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Sierra - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Sierra - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

What is The Tyrannosaurus rex

By Sierra K Schulze


Meat Eaters

The T-Rex is also called a Tyrannosaurus rex
but T-Rex is just a nickname. The T-Rex is in a
group called carnivores which means meat eating.
The T-Rex also has great smell to find food. Their
teeth were 9 inches long. That's as big as a
banana!! It ate as much as it weighed which is as
much as 4 cars! The T-Rex ate more than 5 tons a
week. It was the largest meat eating dinosaur to
ever live on earth. The T-Rex was the king of all
dinosaurs because rex means king and there
name is T-Rex. The T-Rex also had very rough

T-Rex jaw 2

Locations Of Where They Were

The T-Rex lived mostly near lakes and
streams. Some were found in the montana creek.
They were also found in Canada, Wyoming,
Colorado, and South Dakota. The T-Rex lived
about 85 million to 65 million years ago. They
were as tall as a 2 story building. The T-Rex lived
all around the world and maybe even in your
backyard!! The T-Rex was as long as a school bus.
One of the best places you would have found a
T-Rex is in the Badlands.

This is a T-Rex skeleton in a musam.



One of the most common relative of the
T-Rex are the birds flying in the sky right now
outside or your pet bird. Another relative are 4
legged reptiles that you can find in zoos like
lizards and iguanas. They are related to
crocodiles too. Crocodiles were alive when
dinosaurs were but they survived the extinction.
Another relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the
Pterosaurs. They were also related to the
Asilisaurus Kongwe which was a dinosaur. One
more relative of the T-Rex is the silesaurs.

T-Rex walking in the Badlands 4


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. Giant Meat-Eating By Don Lessem
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