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By Jiaqi Li, Huihuang Zhu, Tina Liu
3rd period English 4

I’m Hrothgar, Once upon a time, there was a king
King of Danes named Hrothgar, who ruled the
Danes in Denmark. He built a great
mead hall called Herot to thank for
his own success.

Zzzzzzz……. When the night came, Hrothgar and
his people party in the mead hall.
Later the night, all king's men fell
asleep loudly after drinking.

I’m Grendel. One night, after king’s men fall
Let’s killed some asleep, a monster named Grendel
men, haha!! came in and brought terror to the
mead hall.


There was a brave warrior named
Beowulf. He traveled to the land
of the Danes to save Hrothgar and
his men.

Hi! I’m Beowulf, I’m
here to save Danes

Grendel is Beowulf and Hrothgar discussed Grendel at
very strong!!!! Herot and waited for the arrival of Grendel.
Beowulf said that he will fight Grendel unarmed,
and Hrothgar warns Beowulf about how strong
Grendel was.

I will fight him
without armor!

My arm !!! Grendel came to the mead hall. Grendel
NO !!!! killed many men without getting injured.
Beowulf fought with Grendel and ripped
one of Grendel’s arm off.

I just tear
off his arm

Grendel ran out the Herot with
one arm left. Before he was
bleeds to death, he called his
mother to revenge on Beowulf.

Back in Herot, there was a great
celebration of Grendel’s death and
Beowulf’s courage.

Oh yes! Monster
Grendel was killed.
Let’s celebrate it!

After Grendel’s death, Grendel’s mother
attack Herot for revenge. Then Beowulf
tracked down the cave where she lived.
They fought, and she almost killed
Beowulf, but Beowulf found a sword and
killed her.

After both Grendel and his mother Time to go back
was killed by Beowulf, and Denmark to Geats
became peaceful again. Beowulf
returned to the Land of Geats.

After the death of Hygelac, Beowulf
became the King of the Geats.

I’m now the king

50 years later, a dragon posed a
threat to the Geats. In searching for
more pride, Beowulf and his men
fought the dragon.

Beowulf was too old at this time, which
makes the battle extremely difficult even
though he had the help of Wiglaf. The
dragon was killed at the end. Beowulf also
passed away shortly after the battle.

After the death of Beowulf, the
crown was passed to Wiglaf.

I’m the new king of
the Geats

Beowulf was given a funeral and buried
with treasures. He was known for his
courage as a warrior and a king.

The End

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