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Engineering Single Fold Flyer v4

Engineering Single Fold Flyer v4


Zultec Engineering provides comprehensive turnkey design, build, and deployment services for a complete range of custom-engineered
material handling systems for food processing, distribution, manufacturing, assembly, and logistic applications which comes fully
equipped with all the necessary automation.

Our product range includes conveyors, system integration services mainly of packaging, processing, product inspection and labeling
solutions within production lines, electrical and controls engineering of HMIs and stainless steel fabrication services.



With more than 500 installations of conveyor systems, we are renowned within the industry for supplying high quality production
and conveyor systems. We can design, manufacture and install custom-built conveyor systems to your specification. Our design
team works with you to analyze your business needs, and to suggest innovative solutions to perfectly match your manufacturing or
handling requirements. Our trained staff has over 30 years of experience in material handling systems and is able to apply this wealth
of experience to any number of solutions to all your conveying challenges.

Our team has vast experience programming using all PLCs, HMI and other operator interfaces such as:


A cleated incline conveyor with hopper moves products vertically. The hopper distributes the
product onto the conveyor. Ideal for variety of industries including foundry, food processing
and fertilizers, our cleated belt conveyors feature:
• Allows for bulk transfer continuously and consistently
• Handles transportation in angle of 0 to 90 degrees
• Allows for economical running


Our vibratory conveyors solve a number of different internal conveyance tasks in connection
with conveying powder, pellets and granular products. The conveyors are available in single-
mass and two-mass vibrating systems excited by a motor-driven eccentric shaft.
• Able to be used with a wide range of products
• Available in lengths, widths and screen configurations to match customer needs
• Available in trough & enclosed trough designs


Belt Conveyors are extremely strong and durable in nature. Modular plastic conveyors are made up
of series of plastic bricks held together with plastic pings. Their open design makes them easy to
wash down and as a result, they are used extensively in critical hygiene areas.
• Safe, filly encapsulated top edges with fully enclosed end rollers
• Versatile – high deck, friction material, roller top or flighted surface area.
• Available with flights / buckets


Our spiral conveyors move products vertically. Our spiral conveyor ensures smooth operation without
disturbing the product. Available as a standalone conveyor or as part of a turn-key processing
system، our spiral conveyors provide a high-performance, easy-to-clean vertical movement solution.
• Designed with horizontal section at the In and outfeed
• Allows for bulk transfer continuously and consistently
• Handles transportation in angle of 0 to 90 degrees


Our Gravity conveyor is available in skate wheels or full rollers, depending on your product
requirements. We offer numerous accessories such as supports, ceiling hanger brackets, side rails,
and optional rollers such as galvanizes, stainless steel or plastic coated.
• Straight, curve and junction sections
• Robust design for long operational life
• Rollers driven through removable drive bands


Merge conveyors are designed to automate your packaging needs. These conveyors are deployed
between primary packaging machines like thermoformers or traysealers with an outfeed of multiple
lanes, align your products in single line and act like an infeed to different process equipments
• Provides automatic singulation thereby eliminating expensive labor
• Provides continuous singulation without frequent conveyor sops/starts
• Ideal for high speed merging of baggage from one conveyor to another


Zultec provides a range of turntable conveyors for pick and packers, product sortation, accumulation
as well directional changes particulalry in the smallest possible space of your conveyor system. Our
turntable conveyors are designed according to specific needs of each client.
• High efficiency wash down inverter duty gear motor
• Seamless integration with other types of pallet conveyors
• All main unit rollers are driven for positive load movement


Our slat conveyors are used in a variety of industries but are particularly suited to the beverage and
canning industries. The high tensile strength makes them ideal for long conveying systems. It has
slats attached to double strand steel side bars with bushed & bearing roller chains
• Flexibility allows for a wide variety of heavy load conveyor applications
• Offers a continuous moving surface to mount product fixturing.
• Speeds determined by production rate & set by preceding & following operations.


Integration is key to successfully delivering turnkey systems. Zultec can take a segment of your process and determine the best
process and equipment for a seamless solution. From simple modifications of existing lines to building the entire packaging line from
start to finish is what we specialize in. Our expert group of control engineers brings experience from a variety of industries into all
of our systems integrations. Our goal is to make our customer’s experience as pain-free as possible and maximize the production of
every line.


• Turnkey Packaging Systems • Drives and control systems
• Turnkey Ready Meals & Dates Processing Systems • Drop-in equipment or complete packaging integration
• Line layouts • Commissioning & training
• Complete line synchronization and integration

Our team has vast experience programming using all PLCs, HMI and other operator interfaces such as:


• Tray Denesting • Tray loading • Case erecting
• Scale Systems • Sorting • Case Packing
• Vision Analysis • Overwrapping • Coding
• Bagging • Auto reject systems • Cartoning
• Labeling • Merging & laning


From a line integration standpoint, manufacturers are looking to track energy costs, machine down-time and excess capacity. They
need controls and information structures of individual machines in the packaging line in order to procure a solution that collects data
from the entire line. Data that provides overall information for the line as well as data from the production of an individual product line-
all for the goal of saving time and costs from the manufacturing process. This Control automation is the brain of your line, resulting as
a critical party of your process.


