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Delve Into Darkness

Delve Into Darkness

Delve Into

Setting Info **The next grouping of events take place
within the course of fifteen minutes.**
The village of Nane, where this adventure
starts, is well know for its crazy happenings. Bad luck or poor planning later, they acci-
Wizards from the land are sent here to work dently opened their portal in the middle of
on their crafts away from people of the lo- solid stone, thus shaking the ground with a
cal kingdom. However, land is cheap here. huge earthquake.
Because of that, many have bought property
within the now-known village of Nane. The earthquake broke the statue that housed
Dev’s essence , thus releasing him into the
The wizards of Nane have caused many world. In Dev’s fear he created a protective
problems and difficulties for the local villag- barrier around Nane so as to keep him safe
ers; many have died, or worse thanks to the from the outside world; an egg, if you will.
experiments of the wizards.
He would venture out from the caverns to
It’s on this particular day that the party gath- explore and see what this new existence was
ers at a local inn “Manny’s Meats”, a rather about, but, he was met very quickly with
boring and average inn with rather boring and startled dwarfs who attacked him in fear. Dev
average customers. protected himself and ate those within the
area that would harm him.
Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the ground,
those around groan in discomfort as they pon- Likewise, the wizards would begin stream-
der what ill-fates await them next. ing through their portal to gather the ore. As
Dev moved out of the mining outpost to head
Nothing seems to have changed within the back into the caverns after eating the dwarfs,
village, that is, until talk spreads around town the wizards would see him and try to capture
of an invisible barrier that blocks people from him for studying. Dev would turn them into
getting out. rugs, chests, and chairs before casting them
into the dwarven mining outpost; finding that
Behind the he didn’t enjoying killing/eating the dwarfs.
Now, Dev hides within the ancient shrine,
The wizards at their mansion within Nane afraid of the world and all it has to offer.
recently caught wind of the dwarven min- He’ll release the barrier around Nane if any-
ing outpost that extends under Nane having one offers to protect him or if they can per-
struck Kew Ore; an ore highly sought after. suade him that the world isn’t as scary.

With that, the wizards planned to open a
portal into the recently dug mining shaft and
steal the kew ore.

Additional Info The creatures, should they enter, are set on
economic domination of the land and will set
Everyone should be a level 1 character to up trade-posts and other such places to begin
start and level up naturally throughout this taking over the economy.
adventure. Adjust exp gain as appropriate
for your group, if your group has faced some In Room 9 , the ruby within the chest is a
challenges with words over a sharp sword, lich’s phylactery.
there’s no harm in allowing them to gain the
exp they would have gained via fighting in In Room 10 , the mining outpost that extends
this module. under Nane that the players are about to enter
is called Jozug, any dwarf will know this.
In the basement of “Manny’s Meats” there
is a shelving unit that blocks entryway into a Within Jozug the place is littered with suits of
tunnel that leads into a cavern below Nane. armor; some are enchanted to be alive and act
Rumors of the wizards missing will begin to as guardians.
spread, with it, the rumors that they escaped
via the caverns below Nane.

Over time resources and goods will be deplet-
ed from Nane; leaving the players and those
of the town without a means to survive.

Inside Room 3, a small group of goblins are
trapped within the caves. Unable to leave
without facing the threat of the spiders be-
yond. They offer sacrifices, if only so the
main part of the tribe can survive. They seek
any way out that they can find, being pan-
icked and freaked out.

Griffin, a wizard from the mansion who was
many years ago kicked out for being too “fo-
cused” has been working on his experiments
under Nane. He has finally opened a portal
to allow spider-like-creatures from a differ-
ent universe to enter, however, the creatures
are being driven mad by the new world; they
can’t seem to exist within it for long without
resorting to a primordial mind-set. If Griffen
is left alive, he will fix his portal after seven
days, allowing the creatures to enter the
world without being driven mad.

Author’s Note Level 5 : Here is about getting useful items
for helping on future adventures, learning a
Welcome to a Benjamin Brews Module! I bit more about the story, and potentially mak-
hope you find an enjoyable adventure within ing useful allies for future adventures; the
these pages. dragon/dust mephit.

Each level is designed to offer players some- Level 6 : Is about the story coming to a close
thing valuable as explorers of a new world. and picking up a few useful items to assist in
future adventures.
Level 1 : This level teaches players that infor-
mation is valuable. Sometimes the informa- With all that being said, I hope this turns out
tion is plain and apparent, other times it needs to be a fun adventure! Get ready to Delve
to be found. Sometimes the information is Into Darkness!
scattered to pieces and needs to be glued back
together through time, exploration, and think-
ing. Additionally, this level goes on to reward
exploration, but also reminds players to keep
an eye out.

