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Published by jcodybaker12, 2019-04-17 10:25:35


LOG Games


Joshua Baker

Table of Contents *Warm up: 2 laps around the gym and then
stretch legs and arms.

1. Red light, Green light
2. Bean bag toss
3. Skip freeze tag
4. Musical hoops
5. Hot potato
6. Snake tag

Table of Contents (continued)

7. Choke the chicken
8. Team telephone
9. Soccer Volleyball
10. 3 point relay
11. Move-it together
12. Zig-Zag frisbee Catch

1. REd light green light

Instructions: Students will line up
in one side of the gym and one
person will be nominated to be the
one to say “red light” (to stop) or
“green light” (to go). If a player
is caught, they must help to catch

Objective: to be the first to make
it to the otherside without being

Equipment: No equipment needed.

2. Bean bag toss

Instructions: Students will be
separated into two teams with equal
amounts of bean bags and they must
successfully toss a bean bag into
the target.

Objective: one team scores higher
than the other one with tossing the
bean bag into the target.

Equipment: Bean bags, and score

3. Skip freeze tag

Instructions: one student will be
designated to be “it” and must tag
other students to freeze them in
place. Students can only skip to
get away from the tagger.

Objective: do not get tagged and to
unfreeze comrades.

Equipment: No Equipment needed

4.Musical hoops

Instructions: Hula hoops will be
placed in different places on the
gym floor and students will walk
around the hoops while music is
playing and when the music stops,
only one student must be in the
hoop. Every round a hoop is taken

Objective: be the last person to
make it in the last hoop when the
music stops!

Equipment: Hula hoops

5.Hot Potato

Instructions: Students will be
placed in a circle and there will
be two bean bags that must be
passed to student-to-student while
the music is playing, but once the
music stops the person with the
bean bag is out.

Objective: Battle time and be the
last person standing!

Equipment: Two bean bags

6. Snake tag

Instructions: There will be two
students selected to be taggers and
must stay interlocked while tagging

Objective: Don't be caught by the
tagging snake!

Equipment: No equipment needed.

7. Choke the chicken

INstructions: Students will be
placed in two teams and will race
to get the chicken to the other
their teams side.

Objective: The team with the most
chicken recovers wins!

Equipment: One rubber chicken

8. Telephone

INstructions: Students will be
divided into two teams and the
first person will recite something
told to them to, to the next person
down the line and so forth.

Objective: The team with the closes
variation of the recited phrase

Equipment: No equipment needed

9. soccer volleyball

Instructions: Students will be
placed in two teams and will pass a
soccer ball to the other team,
without kicking the ball out.

Objective: Do not kick the soccer
ball out of bounds.

Equipment: Cones, Soccer ball

10. 3 point relay

Instructions: Students will be put
into two teams and must
successfully shoot a three pointer
and then pass it to their teammate

Objective: the team who finishes
the relay first wins!

Equipment: two basketballs

11. Move-it together

Instructions:Students carry balls
of various sizes from one side of
the gym to another with a partner.
They cannot use their hands,
therefore must come up with
creative ways to carry the balls.

Objective: The team with the most
balls wins!

Equipment: 6-7 Balls

12. Zig-Zag frisbee catch

Instructions: Students will be
divided into two teams and must
toss a frisbee to every other
player on the opposite team.

Objective: Don't mess up the order
in which you throw or you’ll be

Equipment: One Frisbee

Hope You all had

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