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School Dlotriot of Eristol Township

5j - > g f ♦■y .. ..1 ,> .■

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2 ) A < u //(^^ < S (W
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%^-r,^.V -^jS .-«* ‘ • r-j S
■ ^-L: ■tr*S»i4 CBwto/ '^ om ilu ^

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: '^ v i t o L 'T e m ,. W i M S A
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, ' > x 3 •


The pathway to peace has long been a difficult and arduous
task for man, although it has always been his primary goal.
Knowing this, we seniors shall move ever onward and upward as
we take OTer the reins which will one day lead us to world peace;
in our hands, rests all hope for the future. The lamp of knowledge
has guided us through twelve years of school life, and will con­
tinue to light our way. Not only have our lives been enriched by
the love, loyalty and respect that we feel for Delhaas, but also
by our many personal achievements. From all this we have learned
to be understanding, which is indeed the key to world peace. In
the years to come, this book and its memorable pages will serve
us as a constant reminder of the goals which we set as seniors.

7)e d U a U o ti

We, the Class of 1960, feel that we have dedicated our yearbook to a truly
wonderful person. That person is you — Mr. Robert S. C. Miller. We just
couldn’t find another person who has done so much to enrich our lives
here at Delhaas. You have filled many roles; teacher, friend, advisor,
and consoling father. Your patience, honesty, sincerity, and musical genius
are only a few of the many qualities you possess. Be it a rehearsal of chorus,
band, or orchestra, you were there. At class meetings, assemblies, and other
committee meetings, one would always find you. W e hope that we have
somewhat rewarded your tireless efforts by dedicating TORCH ’60 to you.

'^ d U o j/ C o n k n U

^ d n u M W ic ^ -

Sckool T^aufi........................................................................ /9

Smou 35

A c t^ itk i..........................................................................55

S p oU t S5

^ m d M ofU . . 101


nK v-^f S U 2 r ^ . '“ vV;- **aair:;.'4V * <?' v

V i '-'W '; " D''i

B '•^'•. '* ■." V'-.-^sK ’ A y-. A . ■*•.
A t
J A \ } ^ ^ 1 i -U V
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'S'«^-''' .WV
JiAi*;. ^
A '. <«:* -- -^v

f‘f ** >.-X -y] p.*

A im % d Jta

; ^ J y:.-ti:
Words by: Jeannine Roehm ’54
Music by: Wayne P. Zarr ’54

The blue and the gold will wave in the breeze,
With love and devotion and fond memories.
These colors are standing with grace and with pride,
Forever Delhaas we’ll stand by your side.
> \ ’ A l
f.' V,- *4 , \
«. ^ ■’5 *«- ‘ You’ve taught us the way to calm all our fears.
?'■ '
And always be strong-through our sorrows and tears.
5^5_-'^ W e’ll follow your path and we’ll practice your rule,
And cherish each day at Delhaas High School. , ^
. * ' ' ' ^ 'f ,
And when day has come, our future untol<J,
.. fh e banners will wave for the blue and the^^old, C v^j
^r we wUl uphold every4nieih0ry^nd rule,, '
our School. ^ •'■.

"Sr'?-, - j,-',->'uV>^.'- .^5^■■? ■■---■.
••••i^C"'.--i-??^''»*^.>>- '••-'??> ;;j».
i}*’W ' T - f ‘^r‘^' -\'l.'^'V C‘"- - '* ■ '
.T»sv* • ,--i^v-r-.' • • ^

,;'V ?;■

< / h e a ^

In the pages that follow, you will find the pictures of many familiar and
/ ^ 5
friendly faces, our faculty and administrators. These people are our friends.
Without them school — an integral part of our lives — could not possibly
be what it is today. Constantly, they strive to improve the rndst important
factor in our lives — our education. Our administrators and faculty are
inseparable as a team of advisors, teachers, and guides.

^Im m i . . . .

. . . .


Our unseen advisors, the Delhaas Joint School Board,
have been indirectly responsible for the building of
our school and the vast number of improvements and
additions that are continually being made to improve
Membership on the board consists of seven repre­
sentatives from Bristol Township and five from
Tullytown Borough. The School Board
meets monthly to conduct the business at
hand. Some of their many responsibilities
are to pay bills, answer questions from
interested citizens, employ personnel, and
handle other business pertaining to
school welfare.
Dr. Guy Eberhart, Regional Superintendent, and mem­
bers of the school board meet to transact business.
Seated, Left to Right: Dr. Eberhart, Mr. Alimenti,
Mr. Fischer, Mr. Souder, Mrs. Gauntt, Mr. Parkes,
Mr. Miller, and Mr. Ness. Standing: Mr. Stout and
Mr. Stieber.
Mr. Philemon Stout
President of School Board

Appointed by the Delhaas Joint School
Board, the School Authority is a group of
five members whose chief responsibility is to
secure funds for the constant building pro­
gram, so necessary in our district.
Since its establishment in 1951, this essential
organization has its members’ five year
terms of office set up so that a new member is
appointed every year.

Our gratitude is expressed to these individuals
who are such an important
cog in the wheel of educa­

Members of the School Authority attend a regular meeting to
discuss finances for the new schools of the area. Left to Right
are: Edwin N. Popkin, Ralph Kasman, Arthur B. Reinholt,
James A. Gallagher, James Kline, and William Frantz.

James A. Gallagher

Under the careful supervision of our District Administrators is the work of the
business office, transportation, construction of new buildings, and the operation of
school cafeterias. The Regional Superintendent and his two assistants also assume
the responsibility of directing a school program established by the Delhaas Joint
School Board. They find providing leadership in the development of our curriculum
and supervising the program of studies their most time consuming jobs.
Being a vital part of our school, our administrators perform their numerous
duties effectively and efficiently; they help provide for the youth of our community
the best possible education.

Eberhart, Guy F.
Regional Superintendent
State Teachers College, California, Pa.
University of West Virginia, B.S.;
. . . . S u fm iM U University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. and
Ph. D.

Promoting interest and understanding between parents and
teachers, is only a small part in the essential role of our
home and school visitor. Mr. Baker. However those students
who find it necessary to have assignments or materials
brought home to them while they are ill know how important
Mr. Baker is to our educational program. Acting as a per­
sonal contact between the school and the home of the students,
he constantly strives for unity and understanding between
these two groups.

