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THEME: Some bunny likes you!

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Published by interpolmediateam, 2022-05-13 17:17:13

Interscoop 27!

THEME: Some bunny likes you!

Presenting our 27th
edition ~ Interscoop

Some Bunny
Likes You...

Table of Contents
Intercooler Photo Highlights
Interviews with non ic / ic members
Sleepy Heads of Interpol
Members birthdays
Bunny Hunt (ibunnies from different agencies)

General meeting updates
Announcements from GM
How people celebrate easter across the world
Page about traditions with chocolate on easter

What is easter?
Game - spot the difference (eggs)

Unit blasts
Mini holidays of that month
Recommend a movie/song/playlist/TV series

Thank you for Reading

Intercooler Photo



1.When did you first Join INT?
2.What is your best/favourite memory here

at INT?
3.What Unit would you recommend for

Members who are currently looking to be
apart of one?
4.What's your favourite Part of the


When did you first Join INT?
I joined to INT in January 2022.
What is your best/favourite memory here at INT?
My favourite memory is that how kind and helpful everyone was when I joined.
What Unit would you recommend for Members who are currently looking to be

apart of one?
Relations unit! What would be more fun than visiting agencies and get new friends?

What's your favourite Part of the Interscoop?
Photo highlights


When did you first Join INT?
I joined Interpol back in 2017, and recently returned on the 28th of February this

What is your best/favourite memory here at INT?
My favourite memory in Interpol is hard to choose from, as there are soo many! I
think my favourite memories however are when we play games and there are
around 20 of us, its always a laugh and good fun!
What Unit would you recommend for Members who are currently looking to be

apart of one?
There are a few I would recommend, I think events and relations are too good units

to join. You can host games and join games at little to no cost and these will be
enough for your tasks. Relations is also brilliant! You can visit our allies and meet

new people and make new friends!
What's your favourite Part of the Interscoop?
I always love looking at some of the best photos from the month, I also like the
section where we see about things like cancer awareness month and ramadan


When did you first Join INT?
2 months ago

What is your best/favourite memory here at INT?

What Unit would you recommend for Members who are currently looking
to be apart of one?
Events and Media

What's your favourite Part of the Interscoop?
The photos


When did you first Join INT?
A month ago

What is your best/favourite memory here at INT?
Playing games in Events

What Unit would you recommend for Members who are currently looking
to be apart of one?
Relation Unit

What's your favourite Part of the Interscoop?
I dont have answers for that sorry.

Bunny Hunt!

tehu: i went around on a
hunt to different agencies

this Easter, and i went
hunting for members who
are the 'bunnies' of their
agencies, luckily INT and
SWAT had some bunnies!

Interpol - Founder

SWAT - 3ic

April General


On the 9th April 2022, Interpol hosted one of their most
famous General Meetings!

We firstly would like to thank all Electives who took time out
to speak during the meeting, to help raise awareness and to

always remember to follow the Code of Conduct.
Moving on, an exciting announcement was made that both

Scottiee__ & AnisMs7 were promoted to Foundation
members! Congratulations to you both, you have certainly

earned it!

But that isn’t all!! More promotions came into effect when
Jiminyu was promoted to Executive Committee AND toxiball

was also promoted to General Assembly !

Congratulations to both of you on your achievements
and successes ! We hope to see more work from you

both in your newest roles.

The Elective Awards were also hosted at the Meeting,
announced by our fabulous foundation team!

- Interpol’s most dramatic Elective went to ChloePig123 !

- Interpol’s biggest joker on
the Elective team went to

Scottiee__ !

- Interpol’s Elective Miss Chatterbox went to tehu !

- Our biggest helper was obviously Jiminyu !

- In comes ChloePig123 for another award, winning
biggest Crybaby on the Elective team !

- Legendation bagged him
self the award of the biggest

slacker !
- Interpol’s biggest cactus (p
rick) was Scottiee__ !

INTERSCOOP 27 April 2022

General Meeting


The latest promotions, upcoming events and announcements in INT!



Promoted to


Scottiee_ Recruitment
Promoted to



Promoted to



Promoted to




Many Christians go to church on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is

usually celebrated with the giving of chocolate Easter eggs and with chocolate

bilbies instead of the traditional chocolate rabbit!

