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2019 Quill America Winter/Spring

2019 Quill America Winter/Spring

Quill America
Winter/Spring 2019


Svetlana Lechkina, VA

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild
Angela Herring, Norfolk UK

Pattern pg. 16

Christine Morris ID
Pattern pg. 16

Page 2 Laura St. John NJ
Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board of Directors Table of Contents

Accreditation Committee ..... Sherry Rodehaver Board Report ......................................................... 4-5

2625 E Turkeyfoot Lk Road

Uniontown, OH 44685 MEMBERSHIP BLITZ ............................................... 4

330-699-2500 2019 NAQGCON
[email protected]

Archive Committee .............. Lynn Camden Paarmann A great big HELLO from Delaware ................ 6
76 Princeton Ln.
Winterthur Museum & Garden Tour .............. 7
Palm Coast, FL 32614

[email protected] NAQGCON This & That ................................ 7

Community Relationship and Development Committee Conference Information ................................. 8
............................................. Sara E Rodriguez-Miranda

P.O. Box 976 General Rules & Guidelines .......................... 9

Kasilof, AK 99610 Pictorial .............................................................. 10-11

[email protected] A Year Plus of Make & Takes .................................. 12

Membership Committee ...... Roxann Dragula Teaching in New Orleans ........................................ 13

5710 Broad River Run

Ellenton, FL 34222 Dancing Quillers of VT/NH ...................................... 14

941-928-8669 Let It Snow .................................................. 14
[email protected]

NAQG Conference Committee Cruising and Quilling ............................................... 15

............................................. Gail Freed Pattern Corner

6401 Navajo Road

Westminster, CA MacIntosh Style Rose ................................. 16

92683-2041 Fantasy Flower ............................................ 16

[email protected] Simple Snowflake ........................................ 17

Competition Committee....... Shelly Krzyzewski Welcome New Members ......................................... 18
51934 Orange Rd.

South Bend, IN 46628 Newsletter Committee ............................................ 18

[email protected] Deadline for next issue ................................ 18
Newsletter Committee ......... Alice Harris

95 Bridlewood Drive Quill America Supporter .......................................... 18

Welland, ON Canada Pictorial .............................................................. 19-20
L3C 6H3


[email protected] Annual Membership Fee (USD)
Treasury Committee ............ Beth Clark

1321 Terra Court $15 Online Only
Midland, TX 79705

432-559-8945 $27 US
[email protected]

Website and Internet Development Committee $40 Canada/Mexico;
............................................ Rhonda Cole

2630 Larkin Place $60 International

San Diego, CA 92123

859-699-7185 Renew online at
[email protected]

We like to hear from you: Membership Fee is non-refundable
[email protected]

Winter/Spring 2019 Page 3

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board meeting of the NAQG of one submission of a work inspired etc., once I receive the Competition
Thursday, January 10, 2019 by an antique quilled piece and several Entry worksheet sent to me from the
members have told me they are conference host.
7:00 pm EST working on it. I am also in the process
of compiling recent quilling book titles Newsletter Committee
Attending Directors: of the last few years (2015-2018) to be Alice Harris
Rhonda Cole – Website included in Quill America. The Fall 2018 edition of Quill America
Sherry Rodehaver – Accreditation has been printed and mailed. The cost
Lynn Paarmann – Archive Community Relationship & for printing, supplies, and postage was
Roxann Dragula – Membership Development Committee $1,779.38.
Gail Freed – NAQG Conference Sara Rodriguez Note that Winter and Spring will be
Shelly Krzyzewski – NAQG Sara could not attend and had no report ONE issue this time around.
Competition at this time.
Alice Harris – Newsletter Treasury Committee
Beth Clark – Treasurer Membership Committee Beth Clark
Roxann Dragula The NAQG treasury has been
Rhonda Cole called the meeting to We have 273 members at this time. transferred over and is up and
order at 7:07 pm EST operational out of Midland, Texas. The
NAQGCON Committee transfer went smoothly and thankfully,
Accreditation Committee Gail Freed with minimal issues. Our current bank
Sherry Rodehaver At this time, there is not much to balance is $9,079.51.
We have 7 applicants for this years’ report. The 2019 Delaware conference
accreditation program. They should information and required registration Website & Internet
be currently working on their pieces forms are available to download from Development Committee
and have until the end of February to the NAQG web site. The host has Rhonda Cole
complete them. received a few registrations and those I haven’t been able to do as much
should increase in February and March. as I wanted with the upgrade to the
Archive Committee site, but I expect to get a fair amount
Lynn Paarmann NAQGCON Competition completed in January.
There is a movie out called Mary, Committee
Queen of Scots, which has a quilling Shelly Krzyzewski Meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm
scene although I have not been able Looking forward to the conference and EST. The Executive Director for the
to find any evidence that Queen competition. I will need to order more next Board meeting will be Shelly
Elizabeth I quilled. Regarding the ribbons before April. I will inventory the Krzyzewski. The next meeting will be
Challenge sponsored by the Archive ribbons and organize number slips, March, the date to be determined.
Committee, I have received a photo