Level 2 : This level is about exploration, re-
source gathering, and consequences. Here in
level two there are lots of places to get items
that will help on the adventure; this encourag-
es exploration. As for consequences, the play-
ers have the ability to move easily through
this area or with great difficulty depending
on if they find items they need in Level 1;
just because they don’t see the strings doesn’t
mean the strings don’t move.

Level 3 : Here is more about combat and
teaching players useful tactics like the dodge
action, holding actions, and applying the help
action, especially with entities that can warp
out of the plain after attacking.

Level 4 : This is about story progress and the
players learning a little about what has hap-
pened in Nane. Additionally, the Darkmantle
encounter should show new enemies and
force player to adapt to a new style to engage,
rather than a “hit and smash” mentality.

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 1

Level 1 - Room 1 which draw interest.

1 : Thick web prevents easy access through • Entry 1 : It’s almost worked! I believe I’ve
found the right string of arcane energy to uti-
this area; it counts as rough terrain. The web- lize so as to summon forth demonic minions.
bing appears slightly silver, as if coated with Imagine the possibilities!
a thin touch of metal. Every five by five feet
of web (every square) has 15HP and 5AC. • Entry 2 : Good news and bad news. The
good news is I discovered a transmutation
2 : The torch appears as any other torch spell from my works, the bad news is I be-
lieve I have opened a temporary portal and
within the area, however, when pulled down- allowed the creatures entryway into this
wardly the stone wall beneath it will fall and realm.
reveal a passageway into the darkness; there
appears to be no end to the passage. Upon • Entry 3 : I was correct. I found them within
moving through this straight passage, the my home and spoke with them, they appear
individual will eventually walk through an sentient! This is fantastic! So much informa-
illusionary wall into room #2. tion can be gained and gleamed from them!
They only ask for food, which is perfectly
3 : A large runic symbol that is imbued with reasonable, good thing there are those goblins
next door.
magic capable of temporarily opening a por-
tal to another dimension. The magic has simi- • Entry 4 : They appear dissatisfied, they
larities to the Dimension Door spell, but the seem to be growing more hostile by the min-
enchantment has been tampered with to allow ute. I would surmise they are growing dis-
it to remain open and reach other planes. It’s content with this realm and seek a way back.
currently inactive. No big matter, I shall assist them before this
gets out of hand. It should be a simple matter
4 : This wooden chest has a trap upon it, to reopen the-

needing a perception check of 13 to spot. If 6 : Upon the table are a handful of scrolls
it’s not spotted when attempting to be opened,
a plank will lash out towards the player and ; “Spider Minion Scroll” + “Spider’s Life
smack into them for (2D10) bludgeoning Scroll” + “3 Goodberry Scrolls”.
damage or half as much if they succeed on
a 13 dexterity saving throw. Inside the chest • Spider Minion Scroll ; You may summon a
are the following items; “1 Alchemy Jug” + “Giant Wolf Spider” as a companion for up to
“3 Potions of Healing” + “50 Gold Pieces” + one hour. It acts of its own will but views you
“20 Dried Rations”. as a good friend. The “Giant Wolf Spider’s”
intelligence is considered to be a 15, though
5 : Searching the bed reveals a “Worn it cannot speak.

Brown-Leather Diary” along with “1 Gold
Piece”. The diary has a few select entries

