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Published by Leicester Drinker, 2019-10-22 15:58:45

Leicester Drinker 123

Leicester Drinker 123

“ Having our own pub business means “
we can run it our way. We’ve created
a great pub that has become the
heart of our local community which
fills us with a great sense of pride.
Chris & Claire,The Fairfield, South Wigston

Interested in running
your own pub business?
Give us a call on 0116 201 4260

Welcome to the Leicester Drinker
October/November 2019 - Issue 123

EDITOR One of the interesting aspects of being a CAMRA
Fiona Wilde member is the conversations that happen with the
people that manage and run the venues we frequent.
Please send contributions to Whatever the type of venue or working arrangement
[email protected] - manager, leaseholder, owner, etc - it’s always
Website: good to have a chat and this can give a greater
Facebook: Leicester Campaign for Real Ale understanding of the business environment the other
side of the bar. Recently I fulfilled a lunch invitation
The Drinker welcomes letters, news, views and articles for at The Lancaster Arms, Desford with Ian Roberts. The
possible publication. Please keep it brief and to the point Lancaster had been a new participant on the Mild
and supply your name and address (this will only be trail this year.
published with your permission). The opinions expressed Over a nice pint of Tiger and some lunch Ian
in this publication are not necessarily those of the Editor, explained what work had gone into sprucing up the
Leicester Branch, or CAMRA. pub since his arrival in the autumn of 2018. We also
discussed guest beers, the menu and aspects of pub
CAMRA Recommends that if you are in any way management including things that had been learnt
dissatisfied with the measure of your pint in any of by Ian in his conversations with customers. Ian’s
Leicestershire & Rutland’s pubs, contact the Trading questions were about CAMRA; what the branch
Standards. Details below. was doing, what it was doing to help promote pubs
• For Leicester City Council: All Weights & and how could this be accessed. This led on to the
Drinker, newsletter and social media.
Measures enquiries should be referred to These conversations are a reminder of the time, effort
Citizens Advice helpline on 0345 40 40 506 and money that is put in to running a pub people then
or enjoy visiting. Although on the edge of the village
• For Leicestershire districts outside the City: the bus stops right outside which was convenient!
contact Leicestershire County Council by More engagement with the trade occurred when we
emailing: [email protected]; or conducted a survey tour of Market Harborough to
telephone: 0116 305 8000. check and update Whatpub.
• For Rutland County Council: All Weights & We continue to receive Whatpub updates. If you
Measures enquiries should be referred to could, please take a moment to check the page of
Citizens Advice helpline on 0345 40 40 506 or the venues you visit. Opening hours, food service and the beer range see the most amendments.
The Good Beer Guide 2020 was due as this was
Leicester CAMRA makes every effort to publish the being typed. As always the more beer scores we get,
Leicester Drinker on time, however sometimes due to the better.
lack of copy being received it may be a few days later Cheers
than advertised.
Shawn Collier
Leicester CAMRA cannot accept any responsibility for Chairman - Leicester Branch
advertisements taken that feature a dated event that
has occurred before publication. Campaign for Real Ale

Postal Copies can be obtained from:
S. Collier on 07504 829830
or email: [email protected]
16 South Drive, Leicester LE5 1AN
(Please supply stamps)

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Contact Neil Richards MBE at Matelot Marketing
01536 358670 / 07710 281381.
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Spinney, Northampton. NN3 8RQ. 01604 645555

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 3



Never having used a service bus to go to exactly what it says and it was a good start
Langton Beer FestivaI I thought I would tag to the day.
along; but not being satisfied with one day I
did a recce trip on the Friday evening. As the last bus back to Fleckney was 18.42
from Thorpe Langton (a ten minute walk
A gorgeous evening ensued and I found the away) I timed it so I could get another 2 in.
round service bus trip fitted in well. I paid Next up a good fruity red ale by the host
my entrance, received my wristband (which brewery Langton, Swing Bridge 4.3%. Two
covered all weekend) and started on a malts this time to give a thick caramel base
Nobby’s Chocolate Porter at 4.4%. A dark but with a nice dry finish, the two hops giving
porter with big chocolate aroma and subtle rise to tropical fruit undertones. As ever on
chocolate bitterness in the taste, four types a mission, my time was getting short. I had
of malt with Target and Fuggle hops, it did enjoyed looking around the steam engines

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 5



and vintage tractors, as well as listening to a aftertaste, lovely. Had I left that until the next
decent blues band. Although not in my plans day I would have been disappointed, as when
there were also various food offerings and the we arrived on Saturday, it had gone!!
charity tombola. Some of the proceeds from
the festival were going to “Wishes for Kids”. So onto Saturday, I met up with Gary, Diane,
I also met up with, for the first time in years, Malcolm and Mick, at the Golden Shield in
Louise, who, with Sumera, was a barmaid at Fleckney about 12.40, they having arrived by
Out of the Vaults, back in the day. the Arriva 49 bus.

