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2013 Quill America Winter

2013 Quill America Winter

Winter 2013

Photograph by Stephen Lewis. Artwork by North American Quilling Guild: Rita Anderson,
Antonella Defalco, Donna Del Guidice, Sherry Rodehaver, Fredricka Whitman. © Reprinted
with permission (article see pg. 19)

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Eileen Walters

Vortex Flowers
Husked Flowers

Alice Harris
This ‘n That

Want your Quilled Art Winter 201
showcased here?

Meet the challenge for March 15th
Mother’s Day  Father’s Day
Vacation  Travel

Cards  Flowers  3D  Framed
email to: [email protected]

“The photo of the “T” logo is used with permission. It
is the property of the New York Times and can not be
reproduced or copied without permission of the New

York Times”

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board of Directors Table of Contents

Accreditation Committee ...... Sherry Rodehaver Board Report ................................................................... 4
2625 E Turkeyfoot Lk Road Roxann’s Unforgettable Trip ........................................ 5-7
Uniontown, OH 44685 A Celebration of all things Quilling ................................. 8
330-699-2500 International Festival of Quilling ..................................... 9
[email protected] 2013 NAQGCON ...................................................... 12-13
Archive Committee ................ Donna Del Giudice Floral Tribute color photos ...................................... 14-15
11 Orchard St #14 Sherry Brock ............................................. 16
Verona, NJ 07044 #16 Jill Van Dieren ........................................... 17
973-857-3999 #17 Jenny Matthews ........................................ 18
[email protected] The “T” Project .............................................................. 19
Community Relationship and Development Committee Notes from the Archivist ............................................... 20
................................................ Danielle Pray Newsletter Editor Comments ....................................... 21
859-485-6790 Come Quill With Us Report ........................................... 21
[email protected] Angel & Ornament Patterns ............................. 22
Membership Committee ....... Rita Anderson New Member Welcome ................................................ 23
2422 Torrington Drive Membership Comments .................................. 23
Toms River, NJ 08755 In Memorium .................................................... 23
732-886-0867 Quill America Supporters ............................................. 24
[email protected] Regional Reps ............................................................... 25
NAQG Conference Committee Shape Chart .................................................................. 26
................................................ Gail Freed
6401 Navajo Road Submission Deadlines
Westminster, CA
92683-2041 Each issue of Quill America will attempt to have a theme
714-892-9622 for the designs relating to upcoming holidays and events.
[email protected] Of course, we welcome all quilling related items. Members
Newsletter Committee .......... Alice Harris are reminded that all photos submitted for publication
95 Bridlewood Drive in Quill America must be of a member’s original work.
Welland, ON Canada The NAQG does not accept any responsibility for the
L3C 6H3 originality of work presented in Quill America.
905-788-1529 Summer Issue Deadline: June 15
[email protected] Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween
Treasury Committee .............. Laura Olohan Fall Issue Deadline: September 15
26 Evergreen Ave Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice
Springfield, NJ 07081 Winter Issue Deadline: December 15
973-564-9755 St. Patrick’s Day, Birthday, Easter
[email protected] Spring Issue Deadline: March 15
Website and Internet Development Committee Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Vacation and Travel
................................................ Antonella DeFalco
531 Brian Dean Drive
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
[email protected]

Annual Membership Rates
$25 US; $30 Canada and Mexico;

$40 Everywhere Else

Renew online at

Winter 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board Report

Board Meeting of the NAQG Total for year, so far 208 renewals couple recommendations were
- Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:30 and 109 new members. suggested by Alice – 1) If there are
changes to a document, then the
pm (Eastern) Gail Freed, NAQGCON author should remove the previous
Committee, Gail was not able to file and replace with the revised
Director Attendees: attend this meeting and sent in document. Alice found several
Donna Del Giudice – Archival; this report: As for the conference, copies of the same subject and
Rita Anderson – Membership; the only thing I have to report is was concerned about choosing the
Alice Harris – Newsletter that class teachers and vendors wrong file. 2) As for pictures, if they
are needed, as well as donations could be uploaded, as is, and let
Donna Del Giudice opened the for the raffle. Also, the competition Alice do the cropping. There was
meeting at 7:42 pm (Eastern) jewelry category has changed; it’s trouble with the sizing when some
– Danielle Pray was slated to now two sections, which members of the photos were cropped; Alice
facilitate this meeting, but could not will see on the competition form. could not resize them.
make it; she will be the Executive Shelly has all the conference Donna suggested that Alice work
Director for the Spring 2013 documents ready to be included in directly with her Committee to let
meeting. the newsletter. them know what she needs.
Alice will be sending Donna
Sherry Rodehaver, Accreditation Donna noted that the spring the inserts for the NAQGCON
Committee, Sherry was not able to meeting may be held on the registration to send to the printer.
attend the meeting and sent in this weekend, making it easier for Gail
report: The NAQG Accreditation to join the meeting and discuss any Laura Olohan, Treasury
Program for the year 2013 has NAQGCON issues directly with the Committee, Laura was not able
received 11 application forms from Board. to attend this meeting. Laura to
members seeking Accreditation. provide numbers in the Spring
These members will have until Rita brought up a request from Kay issue Treasurer’s report.
the end of February to submit Charles, our current Competition
their work for assessment. An Coordinator. Kay will be stepping Antonella DeFalco, Website
announcement for those who down/retiring after the 2013 Committee, Antonella was not able
earned the accredited status will be NAQGCON. A new member will to attend this meeting – no report.
made later in the spring. be needed to assist with the
Competition coordination. More Donna did report that the Facebook
Donna Del Giudice, Archival details on the position to follow. page is working well. Michele
Committee, Donna reported that Kay will be speaking with Gail to has made the Board members
there were no updates. help in this transition. Donna has as administrators. Growth is slow
offered to work out job description. – 48 members; however, only a
Danielle Pray, Community little over half of those are actual
Relations & Development Alice Harris, Newsletter Committee, members of the NAQG.
Committee, Danielle was not able Alice noted that she has seen that
to attend this meeting – no report. a few items have been uploaded to Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm
the Newsletter Committee Yahoo (Eastern). The Executive Director
Rita Anderson, Membership site by Committee members. The for the next Board meeting will be
Committee, Rita announced that last newsletter went smoothly; a Danielle Pray. The next meeting
this quarter that there were 58 will be early March 2012 – date to
renewals and 18 new members. be decided.

