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2017 Quill America Spring


AQuill America
Spring 2017



Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Deborah Enterline PA Make It / Take It Event
Quilling with Rita Anderson Article pg. 11

 Audrey Scruton NY Pattern Corner see pg. 19
Article pg. 17
 Sherry Rodehaver 
COVER PHOTOS Spring 2017
Sea Horse, Leah DeLauder WV
see article pg. 16

Bird Bath, Floral Fridge Magnet &
Assorted Florals,
Audrey Scruton NY
see article pg. 15

Page 2

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board of Directors Table of Contents

Accreditation Committee ..... Sherry Rodehaver Annual Membership Fee
New Rates ............................................................. 3 & 5
2625 E Turkeyfoot Lk Road Board Report .............................................................................. 4
Exciting News
Uniontown, OH 44685 NEW “Online Only” ...................................................... 5
NEW Newsletter “Flip Book” ........................................ 5
330-699-2500 Financial Report ......................................................................... 6
[email protected] Note from the Hostess ................................................. 7
NAQG Website Assistant
Archive Committee .............. Donna Del Giudice Welcome Anne ............................................................. 8
Advertising ......................................................................... 8 & 21
11 Orchard St Planning, Prep and Progress ..................................................... 9
Q&A Membership Directory ........................................................ 9
Verona, NJ 07044 Community Relationship and Development Committee
Regional Representatives .......................................... 10
973-857-3999 REPS RAVES .................................................... 11 & 14
Color Pictorial ..................................................................... 12-13
Community Relationship and Development Committee For My Mother, The Fallen & My Father .................................. 15
Awareness of our Environment ................................................ 16
............................................. Jennifer Littlefield Q&A Videotaping/Photographs ................................................ 16
Fun at Quillapalooza 2 ............................................................. 17
605-222-3952 The Quilling Guild (UK)
Sets a New World Record .......................................... 18
[email protected] Pattern Corner .......................................................................... 19
Social Media ............................................................................. 20
Membership Committee ...... Roxann Dragula New Member Welcome ............................................................ 21
Quill America Supporter ........................................................... 21
5710 Broad River Run Notes from the Archivist ........................................................... 22
Newsletter Committee .............................................................. 22
Ellenton, FL 34222 Color Pictorial ...................................................................... 23-24

941-928-8669 Submission Deadlines

[email protected] Each issue of Quill America will attempt to have a theme for
the designs relating to upcoming holidays and events. Of
NAQG Conference Committee course, we welcome all quilling related items. Members are
reminded that all photos submitted for publication in Quill
............................................. Gail Freed America must be of a member’s original work. The NAQG
does not accept any responsibility for the originality of work
6401 Navajo Road presented in Quill America.

Westminster, CA Summer Issue Deadline: June 15
Highlights: Events or Special occasions for Aug/Sep/Oct &
Fall Issue Deadline: September 15
[email protected] Highlights: Events or Special occasions for Nov/Dec/Jan

Newsletter Committee ......... Alice Harris Winter Issue Deadline: December 15
Highlights: Events or Special occasions for Feb/Mar/Apr
95 Bridlewood Drive
Spring Issue Deadline: March 15
Welland, ON Canada Highlights: Events or Special occasions for May/Jun/Jul

L3C 6H3


[email protected]

Treasury Committee ............ Carla Parvin

6124 Whitman Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76133


[email protected]

Website and Internet Development Committee

............................................ Chen-fang Cheng

914 Fairview Ave

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

[email protected]

Annual Membership Fee (USD)

$15 Online Only **NEW**;
$27 US; $40 Canada/Mexico;

$60 International

Renew online at

Membership Fee is non-refundable

Spring 2017 Page 3

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

‘ Board Report

Board Meeting of the NAQG – have been interesting – some spirited expenses. We are now and have been
for some time putting the most current
Monday, March 13, 2017 back and forth discussions resulted from newsletter in the Members’ Corner of the
website, therefore, we can offer a more
7:30 pm (Eastern) Sherry’s question regarding the on-edge/ affordable membership fee for “online
only”. Hard copies will still be available for
linear technique. the full membership fee, but an increase
to cover costs will be reflected in the
Director Attendees: members next renewal. It was noted that
“Membership fees are non-refundable”.
Sherry Rodehaver – Accreditation Jennifer Littlefield, Community
The majority of the Board received and
Jennifer Littlefield – Community Relations & Development accepted the new fee structure which will
become effective as of the Spring 2017
Relations Committee edition of Quill America.

