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Published by Eli Hambaugh, 2019-05-08 11:57:06

Sans Bad Time

A time of bad luck

Sans Bad Time 

By: Eli Hambaugh 

One beautiful morning, Sans was going to work. Sans is 23 years old,
and this is his 5th year working at Mcdonalds while his brother Papyrus is
working at a spaghetti factory for the first time. Sans loves his job making
chicken nuggets for little kids. His friends call him Mario from the red hat
that he has to wear. Sans was walking to his red Ford truck with a pro
gamer reward that was from the world’s fastest UNDERTALE player on the
front hood on his truck.

On his way to Mcdonalds, Sans checked his gas, and it was half full.
Then Sans passed the gas station and the next one is in 10 miles, and he
thought that he will make it, but then Sans jinxed himself and his engine
was about to blowout! But then after 10 minutes, Sans’s truck engine did
blowout, and his truck screamed bloody Mary! “BOOM! KLINK!” Sans is
starting to be a very unlucky man.

Sans checked his Smartwatch ,and it was at 15% with low Wifi, so he
tried to make it as quick as possible. After Sans called his boss when he
tried to call one of his friends but his smartwatch died on him.

His boss said he will not fire him because his boss understands what
happened and then Sans got confused from what he said because his boss
was usually not that nice to his employees.

2 hours later… Sans tried to fix his truck's engine, and he found a
dead squirrel in his truck engine and Sans was about to throw up from it.

20 minutes later… Sans got back to fixing his truck's engine and
Sans found like a billion acorns in his engine, Sans was getting very

Sans had to pull out all of the acorns that were in his truck. Later,
Sans tried his truck. This time it didn’t blow up. Sans was now lucky. After 5
minutes, Sans had to refill his gas. After refilling his truck, Sans had to pay
inside. While Sans was paying inside he asked the cashier “do you have a
portable phone charger that can plug into my truck outlet,” and the cashier
said, “Yes.”

Sans charged his phone and called his boss and Sans said that he
was ok, and he was on his way, and his boss said ok. Sans was driving
through town, and he pulled over and parked his truck and ran inside
Mcdonalds. Inside Mcdonalds it was dead silence… but then everybody
surprised Sans. His boss was there, but it wasn’t his boss Sans knew. His
new boss greeted him and his name was Frisk. His old boss name was
Chara and he was mean to every employee. Sans was happy with his new
boss and Sans was happy to be at Mcdonalds.

The End

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