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


by Roxann Dragula

Wow!! The year is just about over and of unfortunate events took place that it got turned
what a year it has been for me and Quilling. I into a movie. There was no way we could ever
have already started preparing for my next trip have dreamed it all up on our own.
to the UK for the Quilling Guild’s Annual General Without giving you all the extra little details
Meeting (AGM) which is to be held in Liverpool in between, I will tell you the main things that
in August 2013. However, I could not possibly do happened. The first flight we were on could not
that without first reflecting on this year’s trip to take off on time because there was a traffic jam
the AGM and Shared Skills Day which were held over Atlanta Georgia; that put us late arriving into
in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, UK, in September Atlanta. Then we could not park the airplane we
2012. First and foremost, I want to say that if you were on in Atlanta after landing because there
have ever thought of making the trip to the UK was a broken down airplane in the spot where
for the Guild’s AGM or have plans to do so in the we were to park and they needed to get a tow
future, it will be a trip of a lifetime that you will truck to move it. After we got parked, we got off
never forget. I know that we never will! the airplane and had to start running to the other
Some of you know that I had planned
this trip for quite a while. In fact, when end of the terminal. We arrived at
I started planning to attend the 2012 our gate just in time to hear a man
AGM, I was unemployed and knew it say “I’m sorry, you can’t take this
was going to take a sacrifice on my flight - you will have to go down to
part, but I was determined to make your right and take another flight”.
this the first of many trips to the UK. We went to the location where
We had everything in place, we’d been directed and all the
clothes packed, passport in hand and man there kept saying was that
knew we had planned everything right there were no flights out until 6PM
down to the last detail. We arrived the following day.
at the Tampa international airport in As the words came out of
Florida without a problem. As I sat in the back of this young man’s mouth, my world
a friend’s car reflecting on the trip I was about to started crashing down around me because I
take to see long-time friends and meet new ones, knew that if there were no flights I would miss the
little did I know that this was not going to be just competition. We asked the man over and over
any ordinary trip. again if there was an alternative way for us to
We arrived at the airport as planned in get there, but he just kept saying that there were
plenty of time. We checked our bags and got no flights in a somewhat monotonous voice.
past security with the competition art pieces that He then handed us a voucher that would give
we decided to hand carry with us to avoid any us overnight accommodations. With tears in my
damage. I had the largest piece in my backpack eyes I walked away from the counter to locate
and my husband had the remainder of the art a telephone to call the number on the voucher.
in his backpack. We boarded the flight and sat During this time I was texting friends and calling
down, never suspecting from that point on there people I knew to try and find some way to fix this
would be nothing normal about this trip. It turned problem. We called the number on the voucher
out to be one of those trips where such a series and they wanted a credit card so I could see
the nightmare starting with them charging me

Winter 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


for a room that was not planned for. I hung up the next day. What were we to do but believe
the telephone and we went to find the location that it would be there? The bag that was missing
where we could get a bus that would take us to just so happened to be the one that had our
the Hotel. During this time I had people calling me clothes in it. But we were in London. We had my
and texting me, reassuring me that things would art safely with us and we would make it to the
work out. We arrived at the Hotel only to discover AGM on time.
that the accommodations were very undesirable. We then made our way to the train station
We had not been in the room long when Eileen only to discover that we had not only missed the
Walters sent me an email to my cell asking me if train that I had purchased tickets for, but there
the airlines had offered to send me with another was only one last train that would take us within
carrier. When she asked that question, I got thirty minutes of the Hotel. We looked at each
back on the telephone to customer service and other and boarded the train only to discover that
the first thing the young girl on the
telephone said to me was that Friday night was not the night to
it should have been one of my be on the train. At that time of the
options, but one that I was not morning, we were the only sober
given. We were now faced with people on it!
the fact that we had a new flight, We arrived at the farthest
but this flight would take off first point north the train would go.
thing in the morning and we were We got off the train and a very
not sure we could get back to the nice young man helped us find a
airport on time. It was now 1AM taxi in the sea of taxis lined up
and we were headed back to the outside the station that would
airport. We spent the remainder take us the direction we were
of the night in the airport and were first in line going. We needed to be another
the next morning only to discover that we did not thirty minutes north of where we were, and had
have a ticket after all. After all of that, we had no to trust that we were being sent in the correct
ticket and no one behind the counter was willing direction.
to correct this problem because the original ticket We arrived safely at the Hotel at 3AM
was purchased with another airline. totally exhausted, but at least I knew now that I
As time slipped by I could see that there would make it to the AGM for sure. But there was
was a very good possibility that I could miss this still a problem: I had no fresh clothes. When I got
flight as well. After asking them three times if I was up to prepare for my ride to pick me up on time
going to miss this flight and hearing them say “we for the AGM, I freshened the clothes I had on
don’t know” three times, I got on my cell, called and jumped in the car knowing that people had
the original airline and got the problem fixed. no idea at this point that I was still wearing the
This problem was fixed, but our problems were same clothes I started out in.
by no means over. We once again were off and I would like to give special thanks to Pat
running - literally - because we just about missed Wells for her kindness in transporting us to the
the second flight. We landed in London only to places we needed to be. Because our luggage
discover that there were no more trains running was going to be delivered to the Hotel that day,
north and only half of our luggage had showed my husband wanted me to have fresh clothes.
up; the other half never got out of Atlanta! We He decided to stay behind so he could bring
were told that it would be delivered to our Hotel fresh clothes to me when they arrived.
Well, that was the short version of my trip! Trust