My last drink for this evening was again a There I enjoyed a usual Jennings Sneck Lifter
host brewery beer, but a special one. Now I 5.1%, a good, strong, dark brown coloured ale
don’t make it a secret that I am not overly a with fruit, malt sweet and roast flavours all the
fan of Inclined Plane but couldn’t resist the way through to the finish. An old favourite.
6.2% Inclined Plane Reserve, a limited edition Four other beers on the bar, but that’s what
to celebrate the brewery’s 20th Anniversary I had.
and I am so glad I did. It was based on the
Inclined Plane but had a distinctive barley Going back to the bus stop to catch the 44
wine characteristic with a long bittersweet Centrebus line between Fleckney and Foxton

6 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker



via Market Harborough and all sorts of It has an “Old Ale” character remaining light
villages, we had time for a swift one at The to drink with a malty, fruity and slightly sweet
Old Crown, a Brains Reverend James 4.5%, flavour with a long aftertaste.
an easy drinking beer with fruit and malt nose
and flavours, initially bittersweet but nicely I also enjoyed two other Devonian beers from
balanced by the end. The only other choice the Dartmoor Brewery. Their Legend at 4.4%,
there was the Tiger, which I was told by the a classic cask conditioned beer; smooth, full
others was well on form. flavoured and balanced with a crisp malt, fruit
finish. Golden brown in colour with an aroma
We clambered upon the 44 and took the of fresh baked bread and a hint of spice. Their
pleasant ride to Thorpe Langton where we Jail Ale, a premium ale of 4.8% is a full bodied
alighted for the ten minute walk downhill. deep golden brown beer with a well rounded
flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste, having
This visit, for me, comprised another 5 won many awards at numerous beer festivals.
different beers from a list of 20 real ales, 7
craft (including some bottles and cans) and So, onto my final beer of the festival, another
7 real ciders. Devonian, Black Tor Brewery, Devonshire Pale
Ale at 4.5%. Thirst quenching, easy drinking,
well balanced and well hopped pale ale
brewed with English and American hops with
citrus flavours, floral aromas and a crisp dry
finish. A lovely finish to my day.

Catching the bus back, the others alighted
in Kibworth to await the X3 connection to
Leicester (whilst no doubt enjoying another
beer or two in the Coach and Horses) but I
stayed on the 44 to Fleckney and alighted
about 30 yards from my front door.

I had the Otter Amber 4.0%, delivering A super weekend!!
strength and great flavour despite its - for
me - low ABV. Well balanced, slightly bitter John Spencer
flavour with fruits and spice in the nose and
taste, with even a taste of ginger in there
somewhere. Next was the Otter Head (my
best beer of the festival as it turned out) at
4.5% the strongest beer in the Otter range.

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 7

your favourites


The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 9

PUB NEWS On Saturday 7 September around 15 Leicester
branch members (and a guest) gathered in
Sam Haggar of Beautiful Pubs, the company the Beerhouse for a short branch meeting.
behind the Rutland and Derby, Forge, Knight That concluded, we set about deciding who
and Garter and King Richard III has been would visit each of the various pubs and
awarded Businessman of the Year by Niche clubs of Market Harborough to survey them
Magazine. and provide updates for Whatpub. Survey
ADMIRAL NELSON, Market Harborough sheets in hand, we set off around the town.
After a four week closure for a major The general feeling was that good beer in
refurbishment good surroundings was to be found with a
this Charles Wells good variety from across the country. Most
pub re-opened. of us visited places we hadn’t been before.
The lounge has We were warmly welcomed and were able
had an impressive to have some good conversations about the
refurb whilst the pubs and CAMRA.
outside area has Highlights included a good representation
been smartened up and includes a smokers’ for Langton Brewery, a well used estate pub,
section. The Royalist; Orkney beers in the Beerhouse,
THE CLARENDON, Clarendon Park the quaintness of
Reopened over the summer, after an extensive the Cherry Tree,
refurbishment. The highly improved interior quality Timothy
includes a large sports bar as well as a more Taylor’s Landlord
cosy eating area. 11 cask pumps, including in the Oat Hill,
Adnams Ghost Ship, St Austell Proper Job the refurbishment
and Wainwright. (see cover photo) at The Admiral
Nelson and the well presented Catholic Social
BRANCH NEWS Club (members and guests restriction).
A worthwhile day and one we’ll look to repeat
On Thursday 12 September Leicester Branch elsewhere.
hosted the launch of the Good Beer Guide
2020. Regional Director BREWERY NEWS
Carl Brett and NE member
Gillian Hough joined Belvoir Brewery’s Alehouse Visitors’ Centre
us for a short city tour. is moving towards a Shop/Farm Shop/Deli
New entry The Parcel set up for daytime, evening & weekends.
Yard, long time entry The More details available at: https://www.
Ale Wagon and the Millstone Lane cluster - b e l v o i r b r e w e r y. c o . u k / 2 0 1 9 / 0 9 / 0 2 /
Rutland and Derby, Two-Tailed Lion and the changes-at-the-alehouse-visitor-centre/
Blue Boar - were visited.

