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1292036 Visions 3500 Catalog 0421

1292036 Visions 3500 Catalog 0421

Visions® 3500 Series VINYL WINDOWS & PATIO DOORS



Visions® 3500 Series

Stylish, durable, low-maintenance and affordable, the
Visions 3500 Series has a lot to offer. Engineered for
both strength and energy efficiency, giving you piece
of mind for decades to come. Available in several
options and colors to meet your needs.

Table of Contents Casement & Awning Windows. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Specialty Shape Windows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Visions Benefits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Sliding Patio Doors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Options & Finishes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Single & Double Hung Windows. . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Slider Windows. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Visions® Benefits

Designed for Durability
and Performance

Solid, energy efficient construction and virtually maintenance-free vinyl make the
Visions 3500 Series one of the most sensible window and door solutions available.

Designed to simulate a wood window with the durability of an extruded vinyl window, the Vision 3500
Series line of products feature thick, multi-chambered extrusions, adding strength and insulating
performance. Every unit is constructed with fusion-welded corners, eliminating water or air infiltration
at the frame joints.

The Visions Series also offers innovative finishing accessories designed to snap onto a convenient,
built-in exterior accessory channel for ease in installation at the job site.

Options include two distinct frame styles that meet all your installation needs.

Enduring Quality Guaranteed LIFETIME

With generations of superior engineering and craftsmanship at the center of our
products, we believe our windows and doors are the best in the industry. Visions
offers a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your windows and
doors will look beautiful and perform as expected long into the future.


Options for J-Channel and Non J-Channel Frames

Double Hung • •
The Visions Series offers a Single Hung • •
comprehensive selection of Casement & Awning* •
window and door products to Single Slider • •
meet your individual design Bows and Bays • •
needs and budget. Specialty Shapes • •
Traditional Sliding Patio Door* •

* Optional Accessory J-Channel available.

Visions 3500 Series – Non J-Channel Frame

• 3-1/4" frame design features multi-chambers for added
strength and thermal performance.

• Inverted coil balance system on all single hung and double
hung windows delivers an ultra-smooth, effortless operation.

Visions 3500 Series – J-Channel Frame

• Frame features a traditional wood window profile.

• Extremely durable vinyl extrusion in a full 3-1/4" frame, and a
steel-reinforced meeting rail add strength, insulating performance,
and low maintenance.

• Brickmould J-Channel frame design on single hung, double
hung, and slider windows allow for easy installation of siding.


Visions® Benefits

Energy Savings Built In

The Visions 3500 Series offers a wide range of glass options designed to filter out
the sun’s heat in the summer and hold it in during the winter.

Two panes of glass with an insulating airspace can reduce your
energy bills while keeping your home comfortable in virtually any
climate. In addition, by adding optional Low E2 coatings, a window or
door unit’s energy efficiency can be improved, and help reduce fading
of furniture and carpets caused by damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.

Airspace provides insulating power from summer heat
and winter cold. Adding safe, colorless argon gas to the
airspace increases the window’s energy efficiency.
Low E2 Coatings comes standard to help filter UV rays
and protect furnishings from fading while keeping your
home comfortable in the winter and summer extremes.
The Glass Spacer insulates the edge of the glass
better to improve thermal performance and reduce

High Quality Glaze

Maximize your windows’ energy efficiency with the exclusive Zo-e-shield® glazing system. With powerful
layers of Low-E coating, inert gas-filled insulating airspace, our glazing options represent the ultimate in
energy efficiency for any climate.

Insulated Low-E

All Climate Ultimate Solar Control Plus Room Side Low-E Zo-e-shield 5 Plus
• Minimizes the sun’s heat and • Strong resistance to the sun’s • Combination of two low-e
Laminated Interiordamaging UV rays in warmer

• Reflects the sun’s heat back into

room during cooler months
glaring heat coatings • Best resistance available to the
• Excellent insulating value • Significantly improved energy sun’s heat
• Excellent protection against
efficiency • Minimizes glare and visible light
damaging UV rays • Complies with northern Energy transmittance
• Maintains great clarity
Star guidelines with interior LoE • Superior sound control and UV
6 i89 coating protection

Visions 3500 Series Glass Options


Standard Zo-E-Shield
Low E2 Zo-E-Shield 5 5 Extreme

U-Value* 0.31 0.30 0.25

Solar Heat Gain 0.28 0.19 0.18 NFRC Label Ratings
Coefficient* 0.46 0.42 0.41
85% 95% 95% Visions products are rated, certified
Visible Light and labeled for U-Value, Solar
Transmittance* Heat Gain, Visible Transmittance,
Air Leakage and Condensation
Ultraviolet Resistance by the National
Rays Blocked Fenestration Rating Council
(NFRC). By using the information
* Total Unit calculations are derived from computer simulations that are then verified by 3rd party testing in on the label, products can easily
accordance with NFRC. Values are calculated with no Grille Between the Glass or Simulated Divided Lites. be compared within the industry.
100-2004, NFRC 200-2004, and NFRC 500-2004


Options & Finishes

An Extensive Offering

The Visions 3500 Series offers a multitude of high-quality options and accessories
to meet your design needs. With several hardware finishes, solid or painted
exterior colors, grille and trim options, your windows can easily match or
coordinate any architectural design.

Grille Options Simulated Divided Lite* Value Divided Lite

Grille Between The Glass

11/16" & 15/16" 5/8" Flat 7/8" SDL Vinyl 7/8" VDL Vinyl
Exterior Bar Exterior Bar
Profiled Grille Grille Between
*Shown with optional Grille Between the Glass.
Between the Glass the Glass

Hardware Options & Finishes Window Hardware Finishes

Single Hung, Double Hung & Slider

White Cameo Tan Rustic Bronze Desert Tan

Sash Lock Tilt Latches Sliding Patio Door Hardware Finishes

Casement & Awning

White Cameo Tan Rustic Bronze Desert Tan

Finish options shown may not be accurate representations.
Actual color samples are available upon request.