Membership BLITZ!

If you are teaching a group of enthusiastic quillers please tell them about the North
American Quilling Guild. Not many know about our “Online” membership. For only $15.00
US they can have access to the member’s corner of the Website which includes current
and back issues of Quill America. They can keep up on the latest and get the scoop on our
yearly conference. NAQG membership helps the guild in providing this and much more.
Recruit some members for the NAQG Today!

Page 4 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Board meeting of the NAQG Archive Committee * Other Business
Monday, March 18, 2019 Lynn Paarmann To help with increased costs associated
7:00 pm EST There is nothing new to report at this with the newsletter and updating the
time. website, the Board voted in favor of the
Attending Directors following:
Shelly Krzyzewski – NAQG Membership Committee Discontinue free membership for all
Competition Roxann Dragula Board Directors, effective April 1, 2019.
Sherry Rodehaver – Accreditation At this time we have 296 members. Discontinue free online membership for
Lynn Paarmann – Archive NAQGCON class instructors, effective
Roxann Dragula – Membership Newsletter Committee on the member’s next renewal date in
Gail Freed – NAQG Conference Alice Harris 2020.
Alice Harris – Newsletter The Winter and Spring editions will be
Beth Clark – Treasurer combined as one mailing. Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm EST.
Rhonda Cole – Website The Executive Director for the next
NAQGCON Competition Board meeting will be Lynn Paarmann.
Shelly Krzyzewski called the meeting Committee The next meeting will be June, the date
to order at 7:00pm EST Shelly Krzyzewski to be determined.
I have posted in various quilling groups
Website & Internet to advertise the competition. Ribbons IMPORTANT REMINDER
Development Committee have been ordered and I will receive Do not post pictures of
Rhonda Cole them this week or next. competition/accreditation
I am well underway on the rebuild. I pieces until a suitable time
hope to have it done very, very soon. Treasurer Committee after the Conference.
Beth Clark
NAQGCON Committee Our current operating balance as of
Gail Freed 3-15-2019 is $9,180.64.
Registrations are increasing and event Conference payments are coming in
insurance will be obtained the end of steady with no issues. It has been
March. a delight working with Deb Arnold in
getting all the payments to me.
Accreditation Committee
Sherry Rodehaver Community Relationship &
At this time the accreditation program Development Committee
has nothing to report. Submitted Sara Rodriguez
pieces are currently in the hands of the No report at this time.
judges and we are awaiting the results.
Hopefully they will get back to me in
time to make the announcements at
the conference.

The 2019 Member Directory is in the process of being formatted and will be available on the
Website soon. A reminder that this list is for the exclusive use of the members of the NAQG for
their personal use only. This list is not for sale nor may it be used for any commercial purpose
without the written consent of the guild executive.