Roxann Dragula – Membership There is one new representative that Carla Parvin, Treasury
Gail Freed – NAQGCON has been added. Alice Harris will be the Our bank balance is $15,172.27. A more
detailed report will be available soon.
Alice Harris – Newsletter regional representative for SE Ontario
Chen-fang Cheng, Website
Carla Parvin – Treasury Canada. Her introduction will be included Committee
Updating of the website when needed.
Chen-fang Cheng – Website in this newsletter. Chen-fang has updated Anne Garcia (CA) has joined the Website
Committee as the Web Assistant.
the list on the NAQG website. Welcome Anne.

Chen-fang Cheng opened the meeting We are looking at new software for Anne
when assisting with updating the website.
at 7:44 pm (Eastern) Roxann Dragula, Membership Also, working closely with the Newsletter
and Membership Committees as several
Committee software options were investigated,
330 paid members and 123 Facebook settling on a “flip-type” book style for the
Sherry Rodehaver, Members’ Corner.
members. March 15th renewal reminders
Accreditation Committee ‘Contact Us’ emails on the website will be
The 2017 accreditation projects have been sent out. checked to make sure they are valid and
delivered to the proper Director.
are currently in the hands of the
Meeting was adjourned at 9:53 pm
judges. Provided they complete their Gail Freed, NAQGCON (Eastern). The Executive Director for
assessment in time, the announcement Committee the next Board meeting will be Roxann
of accredited members will be made at Plans for the conference are going Dragula. The next meeting will be early
June 2017 – date to be decided.
the conference. smoothly, 46 registrations so far (15 first

timers) with more pending. Classes/

After a collaboration of the Accreditation teachers are confirmed. I’ve sent the

team, the original Steering Committee last of the items I received to Roxy

and the membership it was presented for the raffle table. I’ll be requesting a

that the technique “Linear Paper Art aka NAQGCON event insurance quote the

Edge Work technique” [so named] will first of April and will forward the quote

be added to the NAQG official shape amount to the Treasurer for payment.

chart under the category of Techniques.

A question arose about Videotaping and/

A discussion ensued regarding the or Live feed of the NAQG Conference. It

NAQG Facebook page. It was agreed was agreed that this will not be permitted

to remain under the Membership and signs will be posted. Those taking

Committee (there is a part time photos will be asked to extend the

assistant in place). courtesy of asking the artists permission


Donna Del Giudice Archival

Committee Alice Harris, Newsletter
Donna could not attend the meeting Committee
and her report is as follows: It’s been We are looking at rising costs regarding

another quiet quarter. So far, there are producingandmailingtheguildnewsletter

two books that are not yet up onAmazon Quill America. The current membership

and that’s about it. The quilling blogs fee structure does not support the current

Page 4 Spring 2017

Exciting News!

Now Available!

The North American Quilling Guild is pleased to announce an “Online Only” membership!

How it works:

When your current membership expires and you are ready to renew, you will have the option to choose a
very affordable “Online Only” option. You will have access to the electronic version of the newsletter and
will NOT receive a printed copy through the mail.

However, should you wish to continue receiving a printed copy through the mail, you would select the

regular membership rate. You will also continue to have access to the electronic version of the newsletter
posted under the Members’ Corner at

More Exciting News!

Working closely together, the Website and Internet Development Committee along with the Newsletter and
Membership Committees, have implemented a new viewing system for the Quill America editions. You can
now browse the issues as a “Flip Book” which is an exciting development as we move forward with updates
and redesign of our website.


Due to rising costs of printing and mailing the newsletter, Quill America, the Membership Fees have been
adjusted to cover these costs. (see below and on page 3)

Annual Membership Fee (U.S. Dollars)

$15 Online Only **NEW**
$27 US
$40 Canada/Mexico
$60 International

Renew online at

Note: Membership Fees are non-refundable

Spring 2017 Page 5

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild




INCOME 124.00
Accreditation Fees 75.00
Advertisement 7.00
Donation 30.67
NAQGCON 2017 740.00
PayPal Fees 2.68
Membership Dues
Refund - Supplies 7,388.13
Total Income
Accreditation 203.25
Bank Service Charge 38.36
Business Expenses 50.00
Fee - IRS
Membership 850.00
NAQGCON - 2017 190.01
NAQGCON - 2016 1,000.00
Newsletter - Quill America -724.72
Postage, Mailing Service 9,345.04
Supplies 184.80
Other - Insurance - Liability D and O 165.85
Pay Pal Fees 377.00
Website 115.05
Total Expenses 116.85

ENDING BANK BALANCE @ 12/31/16 $11,848.44

Page 6 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2017 NAQGCON offer something for everyone from Vortex Coils, Silver
Quilling, Looped Stars, Starburst Ornament, Saucer
 Beads with a twist, Ring Coils with a twist, Mystery
Miniature, Moravian Stars, Alternate Side Looping,
Stitch Cards with Quilling, Framing Options, Nursery
Motifs, Quilling A to Z, Extreme Fringing, Quilling with
Styling Comb, Leaves & Greeneries, Iris and Tea Bag
Folding Meets Quilling, 3D Angel to Speed Quilling
with Various Shapes & Techniques.