• Spider Life Scroll ; You become a Giant 10 : A wizard lies wrapped up in webbing
Wolf Spider until you would be reduced to 0
HP as this creature, after 1 hour, or until you except for his face. His name is Griffin and
were to choose to. You adopt the new stats he’s a logical and relaxed character; only ap-
and abilities of the Giant Wolf Spider except pearing stressed because of his current situa-
for your intelligence, wisdom, and charisma tion. Griffin will call out for help if he hears
scores; you cannot cast spells in this form. the players. He’s a third level human wizard.
Griffin will attack if the players try to steal
7 : (300xp) (Worth 150xp) : Three Giant his research or otherwise attempt to stop it,
though, he’ll try with his words first.
Wolf Spiders await atop the ceiling. They
have a group stealth score of 18; a player who A.C. : 12 (15)
rolls higher on a perception check can notice H.P. : 22
them. However, once the spiders are aware Speed : 30ft
they have been noticed, they will attack. Oth-
erwise, they will wait for the opportune mo- STR : 11 (+0)
ment to attack, perhaps for a player to walk DEX : 14 (+2)
off by themselves. CON : 16 (+3)
(Prof) WIS : 14 (+2)
8. A pile of dead goblins, five in total, they (Prof) INT : 16 (+3)
CHA : 13 (+1)
appear as if dried, much like wrapped mum-
mies. There’s also a human body and an elf Cantrips : Firebolt , Mage Hand , Mi-
body in the same condition. The human has nor Illusion
“Three Scrolls of Light” in their backpack as (4) 1st : Alarm , Burning Hands , Com-
well as “2 Dry Rations” + “20 Gold Pieces” prehend Languages , False Life , Mage Ar-
+ “Longsword.” The elf has “Shortbow” + “2 mor , Magic Missile , Shield , Sleep , Thun-
Potions of healing” + “5 Gold Pieces” derwave
(2) 2nd : Web , Shatter
9 : A wire-trap (needing a 17 perception to
Skill Prof : Arcana, Investigation, His-
notice) lies placed upon the ground. The first tory , Survival
one to step on it activates it and takes (2D10) Inventory : “3 Gold Pieces” + “1 Dried
piercing damage or half as much on a suc- Ration” + “Dagger”
cessful 14 dexterity saving throw.
11 : Faint groupings of tracks lead down

the path; they appear humanoid.

Level 1 - Room 2 Level 1 - Room 3
1 : The wall has a total of 25HP and 2AC. 1 : There are five tally marks carved into

2 : With a 25 perception or arcana check the stone wall with the phrase ; “Daan kaan
der huul khruul” written in Goblin. (They rest
a player may notice a portion of the wall is with gods now)
an illusion that leads into a dark passageway
with a dead-end; touching the area will reveal 2 : Inside the chest lies “1 Potion of Hill
this illusion without needing to roll.
Giant Strength” + “1 Potion of Growth” +
3 : Stone pegs lie smashed into the ground, “10 Gold Pieces”

it can be seen that there are a total of four 3 : Within this chest are “15 Dried Ra-
pegs that form the shape of a small rectangle.
Thin lengths of rope can be seen tied to the tions”.
4 : (200xp) (Worth 200xp) : One Goblin
4 : There are faint tracks along the ground
boss sits by the fire, if he hears any combat or
that look like a beast of sorts; they appear like activity he wouldn’t understand to be his own
dozens of small circular footprints. kind, he’ll go to (2) and use the two potions
to combat the threat.
5 : (150xp) (Worth 100xp) : Two goblins
5 : (300xp) (Worth 150xp) : Three goblins
stand guard, facing out through the wooden
barricade through the many gaps. sit within the tent relaxing. Inside the tent lies
a total of “6 Gold Pieces”.
6 : There is a thin trip-wire that holds back
6 : (50xp) (Worth 50xp) : One goblin sits
a leather sack full of stones above the pas-
sageway. A perception check of 15 is needed within the tent. Inside the send lies “2 Gold
to see it. The stones deal (1D10) bludgeoning Pieces”.
damage or half as much on a successful dex-
terity saving throw of 14. 7 : (150xp) (Worth 100xp) : Two goblins

sit at the fire. Two also sit within the tent.
Inside the tent lies “1 Potion of Healing” + “8
Gold Pieces”.

8 : Inside the tent lies “1 Potion of Greater

Healing” + “Scroll of Mold Earth”.

9 : (50xp) (Worth 50xp) : One goblin sits

around the fire.

Level 1 - Room 4 ver/2 gold lies at the base of the shrine. The
old woman has a “Potion of healing” + “Dag-
1 : Apparent spider tracks lead deeper into ger” on her person.

the area. 3 : With an investigation check of 17 in

2 : The water is filled with flesh-eating this area, a player notices a rock lies placed
over a natural hole in the wall, inside is a “+1
fish. Traveling through it on foot causes an Mace”. (1D6+1 bludgeoning damage)
attack for every 5ft moved. The attacks have
a +5 to hit and deal 1D4+2 piercing damage Level 1 - Room 6
if they hit.
1 : The entrance and exit into and out of
3 : A semi-invisible rune lies placed across
the cavern. As long as the barrier remains,
the ground; a perception of 18 will notice it. the players can’t exit via this route. They can
If the trap is not deactivated, it will let out only walk part way into the exit before hit-
a piercing bell that radiates out 100ft in all ting the invisible barrier.
directions if any creature walks within 5ft of
it without being aware of its nature. Stealth 2 : Human and elf footprints lead south.
checks to move past it or an arcana check to
disable it will allow the trap to be ineffective. 3 : (450xp) (Worth 450xp) : A Will o’ Wisp