Quill America Deadlines: Summer - May 15  Fall - September 15  Winter/Spring - January 15

Winter/Spring 2019 Page 5

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A great big HELLO from Delaware

I am really looking forward Art Clay World Chicago is offering a class from 9 to 5 on

to seeing you and hosting Saturday where you can design and make a fine silver

the 2019 NAQGCON necklace under the guidance of master instructor Jackie

in Newark, Delaware. Truty. There is a fee for this class; $80 for guild members

We may be the second and $100 for non-members. Members interested in this class

smallest State, but we have must pre-register via the Art Clay World Chicago website at

many wonderful museums,,

gardens, and cultural to purchase this class, or call the phone number provided in

places to visit while you are the class information.

here. Geographically, we Other Activity: On Sunday April 28, 2019, Winterthur
are one of the Mid-Atlantic Museum and Gardens ( has very
States that is bordered by graciously agreed to give us a tour of their antique quilling,
the Atlantic Ocean, ranges up through the salt marshes a spring house tour, and two hours of free time to either take
and on up to the Piedmont. We are one of the original 13 the garden tram tour, or see the costumes from the new
colonies, and are considered the first state because of an theater production, The Crown. The separate cost for the
overnight ride by Caesar Rodney. tours and transportation to and from the hotel will be $58.80

Our theme this year, as suggested by Marion Bertaut, is per person for the day, and does not include lunch. Please

“Quill Your Way Through Delaware”. So, check out our state contact me at [email protected] to let me know if you

and learn all you can. and your guests are interested in going.

Since ID name tags will be provided for you, and we still Last, but not least I can always use extra help before and

need to have some type of contest, I would like each of you during the conference organizing all kinds of things. If you’re

to fill out an index card (or a few) with something you have interested in helping out, I can be reached at

discovered about Delaware, and then quill the card to use [email protected]

in an exchange with other attendees during lunch on Friday. Thanks a million. Looking forward to seeing you at
To help you store your card, you will each receive a small NAQGCON 2019.
photo album as a gift from me.

There are many places to eat across the road from the
hotel and at the Christiana Mall. You can choose from
steakhouses, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Tex-Mex or one
of the major chain restaurants. The hotel shuttle will take
you anywhere within a ten mile radius. This includes the
Christiana Mall and all of the eateries across the street if
you don’t feel like walking. Did I mention that Delaware has
tax free shopping? Enjoy our local stores while you’re here.

Speaking of meals, your conference fee includes your buffet
lunch [with some local specialties] on Friday afternoon, and
your dinner at the awards banquet on Saturday night. If you
want to include a guest at these two meals, please select
from the Meals Only options on the Registration form and
include the amount with your payment. Attendees and
guests will need their ID name tag to attend either of the
conference meals.

Page 6 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Winterthur Museum and Garden Tour

Winterthur, Delaware

We have a very special opportunity on Sunday,April 28, 2019. 11:30 am - Group A will take a 1 hour Highlight tour focusing
Winterthur Museum and Gardens has graciously agreed to on quilling; Group B will take a 1 hour Spring House tour
give us a tour and viewing of their antique quilling. Check 12:30 am - Board shuttle bus for lunch (your own expense)
them out at Winterthur is a former H. F. at the Garden Café or visit the gift shop
du Pont estate that is known for their gardens and many fine 1:15 pm - Board shuttle bus for return to house
art collections, including the Campbell Collection of Soup 1:30 pm - Groups rotate: Group A will take the Spring
Tureens, not to mention their antique quilling collection. House tour; Group B will take the Highlight quilling tour
2:30 pm - Time on your own for a guided Garden Tram tour,
Cost for the day (not including lunch), is $58.80 per person. or visit the new exhibit: “Costuming The Crown” - costumes
If you want to attend these tours, please send a check from the show, The Crown, opening in March
payable to Deborah Arnold, 146 Wedgefield Drive, New 4:30 pm - Return to bus to go back to the hotel.
Castle, DE 19720. Please include with your payment the
following information: total amount enclosed; how many Side Note:
taking the tour and each person’s name, address, contact Winterthur is interested in anyone from the Guild who
email and phone number. would like to volunteer to teach quilling, or volunteer to quill
during their special events. They have Terrific Tuesdays
If you have any questions, please contact me at: during the summer when they have children come into
the museum to learn the various things that folks did to
(302) 740-2544 or via email at [email protected] entertain themselves and would like to have someone to
teach quilling. They also have events during the year,
The itinerary is as follows: they would like to have someone sitting and quilling while
10:15 am - Bus picks us up at the Christiana Hilton visitors walk through the mansion. Let me know if you are
11:00 am - Arrival at Winterthur, walk to museum shuttle bus interested.
to the house

