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In the last days of the world-that-was, a fifth
deity rose to join to dark pantheon of the Chaos

Gods. The Horned Rat was the pestilential
father of the skaven, that teeming race of
ratmen that had long gnawed at the roots of
civilisation. As the world died, so the skaven
feasted upon its corpse in numbers beyond
count, before being annihilated in turn.

This was not the end for the Children of the
Horned Rat. Empowered as never before, the
skaven deity snatched clawfuls of his screeching
brood and saved them from destruction. Then,
skittering through the shadows of the void with
eyes a-glow, he scattered them into the darkest
corners of the Mortal Realms and bade them
multiply and conquer. Such is the myth that
persists amongst the skaven to this day, and

such is their singular goal.

Throughout the Age of Myth the skaven
burrowed, built and multiplied. From their
verminous metropolis, Blight City, they gnawed
tunnels through the void into every realm.
Emboldened by the coming of the Age of Chaos,
skaventides burst forth in terrifying numbers,
bringing horror and ruin to all they touched.
They enslaved and murdered, consuming all
before them in their maniacal quest for power

with never a thought to the price.

Now, with the dawning of the Age of Sigmar
and the onset of the Soul Wars, the races of the
realms battle like never before. For the skaven

it is a time of plenty as they fall upon the
weakened victorious and the bloodied defeated
alike, leaving naught but bones and wreckage in

their wake…



THE SKAVEN .......................4 ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES .........66 Skryre Acolytes ...........................109
Battle Traits ....................................67 Doomwheel ..................................110
THE HORNED RAT......................8 Command Traits ...........................69 Warplock Jezzails........................111
Artefacts of Power ........................72 Ratling Gun .................................111
WAR BETWEEN THE CLANS.....12 Spell Lores ......................................78 Warpfire Thrower .......................112
Gnawholes ......................................80 Doom-Flayer................................113
GNAWHOLES ..............................16 Battleplan: Skaventide Assault.....82 Warp-Grinder .............................113
Battleplan: Through the Plague Priest ................................114
RISE OF THE Gnawhole........................................84 Plagueclaw....................................114
UNDER-EMPIRE ........................18 Plague Priest on
PATH TO GLORY........................86 Plague Furnace ............................115
SKAVEN CLANS .........................22 Skaventide Warband Tables ........88 Plague Monks ..............................116
The Clans Skryre...........................24 Plague Censer Bearers................117
The Clans Pestilens .......................26 WARSCROLLS .............................92 Clawlord .......................................117
The Clans Verminus .....................27 Virulent Procession ......................92 Skritch Spiteclaw .........................118
The Clans Moulder .......................28 Congregation of Filth ...................93 Spiteclaw’s Swarm .......................118
The Clans Eshin ............................29 Foulrain Congregation ................93 Clanrats ........................................119
The Masterclan ..............................30 Plaguesmog Congregation ..........93 Stormvermin ................................119
Verminlords ...................................32 Warpcog Convocation .................94 Packmasters .................................120
Warlock and Weapons Claw-horde.....................................96 Master Moulder...........................120
of Skryre .........................................34 Fleshmeld Menagerie ...................97 Hell Pit Abomination .................121
Devotees of Pestilens ....................38 Slinktalon .......................................98 Rat Ogors......................................122
Warriors of Verminus ..................42 Thanquol on Boneripper..............99 Rat Swarms ..................................122
Monsters of Moulder....................44 Lord Skreech Verminking .........100 Giant Rats.....................................123
Agents of Eshin .............................45 Verminlord Deceiver..................101 Deathmaster ................................123
Verminlord Corruptor...............102 Gutter Runners............................124
COLOURS OF RUIN .........48 Verminlord Warbringer ............103 Night Runners .............................124
Verminlord Warpseer ................104 Vermintide ...................................125
THE FELLTALON SWARM ........60 Grey Seer on Screaming Bell.....105 Warp Lightning Vortex .............125
Grey Seer ......................................106 Bell of Doom................................126
PAINTING YOUR Arch-Warlock ..............................106
SKAVEN CLANS .........................62 Warlock Engineer .......................107 PITCHED BATTLE
Warlock Bombardier..................107 PROFILES ..................................127
THE SKAVENTIDE ............66 Stormfiends ..................................108
Warp Lightning Cannon ...........109


With thanks to The Faithful for their additional playtesting services.

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ISBN: 978-1-78826-524-9

Games Workshop Ltd., Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, United Kingdom

A Verminlord Warpseer leads an unstoppable skaven swarm as it surges from the blighted depths
to overrun the beleaguered battle lines of Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals.