Baker, Donald S. Decker, Henry B.
Home and School Visitor Assistant Regional Super­
State Teachers College, intendent
Bloomsburg, Pa., B.S.; State Teachers College,
Temple University, M.A. East Stroudsburg, Pa.,
B.S.; Temple University,

In the schools of our district, thousands of students are of
important concern to Miss Edna Pennypacker, our Director
of Pupil Personnel. Her jobs are so many that they could not
be enumerated in this limited space. Locating part-time jobs
for students, placement of graduates, and tabulation of school
census are just a few of her endless responsibilities. Con­
suming time and energy. Miss Pennypacker’s obligations
are efficiently fulfilled. Many of our students’ successes
can be attributed to the work, understanding, and consider­
ation of our Director of Pupil Personnel.

Pennypacker, Edna Fraser, Robert H.
Director of Pupil Person­ Administrative Assistant
nel University of Pennsylva­
State Teachers College, nia, B.S. and M.S.
West Chester, Pa., B.S.;
Temple University, M. Ed.

A grouj) of people well trained in their field is the Delhaas
High School Administration. It is their responsibility to
formulate policies and plan an educational program that will
prove beneficial to the students and help them mature into
useful citizens. The success of Delhaas depends greatly upon
our administration and it is necessary that they receive com­
plete co-operation and support from the faculty, student body
and parents.

EduMou . . . tomdou . . .
Martin, Robert P. Antoni, John J.
Principal Administrative Assistant
tate Teachers C o l l e g e , When the high school student is faced with numerous and State Teachers College, West
loomsburg. Pa., B.S.; Buck- varied decisions, it is indeed helpful to have a guiding light Chester, Pa., B.S.; Temple
ell University, M.S.; Temple University, M.A.
University along the way. This is the function of our Guidance Depart­
ment here at Delhaas which consists of two full-time coun­
selors. Many times a student gets a clearer picture of himself
and his abilities after discussing his testing results and records
with the counselors who are aware of his potential.
Possessing an atmosphere of friendliness and casualness,
the department is open at all times to students who wish to
browse through shelves of college catalogs, career pamphlets,
and scholarship brochures.
It is easy to realize that the function of this particular depart­
ment is of utmost importance to our school.

Performing the tedious task of educating the students of
Delhaas High School, is the responsibility of the faculty, our
teachers. Skilled in their profession, these men and women
devote both their time and enerf y to our student body each
Hagele, Richard Charles
year. With patience, understanding and encouragement, they
Zane, Arlene B. State Teachers College, In­
Pennsylvania State Univer­ strive to guide us in the right direction. Educating the pupils diana, Pa., B.S.; Lehigh
ity, B.A.; University of of Delhaas with necessary knowledge needed before and University, M.A.; Oklahoma
Pennsylvania, M .A.; Temple A & M; Washington and
Jniversity; University o f after graduation, is their main duty. As time marches on, Jefferson College; R i d e r
Florida; University of Mi- we shall not forget these men and women, our friends and College
imi; New York University Guidance Counselor
Guidance Counselor teachers, for they will always have a special place in our Activities: Student Council
Advisor, Sophomore Class
ntinds and hearts.
Assistant Advisor

Acker, Louis S., Jr. Anderson, Thomas Bateman, William Bird, Mary Jane
Temple University, B.S. and State Teachers College, Cali­ State Teachers College, In­ State Teachers College, West
M.S. fornia, Pa., B.A. diana, Pa., B.S. Chester, Pa., B.S.
Geometry and Algebra Biology, Senior Science Exploratory Business, Health and Physical
Bookkeeping I and II Education
Activities: Hockey C o a c h ,
Girls’ Gymnastic Coach



Butcofsky, Donald Clarke, Bernard L. Darrow, Robert Davidheiser, Leon N.
State Teachers C o l l e g e , LaSalle College, A.B.; Villa- Wilks College, B.A.; Tem­ Pennsylvania State Univer­
Bloomsburg, Pa., B.S.; Buck- nova University ple University; Middlebury sity, B.S. and M.Ed.
nell University, M.A. Librarian College Warid History
English Activities: Junior Class As­ German and English Activities: FAMA Advisor
Activities: Department Chair­ sistant Advisor.
man, Senior Class Assistant
Advisor, Director of Senior
JLm/im . . . .

uie Fleisher, Melvin Gioffre, Janet L.
State Teachers College, East s, JE, ■' Moore Institute of Art, B.S.;
Stroudsburg, Pa., B.S.; Tem­ Foley, M. Ivy T y l e r University; Temple
ple University; Trenton State College, Elementary and Sec­ Gaumann, Gladys A. University
College ondary ; Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania,
State Teachers College, Su­ B.A. Art
Special Education pervision: Bloomsburg State
Teachers College; Temple Spanish and English
P. 0 . D., IT arid History
Activities: Social Studies De­
partment Chairman, Director
of TORCH, Senior Gass Ad­
visor, Tower Faculty Man-
, N stiou l Honor Society

Hart, Sara E. Intelisano, Mary A. Jervis, William Kelley, Edward
C o r n e l l University, A.B.;
Temple University, M.Ed. I n d i a n a University, B.S.; Cornell University, C.E. and University of Pennsylvania,
English Pennsylvania State Univer­ M. Ed. B.A.; Temple University
Activities: National Council sity, M.Ed.
Teachers of English Scholar­ Algebra, Engineering, Draft­ Science
ship Examination Represent­ Health and Physical ing, and Algebra H
ative, Bristol Language Arts Education
Committee, Spelling Contest
Director, Temple Speech Fes­ Activities: Varsity Basketball
tival Representative, Alpha Coach
Delta Kappa National Hon­
orary Sorority for Teachers

Kurek, Michael P. Lelinski, Stanley Lewis, Sandra Lee Leyden, Kevin
State Teachers College, Kutz- State Teachers College, Mil- State Teachers C o l l e g e , LaSalle College; St. Joseph’s
town. Pa., B.S.; Duke Uni­ lersville. Pa., B.S. Blootnsburg, Pa., B.S. College, B.S.; University of
versity; Michigan University World History, P. 0. D. Typing, Shorthand, Pennsylvania
Chemistry Activities: Football Assistant Exploratory Business Latin and English
Activities: Varsity Baseball Coach Activities: Varsity Cheerlead­
Coach er Coach

SfU tM XiO U . . . .

