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Revel May 2011

Revel May 2011

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[email protected] TOODON&WHEREWIT’[email protected]! MAY 2011


Did we catch you living it
up at Toad Suck Daze?


Conway’s Small Town
Charm is here to stay


Dr. Morrison restores
health with a simple


DEVONA Revelation Revolution!Evans

Page 2 | [email protected] | May 2011

Revel Media, L.L.C. Healthy Advice - Medication Safety

Conway AR It started with a tickle in my throat. vomiting ensues. Infants tend to
That’s what Shannon Culler recalls when have episodes of apnea. Although
Publisher discharged from Saint John Medical center Pertussis is a vaccine preventable
with her newborn baby girl, Kadyn. Shan- disease, medical professionals
Kari Huskey non’s benign throat tickle quickly are seeing an increase
318.423.3095 progressed into a cough that she says in incidence as well as
[email protected] took her off her feet. She shook it off death from Pertussis. A total
as simply seasonal allergies. Not of 16,858 cases and 12 infant
Sales until days later when Kadyn also deaths were reported in 2009.
began to have cold symptoms, Shan- (MMWR, 2011 June 14)
Desiree Paulhamus non suspected something else. Pertussis is most often transmit-
501.993.6138 As the illness progressed, Kadyn ted to infants by their primary care-
s dad, Jason walked into the liv- giver whose immunity has long
[email protected] ing room to find Kadyn in her baby Meredeth Maynard since waned from childhood immu-

Feature Writers swing blue and not breathing. He immediately nizations. The Advisory Committee of Im-
snatched her up and out of her swing. They munization Practices (ACIP) recommends all
Taylor Gladwin rushed Kadyn to the hospital where in less adolescents , aged 10-18 years old as well as
[email protected] than 48 hours she was in the Pediatric Inten- all adults 19 and older receive a onetime Tdap
sive Care Unit at St. Francis Children s Hospi- vaccination. This is ESPECIALLY important
William McCain tal. This helpless infant lie sedated on an open when one anticipates being in contact with in-
[email protected] neonatal warmer connected to a ventilator that fants less than one year of age.
pushed air into her diseased lungs. Multiple Kadyn and Shannon both went on to make
Audrey Manning medications flowed into her tiny body through a full recovery. However, Kadyn s time in
[email protected] a surgically placed central line. the intensive care unit was grueling. She spent If you have not had a Pertussis vaccination
The dreadful disease that plagued this three weeks unable to breathe independent of since childhood, contact your primary care
Mandy Robinson family was later confirmed to be Pertussis the ventilator, received numerous blood trans- physician or local county health department
[email protected] or whooping cough. Adults often experience fusions and was pumped with many medica- for more information. For more information
minor symptoms similar to colds but for in- tions to keep her alive. Shannon missed three on Pertussis, visit or
Meredreth Maynard fants who are not yet vaccinated the disease weeks of holding her baby, bonding with her
[email protected] can be fatal. Older children with Pertussis newborn and enjoying those first coos and
often get coughing spells that are so severe smiles in the comfort of their home. Meredreth Maynard, BSN, RN
Dewitt Black
[email protected]

Andrea Weatherford
[email protected]

Rachel McAdams
[email protected]

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Up & Comers - Conway Family Chiropractic Health Center [email protected] | May 2011 | Page 3

Dr. Joseph Morrison, DC, the chiropractor having gone blind, and how he adjusted the nervous system do you want disconnect-
and owner of Conway Family Chiropractic boy and it restored his sight, That was it. I ed from your body? They all respond,
Health Center, puts his patients minds at ease didn’t need anything else, Morrison said. saying, None of it. I want it all there
when they walk through his door on There was a sign on the wall, and connected. Just as the brain tells our
Washington Street. By the time they with a quote from Thomas Edi- feet and legs to stand and walk, the brain
walk out, their bodies are at ease as son that says, The doctor of the also tells our organs to function. He
well. future will give no medicine, but will said when you take the pressure off the
The 29-year-old chiropractor is a interest her or his patients in the care nervous system through chiroprac-
Batesville native, who after living in of the human frame, in a proper diet tic care, the brain and body can talk,
Conway a couple years before col- and in the cause and prevention of causing all organs, not just the skeletal
lege, moved back after graduation to disease. That stopped me, he said. muscles that most people relate to, to
start his business December 1, 2010. I remember reading that on my work properly and efficiently.
Conway has a lot of the infrastruc- way out and thought, That is ex-
ture that I wanted, he said. My mind- Rachel McAdams actly what Dr. Tom is doing. He is Regarding health, he sees health as a
simple issue, sometimes made complex.
set is more on staying healthy and being healthy. the doctor of the future. That is exactly what
You have healthier options of eating, exercise, chiropractors do. When you give your body better
activity, outdoors and even the mental aspect of After going to school, he realized the story fuel, it runs better. It’s that simple, he
families being active together. of the blind child was not that unheard of in said. Health is not so complex. Doctors
A graduate of Life University in his field. have put healthcare in this big shroud
Marietta, Ga., a prestigious college known for its The very first adjustment in 1895, a man of mystery. It s much easier for patients
doctorate degree program in chiropractic, he actually had his hearing restored, he said. to take care of themselves than most
has known since he was 18 that he would be a After the very first adjustment, the man could doctors would let them think.
chiropractor one day. hear the wagons going up and down the street.
When I was a teenager, Dr. Tom Taylor Morrison had further affirmation when he Conway Family Chiropractic Center
in Batesville, his son and I were in the same found out his great-grandfather had his sight is located online at conwayfamilychiro-
grade all throughout school, and every now restored from a chiropractor., on Twitter @ConwayFami-
again I would go with his son Dustin, who is It’s not uncommon to have the body lyDC, by phone at (501) 205-8201 or
now a chiropractor with his father, just to see completely reconnect to itself after being so just stop by at 2221 Washington Ave.
what was going on, he said. disconnected even when a vital sense has been
He quizzed the doctor, asking him if lost, he said. Rachel McAdams is a budding writer
chiropractors could help patients with diabetes He said the chiropractic profession medi- and photographer studying journal-
and blindness. When the Dr. Tom told him a cine is a simple concept to grasp, if presented ism and art at the University of Cen-
tral Arkansas. Keep up with her on Dr. Joseph Morrison, D.C.
Twitter @gubeltrut or on her blog:

story of a child that came into his office after simply. He asks his patients, What part of the

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Page 4 | [email protected] | May 2011