NAQGCON – This & That submitted by: Gail Freed, Westminster CA

The Registration Form has a small change. The second menu heading NAQGCON and scroll down to Instructor
section of the form is for Guest information. A guest is a Registration. Download or print the form, fill it out and mail
person(s) that accompanies a member to the conference it or scan it to the NAQGCON host.
and will need an ID name tag to be furnished by the Host
or the member, so everyone knows who is who. Not all the First time attending? For the classes you’ll want to bring
Guest information has to be filled in, just their name and city/ your personal quilling supplies:
¾¾ Quilling Tool(s) – slotted and needle
The Meals Only section of the registration form is to include ¾¾ Glue
a member’s Guest at our two group meals, a lunch and ¾¾ Pointed Tweezers
a dinner. Select which meals your guest will participate ¾¾ Quilling Design Board
and add the cost to your registration fee. Attendee’s ¾¾ Ruler
registration fee amount already includes the cost ¾¾ Scissors
for their meals. ¾¾ Straight Pins – ball headed
¾¾ Wax Paper
Volunteer Class/Demo Instructor Registration form will now
be available only from the NAQG web site. Click on the Always contact the NAQGCON Host directly if you need
more information.
Winter/Spring 2019
Page 7

North American Quilling Guild Conference

All Quillers are invited to attend, you do not have to be a paid member of the NAQG.

The 2019 NAQGCON will be held on April 26 and 27, 2019 at the Wilmington/Christiana Hilton, 100
Continental Dr., Newark, DE 19713. Guest room rates for our group will be discount-priced at $119. The hotel
will extend this special rate from Wednesday through Sunday nights. Reserve your room by calling 1-877-883-
0746 and tell them you are reserving your room for the North American Quilling Guild Conference (Group code:
NAQG) to ensure you receive the discount guest room rate. Hotel reservations must be made no later than
March 26, 2019. (NOTE: If you reserve your hotel room after the deadline date and need the discount rate, please
contact me at [email protected], and I will arrange.)

The closest airport is Philadelphia International (PHL). The best way to and from the airport is to either rent a car
and drive I-95 South, or use Delaware Express Shuttle ( You can also take the airport train
into Center City, and take a second train to the Wilmington or Newark, DE train stations, where the hotel shuttle
can pick you up. The number to call for the hotel shuttle is 302-454-1500.

A secondary airport is Baltimore Washington International (BWI). You will need to either rent a car and drive I-95
North, or take the airport shuttle to the Amtrak Station, with a final destination of Newark, DE, where the hotel
shuttle can pick you up. This is about an hour and a half away from the hotel, but some folks find it cheaper.

Please let me know if you are using the trains, so that I can coordinate your arrival with the hotel shuttle driver. If
you are driving, the hotel is off of I-95 in Christiana.

Conference Theme (suggested by Marion Bertaut) is “Quill Your Way Across Delaware”. I will provide
everyone with an ID name tag, but would like each of you to find an interesting fact about Delaware and place it on

a 4x6 index card, and quill the card for an exchange with other attendees.

Members that extend their stay, I have arranged a tour of antique quilling at Winterthur Museum and Gardens,
scheduled for Sunday, the tour itinerary and payment information is included in the Quill America.

Thanks to the generosity of the members who volunteer their time and expertise, we hope to offer a variety of
classes/workshops. If you would like to volunteer to teach a class/workshop, give demos or “Make-it/Take-its”,
please let me know as soon as possible, and fill out and return to me the Volunteer Instructor Registration Form
{available from the NAQG web site}. When teachers/classes are confirmed, I will post the class descriptions and
notify attendees when to choose classes.

