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FSM Faces 2019

FSM Faces 2019

e are excited to present the fourth annu-
al edition of Faces of Frisco.TM The people

W featured in the following pages are ex-

perts in their industries. Their participation in this pub-
lication helps readers learn more about those who give it
their all to make their companies successful contributors
to the local business climate throughout a variety of indus-
tries. You might even find this publication extremely help-
ful when you need to take advantage of local services and
providers. With a business climate that is skyrocketing to
new heights every day, Frisco business owners are proud

to offer their services to the community while they
experience such exciting growth and change.
Frisco STYLE is honored to share the sto-
ries and inspiration behind some of
Frisco’s finest business leaders
as they pave the way for con-
tinued success in Frisco.


9 The Face of Accounting 23 The Face of Dermatology
10 The Face of Architecture & Engineering
FARNSWORTH GROUP 24 The Face of Emergency Care
11 The Face of Autism Therapy
CHILD’S PATH 25 The Face of Estate Planning
12 The Face of Ballroom Dancing
ELEGANCE BALLROOM AND 26 The Face of Event Venues

13 The Face of Banking 27 The Face of Family Dentistry

14 The Face of Body Art 28 The Face of Family Law
15 The Face of Business
FRISCO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 29 The Face of Family Medicine
16 The Face of Business Law
BEARD & HARRIS, P.C. 30 The Face of Financial Advisors
17 The Face of CBD
CBD AMERICAN SHAMAN 31 The Face of Fine Dining
18 The Face of Chicken
RAISING CANE’S 32 The Face of Fitness
19 The Face of Chiropractic Care
20 The Face of Construction
COLLIN COUNTY CONSTRUCTION 34 The Face of Heating & Air Conditioning
21 The Face of Creativity
AR WORKSHOP 35 The Face of High-Risk Pregnancy Care
22 The Face of Dance Studios

4 Faces of Frisco

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36 The Face of Higher Education 51 The Face of Nursery/Garden Centers

37 The Face of HOA Management 52 The Face of Optometry
53 The Face of Orthodontics
38 The Face of Home Builders CORBRIDGE ORTHODONTICS
54 The Face of Orthopedics
39 The Face of Home Remodeling TEXAS HEALTH CENTER FOR

40 The Face of Interior Design 55 The Face of Outdoor Living

41 The Face of Iron Doors 56 The Face of Palliative Care

42 The Face of IVF 57 The Face of Pediatric Dentistry

44 The Face of Lakefront Real Estate 58 The Face of Pediatric Development

45 The Face of Lighting 59 The Face of Pediatric Medicine

46 The Face of Marinas & Boating 60 The Face of Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Law

47 The Face of Medical Imaging 61 The Face of Pharmaceuticals

48 The Face of Mortgage Lending 62 The Face of Photography

49 The Face of Multi-Family 63 The Face of Plastic Surgery

50 The Face of Midwifery 64 The Face of Plumbing


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65 The Face of Preschools 74 The Face of Soccer

66 The Face of Printing 75 The Face of Sports Bars


67 The Face of Private Education 76 The Face of Tinting

68 The Face of Psychiatry 77 The Face of Title Companies

69 The Face of Residential Real Estate 78 The Face of Veterinary Medicine

70 The Face of Roofing 79 The Face of Vintage Furniture & Antiques

71 The Face of Salons 80 The Face of Women’s Health

72 The Face of Senior Living 81 The Face of Worship
73 The Face of Shared Workspace

6 Faces of Frisco

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A s I look at all the Faces of Frisco, I think about the 180,000+
stories you represent. One of the things I love most about
being Mayor is meeting you and hearing where you came
from and why you chose Frisco. We have become wonderfully
diverse, and I am proud of that transformation. We embrace all people who
move here, whether you are from New Braunfels, New York or New Delhi.

Some of us have been here longer than others, but we all have
the same dream of living in a great community. We also have
similar aspirations for the opportunity for personal and profes-

sional success. The more businesses we attract to Frisco, the
higher chance you can reach your professional goals. We
work to attract all sizes and types of industries from Fortune
500 companies to startups and medical research to sports
tech. By pursuing a diverse corporate base, we are also attract-
ing diverse residents with unique talents and experiences.

Though there are many Faces of Frisco, we all have
one intersecting story. We are a community
that welcomes newcomers, encour-
ages each other’s passions, and
celebrates our neighbor’s suc-
cesses. These are the faces that
make Frisco the #1 place to live
in America.

Jeff Cheney
Mayor of Frisco

Joe Hockaday CPA

The creativity required to help taxpayers min- businesses can save tax dollars to help clients retain more
imize income taxes while staying in compli- wealth. Besides being “your friendly neighborhood CPA,”
ance with IRS rules and regulations inspired the company participates in the Frisco Sunrise Rotary and
the founders of Joe Hockaday CPA. Few ac- has been selected as “Best Of” in Living Magazine for two
countants show true creativity and advocate strongly for consecutive years. The company continuously focuses on
their clients like Joe Hockaday CPA. The business began creating a strong, upwardly mobile career path for their
in 2003 with 95 tax returns prepared that first year. Today, extraordinary team of professionals.
the firm has a staff of 11 full-time employees who prepare
3,000+ returns. Joe Hockaday CPA has been a Dave Ramsey Endorsed-
local Provider for the past six years and has four Certified
Creative thinking is key to helping small and mid-sized QuickBooks Advisors on staff. In addition, to stay on top
business clients, and Joe Hockaday CPA’s Optima Program of ever-changing tax laws, Joe and the other CPAs on the
helps clients with family businesses save $2,000-$20,000+ team undergo 40+ hours per year of continuing education.
per year. They take advantage of overlooked ways that

Faces of Frisco • 214.705.2095 FRISCOSTYLE.COM 9
9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 302, Frisco, Texas 75035

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Farnsworth Group

Farnsworth Group’s Frisco office is a team of engi- Sadeghpour and Alvin George, are part of the compa-
neers and designers who work on projects nation- ny’s national building commissioning team. Farnsworth
wide, but the projects and relationships in North Group is one of the nation’s leading experts in commis-
Texas give them the most satisfaction. “We enjoy sioning, a systematic process that helps ensure buildings
the sense of community and attractions the city offers,” says are planned, designed and constructed to operate better
civil engineer Matt Morgan. “We value projects that allow and smarter.
us to make a positive contribution to our community.”
The firm also offers mechanical, electrical, plumb-
Farnsworth Group is a full-service engineering, archi- ing, civil, structural and transportation engineering; fa-
tecture and survey firm with more than 500 employees cility condition assessments; architecture and interior
nationwide. The Frisco office started in 2013 and has de- design; sustainable design; land development; and sur-
veloped relationships with commercial clients, the semi- veying. Market sectors include municipal, state, federal,
conductor industry, schools and universities throughout advanced technology, education, healthcare, cultural and
Texas. Three Frisco office employees, Derek Hudak, Nima commercial/retail. • 469.605.2626
2500 Legacy Drive, Suite 235, Frisco, Texas 75034

