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Isabella - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

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Isabella - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Isabella - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

By Isabella Ramos Martinez

Why are Paleontologist



Paleontologist are people that
find fossil,study fossil
Paleontologist are important
because without them we would not
know anything about dinosaurs.
Paleontologist work with fossil
hunter paleontologist help fossil
hunter see if what there looking at
is a fossil or just a rock .
Fossils can show if the dinosaur
was a plant eater or a meat eater.

A paleontologist looking at a fossil


Dinosaurs & fossils 3

Fossils are the remain of a
dinosaur. By studying a fossil you
can learn what they ate, what type
of dinosaur it was and were they
lived. Dinosaurs lived more than
millions of year ago there are many
different type of dinosaurs. There
is a dinosaur tall as a apartment
building. Paleontologist will never
stop looking for fossil.

A dinosaur skull in a museum

T.REX!! body

Some people think the T.rex was 4
the most biggest but paleontologist
don’t it could be one of the most
dangerous. The T.rex is a meat
eater it eat any dinosaur that
come in it way.The T.rex lived in
the Badlands of canada.



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