Lubbe, Clarence McGoldrick, James H.
State Teachers College, Mil- LaSalle College, B.A.; Uni­
lersville Pa., B.S.; Temple v e r s i t y of Pennsylvania, Macfarlan, Malcolm Marker, Camille
University, M.S. M.A.; Temple University State Teachers College, Mil- University of Oregon, B.A.;
Industrial Arts, Metal Shop American and World History lersville. Pa., B.S.; Univer­ University of Pennsylvania
Activities: Key Club sity of Maryland, M.Ed.; English
Temple University Activities: Council of Debate,
Industrial Arts Co-Director Senior Play
Activities: Boys’ Gymnastics

Mattern, Mary Alice Miller, Robert S. C. Murray, John J. O’Brien, Kathryn
State Teachers C o l l e g e , Temple University, B.S.; Uni­ State Teachers College, West Temple University, B.S.; Uni­
Bloomsburg Pa., B.S. versity of Rochester Chester, Pa., B.S.; Temple versity of Pennsylvania
Shorthand, Typing, Personal Music University, M.Ed. Biology
Typing, Business Math Activities: Band Director, Health and Physical Activities: Junior Class Ad­
Activities: Majorettes and WDHS Advisor, Orchestra Education visor, Senior Special Activi­
Color Guard Director, Senior Class Assist­ Activities: Junior V a r s i t y ties Advisor
ant Advisor Baseball Coach


Oves, Thomas Rebottini, Robert L. Rothenberg, Gilbert Sarian, Betty
University of Delaware, B.S. State Teachers College, Cali­ Temple University, B.S. and State Teachers College, West
General Math fornia, Pa., B.S. M. Ed. Chester, Pa., B.S.; Temple
Graphic Arts and Business Mathematics, Sales University, M. Ed.
Drafting English
Activities: Photo Club

. . . . T ^ im tou

Taft, Robert J. Thomas, John D.
Siartzell, Harry Strine, Rose Marie University of Scranton, B.S. C a p i t a l University, B.S.;
State Teachers College, In­ American and World History Westminster College, M.S.
diana. Pa., B.S.; Bucknell State Teachers C o l l e g e , Activities: Track Coach
University, M.Ed. Bloomsburg, Pa., B.S. Trigonometry, Advanced
Clerical and Stenographic Math
Office Practice Typing, Shorthand, Personal
A ctiviiies: Soccer C o a c h , Typing Activities: Varsity Basketball
Golf Coach, Work Experi­ Coach, Junior Varsity Base­
ence Program, Business Dept. Activities: Tenth Grade Class ball Coach
Chairman Advisor

Tomasetti, Vincent L. Townsend, Anne H. Wodock, Raymond Yeager, Arlene
State Teachers College, East State Teachers College, Mans­ State Teachers College, West Albright College, B.S.
Stroudsburg, Pa., B.S. field, Pa., B.S. Chester, Pa., B.S.; Temple Home Economics
Driver Education Home Economics University
Activities: Varsity Football Activities: Junior Class Assis­ Health and Physical
Coach tant Advisor Education
Activities: Wrestling Coach,
Soccer Assistant C o a c h ,
Chairman Health and Phys.
Ed. Department

C o M ltm U . . .

The routine of an average clay in the'^'*‘
typing, taking dictation, filing, sorting^®)
calls, writing checks, paying hills,
letters, interviewing callers and assist-;f“l
jobs with tactfulness, pleasing person-^‘

The staff consists of Mrs. Vosburgh,who’^
time, four and one-half years. As
charge of the entire office. Mrs. Cousins-'
Sciver, our recej)tionist and switchboard-*®'"
secretary, and Mrs. Shegda is secretary

W e are proud of the way in which®®'®*
way our secretarial staff helps oup®'*"

Ralph Cahall is examined by Doctor Lawler, our school physician, and Mrs. Baird,
our school nurse. Through the work carried on by these two jjcople, students of Del-
haas can be assured that they are in the best of health.

I ''1

Discussing the future with Kathy Cameron, a senior, are Mr. Hage^,|,|p
and Mrs. Zane, our helpful guidance counselors. Many seniors f'ncjlnarj
it indeed helpful to visit the guidance office during their last year tp, j
Ip i
make preparations for the future.
Fixing the blocks into their proper spaces under the
careful eye of Mr. Thomas, our school psychologist,
is Barbara Termyna. This is just one of the services
rendered by this deparment.

S m d Q ju u

' ' Delhaas general office may include
' and opening mail, making telephone
r checking bank statements, answering
i-'ing pupils. Our secretaries do their
t ?5alities and manual accuracy.

'®-'has been with us the longest period of
i' Martin’s secretary, Mrs. Vosburgh is in
"O'.is the guidance secretary and Mrs. Van
. operator. Miss Snyder is Mr. Antoni’s m
''" to our librarian, Mr. Clarke- I'?.'': ■

in our offices are operated, and of the
he:;- teachers and student body.

Discussing important data are two members of our ready, able, and willing sec­
retarial staff. To the left is Mrs. Cousins who is primarily concerned with work
in the Guidance Department while Mrs. Vosburgh, to the right, works mainly,
in the general office.

tpendable and efficient Mr. Antoni’s secretary, Mrs. Snyder, and
itchboard operator, Mrs. Van Sciver, are constantly betng called
on to help in all office matters.

Holding many responsibilities and helping to keep the
library running smoothly is the pleasant and reliable
library assistant, Mrs. George Shedga,

'^ /m ifo4 ou

A corps of earnest workers are responsible for
the many facilities of our school life which we
P r A '' i i often take for granted. Performing the little
known and often forgotten jobs of our school,
is accomplished by our service personnel. From
preparing our lunches, cleaning our classrooms,
giving us heat in winter, to transporting us to
and from school are only a few of the numerous
activities in which they engage. Since the jobs
of these people are necessities in order to
operate our school efficiently, they deserve a
great deal of praise. Our service personnel
is of great importance in providing a founda­
tion for our everyday lives.
Working diligently behind the scenes is our custodial staff.

Always busily preparing our well balanced lunches is our competent cafeteria staff. Left to
Right: Louise White, Anne Breece, Mary Pleva, Blanch Neveras, Mildred Dougherty, and
Verna Krysak. Mrs. Yazujian
Head Dietician

Our hard-working custodial
staff. Left to Right: Charles
Schate, Bill Margland, Carl
Anderson, G l e n Morgan,
George McClellan, J i m
Horan, Ed Worek, Joe Har
greaves. Jay Fisher, W. H.
Smith. Seated: Thomas J-

^ “It-? '■ V

W t : ‘" ^ .",_ .--Jr' -"4-i.‘r i. -

■;■ '.'.^ ■■ -; S

Some twelve years ago, a number of little sparks entered the
portals of the elementary schools.

They were not the type of sparks that destroyed and black­
'Jr^Vi* .:r :* '■ 'T ''-■ ' * .: ened as they grew.

