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Florblanca Tours

Florblanca Tours


Tours | 1

Trailride in

Private Horseback Riding
This exceptional horse tour begins in the local
farm of Manzanillo village, 25 minutes away
from Florblanca. Enjoy horseback riding with
our local guides where you are an invited guest
on a private nine thousand acre working cattle
ranch that borders the ocean. You might see
birds, monkeys and other wildlife as you ride
along the high pastures overlooking stunning
tropical landscapes and dramatic ocean vistas.
A sunset ride back along the beach is a must.

Tour Details

» Price: $200 based on two people, Plus
$75 transportation.

» Tour includes: Bilingual guide (English/

» What to bring: Long pants, closed shoes,
insect repellent, sunscreen and camera.

» Duration: 3 hours total.
» Important: minimum 2 people, children

under 6 years old are not allowed, and a
waiver is required.
» Departure time: you can choose between
Morning (7:30am – 9:00am) Evening (1:00pm
– 3:00pm)

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Tours | 3

4 |

Mal Pais & Montezuma
Waterfall Excursion
with ATV’s

For the adventurous, a flight above the jungle canopy is a short
ride away. The canopy tour is set on a sixty-acre farm that is
completely untouched. You will fly above the border of Cabo
Blanco with spectacular views of the Pacific. Next, ride on our all-
terrain vehicles with one of our guides across beautiful farmland
and along the coast to Montezuma, a tranquil beach town located
on the southeast corner of the peninsula. In Montezuma, you will
visit a large waterfall, and if you do not have a fear of heights, you
may jump off the side of the rock into the pool at the bottom of
the waterfall. After hiking back down, you can lunch at a local
beachfront restaurant and then stroll around town. The hike to the
waterfall is intermediate. We recommend wearing shoes that are
not flip-flops and that can get wet.

Tour Details

» Price: $320.00 based on two people.
» Tour includes: ATV rental, bilingual guide (English/

Spanish), canopy activity and bottled water. 1 ATV for two
people. Extra ATV $75.
» What to bring: Comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, repellent,
sunscreen and camera.
» Duration: 4 hours.
» Important: Minimum 2 people are required. This tour is
offered all week, and a waiver is required.

Tours | 5

Cabo Blanco Hike with ATV

Jump on our ATV’s and explore the dirt road Tour Details
to the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula where you
arrive at Cabo Blanco National Preserve, » Price: Short hike $270 based on 2 people,
the first protected area in Costa Rica. Cabo duration 2 hrs. Long hike $300 based on
Blanco has a number of different trails for people, duration 4 hrs.
all level of hikers. Set in a moist tropical
forest, this park is full of more than one » Tour includes: 1 ATV Rental, entrance
hundred and fifty types of trees. The trails fee, bottled water and bilingual guide
are truly in the jungle, full of lush plants (English/Spanish). 1 ATV for two people.
and flowers, and trails such as Sendero Extra ATV $75.
Seuco lead to the beach of your dreams.
After your hike, you will visit the villages of » What to bring: Comfortable clothes,
Cabuya and Montezuma. On your journey, hiking shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen
you will see a Giant Ficus Tree (great photo and camera.
opportunity), and hopefully see a variety of
birds, too. This tour is a great way to explore » Important: This tour is offered from
our surrounding pueblos. Wednesday to Sunday with a minimum of
2 people. A waiver is required.

» Departure Time: 7:00am.

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Tours | 7

Tortuga Island Tour Details

This excursion is the ultimate if you are » Price: $600.00 based on 2 people plus $100.00 per extra person.
looking for a full day tour to explore the Transportation: $125 round trip, up to 4 people.
Nicoya Peninsula and all its wonder. Spend
an unforgettable day on our 25ft. Sea Fox. On » Tour includes: Lunch, fruits, snacks, beer, natural drinks, and
the boat ride to the islands you may get the professional bilingual guide.
chance to see dolphins, whales, turtles, and
other marine life. During the day, you will visit » What to bring: Comfortable clothes, bathing suit, sunscreen and
Tortuga Island, the magical Quesera Beach, and camera.
Playa Muertos. You will have the opportunity
to snorkel, learn the basics of scuba diving, and » Duration: 7 hours.
fish for mackerel, tuna and more. » Important: This tour is offered to a minimum of two people and a

maximum of 6 depending on the clients age.
» Departure Time: 7:30am.

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Tours | 9


Nature Hike
at Curu

This exotic and adventurous hike is perfect for
eco-tourists and animal lovers. The privately
owned land boasts rich and diverse wildlife
in five different habitats ranging from marine
zones and mangrove swamps to tropical dry
and moist forest, as well as farmland. This
zone consists of a 200 meter wide beach with
mangrove estuaries and rivers. Visitors are
almost guaranteed to see lots of animals in the
wild such as the reintroduced Scarlet Macaw
and Spider Monkey, amongst many other
animals. You can choose from our half day or
full day hike. And, you will choose the trail that
best fits your experience level.
For your journey to and from Curu, you can
go by taxi with your guide or ride on an ATV.
The drive is approximately one hour from

Tour Details

» Price: $180 for two people. Each additional
person $65.

