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Published by PrairieLand Partners, 2019-01-03 12:28:40




Two great companies coming together to
offer outstanding support and services


The merger with Prairieland and CTI is set to officially launch January 1, 2019.
Everyone is excited to see what this new company can offer our customers and no
one is more excited to get started than the new Precision Ag Team. We truly believe
that our combined knowledge and services will make us an exceptional partner for
your operation in 2019 and beyond. We take the trust that you extend us when we
are working with your farm very seriously. Confidentiality is a high priority and it is
our privilege to come alongside and help with any of the precision ag needs in your
operation. Please take time to consider the ideas, products, and services that we have
assembled on these pages. We look forward to working with you in 2019.

ACTION NOTE: Along with the merger, customer accounts in OPERATIONS

CENTER will be receiving an email to partner with the new company – PRAIRIELAND
PARTNERS LLC. Please use the link in the email to approve the request which will extend
the same permission levels currently with either PrairieLand Partners or CTI to our new
company. If you can’t access the email, login to your account and click
on the “Notification Center” to approve the request. Emails will start going out after
January 2nd. Contact your local Precision Ag Specialist if you have any questions.

Meet Your NEW
Precision Ag Team

Steve Kaufman Rob Meyer, CCA
Jeff Allison Brian Rausch
Marty Albrecht Randy Rice
Phil Bealby Korey Welch
Ryan Cyr, CCA Conor Hamilton
Myron Ens


785-200-6620 or

RTK 620-504-5250



Call 785-200-6620 or
620-504-5250 to be connected
with our Precision Ag Team

Support has never been this easy 3 easy steps to get started
or effective. Team up with the
Prairieland Partners Precision • Download the App
Ag team for the best in support
services combined with the modern • Select Praireland Partners
tools of our AGRISYNC app for fast
answers to the challenging technical • START USING THE APP
questions that try to slow down your
operation. When downtime is not �Connect to an advisor
an option – You have the number to �Switch to video chat
access a team of connected advisors �Upload pictures or videos
who are working together to solve �Scan a serial number
issues and get you back up and �Or call the support number &
You don’t want another app on your an advisor will be ready to help
phone or you just don’t want to use
the app. That’s OK! Cody, Central Kansas Producer
With AgriSync the Precision Ag Team
can invite farmers to join a live video
session from a text, no app required.



$300 New JDLink

• Receive 5% discount with any subscription Download the JDLInk
purchase until 1/15/2019 (RTK not included) app today!

• Data at your fingertips with the
MyOperations App

JDLink™ is John Deere’s telematics system
designed to take operations to the next
level of productivity and efficiency. Use
JDLink™ to manage your fleet, view
machine information & diagnostic trouble
codes (DTCs), or to get driving directions
to a machine when a trip is needed.
Leveraging the power of JDLink™ enables
data-based decisions that optimize
productivity, increase uptime, and boost

Simply log in to the website or the mobile
app and access a complete overview of
your operation.

• Monitor machine health
• Track location and fuel/DEF levels
• Review reports for fuel and operator

• Schedule and track maintenance

Monitoring and managing your machines
from the office and on the go has never
been easier and faster than it is now with
JDLink and the Mobile App.


Count on Wireless Data Transfer to get your maps where you
need them when you need them!

SALE Mobile JDLink Box Special

$475 Offer ends 1/31/19

Reg. $900 • Includes everything you need PLUS the first year subscription
• Contact your local Precision Ag Specialist to see if you qualify

for an additional FREE year


SALE Upgrade outdated machines to 4G and get Wireless
Data Transfer and Connected Support
Offer ends 1/31/19
Reg. $1,000
• Includes hardware and installation and one-year subscription
$1,200 • 2011 and newer 7, 8, and 9R tractors 2012 and newer 6R tractors
• S-Series combines after 2012
• Hauling or mileage not included

V2 Processor Upgrade for 4600 CommandCenter 5

• Includes V2 Processor, installation, transfer of activations and
software updates

• Enables the use of Premium 3.0 and Automation 1.0
Activations – sold separately