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

UNFORGETTABLE TRIP, cont. I can’t begin to tell you just how wonderful
we found the hospitality of the members to be. On
me when I say I could not make up all the details the second day of not having any clothes to wear,
of this entire trip, even if I wanted to. Shelia and David Jones took it upon themselves
to bring a change of clothes to both me and my
I guess I could have given up and marked husband when we attended the Shared Ideas
it up as a loss, but my determination and desire Day. What a wonderfully kind thought. This is
to see old and new friends was my driving force. something I will never forget - and to think I could
I was so happy that I did not give up on this trip. have missed it all!
There were so many people there at the AGM
that I had once only known by their name or by There is nothing I regret in any way
their art that I had no idea which direction to turn about this trip and would do it all over again in
next. If ever I could come close to feeling like a a heartbeat. The only two things I would have
rock star it was at this event! I had no idea that changed would be to extend the time I had there
so many people were looking forward to seeing with all the wonderful people I met, and to have
me. had a small note book in my pocket. I met so many
amazing people who are not on Facebook or the
The time we had at the AGM was very web but who are nevertheless a big part of the
short and I found myself very much in demand! Quilling world. I would have liked to have jotted
Therefore, I did not get to spend as much time down their names and addresses so I could have
as I would have liked hovering over each and had the opportunity to contact them in the future.
every display, examining every little detail. I had We all live and learn, however, and a notebook is
seen photos of many of the pieces of art on something I will make sure I have in my pocket
show, but the opportunity to see them up close when I attend the 201 AGM in Liverpool.
is something no one should ever miss.
If you are planning the trip to Liverpool and
I later discovered that my husband missed would like some tips on making the trip, please
the entire display as well as my accreditation feel free to contact me and I will help as much as
presentation and my winning art presentations. I can.
Because he missed it, I did not have anyone The 201 AGM is going to be an extra special
taking photos as we had planned. I have had display. It is the 0th anniversary of the Quilling
a few photos sent to me but not as many as I Guild in the UK, and what a celebration it is going
had planned on taking. I was asked by a Guild to be! You might almost think that the Queen
member how I could possibly be so upbeat and herself was going to be in attendance! The Guild
cheerful after the loss of my luggage. I told them has worked out an amazing deal for members for
that I had planned this trip for three years and a three day stay in the college dorms, and if you
I had two choices. One, I could take out the have ever paid regular Hotel prices in the UK you
frustrations of no luggage on all the people I would agree. If you get the opportunity to take
came to see and make them all miserable, or I this trip, do yourself a favor, don’t pass it up.
could do exactly what I came to do which was
enjoy every moment of it all - luggage or no The bottom line is that it’s not about how
luggage! you got there, what it took to get there or even
about the art. It is all about the people who
touch you along the way. To me, this is the true
definition of Quilling. I had no idea when I started
developing my style of Quilling that a strip of
paper could be so strong that it would connect
me to so many people all over the world.

Winter 201 Page 7

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


by Philippa Reid

Lutterworth, September 2012: the Quilling Guild’s acknowledging their recent attainment of
annual celebration of all things quilling in the UK. Accreditation in respect of their quilling skills.
For all our friends in the NAQG who couldn’t be Roxann then went on to draw an appreciative
there in person, this article will hopefully give you audience for a demonstration of cup coils,
a flavor of what you missed! followed by further demonstrations of quilled
Christmas decorations, vortex coils (by Angela
As soon as the doors opened at 9.30am, the halls Herring) and quilled lavender sticks by Jane
of Lutterworth College, Leicestershire, quickly Jenkins who dressed up in 18th century costume
began to ‘buzz’ with the excitement that always for the occasion!
seems to be generated when the Quilling Guild
comes to town! As old friends greeted one another In between these popular demonstrations,
and the regional displays were set out, the tables everyone attending had the opportunity to browse
in the competition room quickly began filling through the absolute wealth of quilling strips,
up with quilled treasures before our very eyes! tools and crafting materials on offer for sale in
the extensive traders’ hall.
One of the first displays to greet visitors featured
quilling from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, As we lingered over these delights, the
brought specially to the UK for the event by Farah accreditation submissions and breathtaking
Al-Fardh. Continuing the international theme, we regional displays, tension began to mount as the
were also treated to exhibits from the Netherlands time drew near for the competition room to re-open
(Janetta van Roekel’s amazing ‘quilled shell’ following the counting of votes. For many, this
projects), and a breathtaking display of floral was the crowning moment of the year, to discover
cards from Japan, brought over by Shiro and that their creations had received the unqualified
Noriko Ono. approbation of their fellow quillers. Among their
number were NAQG members Licia Politis,
A whole room was set aside for an exhibition of Sheila Burcul, Roxann Dragula and Philippa Reid
quilling by Diane Boden (formerly Diane Crane), whose winning entries were pictured in our Fall
giving many of us our first chance ever to see her 2012 edition.
amazing Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Mouse Wedding,
Honey Bee and Sheep Boxes ‘in the flesh’. These, All too soon, the presentations were made, the
plus a huge array of Diane’s other masterpieces, exhibits cleared away and the highlight of the UK
inspired and humbled us all in equal measure! quilling calendar was over for another year. All
eyes now are focused on Liverpool 2013, when
Three quillers, including NAQG member Roxann the Guild’s long-held plans for a very special 30th
Dragula, were presented with certificates anniversary celebration of quilling will come to
fruition over the weekend of 9th - 11th August.

