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Published by adamh0553, 2020-02-18 01:09:51

The Panda & the Sloth

The story

The Panda & The Sloth

by Adam Harris

Once upon a time, there are two best friend on
an island, a panda named Pipi and a sloth

named Scotch. They lived together since they
were little. One day, the two friends went out to
search for food as the winter is coming in a few

weeks. The place they went was the Green
Valley, a place where all the animals go when
they need fresh water and foods. But what they
don’t know is, the horrific event that shall come

upon them.

Hello, I’m Scotch.
I’m super smart
even though I see
the world upside

I’m Pipi,
I love to eat.
bamboo, ehem
yummy bamboo.
Don’t stare too
much..I know that

I’m cute.

On the island of Waluku, the place where
Pipi and Scotch live, there lies the Green
Valley. Green Valley, its name shows the

same things as it should be.There is a
huge lake at the bottom of the valley, the
water is crystal clear that it can show the

sky reflection. Scotch and Pipi always
went to the valley to find food and play,
but this time something terrible happened.


The valley was filled by animals from
the island, but all of them just standing
there. It was that time Pipi and Scotch

knew that something has happened.
They went deeper and deeper by the
crowds, and then they saw it. The lake
was polluted, lots of fish died in the
lake and the trees around it are also


Both of them were shocked with the
incident at Green Valley, it was the first time
for them including the other animals to see
the lake in that situation. While Pipi watch
the lake, Scotch saw something weird. Then
he shouted, “Humans, there are humans in

the forest”! All animals look to the place
Scotch pointed and they saw humans,

dumping toxic wastes into the lake.

Pipi and Scotch tried to get close as the could
and see that an industry is dumping toxic wastes

in the lake. They told about it to the leader of
the animals, Simbo the lion. That night, Pipi,
Scotch and other animals gathered and planned
to chase the humans out from Waluku island. Pipi
said, “we should ask Kaka the crocodile and its
pack to attack the humans” but Scotch disagree
with her.Scotch said that it was too dangerous

for the crocodiles.

Pipi said again, “than we should all attack
the humans together”. All the other

animals agreed including Simbo, “we need
to show them a lesson” said a bear. “They

don’t have power here” an ostrich
continued. All the animals cheered but
Scotch said “we can’t do that, it’s too
risky for us”. Simbo spoke, “than, what do

you propose we should do?”

“We should attack them from afar”
said Scotch. Pipi asked “how can

we do that?” Thus, the grand
meeting of the animals discussion

begins.Later that night, all the
animals went to their positions and

surrounded the humans camp
sites, waiting for the “signal”.

Scotch raised his hand and started to wave
at Pipi, “animals, run!!” Shouted Pipi! So, all
the animals started to run around the camp,

making loud sound like a huge stampede.
All the humans went out and saw thousand
of animals running around the camp. They
started to panic and screamed, “Chief, the

animals on this island have gone wild, we
need to leave, now!”

From a high tree, Tucan the toucan watch the
attack before he flew down and told Scotch that
his strategy is working. Scotch scream “Pipi, it’s

working. We need to make more sounds.” Pipi
understand what Scotch is trying to say, and
then she shouted “everybody, ROAR!!” So, all
the animals there roar at the same time, creating
the loudest sound ever made on the island and
making the humans stood still because of shock

before running away for their life.

As they watch the humans left the
island, all of them cheered happily.
Scotch and Pipi were praised for
Scotch’s wisdom and Pipi’s leadership.
From that day, the news of crazy animals
on Waluku island made everybody afraid
to get near to the island and all the
animals there live happily ever after.

-The End-


Don’t put your eggs in one basket
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
Good things come to those who wait
It’s not over till it’s over
No gain without pain
Slow and steady wins the race

Thank you for

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