TAM PA, FLO RIDA Vendors are:
• Tracy-Ellen Carr - Three C Creations
A note from the host Roxann Dragula. • Sherry Rodehaver - Sherry
• Jackie Truty - Art Clay World
I can’t tell all of you how excited I am to welcome • Motoko (Maggie) Nakatani - Stripe
each and every one of you to the Tampa NAQGCON. • Lisa Palmer - Never Bored Creations
I have lived in Florida for the past sixteen years and • Lois Bandt Weber - Ladybug Creations
have loved every minute of it. There is so much to see • Toni Swayze - Scentsy Consultant
and do on the land and the sea, even if you have a • Roxann Dragula - Quilling Supply
small budget.
I just can’t wait to see all of you this year. Please call
When you arrive at the airport, collect your luggage or email with questions, ideas, etc.
and call the Embassy Suites number 813-875-7555
for a free shuttle ride to the Hotel. If you are driving, Roxann Dragula: (941) 928-8669
remember to tell the Hotel front desk you are with Email [email protected]
the NAQG for your free parking.

Reminders: You do not need to make your own name
tag this year, they will be provided for you. However,
we would love it if all of you would participate in the
gift tag swap. The rules are simple, make a minimum
of four Quilled gift tags, one with the conference
theme. The more you make, the more you can swap.
They can be any size, shape and color. You can also put
your personal info on the back or even your business
info. The tag swap will start during lunch on Friday.
The hospitality room will be open Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday evenings till late for everyone to Quill,
visit, share ideas and advice.

Registrations are going quite well and we are expecting
a large group this year. We have teachers that will

Spring 2017 Page 7

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

NAQG Website Administrator
& Content Assistant

Anne Garcia, Orange CA

Anne is a native of southern California. Her history includes work in banking, utilities, and even a short stint at
Disneyland! After a dozen years in the information technology world, she now works as a technical writer. “I’ve
still got the ‘great American novel’ in me somewhere.”

A relative newcomer to quilling, Anne fell into it by accident a
few years ago while looking for some new ways to accent her
handmade cards. A Pinterest search revealed the art. “I was
amazed that it took only two things to make beautiful work:
paper and glue.” Soon after, she landed in a class at a local
craft store and made her first piece, a ladybug-with the help
of a tool.

Anne appreciates the opportunity to serve. Soon after joining
the guild, she attended the 2016 conference in Nashville. “I
learned so much. I really loved the fact that masters in the art
were eager to share their knowledge. I never felt intimidated.

Everything was to help us all get better and refine our skills.”

Welcome Anne!


If you have a website, blog or online store, the link to
your site can be included on the website
under Links>NAQG Member sites. Your only prerequisite
is to be a current member of the Guild.

Want more?

You can advertise in the Quill America for a nominal fee!
Pay for an advertisement in 3 consecutive newsletters
and get the fourth for FREE. We will even help you make
your AD. For more information, please see
quick links or email [email protected]

Page 8 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Planning, Prep and Progress

submitted by: Lorrie Timberlake, Arvada CO

Hey there everybody! We normally talk about the specifics of quilling and I’m all over that quilly goodness, but
today, I want to address something that seems to plague and paralyze us from time to time. Have you been
dying to quill but can’t seem to get past the dreaming stage? I was going through that very thing recently and it
finally occurred to me to talk to my husband about it. He, being the project leader that he is, went straight for
the practical. He reminded me of words that I’ve said to myself many times…simple but true, “Why don’t you
pick out a nice frame first?” I’ve realized some great benefits from this
“working backwards” process. For me, quilling my piece before I have
the frame usually ends up in an odd-sized piece that has to be taken
to the framer - adding unwanted expense to my project. By getting
the frame first I can conquer those paralyzing obstacles. I look for a
frame that I personally like, as well as one that will accommodate the
width(s) of paper I’m going to use. And I love finding a frame that
will accentuate the finished style. Once you have your perfect frame,
here’s how to prep it. First, take the frame apart. Use the paper insert
to measure and cut out a sturdy cardboard base, if the frame doesn’t
already come with one. Next, cut out your final backing/mounting
surface the same size. Then use a thin coat of white glue to fully cover
and smoothly adhere your surface to the cardboard. Place a weight
or book on it over-night to allow it to dry and prevent warping. Once
it’s dry, use a pencil and the mat from the frame to lightly trace the
opening onto the mounting surface. Now, you know exactly how
much space you have and can get to quilling. With some planning
and prep-work, you can make some real progress and get past that
quiller’s block. Happy Quilling!


