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Marielle - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

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Marielle - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Marielle - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

All About Tyrannosaurus

By: Marielle Mears

Table Of Contents

What A T.Rex Looked Like… pg.3
What They Ate… pg.4
How Big A T.Rex Can Get… pg.5


What a T.Rex Looked Like

Have you ever wondered what a T.Rex looks like or what they
ate or even how big and tall they get? Well, I have. You
probably know but they walk on their 2 back legs. Their
arms are really tiny. Also, they have a very long heavy
tail. They have sharp claws to scratch things. They also
have sharp teeth so when they attached, their teeth would
smash through the prey’s bones.


What They Ate

T.Rexes are canovors which means
they eat meat. Sometimes they
would eat dead animals. T.Rexes
would hunt for food. They ate
other animals and other dinosaurs.

A T.Rex Eating another dinosaur 4

How Big A T.Rex Can Get

Do you know how big a T.Rex can
get? They’re not the biggest
dinosaur. They are 13 meters and
lived about 66 million years ago.
Their very tall and was about 16

a T.Rex running out of some woods 5


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