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A Guy named Bob Simpson has a stunning life with his jobs. Listen to this book if you want to read it.

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Published by Gabriel Lindeman, 2019-05-08 10:14:54

Bad Days To Good Days

A Guy named Bob Simpson has a stunning life with his jobs. Listen to this book if you want to read it.

Bad Days To 
Good Days  

By: Gabe Lindeman 

Have you ever seen a car break down?
Listen to this story and you will learn about
a very funny thing happen that happened
to a young bright- looking man named Bob
Simpson, who is trying to be better at his
hard working job.

Bob Simpson stood up on his bed at
6:45 AM and was as tired as a cat that
sleeps all day. Bob has some bad habits
like getting up too late and cracking his
knuckles. Bob is 27 years old and is 6’1”.
Bob has brown hair and has brown eyes.
Bob wears casual clothes and wears a suit
and tie. Bob has a wife and one kid named
Mike. Bob’s hobbies are going to
restaurants and watching tv that is sports
with his friends. “Hey, Mike, want me to
bring you to school?” Mike, of course, said
“Yes”, because he always has to ride the

bus to school. Mike was as tall as a giraffe

and was skinny as a twig.

Bob works for State Farm and can´t be
late by one minute or else he will get a bad
report.¨ I can´t be late¨, said Bob, and had
to be to work by 7:00 AM. Bob gets in his
car which makes a¨ Beep Beep¨ sound
each time it turns on and then something
bad happens.Bob is very depressed, his
Black Camaro Car had an engine problem,
so he had to call the engineer man. Once

the engineer man was trying to fix, it he
couldn’t and the engineer man said he
needed the car for 2 days. Bob already ran
12 blocks out of 20 blocks and then his
friend came and said”,do you want a ride?”

He said, “no.”

​The weather was misty rain and Bob was soaked.¨

I can't do it,¨ Bob said as he is already 1 minute

late. When he got to work, he ran as fast as he
could, so he wouldn't be that late he thought. Bob
walked in 5 minutes late to a big meeting. Bob
walked in with everyone staring at him. His suit
went from a light blue all the way to a dark blue.
When Bob sat down, his chair broke, and he had to
borrow a chair that was beaten up and old. Bob
went and sat at this other chair and said,¨ How
could this day get any worse.¨

Bob after the meeting talked to Jeff
Miller. Jeff Miller creepily walked over to
Bob and he knew he was screwed. Jeff
was mad and Bob knew. Bob was
nervous but then the time came, and he
just knew.Jeff Miller had already had a bad
day, too, so he said that Bob was fired.

Bob gloomily walked 28 blocks home
to his house and even started to cry. He
was so disappointed and thought he
wasn't going to get fired and just thought
about if he would ever get a good job ever

When Bob got up the next day, he
was still mad and sad, but he dragged
himself to his email and Scheels in
Dallas, Texas, heard what happened.
So they gave him an offer because
they interviewed him, and they wanted
him at Scheels because they heard he
does a good job there. He jumped for
joy and of course said,” yes.”

The owner of Scheels is related to
Jeff Miller and did not like the decision
of Jeff Miller. Bob worked in the
upstairs part of the Scheels and helped
the kids that wanted to play the games
for money and worked in the sports

After that day, Bob said, ¨I love this job¨
and never missed a day of work again.
Bob said¨ Yes¨! Bob is very sad because
he likes his car and doesn't trust the

engineer that much to fix it. Bob was
nervous because he thinks he will be late
one more time, but he didn't miss a day of
work again.

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