10 Faces of Frisco

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Child’s Path

Child’s Path has one focus, to help children on the dren and families in educational, hospital and therapeutic
autism spectrum become independent, life-long settings.
learners. They incorporate an individualized ap-
proach with interactive play, parent training and It takes teamwork and an emphasis on education to run
applied behavior analysis; an evidence-based treatment ef- a master’s-level internship in Applied Behavior Analysis that
fective for children on the autism spectrum. The needs of boasts a 100% pass rate on the board exam which is credited
each child are met in the community, home or clinic on Main to their amazing and passionate staff. Combined with partic-
Street in Frisco. ipation in research of the latest learning technology, Virtual
Reality training, Child’s Path is always working to enhance
Their motto is “Prepare the Child for the Path Not the the future of autism treatment.
Path for the Child.” Instead of avoiding difficult and chal-
lenging situations, they help clients navigate through those They embrace their community as a partner with Frisco
challenges to overcome them. Co-founders Kerry Pines and Sage, mentor for Frisco ISD students and founding commit-
Cathy Boatman have a combined 38 years of expertise in ear- tee member, for the first Autism Awareness Night with the
ly childhood disorders, specializing in autism; helping chil- RoughRiders. Collaboration with families, schools and local
businesses ensure their clients reach their fullest potential. • 469.803.5655
8720 Main Street, Frisco, Texas 75033

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 11

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Elegance Ballroom


W hen students receive proper instruction great deal of private lesson opportunities where students are
from talented dance teachers, the increase able to work with an instructor one-on-one. Because of this,
in confidence, sociability, balance and pos- students can learn each dance intimately and walk away with
ture is evident both on and off the dance new confidence.
floor. The list of benefits from dance is long, especially at Ele-
gance Ballroom. Elegance Ballroom teaches the beautiful art Elegance Ballroom has learned a great deal about the
of ballroom dance to those who may have never even taken a Frisco community and looks forward to welcoming Frisco
step on a dance floor, but also to those who dance at compe- residents to the unique studio that is known by all as a fun,
tition level. inspiring place to learn how to dance.

The team’s mission is to take a student to a level where
they are comfortable and confident on the dance floor,
whether it be social dancing on a cruise ship or for a night out
on the town. Elegance Ballroom is unique in that there are a • 469.664.0011
8740 Ohio Drive, Plano, Texas 75024

12 Faces of Frisco

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Texas Republic Bank



Texas Republic Bank, a locally-owned com- Francisco or N.Y., to make a decision.
munity bank, provides traditional bank- The bank has received numerous awards in recent years,
ing products and services, employing the
latest in technology, including mobile bank- including recognition as one of the Top 100 performing
ing/mobile deposit. Texas Republic Bank is proud to be community banks in the U.S. four out of the past five years,
the only bank headquartered in Frisco and the oldest placing them in the top one percent of community banks in
bank charter headquartered in Collin County (est. 1891). the U.S. (there are more than 5,100 community banks in the
U.S.). The bank ranked No. 4 in the U.S. in 2017, which made
Texas Republic Bank delivers “banking like it oughta be!” them No. 1 in Texas.
which is a unique style of banking everyone wants, but few
banks deliver. This service can only be found at a true com- This success has come from providing responsive service
munity bank, where there is “local ownership, local manage- with a personalized, hand-holding style that customers love.
ment, local decisions.” Several officers have ownership in the Texas Republic Bank specializes in investment real estate
bank, so the bank does not have to call Dallas, let alone San lending. • 972.334.0700
2595 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 13

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The Pin Cushion

If you happen to notice a Frisco resident’s gorgeous set of Ms. Matthews has attained is what allows her to ensure safe
ear piercings, chances are they got them from The Pin and responsible piercings are done at The Pin Cushion, by
Cushion. Specializing in all body piercings, Pin Cush- both herself and her tight-knit team. The collective goal at
ion provides a professional, sterile and welcoming envi- The Pin Cushion is to continue to provide quality service for
ronment that abides by all state regulations. Another factor the community, and thoughtful leadership in the industry.
that allows Pin Cushion to stand out is their all female staff.
The environment created by the staff is feminine, welcoming The Pin Cushion’s astounding success within the Fris-
and inclusive for all age groups, including children and teens. co community has been mentioned in several publications,
Kimberly Matthews, owner of The Pin Cushion, has 13 years and the company continues to receive positive feedback from
of experience as a professional body piercer. clients.

Ms. Matthews is also certified in Permanent Cosmetics
and Microblading, and makes sure to complete yearly Blood-
bourne Pathogens certifications. The extensive education • 214.444.8110
8801 Main Street, Frisco, Texas 75034

14 Faces of Frisco

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Frisco Chamber of Commerce


Chair of the Board President/CEO

See yourself as the Face of Business in Frisco? No, years to come.
seriously, YOU are the Face of Business! It is not the The Frisco Chamber represents YOU! Since 1970, the
Chair of the Board nor the President/CEO. It is not
any one of the amazing Board of Directors, staff, Frisco Chamber of Commerce has been serving the business
volunteers, Ambassadors, or any one business! community and is proud of the role it plays as the “Voice
of Business,” an advocate for business, a problem-solver, a
It is everyone, including YOU, working together to connector of people, and a resource for businesses of all sizes.
advocate for a strong business community. We accomplish so The mission of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce is to protect
much more together than what any one of us can do alone. and promote commerce through advocacy, resources, and
“Partnerships” is a word you hear often in Frisco and we
have a long history of community partners working together When someone asks you WHO is the Face of Business in
in a way not seen in other places. By working together to Frisco, put yourself in this picture and say, “I am the Face of
maintain a healthy business community, our businesses Business! How can I help build a better, stronger Frisco?”
prosper and our residents can enjoy a high quality of life for • 972.335.9522
6843 Main Street, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 15

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Beard & Harris, P.C.
Attorneys at Law


The focus of Jim E. Bullock, the managing partner fueled by the desire to see clients excel. The team works to-
of Beard & Harris, P.C., in Frisco, is on business gether to help identify and manage areas of risk, discover
law, including intellectual property (copyrights, improvements clients can deploy in their practices and to see
trademarks, trade secrets and patent licensing), businesses flourish. The goal of Beard & Harris is ultimately
technology, finance (banking, corporate, debt and equity), to see more businesses call Frisco home, whether they move
labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, real estate to or start a successful business here in Frisco.
acquisition and development, international transactions (in-
cluding export and import compliance) and contracts of all
shapes and sizes.

