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DEC _19-JAN_20_Magazine

DEC _19-JAN_20_Magazine

A warm and friendly place,
come in and feel at home.

December 2019

January 2020



Did you know …

there is a warm welcome for YOU at our Church!

We worship and serve the living God who has the power through
His Son, Jesus Christ, to bring love, peace, joy and a sense of
purpose to our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are a United Reformed Church, part of the family of
Christian churches here in Sidmouth.

We are committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ
and an understanding of the Christian way of life to the town in

which we live.

Our worship on Sunday morning commences at 10.30 am and is
relaxed and informal.

All are welcome.

A Member of the URC


Dear Friends,
What a year this has been!
This magazine will go to print before the General Election, so we
don’t know the outcome. But one thing I do know, is that a lot of
sadness, fighting, bigotry and exclusion is caused by the older
In November we went to a gig in Topsham to see the singer
Martyn Joseph perform. It was a brilliant concert and he is an
exceptional singer songwriter /guitarist. He has a new album out
and one of the songs on it is called ”Here come the Young”
The first 4 lines go like this:

“Here come the young
with open minds and hearts,

inclusive from the start.
Here come the young”.

We could learn a few things from these lovely words. They are
words that Jesus would have used. He would say “Open your
hearts and minds and include everyone”. Young people believe
and act on their beliefs, wanting justice and fairness for all.
At Christmas time surely this is when we should demonstrate
our love and inclusiveness more than ever.
Forget the tinsel and turkey and think about the hungry, the
lonely, the sick, the marginalised, the refugees, the abused
and the persecuted.
Jesus did! He was a radical and loved nothing more than a
confrontation when it involved supporting the under-dog!

So, amidst the chores and hassle that we cope with every
Christmas, let’s set aside quiet moments to remember what
Christmas is all about.


Lord God,
made known in Jesus
and present through your Spirit,
this Advent –tide we might look for you
by scanning the horizon,
or watching for a visitor at the door,
or by waiting for a notification
to pop up on a screen…………

We might notice you already beside us

as we labour over a mountain
of Christmas cards – and rekindle
friendships and re-affirm our love.
In stretching our minds and finances

to offer suitable gifts,
might we remember that our Christmas giving

is triggered by your gift of yourself to us?

As we hear again familiar stories
from far away and long ago,
may our giving and our loving

be refreshed by our knowing once again
that you are here for us.,
then and now
and forever.


This prayer was written by Ian Fosten and taken from Prayers
from the Heart, the URC Prayer Handbook 2020.
I love this prayer, as it speaks about the real meaning of
Christmas; about friends, love, and gifts for others. Most
especially it speaks of the best gift of all – the gift of Jesus.
Year after year we bemoan the fact that the central
story of Christmas is completely lost and in a lot of cases not
even known.
There is a very old chorus I learnt as a child which says,

“Christ is the answer to my every need;
Christ is the answer, he is my friend indeed;
Problems of life my spirit may assail,
With Christ my Saviour, I shall never fail,
Yes, Christ is the answer to my need”

This Christmas and indeed into 2020 let’s hope and pray that
both the young and the not so young, will find that the Christ-
Child is THE answer to their every need.

Wishing you all a very happy and contented Christmas and a
New Year full of joy and peace.



Christmas Song

Above the weary waiting world,
Asleep in chill despair,

There breaks a sound of joyous bells
Upon the frosted air.

And o’er the humblest rooftree, lo,
A star is dancing on the snow.

What makes the yellow star to dance
Upon the brink of night?

What makes the breaking dawn to glow
So magically bright, -

And all the earth to be renewed
With infinite beatitude?

The singing bells, the throbbing star,
The sunbeams on the snow,

And the awakening heart that leaps
New ecstasy to know, -

They all are dancing in the morn
Because a little child is born.

Bliss Carmen (1861-1929)


Food Bank and Traidcraft

Food Bank: Many thanks to those of you who give to the food
bank by putting items into the boxes provided at the
supermarkets. Thanks, too, to those of you who occasionally
put money into the food bank box at Primley. It is always
appreciated. We are again having a "reverse" advent calendar
but it is not available yet. I will keep you posted!