10 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

Mount Saint Bernard Abbey’s Cistercian year for cider and perry. These are in October
order, brewers of Tynt Meadow Trappist Ale, and May, during which time our local
have featured in a documentary, due to be branches organise cider and perry events
released later this year. across the country.
Unlike real ale production, which can happen
Charnwood Brewery - have put in a Planning at any time of the year, real cider and perry
Application to open a micro pub in Shepshed can only be made when the fruit is ripe and is
which they hope to open in early spring 2020. tied to a natural cycle of the apple and pear
They are also brewing a new beer, Over the trees found in orchards around the country.
Rainbow, for the local charity Rainbows and
will donate 20p per pint to the charity. October is a very active time for cider makers
when production is in full flow and most cider
Langton Brewery are celebrating the Rugby producers are harvesting the fruit.
world cup by teaming up with Ben Kay to
celebrate the world cup with the hugely Leicester CAMRA’s membership is up slightly
successful Local Lock 4.0% - ‘Local Lock’ is a at 1,935, from 1,932 last month, so a big
crisp copper ale with a caramel like maltiness welcome to our new members, we hope to see
in aroma and flavour with a subtle hint of you at one of our meetings or socials soon.
spice. It is brewed to 4% alc vol which makes
it a very quaffable, hoppy, session ale ideal Do you love your Cider and Perry? Well we
as an accompaniment to watching the Rugby are looking for a Cider Secretary to assist
World Cup. with promoting them within the Leicester
Branch area. If you’re interested then send
Framework Brewery – Tell us that it continues an E-Mail to our Secretary, Jamie Stenson, at
to be a busy time down at Friday Street. They [email protected] for more
are supplying more and more wholesalers information.
and sending beer out across the country as
a result. They are keen to supply more local The Leicester Branch AGM will take place on
pubs, so if there are any local Freehouses that Wednesday 9th October, at the Regent Club,
have not had the beer yet please get in touch, 102 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7DA, starting
they will even supply references if you are at 7.30pm.
all cautious!!
The October Pub of the Month vote was won
CAMRA NEWS by the Beer Phamacie, 3 High Street, Syston
by a very narrow margin. The presentation
The Good Beer Guide 2020 is out and packed will take place on Wednesday 23rd October
with useful information. If you have not starting at 7:30PM with the presentation
managed to get hold of a copy we have a around 9:00PM.
(very) limited number available for just £11.00.
If you want to reserve a copy contact Shawn Volunteering with CAMRA. Do you want to get
[email protected] more involved with Leicester Branch? There
are all sorts of things that you can do to help
October is Cider and Perry Month - To raise - from working at the Annual Beer Festival to
awareness of cider and perry production, taking on a branch role - if you are interested
CAMRA runs two awareness months each then drop an email to [email protected] or register on the National Site.

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 11



Here we are in Bordeaux outside one of the many fine bars that are springing up in this corner
of south-west France.

Sandra Bloxham & Chris Sewart

Steve Curson at The Cider House, Defford in Worcestershire.
It’s been a Cider House for 150 years, and run by generations
of the same family. Served through a hatch, with benches
to sit on outside (no inside).

Steve Curson still in Worcestershire/Cotswolds enjoying
a drink at The Fleece, very old pub owned by National
Trust in Bretfortan, nothing has been changed inside for
over a 100 years. 6 handpumps all local ales.

12 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

Drinker on tour

Lisa Michael in Gibraltar with a bottle of Gibraltar
Real Ale (brewed on the Isle of Man!), and showing
the Drinker to the amazing woman who runs a micro
brewery in Ceuta, producing bottle conditioned ales
under the name Ceuta Star.

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 13

MELTON MOWBRAY Greetings from the north east corner of
& DISTRICT Leicestershire and the home of the Pork Pie.

The good folk of Melton Mowbray & District
CAMRA are grateful to receive a page in the
Leicester Drinker for what will hopefully be a
regular update on what we’re up to out here
in the sticks.

The branch enjoyed great celebrations in
August as five car loads of real ale enthusiasts
headed south to the Stilton Cheese,
Somerby to present the Leicestershire,
Northamptonshire & Rutland Pub of the Year
certificate to Jeff, Carol and family (I’m the tall
one on the end of the photo). The pub did us
proud once again with a fine buffet and £1 off
their beer range for the evening. This really is a
cracking pub and we are indeed privileged to
have it within the borough of Melton. Five real
ales are always available and on this evening

14 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

we were treated to the award winning Church We now felt that we’d taken on enough
End ‘Gravediggers’ mild. refreshment to face the steep climb out of the
Vale and then coast back into Melton to finish
off at the excellent Round Corner Brewery tap
and real ale straight from the cask by gravity
dispense. This weekend ‘Notorious Hooligan’
was the real ale on offer and probably aptly
described our antics during the day.

Saturday 24th August saw ten of us taking Hopefully, by the time that you are reading
to our bikes (and in one case a tandem) to this the 17th annual Melton Mowbray beer
encroach into Vale of Belvoir branch territory festival will have taken place and been a
to sample beers in six of their fine pubs. It being great success once again in the town’s cattle
a rather hot day, plenty of refreshment was market. We are pleased to have renewed our
required to keep us going on our adventure. partnership with the market which means
First stop was the Plough at Hickling on the that CAMRA are more fully involved in the
banks of the Nottingham to Grantham canal. selection, setting up and serving of the beers
Next up was the pleasant beer garden of the than we have been over the last two years. I
Nevile Arms at Kinoulton, before heading on suspect we will have played a significant role
to the Martin’s Arms at Colston Bassett and in the drinking of them too. This year we have
Unicorn’s Head at Langar. focused on beers from Merseyside and our
cellar manager has promised me that among
By this point we were becoming homesick them there will be a few ticks for me in my
and so swiftly pedalled back over the border Good Beer Guide. I hope a few of you made
from Nottinghamshire into Leicestershire to it across from Leicester branch to enjoy the
the Nag’s Head at Harby. Here we had a real beers too.
treat with Jennings’ ‘Sneck Lifter’ being on
offer, which proved to be absolutely sublime. Until next time …
A couple of our number couldn’t resist the Best wishes
temptation for a go on the bouncy castle out
in the pub garden but jumping around with a
stomach full of beer and pork scratchings is
never a good idea and so we were soon back
on our bikes for the short journey to Hose and
the Rose & Crown.