Easter Sunday is known as ‘Family Day’. Lots of sweet treats are eaten, including

a cake shaped like a lamb, and eggs and cookies are hidden in the garden. Many

Germans also have an ‘Easter Fire’ where they burn their Christmas tree to show

that winter is over and spring is coming.

In Hungary, Easter is celebrated with the baking of delicious pastries and the

painting of hardboiled eggs. People in northeast Hungary celebrate with an
interesting Easter ritual called the ‘Watering of the Girls’ or ‘Dousing Day’.

Easter in Greece is a very religious time, churches are decorated and religious

processions are held. Eggs are painted red to represent the blood of Christ.

Traditionally, when people meet they knock their eggs together and say ‘Christos

anesti!’ meaning ‘Christ is risen!’.

Traditions with


The first chocolate eggs
appeared in France and
Germany in the 19th C
entury, but they were
bitter an
d hard.

As chocolate-making techniques improved,
hollow eggs like the ones we have today were

They very quickly became popular and remain a
favourite tradition with chocolate-lovers today.

Eggs are a potent symbol of life, renewal
and rebirth dating back millennia. The

egg was adopted by early Christians as a
symbol of the resurrection of Jesus

Christ on Easter. The hard shell of the
egg represents the tomb and the

emerging chick represents Jesus, whose

resurrection conquered death. The
tradition of eating e
ggs on Easter is tied

to Lent, the six-w
eek period before
Easter during which Christians

traditionally abstained from all animal
products, including meat, dairy and eggs.

Since chickens continue to lay eggs
throughout Lent, people would hard boil
the eggs, decorate them and save them for

Easter. The modern tradition of eating
chocolate eggs at Easter is a fun, kid-
friendly twist on this a
ncient religious ritual,
which originated in
Europe during the

early-19th century.


To: ChloePig123
From: TheAmazingBeth

You get too much hate for the stuff you do <3. I've seen multiple people say you are
"horrible" (which you know about) and they may have legitimate reasons but I think you

are the one who steps forward to tell people off. To ban, to report ect... and people
generally don't like people who do this but someone has to do it. Someone has to be the
bad guy to keep people in place. Don't listen to the haters and keep working hard! Love


To: Pulsater
From: pawiez

Nia, mamas, I love you sooo dearly :’) Thank you for having my back from day one. You
were the one I trusted first and I’m glad I got you as my trainer when I was a rookie xD
You the closest thing I have for a family :'') Nate, my g, lil baby naj :’’) Bruh, I get blocked
once a day and get attacked by your filthy words. #1 prick DESERVED. You know
how important you are to me and I love you so muchhhh. (cringes) I hope to be skulled
by you for many years to come. Gl getting rid of me Cheffy, number one brother, without
doubt you are suchh a lovely persona to be around. Sir, pls use that golden voice and
record the album alr…I’m feeling extremely fortunate to have met you :’’) I love you so so
much, bröther. Thank you for making me feel like I matter. ness, insert full name here ,
ahahah you’re best of the best. Yet another building block for our lil group. You da shiny
queen, stronk as titanium. (idk I hope thats strong) I LOVE YOU. Pls keep teaching us

wonderful facts about donkeys

Would you like to be part of a team which keeps
information flowing through Interpol?

A team that records videos and creates interesting designs
as a means of promoting Interpol so we get our name out

And most of all, a team in which you can turn up the

volume for your music and become a DJ?
Well, this is a team for you!

The Media Team always tells you if there’s any breaking
news throughout Interpol.

This team is always accepting applicants, and the next
team member could be you!
Apply now!

Live in 3...2..1

Mini Holidays


1st April Fools day

2nd World Autism Awareness Day

15th Good Friday

17th Easter!!!!
27th National gummy bear day

30th National Buggs Bunny day

The date of Easter Sunday varies from year to
year. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after
the full moon, on or after 21 March. The Week

leading up to easter is known as 'Holy Week'

Easter is the most important festival in the
Christian calendar. It celebrates Jesus rising

from the dead, three days after he was

Sleepy Heads of


by tehu

Where Tia looks at our spotify's and
look what we're listening to....
scary i know..................


Birthday Cake -
Dylan Conrique


in my mind - lyn


10 Things I hate
about you - Leah

stay tuned
for the


Thanks for reading
our Interscoop #27th edition!

- media management

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