $5 for the January through sold. Last year, we were sold out in two weeks. So, when the announcement
December 2020 Season. A Luncheon is also being planned for the Season. comes, don’t wait! As with last year, we will be having a Gala Reception
We would LOVE to see you at the Bocce Court! following the films, starting with a walk on a red carpet, wearing your finery.

BOOKIES Drawing & Painting Club

By Rhoda Becker By Gill Katz
Our choice for a good read and great discussion will be “The Last Camellia,” The Drawing & Painting Club will be hosting an Open Studio. We will be
inviting the Wynmoor community and your families and friends to see what
by Sarah Jio. This novel is the focus for our Tuesday evening, December 3rd
Continued on page 46

This intriguing story involves an unexpecting young woman, hired by
flower thieves to find and retrieve the last surviving specimen of a Camellia,
currently growing on an English countryside estate.

Our meetings are free and open to all at Wynmoor. We meet the first Tuesday
of each month at 7:30 PM in Ballroom C at the Clubhouse.

For further questions, call Laura at 954-917-7677.

Camera Club

By Nancy Landman
Membership is open to all Wynmoor residents with an interest in photography,

regardless of their skill level or type of camera. The club offers instructional
programming, entertaining multi-media presentations, informal critiques,
field trips, and small group mentoring. 

There is also a club member’s newsletter, “The Focus,” that will display
club member’s photos, club activities, and informative articles.

We encourage people with beginner skills through advanced skills

to enjoy and share the benefits of a photography club, and to gain

experience and knowledge to help each other grow in order to achieve and

promote photography’s excellence and fun.


Clubs and ActivitiesContinuedfrompage45
we do and where we do it. There will be light refreshments. Karaoke & Live Entertainment Night
Date: Friday, January 18th 
Time: 7:00 PM, open to public By Robin Thompson
Where: art studio at the Clubhouse  Happy Holidays to all! Please join Robin & Bob for an evening of fun on
Wednesday, December 18, 2019 in Grand Ballroom A. Doors open at 6:00 PM.
Pen & Brush Info: Wynmoor Poets & Artists will present all month long, Keyboard/Vocalist, Bob Boudreau will entertain from 7:00-8:00 PM for
your dancing and listening pleasure. Karaoke begins at 8:00 PM.
the Pen & Brush Exhibit from February 1st-28th at the North Regional/ Please text 2 songs with your name 2-3 days before karaoke day if possible,
Broward College Library in Coconut Creek on the second floor. to 954-994-4476. Please limit songs to UNDER 4 minutes.
Singers, please check in with Robin when you arrive. Refreshments
Wynmoor’s Drawing & Painting Club and Writing Club come together for permitted. Residents must show Wynmoor ID. Admission is $2 per person.
a showing of poetry-inspired paintings and painting-inspired poetry. We look forward to seeing you there!

BUS from Wynmoor: the bus will depart every Thursday from the Theater Ladies Circle
at 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM and will return at 1:15 PM and 2:30 PM.
By Jo Bakalar
Don’t forget to cross the road to see the “Artist & Poet” exhibit, 2nd floor Did you spend your Summers in the Catskills? Do you remember the
in the Library. Nevele, Kutshers, the Concord, and Grossinger’s? As you traveled up Route
17, you probably stopped at the RED APPLE REST for breakfast or lunch.
Fishing Club Well, join us for our December meeting and hear Elaine Freed Lindenblatt,

By Eddie Kopple daughter of owner, Reuben Freed, share her personal stories about growing
We had our first meeting in November and we are still waiting for our
Snowbirds to arrive. Our meetings for December will be the 2nd and 16th. up in this famous roadside eatery.
Remember, Kids Day is Monday, December 30th. We will need help on this
day. Any questions, call Eddie at 215-429-6138. The code word is “fishing.” Elaine’s lecture will include a power point presentation highlighting

Fun With Friends her experiences at the restaurant and the many celebrities who stopped in.

