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Published by Adriana Johnson, 2019-11-25 11:21:10

The Scarlet Letters

The Scarlet Letters

The Scarlet Letters

By: Adriana Johnson

A is the letter Hester was forced to
wear, as a symbol, on her bosom

A for her sin of adultery.


B Hester’s bosom is where the scarlet
letter lay.

C Roger Chillingworth was captured in
the beginning of the book and was
Captured nowhere to be found.

D Death was the outcome of the three
main characters.

Evil is a adjective that describes

E Mistress Hibbins in a nutshell.


F Roger Chillingworth was furious
when he found out Dimmesdale
Furious was Pearl’s father.

G Governor Bellingham played an
important role in the book by having
Governor Bellingham a wicked sister.

H Hester is the main character in this
book and has to pay for the sin of
Hester adultery.

I Hester was very independent
because she had no one to rely on
Independent but herself and her little Pearl.

J J is for judgment which many had to
come face to face with when
Judgment dealing with sin and God.

K In this book, Pearl is very
knowledgeable because she sees
Knowledgeable the truth through her mother and

L Their were many lies that caused
deceit across the village, but they
Lies all surfaced in the end.

M M is for mother which is what
Hester was to Pearl in the book.

N N represents “no” because that’s
what Dimmesdale kept telling Pearl
“No” when she asked him to hold her
hand in front of the village.

O is for old which describes the
state of Roger Chillingworth. He

O was growing old and rotten
throughout the book.


P Pearl is the curious and peculiar
little child of Hester and
Pearl Dimmesdale.

Q Q represents the queen Hester truly
was for pushing through her
Queen obstacles in life and doing all she
could to stay strong.

R Chillingworth wanted revenge on
Dimmesdale for his relationship with
Revenge Hester.

S Dimmesdale and Hester were
hiding on the of the biggest secrets
Secret their town had ever known
throughout the book.

T Dimmesdale was feeling triumphant
the day of the election, almost like
Triumphant he was a brand new person

U Dimmesdale was unable to go on
with hiding his secret of being
Unable Pearl’s father.

V Dimmesdale made a vow watch
Hester and Pearl closely and report
Vow anything odd to him.

W W is for wicked which describes
Mistress Hibbins most notable
Wicked quality.

X X-ray Vision could be used to
describe the type of outlook
X-ray Vision Chillingworth had because he see
through all the lies between Hester
and Dimmesdale.

Y Towards the end of the book when
Dimmesdale was leaving the forest,
Youth he wants to shout awful things to
the youth on his way home.

Z Zealous describes how
Dimmesdale was towards the end
Zealous of the book.

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