4 : (150xp) (Worth 100xp) : Two Giant hovers within the area. It will present itself as
being a harmless entity before getting close
Wolf Spiders crawl across the ceiling, waiting to a target and shocking them.
for the right moment to strike any who would
move within the area. Level 1 - Room 7

Level 1 - Room 5 1 : A campsite sits barren of people. The

1 : (250xp) (Worth 200xp) : Two Swarm of fire has long since gone out. There are “4
Gold Pieces” within the bedspreads.
Spiders will crawl out from the walls and at-
tack any who walk into their feeding grounds. 2 : Spider tracks leading north.

2 : An old drow woman sits against the 3 : A long since decayed body; a skeleton.

cavern wall. She appears to have created a It appears covered in an underwater plant. A
shrine against the stone wall with black and
white candles that are currently lit. Stones lie
placed in the shape of a “L”. The first time
someone prays at this shrine, that player will
receive a +2 to their maximum hp if they are
a drow. A small pile of coins ; 5 copper/6 sil-

pile of gold coins lie around its side; a total of a player class.
“10 Gold Pieces.” There are no large gather-
ings of fish in the water, but some can be seen 2 : The chest is locked with an arcane lock.
being whipped along with the current to the
north-west. It needs a 29 to unlock it. It has Arcanist’s
Magic Aura on it, making the item inside
Level 1 - Room 8 appear non-magical. If the chest is opened
“Spirit Guardians” and “Curse” is cast.
1 : Human and elf tracks leading to the “Curse” targets the closest player or the one
opening the chest. If the target fails their
west. wisdom save from “Curse”, they receive dis-
advantage on all constitution saving throws.
2 : Written in “Deep Speech” upon the This effect lasts until removed. Inside the
chest lies a pouch of “450 Gold Pieces” + “2
cavern walls in blank ink; “May Lolth guide Potions of Greater Healing” + “2 Scrolls of
your steps.” Animate Dead” + “Rod of The Pact Keeper
+1” + “Note#1”. An investigation check of
3 : This area is too tight for a boat to go 28 reveals a hidden flap in the chest : “Large
Ruby Gem” worth 1,500GP + “Note#2”
through, a player will have to swim to get
across; 15 athletics. Failure to do so traps • Note#1 ; “Greetings, if you’ve survived
them underwater and they begin suffocating. long enough to loot my chest, I suggest you
DC 22 acrobatics to escape and breech the do otherwise. Presumably at this very mo-
surface. A successful save at the end of their ment I am scrying you and have already
turn will allow them to wiggle free enough to made a note of your faces. If you steal from
start again. There are no fish here but some me, I will find you and steal from you in turn.
can be seen being whipped along with the However, if you have survived this far, you
current to the west. are either lucky or capable, in which case,
you may take the gold without qualms from
Level 1 - Room 9 me. Leave everything else.”

1 : There are no large gatherings of fish • Note#2 ; Do. Not. Take. This. Or. I. Will.
Kill. You. Tomorrow.
in the water, but some can be seen being P.S. Try me.
whipped along down from the waterfall on Wishing you all the best, Newk
occasion. Behind the waterfall lies a small
indentation in the stone, a proper perception 3 : (100xp) (Worth 100xp) : A crocodile
check of 18 will find a small faintly glowing
plant that has three cup-shaped leaves. Drink- sneaks up when a player is looting the chest.
ing the sap from a cup grants the player who
drinks it +50xp or allows an NPC to become

Level 1 - Room 10
1 : Players have to swim under the ledge to

move across. They must beat an 8 Athletics
check or take suffocation damage (1D4) as
they resurface on the other side.

2 : Rocks block entryway to the above

ground. The entire passageway leading up-
ward is collapsed.