Page Winter 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


by Philippa Reid

The UK Quilling Guild’s 30th Anniversary The event will be open to the public on the
Celebration of Quilling will be held in Liverpool afternoon of Saturday 10th August (13.30 -
(in the north-west of England, UK) on 10th - 11th 17.00), and from 10.00 - 16.00 on Sunday 11th
August 2013. August 2013 ... but fully subscribed Members of
the UK Quilling Guild will be able to benefit from
The venue for the event will be Derby and much, much more!
Rathbone Hall, Greenbank Conference Centre,
Liverpool(partoftheLiverpoolUniversitycomplex) For the ultimate quilling experience, Quilling
where there will be competitions, workshops, Guild Members can book accommodation in the
‘make and take’ sessions, trade stands selling University on the Friday and Saturday nights,
all manner of supplies ... and displays of quilling taking full advantage of an amazing low-cost
to take your breath away. The event will provide package deal which includes breakfast, lunch,
a wonderful opportunity to meet and socialize morning and afternoon refreshments and a
with fellow quillers (many of whom may already special Anniversary Dinner on Saturday evening
be known to you as friends via the internet). It - plus, of course, unrestricted access to the
will be the perfect environment in which to share quilling displays and workshops throughout the
ideas, gain inspiration and learn from some of the weekend. The Guild is also planning to organize
world’s best-known quilling authors and tutors. a visit on Friday afternoon to the nearby Lady
Best of all, it will be spread over two whole days, Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight where the most
providing a feast for the senses in every way! exquisite examples of 18th Century quilled tea
caddies and a famous cabinet are on display.
Liverpool is easily accessible by road, rail and
air, with easy connections to the international More information can be found on the Guild’s
airport hub at Manchester. It’s a vibrant city, rich website at:
in culture and heritage, with attractions ranging
from art galleries, museums and historic buildings
to the famous Mersey Ferry and the history of
The Beatles.

Winter 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

North American Quilling Guild Conference 2013

Hold on to these papers even if you are not planning to attend . . . read on . . .

The 2013 NAQGCON will be held May 2 - May 4, 2012 at the Waterford Estates Lodge, 52890 SR 933
North South Bend, IN 46637, phone: 574-272-5220 or

The hotel does not provide a shuttle service from the South Bend Regional Airport. You will have to make
your own arrangements either calling a cab or renting a car, etc., if you are arriving in South Bend by plane,
train, or coach bus. The South Bend Regional Airport is also a bus stop and a train station for the South Shore
Line. (The Amtrak station is in a different location). Some may find it easier to fly into Chicago (Midway
or O’Hare) and rent a car to drive to South Bend. It is an easy 1.5 – 2 hour drive. Other options when flying
into Chicago are taking the South Shore Line train or Coach USA bus into South Bend. Information about
these modes of transportation can be found at or

Please note that there is no elevator in the hotel. If you require a first floor room, please make your reserva-
tions early. All conference events will be held on the first floor.

If you plan to reserve a room at the conference hotel, reservations must be made no later than March 20,
2013. Guest room rates for our members will be discount-priced at $99.00 plus tax, per night. This group
rate will be extended three days pre and post contracted event dates. You should reserve your room early by
calling 1-574-272-5220 or toll free 1-877-783-8496, let them know you are attending the North American
Quilling Guild Conference to get the preferred rate. All conference events are held in the hotel (competition,
workshops/classes, and public viewing hours).
(Any cancellations should be made 7 days before your scheduled stay.)

There will be two meals provided at the conference. The meal cost is included in your registration fee. The
meals will be a lunch on Friday and either a lunch or dinner on Saturday. There is a restaurant located inside
the hotel and several other restaurants outside the hotel that are within walking distance.

All attendees should make and bring their own personalized ID nametags to wear, decorated with quilling this
year’s theme of “Sweet Treats.” We will give awards for best nametags.

The tentative schedule for the 2013 NAQGCON is as follows:
Thursday: Most people arrive, register, receive conference materials, greet old friends and make new
friends. A hospitality room will be available during the conference for quilling and socializing.

Friday: Will be a day of classes, as well as setting up for the competition, vendors, and personal displays.
Vendors will usually set up their booths so they are available Friday night and all day Saturday.

Saturday: Includes classes (if needed); admiring everyone’s work; voting for the competition, giving/attend-
ing demonstrations, as well as greeting and teaching the public who come to see our work; raffle of donated
items, and the announcement of competition winners.

Page 10 Winter 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON, cont.