Conway - A City With Old Time Charm

How lucky we the power was turned off was a little too Toadsuck Square with mom, dad and everything imaginable and I can still hear
Conway residents are “easy”. grandparents all crowded into the cab the foot traffic on its hard wood floors.
to have a new publi- (no double cabs then), and the back end All of the merchandise was piled into
cation that focuses It was a long time in coming before loaded with children of all ages (seat belts large wooden bins and digging to the
on the entertainment Conway finally got a shopping mall with were not a criteria). Knowing how to bottom of them was akin to having your
aspects of our ever the likes of Target and Kohl’s, and a parallel park along Oak Street was a must own treasure chest.
growing city. Having wonderful mall it is. But the shopping I unless you were fortunate enough to ease
grown up in Conway remember back in the 60's in down town into the easier parking on Front Street, and Without worry of your children
Andrea Worm Weatherford and being one of its Conway still pulls at my heart strings at you always kept an eye out for the meter misbehaving or shoplifting in their
many baby boomers I the mere thought. Shopping wasn’t some- reader. absence our parents could shop across
am amazed at the many opportunities we thing you did every day, even a few times the street at JC Penney’s or the Western
now have for shopping, dining, musical a week, but something done on Satur- First stop after parking for the afternoon Auto hardware store. The family shopping
events and much more. day and it was a family event. It wasn’t was Greeson’s drugstore which doubled spree was usually complete with a hefty
What a vast difference from the days uncommon to see an old pick up truck as a soda fountain. Complete with shiny haul of groceries from Simon’s grocery on
when Lucy and Desi were king and rambling through what is now the red vinyl and chrome bar stools that stood Front Street.
queen of the airways and fast food chains taller than me, and clear glass jars full
were non existent. Family entertainment of penny candy. Whatever business the A trip to “town” was enough entertain-
included watching the NBC peacock fan elders had was of no concern; deciding be- ment on a Saturday afternoon back in
its colorful plumage on your first colored tween a brown derby ice cream cone and a those days. But there were other times
tv. Now we have HD, surround sound, dig- milk shake, was. when we were lucky enough to see a
ital, huge screens and hundreds of chan- free movie, the Saturday matinee, at
nels to choose from. After given instructions on what time Conway’s only movie theater. Had we
As a youngster I would peer into the to meet back at the truck, our meager cashed in enough Coke bottles found in
back of the television in an effort to allowance jingling in our pockets, my the ditches we could spring for a nickel
find the people that were on the screen; siblings and I took off for the five and sucker the size of a tennis ball that lasted
sadly my knowledge of electronics hasn’t dime stores. Sterlings, on Front Street, throughout the whole movie.
improved much over the years. There may as well have been Macy’s, with
is nothing shameful however, in being the exception that there were plenty of Dining out was something that only
easily entertained. Perhaps being trinkets to purchase within our price range. grown-ups partook in unless it was your
mesmerized by the disappearance of the Sling shots, marbles and Pick Up Stix, or birthday. That dining experience usually
tiny white “dot” on the tv screen once my favorite, jewelry. Still in my posses- consisted of a trip to “The Mug” which
sion is a faux topaz ring that I proudly was a hamburger joint that only had a
Natural, Handmade Skincare Products purchased for 35 cents back when a penny window in which to place your order. It
was still worth picking up off the ground. boasted root beer floats served in a huge
pamper meltstore frozen mug and six hamburgers could be
yourself Benjamin Franklin’s on Oak Street had bought for a dollar. Did I mention being
easily entertained? My nine siblings and I
Text “MELT” could not have been happier.
to 90210 for store
updates & specials! Yes, Conway has grown by leaps
and bounds since then and our choic-
| 500 Amity Road, Suite 4, Conway | 501-548-0422 | M - F 9 to 5 & Sat. 11 - 4 | es of places to go for fun and food has
become just that, “choices”. [email protected]
Conway is geared to make you aware
of our ever growing choices and to help
guide you on “what to do and where it’s
@”. I feel certain about one thing, be it
1960 or 2011 the small town charm of
Conway is here to stay. Whether your an-
cestors landed here a century ago or you
just moved to town—may you revel in it.
Andrea Worm Weatherford is a Conway native and
revels in its small town charm, past and present.

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Conway Institute of Music [email protected] | May 2011 | Page 5

Between American Idol to Water Safety Tips
Glee to MTV Music Awards,
children are exposed to new, With summer the bottom.
upcoming musical idols every approaching fast, there 5. Don‘t rely on flotation devices to
day. The Conway Institute of are several things
Music has captured that fresh that parents should save your child in the water. Arm floaties,
passion for music by leading remember about water noodles, and other floating devices are made
students in discovering their safety and keeping your to have fun with, but are not going to help
own musical talents. kids safe in the heat. save their life.
Follow these tips to make
Whether it be strumming Mandy Robinson sure you have a safe and 6. Teach your child to swim with a buddy.
guitar chords, beating drums fun summer. Even if your child is big enough to swim on
or singing a solo, owner and 1. Take your kids to swim lessons. their own, it is nice to have someone helping
instructor Jim Skelton has Drowning can happen in less than two watch out for them in case of a problem.
developed a place where minutes. Make sure your kids know how to
musical training becomes an swim. This is a great way to have fun, but 7. Don‘t let your child run on wet cement.
experience. learn to be safe at the same time. Children They can easily fall and hurt themselves.
need to know the proper way to be safe in This is not allowed at pools or water parks.
“Everyone has a musical the water.
toolbox,” he said. “We are here 2. Don‘t forget your life jackets. If you 8. If your child can‘t swim, do not take
to fill that toolbox with tools take your kids out on a boat, they must have them to a part of the pool where they can not
that our students will use. Tools them on to be legal, but it is also a safety touch unless you are holding onto them. Even
to succeed, not just to be a nov- issue. Even the strongest swimmer will have with a life jacket, it is best to stay in an area
sisgiigjh3ppBeiwthehdcovgpvmitsfrtcfnhunnooioiukayvarueiria5iwarrgcreissoesrnasaooort,ncineoptostpehh,ttltOS“A“AM“neksdlhhvufrtppriltsrpdaitaatIIAIbremyietskuuhdbipancuafllynyn,uaMlbtsads,uateteamecade,te’if,dimutshhsrgpstero”nbeo”ssdtttltrtuyesieDtasiaewrsretoaiiiseuriub.roass.sodoianwatcalninJervuunWoohaueothtoelchnBlnWBreynnigtcpetoecgihtefmnerlnnaetmsoao.2oizsytofuaroiwthnhalnisiilehgi5ooeeabn2nmntonoohSehtiinagstrsehdifratnmud0sderttgpnaoonakasattweeesdyh,hyratcehs,0gdae.ivu1nndesrsiuaiieaedmmilseyeatyvan9uisGlet9nndnHuSPunsirade.tvyneniee.iahd9migohuioedrotkdokAteeeonReadcddeiesa1sr“nwesiniBanoxef.srrfucgnnecsl.riaIrseraulPfappssoacota.,sohesghstcifhToyfauaclnleoHrlanpvntrrhhfawheaaeesrotireahonirumgngoetondarscae.ufsreinll.daemmmluo,nelt”etwce.IhctuXeanfhottphtGinorsetwaseouasatnmst“eehoilhwC.oacUtavettiatkubaisgdIushihhcrsoiemlBrtfdcoeigociirgissCoboi,diocodeentlehndeaanlerhhnheieg.ibrAegteatisntekeiwtw,tArpoewouintaIoaanshtsitlthdaeiolitshssrir,pasdgghvtenlaotsmidtegneslbmhesuyaestsoeoti.tyoarmu,deeuetmoeooeesctylkonaewinbonbedadlaisflinaBdudsIttotutiiao.oyrdcuojchraaehnsknnwoegulsugherthesctatraAwateswe,umiebhhiirymeriysiIcctbCtntslasat.attnfsio,ocuihaeho”ohositetmsttntmtiofserabnunnutseaehtunn,lusokedtunltseyddnpdgrteSsiduya--alttvu,eeodlwtToekesofyuindpgnenooihnaelvutdocisDnooaderleyltbvasittnfswit,enraitsohitnl,ioAodnhith”esn,sneaheigMfgeieagvlarvcitenSlvdtyreebemMekukieapnahlobttotisrelnoahhgrheddoauueetoillindonceeeaesss-f----t,PauicSimpdfls5fnasgtimlnnanoratainhueteikoutsfsumhusvirdxeepeaotdmtdtTO“TS“fs.seldrttilliro.mIIiyeiistktuhhalIpccctonuo“rn,ipSnsetymeeDeetaemhnstIonutbehehlfemslnenpseaetieordaeeeesao’ssnvcivftnpmrgsueotrnoaioeihnoeemorsitenni“tcgpsicfnerrnnmnohdsoitcphcipsreRsaaatmoeeejeanhntgtfseinsnoeeot.heeefvtthnnsauectooeinesseilPyseasrnrioetw5neeorfogttrv“Sioeccasffsuarnfsie-tfrrsnprmvdnoophWkneoatiinatfkmcuuuytacgluemdeueottrrernrseolecmieaeSeehoohsommhanreeeudodnraCvdlntnanlewaiuebilafnvttimenbsse.Segrafaascslocoltmfm$metceenitnghasoeily6onnheuopbndhn“mn8ewrlrttaauffouisgsm0orcctmuayrl.Ioeaei0onosotcu”otcostreeuhculrntwrc’rchueedImmawawsgnisebyistichayaiclperstsnn”hapwgirrnaueesaarksleorceeitteeerdeaeiasaeettachee.drnrJra,eaidorn.husasmewbverdlapaacedsokrUssilCurtiedbJa,ocemsnnaaumcosieAneCepsradoaseapeohnoguiatgsprleenAtnwurmnuillsxotrons.iesnjetulpikndtlttaetdutgptdoatnros,g.wghsudas,gsvefmn”osnhie,elottaraiaaitcdeofnoFhtutsarsananreoesfmnttnylonwlefdtseyw.psaduenrlytohoodonntthpsstd,steactunhdsrhyfthSenihrrscttoIisteehl.atlotismieonenbhheeeetfl,poaanbcswbteuaosyugisweaeeeetcsiuaoyiymrEkraodtwnotrnrodndnscnlifeaoagiwraieaonrygttsrenecutosculeotclkiauohkntrcltcrfosgehlfarfbseuraayiimtteei,tothdborrinnptwkthiej.annsagdicdluslauimioenttaenbendssngdeneBthAigtsgowffegnotvhodnagedrtnuifgrotoueilfoenednlmeaoy.uitpni,mldrowdpn.tscmglvaugsdaireMBthp.ooseubrao.onsreopesbibinl,Jatitfsrwsutvtvtumt”aToThfaaauaaa,inseati.eipatteancyssAieernnnnnnhhlhhhcdxutcttrlit,,.ygfsiRoydddhdokeeee”ceae”ee”ss----r,,. problems in deep water or if they fall out of a where they have their feet on the ground.
boat. Put their safety first.
3. Always remember to put on sunscreen. 9. Teach your child not to joke around
Kids can burn really fast. Bad sunburn is about drowning. If they pretend something
painful and can ruin all of their fun. It is also is wrong, they can scare the lifeguards or
important to protect their skin. their parents. Let them know how serious
4. Wear water shoes in the lake or pond. it is and if they are really having problems
This will help protect their feet. You can run to do whatever they can to get someone‘s
into many rocks or broken pieces of glass on attention to help them.