By Lou Kravitz Afterwards, she will answer any questions you may have and you can share
The next dance is December 15th, in Ballrooms A&B. “Street Talk
Orchestra” is the band and they will put on a great holiday show. We will your own stories. Elaine will also have her book, “Stop at the Red Apple”

celebrate December holidays, including New Year’s Eve. It will be a great available for sale and will be happy to personally sign it for you.
Our meeting will be held on Thursday, December 26th at 11:30 AM in
party, with maybe a few surprises.
The new drop off for the checks will be Howie Cohn at 1502 Cayman Way, Ballroom A. A $5 guest fee for non-members will include a light snack of
latkes, jelly doughnuts, and coffee or tea. For more information, call Iris
Apartment E2. All checks must be in by Thursday, December 12th at 12:00 Arlan at 954-532-5268.
Noon so we can set up the tables. It is also time to rejoin the club for 2020
with membership dues still at only $10. It is $10 for members per dance and Latin Women’s Club
$15 for non-members and anyone who comes to the door.
By Benjamin I. Nazario
Any questions, you can call Lou Kravitz 954-972-4801. Wishing our members and friends a joyful Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year (Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo). The Latin
Hadassah Women’s Club will be celebrating the holidays with a “Get Together” on
Friday night, December 13, 2019 for all members and their guests. Dress
By Toby Gordon casually elegantly. Any member interested for more information, call
President, Ms. Ana Agosto at 954-968-7276, or Ms. Minerva Nazario at 954-
Thanksgiving has passed, and now comes the children’s favorite holiday 532-3156. There will be no December meeting due to the holidays. The next
- Hanukah! If only we could go back in time and be a kid again. Instead, scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.
we clean the house, make dinner, then clean the house again. Is a women’s For those celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month, we wish you
work never done? If you are like I am, you look forward to getting together
with generations of family and friends, holiday or not. good health, peace and love, and many more years to celebrate. For more
information about the club, please call Ms. Minerva Nazario at 954-532-
Our next general meeting is December 4, 2019, in the West Wing. The 3156. Feliz Navidad!
doors will open at 12:00 Noon so that we may enjoy a snack and schmoozing
with your friends. The business part of our meeting will be called to order Monday Night Dance And Social Club
by our President, Bernice Riback at 12:30 PM, followed by a Chanukah
program by Cantor Eric Lindenbaum. Let us all be kids again and enjoy the By Tamara Tresniowski
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Season’s Greetings. We have a great
songs of our childhood. month of lessons planned for you. Plus, we have a great field trip to The
In the future (but not too far away) is our annual HMO Luncheon that Goldcoast Ballroom on December 4th. I hope you have all bought your tickets
already. December 2nd is “Wear a Tie Night” and Joseph Smith from the
aides Hadassah Hospital with its research and all of the good work done Goldcoast will be teaching Waltz. December 9th, there is no dance because
there that is shared with the world. This year’s theme is “Looking Toward
the Future.” It will be in the West Wing on January 8, 2020, at 11:30 AM. of the Teacher’s Showcase. December 16th is “Caribbean Night” and our
See the flyers on the carousel outside of the business office. Any questions, lesson is a Calypso line dance to Shake Señora. We have live music this night
please contact Naomi at 954-970-1001 or Toby at 954-978-8911. Again, featuring Wayne Armond. Finally, December 23rd, our holiday party will
form your tables of 8 to help make this year’s Luncheon BIGGER AND feature a Salsa lesson with Anne Sheldon. There is no dance December 30th.
BETTER than ever before! Our dance is held in Ballroom A every Monday. Dance lessons are at 6:30-
7:00 PM. Dancing is from 7:00-9:30 PM. No shorts are permitted for men or
Reminder: Please support Hadassah by purchasing certificates from women. Membership is $5. Members pay $1 each week and non-members pay
Bernice Riback. She can be reached by calling 954-984-1703. Trees for any $3 each week. Coffee, tea and cake (sometimes even ice cream) are served. 
occasion may be purchased through Beverly Alexander. She can be reached
at 954-969-1701. Beautiful cards for all occasions may be obtained through
Lenae Herman who is reachable at 954-657-8579. Your support is greatly

High Roller Bowling League

By Angela Hirshenson

Great news! Wynmoor High Rollers are moving back to Margate Bowling
Alley. Bowling will begin at 11:00 AM at AMF Bowling Lanes (2020 North
State Road 7, Margate.) We are a senior league and bowl for 32 weeks. Come
join us and have some fun. All Wynmoor residents are welcome. For more

information, please contact Angela Hirshenson at 954-917-6961.