Kevin Billson
Chair – Melton Mowbray & District branch

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 15






0116 254 8384
198 London Rd, Leicester LE2 1NE

16 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker


in a name?

Part 1

We now generically talk of going to the pub. When I started drinking, pubs had at least
Not that long ago, such establishments were 2 rooms and they came under numerous
called public houses, bars, hotels, taverns, different names. The bar was plain and the
inns and alehouses. They were all houses beer prices controlled but the lounge was
providing for the public (from where the smarter and the pub could charge what it
name pub emerged). You nowadays also find could get away with.
vaults and beer cellars normally reflecting the
type of premises. I have not, however, been In my Lancashire roots this room was always
able to find out what legal status each had called the vault or games room and the two
if different and nowadays each hostelry just rooms were entirely separate from each
chooses what it wants to call itself. other. The vault had a barrel and tap from
which beer or ale was dispensed so was also
As far as I can see, hotels and inns provided sometimes referred to as the tap room. In the
food and accommodation but not necessarily early days the posh room had neither, not on
alcoholic drinks. Even today I know of one show at least. This posh room could be called
temperance hotel. I have heard it said that almost anything. I have seen saloon bar,
in times gone by an inn was obliged to take saloon, select, private bar and lounge.
people in but in have not confirmed this. Inns
were normally on highways or in rural areas There were men’s rooms or gentlemen’s rooms
whereas hotels were generally in towns. until sex discrimination laws put paid to them.
As a younger man I used to drink in one of
It seems taverns were upmarket ale houses these which had bell pushes round the room
often doing simple food, whereas the actual and a waiter came to take orders. They got
ale house sold little else. round the legislation as the pub had a bowling
green and the bowls club was men only - the
CAMRA campaigns for real beers but actually room was rebadged as the bowlers’ room.
calls itself the campaign for real ale. We do
interchange the words beer and ale and treat Other rooms, usually small and often without
them as though the same thing – they are very a bar, were known as the snug. Nowadays
different though; ale is an un-hopped drink you have outside smoking areas but some
flavoured with herbs and spices. Once they pubs then had smoke rooms. Many also had
started introducing hops as a preservative the outside serveries, often just a hatch round
ale became bitter and was called beer. the back with a bell for attention. I believe

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 17

pubs could not sell beer over the counter to Arm, the Headless Woman, the Old Silent,
take out so they had these ‘windows’ ‘offies’ the Quiet Woman and the Nobody Inn. There
‘bottle-shops’ ‘jug and bottle’. I was legally must be stories to tell but that is for another
allowed to be served in a pub in 1962 but prior time.
to that when walking in the Peak District we
usually ended up drinking in the garden of a
pub which served us from the ’offie’ round the
back. Coincidentally, that was the year when
legislation relaxed the rules on alcohol sales
in shops and supermarkets and these off sales
died away.

Then we turn to pub names and there is a Roy Denney
whole book to be written on them. I am not
interested in modern names but some old
ones paint a picture or defy understanding.
I wondered about the now gone Railway &
Naturalist. Then there is the Long Arm & Short

A TRADITIONAL Real ale village pub with 6 cask ales available at all times
All Cask ales are £2.30 a Pint Every Tuesday from 4pm
10% discount for CAMRA Members

Jon & his team look forward to giving you a warm welcome


18 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

Available to order!

pub guide.

Order direct from CAMRA*

Or call 01727 337855

*RRP £15.99 - CAMRA members’ price max £13.99



Sheffield is one of my favourite cities to drink the locals. The prices here were really good
in. I tend to concentrate on the Kelham Island here too, £1.75 for a half of 5% Cloudwater
area and around, but had heard good reports Stout, which was smooth and rich, with plenty
about the Ecclesall Road area. I intended to of roasted barley, some dark chocolate notes
go on my own, but Steve Thatcher wanted to and a satisfying bitter, roasty finish. The
come along. Bedlam Brewery Amagansett was a quaffable
pale, with plenty of US hops and a lingering,
We got the National Express coach to Sheffield fruity finish.
(my ticket was only £13 return). A swift twenty
five minute walk brought us to the Brothers
Arms aka Ye Olde Shakespeare’s Inn, in
Heeley. The pub is an excellent, down to earth
boozer, with some attractive features, such as
the side room with its fireplace. The helpful
and friendly lad (one of the brothers?) lent
Steve his phone charger, but more importantly
served us some halves from the impressive
range of ales on the nine handpumps. The
Siren Suspended In Mosaic with Ekuanot was
an unfined juice bomb, with a pineapple nose,
a fruity mouthfeel and hoppy finish. The Wilde
Child Hans Gruber was a good mix of malt
and German hops, with a bitter tingle on the
tongue. I was surprised how cheap the beers
were here. There are good views of the city
from the large beer gardens.