Traidcraft. We are in the process of renewing our fair trade
certificate. It would be good if we can do a little more. We
serve fair trade tea and coffee and will now get fair trade
sugar (Maggie has already purchased this for Kreche & Co).
We sometimes have fair trade biscuits but could do this more
often. I would be willing to make Traidcraft goods available
more often if I knew what items you would like me to provide.
I will bring some catalogues to church and would like you to have
a look and let me know what you want. Thank you.



Thank you to all of you who contribute in any way to the well-
being of our church, giving time, or gifts, or expertise or any

combination thereof, which benefits us all.
May you be truly blessed this Christmas.





A Christmas Snowflake

A cold snowflake drifts down from the white sky above, totally
oblivious as to what awaits at the end of its journey.
That lovely pure white flake settles gently on a window pane.
As the warmth from within the house permeates through the
glass, the snowflake melts from what was cold, lifeless and
without feeling, into a tear that gently runs down the window.
Leo Buscaglia once said :
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a
kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest
act of caring, all of which have the power to turn a life around”.
This Christmas, let that snowflake tear of compassion become
your act of kindness.
For whatever you do for another can never be measured.
The cost to you will be nothing, yet to another it could be a
priceless gift.

Derek Dobson (Submitted by Eleanor)

Shoe Box Appeal
Again, this year Primley supported the CR2EE Shoe Box Appeal.
Our own shoe boxes were blessed on Sunday Nov 3rd by Paul
Skinner and then on November 6th 41 boxes from us, St Peter’s
Sidford, St Giles Sidbury, and Sidbury School were taken to
the Exmouth Depot. From there they will make their way
overland by lorry to Moldova, to make Christmas a bit special
for many children and adults who otherwise would have nothing.
Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity.


CR2EE (Christian Response to Eastern Europe) a Christian based charity seeking to show love and care to
those in Eastern Europe who are less fortunate than ourselves.
The objects of the charity are to provide relief to
disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in Eastern Europe
through the support of donations received from individuals and
organisations in this country.
In practice, the charity’s main areas of work are Romania and



Please remember the following in your own personal prayer
times and pray for:-
• Primley Family Carol Service (Dec 15th) at 10.30am
• Christmas Services in all the Sidmouth Places of Worship.
• For all children in Moldova as they receive their Shoe Boxes

for Christmas.
• The Christmas Day Community Lunch for people who are in

need of company.
• Our House group and the monthly Bible Study & Discussion

Group; as we share God’s Word and enjoy fellowship
• Krèche and Co. Christmas Party and Toddler Carol service on
Dec 13th. Please continue to prayerfully support this witness
to the mums and children.
• Those of our congregation and those known to us personally,
who are unwell or just need our prayers,.
• The witness of “Open the Book” in Sidmouth Primary School.
Especially as we lead up to Christmas with various stories.
Pray that the staff and children may experience the true
meaning of Christmas.
• All the people who lead our worship on Sundays and we thank
God for their commitment to our church.
• Our Friendship Lunches that those who come will find
warmth and friendship amongst the church fellowship.
• Primley Church and its fellowship. Continue to pray that we
may know God’s guidance for the future ministry of our
church. Please pray for new people and visitors, that they
may find a warm and friendly place and they will come in and
feel at home.

If you have items you would like included on this page in future
magazines, please let Maggie have the details. Thank you.


Sidholme Music Room
Free Concert Programme.
The Phoenix Singers & Ringers

Conductor Maureen Cook & Accompanist Naomi Hogg
Sunday 1st December 2019 3:30pm – 4:30pm

What Child is This?

