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Cyber Security Solutions

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Published by One Loyalty, 2019-08-21 08:17:19

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions



Cyber Crime

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is when someone uses an online device to carry out fraud, identity theft, steal sensitive
information and disrupt your life.

Crime Statistics

It is claimed that over South Africa Ranks THIRD Criminal activity on the The cybercrime industry
$500-Billion in the World for the internet is the fourth is expected to cost
plus is lost to most reported type of
number of hacked devices economic crime in consumers/ businesses
cybercrime annually up to
South Africa
$ 6 - Tr i l l i o n
by 2021

Cyber Crime

• Every time you log onto your smartphone, computer or open an email, you are at risk of being exposed to

• Criminals are smart, determined and highly incentivized, always looking for ways to exploit digital platforms
to defraud victims.

• Using technology, coupled with social engineering, criminals can gather sufficient information to impersonate
victims, bypassing bank security protocols.

• While banks, retailers or credit card companies can sometimes be held responsible for losing their customers
data, they cannot be expected to cover the costs of everything that might go wrong.

It is crucial that consumers and businesses keep up with the times in terms of
technology when it comes to managing cyber threats.


Cyber Impersonation Scam |
Carte Blanche | M-Net l July 2019


Methods of compromising your data

✓ Getting a virus on a PC or mobile which steals their personal information or holds them to ransom.
✓ Falling victim to a scam and accidentally transferring money to a fraudster.
✓ Having email or other digital account taken over by cyber criminals by using re-used passwords that were stolen in

data breaches.
✓ Having fraud carried out on credit cards as a result of cyber criminals stealing card details in a data breach.
✓ Having privacy compromised by cyber criminals or stalkers as a result of insecure social media privacy settings.

Divulged information can be used in identity theft:
o Mother’s maiden name Birthdate
o Names of pets
o Car make/model/licence plate

✓ Having a home router compromised by a cyber-criminal accessing an Internet accessible administrative interface
✓ Installing a fake mobile app obtained from a 3rd party app store as a result of jailbreaking a mobile phone.
✓ Losing your personal data as a result of not backing up your device.


The Solution

✓ Cyber Data Protect - Get automated data backup & secure data protection from a single solution, completely
preventing data loss and theft, and allowing you to easily and quickly recover or migrate your files.

✓ MyCyberDNA - Offers 24/7 Surveillance across the public net, deep web and darknet to prevent your private or
personal information from being stolen and exploited. Advises the individual what action to take, to reduce their risk
of being a victim of crime online, on an ongoing basis

✓ Cybercare4U – is a unique cyber fraud warranty product that is offered with the purchase of McAfee Security
Software. It offers financial protection for financial losses incurred due to online cyber fraud.
o McAfee – Get premium antivirus, identity and privacy protection you need for your computers, smartphones and

More information to follow 6

Cyber Data Protect

Get automated data backup & secure data protection from a single solution, completely preventing
data loss and theft, and allowing you to easily and quickly recover or migrate your files.

• The Problem
When a computer is lost or stolen, it’s not the replacement of the device that is the biggest concern, it’s the
data on that device; the documents, spreadsheets, emails, photographs, passwords and personal information
– the confidential, sensitive and irreplaceable data that is not sufficiently protected.

• The Solution
Cyber Data Protect is a complete solution for simple and secure data backup, protection and security.
Equipping Businesses and individuals with industry-leading endpoint data backup and data loss prevention


Cyber Data Protect

• Backup and Recovery - Automate the secure backup of your laptop/desktop data & enable easy recovery of

• Local Data Encryption - Powerful, local file encryption to aid in preventing unauthorised access.
• Geo-Location – Quickly and easily see the last-known location of a device when it was last connected to the

• Remote-Wipe and Data Theft Prevention - Remotely wipe data or automatically revoke access to data.
• Corporate Governance compliance – Assists businesses in complying with key elements of data protection laws

& regulations that refer to endpoint data.
• Device Refresh and Migration - Faster & simpler PC refresh projects and OS upgrades.


What are the key Benefits?

✓ Your important company and private data is secure from damage and theft as your data is stored offsite.
✓ Eliminate data loss and ensure recoverability.
✓ Prevent unauthorized access to data.
✓ Fully automated, no user intervention is required after installation
✓ Reduce Infrastructure requirements. File compression means files take up less storage.
✓ Ensure corporate governance requirements.
✓ Recoverability in the case of ransomware attacks.
✓ Adherence to relevant sections of the Protection of Personal Information Act Requirements.
✓ All data is stored in a high security data center


Key Benefits

What does the user get?

✓ Personal = 2 licenses
✓ Business = 5 licenses
✓ Includes 20GB cloud storage per license
✓ Access to all the features and

functionality of Cyber Data Protect
✓ Additional licenses and storage can be



How do Users Sign Up?

• One Loyalty will maintain a list of users who have opted in for the Cyber Data Protect

• These users will then make first contact the Cyber Data Protect Support Centre to arrange
for the setup

• All customer administrators will get a confirmation email with a username, password, and
encryption key. Also includes a link to download the Backup Agent.

• Cyber Data Protect support will assist the customer to install the Backup Agent and begin
backing up.