10. Have fun! Remind your kids that even
though you have a lot of safety rules it is only
because you love them and to still have fun!
They can enjoy a great summer and be safe
at the same time.

When you grow up in a place where you are poor, you don’t rec- that had clean water. My pay was one cent a week. She had these two
DEVON ognize you are poor because you think that the whole world is that. German Sheppard’s, and every Wednesday, she would give me three
EVANS Trench Town, where I grew up, is a land fill. It’s worse than anyone tins of dog food to give them. I would take a tin cutter, and empty the
can imagine. It’s where they dump the debris, garbage, dead carcass- meat and gravy from the cans into the dog bowls.
es, things like that. So, I grew up amongst vultures, maggots, lice, Well, one day, I was hungry so when I shook the food out, I left
and the stench is something no one can ever understand. There was a little bit in the bottom of the cans. I took the leftover and dipped
one pipe in an area almost as big as Conway. One pipe. Out of that my bread into the can and ate it. Another Jamaican lady saw me, her
pipe came brown water. That’s where we got our water. There were maid actually, and told Mrs. Wentworth, who called the police. They
mosquitoes, worms, scorpions, leeches, things like that. There was a arrested me. I went to court. I was maybe nine or ten at the time. Court
time in my life when I would take coconut skin and scrape leeches there is not like court here. The judge tells you that you are guilty. He
off of my body. doesn’t ask you what happened. I got a year and six months in prison,
I remember one night we had nowhere to go. It was cold and rain- and thirteen lashes with a cat of nine tail.
ing. So there was this dog, wild dog, crazy dog, a mongrel sleeping. I Those days were British days. They put me in the square, tied me
took a stone and hit him. I found a ditch to lay down and covered my- up, and publicly beat me to set an example. They sent me to prison.
self with him. Fleas were all over my body and I didn’t mind. That is Now prison is not like here, it’s a dungeon. It’s dark, damp, a little pan
the condition of where we lived. You think that the entire world is like to defecate in, and you get a little piece of bread with water one time
that until you cross this imaginary street over into civilization. We had a day. No lights, no bunk, just a damned stench.
Spanish Stone Road, the cemetery, the rail line, then Trench Town. If One night I climbed up and I peeked through the rails and saw
you crossed over into the area where people wore clothes and shoes a sliver of the moon. In the song Conflict, the first verse where you
and the police caught you, it was automatically five years in prison. hear ‘No light will shine on my day today, I’m in the dungeon. The
I remember as a child the first time I saw shoes. I remember that high yellow moon won’t come out to play. Darkness covered my light
A Revelation Revolution! like it happened two seconds ago. The first time I saw a pair of shoes. cause in the day time down there is dark and damp, and my day has
By Dewitt Black It was the strangest thing not knowing it was shoes. This person had turned into night. Where is the love?’ I spent a year and six months
this things on their feet, and it made sound. down there. When I came out I swore on my ancestors graves that I
I looked at them and I was fascinated by it, but I didn’t know would never, ever, ever, EVER, go back to that place.”
what it meant. We were primitive people in an inhabited island. We DB: “Let me ask you this, spirituality and music, some would ar-
were the forgotten. People from that era, were forgotten. There were gue that it’s a duality and others a singularity. What are your personal
no shops, no toilet, no brushing of teeth, no washing of the hands, no beliefs on this?”
nothing. When we were orphans, we were like a pack of wild animals. DE: “It’s one. Religion is man-made. We come from a sacred
So it is what it is, and that is what made us who we are. The poverty place. Our ancestors play a great part in our lives. Before the British
line is say, here, and we come from down here, so when we reach the came, and the Spaniards, the prayer that we grew up on handed down
Devon Evans, original member of Bob Marley & The Wailers, graced Conway with an appearance at the poverty line we still had a ways to go. That was our struggle.” from our ancient grandfathers goes like this;
first annual Jazz Cuisine Festival as an honorary guest for Carl Mouton. The concert was held at the Agora DB: “There are books, countless websites, even a so called of- ‘Oh Father, Oh Universe, guide us. Let the age be protected, the
CenterandwasaWPWproduction.WPWisalocalcompanyownedbyPrestonWelbornspecializinginevent ficial documentary film all claiming to have the true story about Bob hunger be fed, the naked be clothed, and those who are weak, be
management, venues, and concert promotion. The event was semi-formal featuring live music and food provided by Marley and the Wailers. Let’s set the record straight once and for all. strong. Oh Father protect us.’
Mike’s Place, O’Henrys, Something’s Brewing, Michelangelo’s, Oak Street Bistro, and Patty Cakes. How accurate are these publications?” You see it is all one. You hear all kinds of things, but, if you don’t
DE: “Monkey business! Monkey business in the fact that, like have your ancestors who are the richness of your life, who gives you
Mr. Evans was nice enough to take time from his hectic schedule to sit at the Faulkner County library for an everything else, all that is written is watered down. They are all just the compass so that you can go forth and stretch forth your hands.
interview, pausing only to autograph a backpack for Ava Viktora (4) also in attendance. stories. Nobody ever came to us.” Become a source for the next person even when you have nothing.
DB: “So this wasn’t a firsthand account by any means then?” I told you a couple days ago, ‘He climbs the highest who helps
DE: “Nah, It’s all pick and go as we call it. When you live in a another up.’
you would say. There is a thing called island time which is basically, place where you have to fight to survive and everything is all com- It is not about black or white. It is about preserving that area which
DB: “I would like to know a little bit about your childhood it will happen when it happens. Unfortunately now, in this new mil- ing at you at once, it’s hard to put that into words. I tell most people is the earth and the moon and the stars and all things around us that
growing up in Jamaica.” lennium, the rest of the world, America in particular, has infiltrated “Don’t divert from picture NASCAR. You see a we take for granted. The bread of
its influence in the islands. So you will now go to certain parts of the life is all energy. It’s living mat-
DE: “My childhood was touch and go. I was born in the slums island and see American influence everywhere. Kids now all wear bunch of cars going around in a ter which makes us. We need to
of Kingston to parents Inna and Alfonso. My mother died one hour their pants hanging down, you know how it is. Kids don’t understand circle. I am in a mini Cooper in
after I was born and my father was taken away like most of the men to their heritage, their culture, the influence of family, and each person The greatest things come froma full NASCAR race. Everything pay honor and homage and ev-
build the railroad and the Panama Canal . This is what I was told. That living for one another. Most of them want to run away and come to erything else will fall into place.”
was a time before world war two had ended. Most the kids whose this great America. They think it is the land where milk and honey is coming at you at full speed.
fathers were sent away ended up as orphans. I was one of those. I flows…and…it’s not that.” You have to dodge and weave the heart.” DB: “You are a pioneer of a
am an orphan.” without getting hit. Without get- genre of music and a movement
DB: “Now, before Bob Marley and the Wailers, there was the ting caught up. Now that’s the which swept the entire world.
DB: “You are a father. In fact, you are a grandfather.” Wailing Wailers?” life we lived. It made us strong. It made us become the voice of those I am wondering, as far as passing the torch to this new generation
DE: “Yeah.” who cannot speak. You see, people still have it that the Wailers were a of people within this genre that’s been created, what do you want to
DB: “Tell me about your children and grandchildren.” DE: “Nah.” band. There was no band. Music was just a tool we used to speak for impart to them?”
DE “My children are very interesting. I have a daughter who is a DB: “No?” the people. We were revolutionaries.” DE: Simple. Just live. It’s one love, and live. My life has no
brain specialist. She’s in Darfur for Doctors Without Borders. I have DE: We were originally called The Hippie Boys, then we became DB: “A movement?” meaning if I can’t do something honorable for someone. People think
a son who works with NASA. He just took his family to Costa Rica The Upsetters, then the Soulettes. Finally we became The Wailing DE: “Yeah. Well, here is a story. I was working for an English we come here for a reason. Nope. Most people think that we come
to build houses for families and orphans. My youngest daughter is a Wailers. The tabloids created the whole Bob Marley and the Wailers. lady named Mrs. Wentworth. British days. I was her yard boy. I had here and must choose a path in life to become something grand. Life
language specialist for the United Nations. My two eldest grandsons We started out though as The Hippie Boys. It was the late 1950’s early half a machete, and had on something that looked like pants, but it creates the path for us. If we give homage, ride the tides and don’t
attend university in Spain. My youngest grandchild is an architect.” 60’s when we were listening to the voice of America. It was more wasn’t pants. It was just some old fabric all torn and tattered. It has fight what is, everything will come into fruition.
DB: “Coming from Jamaica, how would you describe island men- harmonies, high top hair dressing, tight clothes, and shiny shoes.” held together by a bit of string and attached was a sack cloth to keep a I’ve been raped, I’ve been thrown away to die, I was told nothing
tality as opposed to that of say state side United States?” DB: What would you say was the biggest influence on you guys ration of bread in. I would walk every morning and clean up her yard. good would ever become of me. The Catholics did a whole number
DE: I will answer that in two parts. One, the islands are different to start doing things the way you did?” Like I said, a yard boy. I wasn’t allowed to go in the house. I wasn’t on us, the British came and they did a number on us. Everything that
from the rest of the world. Island people are very family oriented. DE: “The biggest influence I would have to say, was poverty. allowed to sit on her steps. I wasn’t allowed to drink from the pipe has happened in my life as an individual, both bad and good, makes
Very proud people. Very grounded people. We are not into time as