The NAQGCON is a very special event and opportunity to meet other quillers, learn new techniques and share
ideas. All conference activity is held in the hotel, including 2 group meals (the cost has been included in the
Registration Fee). The general schedule goes something like this: Most attendees arrive Thursday afternoon to
pre-register, receive their ‘goodie’ bag w/conference information, interact with other attendees. Friday is a day of
classes/workshops, Group Lunch, set up competition entries, vendors will set up their tables. On Saturday
members set up any personal work displays, there are demos or make & takes, vendor shopping, raffle ticket sales,
and the hours of 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. the general public is allowed to visit and learn to quill. Saturday evening is the
Group Dinner, announcements and awards to competition winners, and raffle ticket drawings.

If you plan to donate any giveaways, or items for the raffle table and send by mail to my address: 146 Wedgefield
Drive, New Castle, DE 19720, please let me know as soon as possible and include a note inside the parcel so I
know what the items are for. Please do not mail any parcels directly to the hotel.

This event takes a lot of work and planning, I’m relying on you to return the required forms and payments to me as
early as possible, so I know how many to plan for.

Please remember to bring your personal quilling tools, glue, scissors, etc. (packed inside your luggage) for the
classes and extra paper to practice all the things you will see and learn. You may contact me at 302-740-2544 or
via email at [email protected] with any questions, or if you need help with your hotel room reservation.

Deborah Arnold, your 2019 NAQGCON Host (Revised: 08/2018)

Page 8 Winter/Spring 2019

North American Quilling Guild Conference

Competition General Rules & Guidelines 2019

Members are encouraged to participate in the NAQGCON competition, whether or not you are able to attend in person.
Entering the competition automatically grants permission for work to be photographed and photos used by the NAQG.

The competition entries are voted upon anonymously; any entries with visible names, initials, or other identification is
not permitted and must be covered before submission. All entries must have been created within the last year and only
one entry per category is allowed. Only the Quilled Card category must be of the Theme.

There are 7 competition categories, 5 of the categories have 4 levels: Beginner Level (quilling less than 2 years);
Intermediate Level (quilling 2–5 years); Accomplished Level (quilling 5+ years); and Champion Level (has won a
previous first place in any Accomplished Level category). Enter as many categories as you wish, there is no penalty if
you pre-select/mark a category and do not enter work in that category.

First place winners of the previous years’ NAQGCON competition are not eligible to enter work in the same category
level they won first place; they may only enter work in that same category at a higher level, and they may enter the other
categories at any level. If you received first place in any category at the Accomplished Level, all your future entries for
that category must be entered at the Champion Level.

If you are attending and entering the competition, you may mail your Competition and NAQGCON Registration forms
at the same time. If you are not attending and mailing your competition entries, they must be received by the
NAQGCON Host no later than 2 weeks before the conference start date. Make sure all your entries are packed
securely so that nothing comes loose during transport and MUST include return postage inside the parcel.

International Members – We regret we no longer accept or return international members’ competition entries by mail.
Other arrangements must be made. Contact the Host or the Competition Director for more information.

Quilled Cards

1. Must have/follow the “Quill Your Way Through Delaware” theme. Card size cannot exceed 6” x 9”.
2. Must be made from quilled paper strips, card and glue ONLY…(NO written/printed words, numbers, etc.)

Free Standing Quilling
1. Must be made from quilled paper strips, card and glue ONLY. Must be completely self-supporting.

Framed Quilling
1. Must be made from quilled paper strips, glue, and backing/matting ONLY…(NO beads, wires, pins, etc.)
2. Total size cannot exceed 30” (76.2cm) on any one side. The frame itself may be made of any material.

Miniature Quilling
1. Total size, including any display materials, cannot exceed 4” x 4” x 4”.
2. Entries may be single stand-alone, or a group of pieces, so long as the size restrictions are met.

Quilling and Beyond
1. Quilling attached to or adorned with other media materials, the majority of the piece must be quilling.

Quilled Jewelry Individual Piece [This is a non-level category.]
1. The main piece must be quilling. (Jewelry findings: metal clasps, chains, hooks, etc., is permitted.)

