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Published by flutegrl1, 2019-05-05 09:42:56

Nadia - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Nadia - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

T. rex

By: Nadia Rashed

Who Found The First A T.rex

T.rex Have you ever wondered who found 2
the first T.rex? Well in the Albertosaurus
Barnum Brown mystery it says Barnum Brown was the
first to find it. Also Barnum's family had
their own col business and one day
they were digging for some col but they
stopped because they hit into a bone
that belonged to a dinosaur. And ever
sens that happened he wanted to be a

Where Does the T.rex

Live? A T.rex lives in Western North
America but dinosaurs are extinct
Western North America that means that they don’t live any
more. But if you go there you mite
find a T.rex skeleton .


What Does a T.rex eat

A T.rex is a carnivore. It only eats meat
meat. The T.rex would eat dinosaurs A dinosaur
maybe like Albertosaurus,
Sauropods. In if you give a T.rex a
bone by: Tim Myers it says “ A T.rex
likes to chase things.



Giant plant eating dinosaurs by Don
Lessem Pebble go


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