A presentation of the Christmas story in words and music
brought to you by accomplished musicians and artists from the
Churches of Sidmouth and The Sid Valley. Inspired by the Nine
Lessons and Carols format, the age old question, of who the
child was and is, becomes the topical theme of the afternoon's
Sunday 8th December 2019 3:30pm – 4:45pm

Rough Music -Folk Orchestra of East Devon

A Winter Selection – Traditional, Folk, Breton music.
Woodwind, strings, brass, accordions, concertinas. Musical
Director – David Faulkner.
Monday 9th December 2019 7:45pm – 8:45pm


The J25 Concertina Extravaganza

A concert extravaganza following a Concertina Band Weekend
Workshop held at Sidholme Hotel. Musical Director – Claire
Sunday 15th December 2019 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Concert Programme

From Russia with Love

An afternoon of traditional Russian music.
Sunday 12th January 2020 3:30pm - 4:30pm

‘The Organ at Sidholme

A selection of music from Andy Benoy and friends on the
restored 1855 Gray & Davison instrument. Sunday 19th January
2020 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Opera Gala

An Opera Gala with Staircase Opera.
Tickets £10 from Paragon Bookshop Sidmouth
01395 514516
Under 16’s free.
Sunday 26th January 2020 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Public viewing of the re-hanging of one of the restored
Chandeliers. Tuesday 26th November

The chandelier from above the music room stage will be re-
hung and the public are able to view the process from
10am to 6pm. Refreshments will be available and there will be
an opportunity to meet the staff from Wilkinson Ltd. Glass



Crossword Clues

1 ‘The blind receive sight, the — walk’ (Luke 7:22) (4)
3 Got (Philippians 3:12) (8)
8 Leave out (Jeremiah 26:2) (4)
9 Castigated for using dishonest scales (Hosea 12:7) (8)
11 Weighty (1 John 5:3) (10)


14 ‘Now the serpent was more — than any of the wild animals the
Lord God had made’ (Genesis 3:1) (6)
15 ‘Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot — God’ (Romans
8:8) (6)
17 Because Israel lacked one of these, tools had to be sharpened
by the Philistines (1 Samuel 13:19) (10)
20 In his vision of the two eagles and the vine, this is how Ezekiel
described the latter (Ezekiel 17:8) (8)
21 Rite (anag.) (4)
22 Nine gigs (anag.) (8)
23 ‘The eye cannot say to the — , “I don’t need you”’ (1 Corinthians
12:21) (4)
1 ‘Flee for your lives! Don’t — — , and don’t stop anywhere in the
plain!’ (Genesis 19:17) (4,4)
2 Principal thoroughfare (Numbers 20:19) (4,4)
4 ‘The tax collector... beat his — and said, “God have mercy on me,
a sinner”’ (Luke 18:13) (6)
5 ‘The zeal of the Lord Almighty will — this’ (2 Kings 19:31) (10)
6 ‘The day of the Lord is — for all nations’ (Obadiah 15) (4)
7 Specified day (Acts 21:26) (4)
10 Deadly epidemic (Deuteronomy 32:24) (10)
12 Roman Catholic church which has special ceremonial rights (8)
13 Tied up (2 Kings 7:10) (8)
16 In his speech to the Sanhedrin, Stephen described Moses as
‘powerful in speech and — ’ (Acts 7:22) (6)

18 ‘Although he did not remove the high places, — heart was
fully committed to the Lord all his life’ (1 Kings 15:14) (4)
19 Tribe (Deuteronomy 29:18) (4)


Sudoku answers

Christmas Day Community Lunch
The lunch is for all those people who otherwise may be isolated
and unable to enjoy a home cooked Christmas Lunch. It is free
of charge and transport can be arranged.
The lunch is being organised by Carla Scott. It will take place in
St Teresa’s Hall at from 12.30pm onwards.
All sorts of help is needed before and on the day.
If you want to know more or can offer any help, please contact:
[email protected]
Phone Carla on 07751382739

After the first hour I was longing for the
ceiling to fall on me!


In this Advent of expectation draw us together in unity that

our praise and worship might echo in these walls and also
through our lives.

In this Advent of expectation draw us together in mission, that
the hope within might be the song we sing, and the melody of
our lives.

In this Advent of expectation draw us together in service, that
the path we follow might lead us from a stable to a glimpse of


Our Family Carol Service will be on
Dec 15th at 10.30am

Tea/coffee and mince pies to follow


January 19th- after morning worship
Please make an effort to attend this meeting. We only have
quarterly Church Meetings now, and it is important that its
people can contribute in discussion and decision-making. Your
input for Primley’s future would be greatly valued.