We understand that every facility is different and has its own Our priority is ensuring that your facility can keep things moving.
unique set of needs. That is why our engineers and programmers We have the experience and expertise to integrate yourPLC,
will then engineer your system including electrical layouts and conveyors, sorters, and other control elements, as well as other
panel design, and implement your system using applicable specific industry needs like process control systems forfood and
technologies and equipment to fit the precise needs of your beverage facilities and robotic cells for theautomotiveandmaterial
facility handling industries.


Access to information about what is going on in your facility is When it’s time for your system to go live, you want to make sure
extremely valuable to the efficiency and growth of your operation. that everything goes as planned. Our skilled team of electrical
Zultec will provide you with the appropriate HMI or SCADA, installers will be on site to work with you and your engineers to
depending on what data you need to access and how you need to install your new system, and stay on site as needed after startup
use that data. Our data and visualization services are not tied to to test the processes, ensuring that the system is integrated fully
any one vendor. We are able to integrate with any system you use and running smoothly.


Stainless Steel Fabrication is the foundation to our success! Zultec experts work closely with
our clients to custom engineer and manufacture conveyors, platforms, catwalks, ergonomic
stands, stackable stands and ancillary components for the Food, Beverage and Personal
Health Care industries.

Whether you require a single component or a complete line layout, Zultec has the proven
expertise to deliver a project of exceptional quality. Our custom designs use the latest
Autodesk Inventor technology. Every project is produced to CFIA and USDA regulatory
standards and complies with AMI & 3A sanitary design guidelines.

Our tanks are constructed with stainless steel and designed to hold any liquid or bulk product
for your processing line. Custom designed and built for each customer, our stainless steel
tanks can be constructed at any size to hold the ideal volume of products for your operation.
Available as a standalone product or as part of a turn-key solution, our tanks provide a
strong, reliable, easy-to-clean solution for your liquid or bulk holding needs.

Our pack-off tables, available in food-grade stainless steel, are designed to make the
packing system more efficient and ergonomic. Available as a standalone product or as part
of a turn-key solution, our custom designed and built pack-off tables provide an integrated,
ergonomic packing solution.

Our platforms can be utilized for a wide array of applications such as multi-head scale
systems, equipment storage, catwalks, and production line walk-over platforms. Each of our
platforms is built and manufactured using stainless steel for optimal sanitary construction.
Each unit is free of enclosed areas eliminating any harbourage points preventing bacteria

Our stainless steel chutes are designed to transfer products quickly from one part of
the processing line to the next. Available as standalone products or as part of a turn-key
solution, our custom designed and built chutes provide a reliable, sanitary gravity-powered
transferring solution.

Our stainless steel hoppers are designed to hold vast amounts of product, and can be
integrated into new or existing conveyor systems. Available as a standalone product or
as part of a turn-key solution, our custom designed and built hoppers provide a reliable,
sanitary bulk holding solution



• We integrate processing machines within industrial lines and enable
them rolling.

• We serve customers throughout Saudi Arabia in diversified domains
• We provide quality metal fabrication
• We are industry consultants for unique challenges from concept design till execution
• We are specialists in standard & custom conveyor systems
• We work to deliver unique and bespoke solutions


• Engineering Consultancy with End-to-End Solution.
• Design & Supervision
• Plant / Processing Lines design (2D, 3D)
• ISO / HACCP compliance
• Wastewater management
• Environmental approvals


With an extensive experience in industrial designs,integration and processing equipment supplies,Zultec brings the most comprehensive
processing lines in meat / poultry and agro industrial sectors tailored to the precise industry needs. These lines ensure maximized
yield, compliance to stringent food standards & high degree of automation that transforms your entire production.

• Meat Processing Line
• Dates Processing Line
• Olive Processing Line
• Frozen French Fry Production Line
• Dried Apricot Processing Line
• Sweet Corn Processing Line
• Fresh Cherry Processing Line
• Peppers/Eggplants Roasting/Peeling Line
• Ready to Eat Processing Line
• Raisin Processing Line
• Walnut & Almond Processing Line
• Fresh-Cut Processing Line



Zultec Engineering has garnered exceptional experience in designing, researching and developing
agro-industrial processing lines.
We design customized processing lines in view of industrial process engineering and with
cutting edge project management strategies that allows us to deliver cost-effective
and viable solutions to our customers. As an expert in food processing machines
coupled with
our sheet metal fabrication and line integration expertise with global
we design the best of lines for an efficient processing.
Our design allows for high efficiency values
in both of the final packing methods
common in the market. Zultec
Engineering line manages up
to 80 packs/min and in in-
box packing system our
line packs 8 box/min.

Slitter rewinder has accurate tension control through the use of a pneumatic unwind brake which is infinitely variable and the rewind
is controlled through a pneumatically operated variable rewind clutch. Quick set rotary slitting with on the run lateral adjustment is
fitted as standard, the slitting knives can be set with the web in position unlike some cartridge systems. A splice table makes web
splices both simple and quick. Quick change air mandrels for the product rewind ensure that cores a gripped firmly. Slitter incorporates
features normally found on larger more expensive inspection / slitting machinery but there is a range of options to increase the
flexibility of the slitter rewinder further.

Cost Effective
High performance
Operator friendly
Fully adjustable
Easy to Control

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