The annual Membership Directory is made available to members as a means
for us to communicate with each other and hopefully find other members that
live nearby. It is the only reason the Guild asks members if they want their
email address included in the directory.

It’s a convenient way to contact nearby members interested in getting together as a group to learn and
share information with each other.

The Membership Directory is for members personal use only and may not to be utilized for business
purposes. This Directory is never sold or shared publicly.

At this time phone numbers are not published but are required for NAQG records.

Spring 2017 Page 9

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Community Relationship and
Development Committee

Jennifer Littlefield - S DAKOTA


I recently asked the regional representatives if they could introduce themselves to
the members. Here is what they had to say:

Toni Swazye- Oklahoma

I started Quilling in the winter of 2000. I like quilling because it’s unique and it has
an interesting history. It’s also fun to watch a project come together and I enjoy
looking at examples from others all over the world. My favorite things to quill are
flowers and patterns that use the basic shapes to make something new.

Motoko “Maggie” Nakatani – JAPAN

I learned quilling from Mrs. Taeko Sakurai, Mrs. Toyomi Hinago, Mrs. Aiko
Kishimoto and self-taught. I am a “paperholic” and can make lots of things by
paper quilling which includes mainly flowers and sometimes miniatures.

Alice Harris - SE ONTARIO, Canada

I took an afternoon workshop almost 30 years ago at our local Parks and
Recreation Community Centre and was hooked. Early on, I shadow boxed
wedding announcements embellished with quilling exclusively. Once I became
acquainted with the NAQG, I learned that you can do so much more. I am
particularly proud of the dog portraits that I have created.
I enjoy getting in “the zone” and find that Quilling is quite

Katheryne Talledo Ruiz – PERU

Starting with a magazine article and online lessons she started with small gifts.

Read more about Katheryne’s continuing journey on page 14.

If you are interested in becoming a regional representative, please contact Jennifer Littlefield at [email protected]

Page 10 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


Mary O’Conner of New York reported that she is working on ornaments, cards, and snowflakes for a sale in
September. She is hoping to work out an interview with a local newspaper and perhaps line up classes for the
coming winter season after that. Meeting with a few quilling friends for inspiration and a time of sharing all
things quilling!
Mini-Meet “Make It / Take It” Event
Lois Bandt-Weber of Florida reports that on February 4th the southeast regional
meeting was held in Hawthorne retirement community. We had 12 people there. We
had a “show & tell” plus we used the quill comb for a project (see color photo pg. 2).
Some made flowers and also angels. Enjoyed a lunch together. Here’s pictures of our
gathering. Those attending were Roxann, Sherry Brock, Deb Mackes, Steve Caswell,
Marianne Fassett, Lisa Poveda and friend, plus three members of my quill class: Barb,
Donna and Helen. This was our 3rd gathering in quite a few years. Afraid I’ll have to
resign now as a regional rep. Hope someone will volunteer for the position.

Pictured right: Lois in her Derby Hat!

 Roxann and Sherry 
 Deb Mackes

Back row (L-R) Roxann Dragula, Ellenton FL; Deb Mackes, Inverness FL; Sherry Brock, Uniontown OH;

Steve Caswell, Waterbury VT; Lisa Poveda FL; Carol Martin; Donna Hale and Helen Boyd

Front row: Marianne Fassett, Enfield NH; and Barb Warne. photo: Lois Bandt-Weber

Spring 2017 Page 11

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Leah DeLauder WV
Article pg. 16

Audrey Scruton NY Spring 2017
Article pg. 15

Page 12

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Audrey Scruton NY
Article pg. 15

Spring 2017 Page 13

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

REPS RAVES submitted by: Katheryne Talledo, Lima Perú
Platinumsky’s Quilling

(NAQG Regional Representative - PERU)

“My first contact with this technique was through a magazine that I found a long time ago. I was curious about
everything that can be done with a simple paper strip. It’s versatility is simply incredible.

The natural way to learn something is in a school or institute; but, here in my country (Peru), I couldn’t find
a suitable place to learn and it wasn’t until I travelled abroad that I started to discover a little more about
it. Later, I took some online courses, but knowing people who love this technique is how you can grow and

I started making small projects to give as gifts and found great satisfaction by leaving a bit of me in each of the
pieces that I made. For me, nothing is more valuable than to give something that you have done with your
own hands and heart. That’s very special.