• Availability – 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday


My Cyber DNA


MyCyberDNA is a personal cyber protection monitoring solution, that assesses individuals’ online behaviors to give them
a unique ‘risk score.’ The software then advises the individual what action to take, to reduce their risk of being a victim of
crime online, on an ongoing basis.
This software Monitors and Protects Personal Digital Assets and Digital Devices in Real time. The software creates total
protection for Digital Residue, left via over-exposure of your Digital Footprint.
The software Monitors and Alerts for Fraudulent Usage of your Critical Data Inputs such as Address, ID, Credit Card, Email,
IP Devices, Mobile, Post Code and many more.
MyCyberDNA’s mission is to help you stay safe online and reap all the benefits of the Internet.


MyCyber DNA

STEP 1 – The software will ask a handful of questions to get to know you and your devices

Basic questions about how you use the Internet and what cyber crime means to you. This will help calculate your score so that
it's tailored to you and your digital life (Takes 2 minutes).

STEP 2 – The software will run a scan and calculate your Security Score

Your Security Score is determined using over 50 different personal and technical factors. The system will combine your answers
from Step 1, and then scan your devices for security vulnerabilities and out of date software. The system will also check if your
personal information has been stolen, and send you fake scams.

STEP 3 – The software will create a tailored action plan that will help you protect you, your devices, and your family

Over 100 easy to follow prioritized actions to help keep you safe. You'll learn about encrypting your device, setting parent
controls, avoiding scams, how to report cyber-crimes, whether your personal information has been stolen, and more.


Security Score - How it works

Multiple factors are addressed to determine the risks

SCANS Calculates Score Takes Action Multiple Future
Vulnerability Scan
Identity Theft 14
Simulated Phishing
Router Scanner
Windows App
Limited Questions

Welcome to MyCyber DNA!
You’ve taken the first step towards protecting yourself against cyber crime.

MyCyber DNA


Cyber Security Score Vulnerability Protection Training & Awareness

The system calculates your cyber Scan your devices to make sure you This system will tell you how to
security score & gives you a report on aren’t running old versions of improve your cyber security score by
how safe you are online. software which might be vulnerable walking you step by step through
to hacking & that you have the right how to enable privacy settings, how
security settings enabled. to manage passwords, how to follow
company security policies, how to
The web based scanner checks your encrypt your data so others can’t see
software remotely without you it and more.
needing to download anything.

Why you need this: Why you need this: Why you need this:
Your cyber security score will tell you Out of date software & insecure Improving your cyber security score
where you stand and will inform you devices can be hacked by cyber is easy once you know what to do &
how to improve your cyber security in criminals to steal your information how to do it. We help take the
order to reduce you and your and defraud you or your company. pressure of already stretched
company’s risk of fraud, data theft, security and IT teams by
stalking and more. empowering users to protect


MyCyber DNA


Major Threat Alerts Data Breach Simulated Attacks Analytics & Reporting

This system will send you MyCyber DNA monitors for MyCyber DNA will send The system collects all the
alerts on imminent threats hackers trading your stolen you fake scam emails so cyber security scores from
to your cyber safety so you information amongst you can learn how to spot your staff and provide the
can take action to protect themselves and alert you if the real ones when they company administrator a
yourself. it finds your or your get sent to you. top down view of who is
company’s information. most at risk.

Why you need this: Why you need this: Why you need this: Why you need this:
Major security incidents Billions of pieces of Scams are the most Resources are scarce, focus
happen regularly, you need information are being common way people are your risk reduction
to stay on top of the latest stolen every year. The defrauded out of money. activities on the people
threats so you and your software will notify you if it You need to learn how to and teams who need it
company stay protected. find cyber criminals trading spot them so you don’t most.
your data and what to do become a victim.
about it so you reduce your
risk of fraud and theft.




• A unique feature of your McAfee Security Software purchase is that it carries a warranty if the software fails to
protect you and money is stolen (product warranty) (“Cybercare4U”). In other words, with the product warranty,
we put our money where our mouths are, in that there is financial protection for financial losses incurred due to
malfunctioning software resulting in on-line cyber fraud.

• Cybercare4U guarantees the integrity of its cyber security products and the ability of these products to prevent
cyber-crime, fraud and identity theft against End Users.

• The software product warranty reimburses personal financial loss caused by cyber-attacks on the devices due to
malfunctioning software with and payment will be effected to the software owner, in line with to the Software
purchase warranty terms and conditions up to the limits agreed as part of the software purchase.



Your identity can Cyber crime Your personal credit M ost financial institutions will
be stolen to can affect card or business cover fraudulent transactions, but
perpetrate absolutely banking details can very few will reimburse customers
fraudulent online anyone who be stolen off fully for Phishing scams and cyber
transactions transacts computers, fraud. 80% of the cases referred to
online websites or apps at the Ombudsman for Banking
any time Services, are ruled in favour of the

You could lose your It can cost a great deal of W ith more and more people
life’s savings or suffer time and frustration transacting online and having an
serious cash flow to restore your credit and online presence so the threats
problems for your your reputation of fraud have increased as have
business the methods used by criminals
in defrauding consumers



fraud warranty covers: ONLINE EFT’S








McAfee Total Protection

• Get premium antivirus, identity and privacy protection you need for
your computers, smartphones and tablets.

• Easy-to-use security defends against viruses, ransomware and
other online threats.

• Easily secure and manage your passwords with Password Manager.

• Browse confidently and steer clear of online dangers like malware,
phishing and malicious download.



Thank You


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