Quilled Jewelry Set [This is a non-level category.]
1. The coordinated set may contain up to 4 pieces of jewelry. (A pair of earrings counts as one piece.)

Send mail-in competition entries to:

Deborah Arnold
c/o NAQGCON Competition

146 Wedgefield Dr.
New Castle, DE 19720

(302) 740-2544

Have Competition Questions?
Contact the NAQGCON Competition Director: Shelly Krzyzewski; E-mail: [email protected]

(Please include in the Subject Line: NAQGCON Competition Question)

(Revised: 08/2018)

Winter/Spring 2019 Page 9

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild
Dancing Quillers of VT/NH
Article pg. 14

Cruising & Quilling
Article pg. 15

Page 10 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Lisa Palmer MO
Article & Pattern pg. 17

Laura St. John NJ Page 11

Alice Harris ON Canada
Graduation cards

Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A Year Plus of Make & Takes

submitted by: Linda Larson Fallon, NV

There’s a saying that goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. Time has certainly flown by
since the quilling Make & Take group in Fallon, NV, began getting together at the Churchill County
Library last January. Occasionally we’ve had over 20 individuals attending on a Friday afternoon.
Since that time, we’ve settle to 12 regulars, losing some to moving and gaining a few new attendees.
During the past year we have learned various techniques and made a variety of different projects.
Many work on their own ideas, creativity and designs on their own and/or in smaller groups during the

I thought it would be nice to share with fellow NAQG members a few of their accomplishments.
Well, at least share with you those that were not camera shy...hehe Some are Make & Take projects
and some they have done completely on their own. I am very proud of all of them and very grateful
to the library allowing us to use their facilities. Suggest any Guild member that may want to do
demonstrations, teach or start a Make & Take check out their local library...they’re wonderful.

Back row left to right: Denice/plate, Asha/iron cross and dream catcher, Andrea/window ornament
and trinket box, Shelby/blue jay, Georgia/ letters (initials)
Front row left to right: Nancy/framed mirror, Gerri/hot air balloon, Yumi/butterfly, hot air balloon and

Page 12 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Teaching in New Orleans

submitted by: Marion Bertaut, Thibodaux LA

The Thibodaux branch of the Lafourche Parish Library asked for a quilling class for its once-
a-month craft group. I had been once before several years ago, but this was a different group. Nine
ladies participated and the response was favorable. The librarian thought we should do something
wintery since it was January, so we used Kay Charles’ marquise snowflake that was in the Accord
calendar. I just doubled the size of the papers.

Out of the 9, 8 finished. One lady “quit” after about 15 minutes: it was stressing her too much.
But she remained in the class and loved watching everyone else. Three ladies did an excellent job.
One of them said she was going to frame hers! I had a moment of real consternation when I saw that
one participant was special. My mind was going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to handle
the situation. I felt a lot more comfortable when her aide walked in and they did the project together.
As for the others, they grasped the concept, made the shapes, and were proud of their pieces, as the
picture shows.

The librarian thinks we should do a class twice more this year. I’m going to have to give THAT
some more thought!

Winter/Spring 2019 Page 13

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Dancing Quillers of VT/NH

submitted by: Stephen Caswell, Waterbury Ctr VT

The Dancing Quillers met in
November to create a double snowflake
that fit inside a plastic ball.
In December we were thinking
gift box, so I used my paper cutting
machine to make a snowflake box to
We had lots of laughs and sharing
of ideas. Looking forward to resuming
our mini-meets in the spring. Hope to
see you in Newark.

color images pg. 10

Let It Snow!

submitted by: Stephen Caswell, Waterbury Ctr VT

After meeting with the director of adult programs at the Waterbury
Public Library, we set up a class to make a snowflake ornament. Twelve
people signed up and eleven showed up, so the director took the extra
seat. Since I had major abdominal surgery just two weeks before, I taught
the class in my PJs, my only comfortable outfit. It was an enriching
experience to show new people the art of quilling. Karen, from Barre,
twenty miles away, said she had always wanted to quill. A mother and
her two daughters were there to start a new tradition. And there was a
wait list of ten people so I did the class again the following week in more
acceptable attire. This class even had the token male! In the spring we
hope to do a flower session.