3 : A coffin with words chiseled upon its

top in dwarven says ;“Here lies Master Brut-
mem Caveborn, may he rest easy having
furthered the greatness of the dwarven king-
dom”. Inside the coffin lies the corpse of a
dwarf, “200 Gold Pieces” + “+1 Maul”

4 : A coffin with words chiseled upon its

top in dwarven says ; “Here lies Miss Dwala
Dimriver, may she rest easy having brought
us together as a family within Jozug”. Inside
the coffin lies the corpse of a dwarf, “200
Gold Pieces” + “+1 Longsword”

5 : The torch can be pulled to reveal two

bracelets behind a stone. The bracelet, while
worn, will allow the user(s) to pass through
Jozug without being met aggressively by the
defenses within. Dwarfs do not have to wear
the bracelet to be met welcomingly by the
defenses, however, anything that isn’t a dwarf
will be attacked without restraint. A creature
must pass an investigation roll of 16 to find
it. A dwarf automatically knows where these
bracelets are and how to find them.

6 : This leads down to Level 2.

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 2

Level 2 - Room 1 6 : Here lies an enchanted fountain of flow-

1 : A rust monster hangs atop the heads of ing beer; it’s fresh.

one of the steel statues; slowly eating it away. 7 : The fireplace has a chalkboard above it,
A closer look reveals the creature has a col-
lar with the name “Rex” upon it; it’s the pet in chalk, dozens of names are written down.
of Merkon. It wont attack or act aggressively, An investigation of 11 reveals a loose stone
nor will it be particularly interested in passing with an item hidden behind it ; “Set ‘A’ Send-
entities unless they have a tasty “shiny” to ing Stone”.
offer it.
8 : Chiseled onto the statue at its base in
2 : Upon a stone plaque lies the sentence
dwarven; “Warrior Draken Flamehammer,
“May your stay be filled with delight beyond may they be known for their courageous ef-
this realm” written in dwarven. forts in securing this outpost”.

3 : Though not needed, it would be neat if Level 2 - Room 2

you had a song prepared, so, when players 1 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : Anyone who
might interact with this item you can switch
the music for the campaign; insert hilarity sits in the chair, touches it, or moves close to
here. it and then starts to move away, will cause the
mimic to strike.
4 : When entering the room all characters
2 : (300xp) (Worth : 200xp) : Two Fire
must make a wisdom 12 save or become
charmed for the next (1D4) days; unless they Mephits; one in each large black stove, rests
are immune to charm effects. Characters who peacefully. They aren’t immediately aggres-
are not affected by this effect can spend an sive, but will attack if overly bothered.
action to break the spell on another creature.
Creatures charmed in this manner act as they 3 : Insert another song change for fun’s
normally would, except they feel as though
they don’t want to leave the room until the ef- sake.
fect ends. They have enough water to survive
in the room and consume any food they have 4 : Hidden amongst the destroyed crates
on them in normal amounts; a ration a day.
are these items ; “Two potions of healing” +
5 : A note lies tapped to the underside of “Philter of Love” + “Potion of Growth”

the table ; it’s found with an investigation of 5 : Upon the shelves hang two odd herbs ;
12 , “The songbird sings a cold tune in the

“Wyrmtounge” + “Quicksilver Lichen”. 7 : On table ; “Papers about kitchens staff”
Wymtounge can be used to cure a minor
poison effect while Quicksilver Lichen can be 8 : In laundry ; “Note” : The bird that
used to restore 2 hit points.
chirps at dawn flies north in winter.
6 : Sitting on the table are “2 Spur Root”
9 : Atop the table ; “1 Copper Piece”
+ “Voidroot”. Spur Root can be used on a
weapon to give it the ‘magical’ condition 10 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A Rug of
for one strike. Voidroot can be brewed into a
poison. Smothering lies in wait.

Level 2 - Room 3 Level 2 - Room 4

1 : Within the table these items can be 1 : (600xp) (Worth : 300xp) : One Animat-

found ; “Pouch of 1 Gold Piece” + “7 Sil- ed Armor + Two Flying Swords will attack if
ver” + “Set A Sending Stone” + “Common the players don’t have the bracelets. Other-
clothes” wise, they will allow passage without issue.

2 : Upon the table these items can be found 2 : An investigation roll of 17 finds the

; “2 Silver Pieces” + “4 Copper Pieces” + secret map room.
“Common clothes”
Level 2 - Room 5
3 : Inside the chest ; “7 Copper Pieces” +
1 : Thiefling (Merkon) sitting and smok-
“Packet of Stealth” ; Allows someone who
reads the pamphlet to gain advantage on a roll ing a pipe, legs up on the table. He chatters to
of that type, the pamphlet then turns to dust. apparently himself, but is actually talking to
+ “Common clothes” the rug of smothering. He wears fine clothes.
He’s happy to warn the players of the other
4 : On the table ; “2 Copper Pieces” + rug of smothering in room 5 and 6 for the
price of “8 Gold Pieces” or “5 Gold Pieces”
“Common clothes” on a successful persuasion roll. Merkon is
relaxed, calm, and seems slightly odd. He
5 : In the chest ; “Common clothes” found himself trapped down here after the
earthquake with nobody else around.
6 : Inside the chest ; “Book of Lore; add

lore about your world” + “Common clothes”

