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Amber Grill - 13.12

General introduction to the
Fish & Chips

“In England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, fish and chips are
undeniably the most popular takeaway meal and a cultural symbol”.
(1) This is for a good reason of course, “who can resist the
mouth-watering combination of fish in crisp golden batter served
with hot, fluffy chips?! Whether you prefer yours smothered in salt and
vinegar, or with chips, mushy peas, brown sauce or curry sauce, there
are endless possibilities with fish and chips”. (2)

“Fried fish was first introduced to London by Jewish immigrants from
Portugal and Spain as far back as the 17th Century”. In America,
“President Thomas Jefferson described eating ‘fried fish in the Jewish
fashion’ on a visit to the capital at the end of the 18th Century and even
Charles Dickens makes reference to a fried fish warehouse in Oliver
Twist. Fried potatoes as chips probably originate from Belgium”. (3)
Inn UK “the most interesting and patriotic claim is that fish and chips
helped win the First World War! Fish and chips were highly important
to the nation’s working classes and therefore the government ensured
supplies were not rationed. It helped feed munitions workers and kept
the families of the fighting men in good heart. Again, reprieved from
rationing during the Second World War, Prime Minister Winston
Churchill referred to fish and chips as “good companions”. British
soldieoldiers identified each other during the D-Day landings by calling out
‘fish’ and the response or password was ‘chips’ ” (4).

01The Amber Grill (1, 2, 3, 4) (A Brief History by Vicky Parker,

02The Amber Grill

While in

In Ireland, the first fish and chips were sold by an Italian immigrant,
Giuseppe Cervi. It was a lucky twist of a pure mistake, a bit like Cristofaro
Colombo landing in America and not in India. He mistakenly stepped
off an America-bound ship at Cobh or Qeenstown, in County Cork.
“After watching is American dream set sail, Giuseppe turned and set
out on foot to find his fortune in Ireland”. (5)
From Cobh he walked all the way to Dublin and started working as a
labourer hoping to earn enough to buy a coal fired cooker and
handcart to go into business selling roasted chestnuts.
“While fish and chestnuts would have been unlikely to catch on, we

were spared having to find out thanks to a small but highly significant
mistake young Giuseppe made while selling his fare outside the pubs
of Dublin. Legend has it that one day instead of a chestnut he
mistakenly roasted a potato and quickly realised the Irish knew a good
spud when they tasted one. The course of history had thankfully
changed and Giuseppe soon opened Ireland's first fish and chips
shhop on Great Brunswick Street (now Pearse Street) beside Trinity
College. Giuseppe ran the chipper with his wife, Palma, whose lack of
English gave Dubliners a phrase still in use today. When customers
arrived at the cash register to pay Signora Cervi would point to the
menu and ask, "Uno di questo, uno di quello?" or "One of these, one of
those?" (6)

“Mick Fish&Chip shop, Ruddington
Village Museum. Nottingham, UK”
03The Amber Grill (5, 6) (On National Fish&Chips day by John Costello,

04The Amber Grill

Here stands the
Amber Grill

It was really after Second World War that the chippers spread in
Ireland. Amber Grill, on the South Circular Road, 451, Rialto, dates back
to 1956.
Riaialto is an old area of Dublin, it took its name from Venice and it has
long connections to industry. In fact the “original canal was constructed
to serve the Guinness brewery, and much of Rialto Street and Rialto
Cottages were built to house Guinness employees at the tail end of the
19th century. These developments gave the area a redbrick character
which it keeps to this day. In the middle of the 20th century, it became
home to two of Dublin Corporation’s large-scale housing projects,
Dolphinolphin House and Fatima Mansions. The latter became a byword for
failed inner-city development and was eventually demolished in the
early 2000s; Dolphin House is currently undergoing extensive
regeneration works. In common with the rest of Dublin 8, recent years
have seen an influx of younger renters and buyers who mix with
residents of several generations standing. House prices are also rising
rapidly – jumping by almost 20 per cent each year since 2016.
Amber Grill is a local institution if you are looking for something
substantial to eat”. (7) It is conveniently located at walking distance
from the Luas stops and important city hospitals such as James
Hospital, Coombe Hospital and its Neonatal centre and the main
Dublin tourist attraction: Guinness Storehouse.