food. experience. c

business. social. events. weddin

me who I am. If there was one who was to be racist, I would have the green you will still be dirty. Do you know why? Because we came from King David. He wrote the Psalms. I want to break down the twenty someone yelled out, ‘Hey Bishop!’The four of them turned around,
light to be racist. But, you see, in my latter days, I understand things more. dirt. We are just dirt that has come together. Back to dirt, we will go. third Psalm for you. He said the Lord, (which is the universe), is and I saw that. With my wicked , mischievous, self I thought what
Simplicity teaches understanding. Understanding creates knowledge. The spirit has two choices. You can kill it, or it can live. The trees his Sheppard. He shall not want. (The universe, which is his lord), if it were God who were to come down and address them? Do you
Knowledge enforces wisdom. are spirits. The clouds are spirits. It is not about a big I and a small makes him lie down in green pastures, (the Earth.) think it would be Bishop then? Do you think it would be Robert or
When you reach wisdom, the work has just begun. When wisdom you, I am just Devon. I’m not a prophet, I’m not a priest, I’m not a Charles? He would say Son. Children. Ye are my children. We never
comes to you, something you can’t be taught at any university, when it shaman, I’m just Devon. What is given to me, it is my duty to return Now think back to those times. No cars, no street lights. So you grow old. The elder whom I grew up with in the mountains still
comes to you, your work just begins. With this wisdom, now you have it. Send me forth into the world to give it, for when I return I place can imagine when he lay down in the darkness and looked up into lives there, and we are still trying to figure out how old she is, and
to go forth and find others. Bring them in. You can’t just sit back and be it to rest. The old grandfather, and the sea, which is Mama, tells me; the heavens what he saw. The mystery of the universe was displayed I’m sixty seven. At nineteen she was my elder and she is still living.
like, ‘Great, now I have wisdom!’ and keep it to yourself. Your work just ‘Go with the scroll and give its work.’ What you do with it is your unto him and there was no reflection from earth. No man made light. When she called she’d say come here child. To her I am a child.”
begins. I have survived cancer, an business. I am just here to give So the glory and majestic of the universe was open above him. He
it. I am not here to point fingers leads my soul, the universe. A sheep is the only living animal in DB: “How do you view your current station in life? Where does
“My life has no meaning if Iassassination attempt, I went into ex- the universe that will not drink from waters that are disturbed. If Devon Evans see himself at this point in his life?”
ile, I went into prison for something or to judge. I am just here to do the water is shaking, the sheep don’t drink. The sheep drinks only
what I have to do, hoping that from still water. Today’s society, and in America especially, we have DE: “In preparation. Preparing myself. The vessel. The vessel
can’t do something honorablesimpleasdogmeat,butyetstill,every many sheep that want to just sit back and wait for someone to tell full of contents must empty itself out. When it is all finished, then I
day as I go forth in my life, I stop to for someone.” others will embrace and give. It them when to move. The television guides those sheep, and people will put this vessel to rest. So you see, this vessel is in the process
listen. I stop to give a hug. People ask is a vicious cycle.” give their souls to that. So you have the TV says, and Oprah says, of emptying itself so I can go and rest. This vessel has almost done
me how I find time to do these things. DB: “A lot of people who and Maury Povich says, and CNN says, so people stop thinking and its work. The old axe which has chopped much wood eventually
My answer is that there is no time. It just is. The sun rises in the east, then have heard your music hear you speak of Babylon. There are vari- we become sheep for a system. becomes a door stop. When this is complete, this vessel will go and
sets in the west. The hardest thing for the universe is the conviction of the ous interpretations. What is the meaning?” join the other vessels. There is nothing new under the face of the
mind. If we can ever stop to embrace what is through music and art, which DE: “Babylon is anyone who oppresses. Oil and water don’t There is a simple solution. All we need to do is bring it back to sun. You can talk to some elders and they can tell you some things.
is natural, be our brothers and sisters keeper, bring it back to simplicity mix. If I come into your back yard, and you have a chair and a table simplicity where we all gather seated and share a meal. Have the
, we would have no war. We would have no destruction. None of those and a plant, and I take a machete and chop up your plant and burn fires burning and tell stories to the children. Sing to the children. There is nothing new. The generation that is coming, we have
types of things. We are our greatest enemy. We chose for everything to be you chair, then give you a book and tell you this is what you have Teach the children what is right. Where every male friend you have the obligation to really enforce some things. This generation that
outside of ourselves.” to do, then I am Babylon. Babylon is a system that robs you of your is that child’s uncle. Where every female friend you have is that is coming, is coming to judge. They come out of the womb with
DB: “At a time when it seemed like man may have been on the verge own parents.” child’s auntie. If they become my age then its grandma and grandpa. knowledge. What takes you ten years to learn, the kids are born
of achieving something, at least similar to what you have been describing, DB: “You are most noted for your contributions to music. You When I was growing up with every male that passed came; ’Morn- knowing. You had better believe it. They are coming to judge us.
the Woodstock experience occurred. In America, at least, it seemed like have a PhD in Musicology. You are a multi-faceted person. You’ve ing uncle.’ and with every female; ‘Morning auntie.’ We need to The few who think they know everything. Those that control the
people wanted to get back to something they had lost. They may not have done some work in film as well. Tell me a little about that. bring that back. We need to hold our children and tell them consis- masses, well, they better watch out. These kids are going to teach
even known what that something was, but the feeling of the emptiness, and DE: I was in Club Paradise and Clara’s Heart. I was in one tently that we love them. us some stuff. This is a new dance and a new song. There is a new
the loss and lacking was there and recognized. You were at the Woodstock recently filmed here in Arkansas named Voodoo Cowboy. There Jerusalem and it’s right here in the heart. These kids aren’t going to
show. How would you describe the vibe, and the people, for those of a is a man named The bottom line is that we need to listen and have a dialogue take the mess. We destroy so many things. These kids aren’t having
generation that I come from who didn’t live it and can’t fully understand?” Geronimo Pratt I with each other. it. They aren’t having it. This is why you are having uprisings in the