2 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A Rug of May they be known for their courageous ef-
forts in securing this outpost”.
Smothering lies in wait.
Level 2 - Room 7
3 : A total of “9 Gold Pieces” + “9 Silver
1 : (600xp) (Worth : 400xp) : Two suits of
Pieces” + “9 Copper Pieces” lie within the
fountains. With a perception check of 18, a armor will attack players if they aren’t wear-
“Ring Of Swimming” is found. ing the bracelets.

Level 2 - Room 6 2 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A Rug of
1 : Insert another song change for fun’s
Smothering waits to strike.
3 : Papers are found upon the desk; Talking
2 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A Rug of
about “Kew Ore” and how it has been recent-
Smothering awaits to attack prey. ly found in the mine. There are charts about
the expected increase in profits; substantially
3 : Inside the desk is “Painter’s Supplies”. so, four times as much.
4 : Upon the bookshelf is a “Pamphlet of
4 : A “Pamphlet of Nature” + “Pamphlet of
Survival” can be found within the library.
5 : On the table lies “8 Pieces of Gold”.
6 : On the table lies “10 Pieces of Gold”. 5 : Upon the desk lies a : “Stone of Good
7 : On the table lies “16 Pieces of Gold”.
8 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A mimic pa- Luck”.

tiently waits for a target to rest. Level 2 - Room 8

9 : In drawven the words at the base of the 1 : (600xp) (Worth : 400xp) : Two suits of

statue read ; “Warrior Merrn Flamehammer , armor will attack players if they aren’t wear-
ing the bracelets.

2 : In drawven the words at the base of the

statue read ; “Warrior Merrn Flamehammer ,
May they be known for their courageous ef-
forts in securing this outpost”.


3 : If ANY creature leaves with more than

one item from the armory, the suits will ALL
attack in the next room. Not before a suit
warns the players that they may only take one
item however. For this challenge, insert any-
where from two to six suits.

Level 2 - Room 9

1 : A lockpick check of 21 opens the chest.

“Studded Leather Armor” + “Scale Armor” +
“Ring Mail” + “Shield +1”

2 : A lockpick check of 21 opens the chest.

“+1 Longswords”

3 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A mimic

waits for someone to touch it.

4 : A lockpick check of 21 opens the chest.

“+1 Scimitars”

Level 2 - Room 10

1 : A “Pamphlet of Investigation” lies

within the bookshelf.

2 : Upon the desk lies a “Map of the Third

Level” + “Ruby (25GP)” + “10 Sapphires
worth 2GP ea” + “2 Emerald worth 5GP”.

3 : On the table lies a “Secret Map of Trea-

sure” ; leads to “Kew Ore” location, massive

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 3

Level 3 - Room 1 2 : A doodle book lies open upon the table ;
1 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A mimic
“Pamphlet of Performance”
waits to attack the nearest target.
3 : Inside the chest lies an item ; “Moon-
2 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A mimic
stone” – Attunement : Casts the light cantrip.
waits to attack the nearest target.
4 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : A Phase
3 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : A mimic
Spider waits to attack until a target enters the
waits to attack the nearest target. room alone. If one doesn’t, it will follow the
members until they split up and go for the
4 : Items lie scattered about the area, most solo-target.

of it is Copper, Tin, Coal, and Iron ores, Level 3 - Room 4
however, with certain perception checks other
items can be found. 1 : Iron, Steel, Copper, and Bronze ingots
12 : “Gloves of Missile Snaring”
18 : “Wand of Web” are in crates around the area.
22 : “Ring of Mind Shielding”
2 : A dwarf hammers against a steel anvil
Level 3 - Room 2
with a hammer, the anvil and hammer have
1 : The door is locked. A lockpicking check both been dented from the hammering. The
dwarf appears incoherent, he looks dehydrat-
of 25 opens it. ed and exhausted beyond belief. If he stops
hammering he’ll die from the curse placed
2 : Written on the door in dwarven ; “May upon him.