The skaven are a race of mutant ratmen. They are true beings of Chaos, their every thought turned towards
selfish advancement and conquest. Their technologies and magics are powered by the foul substance known as
warpstone. Anarchic, prolific and deranged, the skaven are a threat to every living being in the Mortal Realms.

The enemy’s first warning is the ending in vicious hand- and foot- of these devices are as likely to slay
scrabbling of a million claws and claws. Their jaws are dominated their wielders in spectacular mishaps
the skin-crawling susurrus of by wicked incisors, their red eyes as they are to slaughter the foe, but
thousands of furry bodies squirming glint with vicious cunning and to the skaven, life is cheap, and no
over and around one another. The their every movement is jerky and matter how many hapless underlings
sound carries up from the dark and swift, filled with a nervous energy. must die to achieve it, victory is all
noisome depths, mingling with a Skaven are cowardly and selfish that counts.
verminous reek that grows thicker creatures, as likely to squirt the
and more cloying by the moment. musk of fear and flee if faced with a The skaven do not restrict their
fair fight. However, in large numbers callous ingenuity to iron and brass
Warriors eye one another nervously, they gain a kind of rabid courage, alone. Using the power of warpstone,
gritting their teeth and trying not and when enough ratmen mass they twist the flesh of living beings
to edge backwards as the distant into an onrushing skaventide they into grotesque new shapes. The
rushing grows to a skittering roar. prove unstoppable. skaven craft monsters of wet muscle
Squealing war cries and spite-filled and jutting fangs that are driven
shrieks echo on the air. Countless The skaven are devious and into battle, there to spend their fury
red and staring eyes flash in the inventive creatures whose weapons and pain upon the enemy before
gloom, and torchlight glints upon and wargear, though unstable, are their distorted bodies collapse
chisel fangs and rusted blades. nevertheless ruinously powerful. beneath the weight of their own
Terrible witch-lights flare to life Even the least of their Clanrat foot horrific mutations.
as the swarm bears down upon soldiers goes to battle clutching a
its terrified foe, dark sorcery and notched blade and a battered shield, Foul alchemy and all manner of
malign technologies spitting their and clad in a patchwork of armour low cunning and trickery combine
fury in the instant before the tidal that he has scavenged from his to make the skaven a foe to inspire
wave of flesh and fur hits home. Then fallen comrades. The true skaven fear in the stoutest hearts. Yet
the skaven crash headlong into their shock troops wield all manner of their greatest strength lies in
enemies and sweep them away in a devastating weaponry, from heavy their sheer, incalculable numbers.
frenzy of horror and blood. halberds and long-barrelled rifles A lone skaven is dangerous but
to steam-driven rotary cannons, ultimately cowardly and self-serving,
These humanoid vermin stand warpstone-fuelled fire throwers and unlikely to attack unless its victim
perhaps a little shorter than a grown weighty glass globes that release is weak, incapacitated or unaware
man, their build wiry, their limbs the dreaded poisoned wind when of the threat. When they gather
corded with whip-thin muscle and they shatter amongst the foe. Many in numbers, however, the skaven

BLIGHT CITY to generate power for monstrous machines, and always
Built upon bedrock of pure warpstone, sprawling the clans war from one district to the next, capturing,
in its fractal enormity beyond the bounds of reality, conquering, razing and enslaving in their turn.
Blight City is the capital of skavendom. It is the
smog-wreathed heart of the Under-Empire, and This is the swift-beating and rot-black heart of the
a more nightmarish warren of industry, poverty skaven Under-Empire. Its trillions-upon-trillions of
and bloodshed is hard to imagine. Blight City is verminous denizens are forever in conflict, always
ever-expanding, ever-changing as new warrens and attempting to scrabble to power over one another’s
burrows are dug out or collapse, new bell towers, gnawed corpses. Escaped slaves and wild-eyed
factories, fleshmoulding pits and fortifications rise and outcasts fight with huge vermin for scraps in the
fall. The skyline heaves likes the flank of a dying beast. underwarrens. Lower-ranked clans constantly
The city’s myriad districts rise in layer upon layer of skirmish, politic and sabotage to ascend the societal
tangled and mouldering architecture, with the new rungs, while those higher up the pecking order battle
built hastily atop the old until at last the weight of the to keep what they have, to undermine their rivals,
whole unstable edifice brings entire regions crashing or to climb higher still. Meanwhile, one skaven
down. Scavengers beyond number pick through the army after another scurries out into the realms
ruins. Slaves and labourers toil in their billions for the through pulsating gnawholes, skaventides carrying
glory of their masters. Workshops fizz and spark, vast the corruption of Blight City out to poison the
bells toll, creaking wheels the size of mountains turn Mortal Realms.

