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2013 Quill America Summer

2013 Quill America Summer

Summer 2013

Electronic Sign outside Hotel

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

 Chie Omori Japan

1st Place Cards, Beg/Inter.

 Elaine Altemose PA

1st Place Free Standing,
Accomplished & Peoples Choice

 Beth Reese VA

1st Place Framed, Beg/Inter.

 Carole Harp IL

1st Place Free Standing

Page Maggie Nakatani JAPAN Miki Kaneko JAPAN 

1st Place Quilling & Beyond 1st Place Jewelry Individual Piece
Accomplished Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board of Directors Table of Contents

Accreditation Committee ...... Sherry Rodehaver Board Report ................................................................ 4-5
2625 E Turkeyfoot Lk Road Corrections ...................................................................... 5
Uniontown, OH 44685 Newsletter Editor comments .......................................... 5
330-699-2500 2013 NAQG Conference Report ..................................... 6
[email protected] My First Conference (letter) ............................... 7
Archive Committee ................ Donna Del Giudice Come Quill With Us .......................................................... 8
11 Orchard St Verteran’s Day Challenge ............................................... 8
Verona, NJ 07044 Recently Accredited Members ........................................ 9
973-857-3999 Pictorial ..................................................... 10 - 12
[email protected] Conference Pictorial .............................................. 14 - 17
Community Relationship and Development Committee Floral Tribute color photos ............................................ 18
................................................ Danielle Pray #25 Geraldine Gower ....................................... 10
859-485-6790 #26 Helen Horn ................................................ 11
[email protected] Rabble of Butterflies ..................................................... 21
Membership Committee ....... Rita Anderson The Quilling Texas Creative Group ............................... 21
2422 Torrington Drive All Things Paper ............................................................ 21
Toms River, NJ 08755 Welcome to our newest members ............................... 22
732-886-0867 Quill America Supporter ............................................... 23
[email protected] 2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners ........................ 24
NAQG Conference Committee Pictorial ..................................................... 24 - 28
................................................ Gail Freed
6401 Navajo Road Submission Deadlines
Westminster, CA
92683-2041 Each issue of Quill America will attempt to have a theme
714-892-9622 for the designs relating to upcoming holidays and events.
[email protected] Of course, we welcome all quilling related items. Members
Newsletter Committee .......... Alice Harris are reminded that all photos submitted for publication
95 Bridlewood Drive in Quill America must be of a member’s original work.
Welland, ON Canada The NAQG does not accept any responsibility for the
L3C 6H3 originality of work presented in Quill America.
905-788-1529 Summer Issue Deadline: June 15
[email protected] Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween
Treasury Committee .............. Laura Olohan Fall Issue Deadline: September 15
26 Evergreen Ave Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Winter Solstice
Springfield, NJ 07081 Winter Issue Deadline: December 15
973-564-9755 St. Patrick’s Day, Birthday, Easter
[email protected] Spring Issue Deadline: March 15
Website and Internet Development Committee Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Vacation and Travel
................................................ Antonella DeFalco
531 Brian Dean Drive
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
[email protected]

Annual Membership Rates
$25 US; $30 Canada and Mexico;