Then, by chance, I had the opportunity to teach a workshop and share what I’ve learned and then I’ve found
an even greater satisfaction because you meet and know people. Each person, in their world and complexity,
always has something good to offer. I also discovered that this art could serve as an anti-stress therapy and
relaxation. In this world, where we live so fast and everything is now digital, it is extremely refreshing and
relaxing to do things with your hands and, if we add love, the result is truly amazing.

It has been a way of finding myself and a new way to exticrate the creativity that we all have inside. I’ve
passed through several materials and techniques until I’ve started working with paper and I got trapped.
Paper is so docile that it adopts the form that you want to give it, you can give shape to whatever you imagine
and more, I love that!

Currently, I’m giving workshops on weekends and, little by little, I’m spreading from my little corner all that
I’ve learned to my students while still learning new techniques. Since this world is so big and rich, you always
find something new to learn. That thrills me to my very core.

Page 14 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

For My Mother, the Fallen & My Father

submitted by: Audrey Scruton, Oswego NY
(NAQG Regional Representative NEW YORK)

My quilling journey of the last three years was inspired by my desire to fix an old quilled magnet I made for
my Gram. She is not the only one who has inspired me to quill over the years.

My Mom may have the greenest thumb of anyone I know. Within her house as well as the gardens outside,
she has a variety of flowers, greenery, & plants of various edibles flourishing. Unbeknownst to her, these
indoor and outdoor plants have inspired my quilled floral pieces. From wanting to match the right shade of
bold pink of a Gerbera daisy, to making succulents, and to the various shades of green of the tall decorative
grasses in the shade garden. Even tree branches with nesting birds and the bird baths are found both with my
quilling and her gardens. As well, I hope that my quilled garden inspired pieces show even a small amount of
the beauty in which you would see within her gardens. So thanks Mom, for not only did I get my creativity
from you but my inspiration in garden related quills.

Every May we honor those that have fallen. I made this Patriotic star in honor of those who are no longer
here but remembered. Sadly, history is full of war and those who didn’t make it home. I hope that they are
never forgotten for they fought bravely to the end.

Football, hunting, and camping are all things that when thought of, I think of my Dad. He loves his NY Giants,
his hunting and perhaps most of all camping. He was the inspiration of my whitetail deer I made at Christmas.
He has also inspired the football helmet quill as it is for his team and to be his Father’s day card this year.

As my inspirations for quilling are taken from those I love, it’s hard to part with each piece. Whether it be
gifted to family or friend, or purchased, each quilled piece takes a part of me with it. For each piece I quill,
I sketch out what I want it to be, plan out my color scheme, spend time making each quilled shape to fill in
said sketch. With so much time invested into the quilled art, whether it be something small or large, each
has a bit of my heart within it.

Spring 2017 Color photos on pgs. 2, 12 & 13
Page 15

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Awareness of our Environment

submitted by: Leah DeLauder, Aurora WV

Hi! I joined the NAQG last year and saw in the back of the latest magazine that you had someone to send
pictures and stories to.

I would like to share that I have just started an Endangered Species Quilling line for this years craft shows and
on my Etsy shop, PractiQuills, in response of the Environmental Protection Agency being on the chopping
block with the new presidential administration. I hate that the environment and its welfare has gone by the
wayside and I needed some way to speak out with my art. I have two small kids and can’t really go to all
of the protests and constantly be calling and writing letters. I just don’t have the time! I will be including a
card with each purchase that has information about the specific animal and how it helps the environment in
which it lives. We can’t forget that a whole species can come and go by what we do to the earth, including
our own species.

I have a list of animals and plants/flowers and trees that I will be quilling and putting in 8in x 8in frames. I
wanted to add an article that was using this beautiful paper art for awareness of our environment. I’m still
deciding between conservation organizations to donate some of the proceeds from these pieces.

Here are some examples of what will be available. Color photos on Cover & page 12

VIDEOTAPINGQA Editor’s note: Leah has provided a perfect example of
Linear Paper Art (aka Edge work technique) partnered
with quilling shapes to produce lovely works of art.

Videotaping and/or ‘Live Feed’ is NOT permitted at the NAQG

Conferences due to privacy issues. Signs will be posted in the
Classrooms and at the welcome table as a reminder.

When photographing, please extend the courtesy of asking the Artist for permission. We ask that
you wait until after the Conference to post any pictures of your work on Social Media and only to
friends and family, not public. Please do not post other Artists work unless proper permission(s)

We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you, NAQG Board

Note: we have several volunteers that take the official NAQGCON
photographs for the Quill America publication and the Website.