DE: “Well how do you describe infinity? You cannot. You had to be was involved with. When we come middle east and tsunamis. There is no coincidence.
there. If you open yourself like in the song Natural Mystic and know the I am also an activ- back to that, then
lyrics you can understand. ‘There’s a natural mystic flowing through the ist. I did stuff in the universe might Let me make one more point. If you think we are the only living
air. If you listen‘, hear the key words here, ‘carefully you can hear.’That’s Brussels with some be forgiving to us beings in this universe, think again. We think we are superior. No.
the key words. Listen carefully. ‘This could be the be the first trumpet, independent film and spare us. Don’t Photography by Karen Hall We are the dumbest fools around. There are guys up there right now
might as well be the last.’See, without pausing, this could be the first trum- makers who freed for a moment think telling some other guys, when you go past Earth, go right. Don’t stop
pet might as well be the last. ‘Many more will have to suffer. Many more the people from the that this earth is there. Those people are some idiots. The basic thing is, and this goes
will have to die. Don’t ask me why. Things and times are not the way they oppression of the going to be extin- for everyone, when you wake up in the morning and see your partner
used to be. I won’t tell no lie.’ coal mine work. guished. The earth and your child, tell them you love them. Before you go to sleep, kiss
This was written and recorded in 1959. It is now 2011. Now repeat the There are things is going to be the your child, kiss your wife, kiss your daughter, and remind them that
same words. Things are not the way they used to be. People are asking the I have done that I earth and replenish you love them. When you sit to share a meal, do it with reverence.
question and there is no answer. You see what I’m saying? It’s reality now. have forgot. If you herself. We are the When you remove everything else, all we have is each other.
In a song that’s not released, don’t kill the lion he has a right to live. Don’t see the fault you ones who are going
kill the lion. Because boys, young men, are dying for a thing they don’t mend it. to be extinguished. Don’t divert from simplicity. The greatest things come from the
know anything about. A thing called war. Until the philosophy that holds The first rule in this life is to let your ears hear what your mouth We are our own heart. Understand that if you hold hands and walk down the road
one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently disbanded says from the heart. You could call it the trinity. You could call it The with your wife or husband, imagine one person. Simplicity. Hold
were going to have war. The thing that hurts me today, is bringing children Father, Son and Holy Ghost. If you aren’t speaking from your heart worst enemy. We’ve stopped dancing. We’ve stopped singing. You your partner and dance without putting on any music. Dance to the
into something they have no right to come into, our mess. The key is in and can hear it as truth, then don’t say anything at all. If you give stop doing that and you stop living. There are many folks walking rhythm of your hearts. Two hearts beating as one. that’s the best
their hands. A song was written; There won’t be no sunshine. No more someone something, or do something for someone, do it and move around doing twenty five to life imprisoned in their own minds. music. Sit and gaze at the moon. You’ll learn some things. Wake up
flowers will grow. There will be no grass for our children to play on. The on. Don’t keep it in a journal. I have done stuff in my life where I Just doing time. Incarcerated. When people start to grunt at one early one morning and drive two or three hours to sit in a field and
trees will not be there. No rain will fall. No rivers will flow.’ had to go into my own pocket and pay lawyers so that no one can another and not greet one another, something is going wrong. Be watch the sun rise. You’ll learn some things. Turn off your TV and
It is happening now. It happened before at Three Mile Island. It’s hap- write about it ever in life. I have foundations that I have made, I have free. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but yourself watch the sunset. Look up into the sky at night. Bring it back. But
pening today in Japan. God forbid, it happens here. That was written in schools that I have built that cannot be written about because it’s not can free your mind. Have no fear from atomic energy cause none most importantly, walk your walk, and let your legacy be what you
1958. So you see there is work to be done through music and art. for me to be a braggart. can stop the times. So you see everything that will be, will come to leave. Not money. It’s only a machine that makes money. Legacy is
For me, I don’t know how long I have here. I battle with cancer. I had I have delivered seventeen children in my life that aren’t my pass. That is why we have to die.” the life you have led, and the lives you have touched.
a major stroke. The only way I will die is if my legacy is not fulfilled. I children but are my children. I have three actual children but some-
will never die. Let me teach you something. We are born twice and we die thing more like seventeen. It’s not written about. It’s something you DB: “You have a strong affinity for children and you have been My reward is not of man. As long as God loves you, you love
twice. The child world for nine months is in the tummy. You eat, sleep, do and move on.” very active in the lives of children. I understand that you have some you, you can be anybody. You just have to understand, the tree that
breath, and play there. You hear them talk about follow that white light. DB: “My earliest recollections are of you on the television show children’s books in the works at the moment. Without revealing to has its roots deep in the earth, shall stand majestic. Be that tree.
The child goes to that light and follows it. That is death. Picture a bag. Sesame Street. For a lot of Americans that was a big part of our lives much of a work in progress, what would you say is the fundamental Don’t be a dry tree. Be rooted. So that those who come behind you
This is the outside of the bag, and you put in your hands and turn it inside growing up. What was that like for you?” message behind what you are trying to impart to the children?” can pick and taste the fruits of your labor. Your wisdom. Your integ-
out, so that you don’t see the outside. The transition from the visible to the DE: “Well, the thing is, the scrolls, which are now called the rity. Sit with your children and eat a meal. Sing a song and dance.
invisible. We don’t die. If you wash your body 245 times a day in a tub Bible, says one of the greatest writers of all time is a man called DE: “Well, children need guidance. Again the scroll says, ‘Suf- Let the kids see you dance with mommy. Dance with the child on
fer not the little children.’ See, we twist things and we turn it. You your feet. Roll in the mud with the child. Skip, jump rope, play in
can’t hide the truth man. I was in Washington D.C. a couple years the water. That is legacy. That is the PhD. That is the palace. That
ago and there was a conference of American churches. Four bishops is what nobody can take from you. Do that and you’ll never die.
were walking down the corridor in the hotel where I was staying and Simple.”