• Hauling and mileage not included


Smart Start Basic....................................$1.00/acre *Smart Start Small Grains.......................$3.00
• VR Fertility • All of Smart Start Premium Plus
Smart Start Yield....................................$1.00/acre • Complete Data Analysis
• Yield map provided post calibrated • Enhanced Learning Blocks
• Yield map accessible via Data Center app *Smart Start Row Crop...........................$4.00
• Yield data uploaded to Operation Center • All of Smart Start Yield Plus
Smart Start Yield Plus.............................$2.00/acre • Complete Data Analysis
• Yield data collected from machine *Smart Start Row Crop Plus....................$5.00
• Yield map provided post calibrated • All of Smart Start Yield Plus
• Yield data uploaded to Op Center • Complete Data Analysis
• VR Fertility w/ Crop Removal • Enhanced Learning Blocks (Nutrient Only)
• 1,000 acres • 1,500+ acres • Double Crop Included
Smart Start Yield Premium Plus..............$3.00/acre *Smart Start Row Crop Premium............$7.00
• Yield data collected from machine • All of Smart Start Premium Plus
• Yield map provided post calibrated • Complete Data Analysis
• Yield data uploaded to Op Center • Enhanced Learning Blocks
• VR Fertility w/ Crop Removal • Double Crop Included
• VR Seeding
*Minimum of 1500 Acres Combined in these 4 Packages
1,000 acres in the programs above include free support
**Smart Start Row Crop Premium Plus...$8.00
• All of Smart Start Premium Plus
• Complete Data Analysis
• Enhanced Learning Blocks
• Double Crop Included
• RTK Included

**Minimum of 1500 Acres in this Package


Start soil sampling as the basis for: Nutrient availability
• Variable rate fertilizer application depends on pH levels
• Variable population seeding
• Lime application
• Placing hybrids and varieties

2.5 Acre Grid Sampling - 10.25/ac Contact your local Precision Ag
$10.25/ac pro-rated over a 4 year plan is only $2.56/Ac/yr which at Specialist for more details.
$0.25 N and $0.50 P will pay for itself very quickly with as little as a
10lb/ac reduction of N or a 5.5Lb/ac reduction of P. Conversely an
average yield increase of 1bu/ac corn has already paid for your
grid sampling. You can’t lose!

2.5 Acre Grid Sampling plus 6”-12” Nitrates - $12.75/ac

5.0 Acre Grid Sampling 12” Nitrate only - $6.50/ac

Aerial Imagery Services available upon request, plans as low as $1.50/ac


Earn a $1,000 DISCOUNT when you purchase
any accuracy activation upgrade

• Need to Increase Productivity with Higher
Accuracy and Repeatability? UPGRADE TO RTK SALE SF2/3 Upgrade

�Reduce overlap and gain 5-10 acres/day $3,000 Offer ends 4/1/19
�Faster Pull-in time (up to 10 times faster)
�Long-Term Repeatability Reg. $4,000 • Start using SF2 or
�Eliminate time spent creating new guidance SF3 for those critical
precision operations
lines or shifting old lines
�No time wasted creating new boundaries
�Avoid time lost to shifted coverage
�Increased accuracy of Section Control and Yield Maps

�Improved performance of new operators using preset guidance and boundaries


SALE If you already have a StarFire 3000 with an SF2 or a 6000
with an SF3 activation, upgrade to RTK
$4,000 • Includes: RTK Activation, RTK Radio, One Year Subscription
Reg. $5,000 Offer ends 4/1/19

SALE If you already have one RTK receiver in your operation,
upgrade a second receiver from SF2/SF3 to RTK
$3,500 • Includes: RTK Activation, RTK Radio, One Year Subscription
Reg. $4,500 Offer ends 4/1/19

SALE If you are starting with an SF1 3000 or 6000, upgrade to RTK
• Includes: SF2/3 Activation, RTK Activation, RTK Radio, One
Year Subscription
Reg. $9,000 Offer ends 4/1/19

SALE If you have one RTK receiver in your operation, upgrade a
second receiver from SF1 to RTK
$6,500 • Includes: SF2/3 Activation, RTK Activation, RTK Radio, One

Year Subscription 7
Reg. $8,500 Offer ends 4/1/19
RTK Subscription Pricing
• First receiver - $1,000
• Additional receivers - $500 each
• Pricing is dependent on availability of RTK signal service
• Three year financing options available


360 YIELDCENTER is a team of
farmers, agronomists, and engineers
who develop solutions to help you
get more from less inputs. The
farmer is at the heart of everything
we do. Our team is focused on
creating new solutions to capture
more yield, and ultimately returns,
for your farm.
Equipment is the link between your agronomic plan and its execution. 360 YieldCenter
offers a suite of products to help you execute your plans. These range from products to
help you place and time your fertilizer application to replacement parts that capture your
crop and see your corn head as the first step in residue management.