The fuel which they consumed was knowledge. As these '-'i-'r
sparks grew and consumed more knowledge, their pranks,
laughter, and giggles increased, yet became more subdued
and respectful when proper conduct demanded it.
V'»t.-\^- •*'-•' •' ■
In passing through this phase of learning together and play-
ing together, they have forged the steel of good citizenship
and have now emerged from growirrg sparks to shining

?.r<- :.JS^V--’
If ^ •. • ;ir -;•' .' . '. torches ready to shed ^|^ir light of knowledge to the dark
- - •? --T •:•
corners of the w orld^
K.S^‘ '•^e_^. '*V --.-.

t/<9 m o o m /jt

Our elementary schools are the foun-
determining to a large extent the out-
high school. During the important
skills of reading, writing, and arith-
vital is the development of the social
aware of those about them, the children
with the firm establishment of these
future success.

Recess ! These third graders seem to be enjoying themselves as they
play games. Front Roiv, Left to Right: Pamela Sailor, Lenore Sheperta.
Back Row: Bob Williams, Donald Hicks.

Learning math looks like fun here. Miss Yeagle has these Looking well pleased, these third graders at the Lincoln
2nd graders at Lafayette Elementary School really inter­ students are Janice Anderson, Kathy Bills, Joe
ested. Students are, left, Gail Jackson and Lenard Pat­ the left is Miss Greenfield.
ton, right, Carol Crun and Bruce Wanamaker.


(jo m j i/k u

dation of our educational system,
come of students in junior and senior
years spent here, basic educational
metic are emphasized; but even more
aspects of each individual. Becoming
learn to share and co-operate. Only
traits can a student look forward to

Our future artists — these first graders of Maple Shade are working
hard to decorate their room for Halloween. Their teacher is Mrs.

Elementary School admire their latest project. The Boy ! This isn’t the easiest thing to play in the world
Scaricociotti, and Albert Jocobs. The teacher at for a third grader. Mr. Zenome instructs, left to right,
Kathlene Rovane, Shiela Sanes, and Paula Galonski at
the James Buchanan Elementary School.


It seems like an interesting report Joanne Lockward is giving. Joanne Louis Bennett looks on as Nancy
will undoubtedly value this experience highly in later years. She and fifth grade Social Studies class at
her engrossed classmates are members of Mr. Foley’s sixth grade class
at Lafayette.

k ■■

Look ! This is the way people used to live. Pat Whitlay points to the
bulletin board with her friends Ronald Strandling and Andria Herman. All
three are in Mrs. McCann’s fourth grade at the James Buchanan Elementary
School. These third graders seem to be having a little trouble
help them find the right answer.


Cotucci points to New York in the Why is this such a funny looking boat wonder these fifth graders at
George Taylor Elementary School. George Clymer. Mr. Engle, their teacher, attempts to answer the ques­
tion posed by the bulletin board display of various sea-going vessels.

These students from Mr. Frick’s sixth grade class at Maple Shade Ele­
mentary School are busily making a map of Mexico. Geography was
never this much fun.
with their arithmetic. Mrs. Kerdock is trying to


^0 fiwmoU
1 =

Filling the gap between elementary and
careful preparation and consideration for
our Junior High School, strives to set
young people. Each member of the student
decisions for his higher education. By
government, the pupil’s development is
body has many opportunities for develop-
to choose their careers wisely. During
to take their place in Senior High. The
and facilities for personality growth has
m ..
one of the most outstanding Junior High

i I

Si, Si ! Spanish of course; and this is only one of the many languages offered
to our junior high school pupils. These language students are being instructed
by Mrs. V. Eck. Left to Right: Mrs. Eck, Carolyn Seidner, Milton Davis, and
Dagny Hogen.

These young Home Bionomics students are learning the fine art of the needle. Sewing is
only one of the important phases of their course in Home Economics. Pictured Left to Right
are: Fern Biese, Annie Adams, Linda Hoover, Miss Joan Law, Teacher; Ella Piazza, and
Margie Piendergast.


^ood cUijenJiif)

senior high school are three years of
the future. Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
goals and helps to plan futures for its
body must make careful and important
participating in activities and student
broadened immensely. Since the student
ment and tactful guidance, they are able
these three years, students are prepared
combination of an excellent curriculum
placed Franklin Delano Roosevelt as
Schools in the area.

At Franklin Delano Roosevelt Junior High School, students are always on key.
Left to Right are: Sharon Robinson, Mr. Raymond Buchko and Frank Mor-
mando as they have their music class in Room 3.

Front: Fredrick Horms. Left to Right: James Burton and Dennis Doive learn many things
in shop daily. Here the boys are able to apply themselves to a man’s work and acquire skill
in doing so.


^0 cudmowldiji

As students glance back to school
senior high was the most interesting,
that a particular course of interest
where competition became tremen-
the future lay unveiled before each
during these years have lasting
the completion of formal education.
Is it any wonder then, why senior
and heart of every student.

The world history lecture must be interesting because these sophomores certainly
seem to be quite engrossed and attentive.

Charles Scheidig, Jimmy Reed, and Nancy Eberhart look on approvingly as Mr. Mr. McGoldrick aids Dana Van Bin,
Stancatto, their biology teacher, reads a report. Many interesting phases of the so many different lands and peoples tn|,j
science are covered by the students in their sophomore year.



days they unanimously agree that
challenging and important. It is here
was selected and pursued, here
dously keen, and above all, where
individual. Decisions and actions
effects, and for many it represents

high school is embedded in the mind

Learning to use a microscope properly is very essential in a biology class. Above,
Mr. Anderson looks on as several of his sophomore students apply their skill.

forn with her world history. Learning about Working with Susan Bohannon and Luella Baker is Mr. Leyden. The two sopho­
an be confusing at times. more girls appear to be very interested as Mr. Leyden explains a phase of English
to them.


These juniors are studiously reading their history
books, and look like they’re really enjoying the les­
son. World history can be interesting !

Typing — it’s a breeze — according to this group of juniors in their second
year of typing. Nevertheless, skill and finger agility are still necessary com­

td ijh lm

These young chemists are hard at work learning all about atoms and such. For Caught in the act, building a human
these “ future scientists,” chemistry is a basic course. ior girls. Necessities are: A strong back
and good balance for those on the upper


^ One, two, three — type ! Time writings can be dif­
ficult as these junior girls are well aware. That is
why they are practicing so diligently.

By the look on their faces these juniors do not think English is as hard as
everyone makes it sound.

yramid are some Delhaas’ Jun- Mr. Acker, chairman of the math department discusses a geometry problem with
* Sr each girl on the bottom; these two junior boys. Knowing all the angles doesn’t necessarily give a solution
S^^tories. to the problem.