cater. Make your reservations
to celebrate graduation
ng. holiday.
at the Bistro.

Mon-Thurs 11-8 & Fri-Sat 11-9
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Sunday, May 8, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Brunch buffet and Live Music
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Page 8 | [email protected] | May 2011 Movie Review - Limitless



Limitless: What would you do with 100 % of parents who brought that poor kid to see this film!
your Brain? Scientifically, there is a lot that’s not
|E-COMMERCE| |BLOGS| It’s discouraging trying to write an article about quite on the ball. It’s a science fiction mov-
a movie where a writer, stumped at writing, sud- ie, but there’s much more fiction than
denly becomes brilliantly insightful and knows, science. I made C’s and B’s in
as he put it, “everything about everything” be- general education physical sci-
|PHOTO ENHANCEMENT| |GRAPHIC DESIGN| cause of special pills. I don’t have special pills, ence and biology, but I’m sure actual

and I never will (this is probably because they scientists would scoff and poke many a hole
don‘t exist…), but if I imagine my brain whirring in the idea of a pill that could make any-
at high speeds like a super computer, with the let- one that smart. The side effects of the pills
THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MARKETING! ters pouring from the ceiling through my fingers in the movie were horrible: “nobody can
to the keyboard, my chugging little head will try operate at that level of mental
|Conway, AR | 870.355.3784 |Email: [email protected]| its best. activity and not crash.” Fortunately, it
What does my channeled spirit of su- had a happy ending for our protagonist
per genius inspire me to say about the (we do like a nice happy ending, don’t
movie Limitless? This movie was Awe- we?)
some! Hmm, that wasn’t as eloquent as There are a few issues I had with the
I would have liked, but it’s what I feel plot. He finds the big stock of genius
MHoathpeprsfydromay in my heart and soul, so that is what I pills in the recently-murdered drug
give you! dealer’s apartment, and stuffs them and
After I saw Fear and Loathing in Las the wad of cash he finds along with
Vegas for the first time, I felt them in his back pocket, but when the
as if I had actually taken hal- Audrey Manning police come, why don’t they search

lucinogens myself, and curled him? He took a long time to come
up in the fetal position for a while. Well, to the door and was looking very suspicious.
somethingsimilarhappenedafterseeingLimitless: I guess he had to get away with it to move the
I felt as if I had vicariously become a genius, too. It plot along, but still, it was just too easy. Also, he
seeped from my pores. I stared at the parking lot, at borrows a huge amount of money from a Russian
the streets, at the cars driving by, at my apartment, gangster type, and starts making millions on
at the books stacked on my desk, and thought, “I Wall Street quickly, but of course he forgets
know things. I want to remember them. I want to to pay the thug back right away, so there’s a
remember everything I’ve ever known. Hey, I just cliché angry Russian chasing him throughout the
remembered something. And something else!” movie, nearly killing him. For being so smart, he
Sadly, it faded. I reverted into stupid- sure does forget to take care of some really simple
dom. Or averge-dom. Or just normal things.
semi-smart-dom. Professional movie reviewers haven’t thought
Objectively, this movie is visually stunning.The too much of this movie. They give it mediocre rat-
camera angles reflect what’s going on in the mind, ings, and sadly, Limitless will probably fade away
as the ideas connect, the synapses come alive. We in a few years, stuffed in the vaults with other B-
see his second self, his chemically-induced dop- minus movies.
pelganger, his clarity, his BRAIN loading. Yes! For me, though, this movie is inspiring. I
Brilliance in progress! The action scenes aren’t listen to the song “Howlin’ For You” by The
particularly impressive compared to everything Black Keys on my iPod--the upbeat soul-
else going on with special effects and stuntmen ful song that plays during the rising action
nowadays, although there is one scene involving point of the movie and at the ironically trium-
a little girl’s ice skates being used as a weapon… phant end--and think, “today I can do some
with the little girl still in them. Shocking but so things,” and I probably walk with an unintended
ridiculous I laughed. The climax of the movie in- Limitless-inspired strut. I know I am
volves an oddly but not overly shocking gory act dreadfully limited, but I like to make-believe I’m
of desperation. seeing and remembering everything, even just
I need not emphasize that this is not a kid- for a second of the day. I can be a little bit smart.
friendly movie. I did, however, see a child who Watch this movie, and see if you don’t feel the
couldn’t have been more than seven years old in sAaumderewyaMya. nning is a Creative Writing Major at UCA.
the theater, and I sprinkle pellets of shame on the

Restaurant Review - Wimpy’s [email protected] | May 2011 | Page 9

Walking in to Conway is such a great town, Cliff Starstruck Video
the new diner on said. The town has really embraced us. We are thveidLeAoSstTorinedinepCeonndweanyt!ly owned
Skyline Drive, by ... There are several places in town to get
the new movie an a great upscale cheeseburger, and we G E T 1 F R E E oldertitlemovie
theater, immediately re proud to be one of those high-quality rental when you
the friendly atmo- places. mention this ad!
sphere of Wimpy’s 713 Oak St. | Conway AR | 501-327-6253
Burger and Fries, the The drive-thru doesn t function as such, [email protected]
huge array of choic- since everything is cooked to order, mak-
es and the heavenly ing the line a little too long. It, instead, is CONWAYMMA
Rachel McAdams sweet potato fries, the pick-up window for to-go orders.