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History Corner
By Philip Edwards
The Acadian Expulsion

Cajun Queen is a term Americans have heard, but few know the intriguing around and traded their colonies and territories like junior high school boys
and gut-wrenching story of why and how they came to Louisiana. Acadians
were the offspring of French traders and settlers in Eastern Canada, which was exchange sports cards. England acquired all of Canada from France, and
called Acadia. In 1713, a series of treaties were signed by numerous European
Nations, some of which involved North America. One of the main elements of Spain tossed in Florida to sweetened the British pot. In the trade, Spain

the settlement was France relinquished any control of lands in North America acquired Louisiana as a colony. 
In 1764, Acadians were allowed to return to all British territories provide
to England. Most Acadians refused to sign an oath pledge demanded by the
they pledge allegiance to the British government. However, there were
English. Over the next forty years, Acadians, with their native allies, not only no reparations for land which had been confiscated during the expulsion.
While a few returned to Canada, many went to Louisiana, a Spanish colony,
resisted English rule but actively sabotaged England’s attempt to govern them.
where Roman Catholicism was the predominant religion. The Acadians
After the treaty, France established forts in Canada and made incursions in who settled in Louisiana and established their flavor of French culture to
Ohio River Valley. The Seven Years War erupted in Europe and over-flowed in the region. Some Acadian women went into the entrainment business and
North America. This war became known as the French and Indian War in North
America. Unlike the multi-Nation conflict in Europe, the significant combatants became dancers and hosts in saloons. These women were referred to as
on the North America continent were the English, French, and their native allies.
George Washington got his first taste of commanding British troops against the Cajun Queens. 
French. He experienced defeat and surrendered his troops at Fort Necessity in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote an epic poem entitled Evangeline,
which portrayed a fictional character, Evangeline, whose life was changed
The Acadians sided with the French and provided men, materials, and by the Acadian expulsion. Your comments are welcomed at chooserightly.
necessary supplies that fortified the French in eastern Canada. Their support was
so effective that the British ordered them exiled from Canada. Men, women, and com under Article of the Month.

children were rounded up, herded on wagons, then packed on boats, and shipped

to the thirteen colonies, England, France, Spain, and islands in the Caribbean.

They were forced to leave behind their homes, farms, tools, crops, livestock,

furniture, clothes, toys, personal items, and anything they could not carry. Of the

fourteen thousand Acadians that lived in what is now the maritime provinces of

Canada, twelve thousand were exiled. In retaliation, some Acadians and native

allies attacked English homesteads, army outposts, and English sympathizers,

killing and scalping their victims for the rewards offered by the French. 
In 1763, the Brits won the Seven Year War. The European Nations then sat

Strike A Pose For Jafco
By Shelli Gold

The Wynmoor and Palm-Aire Friends of JAFCO are working together again this year to
create a fabulous event to benefit the children of JAFCO. “Strike a Pose!” will take place on
Thursday, January 30th at the Sheraton Suites in Cypress Creek. The event will include a

boutique, raffles, Luncheon and fashion show.
JAFCO is a non-profit organization serving abused and neglected children in South Florida

for 27 years. In 2003, the JAFCO Children’s Village opened in Sunrise with six group homes
and an emergency shelter. Five years ago, JAFCO established the Children’s Ability Center

to provide services for families raising children with developmental disabilities, like Autism,

in our community.

This year, Eagles’ Haven was created solely and mindfully as a wellness center for the
Marjory Stoneman Douglas/Eagles community which gives students, parents, families and

faculty one responsive and nurturing place to receive supportive or wellness services 7 days
a week, free of charge. Eagles’ Haven is a loving organization powered by JAFCO.

With the support of caring people from communities like yours, we can truly change the

world. To find out more about how you can make a difference or attend the event, please contact
Tamara Axelman in Wynmoor at 215-687-7147 or email her at [email protected]


Sugar Pops

ORCHESTRA OF COCONUT CREEK Saturdays, December 7 and 21

Friday, December 6 from 7:30PM to 9:30PM From 9:00AM to 1:00PM
Township Plaza, 4400 West Sample Road
Township Center for Performing Arts, 2424 Lyons Road Fresh produce, baked goods, food vendors,
Admission Fee: $10 for Adults; $5 for Kids (17 and under). dog vendors, and more!
To purchase tickets, please visit the Township Center
for Performing Arts Box Office 21DEC The City of Coconut Creek Presents



Featuring Yamit & the Vinyl Blvd

Friday, December 13 at 6:30PM Friday, December 21 at 6:00PM

Community Center, 1100 Lyons Road Sabal Pines Park, 5005 NW 39th Avenue
Night filled with jazz entertainment to a beautiful light display. FREE to the public, all ages welcome, no pets please.

Food trucks, 21 & older only, no pets please. Blankets, chairs and coolers allowed.

For more information, call

(954) 545-6670

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