Page 16 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

FUN AT QUILLAPALOOZA 2 submitted by: Carole Harp, Rochester IL

It was a beautiful February day (which is a miracle for central For lunch, Mary fixed a variety of appetizers including BBQ

Illinois) when the Quillapalooza gals started gathering. Our nutballs, bacon pinwheels, raspberry cheese spread, veggies

destination was Champaign, Illinois at a hotel with a loft suite. and dip, and fruit. Delicious! After lunch, Shelly gave each of us a

The suite had 2 king beds, 2 full baths, a fully equipped kitchen, small jar with pink and red M&M’s. The empty jar could be used

fireplace, and enough room to set up a big table to quill on. I later for holding a glue bottle upside down. Mary and I got teased

was the first to arrive with all the food, tables, extra chair, and about “popping pills” all day because when we eat M&M’s, we

my quilling supplies. Sandy Baughman arrived shortly after I did take a handful and throw them in our mouths. So I guess that

and helped unload my van. Leslie Miller arrived after all the hard makes Shelly our drug dealer. We spent the rest of the day quilling

work was done. (Sorry Leslie, just had to tease you a little.) Jamie hard on the projects we had brought. Lisa worked on a framed

Roberts and Lisa Palmer arrived within the next couple of hours. piece with a saying on which she quilled an ornate cross and

Shelly Krzyzewski was the last quiller to arrive since she was bad some flowers. Leslie worked on an owl picture done with edge

and had to stay after school. (Or maybe it was because she is the work. Jamie started on a beautiful mandala. Sandy worked on a

teacher.) Mary Boesdorfer (my daughter and personal chef for cardinal picture. I did some greeting cards and a couple of rocks

the weekend) arrived after supper. She had been in Collinsville, with quilling on them. Mary worked on paper embroidery cards.

Illinois earlier in the day at a woodworking show. It was wonderful being able to bounce ideas off each other, get

I had to laugh as everyone brought their stuff in. Everybody had opinions, and pick up new tricks and techniques. I think we were

one small bag for their clothes & such and several big bags, totes all surprised and pleased at how much quilling we got done over

etc. for quilling supplies. I guess we all had our priorities straight. the weekend.

The first few hours were spent visiting and eating pizza (which For supper our super chef made almond cheddar casserole and

we had delivered). After supper Leslie and Lisa made a trip to get apple honey scones. After supper we quilled until 11:30. At this

some wine. When they got back, they tried using the corkscrew point I think our eyes were starting to spin, but it was worth it.

they found in the kitchen drawer. Unfortunately, it was very cheap We gathered one last time on Sunday morning to try and finish up

and broke. So Lisa and Sandy decided to take two or three bottles what we were working on. Mary fixed an egg and sausage brunch

down to the bar in the hotel lobby and have the bartender open casserole. Around noon it was time to pack up. Mary presented

them. We began to worry when they were gone for quite a while. each of us with a paper embroidered card with hearts on it (since

Finally, they got back and said the bar would open only one Valentine’s Day was only two days away) and I gave everyone a

bottle for us. Leslie was ready to run back to the bar and chew chocolate heart made at our local chocolate shop.

out the bartender and get more bottles opened when Sandy and Soon everything was packed, furniture returned to its proper

Lisa broke out laughing! They said the other bottles were screw place, and cars loaded. After some final pictures were taken and

tops. The whole room erupted in uproarious laughter. Now we good-byes exchanged, we all headed for our homes in Missouri,

understood why they were gone so long. They had to stop several Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. I know my drive home was filled

times on the way back because they were laughing so hard. with memories of good friends, laughter, delicious food, and an all

Once everyone regained their composure, the supplies came around amazing weekend.

out and the quilling began in earnest! Before we knew it, it was

after midnight. Time to give our eyes and fingers a rest. Since we

couldn’t all fit in the suite, Sandy, Mary, and I got a regular room

to share.

On Saturday we started gathering again about 8:30-9:00. Soon we

were all wide awake, talking, laughing, and quilling. Late morning Carole Jamie
there was a knock on the door. It was the maid. I wish I had taken

a picture of the maid’s face when we opened the door. What she Sandy Shelly
saw was furniture that had been moved, a table set up in the
middle of the room, and quilling supplies on every inch of space. Lisa

I could tell by the look on her face she didn’t know whether to run

or do her job. Finally, she asked, in a very tentative voice, “do you

need anything?” After getting some clean towels and taking the

garbage, she fled. Leslie

photo: Mary

Spring 2017 Page 17

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


submitted by: Philippa Reid

The Quilling Guild (UK) has succeeded in its attempt to achieve an official World Record for amassing the
greatest number of quilled flowers in one place, following industrious quilling activity by members and friends
from across the world over a two year period. Several hundred flowers were kindly contributed by NAQG
members at last year’s NAQGCON event in Nashville, where they were gratefully received by Quilling Guild Vice
Chairman Jane Jenkins.