Casement Nested Handle Sequential Lock Lever Bright Brass Brushed Nickel

Exterior Options Metallic Painted Exteriors**

Solid Vinyl (Same Color Inside & Out)

White Cameo Tan Desert Tan* Silver Ice Light Gold Antique Bronze

Painted Exteriors** * Some exterior finishes may be limited
to certain regions. Please contact your
Weather Shield dealer for details.

** Painted exterior colors have a White,
Tan or Cameo interior color.

Craftsman Bronze Adobe Jet Black Brick Red Hartford Green 45 Designer Colors

Finish options shown may not be accurate representations. Actual color samples are available upon request.

Exterior Trim Options

Mull Clip Connector Retro Z Casing J-Channel Renovation Brickmould Vinyl Brickmould Stucco Adapter


Single Hung & Double Hung Windows

Intelligently Designed

The Visions Series 3500 single hung and double hung tilt windows combine
traditional design with ease of operation. These window styles feature sash that
glide effortlessly with the push of a finger and conveniently tilt into any room for
easy cleaning. Clean both interior and exterior glass surfaces from inside your
home with ease.


Ease of Operation
All Visions 3500 Series single hung
and double hung windows feature
a unique inverted coil balance
system designed to provide an
ultra-smooth, quiet operation.

Single Hung & Double Hung Configuration Options

Single-Hung Equal Oriel Cottage
Eyebrow Tilt

Other styles and shapes available: angle bay, picture center, picture combinations, transom.

Classic Styling Ease of Use Weather Protection

Sash design features profiled Tilt latches are top-mounted on Visions 3500 Series single hung
glass stops and a sleek style the lower sash for easy access and double hung tilt windows
with different finishes to choose and automatically retract to feature a steel reinforced
from and optional vent latches, produce an audible “click’’ interlock system with continuous
Visions 3500 Series will meet when the sash is re-engaged mylar fin weatherstrip to seal
any of your design needs. to ensure they are in place. out unwanted air and water.


Slider Windows

Slider Configuration Options

Single Slider Triple Slider (1/4 - 1/2 - 1/4) Triple Slider (1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3)

Timeless Style Meets Dependability

The Visions 3500 Series slider window combine style, solid construction
and ease of operation for any busy lifestyle. Featuring thick, multi-chambered
vinyl construction, these windows look great in any room. Slider window units
open horizontally to allow abundant fresh air and sunlight into a room while
maintaining a streamlined appearance. Window sash conveniently tilt inward
for removal and easy cleaning of both interior and exterior glass surfaces.


Ease of Use Cleaning Made Easier

The track system on sliders allow sash to slide The easy to use tilt latch design allows you to
smoothly creating windows that are easy to release the sash and remove it for trouble-free
open and close, year after year. cleaning of outside surfaces from inside your home.


Casement & Awning Windows

Engineered for Convenience

The Visions 3500 Series casement and awning windows feature all-vinyl sash that
smoothly swing out with the crank of a handle to easily direct fresh air into your
home. These windows are the ideal solution for difficult to reach places such as
over kitchen sinks or above the bath. A wide range of sizes allow you to create
breathtaking combinations that are sure to give your home a custom look that
won’t go unnoticed.


Casement & Awning Configuration Options

Casement French Casement Eyebrow Casement Awning

Other styles and shapes available: picture combinations, picture center, angle bay, bow, transom

Solid Construction Functional Beauty Secure Locking System

The stainless steel, corrosion- Our all metal nested crank Casements open and lock
resistant dual-arm operator handle makes for a more sleek simultaneously with a single
provides a clean look and more and durable operating system. lock and operator for added
torque for years of smooth The crank folds neatly away convenience.
operation. Casement sash opens from window coverings and has
to near 90 degrees, for maximum a matching cover that can easily
ventilation and easy cleaning. be removed and replaced when
painting or staining.

Specialty Shape Windows

Variety and Versatility
Custom shapes and sizes, from traditional to contemporary, add
direct sun light and unique charm to any room.
Use direct-set windows in stunning combinations to create visual
interest or reshape light with a wide range of grille options.

Options for the Imagination

The Visions 3500 Series direct set and circle top windows are available in a wide
variety of shapes and styles. Trapezoids, half circles, triangles, quarter circles and
specialty shapes can be used alone or in combinations that give your home a
customized look.


Specialty Shaped Configuration Options

Half Circle Quarter Circle

Eyebrow w/Legs Half Circle w/Legs Right Triangle Trapezoid Pentagon

Full Circle Octagon


Sliding Patio Doors

Contemporary Styling, Peace of Mind

Open your home up to a wide variety of design possibilities with Visions
3500 Series sliding patio doors. Available in one-panel, two-panel, or four-panel
configurations. Constructed with multi-chambered vinyl extrusions and fusion-
welded corners, the Visions 3500 Series sliding patio doors provide additional
strength, superior insulation and low-maintenance energy efficiency.


Sliding Patio Door Configuration Options

Traditional Sliding 4-Panel Bi-Parting Sliding Door

Smooth Operation Panel Features

End-adjustable tandem ball-bearing rollers make Each door panel is constructed with heavy-duty
the doors a breeze to open and close, ensuring steel stiffeners providing structural integrity,
smooth operation year after year. Optional rigidity and added security.
stainless steel tandem rollers are available for
coastal applications. Fusion-welded, extruded vinyl frame corners
provide exceptional durability and resists air
and water infiltration.



1292036 04/21 © 2021 Weather Shield Mfg., Inc. Printed on recycled paper Printed in U.S.A.

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