Seated is Doris Jordan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of
TORCH, cfiecking-in several seniors to have their
pictures taken. Becky Fox, Literary Co-Editor is
watching the process.
Coming from homeroom period to attend classes are Bill Carton, Paul Hashagan,
Barry Ballow, and Joanne Gindhart. The seniors are fortunate in having their de­
votional period all together.

dmk tk

Bill Finney, Jerry DeMarcus. and Tom Turk keep themselves Pretty hard to recognize in those goggles is Bill Michaud work­
occupied in the wood shop of our Industrial Arts Department. ing in metal shop. The machine he is using certainly looks com­
Learning a trade such as cari)entry takes a great deal of time plicated; hut, he seems to have it well in hand.
and patience.


Pat Marchetti tried to escape the camera as he
left P.O.D. class, but Miss Foley, our P.O.D. in­
structor and Director of TORCH, was too fast for
Bill Spicer and Bill Rupp, our technical crew, do a tremendous job for our school.
Not only do they set up the P.A. system each morning for WDHS, but they are
also responsible for setting up all technical equipment for assembly programs.

oh tommw

^jjOne of our senior girls, Barbara Stockalis, trying to Working to perfect their shorthand are, left to right, Diane Costantini, Rose
_ be a home body. Perhaps this is her way of relaxing Gargani, Betty Craig, Joyce Plummer, and Gerri Bendig.
after working on TORCH. Editor-in-Chief of our year­
book is a full time job !


The Bucks County Technical School is
of Pennsylvania. It operates in conjunc-
Woodrow Wilson, and Bensalem High
students attend their home high schools
studying a chosen trade at technical

The technical school curriculum includes
fabrication, building trades, commercial
practical nursing, and restaurant practice,
mechanics, all are three year courses.

Our technical school has given many
secure training in many fields. It has
that awaits them and their talents.

Pictured above is the Bucks County Technical School where some of our students
attend bi-weekly, to further their knowledge of a definite vocation which they
will pursue after graduation.

Wonder what it will look like when it’s finished? Miss Lynn, instructor of beauty culture
obseires Lynne Leftkowits as she practices on Vivian Klaiss, while Carol Hewitt and Judy
Vattimo look on.


h 'd cu j ilf dn (j

- the first of its kind to be built in the state
® tion with Delhaas, Morrisville, Pennsbury,
Schools. This year the technical school
: for two weeks and then spend two weeks
^ • school.

welding, electronics, machine shops, metal
- arts, printing, drafting, beauty culture.
With the exceptions of nursing and

students of the area an opportunity to
helped prepare them to face the world

“ Is it broken or is it supposed to sound this way?” asks Jimmy Naylor as Mr.
Woody explains how to use this machine at technical school. Anthony Tisone,
Howard Frankfield, and Holland Smith are watching.


This group of boys at the Bucks County Technical School appear to he keenly interested as
their teacher attempts to explain the complicated mechanisms pictured above. Well, elec­
tronics wasn’t guaranteed to be a simple subject !


t/c? fiu fm jo i ik j/jtJlm



Take it easy — they’re my teeth you’re demonstrating on, “ Complicated machine isn’t it?” says Joel Zober as he
says Mary Lou White as Mrs. Spadaccine shows Claire Rifon investigates a new machine at technical school.
and Judy Payne how it’s done.

By the time this car is finished Bill Kernen and Fred Helder Linda Summers finishes her drawing in commercial art class
will have it looking as good as new. This is only a part of the as Mr. Mandel looks on with approval. This type of work is
many things the fellows learn in the auto repair shop. tedious and time consuming, but Linda doesn’t seem to mind.


e m < y u

'>f:^ • ^
Of all the people involved in public education, the most ini-
portant are the seniors. They hold in their hands the hopes';;
of the future.
- v-:,-:;-..'. “ ■ :^ ■: '• --.
Featured in the following section are OUR SENIORS. These
I K i v t f ' young adults have reached the top step of the first ladder to
success. They have learned the real meaning of assuming
responsibilities and leadership; have developed courage
f i i i p :
and understanding; have faith in the future. Perhaps most
important of all, they are loyal and operate as a team.

' In view of their many accomplishments during the past

Adams, Andrew Stephen Atkinson, Don Vincent Austin, John Jay Badey, Jeanette Mary
Andy Sub Contractor Don College Jack Commercial Artist Jeannie Airline Stewardess
“Always ready to do some­ “ A champion force strives “ Why don’t you speak for “Her cares go up in the air
thing dijjerent.” here for mastery.” yourself, John.” like a bubble.”
H o m e r o o m President 1 ; Wrestling 1, 3.
Homeroom Vice-President 2 ;
Intramural Basketball 3 ;
Planning Committee 2.

"TeuuM hi we W m jtJm d

Baesher, Joan Helen
Joan PBX Operator Bailey, Judith
“Full of foke and fest.” Judy Baker, Albert John Baker, Vivian lola
FAMA Typist 3. “ Don’t wait for your ship to A1 Viv Phys. Ed. Teacher
come in. Row out to meet it.” “Let the world slide. I’ll not "Pretty to walk with, witty to
budge an inch.” talk with, and pleasant to
think on.”
Senior Class President; Class
Secretary 2; Hockey 1, 2,
Co-Captain 3; Softball 1, 2;
TORCH Literary Staff 3;
Tiger Frolics 2; Tiger Pow-
Wow 3; Washington Trip
Committee, Secretary 3; Var­
sity Basketball 3; National
Honor Society 3.

Ballow, Barry
Barry Chemical Engineer Barnes, Albert Warren
“ Words are the most power­ A1
ful thing used by mankind.” “ The man who blushes is Walt Bedwell, Sandra Lee
W.D.H.S. Program Director not quite a brute.” “An ounce of daring adds Sandy Beautician
3; Student Council Repre­ spice to life.” “How far that little candle
sentative 2; Homeroom Pres­ throws her beams.”
ident 1; Tiger Frolics 1, 2;
Track Team 1, 2; Bowling
Team 2, 3, Breakfast Com­
mittee 2; Tiger Pow-Wow 3; 36
Senior Play 3.