05The Amber Grill (7)

What is

Amber Taste?

Amber Taste is a food concept we have developed over the years of a
real traditional Irish experience. It originates by two important factors,
the first one been an honest necessity to differentiate ourself from all
the large multinationals we compete with, proving that small, and local
can be a better choice. Secondly, we aim to give credit and value to
our jobs and identity within the nation and perhaps abroad
emphasising on our cultural and historical background, but also on the
ARRTisanal in our kitchens and the quality of it.
We want to offer a fresh and appealing look with a contemporary
approach to the variety of our menu by balancing the “new ways” with
the old ones! We are street food, we are inspired by tradition, but we
don’t want to walk blind, rather keep an eye on new trends and life
With a modern makeover, with plenty of cultural references, food facts
and recalls to the past, we have no doubts we can appeal to a younger
generation as a valid old time classic with plenty of other choices also.

06The Amber Grill

Our menu in a nutshell:
The core

food experience

Fresh Cod & Smoked Cod - Traditionally fried but consider the
Salmon - Ideally baked or grilled. Also perfect in your bagel with rocket
salad and avocado or as a topping with some black pepper on your
Neapolitan Pizza.
Fish in a bun (a succulent battered piece of cod in our brioche bun)
Chipships - From the old style single to the taco fries and everything in
Covering all the needs as accompaniments, starters or snacks. Batter
sausages, batter burgers, onion rings, potato cakes, sausages, curry
rolls, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders and all time favourite chicken
wings. Tradicional Irish breakfeast “Go Lite” also available.

07The Amber Grill

Side orders are best sellers!

08The Amber Grill



- Paddy’s burger (60% angus plus 40% pork);
- American Grilled Bacon Half Pounder;
- Amber Quarter Pounder with melted cheese and
fried onion ring.
Slow cook beef roll and pork roll.

Turkish Corner:
- Gourmet Doner Kebabs;
- Gourmet Chicken Kebabs.
New Trends:
- Protein burgers;
- Vegan options;
- Glu Gluten free.

09The Amber Grill

10 The Amber Grill

“It was a pleasure to burn.”
Ray Bradbury

11 The Amber Grill

experience the joy of the
Italian corner

If you can’t travel to Italy, Italy comes to you
“The pizza we are all familiar with, the kind with tomato sauce, cheese
and toppings, originated in Italy. Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito
from Naples is often given credit for creating the first such pizza pie.
Historians note, however, that flat breads
with a variety of toppings had been sold
by street vendors and eaten by the poor
workers of Naples for many years.
Legend has it that Esposito was called
upon to make a pizza for Italian King
Umberto I and Queen Margherita when
they visited Naples in 1889. That pizza,
which featured fresh tomatoes,
mozzarella cheese, and basil, is still known
as Pizza Margherita today”.

12 The Amber Grill

The passion of making

What is the difference between Neapolitan Pizza and
American Style Pizza?
“Neapolitan pizza has a very thin crust at the base, with dough that
puffs up around the sides and provides for a very airy crust. Because that
crust is so light, certain areas become charred very quickly, which is why
itt’s important not to overcook and completely burn this type of crust. But
just as large as that crust is in the sides, it’s just as thin on the bottom. In
fact, Neapolitan pizza is so thin on the bottom that it’s not usually
possible to even pick it up with your hands. In fact, in Italy it is commonly
eaten with a fork and a knife”. American style pizza on the other hand, is
quite thin throughout, but much sturdier than Neapolitan pizza.

