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Published by Enhelion, 2019-12-02 15:13:20

Mod 2 (Part III)

Mod 2 (Part III)

Cyber threats

The following are some examples of cyber threats:

• Human Weakness- accidental and Intentional errors
• Accidental deletion or modification
• Failure to protect data
• Revelation or sharing of confidential data
• Acts of thefts– physical or electronic theft
• Malware attacks such as viruses, spyware, zombies and botnets
• Phishing
• Spear phishing
• Spoofed emails
• Spoofing
• Social engineering
• Backdoor
• Password crackers
• Denial-of-Service attacks

• Lack of training
• Inexperience
• Degradation of services/network performance
• Unavailability of services

Categories of threats

Threats can be classified according to the following classes:
• According the damage caused and impacts
• According to the threat source- insider, 3rd party or external

Threat Categorization Process

Actor Target Impact Attack

Hacktivism Wireless Reputation Soc
Network - Damaged Engine
State Point of Data Netwo
SysStaelme s Stolen Attac
crime Financial Reputation Insid
Accounts - Damaged Thre

Individuals Social Media Financial Malwa
acting accounts Loss

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