» Transportation $160 round trip.
» Tour Includes: Bilingual guide, bottle of

water, entrance fee to the park.
» What to Bring: Walking shoes, insect

repellent, sunscreen, and camera.
» Duration: 6 hours.
» Important: If you plan to do a full day tour,

we recommend taking a box lunch from our
» Departure Time: 7:00 am

Tours |11


Surf Lessons

Let us help you ride the waves of the mighty Pacific!
Just minutes from your door are beautiful beach breaks, Playa
Hermosa and Playa Santa Teresa. Accompanied by a local surf
instructor, you will learn the basics of surfing and hopefully
catch a long ride. We have beginner boards.

Tour Details

» Price: $70 per person Plus $28 transportation.
» Tour includes: Bilingual surf instructor (English/

Spanish), bottled water, and surfboards for the lesson.
» What to bring: bathing suit, sunscreen and camera.
» Duration: 2 hours.
Important: this tour is offered with no minimum of people.
The time of the lesson will depend on the tides and your
experience. Surf lessons are for beginner and intermediate

Tours |13

Stand Up Paddle
Boarding (SUP)

Come learn and enjoy the fastest growing water
sport in the world. Stand Up Paddle Boarding,
or SUP, is fun, relaxing and offers an all body
workout. It’s not difficult to learn, and anyone
of any skill level can give it a try. In a beautiful
setting, you will learn all the fundamentals and
techniques involved in paddle boarding. The tour
begins at the fishermen village in Mal Pais where
you get a twenty-minute explanation and basic
instruction for the sport. Then you will launch off
the beach and paddle south towards the famous
Cabo Blanco Reserve. The views of Cabo Blanco
and the tip of the Peninsula are beautiful. On the
return, you paddle towards Mar Azul point. The
total paddle time is approximately an hour to an
hour and a half.

Tour Details

» Price: US $160.00 based on two people. US
$50.00 for transportation.

» Tour includes: Bilingual guide (English/
Spanish), and equipment.

» What to bring: bathing suit, flip-flops,
sunscreen, towels and camera.

» Duration: 2 hours.
» Important: Waiver is required.
» Departure Time: Tide Dependent


Tours |15

In Mal Pais

Fishing trips originate in the nearby town of
Mal Pais. Your captain will be an experienced
local fisherman and your catch could include
tuna, mahi mahi, snapper, grouper, rooster fish
or other game fish. Off shore your captain will
point out Isla Cabo Blanco, which is the nesting
point of frigate birds. Bring your fish back to
the resort and our chef will prepare it for your

Tour Details

» Price: US $320.00 per boat plus US $50.00
for transportation.

» Tour includes: Bilingual guide (English/
Spanish), drinks and snacks.

» What to bring: Comfortable clothes,
bathing suit, sunscreen and camera.

» Duration: 4 hours.
» Important: Maximum 5 people.
» Departure Time: 6:30am or 12:30pm.


Tours |17

Bird Watching with ATV

Bird watching in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience. Tour Details
This area of Costa Rica has an abundance of all types of
birds, and our local guides are eager to share their knowledge » Price: $150 based on two people. Plus $70 Transportation.
with you. With a number of areas close to Florblanca that » Tour includes: Bilingual guide (English/ Spanish),
offer great bird watching, you and the guide will choose
where you want to explore. bottled water.
» What to bring: walking shoes, sunscreen, dark clothes

and camera.
» Duration: half day.
» Important: two people minimum, waiver required.
» Departure time: 5:00am.


Tours |19

The Old Costa
Rica Farm Tour

Across the globe, there are five geographic areas identified
as Blue Zones. A Blue Zone is a place where people live
longer and happier lives. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula
is one of them. This tour will let you experience life in
a Blue Zone as you witness how the farmers live such a
healthy lifestyle. This working farm is located about 40
minutes by car from Florblanca, and some of the activities
will include milking cows, making traditional fresh cheese,
and extracting the sweet juices of sugar cane to produce
raw sugar.

Tour Details

» Price: $250 based on two people. Extra person $75
Plus $100 transportation up to 4 people.

» Tour includes: Bilingual guide (English/Spanish),
bottled water, and full breakfast made with fresh
ingredients produced at the farm.

» Departure time: 6:00am - 7:00am.
» Duration: 6 hours Approximately.
» What to bring: Water, bug spray, sunscreen, walking

shoes, camera.
» Important: Please book with at least 48 hours in

advance, minimum 2 people, maximum 12, waiver


Tours |21

Mountain Biking in Paradise

Explore the natural beauty of the Nicoya Tour Details
Peninsula on a mountain bike. On this
adventurous tour, you will discover all kind of » Price: -$75 per person ( 2 hour tour) -$100 per person (4 hour tour)
trails, enjoy the rush of ascents and descents, -$130 per person (6 hrs tour)
and enjoy scenic ocean and mountain views that
will astound you. During your tour, you will » Departure: 7:30am – 2:30pm
mountain bike on the beach, through rivers, » Terrain: Dirt roads, sandy beach.
along the country side, up in the jungle and » Difficulty: beginner • intermediate • challenging. The trails will be
more. Each trail is sur-rounded by untouched
nature that makes this area of Costa Rica so chosen by your guide based on your experience level.
special. Often seen on this tour are monkeys, » What to Bring: Biking clothes, sneakers, sunscreen, camera.
iguanas, and a variety of colorful birds. Many » Tour Includes: Bilingual tour guide, Mountain bike, helmet, water.
of the biking trails give the riders a chance to
see majestic Guanacaste and Pochote trees that
offer the perfect photo opp!


Tours |23

24| 506-2640-0332

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