become braver by far. Exhorted deity. Thus, even as they preen, UNDER-EMPIRE
into battle by their leaders – who assured in their superiority, so the The constant struggle for supremacy
position themselves carefully at the skaven suffer from an embittered that characterises skaven society is
rear of any assault and well out of inferiority complex that drives them no chance occurrence. It stems from
harm’s way – the mad-eyed hordes to subjugate and torment those they the Horned Rat himself, who would
of the skaven sweep forward in a believe to be looking down upon see his multitudinous brood battle
chittering mass to tear apart all who them. Many of these mutant ratmen one another until only the swift and
oppose them. are paranoid and ever fearful, given the cunning survive. The constant
to obsessing over the perceived goad of ambition and internecine
BORN TO RULE sleights, plotting and scorn that they warfare ensures that the weak and
Every single skaven is a compulsive see in every deed and word of those foolish are quickly weeded out
liar and a megalomaniac, convinced around them. and eaten, leaving the deadliest of
of his own pre-eminence. From the the skaven race to rise to the top.
lowliest slave to the most powerful Coupled with their utter disregard Through this ceaseless infighting,
warlord, each one believes that for any save themselves, this volatile the Great Horned Rat believes, his
he – and he alone – is the ultimate brew of arrogance, conceit and seething children will become ever
recipient of the Great Horned Rat’s outright delusion makes the skaven stronger until at last they gnaw
favour. Every skaven sees himself as unpredictable and dangerous. Every away the foundations upon which
a genius surrounded by expendable moment of deranged brilliance, the other gods’ power rests. On that
fools, who will eventually rise to every dark flash of inspiration is day, when all comes crashing down
command all he surveys and conquer turned towards fashioning both to final wrack and ruin, it will be
the Mortal Realms in the name of plans and weapons of conquest. the Horned Rat and his brood that
his scabrous deity. It is a trait that Every second is spent in the emerge to feast upon the corpses
propels the skaven to infeasible furtherance of plots intended to and preen victorious atop the
victory as often as it leads them to raise the skaven up to glory atop a mounded dead.
catastrophic defeat. gnawed mountain of slain enemies
and rivals. To this end the skaven drive ever
outwards. Their capital, Blight City,
Just as they see themselves as the That so many of these overly is the rotten and swift-beating heart
inevitable inheritors of the Mortal elaborate schemes unravel with of an Under-Empire that stretches
Realms, the skaven view all other disastrous consequences is of little across all eight Mortal Realms and
sentient beings as degenerate concern to the skaven. Failure into the Realm of Chaos itself. Every
imbeciles. They refer to the members can always be blamed upon the day the skaven spread further. Every
of other races as ‘things’ – ‘man- incompetence of underlings or the day they multiply in the dark and
things’, ‘aelf-things’, ‘green-things’ efforts of unseen enemies. So long noisome shadows of the realms.
– and despise them all for their as one scurries away to fight another Every day they burrow out new
inability to recognise the skaven as day, there is no debacle that cannot fortified warrens and invade fresh
their rightful rulers. Yet there is an be turned into an opportunity, given enemy territories, seeking always the
inherent contradiction in the skaven, sufficient deception, manipulation ultimate conquest that they see as
just as there is in their fractured and murder. their inalienable right.

Amongst the most dread substances in all the Mortal Realms
is warpstone. A fierce green corona wreathes this night-black
crystal, smouldering with the unbridled power of mutation and
madness. It is the condensed form of magic that has been fully
corrupted by the powers of Chaos, and merely to touch it is to
invite insanity, corruption and death. Warpstone eats the light
around it, so that it is forever wreathed in an unnatural pall.

Warpstone is coveted by the skaven clans, who use it to
fuel their insane inventions and abominable flesh-grafting
mutations. While extremely hazardous to work with and prone
to sudden, violent explosion, warpstone generates vast amounts
of energy if properly tapped. The mightiest of ratman sorcerers
even consume the stuff, either as raw chunks or in the form of
refined powders sniffed up the snout or rubbed into the gums.
This practice imparts bursts of unnatural magical might,
though the risks to body and mind are so severe that none but
the skaven would even contemplate such an insane deed.

