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Published by Paydirt Media, 2016-01-28 07:46:47

Paydirt Media Kit 2

Media Kit 2016
Australia’s leading independent resources magazine

Paydirt Media has established itself as a leading resources news media organisation over its 22-year history, and publishes two internationally circulated magazines and organises six conferences across two Australian capital cities.
The company was established in 1994 and is well-known in the industry for reaching board-level decision makers
and investors across the mining and exploration sector.
If your objective is to reach company directors and other key decision makers in the sector, Paydirt Media offers proven avenues of communicating your message; through advertising in two print publications, digitally through Paydirt:Digital or through sponsorship of one of our high-profile events.

Paydirt Media publishes Australia’s Paydirt monthly and Gold Mining Journal quarterly.
Our magazines specialise in high quality news and features on Australia’s junior and mid-cap explorers and producers.
The magazines have a particular focus on Australian companies operating in emerging markets and developing regions, particularly Africa and Latin America.
Our core readership is executives and senior management from these companies as well as investment and finance industry professionals and senior government and ministry officials, as well as senior management from the mining services and contracting sector.
Paydirt Media offers exclusive, incisive editorial content written by experienced journalists who visits projects across Australia and the world to deliver first-hand analytical coverage of new trends and developments.
Editorial Policy
Australia’s Paydirt and Gold Mining Journal are compiled by a group of dedicated, experienced resources journalists, led by editor Dominic Piper.
The editorial team travels extensively throughout Australia and the globe to find out the best stories at source, reporting first-hand on the mining and exploration news from a diverse range of companies with a specific focus on the emerging markets and developing nations of Africa and Latin America.
Apart from the in-house team, the magazines feature the contributions of respected columnists from the worlds of finance, exploration, engineering and international relations.
Paydirt Media employs a strict policy of editorial independence, a position which marks it out from competitors in the trade magazine sector. Decision- making rests with the editorial team and the policy has ensured the magazines are highly respected for delivering independent, objective coverage of companies and countries, free from commercial interference and the opacity of “advertorials”.

2016 features
December /January
• 2015 IPOs • Skills and recruitment feature • Tasmania/Victoria profile
• 2016 Mining Indaba review • Graphite Conference preview
• South Australian Resources & Energy Investment Conference preview
• Queensland profile • Potash/phosphate feature
• Latin America Down Under Conference preview • Graphite Conference review • Specialty metals focus (tin, tungsten, etc)
• South Australian Resources & Energy Investment Conference review
• Copper focus • Scandinavia • New South Wales profile • International services directory
• Latin America Down Under Conference review • Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum preview
• Africa Down Under Conference preview • Uranium feature
• Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum review • Base metals focus
• Africa Down Under Conference review • Australia’s Nickel Conference preview
• Australia’s Nickel Conference review • Northern Territory profile • Iron ore focus
• 2017 Mining Indaba preview
Australia’s Paydirt is a top-quality mining magazine, which circulates internationally and features diverse coverage of the metals and minerals industry.
The monthly publication has a 22-year history of delivering well-researched news, opinion and features.
• Paydirt currently has a CAB audited circulation of around 4,700 copies as at 31 March 2015. Paydirt is mainly a subscription based magazine and is also available at selected newsagents across Australia.
• Readership per copy (5.0) 23,500 Readership statistics
• 36% investors • 18% managing directors • 42% key decision makers for purchasing
products or services within their company • 15% of readers only read Paydirt magazine
Source: CAB Audit (31 March 2015) * excluding bulk distribution

2016 features
April/ June
July/ September
October/ December
January/ March
• Africa profile • Australian gold review
• Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum preview • Asia-Pacific profile
• Latin America profile • Exploration innovation feature
• 2016 Gold Miner/Explorer of the Year Awards • Australasianprofile
Gold Mining Journal is Australia’s only dedicated gold mining industry magazine.
Published quarterly, the magazine offers comprehensive coverage of the gold industry both in Australia and worldwide.
• Gold Mining Journal currently has a CAB audited circulation of around 5,000 copies as at 31 March 2015. The magazine is mainly a subscription based magazine and is also available at selected newsagents across Australia.
• Readership per copy (5.0) 25,000
Readership statistics
• 21% work for companies that are involved with the gold industry
• 11% work with people involved with precious metals • 62% agree the magazine consistently provides
relevant information for their current business needs
Source: CAB Audit (31 March, 2015) * excluding bulk distribution
Advertising rates
Australia’s Paydirt and Gold Mining Journal share the same advertising rates. Our standard format full colour advertising consists of quarter, half and full pages. Both magazines have preferred positions available including the inside front, inside back and outside back covers as well as some creative alternatives to get your company’s message across.
Our standard casual rates are:
• • • •
Double page spread: $6,850 (+ GST) Full page: $3,650 (+ GST) Half page: $2,650 (+ GST) Quarter page: $2,200 (+ GST)