$40 Everywhere Else

Renew online at

Summer 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board Report

Board Meeting of the NAQG Nothing else to report for the Also, competition winners will
Monday, June 3, 2013 Archival Committee – it’s been a be announced to the general
7:30 pm (Eastern) quiet quarter. membership in the newsletter.
Gail reached out to fill the position of
Director Attendees: Danielle Pray, Community Competition Coordinator, which has
Sherry Rodehaver - Accreditation; Relations & Development been held by Kay Charles for many
Donna Del Giudice - Archival; Committee, Danielle reported that years, and someone has expressed
Danielle Pray - Community she is still working on contacting an interest. An announcement will
Relations & Development; companies for quilling tools be forthcoming in an upcoming
Rita Anderson - Membership; donations. She also has a potential newsletter.
Gail Freed - NAQGCON; new regional rep and will be
Alice Harris - Newsletter contacting her soon. Alice Harris, Newsletter
Committee, Alice noted that she had
Donna Del Giudice opened the Rita Anderson, Membership two queries from the NAQGCON -
meeting at 7:30 pm (Eastern) Committee, Rita announced that First, someone asked why the
this quarter, there were 60 renewals newsletter is called “Quill America”
Sherry Rodehaver, Accreditation and 19 new members. The total for as there are International members?
Committee, Sherry reported year is 113 renewals and 46 new After a discussion about the history
that out of eleven applicants for members. Membership is staying of the Guild and the newsletter, Alice
accreditation, nine earned their steady. Donna reported for the will be writing an editorial for the
certificates. The committee is spring Quill America mailing, we newsletter, explaining the origins of
proud to announce their first male had 417 members. A few of our our newsletter.
accredited member. All certificates newest members are from the North Secondly, Alice was asked if there
have been sent. Alice will be American Quilling Guild Facebook was a way to have a permanent
posting photos and details in the page. name tag that members could
newsletter. purchase with the logo and name,
The Accreditation Committee will be Gail Freed, NAQGCON and an area to add quilling (an area
reviewing the information for 2014 Committee, Gail reported that that could be changed from year to
and the applications/ instructions there is a member interested in year). Donna mentioned that the
will be included in the fall issue of hosting the next NAQGCON. She Guild did have membership pins,
Quill America. will contact her to see if she can get but once they ran out, the Guild
Sherry mentioned that some some quotes that would be good for could no longer purchase them (the
overseas members had difficulty the event. company is no longer selling). This
with the language contained in the Discussion took place on the 2013 is something the Board will discuss
instructions, but she was able to NAQGCON and the wonderful job further.
assist them so they could submit that Shelly Krzyzewski did with the Donna then bought up the vote
their entries. event. Monies are in and all bills for additional color pages for the
have been paid. A vote was taken summer edition of Quill America to
Donna Del Giudice, Archival and passed to award all teachers have room to cover the NAQGCON
Committee, Donna reported on one free membership year as a thank and Accreditation. A vote was
Ann Martin’s new publication, “All you for their time and materials. Rita taken and passed by all attending
About Paper” being displayed at will adjust their membership records. Directors.
Book Expo America, held at the A thank you letter from an attending
Javits Center this past weekend. member will be in the newsletter.

Page Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board Report, cont. Newsletter Editor Comments ...

Laura Olohan, Treasury an open group (meaning anyone We have a wonderful range of color
Committee, Laura was not able can join, even if they are not paid photographs, in this Quill America
to attend this meeting; she sent members of the Guild), Donna Summer edition, of projects submitted
over this report - Bank balance suggested that the page should by our members. Also, the wealth of all
as of 5/31/13 $21,899.50 (this have a description that covers the the competition pieces from the Annual
total does not include withdrawals Guild from copyright issues and Conference. I know you will enjoy all
for NAQGCON invoices) PayPal discourages people from posting the talent displayed throughout these
balance $ 2,769.75. non-quilling items. The Board will pages.
be reviewing the suggested text for
Antonella DeFalco, Website posting in the “About” area of the WHY the name “Quill America”? What
Committee, Antonella was not able Facebook page. better moniker for a publication that
to make the meeting, but reported was born in the USA, originally set-up
that she’s been working on general There were no additional topics - by Pat Caputo. The name reflects the
user administration for the website Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 pm art and the origin of the organization
for new members. (Eastern). The Executive Director (The North American Quilling Guild).
Donna mentioned that the Facebook for the next Board meeting will be Proudly this publication reaches far
page is doing very well thanks to Alice Harris. The next meeting will beyond the borders of the USA for our
Michele Minteer. It is now over 200 be early September 2013 – date to International members.
members and growing daily. With be decided.
this in mind and the fact that it is Alice Harris,
Newsletter Committee


Spring 2013 Issue; page 15; Diane Blakeslee’s Bright Pink and White-centered Flowers

The full length of the variegated strip used should be 12 inches (30.48 cm). Our apologies to
everyone for the inaccuracy.

Our apologies to Beth Oczkowski, Hickory NC, who was

incorrectly identified under her Quilling projects in the 2013
Spring edition of Quill America!