make one’s stomach ready for the meal It isn t fast food, but it isn t slow food
of a lifetime. either, one patron said. Someone could
Theburgers,madefreshtoorderandnever come here and do their homework after
frozen, come with 16 choices of toppings. school with a milkshake and a burger. It
Being a traditional kind of girl, I had The has fast wi-fi and the atmosphere is just
Wimpy Burger, with lettuce, tomatoes, great for that.
pickles, cheddar cheese and mayo. The
buns, toasted to perfection, and the meat, With T-shirts for sale, the customer loy-
seasoned perfectly, made the meal both alty to Wimpy s is already seen on Face-
filling and scrumptious. To top it off, at book, with patrons posting pics of them
a friend s urging, I tried the sweet potato wearing their Wimpy’s shirt.
fries with the infamous praline sauce and
realized there was something that had We are just loving it, Mehler said.
been missing in my life for years. I could Also in the business of supporting good
live off these fries! I prefer them with a causes, Wimpy’s, through Twitter, met
sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, though. The Little Rock hero, Aaron Reddin,
praline sauce is good, but a tad too sweet. who has been featured in Arkansas
Another friend told me to try the rasp- Sync and the Dr. Phil tv show, and has
berry shake, saying it was delicious, been actively involved in helping him
but again, my traditionalism won out keep The Van running, allowing him to
and I, instead, had the best chocolate continue his ministry to the homeless in
shake I ve had in a while. It was just Little Rock.
thick enough, with all the chocolaty Wimpy’s has taken over Con-
goodness you expect from a good shake, way by storm and is a much appre-
but still able to be taken out with a straw; ciated addition to the great city and
no spoon required. just widens and compliments the
Perfect for a family movie night, its close already huge array of diners and restau-
proximity to the movie theater, fast service rants Conway residents have come to en-
and low prices, make it a wonderful stop joy.
before heading in to your favorite flick, Check out Wimpy’s online at
or a meeting place after to talk about it, on Twitter @
over a hot dog or cheeseburger. WimpysConway, on Facebook or by
Co-owners Fred and Cliff Mehler are phone at (501)-205-1525.
brothers that after 25 years as contrac- Wimpy’s is open daily 11 a.m.-9 p.m.,
tors building restaurants, decided to not except on Fridays and Saturdays, when it
just build one, but operate it as well. The stays open through 10 p.m.
first Wimpy’s is in Southaven, Miss., and They are located at 201 Skyline Drive,
when their sister, Sharon, who lives here in front of Office Depot and next to
with her husband, told them of the old El Acapulco.
Hardee’s building for sale, they jumped Rachel McAdams is a budding writer and
at the opportunity. photographer studying journalism and art at
the University of Central Arkansas. Keep up
with her on Twitter @gubeltrut or on her blog:

Off the Beat n’ Track - Sarah Vowell ON THE SCENE

With summer sister, Amy, and her nephew, Owen, and SOMETHING FOR FERRIS WHEEL
quickly approaching, people she encounters in her travels. EVERYONE IN FULL SWING!
I know that I will
be spending more Sarah finds a way to make history Toad Suck Daze Conway Residents
time inside trying to edutainment. This isn t just for history buffs; hosts a massive turnout enjoy a ride on the
escape that Arkansas Sarah Vowell brings history to the masses. Ferris Wheel and some
heat. With so much for patrons and good old fashioned
time, I ll have my nose Will McClain hails from the small town of vendors alike.
Will McClain in a book, no doubt. Mena, AR. He is a Creative Writing major at carnival food at
If you’re looking for something to read UCA. He spends his time alternating between [email protected] Toad Suck Daze.
this summer, look no farther. Sarah Vowell reading, writing, watching movies, and AT TOADSUCK
is a history writer with a humorous style. generally keeping life interesting. BIG DOG MOWERS
She has a clever wit and engaging voice. Will McCain, CHECKS IN AT
She makes history fun. (That’s right, I Taylor Gladwin TOAD SUCK!
actually used the words history and fun in & Joel Ludford Working
the same sentence.) the Revel Booth FM 94.1 Rocks the
Her books include Radio On (a journal of a “Stuck on a Truck”
year Vowell spent listening to the radio), The TOADSUCK DAZE booth Toad Suck Daze.
Partly Cloudy Patriot and Take the Canoli
(two collections of essays), Assassination Aidan and Jeffrey
Vacation (about the first three presidential Enjoying the Festivities!
assassinations), The Wordy Shipmates
(about the Puritans), and her most recent,
Unfamiliar Fishes, which is a history
of Hawaii from before annexation to now.
Sarah even uses pop culture
references and analogies to make sense
of the history. If you get a chance to
listen to her voice, you may recog-
nize her as the voice of Violet from The
Incredibles. Sarah’s writing also includes
anecdotes of her trips to historical sites and
gathering research. Some of the best parts
of her books are her exchanges with her twin

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EYE ON CONWAY [email protected] | May 2011 | Page 11

Pre-School Story Time Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Cinco De Mayo Faulkner Co. Library Battle of the Bands UCA Spring Commencement @ Farris Center
Hosting or Library 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am Library 10:00am, 10:30am &11:00am Fiesta For A Cause Conway Country 2011 Registration Deadline CBC Graduation
participating in Yarn-A-Holics- Faulkner County Woohoo!Wednesdays Downtown Club 6pm Teen Readers Club Faulkner Co. Library 4pm Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Library
Library 5:30-7pm Fun Fridays Downtown Conway 5pm-7pm
an event you Conway 5pm-9pm La Huerta Mexican Restaurant JustTry It! Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke 10:00am & 11:00am
would like Frank Jones Storytelling Faulkner Co. JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Matt King 6:30pm Karaoke 6pm-10pm Bears Softball vs. Sam Houston State Farris
Library 7pm Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke 8pm-Close
to see here? ThirstyThursdays Downtown Conway Bears Den Pizza JustTry It! Karaoke Field 11am
Asian-American Pacific poetry reading 8pm-Close 5pm-7pm Real Housewives of Faulkner County
3 4 5 6 7Submitthemto: Faulkner Co. Library 7pm TGI Fridays Karaoke 7:30pm 9pm-2am Fundraiser with Adlan Cruz performing @
Michael Carenbauer Classical Guitar CentennialValley Country Club JustTry It!
[email protected] Yoga-Free-Faulkner County Library Faulkner Co. Library 7pm Agora Center 6pm
7pm Karaoke 8pm-12am Festival ofWinds High School Honor Band
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Some Guy Named JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ MayDay By Midnight
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Justin Brooks Robb 8:30pm Hendrix Staples Auditorium 7:30pm
6:30pm 8:30pm JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Shot Gun Billys
Gusano’s Graduation Party w/ Johnny Mule
&The UHaulers 9:30

Mothers Day!!!! Mother Goose on the Loose Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. ThirstyThursdays Downtown Conway Teen Readers Club Faulkner Co. Library 4pm Hendrix Commencement
Bears Softball vs. Sam Houston State Library 10am Library 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am Library 10:00am, 10:30am &11:00am 5pm-7pm Fun Fridays Downtown Conway 5pm-7pm Master Gardeners Annual Plant Sale
Yarn-A-Holics- Faulkner County Library Woohoo!Wednesdays Downtown Taste of Home Cooking School Reynolds Bears Baseball vs. Sam Houston State Bear Antioch Baptist Church 7am
Farris Field 12pm ToddlerTime Faulkner Co. Library 5:30-7pm Conway 5pm-9pm Performance Hall 6pm Stadium 6pm Conway Parks & Rec.T-Ball games
Historic Homes of Conway Community 10:30am Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke
Art Competitive Exhibit Baum Gallery starting 8:30am
Sign Language Class-Faulkner County 8pm-Close Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co.
1-3pm Library 6pm Bears Den Pizza JustTry It! Karaoke
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s“Side By Library 10:00am & 11:00am
Free Qi-Gong Exercise Class- Faulkner 9pm-2am Bears Baseball vs. Sam Houston State
8 9 10 11 12 13 14Side”[email protected] County Library 7pm CentennialValley Country Club JustTry It!
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Larry Lee Cheshier JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Mr. Lucky 6:30pm La Huerta Mexican Restaurant JustTry It! Bear Stadium 4pm
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Ben Coulter 6:30pm Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke Karaoke 6pm-10pm Karaoke 8pm-12am Silver Moon CinemaTable at Luigi’s”@
6:30pm Yoga-Free-Faulkner County Library 7pm 8pm-Close Danny Santos:Texas singer/songwriter JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Shot Gun Billys
TGI Fridays Karaoke 7:30pm concert @ Faulkner Co. Library 7pm Downtown Conway @ Dusk
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Brian Ramsay JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Keith Nicholson
Gusano’s Live Music w/ Katmando 9:30pm