Thank you

Invitation to Sunday lunch

5th January 2020
Do you spend Sundays by yourself? Do
you like to meet new people? Would you
like someone else to cook Sunday lunch for you? If you answer
‘Yes’ to any of these questions, please accept our invitation to
Sunday Lunch. *No charge * No catch* *and No washing up!* If
you are interested and especially if you require transport,
please telephone Jayne.
And as always this cannot be done without a band of volunteers
providing food, serving, giving lifts, just chatting and making
people feel welcome. Voluntary contributions towards cost of
the meat always welcome. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Please contact Maggie 597464
p.s. - The following Sunday Lunch will be on March 1st.


The House Group meets on
Wednesdays at 2.30pm.
The next meeting will be on: -
December 4th,
January Dates - TBA.

The Bible Study & Discussion
Group is at Mary’s

Friday, January 24th @ 10.30am

Crossword answers
ACROSS: 1, Lame. 3, Obtained. 8, Omit. 9, Merchant. 11,
Burdensome. 14, Crafty. 15, Please. 17, Blacksmith. 20, Splendid.
21, Tier. 22, Singeing. 23, Hand.

DOWN: 1, Look back. 2, Main road. 4, Breast. 5, Accomplish. 6,
Near. 7, Date. 10, Pestilence. 12, Basilica. 13, Tethered. 16,
Action. 18, Asa’s. 19, Clan.


ROTAS FOR December 2019

1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th
Elder Barbara Roger Maggie Richard Eleanor

Door Alison Eleanor Roger and Alison

Holy Communion - Mary and Eleanor

Elders & Door Stewards - if you cannot do duty, please
remember to swap with someone else.

ROTAS FOR January 2020

5th 12th 19th 26th

Elder Roger Barbara Richard Barbara

Door Alison Eleanor Alison Roger &

Holy Communion - Roger and Marilyn


December 2019 PREACHERS
1st Geoff Powell
8th Rev Iain McDonald
Rev Barbara Bennett
22nd Family Carol Service
Rev Sabrina Groschel

Roger Stinson

January 2020 PREACHERS
5th TBA
12th TBA

26th TBA


CHURCH DIARY FOR December 2019

4th Wednesday 2.30pm House Group
Krèche & Co
6th Friday 10.00am Late Night Shopping

6th Friday Evening

13th Friday 10.00am Krèche & Co
15th Sunday 10.30am Christmas Party and Santa

Family Carol Service

25th Christmas 12.30pm Lunch at St Teresa’s Hall


The deadline for the next church magazine will be January 13th
for the February/March edition. Please e-mail to
[email protected]
or give printed / written copy to Maggie.

The Primley Website address is:-


If you have anything for the weekly notices please ring Maggie
on 597464 to give information.



5th Sunday 12.15pm Community Friendship Lunch
10th Friday 10.00am
Krèche & Co
16th Thursday 6.00pm Parent & Toddler Club

Elders Meeting

17th Friday 10.00am Krèche & Co
19th Sunday 11.30am Parent & Toddler Club
24th Friday 10.00am
24th Friday 10.30am Church Meeting
31st Friday 10.00am (after morning worship)

Krèche & Co
Parent & Toddler Club

Bible Study
2 Temple Mews

Krèche & Co
Parent & Toddler Club

And finally, if you enjoyed the song Bohemian Rhapsody, and
would like the ‘Christmas version’, complete with singing
puppets, do visit this on You Tube. It is from last year, but still
well worth the visit!



Maggie Knights
60 Bridge Street
Sidbury EX10 0RU

Tel: 01395 597464
Interim Treasurer
Mr Richard Wainwright
Tel: 07586346521
Hall Lettings Secretary
Maggie Knights for bookings/payment

01395 597464
Barbara Dorey - Key holder

01395 514213

Church Services

10.30am: Family Worship
4th Sunday each month: Holy Communion


As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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