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Advertising and digital marketing communication

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Published by innggg.007, 2022-05-06 03:45:39

Stamford Magazine 1st edition

Advertising and digital marketing communication

1st edition, April 2022


The story in the STIU campus

& Digital Marketing


Naphisa Varitalangkarn Johnniepa Siriporn Arnone

Art Director Writer


Stamford Magazine will talk about all the news about the
university. To provide our readers with detailed and thor-
ough information. Since our world has technology that is
improving every day. Various media began to come into
the form of online platforms. Stamford Magazine therefore
produces the magazine in the form of an e-magazine.
Our first issue will discuss the story of the new program
in the Faculty of Communication Arts. That is Advertising
and digital marketing communication. Hope you guys get
interesting stories from us.

Talking about
new major

in “Commart”

Advertising and digital marketing communication

The Advertising and Public Rela- gone on to have highly successful ca- in public. Our students will have the
opportunity to practice real-life envi-
tions major is designed to provide a reers in a range of aspects of the media ronments practicing many activities in
public speaking, Persuasion, Business
well-rounded education that develops industry. Students will be trained and and negotiations, and English lan-
guage communication skills, and the
students’ creativity, and writing skills, in cooperate with the top advertising and willingness to collaborate and work
effectively with others is essential.
a professional setting. Furthermore, our public relations professionals, more-
Our students will be given personal
students will practice public speaking over with opportunities to practice in space to work in while making full use
of our studio and editing rooms to get
on a variety of topics, also including the University studio and editing rooms consistency in practical experience. Stu-
dents will be able to fulfill the needs for
debating. Students will discover the and be able to identify global trends their future perspective and desired ca-
reers and be well-rounded, profoundly
concepts of Innovative tactics for creat- and the tools, students need to succeed aware, and professionally experienced.

ing effective campaigns, whether for a in their future careers.

new product or an organization.

Stamford has international faculty

The University provides opportunities and students from over 100 countries

for an Innovative curriculum devised around the world. This creates larger

and taught by individuals with extensive advantages in communication training,

experience in the media sector – both in Information sharing, cultural traditions,

Thailand and abroad. Several alumni have and competency in presentation skills


Industry Stamford International University signed
Partnership a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
with Index Creative Village, Thailand’s
number one creative event organizer
and ranked seventh in the world by
America’s Special Events Magazine.
Index Creative Village is a company
that is inspired by creativity, providing
a wide range of marketing communi-
cations services while adhering to the
‘The Creative Business Solution’ concept
in all areas.

This collaboration allows for the cre-
ation of new educational resources,
workshops, internships, special events,
seminars, CSR activities, and ideas
for research and development. This
collaboration allows for the creation of
new educational resources, workshops,
internships, special events, seminars,
CSR events, and research and develop-
ment concepts.


Crisis Management
Crisis management is an important
aspect of public relations that must be
addressed quickly, regularly, and pro-
fessionally. Students will get to learn
crisis management in the business
industry. including the expertise in

Creating Managing Producing
Students will be able to complete a
variety of projects in public relations
relating to business structure, and
how to produce and create a wide
range of brands and organizations
with knowledge and skills. Students
will understand the concepts of busi-
ness management, including effective
formulation and Public Relations

Students will learn and Improve writing skills
develop an expertise in... Students will be required to create a
variety of projects and reports and im-
prove writing skills in a variety of sub-
jects including Copywriting, Research
papers, Public Relations campaign
writing such as social media posts,
Blog content, website copy, newslet-
ters, and more.

Public relations strategy and tactics Public Speaking Developing Campaigns for public
Students will learn and understand the The session provides students with relations
strategies and tactics of public rela- the opportunity to proficiently practice Students will go through a sequence
tions. How to work out the process of public speaking topics. Such as ceremo- of relevant campaigns, advertising,
public relations according to business nial Speaking, demonstrative speaking, and solicitations, with effective work
and social media organizing. debating, and Persuasive Speaking. planning. Including planning out
missions areas and project manage-
ment both within and outside of the


introducing our faculty members

Dr. Pakamon Sasatanun

Communication Arts Program Director
Dr. Sasatanun has specialized in advertising
and public relations, as well as event manage-
ment. Her study focused on communication,
social media, and marketing. She holds a
Doctor of Philosophy degree in Communication
Arts and Innovation from the National Institute
of Development Administration (NIDA).

Marian Ehret

Mr. Ehret holds a Master of Arts in Media and Politi-
cal Studies (Germany). He has written a book titled
"Poland and the Holocaust." As a Film Producer,
he worked for clients such as the European Union
and the Federal German government, as well as
various clients in the Middle East (Morocco, Dubai).

Peerawat Tan-intaraarj

Graduated with Master of Arts, Communication
Arts and Innovation (Innovative Marketing Commu-
nication), from National Institute of Development
Administration, and graduated with a Bachelor
of Arts in Communication Management (Interna-
tional Program), from Chulalongkorn University.
Currently studying Doctor of Philosophy Program
in Communicology, Faculty of Journalism and Mass
Communication, Thammasat University. Interested
in advertising, public relations, communication arts,
and interpersonal communication.



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