Bears Baseball vs. Sam Houston State Mother Goose on the Loose Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. ThirstyThursdays Downtown Conway Teen Readers Club Faulkner Co. Library Conway Farmers Market Downtown
Bear Stadium 1pm Library 10am Library 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am Library 10:00am, 10:30am &11:00am 5pm-7pm 4pm Conway 7am-1pm
Fun Fridays Downtown Conway 5pm-7pm
Downtown Concert in Simon Park with

Conway Community Band 7pm
Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke

Bears Den Pizza JustTry It! Karaoke
ToddlerTime Faulkner Co. Library Yarn-A-Holics- Faulkner County Library Woohoo!Wednesdays Downtown La Huerta Mexican Restaurant JustTry It! Conway Parks & Rec.T-Ball games
10:30am 5:30-7pm Conway 5pm-9pm Karaoke 6pm-10pm starting 8:30am

Sign Language Class-Faulkner County JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ MayDay By JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Kirk Anderton Funk Fusion Spring Recital @ Hendrix Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner
Library 6pm Midnight 6:30pm 6:30pm 7pm Co. Library 10:00am & 11:00am
CivilWar Remembrance @ Faulkner Co.
Free Qi-Gong Exercise Class- Faulkner Documentary & Discussion:”Welcome to Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Mr. Lucky 8:30pm
County Library 7pm

JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ SamWilliams

Shelbyville”@ Faulkner Co. Library 6pm 8pm-Close 9pm-2am Library starts at 12pm
Yoga-Free-Faulkner County Library 7pm TGI Fridays Karaoke 7:30pm CentennialValley Country Club JustTry It! G & S Gun Show Faulkner Co Fairgrounds
Karaoke 8pm-12am 9am-5pm
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Chooch 8:30pm JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ JamieWolfe

Gusano’s Live MusicTBA 9:30pm 8:30pm

G & S Gun Show Faulkner Co Fairgrounds Mother Goose on the Loose Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co. Conway Farmers Market Downtown Teen Readers Club Faulkner Co. Library Conway Farmers Market Downtown
9am-4pm Library 10am Library 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am Library 10:00am, 10:30am &11:00am Conway 7am-1pm 4pm Conway 7am-1pm
Fun Fridays Downtown Conway

Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke

Bears Den Pizza JustTry It! Karaoke
222324252627286:30pm ToddlerTime Faulkner Co. Library Conway Farmers Market Downtown Woohoo!Wednesdays Downtown ThirstyThursdays Downtown Conway Antique Alley Antique Show Faulkner Co.
10:30am Conway 7am-1pm Conway 5pm-9pm 5pm-7pm Expo Center 9am-5pm

Sign Language Class-Faulkner County Yarn-A-Holics- Faulkner County Library JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ BrandonWhite La Huerta Mexican Restaurant JustTry It! Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co.
Library 6pm 5:30-7pm 6:30pm Karaoke 6pm-10pm Library 10:00am & 11:00am

Free Qi-Gong Exercise Class- Faulkner JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Justin Brooks Conway Supper Club JustTry It! Karaoke JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Some Guy Named JJ’s Grill Live Music w/Wes & Karl 8:30pm
County Library 7pm 6:30pm 8pm-Close Robb 8:30pm CentennialValley Country Club JustTry It!
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ John & Buddy Yoga-Free-Faulkner County Library 7pm TGI Fridays Karaoke 7:30pm Karaoke 8pm-12am
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ MayDay By
Midnight 8:30pm
Gusano’s Live Music w/ Papa Grande

Antique Alley Antique Show Faulkner Co. Memorial Day!!!! Pre-School StoryTime Faulkner Co.
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/Tommy Rock Library 9:30am, 10:00am & 10:30am
8:30pm Yarn-A-Holics- Faulkner County Library

Conway Farmers Market Downtown

Conway 7am-1pm
JJ’s Grill Live Music w/ Jocko 6:30pm
Yoga-Free-Faulkner County Library 7pm
29 30 31ExpoCenter12pm-5pm

D 5Kestination|WOMEN CAN RUN |
Olympian to Motivate Arkansas Women Runners.

(Conway, Ark) Olympian Lorraine marathon, becoming the only woman in the at age 45. She continues her travels as an fields - both for clinic participants and
Moller will be the guest speaker for “Wom- world to have completed all of the first four inspirational speaker and sports commen- "open" race participants. The Cheryl Pot-
en Can Run/Walk” pasta party on Friday, Olympic marathons for women. tator and as Vice President of Hearts of ter Award is given each year after the 5K to
May 6, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the Conway Her accomplishments include the lon- Gold, a charitable organization that raises the Women Can Run participant who em-
Fairgrounds Expo Center. gest winning debut marathon streak by any money through running events in Asia An bodies the strength, vision, passion & com-
runner ever, wins in the Boston Marathon, avid Lydiard disciple throughout her career mitment to women through exercise that
The 14th annual Women Can Run/Walk three time winner of the Avon Women’s Lorraine co-founded The Lydiard Founda- the late Women Can Run visionary had.
clinics, organized by Women Run Ar- World Marathon Championship, three time tion with Nobuya Hashizume, a non-profit
kansas Run/Walk Club and facilitated by winner of the Osaka Inter- dedicated to the methods of The $20 registration fee for the 5K
volunteers, have been teaching over 4500 national Ladies Marathon, the late famed coach Arthur graduation event includes a T-Shirt and
women in 40 locations across the state to and an Olympic bronze Lydiard. Her memoir, On other goodies and helps cover the expense
live healthier, active life-styles through medal in the 1992 women’s the Wings of Mercury, is her of Women Can Run/Walk clinics and 5K
running and walking. marathon in Barcelona. first book. event. A portion of every entry fee is do-
She was also the winner Reservations for the pasta nated to a charitable organization of the
The culmination of these 10-week clin- of three Commonwealth party are $20 and can be club’s choice. Women runners & walkers
ics is a weekend of celebration in Conway, Games medals, a finalist in made online at womenrunar- can sign up at
Ark where participants and other guests two Track & Field World
will attend a pasta party and then complete Championships, held 4 The Women Can Run/ In addition to being available at the pasta
a 5K (approximately 3.1 mile) Graduation World Bests, and, unde- Walk 5K is a women only party, Race packet pickup will be at The
walk/run. feated as a Masters runner, 3.1 mile course that will take Sporty Runner (Conway, AR) on Thursday,
was ranked number 1 in the place on Saturday, May 7 May 5 from 1:00 - 5:00 PM and Friday,
At the pasta party, 5K participants will world for 1995 and 1996. with entry levels for clinic May 6 from 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM.
pick up race packets and all guests will Alongside her running participants, open registra-
enjoy dinner, meeting women from across achievements, Lorraine Lorraine Moller tion, and mother/daughter About Women Run Arkansas Running/
the state, and learn from the experiences of was a forerunner for equality in women’s teams. While the race serves as a "gradu- Walking Club
guest speaker, Lorraine Moller. athletics and an activist for professionalism ation event" for "Women Can Run/Walk"
in distance running. clinic participants, registration is also open The Women Run Arkansas Running/
A native of New Zealand, Lorraine be- Since retiring from competitive sport in to non-clinic runners and walkers. Awards Walking Club is a RRCA (Road Runners
gan an unprecedented 28 year international 1996, Lorraine became a first time Mom are given to runners and walkers in many Club of America) club and is dedicated to
running career as a barefooted schoolgirl promoting healthy living among women
on a grassy field in her hometown of Puta- through running and walking activities.
ruru. At the age of 41 she wound up her Additional information is available at
running career with her fourth Olympic

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