Page 14 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Cruising and Quilling submitted by: Susan Mara, Myrtle Beach SC

As many of you know, my husband Ray and I love to cruise. To keep myself busy I always
bring along some quilling. I find a nice little spot where I can spread out and quill. Many passengers
stop by and ask me what I am doing. Some have heard of quilling, but many have not. The crew is
always fascinated. On my last cruise in November, one of the crew that worked on the Promenade
deck came over to see what I was doing. She loved it and came to see me every day. One day I
brought some paper for her to use and give it a try. I didn’t have an extra tool so she used a toothpick
to roll the paper while in her stateroom. She seemed like a natural. Ni Made is from Bali, Indonesia,
and would be on the ship a while longer. I told her I would mail some tools and paper to her on the
ship. The supplies arrived and she started to practice. This is her first attempt. I just wish I could get
back on the ship and quill with her. Hopefully she will get others interested in her home town when
her contract is over. We are friends through Facebook and emails, but Internet is expensive to use
while she is on the ship.

Winter/Spring 2019 color image pg. 10
Page 15

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Pattern Corner Fantasy Flower

MacIntosh Style Rose

ITEMS REQUIRED Some of my colors in the pattern have been discontinued
-- Usual quilling kit—tools, glue so you need to choose your own colors. Use 1/8” [3 mm]
-- Ring 1.75”(4.5cm) in diameter paper unless otherwise noted.
-- Card
-- Quilling papers in 1/8” (3mm) width Large flower: Pale peach, make 5 petals, 6 pin [center
-- Colours used (Paplin): Black, Fern green, Deep red, loop approximately ¾” or 18 mm] husked with 2
persimmon 1½” [38 mm] open coils in each center loop.
Rose, Pink, Light pink Center is persimmon 10” [250 mm] tight with petals glued
Rose to it.
-- Using the ring to make a large ring coil, use 2 strips of
Flower stems: Split paper or use 1/16th [1.5 mm] paper.
black paper approx 48” (60cm) in length & glue as you Make 11 persimmon tight rolls of various lengths 2” to 4”
go along. Leave to dry. [51 to 112 mm] (more if you desire).
-- Flower division. Take 1 strip of black and divide
into four and glue the four strips together to form a Blue flowers: Periwinkle blue, make 2 with 5 petals of 3”
quadruple layer approx 6” (15cm) in length. Leave to [77 mm] marquise. Center is 1” [25 mm] split tight pale
dry. peach on top of marquise.
-- Using deep red, rose, pink and light pink, make
beehive shapes to fit the floral sections. Leaves: Make two 8½” [215 mm] curved marquise for
Stems the large flower. Make seven 2” [51 mm] teardrops for
-- Using black, take 1 strip and divide in half and glue the the blue flowers and the flower stems. Make split stems
two strips together to form a double layer. of desired length and glue to tight persimmon rolls with
Leave to dry. smallest toward the end.
-- Using fern green and 12” (15cm) lengths, make drop Glue together as shown or in your own way.
shapes from closed loose coils.
Bottom Squares Courtesy of: Christine Morris, Pollock ID
-- Using deep red (3), and pink (2) and 4” (10cm) lengths,
make square shapes from color images pg. 2
closed loose coils.

Assemble the card, using the picture
as a guide.

Begin by sticking the ring coil &
dividers to the card and allow to dry
before the beehive can go in.

Quilling strips vary in length. American
papers are longer than English ones.