Summer 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON by Shelly Krzyzewski

This year’s NAQGCON was an awesome experience and it of items!) and special thanks to Lisa Palmer who manned
was truly an honor to host for everyone who attended. All the tables and sold tickets. The maple leaf Make-it Take-
of my worries about the number of attendees, donations, its were a hit thanks to the Dancing Quillers of Vermont.
teachers, and competition entries were all put to rest in the And of course no conference would be complete without
couple weeks preceding the conference. It’s amazing how our vendors. Thank you, Sherry Rodehaver and Maggie
everything came together at almost the last minute and went Nakatani for stepping up to the vendor plate this year.
off without a hitch. Once the conference was underway,
everyone pitched in to help set up and organize anything Saturday evening we had an excellent Italian dinner then
that needed attention. I can’t thank you all enough for your announced competition winners and pulled winning raffle
warm smiles and helping hands. tickets. Thank you, Wayne Harris (Alice Harris’ husband),
for taking pictures of the competition pieces and of the
And now a more detailed account of the conference events... competition winners holding their entries. One of the
Thursday afternoon was spent filling goodie bags greeting best moments was when Elaine Altemose won People’s
attending members. Huge thanks to all who donated items Choice with her amazing life sized vase of flowers and then
and assembled the goodie bags. It was wonderful to see presented it to Maggie Nakatani. It was very touching and
familiar faces and put new faces to the names I’d been more than a few people got a little teary-eyed watching the
working with for the past few months. Our numbers didn’t exchange.
top 50 but we had a healthy showing of NAQG members
in attendance, many attending for the first time. Also in After dinner, attendees were invited to stay in the ballroom
attendance was Tanya Fox, editor of CardMaker Magazine. to visit and quill. This concluded the conference and
It was such a privilege to speak with her and hear about the everyone went their separate ways on Sunday. Like I said
magazine’s plans to expand their regular quilling feature. earlier, it was an awesome experience and an honor to host
Be sure to look for a write up about Tanya’s NAQGCON this year’s conference. For anyone considering hosting, I
experience in the spring 2014 issue. say go for it. The most work is done up front finding a hotel
and negotiating the contract with them. Then there is a
Classes were held all day on Friday with a nice meal catered lot of email and phone correspondence as well as some
for lunch. Thank you to all the teachers (Elaine Altemose, paperwork keeping the attendees list organized, managing
Marion Bertaut, Kay Charles, Marianne Fassett, Maggie competition entries, and creating the schedule of classes
Nakatani, Naomi Reinstatler, Sherry Rodehaver, and Molly and other conference events. Once the conference gets
Smith) who donated their time, talents, and materials. I going, everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Many
heard a lot of positive comments on the quality and variety hands make light work and you do actually get to enjoy the
of classes this year. Your efforts do not go unappreciated. experience. I’ll be happy to help anyway I can, sharing my
spreadsheets to help with organization and answering any
Friday evening, we set up the competition pieces. Thank you, questions you may have along the way. Gail Freed is our
Kay Charles, for all of your preparation. Your organization NAQGCON committee board director and an invaluable
made for a smooth set up. I had been worried about having resource. She helps you during every step of process. It’s
enough entries into each category but once everything was all very straight forward and nothing to be intimidated by.
laid out, we almost needed more banquet tables to display And hey, the best perk of hosting is you don’t have to fly or
it all. The quality of work never ceases to amaze me either. drive across the country to attend the conference!
The beginners are so gifted, it’s hard to believe they’ve only
been quilling just a year or two. Again, I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who helped
make this year’s 20th annual conference such a success.
Saturday consisted of voting on the competition pieces, One person can’t do it all and we’re so fortunate to be a
setting up the raffle, perusing the vendor tables, public part of an organization that works together to keep our
viewing, and Make-it Take-its. Another thank you to all who conferences going year after year. Here’s to the next 20
set up or donated raffle items (We had over 50 items or sets NAQGCONs!

Page Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

My First Conference...