A couple of minutes down the hill, brings you A fifteen minute walk brought us to
to the Sheaf View. It has a very attractive Wostenholme Road in Nether Edge and the
exterior and is a simple long, single roomed micro The Brewer and Hop. The micro was
pub inside, offering eight beers. The friendly very small, light and airy, with three beers.
young woman behind the bar was very
knowledgable and chatty as were some of

20 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker


Steve and I really enjoyed the Blue Bee Triple Pepo on keg and so did I as it took about four
Hop, a very good mix of Citra, Mosaic and glasses to make one half, so they kindly gave
Ekuanot, a hoppy mouthfeel and grapefruit- me some for free. It was like a refreshing 2.8%
ey, citrusy finish. The Little Critters White Wolf breakfast juice, full of passion fruit.
had plenty of US hops in the mouth and a
fruity finish. Ten minutes walk on, is The Beer Engine on
Cemetery Road. It has a very impressive
Twenty minutes on, is Ecclesall Road, a very mural on the side wall. Inside, it’s a one
busy place with plenty of bars and eateries, roomed, basic pub, with lots of wood and a
popular, with students, young people and pretty fireplace. A cheerful chap poured me a
locals. The first of our three micros on the Navigation New Dawn, with a decent amount
road was The Beer House, a simple, popular of Citra hops, some citrus notes and a short
place, with interesting prints on the walls and grapefruit-ey finish. My Wylam Galatia had
six real ales. The landlord didn’t react to well an appealing hoppy nose and gooseberry
to a request for the sparkler off, then a top notes at the end. Steve really enjoyed his keg
up for a short measure, making me a little beer by Urban Goose called Time and Tides.
uncomfortable. The beers were good though.
The Bristol Beer Factory Noble Citrus Gold Our next establishment was the Cremorne on
was a well balanced mix of Loral Amarillo and London Road. A popular, simple one roomed
Citra, with citrus and grapefruit notes. The pub, with a good choice of beers. The affable
Abbeydale Serenity contained a new hop for barman did me a half of True North Polaris.
me, Jarrylo. This was quite astringent, with a This was a little thin to start with, but had
refreshing, bitter finish. Steve was intrigued by a long dry, hoppy finish. The Pictish Summit
the different flavours in the Neepsend Rakau. was packed with hops, with a lovely hoppy
mouthfeel and a satisfying grapefruity finish.
Just down the road was the quite trendy, This was my beer of the day and I stayed for
well fitted out Ecclesall Ale Club, offering six another half. Steve was also impressed, saying
beers. The friendly and knowledgeable young it cut through all the other beers he had drank
woman served me a Brew Foundation Wort so far, praise indeed.
The Wait which was a US hopped pale with
some citrus notes and a short hoppy finish. With grapefruit-ey gobs, we set off for
The 6% Wander Beyond Great Rift was a Bramhall Lane and The Railway. The small
smooth, strong stout, with a balanced mix of pub had a comfortable, well furbished interior,
sweetness and bitterness, developing coffee friendly barstaff and four beers. I ordered a
notes at the end. half of Brew Foundation Laughing Water, a
decent mix of Jester, Galena and Amarillo,
Our final Ecclesall Road micro was the modern with kiwi and gooseberry notes and a short
and rather expensive The Portland House. bitter finish.
The sociable lad behind the bar served me a
Siren White Tips, which was a juicy, unfined The Regather Works and Crown were closed,
number, with a zesty, citrusy mouthfeel and (the Crown is being refurbished), so we went
finish. Steve had a Hammerton Passion For to The Clubhouse on London Road. There

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 21


was a good choice of reasonably priced beers
on. Steve and I tried the Drone Valley and
Triple Point IPAs. Both were full bodied with
a generous amount of English hops and a
pleasant bitter finish.

The National Express journey home was
frustrating and late, but that couldn’t detract
from a great day out with some cracking beer
and a choice that was almost never replicated
in ten different pubs. I’ll definitely be doing
this trip again some time. Cheers.

Chris Greenwood

Your LOCAL Drinks Supplier

Quality Wines
Real Ales
Soft Drinks
Selection of
Craft Beers Beer Kegs

Huge Range Full Brewery
of Spirits Support

Kater4 Ltd, Kernan Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5TJ
fax: 01509 235629 | email: [email protected]

22 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker


On a warm and sunny day 49 intrepid souls I was tempted by a Titanic Cappuccino Stout,
set off on the latest Leicester CAMRA trip in a very good old favourite and at 4.7% more to
the trusty Robinsons coach. my strength. By now the pub was filling nicely
but it was time to move on.
Gary livened the event with the first of his
raffles in aid of The Air Ambulance and the Next up was Remedy Bar wherein I had a
lucky winner I am sure enjoyed his Gordon’s 5% Donkystone Javanilla which was my best
(what looked like) Pink Gin. beer of day, so far, a coffee and vanilla stout
with a rounded and complex flavour. Steve
My first stop in Stockport was the Bakers Vaults and Pete rushed off to get another pub in
and when I arrived at 12.20 I was amazed that before the scheduled tour around Robinson’s
I was the only customer. I was soon tucking Brewery that was laid on but I took my time
into a Robinson’s 4.1% Cumbria Way (an old and sauntered over to it, taking in some
recipe from Hartley’s, a predecessor of the interesting architecture of Stockport streets.
current brewery) a pale brown colour with
malty aroma, well balanced with sweetness
and bitterness throughout. A good start.

