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Published by stephania.menezes, 2019-04-29 02:29:40

ELL CG Power 19 to 21-04-19

ELL CG Power 19 to 21-04-19

Oneness in Spirit


The prevailing unseen tensions at the CG Power, Ahmednagar
plant, among the shop floor staff and at the management led
Mr. Thomas Abhraham, a consultant for the company to take a

fine initiative of organizing an experience for the staff in the
form of an ELL program with Initiatives of Change. This
program was held from the 19th to 21st of April 2019, at a

scenic and fully equipped training centre of CG Power in
Mulshi, 40kms away from Pune. Total of 39 employees
attended the program, 9 were joined by their spouses. Most
were from the shop floor and some were from the

management. It was facilitated by team consisting of TP
Mukherjee, Prabhakar Vartak, Anup Pawar, Stephania
menezes. We are grateful to the visiting faculty Thomas

Abraham, Datta Dhamnaskar, Sudhir Gogate and Clifford Paul.

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The participants were welcomed by a Participant expressing his decisions and steps of change he would take inspired by the program
message from Mr. Sudhir Gogate
inviting them, “ come to work with a beating them?”, he realized what he had This interaction came to an end with
smile and leave for home from work done and was challenged by the idea. many happy memories, appreciation
with smile”. After spending time with the Another participant who was cared for towards organizers and each one taking
nature during the first hour of the day and brought up by his aunt had a decision and a step of Change in their
and then with one’s inner self stopped communicating with her for respective lives. A union leader closed
participants were deeply touched. They some miss-understanding, he decided with a a comment, “from now on we are
also discovered how divided they were to go back and apologize for his going to communicate our needs, focus
in their thinking and one participant thinking. As expressed by the on our selves, our family and also on our
shared “ from now on I will listen to my participants, this program brought new company, if our company doesn’t do
inner voice and take decisions after perspectives and clarity in the approach, well, how can we?”.
taking time of silence”. Another they as an employee need to take.
participant apologized to her husband
saying “ I expect too much from him and
from today I will reduce that as I know
he is already working hard”. An
executive member of the union and a
husband shared how his behavior was
different at work and at home, where he
would be agitated and restless. He
decided to change this behavior of his.

Many took time to reflect on their lives
and discovered how they need to take
redefined responsibilities in
professional and personal fronts. A
father with teary eyes asked “ how do I
ask apology from my children for


1) If participants leave from Ahmednagar post lunch on 10) Having one family group a day is advisable , gives
the day of the program, it is difficult to start the program by enough chance to everyone. One women family group after
18:30. For this program they all arrived by 20:15. relationship session works wonderfully.

2) Family groups and name tags if coordinated before 11) If we have cultural evening, we also need to engage
hand would be better. them as not every member gets involved enthusiastically.

3) Using outdoor venue for morning sessions worked well. 12) Life Balance sheet can be conducted in amphi theatre
as it’s enough open space but also keeps everyone close by
4) They know each other, they operate closely so the ice for sharing.
breakers can be used in a manner they feel welcomed and
connected with us. 13) No. Of facilitators during the program is important,
important also for facilitators to be present from start to
5) Carrying extra stationary eg. Yellow books, inner finish.
listening booklets pen ( they offer a notepad and pencils but
sharpeners are not easily available so the pens would be a 14) Be prepared to close early on the last day as they need
better choice). to travel back to nagar and reach their homes at a decent
hour, many might have work the next morning.
6) 30 mins for breakfast not enough at least 45 mins helps.
15) The staff and logistics team is very efficient and proper
7) People sharing stories in inner development, should communication is helpful.
stick to the format of story sharing and time limit.
16) Using different rooms for different sessions was helpful
8) While making choice of activities, not thinking of them and improves audience interaction.
as less educated or less exposed, but making important
ideas available to them too. 17) Before every session getting audio and video tested is
important especially if room is changed.
9) Carrying enough and as much session material such as
videos, slides, songs etc 18) Advisable for the facilitators team to reach in the first
half of the day, gives the, a chance to get accustom to the
venue and interact with staff of the training centre.

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