The dedicated team at Beard & Harris assists clients in
the boardroom and in the courtroom with their extensive
experience in handling both transactions and litigation. The
drive for the team to grow and become the best it can be is • 903.509.4900

5 Cowboys Way, Suite 300 100 Independence Place, Suite 300

Frisco, Texas 75034 Tyler, Texas 75703

16 Faces of Frisco

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CBD American Shaman

K yle Streubing and Joann Mester got into the can- the unique products. Due to proprietary nanotechnology,
nabidiol (CBD) industry after using CBD and find- CBD American Shaman’s products are nine times more
ing relief from pain they were experiencing them- bioavailable. The team recognizes that with CBD, it is not
selves. Mr. Streubing, who struggled with back always about how much you take, but how much the body
pain, and Ms. Mester, who suffered from anxiety, found that absorbs. CBD American Shaman provides products that
CBD provided relief without having to endure the side effects are more efficiently absorbed by the body, so customers
of pharmaceuticals. have a faster-acting product at a lower cost.

The two became passionate about sharing this new- They want to break the stigma around the hemp plant,
found alternative with others and partnered with Mark and the store even offers Compassionate Care discounts
Ueberschaar and Judy Myre to bring CBD American Sha- for veterans and those who suffer from chronic illnesses.
man to Frisco. The team is dedicated to bringing well- CBD American Shaman is a member of the Frisco Cham-
ness to the community by providing all-natural, organic ber of Commerce and was named one of the Top 10 CBD
hemp products, along with education on how to best use Companies in the World by Technavio. • 469.888.4141
8745 Gary Burns Drive, Suite 136, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 17

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Raising Cane’s

R aising Cane’s Founder and CEO Todd Graves has ple could receive high-quality food served by a friendly
grown Raising Cane’s from a single restaurant in and fun crew in an environment that was clean, safe and
Baton Rouge, to one of the fastest-growing restau- fun. Fast-forward 23 years to Frisco, where you will find
rant concepts with more than 450 restaurants in 27 four Raising Cane’s restaurants led by outstanding general
U.S. states and six countries. The company consistently ranks managers Nicole Adams, Gary Fontenot, Chris Griggs and
among the top restaurants for overall customer satisfaction Julie Melancon, who have continued this commitment.
and was recently named “Family Favorite Restaurant Chain”
by Restaurant Business. As the Official Chicken of the City of Frisco, Raising
Cane’s supports all the schools in the Frisco ISD, in addi-
Raising Cane’s is continuing to grow and invest in Fris- tion to the Frisco library, where Raising Cane’s even has a
co as it will add a fifth restaurant in December 2019 on FM food cart train in the children’s area.
423, and recently added an enhanced patio to its Custer
Road location. Mr. Graves’ vision was to open a restaurant Raising Cane’s is dedicated to serving the Frisco com-
that would provide a place in the community where peo- munity, sponsoring local teams and providing a quality
environment complete with fresh chicken finger meals.

469.362.6176 214.494.4560

3675 Gaylord Pkwy, Ste 1100 214.494.4470 972.908.3956 5220 Eldorado Parkway
Frisco, Texas 75034 3890 Preston Road 6311 Custer Road Frisco, Texas 75033

Frisco, Texas 75034 Frisco, Texas 75035 Faces of Frisco

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Graves Family Chiropractic

After receiving his doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. of Collin County and local school programs. The Frisco
Paul Graves opened Graves Family Chiropractic community is extremely important to me and I am always
of Frisco in August of 1998. “I chose this profession striving to be my best for each patient. They are family to
because Chiropractic helped me immensely after me!” he says.
my own injury, and I wanted to do the same for others,” he
says. Dr. Graves has served people of all ages and conditions, There are many great reviews on Yelp and Facebook.
from newborns to seniors. His goal is to find the cause of your One patient shares, “I love everything about this clinic
condition and, without the use of medication or surgery, help and the people who work there! They are beyond kind and
you achieve a happier and healthier life. knowledgeable, and they take the extra time to make sure
I am strengthening my body to not re-injure myself. They
Dr. Graves and his Chiropractic Associates offer spinal even helped my 18-month-old son and improved his sleep!”
adjustments, massage therapy, rehabilitation exercise, Dr. Graves and his Chiropractic All Star Team are open
spinal decompression, a supervised weight loss program to serve Monday through Friday and are accepting new
and more. “I have loved serving the people of Frisco for patients.
over 20 years – donating to Frisco Family Services, CASA • 972.377.7117
7500 Stonebrook Parkway #103, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 19

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Collin County Construction

Collin County Construction, started in Frisco in will make every project a success. The team has long-stand-
2007, has completed more than 3,000 projects to ing relationships with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce,
date. CEO Scott Rose, wife Patricia Rose, along the Dallas Builders Association, the National Multifamily
with their family have lived in Frisco for more than Housing Council and many others. Collin County Construc-
20 years, and with a team boasting more than 100 years of ex- tion received the Small Business Excellence Award for 2018
perience in the industry, it is no wonder the ground-up con- in the General Contractors category, has been named a Top
struction company’s reputation speaks for itself. Collin Coun- 10 Restaurant Builder in Dallas and was recognized by the
ty Construction specializes in everything from renovation Texas Association of Builders for helping local citizens build
projects to new build offices and retail centers, multi-family a business or improve their existing one.
units, restaurants, warehouses and more. With in-house ar-
chitects, engineers and designers involved in projects from Collin County Construction’s goal is to meet the commu-
start to finish, there is nothing this team cannot do. Local nity’s needs by being the most honest and reliable general
clients know the team’s expertise, character and passion contractor around. • 214.973.5189
8668 John Hickman Parkway, Suite 103, Frisco, Texas 75034

20 Faces of Frisco

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AR Workshop


A t AR Workshop Frisco, guests design everything The space has even been utilized for fundraising events. The
from custom wood signs, frames and clocks to team at AR Workshop Frisco has a passion for all things arts
serving trays and centerpiece boxes. Specialty and crafts and helps customers bring creative visions to life.
classes such as chunky knit blanket workshops,
jewelry stamping, porch makeovers and personalized canvas The founders of AR Workshop Frisco connect with local
totes/pillows are also wildly popular. AR Workshop Frisco women offering a more encompassing DIY environment and
hosts monthly classes where local artisans help lead a class on lifestyle, as creating is good for the soul. AR Workshop Frisco
making authentic, unique crafts, and offers online tutorials on consistently offers unique art and inspirational home décor-
their YouTube page with information about how to style your making activities and guests can always learn new skills to
home, host parties, tips and tricks. It is truly a lifestyle brand incorporate into something beautiful of their own.
for all things DIY. The studio is perfect for special events
like corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelorette
parties, baby showers, date night and summer camps for kids. • 214.614.8120
3231 Preston Road, Suite 13, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 21