To the NAQG
First and foremost I must say thank you to all of the teachers, attendees and the host
(Shelly Krzyzewski) for such an amazing conference. This year is my second year as a member
and my first year at the conference. All of my expectations were exceeded.
My quilling started with a brief tv spot on Martha Stewart. It was through a beginners kit

that I started to fall in love. So I began to order large amounts of
paper because, for like many, the supplies just aren’t available
locally. After about 8 years a friend of mine encouraged me to
research the existence of a guild. When the NAQG popped up
in the Internet search I knew membership was a must. Soon I
discovered the NAQGCON. I began to wonder what it would be
like to be amongst many paper loving individuals. The questions
just started popping into my head. What am I missing out on?
What do other people make with their finely fashioned quills?
Are there things in the quilling world that I am missing out on that
I have no idea about?
When the announcement of the NAQGCON 2013 came out I
knew that my questions could be answered. After planning the
travel details over a couple of months my trip to South Bend, IN
was in front of me. My feelings of lonely quilling were gone. I
was now with others that created with paper, tools, and glue. With each class I learned more
details to encourage growth. Even the open socialization time were opportunities to listen and
observe techniques and use of tools that had never crossed my mind. It is hands on learning at
its finest. Although I have been quilling for a number of years the information that I have learned
from this conference really will change my quilling forever. Seeing the
fine work of other members really showed me that the passion of this
art is out there.
There are two important parts of the conference that can not be
achieved anywhere else but at the conference: the skilled people that
you meet and the information that they share that is not found in books
or websites. I had the priceless opportunities of sitting near Quillers
that openly share their techniques and words of wisdom. Friendships
blossom at the conference. The value of the event is priceless.
If you have contemplated going to a conference but had doubts,
realize that you are only denying yourself amazing opportunities.
The attendees of the conference are a wealth of knowledge. My first
NAQGCON has been incredible and looking forward for many more conferences to come.

Color Photos pg. 16 Jamie Ulm
San Diego, CA USA

Summer 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Come Quill With Us

We have a very active group in Victoria, BC called “Come Quill With Us”. We learn and share from one
another and our work just gets better and better. Our group will be celebrating the NAQG accreditaion
for Jay (Jerome) Prazma and Claire Choi (our teacher).

See color photos of recent Get-together Hope you have a lovely summer
Show-and-Tell pg. 13 Jean Smith

British Columbia CANADA


Veteran’s Day challenge


My name is Magdalena Dote and I am a member of the NAQG since January 2013.
I would like to share a few of my quilling creations with the challenge of Veteran’s Day.

The first 2 creations shows an eccentric Harley Davidson bike and the third one a matched helmet.
When our parents and grandparents were young, they probably dreamed of those inaccesible

The sizes are 12”x 12” and are framed on box-shadows.

I hope you enjoy!
Magdalena Dote

See color photos pg. 13

Page Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Recently Accredited Members

In the Fall of 2010, the 10th year anniversary of the NAQG, the Guild launched its Accreditation
Program. The program is offered each year only in the Fall and is open to all members with 3 years’

For the 2013 registration year there were 11 submissions for the program. Nine members
earned their accredited status.

As the program completes its third year of accreditation evaluations, we would like to offer our
warmest congratulations to the following members and hope they display their certificates with great
pride for a job well done.

Doreen Coreman, Alberta CANADA
Azusa Yazaki, Nagano JAPAN

Jerome (Jay) Prazma, British Columbia CANADA (our first gentleman accredited)
Dilly Aspland, Oxom UNITED KINGDOM

Amna Al Fard, Umm Al Quwain UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Claire Choi, British Columbia CANADA
Miki Kaneko, Yokahama City JAPAN

Eileen Walters, North Carolina UNITED STATES
Roxann Dragula, Florida UNITED STATES

Registration for the 2014 program will become available November 1 through November 30
2013. Additional details will be available in the Fall newsletter and at

Those who might be considering applying for future programs would do well to practice all
the shapes listed on the Shape Recognition Chart supplied to members in 2010. This chart is also
available at along with some suggestions, hints, and tips for applying.

The NAQG Accreditation Committee

Summer 2013 Page

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Accredited Members, cont.

Eileen Walters

Color photo of Accreditation piece on pg. 12

Page 10 
Roxann Dragula

Color photo of Accreditation piece on pg. 12

Miki Kaneko

Color photo of Accreditation piece on pg. 12

Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Accredited Members, cont.

Jerome (Jay) Prazma Azusa Yazaki

Amna Al Fard  Dillly Aspland
Claire Choi
Summer 2013
Page 11

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Accredited Members, cont.