Advertising rates
Double page spread GST Total (Inclusive)
Full page full colour GST Total (Inclusive)
Half page full colour GST Total (Inclusive)
Quarter page full colour GST Total (Inclusive)
Preferred positions
Inside front cover GST Total (Inclusive)
Inside back cover GST Total (Inclusive)
Outside back cover GST Total (Inclusive)
Centre spread GST Total (Inclusive)
1 Insertion AUD
6,850 685 7,535
3,650 365 4,015
2,650 265 2,915
2,200 220 2,420
4,400 440 4,840
4,400 440 4,840
4,850 485 5,335
7,250 725 7,975
2 – 5 Insertions AUD
6,050 605 6,655
3,300 330 3,630
2,450 245 2,695
2,000 200 2,200
3,950 395 4,345
3,950 395 4,345
4,250 425 4,675
6,600 660 7,260
SCHEDULED 12 Month Period 6 – 10 Insertions AUD
5,850 585 6,435
3,050 305 3,355
2,300 230 2,530
1,800 180 1,980
3,550 355 3,905
3,550 355 3,905
3,750 375 4,125
5,950 595 6,545
SCHEDULED 11+ Insertions Consecutive AUD
5,300 530 5,830
2,850 285 3,135
2,200 220 2,420
1,750 175 1,925
3,300 330 3,630
3,300 330 3,630
3,400 340 3,740
5,300 530 5,830
For advertising information and bookings, please contact Advertising Executive: Tony Mwarey: (+61) 451 280 482 or [email protected]

Advertising deadlines 2016
February March April May June July
Bookings close
8 January 16 February 18 March 13 April 12 May 13 June
Material close
15 January 19 February 21 March 15 April
13 May 15 June
August September October November December
Bookings close
14 July 15 August 13 September 17 October 11 November
Material close
18 July 17 August 16 September 19 October 15 November
April/June July/Sept
Bookings close
14 March 1 July
Material close
16 March 4 July
January/March 2017
Bookings close
23 September 5 December
Material close
26 September 7 December
Advertising dimensions and specifications
Bleed Trim
Double page spread* 307h x 430w 297h x 420w
*Artwork for a double page spread and a full page must include a 5mm bleed on all sides Also all text should be at least a further 10mm from the trim guides. To ensure correct printing an appropriate border will be added by Paydirt Media to all artwork supplied without correct bleeds.
Full page* Half page vertical Half page horizontal Quarter page vertical Quarter page horizontal
307h x 220w
297h x 210w 287h x 102w 130h x 187w 130h x 92w 60h x 187w
Set up – Artwork for a double page spread and a full page advert must include a 5mm bleed on all sides Also all text should be at least a further 10mm from the trim guides. To ensure correct printing an appropriate border will be added to all artwork supplied without correct bleeds.
Resolution – All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi, any artwork supplied lower than 300dpi will print blurred.
Colour – Artwork should be completed and saved in CMYK process. PaydirtMedia cannot take responsibility for any unexpected results experienced from artwork supplied in non-CMYK colour.
Fonts/type – All fonts used should be embedded (PDF’s) or converted to outlines.
File size – File size should be under 15MB.
File format – Preferred format is pdf. Other formats accepted are ai, eps and tif or jpg if they are 300dpi in CMYK colour.
We do not accept artwork generated in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc regardless of what options are available for final saving due to unpredictable results, incorrect sizing and image problems.
Paydirt Media reserves the right to repeat previous material if new material is not supplied by copy deadline.
The publisher will at all times print as close as possible to proofs, however no liability is accepted for fair and reasonable variations in printed quality, issue to issue.

2016 Conferences
17-18 May 2016 Perth,Western Australia
20 October 2016
Pan Pacific Perth
22 March 2016 - Novotel Perth Langley
Contact information Paydirt Media Suite 9, 1297 Hay Street, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia
PO Box 1589 West Perth, WA 6872, Australia Phone: (+61) 8 9321 0355 Fax: (+61) 8 9321 0426 Dominic Piper (Editor) Mobile: 0424 934 494

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