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Sheena’s Dance Academy

Sheena Laramore’s love for her career is evident in are determined to accommodate every dance-related de-
her dedication to Sheena’s Dance Academy -- the sire of students, whether that is to practice dance as a hob-
business she started 23 years ago in Frisco. The by or to work toward a professional career in dance.
Academy specializes in dance instruction and per-
formances within all disciplines of dance and levels. Ms. Over the past 23 years, many students have achieved
Laramore ensures there is a place for every student, re- great success in the world of dance thanks to the guid-
gardless of age, ability, gender or dance level. ance of Ms. Laramore and other faculty members. Shee-
na’s Dance Academy is the longest existing dance studio in
Classes are offered for ages ranging from two through Frisco and continues to provide quality dance instruction
adulthood, and include a variety of class types and styles. and performance to Frisco families and surrounding com-
The goal of each dance instructor at Sheena’s Dance Acad- munities.
emy is to continue educating and providing opportunities
to current and future students, while being a positive role
model to dancers. Both Ms. Laramore and the instructors • 972.712.1100
7975 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75034

22 Faces of Frisco

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Legacy Dermatology &
Restoration Center


L“ et’s face it—keeping your skin clear, healthy, Dermatology & Restoration Center to quickly grow into
and beautiful throughout your lifetime can be Frisco’s most highly-demanded dermatology practice.
challenging! The science of skin disease is actually
quite complex, and when the day comes that you This family-owned small business recently announced
find yourself in need of a true expert, we are here to help you the addition of three new physicians and an expansion into
get back to feeling like your best self,” says practice founder a second building to accommodate their growing patient
Dr. Jennifer Dharamsi, a molecular-biologist-turned-board- population’s medical, aesthetic, hair loss and surgery needs,
certified-dermatologist who trained at Vanderbilt, Johns as well as to host future community-focused events. “We are
Hopkins, and UT Southwestern. “At Legacy, our mission is to excited to see the second round of our vision come to life and
provide personalized, results-driven care to people of all ages hope to create a space where people can come for healing,
and backgrounds, delivered with compassion, respect, and education, and overall wellness. We believe in taking an
lighthearted excellence.” integrative approach to skincare, which has led us around
the globe on our quest to bring the best the world has to offer
Perhaps it is this attitude that has allowed Legacy back to our local community.” • 972.469.2626
3140 Legacy Drive, Suites 110 & 610, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 23

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Medco ER

Medco ER is Frisco’s newest free-standing, li- everyone.
censed emergency care facility providing qual- Patients never have to worry about the cost of their care
ity medical care and convenience. With little to
no wait time, Medco ER is equipped to handle when being treated at Medco ER. Their mission is to help
any emergency, 24/7. ensure all patients get the emergency care coverage they
deserve at a fair price with no “surprise” billing. As patient
Medco ER’s advanced technology, on-site laboratory, advocates, the Medco ER team aggressively works with
and pediatric emergency care ensure that patients can be insurance companies on their patient’s behalf and works
fully diagnosed and treated efficiently under one roof. extensively with each patient to curb the financial burden
of medical care. Medco ER believes that nothing should
Medco ER’s entire team of board-certified doctors, ever discourage someone from seeking medical help.
nurses and specialists work together to provide the highest
level of compassionate care to their patients, treating them Medco ER is committed to the health of their
like family in an environment that is friendly, considerate, communities and serves our neighborhoods through local
and knowledgeable. Their highly rated, online reviews events and sponsorships.
reflect the exceptional experience that Medco ER offers • 469.392.4100
5600 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75033

24 Faces of Frisco

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Jordan Flournoy LLP


Cynthia Hurley serves as Managing Partner in the to compassionately understand and address the special needs
Frisco office of Jordan Flournoy LLP. Ms. Hurley and goals of each family in planning for the future.
concentrates her practice on estate planning for
families and individuals, business planning, busi- A Frisco resident of 22 years, Ms. Hurley prioritizes giving
ness formation, business representation, contract drafting, back to her community. She is a board member of the Frisco
contract review and negotiation, asset protection, family lim- Education Foundation, a member and scholarship chair for
ited partnerships, charitable planning, and probates. the Rotary Club of Frisco, a Frisco Arts advisory board mem-
ber, as well as a member of the Estate Planning and Probate
Ms. Hurley has seen firsthand the difficulties that fami- Section Board of the Collin County Bar Association, a board
lies often face without a proper estate plan. She is Board Cer- member of the North Texas Estate Planning Council, and a
tified in Estate Planning and Probate by the Texas Board of past member of the Frisco Community Development Corpo-
Legal Specialization, and Ms. Hurley uses her expertise and ration.
her tax background to guide her clients in developing their
wills, trusts, and in planning their estates. Ms. Hurley works • 972.668.6810
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 202, Frisco, Texas 75034

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 25

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Venue at
Frisco Town Center

Jason Lewis, the president of Venue at Frisco Town services and its ideal location that make this event center
Center, loves working with people and was in- stand out among others in the metroplex.
spired to excel the hospitality industry so he could
collaborate with clients from the inception of an The venue’s team specializes in wedding catering and
event to its completion. He loves seeing the look on a comes equipped with their own staff and rentals for events.
happy client’s face when the finished product is perfect. Wedding packages are all inclusive, so clients have the
option to party in one of the two event venues. In the coming
Mr. Lewis’s time is spent mostly in the office operating years, Venue at Frisco Town Center plans to continue
Venue at Frisco Town Center’s parent company, 305 Event providing a niche location and amazing services to the
Gallery, LLC, which operates Five Star Event Services, Frisco community.
Venue at McKinney Town Center and Venue at Frisco Town
Center. Most days, you can find Mr. Lewis at the Frisco
location giving tours, setting up tables, serving on the buffet
line or working events. It is the team’s use of specialized • 214.842.8921
8849 Carroll Circle, Frisco, Texas 75033

26 Faces of Frisco

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Renew Family Dentistry


R enew Family Dentistry, the office of Dr. Josh- American Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Maxwell has
ua F. Maxwell and his associate Dr. Laura R. proven his dedication and commitment to the advancement
Bratcher, in Frisco, is proud to provide the of dental health. His private practice inside Baylor Scott &
highest quality Family, General, Cosmetic and White Hospital offers routine cleanings for preventive care,
Implant Dentistry. Dr. Maxwell is a Preferred Provider for laser assisted periodontal treatments, various sedation op-
Invisalign Braces and is also the only dentist in all of North tions, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening options including
Texas to offer his patients the comfort of “No Shots Den- ZOOM, crowns, Invisalign Clear Braces, dental implants,
tistry” with the SOLEA laser. Come experience our state of wisdom teeth extractions, root canals and more. Both doc-
the art practice featuring the iTero digital scanner for ultra tor’s and their highly-skilled team of dental profession-
precise restorations. Patients enjoy all the luxuries such as, als look forward to caring for you and your entire family.
flat screen TVs, headphones, blankets and chair massagers
in each dental suite. Having achieved Fellowship status in
the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the • 469.633.0550
5575 Warren Parkway, Suite 324, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls,
Jones & Woods LLP

For any lawyer, an impeccable reputation is every- protection cases where the state is a party. The firm also
thing, both inside and outside the courtroom. A practices in the areas of probate and estate planning. The
great lawyer must be extremely competent and team at Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, Jones & Woods LLP is
trustworthy – a person who everyone knows will do committed to providing clients with strong advocacy, while
what they say. The attorneys at Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, also providing an honest evaluation of the facts and legal
Jones & Woods LLP understand these tenets, and are com- options to help guide clients through the difficult process of
mitted to excellence in professionalism and ethics. litigation.

At Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, Jones & Woods LLP, ev- Clients of the firm benefit greatly from the team’s collec-
eryone has the same goal, and that is to get the best possi- tive experience – with more than 100 years of combined prac-
ble results for clients with minimal financial and emotional tice between the partners. Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, Jones
expense. Since 2004, Mackoy, Hernandez, Qualls, Jones & & Woods LLP, is a team of educated and dedicated individu-
Woods LLP has focused on family law, including divorce, als who stop at nothing to provide exceptional service to the
custody, child support, name change, adoption, and child citizens of Denton, Collin, and neighboring counties. • 214.387.9056
9300 John Hickman Parkway #701, Frisco, Texas 75035

28 Faces of Frisco

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Bent Tree Family Physicians

Bent Tree Family Physicians opened our Frisco 27 consecutive years as a Best Doctor in D Magazine and for 16
office in 2001, adding our names to the list of the years as a Texas Monthly Super Doctor. Dr. Culpepper served
first eight physicians in this city’s history. We knew on the Founding Board of THR Plano and presently serves
this community needed family doctors, and we on the Board of Trustees for Medical City Frisco and Medical
answered that call. As Frisco has grown, we have grown, now City Plano. Bent Tree Family Physicians offers extended hours
offering 20 healthcare providers and employing more than 80 from 7:30 am until 6:30 pm, with lunch hour and Saturday
wonderful people. But no matter how large we’ve become, we morning appointments available. We have a CLIA certified
never forget that medical care is delivered one person at a time. lab in our office for comprehensive testing, as well as certified
We are a completely independent practice that remembers X-ray facilities, sonography and stress-echo screening. We’ve
you are our partner when deciding what’s best for your care. also added a Board-Certified Sports Medicine physician who
offers non-surgical treatment options, including ultrasound
In 1987, Guy L. Culpepper, M.D. established Bent Tree guided injection therapy. And, to keep you beautiful, we
Family Physicians with a mission to blend the noble traditions offer complete aesthetic services through our Spa and Laser
of Family Medicine with the latest advances in science and Center.
technology. That effort has been recognized by his peers for • 972.377.8800
3550 Parkwood Blvd, Suite 600, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Edward Jones

A t Edward Jones, we want to understand what is by allowing us to consistently put our clients first, not share-
important to you. We’ll use an established pro- holders.
cess to build personalized strategies to help you
reach your goals. We’ll partner together through- Financial advisors (L-R) AJ Davis, Jon Nance, Jerry Ponzio
out your life to help keep you on track. and Scott Smith provide disciplined, customized and focused
guidance. With their partnership and proven process, you’ll
Since 1922, Edward Jones has brought its unique brand to receive a strategy designed to help you achieve financial free-
communities across the country. Today, with more than $1.2 dom.
trillion in assets under care and 7 million investors, Edward
Jones is the largest privately held partnership in the indus- Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect
try. Our structure sets us apart from publicly traded firms against loss. Member SIPC.

AJ Davis Jerry Ponzio
2601 Network Blvd, Suite 460 9191 Kyser Way, Suite 100
Frisco, Texas 75034 • 972.335.3129 Frisco, Texas 75033 • 972.335.5101

Jon Nance Scott Smith
5300 Town and Country Blvd, Suite 100 2500 Legacy Drive, Suite 212
Frisco, Texas 75034 • 972.335.9214
Frisco, Texas 75034 • 972.335.8005

30 Faces of Frisco

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Randy’s Steakhouse

Local Randy Burks, the owner and head chef of the el- Frisco Downtown Merchants Association, the Knights of
egant Randy’s Steakhouse here in Frisco, has always Columbus and the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. He was
loved the restaurant business, but more than that, he also on the board of the Frisco Convention and Visitors
loves getting to know people and helping make them Bureau.
happy. He takes pride in giving each and every guest at Ran-
dy’s Steakhouse the very best fine dining experience possible. Randy’s Steakhouse is the longest-running restaurant
in Frisco, as it has been open for 26 years now. It has also
The restaurant specializes in Prime Steaks and sea- been voted “Best Steakhouse” by Frisco Enterprise every
food, and the old T.J. Campbell Victorian-style home the year since 2006.
restaurant operates out of was built in 1869, encompass-
ing historic Frisco in every aspect of the dining experi-
ence. Inside the restaurant, there are seven luxurious din-
ing rooms, a full bar and a gorgeous patio area. Space is
even available for private events. Mr. Burks is part of the • 972.335.3066
7026 Main Street, Frisco, Texas 75033

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Orangetheory Fitness

When Orangetheory Fitness began, there was through their workouts. Orangetheory is a science-based, full-
great importance put on building person- body workout that uses technology to measure performance
al relationships with everyone that walked so members can prove they are improving. In a 60-minute
through its doors. Being able to motivate class, led by a highly-trained and certified coach, members
and relate to so many of their members is essential to their target at least 12 minutes in the Orange Zone to raise their
mental and physical progression. The goal is to be able to con- heart rate and charge up metabolism. The result is an in-
tinue to grow the company, both in clientele and the services crease in calorie burn post-workout, backed by the science of
offered. Orangetheory’s Frisco locations focus on coaching excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).
their members and helping them realize what their body is
capable of achieving. Aside from high-energy coaches and first-rate facilities,
Orangetheory takes pride in the service they provide to their
There are many factors that Orangetheory considers in members. People join for the health benefits but come back
order to provide quality training. This includes top-trained for the relationship built between members and staff. At Or-
coaches that are able to safely and effectively guide members angetheory, members are treated like family. • 972.521.3600 • 972.474.0389
4350 Main Street #100, Frisco, Texas 75034 3555 Legacy Drive, Frisco, Texas 75034

32 Faces of Frisco

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Old American Golf Club

General Manager Mike McCabe, Director of Golf vative tee time policies, golf connection protocols and more
Cody Roye, and Golf Course Superintendent consistent golf course conditions year-round. It’s always im-
Russell Birkhimer collectively have more than portant to us to look at everything from the golfers perspec-
50 years of experience in the golf industry. From tive, then change and adapt accordingly. It takes a great team
understanding golf course conditions and agronomics to en- skilled in operations and customer service to achieve the level
suring a high level of service and member satisfaction, they of success to make industry leaders take notice.
know how to achieve success.
As the host site of the 2019 LPGA VOA Classic, Old
At Old American Golf Club, we are expected and chal- American welcomes back to Texas some of the best players
lenged to be a leader in our industry and constantly called in the world September 30 - October 6, 2019. This unique,
upon to deliver an overall exceptional golf experience on dai- award-winning layout, coupled with garden-to-table food
ly basis for our members and guests. concepts and pristine conditions, make it a one-of-a-kind stop
on the LPGA Tour.
Being a true “Golf Club,” our main focus will always be
golf and the items that can help enhance that, such as inno- • 972.370.4653
1001 Lebanon Road, The Colony, Texas 75056