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch At the brewery the guide, another Gary by
name, gave us an introductory talk before
a full guided tour around this relatively
modern brewery. The old Brewery is still there
(preserved in aspic I guess) and the water
from the original bore holes still goes into the

LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 23


I highly recommend a tour if you are in the was on our coach but I hadn’t noticed him;
neighbourhood, it’s rounded off with three and another who had seen me at the New
beers of your choosing from the bar. You can, Walk Museum where I had been a volunteer
of course simply go to the bar if you like. I guide for the Mods, Shaping a Generation
had a 3.8% Dizzy Blond (light bodied, yellow Exhibition – ah, the fame!
colour, malt and hops in the taste with a dry
bitter finish). Next a Unicorn 4.2% (amber Next up was the Young Pretender where I had
coloured beer with a fruity aroma, malt, hops a Lymestone 4.5% Foundation Stone, an IPA
and fruit in the taste and a bitter, malty finish) style beer with faint biscuit and chewy juicy
and finally a 4.7% Trooper well balanced fruits then a spicy pepper hops taste leaving
malty and hoppy in the aroma and taste. a dry bitter finish followed by a Wincle 4.2%
Sir Phillip a 4.2% Premium bitter, amber in
Finally in Stockport I enjoyed the Petersgate colour with a light malty overtone balanced
Tap with a 4.6% Salopian Paper Planes, a with hoppyness.
hazy floral IPA with mellow bitterness and
light pepperiness with tropical fruits, pine and
sweet orange in the finish and a Thornbridge
5% McConnell’s a Vanilla Stout with roasted
malt, coffee and black toffee nose, a caramel,
coffee and chocolate taste with a sweet
finish. I was rapidly running out of time to
catch the coach for the second half of the trip
but got back in time to have my sandwiches
and water (rehydration you see).

About 40 minutes later we were in Congleton,
a place I had never been to before.

First up there was the Prince of Wales and a Moving swiftly on the the Beartown Tap
Joule’s Slumbering Monk 4.5%, full bodied (Congleton was called Beartown as it
with a complex malt and nut character, a bred bears for baiting in medieval times
bright copper coloured ale with hints of apparently) where I had another old favourite
caramel giving a round smoothness to the Beartown Creme Bearlee 4.5% which tasted
palate. The pub was quite crowded but there as you might expect of Creme Brulee – lovely!
is a nice back yard which was fractionally Again time was running out but I had enough
cooler. to revisit the Young Pretender where I finished
with a Happy Valley Blackout XO a 4.4%
Two chaps made themselves known to me, Rum Porter, a dark intense full bodied beer
one whom I had seen at walking football with malty chocolate and coffee flavours
the previous Wednesday in Leicester – he

24 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

mingled with Barbadian Oak aged Rum. My
best beer of the day!! It’s always the way, save
the best until last.

Soon the coach was humming its way back As our farmers
to Leicester and the return raffle prize was a know all too well:
bottle of Grant’s Whisky.. Gary couldn’t get no pain, no grain.
enough to do the draw at first, so I bought
another two tickets, Paul, next to me didn’t; They say nothing worth having comes
and HE won!!! easy. Unfortunately for our farmers
that’s true of the barley we use to brew
Thanks to Gary and Mick for another excellent our beers. We use a classic variety
day out. Looking forward to the next one. called Golden Promise, grown to our
own unique specification. The biscuity,
golden malt it produces is the perfect
partner to our natural spring water,
and is vital to Landlord’s depth and
delicate balance of flavour. It’s also a type
of barley that’s notoriously hard to
grow, and our exacting specification
makes it even more difficult. Which
makes it a costly ingredient and a
real challenge even for experienced
farmers. Luckily we can offer some
liquid therapy.

All for that taste of Taylor’s

John Spencer

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 25

great reasons
to join CAMRA

1 CAMPAIGNfor great beer, cider and perry 2 Become a

BEER FESTIVALS and make new friends
in front of or behind the bar
Find the
5 Save
Get great
7 VALUE FOR pub heritage and the
MONEY great outdoors

9 Enjoy great 10 HAVE YOUR SAY

What’s yours?

Discover your reason
and join the campaign today:


August 2019

Following the vote
for August pub of

the month
the winner was
Langton Arms,
Church Langton,

Festival Diary

9th to 12th October - Nottingham CAMRA participants will be able to travel on these at
Festival their leisure.
Tickets £10 per person, available from the bar
25th to 31st October - Black Horse Aylestone at any of the four pubs.
Mild, Stout & Porter Festival Earl of Dalkeith is offering 20% of food for
ticket holders.
Wetherspoon Beer Festival Beer Bus Tour Buses will leave the Earl of Dalkeith and the
Saturday 12th October, a 4-pub beer bus Samuel Lloyd at 11am. The tour will finish at
tour will be hosted in lieu of our Real Ale 4pm, and the last bus will be called as it goes
Festival! around.
Four local Wetherspoon pubs will be
participating; The Earl of Dalkeith (Kettering), Earl of Dalkeith, Kettering. CAMRA members’
The Samuel Lloyd (Corby), The Saxon pre taster event Tuesday 8th October. There
Crown (Corby), The Sugar Loaf (Market will be two sittings due to the size of the cellar.
Harborough). Across these four pubs, all The first starts at 7pm and the second at 8pm.
forty beers included in the ale festival will be The event is open to all CAMRA members. It
available. will include a free pint or 3x third glasses and
Two buses will be running between all four some nibbles.
pubs periodically throughout the day, and

