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Caroline - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

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Caroline - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Caroline - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project


By Caroline Melcher

The Way They Looked small head

Sauropods were the biggest long neck

dinosaur that ever lived! Also they

could grow up to 200 feet! They

had a very long neck and tail, it was

tall and they had thick bodies. All long tail

sauropods had four big legs. And thick body 2
they would stand on all four legs

too. But they had small heads.

big legs

They’re Diet

They’re teeth were not very sharp. Sauropods only ate plants like fern and
leaves. That's why they didn’t have sharp teeth. For example if you tried to feed
a sauropod ham it wouldn’t eat the ham.That would be if they were still alive.
Anyway sauropods didn’t eat meat.


This is a sauropod showing its 3


Sauropods lived all North America China
over the earth. Some
locations are China, Africa Africa
and North America. They
didn’t live close to water
because plants gave them
lots of water. Sauropods
lived for about 200 million
years! They even lived in
the early Jurassic time

This is a map of a few places that have been known for finding sauropod fossils. 4

Epic Giant-O-Saurs by Nancy White
Diplodocus by PebbleGo


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