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Published by a.martin, 2018-12-20 04:10:10

Y7-13 19.12.18 Parent Bulletin

Y7-13 19.12.18 Parent Bulletin



​Uckfield College B​ ulletin - 19.12.2018 


Year 7-13 

College Development News 


Mon D Mon Y13 Trial exams start
31st Dec I 7th Jan
A Tue Y13 Trial exams end
Tue R 8th Jan Y10 Parents’ Evening - 4.30-7.30pm
1st Jan Y

Wed E Wed
2nd Jan V 9th Jan
Thurs START OF TERM 3 N Thurs
3rd Jan T 10th Jan
S Fri
4th Jan 11th Jan

Dear Parents and Carers,

As another incredible year comes to an end, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a truly happy New Year.

In just the last two days of term there is so much to remind us of what a special community there is here. Last
night’s Carol Service at Holy Cross Church was filled with beautiful music. Our music exchange with
Bismarckschule in Germany was yet again a great experience for both their students and ours. The choirs and
orchestras were amazing and it was heartwarming to see so many ex-students from Uckfield College come back
to join in.

On Monday evening, we celebrated the record-breaking A Level results when we gave last year’s Year 13 leavers
their A Level certificates. To see all of those students and hear about how their lives have changed since they



left our Sixth Form was so interesting. We wish them all every happiness for the future and look forward to
hearing more about their successes.
Once again, Merry Christmas!
Hugh Hennebry


Term dates for the Academic years 18/19 & 19/20 - ​
Apprenticeships parent pack - ​Please find ​attached​ interesting information regarding Apprenticeships.
Reporting Absences - J​ eanette O’Connor
Beginning this term, all student absences must be reported via our Edulink parent portal. It provides a quick,
accurate and secure way for you to give us the key details about the reason for your child’s absence from
school. Edulink absence reporting should be used on the morning of your child’s absence B​ EFORE 8.30 am.
If your child is absent for more than one day a​ n Edulink absence report should be submitted for each
day they are not able to attend school u​ nless they have a serious illness and a medical certificate has
been submitted to us. Please note that we are no longer accepting absence notification by phone message.
Full instructions about how to use our Edulink Portal can be found here.
If you have problems with your Edulink account then please contact [email protected].


Please collect your used stamps from your mail, especially over the Christmas period, to help the Air
Ambulance Services. Please give them to your children to bring in - there is a box near Student Services to
collect these in. Many thanks.

Please find a​ ttached here​ information on the
Extra-curricular Clubs.
As a college we value the importance of
extracurricular opportunities and we have a
comprehensive programme of competitive
sporting fixtures throughout the year.
Parents/Carers and relations are encouraged
to come and support college matches, but for
the purpose of safeguarding we ask that the following procedures are followed:

● Spectators must sign in at the main College Reception and identify themselves with a suitable form of
ID (eg credit card, driving licence etc);

● Spectators will be given a ‘Parent Pass’ which must be worn at all times;
● Spectators will be escorted to the pitch and must not enter any other areas of the College, at any

time, other than when going back to the main Reception to sign out;
● Spectators are only permitted to use the visitor toilet in the main Reception;
● Spectators are expected to show their support in a positive and respectful way;
● Spectators must go straight to Reception at the end of the match and sign out.
Many thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to another year of sporting success at Uckfield


We have great pleasure in introducing our C​ ollege Council Representatives for 2018-19​, Year group
Council Representatives and our wider 6th Form Student Leadership Team.​ ​Please see the a​ ttached​.

Drama students of Term 2​ - Ms J Harriyott
Year 7:​ Emily Hemming, Holly Hamilton-Andrews
Year 8:​ Jack Wood, Milo Rayner-Parkin
Year 9:​ Esme Dode-Angel Fran Mumford
Year 10:​ Jonny Rowland, Serena Mathiot
Year 11:​ Holly Smale Phoebe Gorrard
Year 12/13:​ Freya Ingram

Reminder of the bus changes


Changes to Bus and Coach Services: UCTC1, UCTC2, Public Service Buses 31/431, 231, 261

Does this affect my child?

If your child or children are currently using either the UCTC1 or the UCTC2 coach services going into Uckfield
College you will be affected. You can find your route number and coach name at the East Sussex County
Council website:

What is happening?
1. The two coach routes, UCTC1 and UCTC2 are merging into a single coach altering the timetables.
2. Students currently accessing the UCTC1 coach in Nutley (stops: Nutley CE School and Nutley Post Office)

are being moved from the coach service onto a newly timetabled 261 public service bus.

When is it happening?
The newly timetabled 2​ 61 public service bus will start its new service from the 7t​ h of January 2019, children
currently using the UCTC1 coach from Nutley will be able to use the 261 bus from then onwards.

In order to ensure that this timetable is embedded and is working correctly for the school times there will be
a transition period wherein the current coaches will continue to operate as they currently are alongside the
new 2​ 61​ public service. They will continue to do this until the 18​th​ of January 2019.

On the 21s​ t of January,​ t​ he UCTC1 and the UCTC2 will start the new timetable as the UCTC1 and this
service will no longer serve either of the Nutley stops. Students in Nutley will then have to use the 261 bus
from this point onwards.

Does my child need a new pass?
If your child is currently using either of the Nutley stops then they will receive in the post, to their home
address, a new pass before January the 7​th 2019. If you have not received a pass by this date and you will
be using the service please contact the East Sussex Transport Hub.