Class teachers are needed. As of this writing, I have three classes/teachers (The Stained Glass Look; Mini-
ature Chocolates; and Paper Beads). Please indicate on the Registration form if you would be interested
in teaching a class. Also, please let me know if you are willing to be a greeter (to meet the public), give a
demo, share skills, or work on “Make-it/Take-its”. Thanks to the generosity of the members who volunteer
their services and expertise, we would like to be able to offer a variety of classes/workshops. Vendors are
also needed. Having an opportunity to see and purchase the latest products, quilling books, kits, tools, and
paper strips is a huge perk.

Any and all donations for a raffle and attendee’s “goody” bags will be greatly appreciated. If you would like
to donate items for the raffle or goody bags, please send them to Shelly Krzyzewski, 51934 Orange Road;
South Bend, IN 46628 (574) 247-1616 and please mark the items so I know which are for the raffle, which
are for goody bags, and which items are for the competition.

Please remember to pack your own quilling tools, glue, scissor, etc., (they can travel in your checked lug-
gage) and extra paper to try out all of the new things you will see and learn. I am waiting to hear from you
and can be reached at (574) 247-1616 or email: [email protected] with any questions, or you may
also contact the NAQGCON Director, Gail Freed: [email protected].

Shelly Krzyzewski, 2013 NAQGCON Hostess


Registration Forms
included as separate insert!

Winter 201 Page 11

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

North American Quilling Guild Conference (NAQGCON)

Competition General Rules & Guidelines 2013

NAQG members are encouraged to participate in the NAQGCON competition, whether or not you are able to
attend in person. Entering the competition automatically grants permission for work to be photographed and
photos used by the NAQG.

There are seven competition categories, five of the categories have three skill levels: Beginner’s level
(quilling for less than 2 years); Intermediate level (quilling for more than 2 years, but less than 5 years);
and Accomplished level (quilling for more than 5 years). The jewelry categories are not leveled. NAQG
members may enter as many categories as they wish, but may only enter one work/project per category. Please
be optimistic about the number of categories you enter; there is no penalty for pre-registering in a category and
not entering work in that category.

First place winners of the previous years’ NAQGCON will not be eligible to enter work in the category and/or
the level in which they won first place, however, they may enter work in that category in a higher level and
they may enter all other categories (this rule does not apply to the People’s Choice Award). All entries must
have been created within the last year.

If there are an insufficient number of entries in a given category to have a competition, those entries may be
moved to a higher level.

Competition entries are voted upon anonymously, please remember that any competition work with visible
names, initials, or other identification is not permitted and must be covered before entry.

If you are attending and entering the competition, please send in your NAQGCON Competition Registration
form at the same time when you send in your NAQGCON Registration form, before the April 1, 2013 deadline

If you are unable to attend the NAQGCON you may still submit your work for competition, it will be
displayed and shipped back to you. Please pre-register for the competition, this will allow the NAQGCON
committee to better determine space requirements needed for displaying competition work. Return postage
for your work must be included in the parcel or pre-arranged. Be sure to pack your work carefully with the
proper packing materials and enclosed photos of your work would be helpful to include as a display reference.
Entries from Overseas - VERY IMPORTANT! When posting competition entries from outside the USA,
please write clearly on the parcel/customs form the following words: “TEMPORARY IMPORT”, this will
avoid being charged customs duty, both in the USA and in your country. (Please consider the difficulty and
postal cost differences of shipping oversize parcels International Mail.)


Quilled Cards
1. Must have/follow the “Sweet Treats” theme. Card size CANNOT EXCEED 6” x 9”.
2. Must be made from quilled paper strips, card and glue ONLY…(NO WRITTEN, PRINTED

Page 12 Winter 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Categories, cont.

Free Standing Quilling
1. Must be made from quilled paper strips, card and glue ONLY. Must be completely self-supporting.

Framed Quilling
1. Must be made from quilled paper strips, glue, and backing/matting ONLY…(NO BEADS, WIRE,
2. Total size CANNOT EXCEED 30” (76.2cm) on any one side. The frame itself may be made of any

Miniature Quilling
1. Total size, including any display materials, CANNOT EXCEED 4” x 4” x 4”.
2. Entries may be single stand-alone, or a group of piece(s), so long as the size restrictions are met.

Quilling and Beyond
1. Quilling attached to or adorned with other materials, the majority of the piece must be quilling.

Quilled Jewelry (Individual Piece)
1. The main piece must be quilling.
2. Metal clasps, chains, hooks, etc. are permissible.

Quilled Jewelry Set
1. The coordinated set may contain up to 4 pieces of jewelry.
2. A pair of earrings counts as one piece.

People’s Choice Award – all work entered into the competition is eligible for this award.

Selection of Winners/Awards

Winners are chosen by NAQG members in attendance at the NAQGCON that will vote on work submitted in
each category and level. The People’s Choice Award is also voted upon by NAQG members and NAQGCON

If you cannot bring your competition work with you, or you are not attending,
Mail Competition Entries to:

2012 NAQGCON; Shelly Krzyzewski, 51934 Orange Road; South Bend, IN 46628 USA
Phone: (574) 247-1616

Any questions? Contact Shelly or email Gail Freed: [email protected]

Revised: 11/2012

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild



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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


Article pg. 16

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Flowers of the Floral Tribute Helen Pierce

This is #14 in the series of flowers submitted for the Floral Tribute

Sherry Brock


Make an 8” quilled spill

4 – 1/8” W x 17” L - brown
4 – 3/8” W x 17” L - deep yellow - fringed
1 – 3/8” W x 12” L - deep yellow - fringed