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Bell Air
Heating & Cooling

BellAir Heating and Cooling specializes in heating ball team. BellAir supports many local organizations, groups
and air conditioning service and installation to both and events.
residential and commercial customers. Bridget and
Brad Bell are the owners of BellAir Heating and With more than 20 years of experience, BellAir Heating
Cooling. Mr. Bell oversees day-to-day operations and goes on and Cooling takes pride in taking care of customers and pro-
service and sales calls as the business continues to grow. Mrs. viding exceptional air conditioning, heating and ventilation
Bell takes care of the company’s marketing. They, as well as solutions, while delivering a dependable experience and
their oldest son, are proud graduates of Texas Tech Univer- completing the job right every time. “Many of our customers
sity. have become great friends. They trust us for a quality job,
well done, at a fair price. We strive to be the best at what we
Raising three boys, the Bells stay just as busy outside of do. We do our best to instill this in our sons, as well as our
work. They are involved in the community and extremely employees. We are honest, dependable and responsible. We
involved in their sons’ school sports and FFA activities. Mr. treat people the way we want and expect to be treated,” the
Bell has always had a coaching role on his son’s travel base- Bells share. • 972.731.0376
6950 Eubanks, Suite A4, Frisco, Texas 75034

34 Faces of Frisco

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Dr. Mina Abbassi

Helping patients navigate through potential­ly high- emotional factors for families, as well.
risk pregnancies to have the best pos­sible out- North Texas Perinatal Associates takes administering
come is the number one priority for North Texas
Perinatal Associates. Dr. Abbassi, a maternal-fe- care one step further by being involved in organizations that
tal medicine specialist, is focused on turning high-risk preg- focus on constant improvement. These organizations include
nancies into healthy deliveries. the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American
Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Staying con­
The clinic’s main areas of interest are prenatal ultrasound, nected in the community is how the practice plans to grow
high-risk pregnancy, genetic counseling, prenatal screening in Frisco, while continuing to maintain excellent patient care.
and diagnosis in the first and second trimester multifetal ges­
tation, diabetes and surgical treatment of incompetent cer­
vixes. Because these areas of care are so important, the trust
factor between the patients and doctors is vital. Each doctor
is trained in not just the technical factors of treatment, but the • 469.305.4465
5899 Preston Road, Suite 1302, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Collin College

Frisco Campus ~ Preston Ridge


Alifelong learner, Dr. Don Weasenforth is vice pres- ly-acclaimed educational and training programs, while
ident/provost of Collin College’s Frisco Campus maintaining the lowest tuition in the state of Texas.
(Preston Ridge), a comprehensive campus which
serves around 9,000 students. This campus of- Inspired daily by students transformed through educa-
fers culinary, pastry, and hospitality curriculum and will be tion, Dr. Weasenforth holds a bachelor’s degree in French
home to the Collin College Bachelor of Applied Technology in from Frostburg State University in Maryland, a master’s
Cybersecurity degree in spring 2020. In 2021, the campus will degree in Linguistics from the University of Illinois, and
add the new IT Center at the Frisco Campus (Preston Ridge). a doctorate in the same discipline from the University of
Southern California. He has served as an officer of Plano
Exhilarated by the college’s growth, Dr. Weasen- Youth Leadership and is an active member of Frisco Arts
forth works with business, industry, and municipal part- and Stonebriar Community Church. Happily married to Es-
ners to develop and maintain excellent programs to meet ther, for 37 years, Dr. Weasenforth has a son and two daugh-
the various needs of the region and to make the com- ters, who have all taken classes at Collin College and are
munity aware of the college’s outstanding and national- now gainfully employed adults in Texas, Ohio, and Indiana. • 972.377.1790
9700 Wade Boulevard, Frisco, Texas 75035

36 Faces of Frisco

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Texas Star Community Management


Texas Star Community Management specializes yond standard business relationships, surpassing indus-
in the management of homeowner associations try standards. Homeowner association management has
throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston experienced changes through the years, but Texas Star
areas. The company was founded in 1997, just four Community Management was founded on the belief that
years after the owner, Susan Varnell, moved to Frisco. they serve communities of people – they do not just man-
age developments. It is their mission to help create beau-
Texas Star Community Management offers general tiful community atmospheres and neighborhoods that
services for homeowner associations in administrative homeowners are proud to call home.
tasks, financial accounts, maintaining physical proper-
ties, providing architectural reviews and offering com- Through the company’s innovative approach to com-
munity support and consulting. Professional excellence munity management, as well as building solid relation-
and integrity are the cornerstones to the company’s ships with clients, Texas Star Community Management’s
proven track record and the foundation of all client re- services provide significant benefits to homeowner asso-
lationships and business decisions. The team goes be- ciations across the state.

469.899.1000 281.348.2155
6401 S. Custer Road, Suite 2020 1322 Space Park Drive, Suite C146
McKinney, Texas 75070 Houston, Texas 77058
9500 Ray White Road, Suite 200
Fort Worth, Texas 76244
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Risland Homes

R islandUSspecializesinthoughtfully-plannedcom- Anna. Frisco is a key North Texas market and the hub of Ris-
munities and high-quality homes made unique land US’s area, and with more than 3,600 acres, the company
by above-market amenities. Risland delivers is making great strides to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth metro-
high-quality residential and commercial real estate plex. Risland recently broke ground on its Mantua develop-
projects through land acquisition, land development, home ment, which encompasses five miles of Highway 75 frontage
building and property management services, while manag- in Anna and Van Alstyne. The development includes 2,000
ing a diversified portfolio of agriculture investments. Since acres for single-family residential homes, 675 acres for com-
the team is committed to creating an exceptional family life- mercial and mixed-use space and 275 acres of outdoor space.
style, serving homeowners, connecting neighbors and foster-
ing friendships, they combine the talent of local professionals The company has also broken ground on two model
with the experience and resources of international partners. homes within its 300-acre single-family community located
in Prosper Trail, just west of the Dallas North Tollway and
This developer and home builder partners with compa- north of Highway 380.
nies to grow properties they have in Prosper, Van Alstyne and • 214.214.8888
5600 Tennyson Parkway #230, Plano, Texas 75024

