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Greetings & Introductions - Beg -Nice Eng

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Greetings & Introductions - Beg -Nice Eng

Greetings & Introductions - Beg -Nice Eng

Keywords: ESL,English,Greetings

Greetings  &  

American  Style  English  Lessons  for    Beginners

Greetings  &  Introductions

▪ Greeting  strangers  
▪ Greeting  friends
▪ Greeting  business  associates  
▪ Introducing  yourself  to  strangers  
▪ Introducing  yourself  to  business  associates  
▪ Social  cues  

Greeting  Strangers  

▪ Hi!  – face  to  face  encounters  
▪ Hello  -­‐ face  to  face  or  phone  conversation  
▪ My  name  is…
▪ I'm…
▪ Relationship  to  listener  – I'm  a  friend  of… I'm  ___'s  brother/sister.
▪ Nice  to  meet  you  /  It's  good  to  finally  meet  you.  

Greeting  Friends   Common  Responses

▪ Hey! • Hey,  ___what's  up!
▪ What's  up! • Yeah,  it's  been  a  while.  What's  
▪ Hey___long  time  no  see.
▪ How  have  you  been? new?
▪ What's  new? • You're  right!  How  long  has  it  
▪ How's  it  going?
▪ Where  have  you  been? been?  (Length  of  time)

Introducing  Yourself  to  Strangers  

Face  to  Face Over  the  Phone

▪ Hi,  my  name  is  ___. • Hello,  my  name  is___
▪ Hi,  I'm___. • Hi  my  name  is___.
▪ Hi,  I'm  ___  from___. • Good  afternoon  Mr.  ___,  my  
▪ Hello  everyone,  my  name  is___.
▪ Hi  everybody,  my  name  is___. name  is  ___
▪ Good  afternoon  everyone  I'm  ___
▪ Good  evening  everyone    my  name  


Introducing  Others  to  

American  Style  English  Lessons  for  Beginners  

New  Vocabulary  

Relatives  &  Friends Associates

▪ Brother,  sister,  cousin ▪ Coworker  
▪ Husband,  wife ▪ Classmate  
▪ Friend,  good  friend,  old  friend,   ▪ Business  partner

best  friend
▪ Boyfriend,  girlfriend  
▪ Son,  daughter  

Review  Questions  

When  is  it  best  to  greet  someone  by  
saying  hello?

A. Face  to  face  
B. Over  the  phone

How  should  you  respond  when  
someone  says  what's  up?

A.  Nothing  much  
B.  Fine,  thank  you.  And,  you?
C.  Hey!  What's  up,  ___.

Greetings  &  

Greetings  and  Introductions  Quiz

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