Stems of leaves:
14 – 1/8” W x 3/4” L - moss green

Leaves: Color photos pg. 15
2- 1/4” W x 17” L - forest green
3- 1/4” W x 12” L - forest green
3- 1/4” W x 9” L - forest green
4-1/4” W x 7” L – forest green
2- 1/4” W x 6” L - forest green

Glue brown strips end to end. Glue deep yellow, fringed strips end to end. Then glue one end of
brown strip to one end of the deep yellow, fringed strip. Using a curling coach, start with the brown
end. Make a tight circle of the brown & deep yellow strip. Using your finger or another suitable
object, form the brown center of the sunflower into a dome-like shape. Apply a thin layer of glue to
the back of sunflower to help it retain its shape. Cut two circles to fit the back of the flower. Glue
one circle to the back of the flower. Punch a small hole near the center of the second circle, then
slide it over the small end of the sunflower stalk, and glue close to the end of the stalk. Allow it
to dry, and glue the sunflower to the circle that is attached to the stalk. Make all forest green leaf
lengths into loose circles, then shape each into a leaf, attaching a ¾” strip of moss green to the top
of each leaf. Add leaves to the stalk, with the larger leaves at the bottom and progressively adding
smaller leaves alternately around the stalk, until you have reached the sunflower.

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild Helen Pierce

Flowers of the Floral Tribute

This is #16 in the series of flowers submitted for the Floral Tribute

Jill Van Dieren

Jill has given us very brief instructions for her single, double, and triple layered flowers in tones of
purple and white. She chose to do the stems of her flowers all in white. Her instructions follow:

Flowers with pointed Petals (see her colored photos pg. 28)

Bottom layer – 5 petals – 2 – 12” marquis outside

1 – 8” marquis inside and wrap two times

Top layer – 5 petals – 2 - 8” marquis outside
1 – 4” marquis inside and wrap two times

Round Petal Flowers varying lengths of paper

Bottom layer – 5 or 6 teardrops glued together

Top Layer - shorter length teardrops for top layer

Quill a roll in center, with smaller tight rolls around center roll.

Winter 2013 Page 17

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild Helen Pierce

Flowers of the Floral Tribute

This is #17 in the series of flowers submitted for the Floral Tribute

Jenny Matthews Wild Rose

Jenny wanted to send a submission for the Floral Use narrow paper (1/16” wide) throughout.
Tribute, and when she sent it along with that of
her NAQG member friend, it was discovered Flower
that she was not a member of the Guild, and
therefore didn’t qualify. When we alerted her • 5 - 12” bunny ears in pink.
to this, she quickly joined the Guild for which • 2” - fringed 3/8” yellow, tight coil for
we were so grateful, since her spray of flowers
were some of the best, well-made flowers of all! center.
Remarkably, hers was the only submission that • 5 green sepal shaped, ¾” long, glued
included a bug – a little ladybug! I was so tickled
when I saw it. Thanks, Jenny! together to form a star.
• Glue fringed center, to center of sepals,
and then glue petals around the center to
Use narrow paper (1/16” wide) throughout. curve upwards.
• Glue an 8” long green grape roll with
Flower double stem attached to back of flower.

• 5 - 2 ½” teardrops in blue, glued together Bud
to make flower.
• Cut 5 sepal shapes, as for flower, and
• 1” tight coil – yellow - glued into center of glue together to form a tube.
• 6” pink marquise to be glued into the tube.
• 1 ½” grape roll with stem attached - in • Glue the bud into a 4” green grape roll
pale green, glued to back of flower to
form calyx. with double green stem attached.

Buds - 1” and 1 ½” marquise in blue. Leaves

Stems - 4 strands of pale green glued Composite leaves are made from 2 green
marquise, glued together, and then wrapped
together to make a strong stem. twice.
The leaves are made from 4”, 6” and 8”
Seed pods - 1 1/2” grape roll in pale green as lengths.

for calyx of flowers. Leaf spray

Leaves - 2 - 6” marquise - in pale green, glued Use narrow paper (1/16” wide) throughout.

together and wrapped twice. For 1 leaf Stem - Graduated stem is in tan,
which gets wider at the bottom.

Leaves - Green marquise glued in pairs from 2”,
2 ½”, 3” and 4” lengths.

Color photos pg. 27

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild



© Reprinted with permission

color image on front cover

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild


The catalog from the show in Italy is now available through Amazon (both Amazon USA and Amazon
UK). You can just search for “Quilling Devotional Creations from Cloistered Orders”. It is available
in limited quantities, so it may sell out quickly. If you are a collector of quilling books, this is certainly
a gem for your collection.

Some recent “finds” are as follows:

McNeill, Suzanne (with Laura Gregory & Jane Cleveland), “Quilling: New Papercrafting Projects with
a Traditional Past”, Design Originals (UK), (available March 2013)

• Bartkowski, Allison, “Noel Angel” (Quill it Easy), CardMaker, Nov 2012, pgs. 18-19
• Lentle, Ivanka, “Be Mine” (Quill it Easy), CardMaker, Winter 2012, pgs. 16-17
• Rodehaver, Sherry, “Second Nature” (photo only – see front cover of Quill America Winter

2012-2013) Work by Rita Anderson, Antonella DeFalco, Donna Del Giudice, Sherry Rodehaver,
Fredricka Whitman, New York Times Style Magazine: Design & Living, Winter 2012, pg 65

A number of members have contacted me to tell me about products, magazines, and catalogs that
are featuring quilling as part of articles or advertisements. Two that were prominent during the past
holiday season was the cover for a Land’s End catalog that showcased a quilled tree and a Godiva
chocolate box that was embossed with quilled images in a tree shape. Many of the designs shown
on advertisements or as article headers, not in traditional arts/craft magazines, are not “technically”
quilled – they are generated via computer graphics.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this graphics style of quilling. Can it really be called quilling
if it’s not done by hand? It’s a great way to generate attention to quilling – we’ve had a number of
curious people contact the Guild to ask how it’s done, etc…but, is it really quilling if it’s not worked
by hand? Should this form of quilling be called something else (i.e. quilled graphics – Yulia called it
Paper Graphics in a recent article)?