The resulting collection of 6241 flowers formed a
spectacular display at the Guild’s Annual Meeting
which was held at The Folk Hall, New Earswick, York,
on 17th September 2016. The official count of the
flowers was undertaken at this event in the presence
of three independent and highly respected witnesses:
the Sheriff of York (pictured below), Mr Jonathan Tyler;
the Sheriff’s Lady, Mrs Brenda Tyler and expert quiller
Doreen Strachan. Following the count, the agreed total
was submitted to GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for
official authentication, accompanied by photographic
and video evidence.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ has now responded
with official confirmation that a new Record had been

The Quilling Guild officer responsible for co-ordinating
the World Record attempt was Genevieve Godden, who
has documented the various stages of this ambitious
attempt. “At first our target was quite modest”, she
recalls. “We initially thought that by enlisting the help
of Quilling Guild members, it might realistically be
achievable to amass 1000 flowers. So, in 2014, the call
went out to members
and the collection began to form. By September 2015, the total exceeded 1300
flowers, so we revised our target to 2000. However, as the quest to collect more
flowers gathered momentum, quillers around the world were enthused to help
rise to this inspiring challenge. Even some non-member quillers whom we met
during the year at craft shows and workshop events were willing to contribute,
alongside others who had read about our World Record attempt online. In the
last four months of collecting, flowers literally poured in from every corner of
the world, resulting in our final total of 6241.”

The flowers are now going ‘on tour’ in the UK, where they will be displayed at
various future festivals and events, helping to raise public awareness of the art
of Quilling. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

color photo pg. 24

Page 18 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Pattern Corner

Quillers are only limited by their imaginations;
almost any subject can be quilled. The schnauzer
is made using only a few very basic shapes, but the
results are very realistic. Start by tracing an outline
of the shape and fill in with marquises.
Design: Sherry Rodehaver, Uniontown OH (2007©)

6 Shaped teardrops (6”, 15.24 cm) very loose for
6 Tight rolls (.75”, 1.9 cm) for the ends of the spokes
1 Tight roll (1.75”, 4.45 cm) for the top of the
1 Strip (4”, 10.2 cm) for edging umbrella
1 Strip (4”, 10.2 cm) for handle
18 Heart scrolls (1.5”, 3.8 cm)
1 Strip (2”, 5 cm) for banner
Make 6 loose teardrops, pressing an inward curve
in the rounded end. Glue next to each other with
points touching. Outline the umbrella, and then
arrange remaining quills as shown.
Design: Sherry Rodehaver, Uniontown OH (2007©)

1 Large ring coil (24”, 122 cm) pinched into shape of
1 Small coil (2”, 5 cm) for thumb opening
30 S scrolls (1.75”, 4.4 cm) to fill pallette
8 Strips (6”, 15.2 cm) (narrow) in assorted colors for
1 Strip (6”, 15.2 cm) folded in half for brush handle
1 Teardrop (3”, 7.6 cm) for brush tip
Arrange as shown. Roll the narrow strips of “paint”
into a ball, flatten and then glue to palette.
Design: Sherry Rodehaver, Uniontown OH (2007©)

color photos pg. 2 Editor’s note: when you reproduce these patterns
Spring 2017 please share with the members in the next issues
of Quill America. If you adapted the pattern with
different techniques ,e.g. beehive, we would love to
hear all about it!
email to: [email protected]

Page 19

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Social Media

• Follow the rules as outlined in the Description area of
the Facebook page.


1. Quilling or comments related to quilling or the Guild

2. Your own original Artwork - watermarking your work is

• The new NAQG group is a closed member’s only group highly recommended

and is only open to paid members of the North American 3. Should you post for someone else, please be sure you

Quilling Guild. have permission to do so

• Only members can see what is posted in this closed 4. Individual business/quilling for sale or links will be

group. removed

• You must be a paid member in good standing to become

and remain a member of the NAQG Facebook closed Reminder:

group. If you are planning to enter a competition piece in the

• Paid members are not automatically added to the new NAQGCON or send an article for the Quill America, do not

NAQG Facebook group. You must go to the group and post in this group.

request to join the group.

1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups (Yahoo requires a

Yahoo e-mail address - it is free and doesn’t

have to be utilized for anything other than

allowing you to access your Yahoo groups)
2. Look for: NAQGmembers by clicking Browse

on the left or Search for a group at the top of

YES, the NAQG still has a Yahoo Members group. the page

3. Click on Join Group - a page opens, asking
This group is being used as a forum for questions for your membership info (your display name,
and answers regarding the guild. Also as a alias, email address, message delivery, etc.)
place for members to communicate on important 4. Set your membership info.
issues. Members can create personal photo 5. Click Send Request
albums there. It is important that all members join
Keep in mind: This is a private group and your
this group for these purposes.
request will be sent to the group’s moderator
As with Facebook you must apply to become a for approval before you can participate.
member, here is how:

Editor’s note: Social Media is only one source for reaching out to members for opinions. All
communication avenues will be utilized to reach members online and offline.