Will East Sussex contact me?
East Sussex County Council will write to you to confirm the changes if you are affected

New timetables:

UCTC Uckfield College - Chelwood Gate, Cackle Street & High
1 Hurstwood

Step Stop Description Time
1 Wych Cross, Long Car Park 08:19

2 Chelwood Gate, Pillar Box


  Cackle Street, A22 08:25
3 Tylers Lane, A22 08:26
4 Fairwarp crossroads, B2026 (northbound) 08:29
5 High Hurstwood, Maypole 08:35
6 Hermitage Farm, Hurstwood Road, 08:37
7 Arisaig, Hurstwood Road 08:38
8 Uckfield College 08:48


UCTC Uckfield College - Chelwood Gate, Cackle Street & High
1 Hurstwood

Step Stop Description Time
1 Uckfield College 15:38
2 Arisaig, Hurstwood Road 15:41
3 Hermitage Farm, Hurstwood Road, 15:51
4 High Hurstwood, Maypole 15:56
5 Fairwarp crossroads, B2026 (southbound)

6 Tylers Lane, A22

7 Cackle Street, A22

11 Chelwood Gate, Pillar Box

12 Wych Cross, Long Car Park



East Sussex Transport Hub:
Team: 01273 335088
[email protected]
Compass Public Service Buses
Compass Travel are making a number of changes to bus services from 7 January 2019.
Compass Travel are unable to continue to provide all of their current provision of services due to financial
pressures. This has been caused by higher fuel and insurance costs, along with reduced levels of income
because of declining passenger numbers. Several services have few or no changes, with the main alterations
affecting the worst performing journeys.
The County Council’s own financial pressures mean that they are not able to provide additional funding for
bus services. Compass Travel have worked closely with officers to maintain, at the very least, limited journey
opportunities for service users in line with the County Council’s needs based Public Transport Commissioning


The main changes to Compass Travel’s routes which affect students at the College are summarised below.

31 Cuckfield-Haywards Heath-North Chailey-Newick-Maresfield-Uckfield
The additional school days only route 431 journeys provided for Uckfield College students is being withdrawn.
All students can be accommodated on the main 31 route, though some may need to stand between
Maresfield and Uckfield.

Please follow the link below to the 31 timetable.

NB please note that the revised timetable for the 261 means that the bus will also be able to collect students
from Maresfield Newsagents at 08:39 in the morning and drop off there at 15:58 in the afternoon.

121 Lewes-Offham-Cooksbridge-Chailey-Newick, with one return journey from Uckfield on
school days
No change

231 Uckfield-Framfield-Blackboys-Heathfield-Broad Oak-Burwash-Etchingham
The journeys from Uckfield at 17:15 and 17:50 are withdrawn and replaced with a new journey at 17:35 to
Etchingham Station. The 17:00 and 18:03 journeys from Etchingham Station are retimed to depart at 16:45
and 18:20 instead. The 18:20 journey will run only as far as Heathfield, meaning that the last bus from
Heathfield Fire Station to Uckfield will be 17:10.

261 Uckfield-Maresfield-Nutley-Wych Cross-Coleman’s Hatch-Forest Row-Ashurstwood-East
Significantly revised timetable including the removal of the poorly used last journeys from Uckfield to East
Grinstead at 18:05, and East Grinstead to Uckfield at 18:43. However the new timetable will now also provide
journeys for a number of Uckfield College students who have been using a closed door coach service from the
Nutley area. Journeys to depart Uckfield Bus Station to East Grinstead at 06:04 (not via Coleman’s Hatch),
07:22 (not via Ashurstwood), 09:30, 11:30, 13:50 and 15:50 (not via Coleman’s Hatch). A journey is also
provided at 17:55 from Uckfield, running only as far as Nutley Church. Journeys to depart from East Grinstead
Station to Uckfield at 06:40 (not via Coleman’s Hatch), 08:10 (not via Coleman’s Hatch), 10:22, 12:22, 14:58
and 17:05.

Please refer to the 261 timetable above.

431 Newick-Maresfield-Uckfield
These school days only return journeys provided for Uckfield College students are being withdrawn. All
students can be accommodated on the main 31 route, though some may need to stand between Maresfield
and Uckfield

The timetable for the 31 is the one parents should be using. Please follow the link to the 31 timetable.

NB please note that the revised timetable for the 261 means that the bus will also be able to collect students
from Maresfield Newsagents at 08:39 in the morning and drop off there at 15:58 in the afternoon.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above changes, please contact Student Services at the College.



Year Group Information

Year 7

The use of social media in year 7 - p​ lease see a​ ttached​ information, which was emailed out this week.
English dept letter to year 7 parents -​ please see a​ ttached​ information regarding information regarding
our new reading material in the new year.

Year 8

There is no specific information for Year 8 students at this time.

Year 9

There is no specific information for Year 9 students at this time.

Year 10

There is no specific information for Year 10 students at this time.

Year 11

There is no specific information for Year 11 students at this time.

Year 12

There is no specific information for Year 12 students at this time.

Year 13

There is no specific information for Year 13 students at this time.

Uckfield College Facebook page launched
We are delighted to let you know that in addition to our Twitter feed we now have a Facebook
page. ​Uckfield College Facebook page
To keep up to date please either follow or like us and even comment on some of the things going
on. Please note that we are regularly monitoring the site to ensure that appropriate
language/images are used at all times.

● UCTC TWITTER- Follow us
We want to share the great things that UCTC is doing with you, with regards to trips
and events, in as many ways as possible and so we are inviting you to follow us on
Twitter @​ UckfieldCollege

​Uckfield College Life 

December Issue

Uckfield College Life will be published once a month. W​ e have attached the flip booklet to the title
above - if you wish you can click on the title to see the flip book.



Please keep in touch!

We always love to hear news of our students’ achievements out of College, so please do e-mail to keep us
updated with the fantastic range of activities they are involved in. Please e-mail details to Toni Fletcher,
[email protected]​.​ We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Merry Christmas

A Happy New Year 2019
from all the ACRES Staff Team


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