Miki Kaneko

Eileen Walters

Roxann Dragula Doreen Coreman

Page 12 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Come Quill

With Us

Article pg. 8

Magdalena Page 13

Article pg. 8

Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Beth Reece VA

2nd Place
Jewelry Individual piece

Carol Harp IL

2nd Place Framed

 article
pg. 21

Page 14 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Summer 2013 Page 15

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Page 16 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Karen Andres, Kansas USA

Decorations for sons rehearsal dinner

Quirky Quillers’ Guild, Alberta CANADA

“Rabble of Butterflies” article on pg. 21

 Ann Martin

Delaware USA
Article on pg. 21

Summer 2013 Page 17

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Flowers of the Floral Tribute


Pattern pg. 20



Pattern pg. 19

Page 18 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild by Helen Pierce

Flowers of the Floral Tribute

#25 submitted by GERALDINE GOWER (PA) – Bluebells

Geraldine submitted a divided stem of Bluebells to add to the arrangement. Her instructions were brief so I made a
sample in order to provide more instruction.

(PROOFREADER NOTE: The photos show Geraldine’s two Bluebell stems, made from floral wires with strips of green
that are tightly wrapped/spiraled around the wires; run a toothpick of glue under and along the strip edge as you overlap
and wind, attaching additional green strip lengths as needed.)

Helen’s version below has stems made from Spills (T-49). [The method used is optional.] Helen also refers to the NAQG
official shape chart names and numbers.)

• Spills – 1½ inch squares of green are needed for the main stem. The top square is to be rolled tightly. Others fit around

each other at the bottoms, one at a time, end-to-end and glued at the bottom of each to the next one below, to measure
10” (25.5 cm) in length. As the stem is rolled and glued it will get a little larger at the bottom.

• Make a shorter stem (same method as above) that measures 5” (12.5 cm) in length. Slightly curve the tops of each
stem and position them in opposite directions. Glue the tapered bottom end of the shorter stem to the side of the longer
stem, about 1/3 of the distance down from the top. Finish by wrapping one of the green squares around the joint on
the main stem, gluing it overlapped at the back to strengthen the joining.

• Bluebells on the main stem: all flowers are made with 1/8” wide (3 mm) blue strips.
• Use 12” (30.5 cm) long strips to roll five marquises (LC-9), leaving a 1/2” (1.3 cm) long “tail” on the end of each one, to

be attached by the “tail” onto the stem later. Reshape each marquise into a heart shape (LC-20) and set aside.

• Use 10” (25.5 cm) long strips to roll three loose coils (LC-6) with no “tail” for the smaller flowers at the top, forming each
into an egg shape (LC-19). Cut three blue strips 2” (5 cm) long and cut the ends of each at an angle. Curve each length
slightly inwards and glue the bottom of one egg shape into the center of each and set aside.

• Bluebells on the short stem: Make three, using the same strip lengths as above, plus two egg shapes the same as

• Attach the individual Bluebell “tails” to the main stem, spacing each Bluebell appropriately and beginning with the
largest ones at the bottom and working upwards. Glue the smaller egg shaped coils at the top. Repeat for the shorter
stem that is curved in the opposite direction.

• Cut in half lengthwise several 4” (10 cm) long wispy, grass blades and glue intermittently along the stem on both sides
(refer to photo).

• Use strips 34” (86.5 cm) long to make three 4” (10 cm) long Wheatears (T-41). Glue two onto one side of the stem
and one on the other side. To make a bouquet of them, repeat the steps above. Add other kinds of quilled, handmade
flowers, if desired.

Color photos page 18

Summer 2013 Page 19

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Flowers of the Floral Tribute by Helen Pierce

#26 submitted by HELEN HORN (PA) – Yellow Daisies

Helen submitted two daisies with a bud, on wrapped floral tape stems, for the Floral Tribute. These
are her instructions that accompanied them:

Construction of one Yellow Daisy: (make two)
One 4 inch (10.16 cm) long Yellow quilling strip - 1/8 inch wide (3 mm)
One 4 inch (10.16 cm) long Orange quilling strip - 1/4 inch wide (6 mm)
One 7 inch (17.78 cm) long Yellow quilling strip - 5/8 inch wide (16 mm)
Glue the 4 inch Yellow strip to the 4 inch Orange strip and the 7 inch Yellow strip, all together, end-to
end, into a single strip.