Bendig, Geraldine Naomi Bishop, George Blue, James Malcolm Blumenfeld, Walter
Gerri Secretary George Armed Forces Jim Research Physicist Walt Civil Engineer
“A merry heart with room “Devout yet cheerful, active “A Scotsman, a very valiant “A quick mind and quiet
for every pleasure.” yet resigned.” gentleman.” manner.”
Planning Committee 1; Tow­ Theater Guild 1; Homeroom Homeroom President 2; Stud­
er 2, Manager 3; FAMA Vice-President 1; Chorus 1, ent Council Representative 1;
Typist 3; TORCH Planning 2; Band 2, 3; Dance Band Chess Team 1, 2, 3; Bowling
Committee 3; National Honor 2 ; Senior Play 3; Stage 1 , 2; Dance Band 2; Band
Society 3. Crew 3. 2, 3; Key Club 3; Senior
Play 3.
tkt oh life

Burke, Barbara Jean
Brochon, John R. Barb Secretary
Bossier, Catherine Elise John Electronic Technician “A wealth of wisdom and
Borochaner, Howard Cathy Kindergarten “ Wait and see.” good cheer is within this
Howie Chemical Engineer Teacher personality clear”
“A man of a genial mien.” “/ have a heart with room for Hockey 1; Library Assistant
every joy.” 2; Majorettes 2, 3; Basket­
ball Intramurals 3; Wash­
ington Trip Committee 3.

Cameron, Kathleen
Cahall, Ralph Eugene Kathy Secretary
Busse, Lucille Ralph Telephone Lineman “A sweet, attractive kind
Burkhart, William Lou Secretary “ This lion is not as fierce as of grace.”
Bill College “She who loves and laughs they paint him.” Tower 2; TORCH, Business
“And lies a deviltry beneath will do well.” J.V. Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Co-Manager 3; Tower Assis­
tant Manager 3; Intramural
Basketball 3.
his mild exterior.” FAMA Typist 3; Tiger Pow- Basketball 1, 3; Gym Team
Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Senior Wow 3; TORCH Planning 3; National Honor Society 3.
Play 3. Committee 3.

Carlen, Carol Ann Carr, Carol Ann Catalanotti, Lois Ann Charlesworth, Joyce
Carol Business Teacher Carol Secretary Lo Secretary Joyce Secretary
“ That sparkle in her eyes “For daring nonsense often "With her .smiling eyes, and “ Without love and laughter,
dark brown hair, she leaves
spells mischief, fun a nd seems to please.” good impressions e v e r y ­ nothing is pleasant.”
frolic.” Student Council Recording where ” S e n i o r Class Treasurer;
Senior (]Iass Recording Sec­
FAMA Typist 3; Basketball Secretary 3; H o m e r o o m retary; Hockey 1, 2, Co-Cap- FAMA Typist 2; Tiger Pow-
2, 3; Tiger Frolics 2. Treasurer 1, 2; FAMA 1, 2; laiti 3; i’ lamiing Committee Wow 3; Washington Trip
2; Tiger Pow-Wow 3; Prom
Tiger Pow-Wow 3; Washing­ (^immitlee 2; FAMA, Fea­ Committee, Chairman 3; Na­
ton Trip Committee 3. ture Editor 3; TORCH Liter­ tional Honor Society 3; Color
ary Co-Editor 3; National Guard Co-Captain 3.
Honor Society 3.
Jeo A Ju d ij w t ft/u m i

Choinski, Diana Marie A
Diane Secretary Christo, Barbra Maria
“ The actions of women are Bonnie Airline Coia, Michael Raymond
the best interpreters of their Reservationist Ray Conwell, Joan Marie
thoughts.” “ IF ho brings sunshine into “As clear as a whistle.’ Joan Armed Forces
Student Council 2; Home­ the life of another, has sun­ “ Happy - go - lucky, carefree,
room Secretary 1; Planning shine in her own.” and gay, what else more fit­
Committee 1; Tower 2; Li­ ting could we say.”
brary Assistant 2; Tiger
Pow-Wow 3.

Corson, Walter
Duke Draftsman Costantini, Diane
“ Worry? Let it run away?’ Diane Secretary Cowles, David Alvin
“Her voice was ever soft and Dave Aeronautical Craig, Betty Jeannette
sweet, an excellent thing in Engineer Betty Private Secretary
womankind.” “F rom morn to night he’s “Oh, hair so blonde; oh,
full of fun, a very good friend eyes so fair.”
to everyone.” FAMA 2, Business Editor 3;
Basketball 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Tower 1 , Manager 2, Gen­
National Honor S o c i e t y , eral Manager 3; Pep Club 3;
38 Treasurer 3. TORCH 3; National Honor
Society 3.

Crawford, Dorothy Patricia Crawford, William David
Dot Cutchineal, Russell DeBold, Martha Ann
Shop Teacher Cutch Armed Forces
“Never a care, never a worry, “A good-natured person is “ The glory of young men is Marty Armed Forces
The flash of her keen dark
never, never, in a hurry." never out of place.” in their strength.” eyes.”
T O R C H , Photography Co- Football I, 3; Gym Team 2.
Director 3.


Dominick, Paul Samuel
DiLissio, Nicholas Dom Teacher
DiCicco, Catherine J. Nick Pharmacist “Energy and persistence con­
DeDonado, Dennis Ralph Kay Secretary “ Upon the earth, there is quer all things.”
Denny College “Kindness, sweetness, a n d not his like.” Football 1, 2, 3; J.V. Basket­
“A tiger among ladies is a goodness, in her personality Homeroom President 2 ; Stu­ ball 1 , 2 ; Baseball 2 ; Home­
most dreadful thing.” are revealed.” dent Council Representative room Treasurer 1 .
Soccer 2. Student Council Representa­ 1; Football Manager 1 ; J.V.
tive 3; Homeroom Secretary Basketball 2.
2; Tower 2, Manager 3; Li­
brary Assistant 2; TORCH
Typist 3.

Eckhardt, Jack
Duffy, Judy Chemist
Dransfield, Terry Judy Medical Assistant “Known for doing what he
Doyle, Penny Ann Marie Terry Welding Engineer likes.”
Penny Beautician “Always trying, never stops.” “In life, as in a game, fore­
thought wins.”
“A quiet gaiety and a zest Homeroom Vice-President 1. Homeroom Secretary 1.
in living.” Homeroom Secretary 1;
Homeroom Treasurer 1. Bowling T e a m 1; Tiger
Frolics 1.

Edwards, William Embiscuso, Marie Louise Ermolowich, Katherine Fetterolf, David Robert
Bill Private Enterprise Marie Actress Kay Commercial Artist Dave Armed Forces
“ Beware the jury of a patient “A great enchantress you “Keep true to the dreams of “/ was never quiet.”
may he.” thy youth.” Football 3.
Wrestling 3.