38 Faces of Frisco

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Elite Remodeling


Elite Remodeling is a full-service remodeling com- ing is an active member of the Dallas Builders Association
pany specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and (DBA), the National Home Builders Association (NAHB)
adding square feet to homes. The Showroom and Board of Trustees Remodelers and the National Kitchen
Design Center (SRDC) is located at the south- and Bath Association (NKBA) North Plains Chapter. The
east corner of Preston Road and Gaylord Parkway. At the Elite staff holds various designations and educational de-
SRDC, clients will find three built-out kitchens, a full mas- grees and is the only Dallas remodeler to have certified
ter bath suite, custom cabinet configurations and various kitchen and bath designers, certified remodelers and certi-
granite, marble, travertine and tile installations for view- fied accessibility specialists on staff. The team was select-
ing. ed in Living Magazine’s 2015-2019 customer surveys as “Best
Remodeler – Frisco.” The company is a five-time winner
Elite Remodeling uses the advanced 3D software tool of DBA’s Remodeler of the Year award. Additionally, John
20-20 when designing a kitchen or bathroom. The team Todd was awarded the DBA’s 2018 Hugh Prather Award
can “literally” show customers what their end remodel will for overall contribution to the DBA and building market.
look like before ever swinging a hammer. Elite Remodel- • 972.334.9800
2930 Preston Road, Suite 980, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Stephanie Kratz Interiors

Established in 2003, Stephanie Kratz Interiors is an and Lux Life Interior Designer of the Year 2019.
upscale, award-winning design firm. The company With their own design studio, as well as being estab-
pairs its passion for beautiful interiors with today’s
styles to create a luxurious home you have always lished in the wholesale trade market and sourcing from
dreamed of. Full-scale projects are no problem for this cre- a wide range of exceptional manufacturers and artists,
ative team. As a full-service interior design firm, Stephanie the team delivers a customized design plan inspired by
Kratz Interiors offers clients the highest-quality design and their client’s lifestyle. By combining traditional sensi-
service in furnishings, new construction and remodeling bility and modern appeal with distinctive techniques,
projects. They have built relationships with trade profession- Stephanie Kratz Interiors creates a timeless space just
als, artisans and artists to create interiors with exceptional for you.
craftsmanship, quality and functionality.

Along with being featured in “This is Dallas,” the
team has been awarded Best of Houzz, Dallas Top 10 • 214.244.5087
2611 Westgrove Drive, Suite 107, Carrollton, Texas 75006

40 Faces of Frisco

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Lone Star Iron Doors

Lone Star Iron Doors President Matthew Cle- structures that achieve their personalized objectives.
ments is motivated by his desire to inno- Whether you are looking for unique designs for your
vate the iron/steel door and window indus-
try. It is his company’s goal to bring new home or business, Lone Star Iron Doors has options to
technologies that have not been presented before while pro- accommodate each and every client. They are known
viding elegance and security. Manufacturing, distribution for ornate iron doors, custom wine cellars, beautiful fin-
and installation of products take place right here in the U.S. ishes, high-quality finishes and modern architecture.

For more than 25 years, the artisans and crafts- Lone Star Iron Doors wants to make your home into a
men at Lone Star Iron Doors have designed beautiful piece of livable art. The team is part of the Dallas Build-
steel and iron doors. The team’s attention to detail, pro- ers Association and the American Architectural Manu-
fessionalism, and hand craftsmanship, has built their facturers Association. They plan to expand nationwide
reputation in the industry for providing quality de- and create additional work opportunities along the way.
signs. They strive to help clients create beautiful home • 214.774.4455
6121 W. Park Boulevard, Suite C-226, Plano, Texas 75093

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Fertility Specialists of Texas

There is nothing more delicate or heartbreaking “We customize treatment to each individual couple’s
for couples who want to start a family than specific condition,” says Dr. Chilvers. “No two patients are
the inability to conceive. For the 6.1 million alike, nor are their journeys. They deserve tailor-made plans
Americans who battle with infertility, the struggle that offer the highest possibility for a positive outcome.”
is all too real. The team at Fertility Specialists of Texas (FST)
understands the heartache and strives to deliver effective FST is nationally recognized for its outstanding record of
care with the utmost sensitivity and understanding. success in the treatment of infertility, maintaining some of
the highest live birth rates in the nation.
Led by partner physicians Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein, Dr.
Rebecca A. Chilvers and Dr. Satin S. Patel, FST has earned “The most important measure of success is the birth of a
a reputation as one of the nation’s leading infertility centers. healthy baby,” says Dr. Goldstein. “Our entire team—from
Combining more than 50 years of experience with today’s the physicians and embryologists to the clinical and business
latest scientific advancements, FST provides patients with staff—is 100 percent committed to this goal.”
the most effective, comprehensive treatment plans possible.
Located in Frisco, FST’s main office is home to a state of-
the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab. With satellite offices

42 Faces of Frisco

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in Dallas, Rockwall, Southlake and Fort Worth, FST has preservation and third-party reproduction.
been proudly growing families since 2005 with its unique FST believes treatment should not be cost prohibitive
brand of care and communication, delivered with a true team
approach to parenthood. and offers many affordable treatment options for families,
including a guarantee program. For patients who require
“Our job is to help couples overcome; to turn patients advanced treatment, FST is proud to offer the SharedDreams®
into parents. Every time our team triumphs over infertility, 100 Percent IVF Refund Program. Through this guarantee,
to help someone have the child of their dreams, it’s the most any patient accepted into the program who does not give
amazing win for all involved,” says Dr. Patel. FST specializes birth to a healthy baby, will be refunded 100 percent of the
in treatment for endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome funds paid to FST. It’s because of the center’s outstanding
(PCOS), recurrent pregnancy loss, male-factor infertility and success rates that it can offer this innovative option.
unexplained infertility and provides a multitude of services,
from basic infertility testing and diagnosis, ovulation
induction and inseminations to IVF, genetic testing, fertility • 214.618.2044
5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 300, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Texas Lifestyle Realty Group


Tucked away in the North Texas countryside, your and the lakeside lifestyle is integral to who she is. Her real
adventure home awaits. Looking for a weekend re- estate knowledge of this niche market and her ongoing pres-
treat or a local destination to retire? Lake Kiowa is ence in the local community has led her to become one of the
a guard-gated community offering a private lake top-selling agents of Lake Kiowa and the surrounding area.
and golf course. Only 45 minutes northwest of Frisco, Lake As your lakefront real estate team, Rachel Schneider-Sullivan
Kiowa allows an escape from city life and motivation to re- and her husband, Elliott Sullivan, are dedicated to helping
lax. With amenities such as boating, fishing, golfing and ten- you find your perfect home.
nis courts, Lake Kiowa boasts adventure and family connec-
tion. Often referred to as “North Texas’ Best Kept Secret,” this If you are interested in a private tour of the community or
sought-after community offers the privacy many seek for a would like to see our currently listed homes for sale, please call
true “getaway” feel. Rachel at (940) 736-9977 or email [email protected].