Fringe with scissors to make a daisy petal look. Trim the longer Yellow outer tips pointed like a
picket fence. Roll up the strip starting from the narrow Yellow to the wide Yellow and glue the end.

Make the back of the Daisy: (one for each Daisy)
One Green 23 inch (58.5 cm) long quilling strip, 1/8 inch wide (3 mm). Roll tight a grape roll and
glue the end. Shape the grape roll into a dome and glue the back of the Daisy onto the domed
grape roll.

One Yellow 2-1/2 inch (6.5 cm) long strip, 3/8 inch wide (10 mm). Cut narrow petals and trim the
petal tips like a picket fence.

Back of the Bud:
One Green 8 inch (20.5 cm) long strip, 1/8 inch wide (3 mm). Make another tight grape roll and
shape into a dome. Glue the Bud just inside the domed grape roll. Place a little glue on the end of
the wire and put the wire through the grape roll hole and the flower. Wrap the wire with green florist

Cut them out of 3/8 inch wide (10 mm) green paper. (Refer to photos on page 18)

Page 20 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Rabble of Butterflies

Each year the 14 members of the Quirky Quillers’ Guild collaborate

to create a project. This year, 2013, has brought forth a “Rabble

of Butterflies”. Butterflies (too many to count) ranging from 3” to

smaller than the end of your pinky finger fill the 16” x 20” frame. This

project piece will be included in our annual display at the Lois Hole

Library for the summer months.

Diann Marta

Color photo on pg. 17 Quirky Quillers’ Guild
Alberta, CANADA


The Quilling Texas Creative Group

I started a group in Texas called “The Quilling Texas Creative Group” with members of the NAQG

organization’s Pat Hummel and Betty Baugh. We review our experiences and everyone brings

something to teach. We have done an exhibit at the Shobienbug Museum. We bring artwork to be

displayed. This year our Quilling reunion is going to be in New Braunfels, Texas on October 18th and

19th. More information: [email protected]

Color photos on pg. 14 Cristabell Reiche West
Texas USA


All things Paper

Hi everyone, I’m Ann Martin from Delaware. I’ve been a NAQG member for about ten years and
absolutely love quilling. I also love all things paper to the point that I even blog about it! If you
happen to be online, is where I share the latest in the world of paper art and craft.
In June, my new book All Things Paper: 20 Unique Projects from Leading Paper Crafters, Artists,
and Designers was released by Tuttle Publishing. Inspired by the tutorials I post on the blog, the
book contains brand new ideas for stylish home decor, fashion accessories, correspondence, and
jewelry. Some of the projects are quite simple, while others will appeal to ambitious crafters who are
interested in learning new skills, such as screen printing, bookbinding, paper cutting, box making,
and even stitching on and crocheting with paper! Of the twenty projects, six are either entirely quilled
or feature elements of quilling. All have detailed instructions and step-by-step photos. As a sampling,
you’ll find Silhouette Portrait Art, Everyday Tote Bag, Jungle Bead Necklace (by NAQG member Licia
Politis), Perfect Journey Journal, Phone Book Letter Holder, and Citrus Slice Coasters. It’s available
wherever books are sold.

Color photos on pg. 17 Ann Martin
Delaware USA

Summer 2013 Page 21

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A warm welcome to our newest members!

