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Published by forests.dragons, 2019-12-13 17:59:35

The Pill Bugs & The Dragonflies

by: Nicholas




Hey there, little Ember! 

I have a story to tell you about a little team of pill 

bugs rolling down a grassy hill... 


They looked at one another,  
“Who is going to go first??” 
So many arms a-pointin, all at one another. 

The dragonflies above them chuckled as they floated 
up & down, doing backflips, diving & arriving until… 



One bumped another, wings up all a flutter; 
the rest of them all joined in, tackling each other! 




They fell to the ground, knocking down a pill bug as 
it turned into a circle & knocked into another who 
then balled up like the other, none could recover as 

all began to tumble, down the hill they rumble! 


They laughed & they laughed,  
with tears in their eyes! 
They finally collapsed:  

the Pill Bugs & the Dragonflies. 

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