If you can’t find any of the “Finds” in your local craft stores, remember to use your town library – if
they don’t have that magazine, then ask them to get a copy of the article via interlibrary loan. Most
libraries are very happy to do this service for their patrons. If your town library is very small and
not “computer equipped”, they can call the county (or the closest city) library to request the article
through interlibrary loan. If you are coming to a dead-end in trying to locate a specific article or book,
please feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Please remember if you have an article or are in the planning stages of doing an article (magazine
or newspaper), please let us know (e-mail: [email protected] or write Donna Del Giudice at 11
Orchard Street, Verona, NJ 07044 – please put “NAQG” in the subject line). If we know in advance,
it gives us the chance to inform our quillers and to keep an eye out for the publication before it goes
off the shelf! The NAQG will gladly reimburse costs for copying and shipping to keep the archives

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Come Quill With Us by Jean Smith

“Come Quill With Us” had an all-day Nov. Blitz recently. Our guest was Heidi Bishop from
WA who taught us a lovely bauble with husking (see card & instructions following) Then Carol
Brown & myself introduced the group to the “Beehive Quilling” Lunch followed, and Heidi was up
again, this time we all made the sprue angel. (see pic) Jay Prasma next showed us a little flower
petal he was working on perfecting; and Joan Rombough instructed our beginner quillers on Claire

Choi’s simple snowflake.
Oh yes, some brought their Cuttlebug machines, and everyone had a chance to use them

for some special backgrounds.
This was a full day for all of us - 19 ladies and 1 man; Heidi is a great teacher, and was so
helpful to all. There was tons of work for all to do, and perhaps our beginners were somewhat
shell-shocked with all the ideas and sharing; we will all have lots to work on during the coming


A very enjoyable, and informative day - pursuing our favourite pastime!

 

HELLO, the holidays have gone and we welcome a new year. The 2013 NAQG Conference is just
around the corner. If you haven’t reserved your room and sent in your registration forms do so today!

All the information and forms are included in or with this
If you would like to see more tips, tricks, events and
patterns we need you, our quilling members, to send
those to me at [email protected]
The next newsletter theme is Mother’s Day, Father’s
Day, Vacation and Travel. The deadline for submission is
March 15th. Surprise me!!
In November 2012, I was asked to be a “Guest
Demonstrator” at the local Historical Museum’s open
house (pic opposite). This venue was quite different - I did
get people interested in what I was doing from a historical
standpoint, but not many asked to try it, although they were willing to purchase or commission finished
pieces. It was an adventure and somewhat enlightening.

Alice Harris, Newsletter Editor

Hi, all. I received an email from a member of the English Quilling Guild looking for quillers
and quilling groups in the Granite Falls area of Washington State (zip code 98252). She spends
three months of each year there visiting her daughter. If anyone has any info, or would like to
email her, let me know. Thanks.

Caroline Spellman, Membership Committee

Winter 2013 Page 21

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Angel Ornament

You will Need:

Comb Long white quilling strips

Glue Quilling Tool

Small Scissors Invisible Thread

Gold quilling strip


Head: Roll 3 strips into a tight peg by gluing all ends together staggering
the ends. Before gluing the tails down, cut the inside tails shorter in
staggered lengths than the outside tail, then glue the outside tail.
Halo: 2” length of gold into a one layered ring.
Body: Start in the middle of the tines on your comb. Fold the strip over the top of the first tine. Wrap
around the front to the bottom tine and up the back of the comb and glue. On the next wrap, go
around the next tine up from the bottom. Always glue at the top. Now wrap around the other side of
the first wrap on the same tine as the last wrap. Alternating sides until there are 8 wraps on either
side …counting the longest wrap for each side.
Wings: Make 2. Wrap the same as the start of the body. This time only wrap on one side until you
have seven wraps…always gluing at the top.

Glue the head to the body. Glue the wings inside the loops of the body. Make a hanger from invisible
thread and glue it to the inside of the halo placing the knot just below the strip. Glue the halo/hanger
to the back of the head.

Ornament Card - quilled ornaments only

You Will Need: Glue
Long quilling strips Quilling Tool
Small scissors
Ruler Pins
Work board Waxed paper


All husking is done with 3 strips glued together at the end in a

staggered alignment. (set)

F1: Start at bottom center pin hole with an anchor. Work the loops

starting with the middle loop. The loops have 3 pin holes for each strip in the set. Always glue each

strip at the bottom. Make a collar with the set.

F2: Wrap as in F1. The pin holes make a new design.

F3: Wrap center loop and one pair of alternate side loops. Make a collar around the 3 center

loops. Continue looping outer loops alternately. Make a collar around all loops.