13 The Amber Grill

Neapolitan pizza

“The edges of the crust are about equal to the few toppings that adorn
this pizza, and the pizza shouldn’t flop at all when picked up on its own.
Still, it must maintain enough elasticity and smoothness so that it can
be folded easily, as Americans do”.
However Neapolitan style pizza also differs from other Italian styles
pizza. For example, Roman pizza’s dough tends to have a thin to
medium thin crust made with olive oil, flour, water, yeast, salt, and
occasionally a touch of sugar. The addition of oil is the main distinction
dough and it gives the crust more weight, flavour, and a crispy crunch.

14 The Amber Grill

New ideas with the local

community in mind

We want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to
business, but when it comes to community, we want to
blend in and be local, convenient and to be seen as a
meeting place for many.
Our first initiative has been the introduction of the

The idea comes from the “Neapolitan coffee on hold”
that dates back to the Second World War when it was
considered a nice social gesture to pay for two coffees
one for your self and one for someone else that can not
afford it. It was like offering a coffee to the world. With
our “Chip-on-Hold” you can leave some spare change
for the more unfortunate to come.
We aim to support local events and to support a
dream of a boy very dear to us, who trains to be a
Formula1 champion.
Considering that advertisement is the soul of
commerce, this particular sponsorship will give us
visibility and would represent our concept very well.
How passion, commitment and hard work can lead to
something big.

15 The Amber Grill

Innovation in the
food cooking

Same thing, different ways

As we are moving towards a healthier life style, food
options must reflect this tendency. We would like to
offer the same as an important step towards the future
as we think that in business, what is dangerous is not to
evolve. We want to offer more cooking options than
simply a deep fried.
First of all when deep fried is the case by tradition, we
still differentiate by other in using vegetable oil and
not lard and we reduce the saturated fat by changing it
often. However we feel a need to make a step forward
and invest in professional American style air fry for
chips and more, and slow cook ovens for outstanding in
store cooked beef and pork rolls.
The premises itself will need a complete make over as it
will be our flagship store, offering a contemporary
style and a fresh look. A couple of booster seats and off
the window stools. Wi-Fi with recharge sockets, a TV
display playing and showing the work we do in the
shop and old historical documentaries of Dublin.
The shopfront will be a traditional wood shop front
with a few seats and some green. The upper front will
be characterised by an old style clock and flags. We aim
to be a landmark in our community.
16 The Amber Grill

The Amber
Kitchen School

W hen you share your knowledge it becomes culture
Whathat we do has been past on to us by our
great-grandparents. To share what they have thought
us is the only way to keep them alive. “In the
homogenisation brought by the globalization, the
mastery expressed by the old professions is to be
defended as artworks”. (Carla Fendi)
Ourur school will have this intent, to defend, give credit
and recognition to our professions and will work as
promotional channel.
It will be structured in 3 main modules:
1. Fish&Chips (From theory to practicality: fish cutting,
choice of flours, battering and ultimately the frying)
2. Neapolitan Pizza from the dough making to the
pizza making.
3. Home-made egg pasta making.
We believe that we have all the “ingredients”
necessary to build a strong, successful and rewarding
business of which we personally can be very proud of
and also those who have believed and supported it. It is
a team work with different tasks and inputs, but
together it multiplicate success for all parts involved.
17 The Amber Grill

Amber Taste aim
and Catering Structure

Our ambitions and dreams for the
Amber Taste is of substantial growth
well beyond the doors of a local shop.
There has always been a connection
between chippers and pubs as very
rarely you would see one without the
other on a good night out. Perhaps
moore than the chippers, pubs have seen
a deep crisis and change in customers
customs in a very competitive market.
The tendency is to drink more home and less when out.
However in this difficulty we see potential for growth
with a fusion of the two businesses together offering a
cosy, family friendly environment that would suit a
more casual weekly catch up as much as a week-end
night out. In fact, we think that our menu, from the
One&One to the burgers, the side orders, pizzas and
evverything in between, would work very well with the
best beers and wines.
Also we think there’s plenty of possibilities with a
vintage style van available to hire for private parties and
for summer city events.
“There is no love sincerer
than the love of food.”
George Bernard Show
18 The Amber Grill

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