Jackie Arnold-Shafer, Midwest City, OK USA Linda Larson, Fallon, NV USA
Cece Bingham, Loudon, TN USA Linda G. Lewis, South Paris, ME USA
Monica Genske, Warrens, WI USA
Karen Harr, Boonsboro, MD USA Dan Lu, Tokyo, JAPAN
Leanna King, Theitman, MN USA Anne Mage, Nashville, TN USA
Sara Moline, Germantown, MD USA Lisa Mahle-Greco, Cresskill, NJ USA
Brenda Milton, Toledo, OH USA
Kim Strand, Yellowknife, NT CANADA Elizabeth Morris, Chalton, Bedfordshire UNITED KINGDOM
Kimberly Abbott, Victor, NY USA Valerie Morris, Columbia, SC USA
Annies attn: Tanya Fox, Berne, IN Carol Pernarowski, Edmonton, AB CANADA
Lisa Poveda, Nicholasville, KY USA
Dawn Bagnetto, Wichita Falls, TX USA Dahnean Roth, South Bend, IN
Carla Bazhenow, Peoria, IL USA
Jude Bellas, Auburn, ME USA Jillian Roth, South Bend, IN
Colleen Ruggiero, Portage, MI USA
Zoe Brener, St Kilda, VIC AUSTRALIA Brian Ruggiero, Portage, MI USA
Patty Chadwick, Plainfield, IL USA Angelina Schiano, Williamsburg, VA USA
Charlotte Schimpff, Liberty Center, OH USA
Terri Contreras, West Covina, CA USA Robin Shannon, Starkville, MS USA
Erin Curet, Honolulu, HI USA Babita Singh, Wilmington, DE USA
Jennifer Stacey, Heathrow, FL USA
Sally Earnest, Chatsworth, GA USA Leesa VanBeek, Woodinville, WA USA
Marci French, Delaware, AR USA Laura Weinrich, Ellisville, MO USA
Jennifer Grabowski, E Setauket, NY USA
Bonnie Harper, Baltimore, MD USA
Mayra Hollick, Burlington, KS USA
Suzanne Koehler, Elgin, OH USA

We apologize in advance for any omissions or misspellings.
Please email [email protected] for any changes so we can correct them.
Also, if you have moved, please let Rita Anderson know of these changes. We are

getting returned newsletters which cost extra postage to re-send.

Page 22 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

BBUU SY BUSY BEE says quilling supplies
BEE make a great gift for any occasion for

your favorite quiller!

CREATIONS … your source for quilling supplies

Two ways to shop:
or place your order by telephone at 1 - -

NAQG members: Visit us on Facebook at Busy Bee Creations Online to
view new products and ideas!
Over 900 items available online.
to receive 10% off items purchased. Use a cutie die with your die cutting machine to make
easy and quick fringed flowers!

ADVERTISE in Quill America,
the newsletter of the

North American Quilling Guild,
and reach over 400 quillers at a time!
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Summer 2013 Page 23

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

Beginner/Intermediate Free Standing
1st- Elaine Altemose (PA)
1st- Chie Omori (JAP) Miniature
2nd- Carole Harp (IL) 1st- Gail Freed (CA)

Free Standing Framed
1st- Carole Harp (IL) 1st- Shelly Krzyzewski (IN)
2nd- Lisa Palmer (MO) 2nd- Alice Harris (CAN)
3rd- Steve Caswell (VT)
Quilling & Beyond
Framed 1st- Maggie Nakatani (JAP)
1st- Beth Reese (VA)
2nd- Carole Harp (IL) Jewelry

Quilling & Beyond Individual Piece
1st- Carole Harp (IL) 1st- Miki Kaneko (JAP)
2nd- Alma Figueroa (PR) 2nd- Beth Reese (VA)

Accomplished Group
1st- Thanuja Saravanakumar (SING)
1st- Wenonah Quayle (AUS) People’s Choice: Elaine Altemose (PA)
Side note: Elaine gifted her beautiful vase of
quilled flowers to Maggie at the Conference!

Carole Harp IL Elaine Altemose PA

Page 24 with Maggie Nakatani
Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

Carole Harp IL

Lisa Palmer MO

Beth Reese VA Shelley Krzyzewski IN

Summer 2013 Page 25

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

Steve Caswell VT

Alice Harris CANADA

Miki Kaneko JAPAN Maggie Nakatani JAPAN

Page 26 Summer 2013

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

Wenonah Quayle AUSTRALIA

1st Place Cards

 Lisa Palmer MO  Carole Harp IL

2nd Place Free Standing 2nd Place Cards
Beg/Intr. Beg/Intr.

Shelley Krzyzewski IN

1st Place Framed

 Carole Harp IL Page 27

1st Place Quilling & Beyond

Summer 2013

2013 NAQGCON Competition Winners

Thanuja Saravanakumar 

1st Place Jewelry - Group

 Steve Caswell VT Alma Figueroa PUERTO RICO

3rd Place Free Standing 2nd Place Quilling & Beyond
Beg/Inter. Beg/Intr.

Gail Freed CA  

1st Place Miniature

 Alice Harris CANADA

2nd Place Framed, Accomplished

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