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 27

Branch Diary

OCTOBER Saturday 9th - Leicester Branch meeting and
social event - In the Broughton Astley and Cosby
Wednesday 9th - Leicester CAMRA Annual Areas. An Arriva Zone Plus ticket will cover the
General Meeting and October Branch Meeting - area visited and are £5.70 (or £7 for 2 traveling
Regent Club, 102 Regent Road, Leicester. Please together). The 84 service leaves St Margaret’s bus
remember to bring your Membership Card along station at 1145 and arrives in Broughton Astley
to get entry to this event. approximately 1240. Here we will divide into
Saturday 12th – Melton Branch Social - Visiting small groups to visit a couple of places each and
Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, by train and tram. WhatPub survey the venues to check details held
09:30 train from Melton are correct. We will meet at The Bull for a branch
Thursday 17th - Mashionistas Meet the Brewer meeting around 1400 for a 1415 start. There is a
8pm at the Needle & Pin, Loughborough. bus at 1530 to Cosby where, between that and
Thursday 17th – Melton Branch visiting Saint the 1612 bus , three places can be checked ,The
Wulframs Church Beer Festival, 10:25 bus from Bulls Head and two golf clubs.
Melton. It will then be on to Whetstone. The four places
Friday 18th (4:00PM to 8:00PM) and Saturday are a distance apart so again small groups will
19th (12:00PM to 8:00PM) – Framework Brewery visit each one. For anyone that wishes to there is
Tap Opening, Friday Street, Leicester. the opportunity visit other places on the journey
Tuesday 22nd - Leicester Beer Festival planning back to Leicester and this will be decided on the
meeting upstairs at the Ale Wagon, Charles day.
Street. Anyone is welcome for all or part of the outing .
Wednesday 23rd – Pub of the Month If joining in Broughton Astley but not traveling on
Presentation at the Beer Pharmacie, High the above bus please contact Gary or Shawn so
Street, Syston. Starting around 7:30PM with the we know to look out for you.
presentation around 9:00PM. Wednesday 20th - Leicester Branch Committee
Thursday 24th – Sunday 27th – Needle & meeting – TBA
Pin, Loughborough Autumn Dark beer Festival Saturday 23rd – Coach trip to York.
featuring Cask and Keg beers from Three Hills, Saturday 30th - CAMRA East Midlands Regional
North Riding, Northern Monk, Amundsen and meeting - TBA
Siren among others. Watch their Facebook page
for details of a tasting event on Saturday 26th. DECEMBER
Tuesday 29th – Poetry & Pose evening at the
Needle & Pin, Loughborough - Go along and Wednesday 4th - Leicester Branch meeting and
listen to local authors read their work. Open Mic social event
as well. Wednesday 4th – Melton Branch Meeting and
Xmas Meal at the Sugar Loaf in Ab Kettleby.
NOVEMBER Saturday 21st – Melton Branch Social to Leicester
- Christmas Jumpers and Hats are a must.
Saturday 2nd – Melton Branch Social -
Peterborough by train 2020
Thursday 5th - Vale of Belvoir Branch Meeting at
the Marquis of Granby, Granby starting 8:00PM 4th to 8th February 2020 - Great British Beer
Wednesday 6th – Melton Branch AGM at Festival Winter - Birmingham
BeerheadZ starting at 8:00PM
Thursday 7th – Beer Pharmacie Syston – Meet
the Brewer with Thornbridge Brewery.

28 October/November 2019 - LeicesterDrinker

CAMRA discounts available locally

All locations are in Leicester unless indicated in brackets. Information given in good faith and liable to change. Some
discounts may be modified or restricted where special promotions are on offer.

20p per pint 20p per pint off cask ales 30p per pint

20p/pint off cask ales 20p per pint 20p pint on guest ales

BLACK HORSE, Aylestone THE HARROW INN, Thurmaston QUEENS ROAD TAP, Queens Road
CAMRA privleges for special events 20p discount on a pint for valid CAMRA 10p off a pint
card holders
10% CAMRA discount on real ales and KING RICHARD III Allandale Road - 20p pint on real ales &
cider 25% off all bar snacks including ciders
homemade scotch eggs & pies
BOWLING GREEN, Oxford Street RED COW, Leicester Forest East
10% discount on Cask Ales & Real Ciders LANCASTER ARMS, Desford 20p per pint
20p/pint discount on real ale
10% discount on Cask Ales MARQUIS WELLINGTON, 10% off real ales
London Road - 10% off real ales
CROWN, Anstey RUTLAND & DERBY, Millstone Lane
10% discount on pints of real ale NAGS HEAD, Glenfield Approx. 10% off cask ales
15p pint on cask ales
10% off cask ales NARBOROUGH ARMS, Narborough 30p pint
10% off real ales.
DUFFY’S BAR, Pocklingtons Walk SYSTON SOCIAL CLUB, Syston
CAMRA discounts for special events OADBY OWL, Oadby temporary visitor Membership with
10% off cask ale CAMRA card
EXCHANGE, Rutland Street
10% off cask ale and real cider OLD BLACK HORSE, TWO-TAILED LION, Millstone Lane
Houghton on the Hill - 20p pint on real ale Discount to CAMRA Members to 20p off a
THE FREE TRADE INN, Sileby pint and 10p off a half.
10p pint off cask ales THE OLD HARE & HOUNDS, Anstey
10% Discount on Cask Ales, except from WESTERN, Western Road
FRIARY, Hotel Street 4:00PM on Tuesdays - pint for £2.30 Same as Billy Card
10% Discount on Real Ale
GENERAL ELLIOT, 10% discount Westcotes Drive - temporary visitor
Willoughby Waterleys - 10p/pint & 5p/half Membership with CAMRA card
on real ales O’NEILLS, Loseby Lane
20p/pint off Real ale WINSTANLEY, The Glade
GLENHILLS SPORT & SOCIAL, 20p / pint off guest ales
Glen Parva - Temporary Visitor Membership PARCEL YARD, London Road
for 50p with CAMRA card Same discounts as Steamin’ Billy Card WYGSTON’S HOUSE, Applegate
10% on Real Ales
GLOBE, Silver Street QUEEN OF BRADGATE, High Street
10% off real ales 10% off Real Ale