S M tiM iu /dii m

Findlay, Bernice Natalie
Bernie Secretary Finney, William Lee
“Quality not quantity is my Bill Football Coach Firce, Linda Marie
measure.” “Perpetual motion in school Lyn Nurse Flacco, Nick William
Homeroom Secretary 2;FA- sports.” “Good temper, like a shiny Nick Phys. Ed. Teacher
MA Typist 3; TORCH 3; Football 1, 2; Co-Captain 3; day, sheds a brightness over “ Prince of good fellows, ath­
Wilson Pep Rally 3; Student Baseball 2; Wrestling 2, 3; everything.” lete by fame, he knows
Council Representative 3. Tiger Frolics Gold T e a m FAMA, Exchange Editor 3; every co-ed and calls them
Captain 3. Basketball Manager 2; Hock­ by name.”
ey Team 3; Tiger Pow-Wow Gym Team 1, 2, 3; Golf 1;
3; U.N. Committee 3; F.T.A. Baseball 2; Football 3; Ti­
2 ; National Honor Society 3. ger Frolics Blue Team Cap­
tain 3.

Follin, Carole Lee
Carol Nurse Fork, John Robert
“ And a very nice girl you’ll Butch Foster, Jean Elsie
find her.” “ Whatever he does, he does Jean Fashion Buyer Foster, Richard
with ease.” “She will succeed’ for she Dick Open Hardware Store
Homeroom Treasurer 1; Foot­ believes all she says.” “I drink to the general joy
ball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basket­ Student Council Represent­ of the whole table.”
ball 3. ative 2; Planning Committee Wrestling Manager.
1; Tiger Frolics 1 , 2.

Fox, Rebecca Wynn Freiheit, Diana Lee Gargani, Rose Marie Garner, John A.
Becky Phys. Ed. Teacher Diane Airline Hostess Ro Secretary
“A soaring spirit is her prime “A quiet sort of charm.” “From a little spark, may John Air Force
delight.” Tiger Frolics 1, 2, 3. burst a mighty flame.” “ Come what may for he is
Senior Class Vice President; FAMA Typist 3. satisfied.”
Hockey 3; W.D.H.S. 3;
FAMA, Sports Editor 3;
TORCH, Literary Co-Editor
3; Varsity Basketball Captain
3; National Honor Society 3.

(u /j/m d kfw w kd /ji

Gindhart, JoAnne Ruth
Gilardi, Anthony Jo Marriage
Gibbs, Barbara Lee Tony Electronics “ Her wit, her gestures, and
Carton, William Francis Barb Accountant “No one knows what he can her smile.”
Bill Music “Possessing a smile that do till he tries.” Class Secretary 1 ; Homeroom
“Music makes the world go lights her whole face.” Secretary 1 , 2 ; Intramural
’round.” FAMA Typist 3; Tower Basketball 1 .
Band 1, 2, 3; Intramural Bas­ Salesgirl 2, Manager 3; Ti­
ketball 3; Student Council ger Pow-Wow 3; TORCH
Alternate 1 . Planning Committee 3; Na­
tional Honor Society 3.

Grunert, Patricia Ann
Groman, Vivian Marie Pat Secretary
Grant, Richard yiv Marriage “ Quietness and confidence
Good, Carol Ann Dick Electronics “As merry as the day is shall be your strength.”
Goody Airline Stewardess “ Of a good beginning cometh long.” FAMA Typist 3.
“ Treasures come in small a good end.”
Student Council Represent­
ative 1 , 2 ; Hockey 1; Home­
room Secretary 1.

Haag, Emma Hamilton, Pensacola Hartnett, Joseph Francis Hashagen, Paul John
Emmy Business Teacher Cola Fashion Model Frank Bookkeeper Paul Armed Forces
“ Her future is aglow with “A light heart lives long.” “ Known to few but his “ The charm of the impos­
golden possibilities.” friends.” sible.”
FAMA, Novelty Editor 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 3;
Tiger Frolics 1, 2 ; Tower 2, Homeroom Secretary 2.
Assistant Manager 3; U.N.
Committee 2; Tiger Pow-
Wow 3; National Honor So­
ciety 3.
S im id ii we bwik

Helder, Frederick
Fred Hennessy, William
“ They can conquer who be­ Bill Football Coach Hershman, Marc Joseph
lieve they can.” “ I eat well, / drink well, and Marc Piano Teacher Hitch, Dianne Jean
I sleep well . . . but that’s “Firm to his purpose.” Di Airline Stewardess I s
all!” Homeroom Treasurer 1; Cho­ “Silence has many advan­
Baseball 1, 2; Gym Team 1; rus 1; Planning Committee tages.”
Wrestling 2; Student Coun­ 1; Key Club 1, 2, 3; Council Homeroom Vice-President 2;
cil 1 . of Debate 3; Senior Play 3; Homeroom Secretary 1.
Tiger Pow-Wow 3.

Holl, Carol Ann
Carol Secretary Hollenbach, Sallie Ann
“Softly speak and sweetly Sallie Clerk-Typist Hook, Raymond George
smile.” “ Music is the language of Ray Horn, Barbara Evelyn
Tower Salesirl 2, Assistant mankind, and I would be “He has quickened many to Barb I.B.M. Operator
Manager 3; Tiger Pow- an interpreter.” mirth.” “ Wit now and then always
Wow 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3. shows a spark.” tlftt
42 !;(

Horn, Fred Hughes, Jay Taylor Hulme, Lovett Jerdan, Walter
Fred Jay Conservation Lovett Walt Printer
“Quiet in appearance with “Sir, your wit ambles well; “Silent men are wise men.” “Enough good will the whole
motives unknown.” it goes easily.” wide world to fill.”
Bowling Team 2. Football 3.

- iofU ]

Jordan, Doris Margaret
Doris Business
Jones, Paul Russell “Her charming smile and
Jones, Joseph Allen Paul twinkling eyes make me
Jones, Clenton Doc Armed Forces “My own thoughts are my think of paradise.”
Spider Traveling Salesman “He knows his own path.” companions.” Homeroom President 2 ;
“ Time cannot change him.” TORCH, Assistant Editor-in-
Homeroom Vice-President 1; Chief 3; W.D.H.S. 2, Pro­
Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2; gram Director 3; Library As­
Wrestling 2, 3. sistant 2; National Honor So­
ciety 3.