Design by:
Angela Herring, Norfolk UK

Page 16 Winter/Spring 2019

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Pattern Corner

Never Bored Creations offers classes at Ste Genevieve, MO, Community Center.
In November 2018 I held a class for beginner quillers. Five students attended
this 2-night, 2-hours each night class. When teaching beginning quillers, I
always introduce the students to the history of paper filigree (aka quilling). I lead
them through creating a reference card of the 12 basic shapes that I consider
as the foundation of quilling: Tight circle, open scroll, closed circle, tear drop,
marquise, square, bunny ear, open heart, V scroll, S scroll, C scroll, and spiral.
Teaching these shapes give the students a good understanding of quilling and
time to learn how to use the various tools offered during the class.
On the second night we created a very basic snowflake. One student could
not attend the second class, and another would not let me take her picture, the
other three are shown. With the age range there was plenty of laughing about
the younger student (12) quilling “circles” around the other students.
We had a lot of fun and look forward to the intermediate class scheduled for
January 2019! Here’s to no time for boredom!

Simple Snowflake Pattern (Because of its simplicity, I cannot and do not claim any copyright.)
TIP: As with any pattern, I do not recommend making all your pieces and then creating your design. As there are only 3
shapes to this pattern it seems easy enough; however, other patterns may not be so simple. The more pieces the easier to
get pieces mixed up and lost. I recommend starting with Step 1, then Step 2, etc.

Step 1: Using 12 inch long paper strips, create 6 teardrops. Glue the 6 teardrops
together to form center flower shape.

Step 2: Using 4 inch long paper strips, create 6 V scrolls. TIP: Glue approximately
1/4” on V scroll shaft before quilling. Roll down to glued area.

Step 3: Insert V scrolls between the teardrop petals.

Step 4: Using 12 inch long paper strips, create 6 marquises. Glue each marquise
to the top of a V scroll.

Finish: Add a stone to the center. You may want to protect your piece by adding a
very light coat of DuraClear satin varnish with a small, stiff brush. Use a light up and
down motion to get the varnish between the coils. If you desire more support, a
second coat can be added once coat one is dry. Note - too much coating at first will
cause your shapes to uncoil! Less is more!

Courtesy of: Lisa Palmer, MO

color image pg. 11

Winter/Spring 2019 Page 17

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

A warm welcome to our newest members!
(15 Oct 2018 – 14 Feb 2019)

Miriam Oakes So Burlington, VT Deborah Kindel East Lyme, CT

Jeanne Swartz Toledo, OH Carolyn Cline Norman, OK

Arlene Thude Orlando, FL Patty Wright Goshen, IN

Mary Jane Harris Oneonta, NY Cecilia Glembocki Mclean, VA

Zarel Esquivias Lima, Peru Glynis DeVerry Southwick, MA

Linda Funk Newton, KS Lauren Byrne Canton, OH

Barbie Nall Coxs Creek, KY Diana Mears Fallston, MD

Lorena Severson Nepean, ON Canada Nicole Jacobs Porter, TX

Yvonne Zook Doylestown, OH

We apologize in advance for any omissions or misspellings. Please email [email protected] for
any changes so we can correct them. Also, if you have moved, please let Roxann Dragula know of these
changes. We are getting returned newsletters which cost extra postage to re-send.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE Your one-stop shop for a dazzling array
of quilling, paper and craft products
The deadline is May 15th for the next
edition of Quill America. In each issue sourced from around the world. Discover
we will attempt to have a theme for the an innovative range of quilling supplies,
designs relating to upcoming holidays
and events. Of course, we welcome all books, tools and accessories in our
quilling related items. extensive on-line catalog by visiting

Members are reminded that all photos
submitted for publication in Quill
America must be of a member’s original email [email protected]
work. The NAQG does not accept any Sign up for our Newsletter, too!
responsibility for the originality of work
presented in Quill America. Winter/Spring 2019

[email protected]

Alice Harris, Welland ON Canada
Quill America Editor

Page 18

Quill America - Newsletter of the North American Quilling Guild

Susan Heidebrecht MD
NAQG Competition

Svetlana Lechkina VA
NAQG Competition

Shelly Krzyzewski IN
NAQG Competition

Sherry Brock FL Page 19
NAQG Competition

Winter/Spring 2019

Lora Smith NC Juliet Hwang TX
NAQG Competition NAQG Competition

Sandra Baughman IN Lucy Jones GA
NAQG Competition NAQG Competition

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