Living in Lake Kiowa her entire life, Rachel Schnei- Getaway. Play. Stay. Discover Lake Kiowa.
der-Sullivan has connections throughout the community, • 940.736.9977
6360 FM 902, Lake Kiowa, Texas 76240

44 Faces of Frisco

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Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Step into a Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery experts have years of industry experience and are
and you will immediately be inspired by what you extremely knowledgeable about design trends, product
see – beautifully displayed lighting, appliances selection and the building and remodeling process. They
and bath and kitchen products from today’s top also stay involved throughout the entire building process
brands. From exquisitely-designed bathroom displays with and ensure the right product is delivered during the right
functioning showerheads to full kitchens with working stage of the project.
appliances, you can explore a variety of design styles ranging
from classical elegance to bold contemporary. Ferguson’s Ferguson’s passion for customer service is easy
wide range of products lets you make multiple selections at to see after just one visit to a local showroom. Walk-
a single showroom, which streamlines budgeting and makes ins are welcome. However, product experts take pride
the building process more efficient. in personalized service, so appointments are highly
recommended. For more information, visit the website or
Ask customers what brings them back time and again give the team a call today!
and they will say it is the people. Ferguson’s product • 972.987.8677
7946 State Highway 121, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Highport Marina

W hile North Texas is not known as a beach Best Marina on Lake Texoma for eight years in a row, and
vacation destination, Frisco residents only the staff, known for its excellent customer service, stops at
have to drive an hour north on Highway nothing to make sure members feel at home and like fami-
289 to Pottsboro, Texas, for a picture-per- ly. Highport Marina actively donates to a variety of organi-
fect getaway featuring the finest lakeside dining, live enter- zations, including the Toys for Tots Drive, Wounded Heroes
tainment, fishing guides, boat and jet ski rentals, boat slips, of Texas and Friends of the Pottsboro Library, just to name a
service and marina maintenance, a general store and the few. Highport Marina is also a member of the Pottsboro and
largest Fourth of July fireworks display on the lake! 89,000 Denison Chambers of Commerce, the Marina Association of
acres of deep blue water complete with sandy-beach is- Texas and more.
lands, beautiful wooded coves, hiking trails and amenities
await members and guests who live for the next adventure. If being a boat owner has always been a dream for you
and your family, Highport Marina is the perfect place for
The marina features 842 leasable slips (ranging from 25- your adventure to begin!
60 feet) and recently underwent a variety of top-notch up-
grades and renovations. Highport Marina has been voted Thanks MarineMax for allowing us to use their boat for
our photo! • 903.786.7000
120 Texoma Harbor Drive, Pottsboro, Texas 75076

46 Faces of Frisco

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Envision Imaging

A t Envision Imaging, nothing is more important This helps care providers in Frisco’s community know how
than providing the community with quality to best deliver results. Envision Imaging is proudly involved
diagnostic examinations. The team at Envision in community organizations that thoroughly benefit its mem-
excels by sustaining a strong core focus on bers, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Collin Coun-
compassion for patients. Envision Imaging specializes in ty Medical Society, and the North Texas Medical Group Man-
outpatient diagnostic imaging, which is provided by the agement Association.
use of state-of-the-art equipment. The process of obtaining
examinations and results is handled with expedited care and Envision Imaging continues to strive for excellence in di-
awareness due to the importance of providing accurate and agnostic services, the level of technology it utilizes and the
efficient exams. quality of patient care provided.

The role Envision Imaging plays in the community is one
that revolutionizes the diagnostic industry with exceptional
exams that allow patients to return to their lives with ease. • 972.334.0908
3211 Internet Boulevard #120, Frisco, Texas 75034

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Texas Republic Mortgage



Texas Republic Mortgage is owned by Frisco-based ers the opportunity to shape a mortgage that best suits
Texas Republic Bank. We share a common com- you.
mitment to excellence and to highly personalized
customer service. Texas Republic Mortgage cli- Because we are a bank, we can be creative in tailoring
ents have access to superior mortgage bankers who are able a mortgage to meet your needs. Texas Republic Mortgage
to provide a full range of mortgage products including VA, is home to the “Common Sense” mortgage and Mortgage
FHA, conventional and investment property loans. We are Lending like it oughta be!
anxious to help you finance a new home or refinance an ex-
isting home, and we are committed to helping you find the
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We understand that every borrower is different. If
your financial situation does not fit the box that most
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2595 Preston Road, Frisco, Texas 75034

48 Faces of Frisco

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Circa Frisco

W elcome home to Circa Frisco, a stunning choices from free-weights, spin bikes, and endurance equip-
new community boasting the only ment to ensure you can maintain an active lifestyle. Every-
rooftop pool and amenity space in Frisco, thing has been specifically designed to make life at Circa as
Texas! While offering a blend of both elegant and comfortable as possible.
the outstanding amenities you know and love, and our
knowledgeable and diligent staff, we have no doubt that Though Circa’s amenities really are incredible, it’s our
one tour will have you in awe! leasing team that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Look forward to spending your days relaxing in a cabana Circa Community Manager, Lindsey, has been in the in-
next to the saltwater pool in the midst of an expansive view. dustry providing unparalleled service for 20 years. Assistant
Community Manager Sayvon and the team- Luis, Preston,
Not only is Circa large pet friendly, there is a luxury paw Laura, Darian, Salvador, Marleny, and Blas- are fully dedicat-
spa to pamper your pooch! The LuxerOne Package System ed to providing the perfect home for you. The Circa Frisco
will ensure you can pick up your packages at any time, 24/7! team is looking forward to meeting you, so why not stop by
Circa’s fully outfitted two-story gym gives you a variety of for a tour today? • 214.761.6842
9779 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, Texas 75035

Faces of Frisco FRISCOSTYLE.COM 49

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Before Dr. Teri Mitchell, APRN, CNM, IBCLC, the medications, equipment and skills to the client’s home. After
owner, provider, midwife and lactation consul- the birth, Dr. Mitchell returns when the baby is two or three
tant at BundleBorn Midwifery & Pediatrics, knew days old to help with lactation, check on the new family, per-
what a midwife was, she told her sixth-grade teach- form newborn testing, etc. Pediatric nurse practitioner Jen-
er she wanted to be a “baby doctor.” The following 20 years nifer Caswell is certified in acute care and primary care, so
were spent achieving her life-long goal. Today, BundleBorn clients or any new parents, regardless of their OB provider,
Midwifery & Pediatrics, the only midwifery and pediatrics have the option to work with BundleBorn Midwifery & Pedi-
partnership in the country, offers medical care to pregnant atrics for pediatric care. BundleBorn Midwifery & Pediatrics
people who desire to birth in their own home with a holis- serves families from all religious and scientific communities,
tic approach. The process includes hour-long prenatal visits, LGBTQIA families and open families. Clients are as diverse
pregnancy monitoring, preparing the mind, body and spirit as the community.
for birth and referring to other providers as needed. When
labor begins, Dr. Mitchell, a certified nurse midwife and an Photo description: Dr. Mitchell (left) with a mother and
internationally board certified lactation consultant, brings her one hour old newborn daughter. Photo credit: Lawren
Rose Photography. • 469.200.3438
8501 Wade Boulevard #630, Frisco, Texas 75034

50 Faces of Frisco

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