Tight pegs: 4” lengths and smaller

Bow: To make one bow, use two 6” teardrops, two 4” teardrops, one 4” tight peg and one doubled

over strip to fit design.

Combine the husked elements as you desire. Color Photos pg. 27

Page 22 Winter 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A warm welcome to our newest members!
(15 September 2012 – 14 December 2012)

Rahima Babayeva Bellvue, WA Nina Pierce Whiting, IN
Wendy Chaney Hixson, TN Caitlin Plowman Eugene, OR
Beth Clark Midland, TX Maria Rodriguez Juana Diaz, PR
Deborah Crowe Williamsville, IL Cindy Smith Clinton, IN
Gina Dawson Brooklyn, NY Lucille Staisiunas Chicago, IL
Magdalena Dote, Laval, QC, CANADA Roberta Strait Muskegon, MI
Carolyn Frazier Boise, ID Carol Tippett Bethesda, MD
Tammy Gallagher Seattle, WA Clare M. Uhler Gilroy, CA
Cindy Gibson Ozark, MO Victoria Wank Baltimore, MD
Nancy Kestin Burnett, WI Thekla Wilkinson Mobile, AL
Hope Kremer Shelbyville, KY Kaye Zeller Fond du Lac, WI
Mary Anne MacMillan Hillsdale, NJ

We apologize in advance for any omissions or misspellings.
Please email [email protected] for any changes so we can correct them.
Also, if you have moved, please let Rita Anderson know of these changes. We are

getting returned newsletters which cost extra postage to re-send.


Beth, TX: So excited I found NAQG! Just started quilling and it is the most rewarding hobby. I truly
love it and will quill the rest of my life.

Carol, FL: I do enjoy the newsletters. They can be inspiring and intimidating and lovely. Thanks to
the team at the Guild for all your work.

Diane, PA: More member patterns need to be included on a regular basis. Also correct errors in
member patterns. Wrong directions with some photos. Thank you.


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Hugh Rooney,
beloved husband of Ev Rooney. Ev is one of the original Board members
for the Guild. Many members will remember Hugh from past AGMs/
NAGCONs - he was the guy who could always make us laugh and would
always be there for anyone who needed help.
Here is a link to Hugh’s obit:

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

BBUU SY BUSY BEE says to use clear domes or frames to
BEE protect and display your quilling projects! Check

out our variety of affordable shapes and sizes
available under “Domes & Frames” online.

CREATIONS … your source for quilling supplies

Two ways to shop:
or place your order by telephone at 71 - 79-7669

NAQG members: Visit us on Facebook at Busy Bee Creations Online to
view new products and ideas!
Over 900 items available online.
Enter code NAQG10 during check out We carry 1/16” wide quilling paper in a variety of
to receive 10% off items purchased. colors. Use the narrow strips with an ultra-fine or
needle quilling tool when a delicate result is desired.


The quiller’s choice for selection and service

 Visit our web site or call us toll free in the USA & Canada to learn
about us.

 NAQG members get a 10% discount on everything but clearance items
 Join our VIP program for VIP dollars and birthday gift certificates
 Free tool lending program for teachers/ Groups
 Sign up for our weekly updates
 Download & print over 80 free patterns on our web site
 Free reference materials and instructional sheets perfect for teaching and/or learning
 Our blog features quillers from around the

world, quilling techniques old & new, free quilling patterns and directions.
 We carry the following vendors: Lake City Crafts, Paplin Products, Quilled Creations,

Elizabeth’s Creations, J&J Quilling, and Fiskars border punches in addition to other

novelties suitable for quilling.

25 Indian Run Enfield CT 06082 Fax 860.763.3904
Email [email protected]

Toll free in USA & Canada 1.877.488.0894 All others 860.749.0894

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Regional Rep WI/MN/IL - Amy Franzen by Danielle Pray

I was born and raised in Illinois. I moved to Eagle River, Wisconsin in 1990 and began
working full-time at a law office doing probate cases and a few years later began working in county
government. I am currently the Register in Probate for Oneida County, Wisconsin. I am also a
partner in Busy Bee Creations which carries craft supplies.

I started quilling in the 80’s. I liked quilling at the time, but became interested in other crafts.
About five years ago, my interest in quilling was ignited once again when I was watching my mother
as she was decorating real eggs. I wanted to try my hand at egg art; however, I wanted to develop
my own style. So I thought, “what about quilling on eggs?”, and that was it! I have been quilling
on eggs ever since. I have developed my own quilled egg kits and do custom quilled and framed
wedding invitation keepsakes. I also teach quilling classes and love to talk quilling to anyone who
will listen!

Because I live in northern Wisconsin, it was difficult, if not impossible, to find quilling supplies.
Therefore, we started carrying quilling supplies in our store and on-line. I am always looking for
unique and interesting items to embellish with quilling.

One thing I can definitely say is there is never enough time for quilling!

Regional Rep Puerto Rico - Maritza LaBoy

ADVERTISE in Quill America,
the newsletter of the

North American Quilling Guild,
and reach over 400 quillers at a time!
let customers know who you are, where you are,

and how to contact you!
For further information, please contact the Quill

America editor at [email protected]

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Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Page 26 For full size reprintable version visit:

Winter 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Floral Tribute
Article pg. 18

Come Quill
With Us

pg. 21-22

Winter 2013 Page 27

Want your Quilled Art
showcased here?

Meet the challenge for March 15th
Mother’s Day  Father’s Day
Vacation  Travel

Cards  Flowers  3D  Framed
email to: [email protected]

Article pg. 17

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