Dumathoin’s silent words guide us to the Level 3 - Room 5
world’s grandest treasures.”
1 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : One Phase
3 : Written on the door in dwarven ; “Ver-
Spider Encounter.
gadain be praised for his blessed touch upon
this land.” Level 3 - Room 6

Level 3 - Room 3 1 : (800xp) (Worth : 400xp) : Four Swarms
1 : Inside the chest lies a small handful of

rubies worth 30GP.

of Insects.

Level 3 - Room 7
1 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : 20% chance

for one Phase Spider Encounter.

Level 3 - Room 8
1 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : 25% chance

for one Phase Spider Encounter.

2 : Inside the cart lies “7 Sapphires worth 2

GP ea”.

Level 3 - Room 9
1 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : 30% chance

for one Phase Spider Encounter.

Level 3 - Room 10
1 : (700xp) (Worth : 700xp) : 40% chance

for one Phase Spider Encounter.

2 : Inside the cart ; “3 Emeralds worth 5 GP


3 : Leads the way to Level 4.

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 4

Level 4 - Room 1 Level 4 - Room 5

1 : “5 sapphires worth 2GP each” can be 1 : Magical gems line the cavern walls.

found in the cart. They can be extracted with a proper 22
strength check (Athletics) and a proper 22
Level 4 - Room 2 sleight of hand roll. Make one roll right after
the other. Along the side of the wall there are
1 : (800xp) (Worth : 400xp) : Four Dark- small explosion holes of failed mines. If a
player fails a mining save, they are allowed
mantle will attack the party if they don’t a dex saving throw to reduce the damage by
move quietly throughout the area. half on a success, they take 1D10 force dam-
age. If the gems are being held and a target
Level 4 - Room 3 would make a harsh movement or take blud-
geoning damage, roll % dice, they have a
1 : Chinese lantern that lies faintly flick- 35% chance to explode in the bag or pouch;
if more than one crystal is being held, they
ering at the edge of the hemp rope bridge. all explode at once. Gems that explode in this
It gently sways from an unfelt wind. A few way do not grant a player a dex saving throw.
coins lie scattered across the bottom of the
lantern, as if tossed inside; “4 Copper” + “2 Level 4 - Room 6
Silver” + “3 Gold” Offering coinage to the
lantern grants the player one free successful 1 : The chest is locked ; 16 unlocks it. In-
life saving throw the next time they would
be downed. Taking coinage from the lantern side ; “Two Scroll of Locate Object” + “Two
grants the player one free failure on a life Scrolls of Sending” + “30 Gold Pieces”
saving throw the next time they would be
downed. 2 : A bedroll with a pile of soot by the foot

Level 4 - Room 4 of it.

1 : A magical portal leads to the basement 3 : “Kew Ore Info” paper found here.

in the Wizard’s House, it has 24 symbols at
the base of the portal, 11/24 have stopped
glowing, meaning, the portal will remain
open for another 11 hours before shutting
down and closing. This leads to Level 5.

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 5

Level 5 - Room 1 ing, to the wisp wars, to the accidental trans-
1 : Crates lie prepped with cotton and wool formation of half of Nane into pigs; that week
nobody ate pork.
sheets that cover the hard wooden planks.
4 : The doors are locked. To unlock the
2 : Investigation of 15 finds the secret but-
first ; 15, the second ; 18 , and the third ; 21.
ton to let one through the area without having
to wall down the passageways. 5 : (450xp) (Worth : 450xp) : Black Drag-

3 : (450xp) (Worth : 1350xp) : Gelatinous on Wyrmling appears like an adult dragon,
having been fed magic to spur its growth. It
Cube is transparent, however, a golden key seeks freedom from the arcane chains that
floats inside of it, making the key appear as if bind it to the room; use the purple key. It will
floating in the air. The key unlocks the stor- then carve its way through the stone and rise
age room in Level 3. up into the village of Nane, as this area is
under the wizard’s mansion.
4 : (450xp) (Worth : 1350xp) : Gelatinous
Level 5 - Room 3
Cube is transparent.
1 : “8GP” + “Scroll of Comprehend Lan-
5 : (450xp) (Worth : 1350xp) : Gelatinous
guages” + “Scroll of Ray of Frost” can be
Cube is transparent. found on the bookcase.

Level 5 - Room 2 2 : “6GP” + “Scroll of Catapult” can be

1 : Found in chest ; “35GP” + “Potion of found on the desk.

healing” + “Feather Fall Stone (4charges); 3 : Trapdoor under the rug, a dust mephit
rub stone, use a charge to cast feather fall on
who rubbed it. When charges are spent, stone sits within a 5x5 glass cube, it wants out, was
crumbles.” + “Purple Key” trapped against will.