Fertilizer Timing, Placement, and Efficiency:

360 Bandit:
Bandit on your planter works with how nitrogen moves
in soil and how roots grow to place your nitrogen
where it will be most efficiently captured by your
young corn crop to get it up and growing in the early
360 Y-Drop:
Y-Drop throws your sidedress window wide open to
allow you to make that application when the crop
needs it. This can be installed either on a sidedress
bar or for even later applications on a self-propelled
sprayer. Like Bandit, placement is emphasized by
putting the nitrogen right over the densest part of the
root structure which in turn increases your efficiency.
360 SoilScan:
SoilScan is about making in season adjustments to
raise your nitrogen fertilizer efficiency. Start with
a base application of 50-60% of your projected N
requirement. Then test your soil N during the season
to monitor any loss or gains before applying what is
needed to finish the crop with a Y-Drop application.
This method allows you to pull back nitrogen inputs
when not needed or to push yield when conditions
8 are right.

Grain Capture and residue management at the corn head:

360 YieldSavers:
YieldSavers are all about capturing more of the
grain you raised. These intermeshing brushes
minimize header loss by cushioning the ear as it
is pulled downward and then catching more loose
kernels. So, your first benefit is more kernels in the
bin. Secondly you limit volunteer in the next crop
reducing competition and improving yields for that
crop as well.

360 Chain Roll:
Chain Roll gets your residue management started
right at the corn head. And it does this without the
extra power draw of a chopping corn head. Chain
roll sizes the stalks large enough for row cleaners
to be effective while also crimping the stalks which
opens them to bacteria and fungi that accelerate
the breakdown process. A great way to accelerate
breakdown without the fuel and wear of a tillage

Grower Rebates For Qualifying 360 9
Purchases From $500 To $2,000

Visit your local dealer for more details


4640 Generation 4 4640

$8,495 • 4640 AutoTrac Activation - $0
• 10 inch Color Touchscreen

MONITOR Generation 4 Extend
$1,500 • Works perfectly with 4600

• 10 inch Color Touchscreen for
more page/module visibility

$850 4640 Premium 3.0 Subscription

PER YEAR • Section Control
• Data Sync
• RowSense
• In-Field Data Sharing

In-Field Data Sharing

Share coverage map with multiple machines to
optimize Section Control and Overlap Controls
(requires JDLink CONNECT)

$1,350 4640 Automation 1.0 Subscription
• All Premium 3.0 Features
• Autotrac Turn Automation
• Autotrac Implement Guidance

4240 Generation 4 4240

$2,495 • 4240 Autotrac Activation - $3000
• 4240 Section Control/Data Sync Subscription - $600/Year
• 8.4 inch Color Touchscreen

NOTE: 4600 CommandCenter integrated displays utilize permanent
10 activations and not subscriptions but are not mobile or transferable.



Manual calibrations can take up to 90 minutes, but with
ActiveYield™, it’s done with no time or effort away from
harvest and will save you time every day. Automatic
calibrations occur as you’re running, sensing the weight of
the grain in the tank as it fills and continually calibrating the
yield system, giving you more accurate field mapping.
• Automate the difficult manual calibration process
• Accurate yield data for real-time decisions
• Available in the new S700 Series
• Retrofits 2016 and newer S600 Series for $2550 plus install
• Retrofits 2012-2015 S600 Series for $3379 plus install

Scales for 1990 CCS Drill

Simplify the calibration process and verify application rates
in one simple step – add scales to your drill.
$2900 plus installation
$3800 (ISO Option) plus installation

Hydraulic Drive Conversion for 1990 CCS

Enable variable seeding rates and prescriptions with
hydraulic drive. $8161 installed to convert from ground to
hydraulic drive controlled through your GreenStar display.

RowCommand Conversion For Planters

Available on 2009 and newer Available on 2009 and newer chain drive
shaft drive planters. planters equipped with pneumatic downforce.

12-row kit options
starting at $11,000 and
16 row kits at $14,500



$400 Field Starts
Great value to get our field start team in your field to maximize and
optimize your machine and implement for a productive season
• Planters
• Sprayers
• Nutrient Applicators
• Combines
• Forage Harvesters


$100 $150Data Retrieval & Upload Post-Calibration of Harvest Data
Per Season Per Season

$200 Operations Center $250 Precision Ag Field Start
Starter Kit
Includes: measurements, setup file,
Includes: create boundaries, home screen layout, documentation/
add machines and implements work setup, hydraulic settings,
with offsets, create setup files, machine settings, section control, etc.
field list cleanup and merging

$300 Annual Remote Support $1,000 Data Package Plus Support
Agreement Agreement
Full-Season remote support for field
operations and data work in Operations

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