10% off Real Ale & Ciders

Wetherspoons Pubs Non-CAMRA loyalty card schemes available to all customers:

The following six Wetherspoons pubs are in our area. Exchange, Rutland Street - £2.50 card gives a range of 10% discounts
All accept the standard 50p vouchers plus extras where The Friary, Hotel Street - “Love Cask Ale” - every 7th pint free
indicated. Oadby Owl (Oadby) - 10% off Cask Ales on Thursdays
Queen of Bradgate, High Street - 1 for 10 loyalty card
Corn Exchange, Market Square
Highcross, High Street King Richard III Monday Ale Club - £3.00 a pint for hand pulled real
ales or cider
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal (Oadby)
Sugar Loaf (Market Harborough) The Steamin’Billy Card - £2 card gives various discounts.
White House (Scraptoft) Details at
William Wygston (Wigston)

The Newsletter of Leicester CAMRA Branch LeicesterDrinker - October/November 2019 29

Join up, join in,
join the campaign

From Protect the traditions of great
as little as British pubs and everything that
goes with them by joining today
£26.50† at

a year. That’s less
than a pint a

Or enter your details and complete the Direct Debit form below and you will receive
15 months membership for the price of 12 and save £2 on your membership subscription

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to CAMRA Ltd with your completed form,
visit, or call 01727 798440.* All forms should be addressed to
Membership Department, CAMRA, 230 Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL1 4LW.

Your details: Direct Debit Non DD

Title ................................ Surname ............................................................... Single Membership (UK) £26.50 £28.50
Forename(s) ..................................................................................................
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) ..................................................................... Under 26 Membership £18 £20
Address ............................................................................................................
............................................................................................................................ Joint Membership £31.50 £33.50
................................................................. Postcode ...................................... (At the same address) £25
Email address ................................................................................................
Daytime Tel .................................................................................................... Joint Under 26 Membership £23

Partner’s Details (if Joint Membership) Please indicate whether you wish to receive
What’s Brewing and BEER by email OR post:
Title ................................ Surname ................................................................
Forename(s) .................................................................................................... What’s Brewing BEER By Post
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) ...................................................................... By Email By Post By Email

Concessionary rates are available only for Under
26 Memberships.

I wish to join the Campaign for Real Ale, and
agree to abide by the Memorandum and
Articles of Association which can be found on
our website.

Signed ...........................................................................

Date ...............................................................................

Applications will be processed within 21 days.

Instruction to your Bank or This Guarantee should be detached
Building Society to pay by Direct Debit and retained by the payer.

Please fill in the whole form using a ball point pen and send to: The Direct Debit Guarantee
Campaign for Real Ale Ltd. 230 Hatfield Road St. Albans, Herts AL1 4LW
O This Guarantee is offered by all banks
Name and full postal address of your Bank or Building Society Service User Number and building societies that accept
instructions to pay by Direct Debits
To the Manager Bank or Building Society 9 2 6 1 2 9
O If there are any changes to the amount,
Address FOR CAMRA OFFICIAL USE ONLY date or frequency of your Direct Debit
The Campaign for Real Ale Ltd will notify
Postcode This is not part of the instruction to your Bank or Building Society you 10 working days in advance of your
Name(s) of Account Holder Membership Number account being debited or as otherwise
agreed. If you request The Campaign
Name for Real Ale Ltd to collect a payment,
confirmation of the amount and date
Postcode will be given to you at the time of
the request
Bank or Building Society Account Number Instructions to your Bank or Building Society
Branch Sort Code Please pay Campaign For Real Ale Limited Direct Debits O If an error is made in the payment of
Reference from the account detailed on this instruction subject to your Direct Debit by The Campaign
the safeguards assured by the Direct Debit Guarantee. I for Real Ale Ltd or your bank or
understand that this instruction may remain with Campaign building society, you are entitled to
For Real Ale Limited and, if so, will be passed electronically a full and immediate refund of the
to my Bank/Building Society. amount paid from your bank or
building society
O If you receive a refund you are not
Date entitled to, you must pay it back
when The Campaign Real Ale Ltd
Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit Instructions for some types of account. asks you to

†Price of single membership when paying by Direct Debit. *Calls from landlines charged at standard national rates, cost may vary from O You can cancel a Direct Debit at any
mobile phones. New Direct Debit members will receive a 12 month supply of vouchers in their first 15 months of membership. time by simply contacting your bank
The data you provide will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. or building society. Written confirmation
may be required. Please also notify us.

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