2 : Notes ; “Latitude 25.251 , Longitude 4 : A diary can be found on the bed;

35.323 / Latitude 85.901 , Longitude 10.823 / “Something feel s off about tonight. I can’t
Latitude 83.516 , Longitude 67.820 / Latitude place my finger on it, I can sense something
15.211 , Longitude 32.242” nearby, but it’s so odd. Ever since we sum-
moned the portal and the dwarfs vanished,
3 : Experiment logs talk about the various I’ve felt this… presence. You’d think I’d be
happier since we just hit the mother-load,
activities done in Nane, from the zombie ris-

but I don’t know, it feels like Beshaba looms
nearby… ah well, nothing a little game of
whiskey and fire-pong can’t solve.”

Level 5 - Room 4

1 : “Pamphlet of Insight” + “Pamphlet of

Religion” + “Pamphlet of Athletics” can be
found in the library.

2 : Papers about different types of magic

and such along with “The Book of Fey”. The
Book of Fey creates a portal between its pag-
es and summons when opened, a pixie. The
book needs a 20 strength check to close. If it
is not closed within one round or is reopened,
it summons a satyr next, then a dryad, then a
green hag. These fey act of their own accord,
however they desire. The green hag however,
will ask for a name of the one who released
her before wondering off and will secretly at-
tempt to claim a physical piece of the players;
like a piece of hair and blood.

3 : “Three potions of healing” + “Potion

of Fire Breath” + “Potion of poison” + “Two
Potions of climbing” can be found within the

Delve Into Darkness
- Level 6

Level 5 - Room 1 curled up and reared back to strike.
1 : A mystical obelisk holds the words of
Level 5 - Room 4
tan ancient god. A 23 history check reveals
the god to be Kemmikon, a god of chaos, se- 1 : A chest filled with a few herbs; “Iron-
cret magics, and dark knowledge. The obelisk
radiates a subtle magic. A book sits closed; wood Heart” + “Hydrathistle” + “Bracers of
“The prayers of the dark one.” Only ones Archery” + “37 Gold Pieces” in the water.
tattooed by Dev will be able to read the book This is the hidden loot of Harook. The Iron-
and speak the prayers. wood Heart will give a creature that eats it
3 temporary HP. The Hydrathistle will let a
2 : Dev” will speak to the players, he’s creature that eats it breathe underwater for an
curious, wants to know about their life, their
ways. He will offer a boon in turn for the 2 : “Frozen Seedling” + “Two Blue Cap”
spreading of his word. Otherwise, he doesn’t
initially want to cause harm. He’ll act defen- ; The Frozen Seedling will cure any scars
sively but will not be the aggressor. Dev is when placed atop them and left to sit while
frightened of the new world, recently coming the Blue Caps allow a user to eat them and
to be, and as such, any offers of protection breathe in toxic environments for an hour.
will encourage him to remove the barrier and
move along with the party. Level 5 - Room 5

Level 5 - Room 2 1 : Amanita Cap ; Grind and spread to neu-

1 : Broken statue, the inside is hallow. tralize any smells within the area.

2 : Written in ‘Undercommon’ on the floor 2 : Harook is waiting upon the ceiling. He

; “Do not pass, for you enter Harook’s terri- was gathering water and heading back to his
tory.” home, but, should the party members move
without stealth, Harook will warn them to
Level 5 - Room 3 leave or he will attack. He may allow them to
visit his home if they appear friendly enough.
1 : (800xp) (Worth : 400xp) : Four Shad-
Level 5 - Room 6
ows attack when the plays reach the bottom
of the cavern. 1 : Harook’s Home.

2 : Dark obsidian statues depicting a cobra

2 : Chest with “Two bushels of Wyrmtoun-

gue” + “Dried Amanita Cap” + “Bloodleaf” +
“4GP” + “15 +1 arrows”. The Wyrmtoungue
allows a creature that eats it to gain darkvi-
sion for 1 hour up to 60ft. Dried Amanita
Caps allow a user that eats it to gain a +2 to
their stealth checks for 24 hours. Lastly, a
Bloodleaf adds a 1D6 to the next melee at-
tack that hits by a creature who ate it. This
lasts for 24 hours or until a melee attack hits
a target.

3 : Lightningbug Thorax ; consume to add

1D6 lightning damage to your next magical
attack that hits. This lasts for 24 hours or until
a magical spell is cast and hits.

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