Page 20 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A warm welcome to our newest members!
(15 Dec 2016 – 14 Mar 2017)

Madalin Weber Tomball, TX Georgia Bartholomew Kernersville NC
Robin Lee Riverview, FL Linda Mimm Mullica Hill, NJ
Barbara Campbell Vinton, IA Candy Sidner Waban, MA
Connie Peabody Tigard, OR
Kayla Mackes Winter Garden, FL Samantha Schmidt Whittier, CA
Larissa Kirkland Denver, CO Nancy Pickett Windsor, CO
Anne Kredell Catonsville, MD
Donna White Winter Park, FL Michelle Petek Hermitage, TN
Alejandra Sánchez Derteano Lima, Peru Kenneth Sheller Elkins, WV
Myrna Berman Hull, MA
Patricia Ward Russellville, AR Lois Guthrie Grantsville, MD
Diann Marta Edmonton, AB CANADA Margarita Ohrt Covington, GA
Amanda Dean Tallahassee, FL Suzanne Wood Auburn, CA
Carolyn Payne Platsburg, NY

Robert Crane Wayne, NJ

We apologize in advance for any omissions or misspellings. Please email [email protected] for any
changes so we can correct them. Also, if you have moved, please let Roxann Dragula know of these changes.
We are getting returned newsletters which cost extra postage to re-send. Note: any new member applications,
received after March 14th, will be announced in the next issue.

Advertise Your one-stop shop for a dazzling array
of quilling, paper and craft products
sourced from around the world. Discover
NEW, LOWER an innovative range of quilling supplies,
advertising fees!
books, tools and accessories in our
Email: extensive on-line catalog by visiting
[email protected]
Spring 2017
email [email protected]
Sign up for our Newsletter, too!

Page 21

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


submitted by: Donna Del Giudice, Verona NJ

We would love to hear from any of our members interested in working on our Archives. It is pretty simple –
basically, checking the web from time to time to see what new things are out there; following various supplier
pages to see what new things (i.e., kits, new self-published books/booklets) are coming out; and, articles in
journals/magazines that feature quilling.

We are especially looking for any bibliographic references that can help our members track down the books or
articles through their library or to purchase them via the web (i.e., Amazon or direct from quilling suppliers).

Some of our members have been so kind to send over copies of newspaper articles published in the USA, as
well as electronic copies of articles that have been published in European magazines. Our members are our
best resources!

If you’d be interested in this type of research, please feel free to reach out to Donna Del Giudice through the
NAQG Facebook page and I will contact you.

Some recent “finds” are as follows:


1. Ausgabe, Gebundene, Kreative mit Papier: Karten, Geschenke, Deko, Blumen, & Scrapbooks, Dorling
Kindersley (Germany), February 2017.

2. Jenkins, Jane, “Quilled Teddy Bears”, JJ Quilling (UK), 2017.
3. Louie, Cecelia, “Rolled Paper Art: 10 Colorful Quilling Creations”, Becker & Mayer, 2017.
4. Runa, Sena, Quilling Art, GMC Publications, November 2017.


1. Coursey, Nicole, “Glad We Met”, (Quill it Easy), CardMaker, Spring 2017.
2. Forker, Jennifer, “Paper Craft Lends Elegance to Valentine’s Day Cards (newspaper article on Kari Cronbaugh-

Auld)”, Journal Inquirer, 2/6/17.


When submitting articles and pictures please email to: [email protected]

We are looking to provide more patterns in each issue of the Quill America. Should you choose to make the
patterns, please send pictures so that they can be celebrated in upcoming Quill America issues. If you have a
special pattern that you would like to share with members, please don’t hesitate to submit to my attention at
the above email address. Next deadline date is: June 15, 2017 so if you have any items that showcase Labor
Day, Columbus Day and/or Halloween please send along. If you observe religious holidays please send your
creations for publication so others may see how you celebrate.

Alice Harris, Welland ON Canada
Quill America Editor

Page 22 Spring 2017

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

 Elsie Schaffrick  Page 23
Edmonton, AB Canada
The Quirky Quillers’ Guild

Spring 2017

 Elsie Schaffrick 
Edmonton, AB Canada

The Quirky Quillers’ Guild

 Quilling Guild (UK)
see article: pg. 16

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