Keller, Margaret
Keeler, Alice Frances Marge Beautician
Katz, Arnold Alice Business Teacher “Hot too sober, not too gay,
Arny Doctor “Friendly, cute, of stature but a true girl in every way.”
Kaiser, Douglas John “ / do no more than I can do
well." small.”
Doug President’s Council President
“He thinks without confusion 2; Key Club 1, 2. 3; Basket­ FAMA Typist 3; Tiger Frol­
ics 2.
clearly, he loves his fellow ball 1, 2. 3; Track 1, 2;
Planning Committee i, 2;
men sincerely.” Tiger Pow-Wow 3; School
Student Council Representa­ Photographer 3; Vice-Pres­
tive 2; Band 1, 2, President ident 3. 43
3; Chorus 2; Tiger Frolics 2.

Kelly, James Ronald Kennedy, Joan Frances Kentzler, Joyce Mary
Kellner, Richard Joan I.B.M. Operator Joyce Nurse
Richie Jim Lawyer “A smile for all, a greeting “ Gentleness is of bliss.”
“ I trust nothing can make “ It matters not how long we glad.” TORCH Planning Committee
life a burden to me. live, but how.” 3; Tiger Frolics 2; Tiger
Bowling Team 3. Band 3; Senior Play 3. Pow-Wow 3.

2> d ijatd ti m iim tm d

Kernen, Patricia A. Kessner, Joyce Lanette
Pat Author’s Secretary Joyce Secretary Kilgore, Earl R.
“ Great thoughts come from “In the world of dreams, / Sonny Mechanic Kilpatrick, Patricia Alice
the heart.” have chosen my part.” “As you live, so shall your Pat Airline Stewardess
Student Council Represent­ strength be.” “ The girl we like for what
ative 3; Chorus 3; W.D.H.S. Soccer 3. she is.”
3; Senior Play 3; Tiger Pow-
Wow 3; Homecoming Dance
Committee 3; Motorcade
Chairman 3; National Hon­
or Society 3.

Kindle, Edward
Ed Draftsman Kinney, Sandra Ellen Klaiss, Vivian Roberta
‘Humor is his laugh. Sandie Accountant Vivian Beautician
H o m e r o o m T reasurer 1; “ An attractive and cheerful “ Conversation makes o n e Linda Klebe, Linda Secretary
Football 3; Baseball 2; Gym lass.” what she is.” **Her pleasantness and kind­
ness have won her many
Team 2. H o m e r o o m Secretary 2; Homeroom P r e s i d e n t 1; friemls."
Homeroom Vice-President 1; Senior Class Corresjjoiiding
Tower. Assistant Manager 2, Chorus 1; Tiger Pow-Wow 3. Secretary; Majorettes 1, 2,
Drum Majorette 3; Gym
General Manager 3; TORCH Team 2, 3; Tiger I’ow-Wow
Typist 3; Chorus 3. 3; Washington Trip Com­
44 mittee 3.

Kleiner, George James Knarr, Mary Lee Kraft, Edwin Krysak, Michael John
Butch Mechanic Mary Marriage Ed Mike Art Teacher
“ Life is filled with countless “ Time deals gently with “Silence is one of the great “ The moon is full, the night
joys of which we never tire.” those who take it gently^ arts of conversation.” is young, the gets tank’s full.
Tower 2, Manager 3; FAMA H o m e r o o m Treasurer 1; I’m out for fun.”
Typist 3. Homeroom Vice-President 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling
Basketball Manager 1; Intra­ 1, 3; Baseball 1; Gymnastics
mural Basketball 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Tiger Frolics 2 ; Prom
2, 3. Committee 2.

lu /jk iM d i

Lefkowitz, Lynne Janice
LeClair, Ronald Edward Lynne Beautician
Laird, Harry Ronnie Cabinet Maker “ Merrily, merrily, shall I
Kutzer, Fred Harry “/ had the will to win.” live now.”
Homeroom President 1; Cho­
Fred Fireman “ Life is a jest and all things Student Council Representa­ rus 1, 3; Tiger Pow-Wow 1.
“Slow and steady wins the show it.” tive 2; Intramural Gymnas­
race. » tics 1; Bowling 2; Wrestling
Soccer Manager 1; Gym 1, 2, 3.
Team 1.

Lorincie, Janet Ann
Longo, Dominick Paul Janet Armed Forces
Logue, George Mickey Private Enterprise “ A carefree heart lies within
this merry lass.”
Litvenenko, Anatoly George “He is a sincere and hand Chorus 1; TORCH Planning
Anatoly “A true sportsman is posses­ some lad.” Committee 3; U.N. Commit­
“I will be a man among sed of endless quantities of Football .1, 2, 3; Wrestling tee 2; Tiger Pow-Wow 3.
men.” good humor.” 1, 2, Captain 3; Track 2.
Key Cluh 1, 2, 3; Gym Team
1, 2, 3; J.V. Baseball 1, 2;
Tiger Pow-Wow 3.

Mabery, Janet Louise
Lovell, David Lee Lovett, Joseph Ernest Harry Lutz, Harry Edwin Janet Secretary
Armed Forces
Reb Tool & Dye Maker Joe Biology Teacher “ He can, because he thinks “Sincerity shines from the
“No man can climb but be­ “ IThat is a man without his he can.” eyes of the earnest.”
yond the limitations of his books?” Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, Softball 1, 2 ; Washington
power.” Student Council 2, President 2. Trip Committee 3.
3; Council of Debate 2, 3;
Key Club 2, President 3;
Band 3; Planning Committee
2; National Honor Society 3.

w t fijd m o m

Manieri, Patricia Mary
Pat Beautician Manley, Winifred Mannherz, Gail
“Small and sweet, cute and Winnie Secretary Gail here’s a gaJ who Marchetti, Patrick
petite.” “ Come when she will, she works all day, but whenever Pat Professional Dancer
Homeroom President 2; Stu­ shall have cheer.” there's sports she finds time
dent Council Representative Hockey 3. to play.” “Never idle, never quiet.”
Hockey 1, 2, 3; Softball 1,
1, 3; Planning Committee 1; 2, 3; Band 1, 3; TORCH Tiger Pow-Wow Chairman;
Literary Staff 3; Basketball Wrestling 1, 2.
Basketball 2; Varsity Cheer­ 3; Bucks County Band 1;
leader 3. Tifier F'rolics Gold Team
Captain 3; National Honor
Society, Secretary 3.

Marshall, Edward
Ed Martindell, John Hegerman Martino, Loretta Anna
“ This fellow is great and Marty Chemist Mazenko, Mary Helen
good through inward efforts “ Men should be what they Loretta Secretary Mary Secretary
“ The gentle mind by gentle
of his own.” seem.” “Her winning smile is sure
Bowling 1, 2, 3. deeds is known.”
to achieve her aims.”
Chorus 1; Tiger Frolics 2;
Gym Team 3.

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