It was thanks to the devious Grey Seer Thanquol that a mighty skaventide gathered and invaded Barak-Nar. Pouring
through a gaping gnawhole in the sky-port’s lowest bilges, the skaven wrought bloody havoc and countless acts of
sabotage before their leaders, Thanquol chief amongst them, vanished as suddenly as they had arrived.



The skaven deity is a fractured and anarchic being, but a terrifyingly ambitious one. The Horned Rat is a grasping,
paranoid abomination who seeks to achieve final primacy amongst the Chaos pantheon through the ruination of
the Mortal Realms and the annihilation of all those who worship – and thus empower – his rivals.

The Great Horned Rat gnaws Horned Rat’s brood become more god as the Writhing Broodsire,
endlessly at the roots of reality. He is numerous, more powerful and more the Fleshgifter, a protean mass of
a monstrous entity, an ancient god of a lurking threat to all other life in heaving ratflesh that seeks to see
of scavenging hunger and infinite, the Mortal Realms. Only when the all the realms buried in endlessly
malevolent cunning. He creeps time is right will they strike as one, ravenous vermin. The Clans Eshin,
through the dark spaces behind the and on that day the Horned Rat will meanwhile, worship the Horned
physical plane and stares from the feast upon the corpses of his many Rat in his aspect as the Shadow of
shadows with glinting eyes. The vanquished foes. Murder, the Scuttler-in-the-Walls. In
whisper of his presence inspires his name they drive their knives into
atavistic horror. The scratch of his SPLINTERED ASPECTS kings, lords and champions, seeking
claws and the drag of his worm-like The skaven view their god in many to bring on anarchy through the
tail through the void drives seers different ways, with each of the Great collapse of just rule.
mad and sends ripples of nightmares Clans having their own – wildly
roiling through mortal minds. varied – depictions of the Horned THE COUNCIL
Rat. To the Clans Verminus, he is the OF THIRTEEN
The other gods underestimate the Great Conqueror, the King of Lashes, Ultimate rule of the skaven race
Great Horned Rat at their peril. a warlike and supremely arrogant lies with the all-powerful Council
Even as their own worshippers fight being who exhorts his worshippers of Thirteen – or so they believe.
and die in costly wars of conquest, to tear their enemies apart with Consisting of twelve Lords of Decay
faith and vengeance, so the Children fang and claw then feast upon their and a thirteenth symbolic place
of the Horned Rat multiply in the carcasses. To the Clans Pestilens he reserved for the Horned Rat, this
shadows at a ferocious rate. It is said is the Great Corruptor, a virulent council comprises the rulers of the
that, no matter where one stands horror of sloughing flesh and rotted mightiest clans. The Great Clans
in the Mortal Realms, a skaven is bone who desires the Thirteen each maintain at least one seat on
never more than a spear’s throw Great Plagues to be gathered and the council, with additional seats
away and in this there is a horrible unleashed upon the Mortal Realms. divided between them and the Grey
kernel of truth. Skaven gnawholes Seers. Of all the seats, the first and
bore through the bedrock of reality The Clans Skryre depict their god twelfth are considered pre-eminent,
itself at their deity’s bidding, even as the Dark Innovator, a monster for they are situated to the right and
– it is whispered – into heavenly of infernal machineries in whose left of the Horned Rat’s position.
Azyr. Thus, as the servants of the name they will twist and re-purpose
deities of Order, Chaos, Destruction the mechanisms of reality itself, The council meets in an immense
and Death wax and wane in bloody while the Clans Moulder see their chamber atop the Tower of Kavzar
service to their gods, ever the

D eep in the bowels of Blight City, a furtive of the summoning circle. Green light pulsed, warp
figure scurried from one patch of shadow to lightning flashed, and Skretch felt his glands tighten
the next. Ducking beneath a tangle of old as something malevolent pushed its way through the
pipework and picking his way between puddles of veil. The Grey Seer fell to his knees as the monstrous
glowing green ooze, Skretch darted down a narrow form of a Verminlord unfolded itself to loom over him.
side-tunnel. He emerged into a long-forgotten
chamber. Here he stopped and threw back his hood, ‘You dare-dare to summon me, little seer?’ asked the
revealing the crest of curling horns that marked him daemon. ‘Why?’
as a Grey Seer. Skretch surveyed the ritual markings
that he had scribed across the walls, floor and ceiling ‘Power,’ replied Skretch, fighting the urge to grovel.
of this old burrow. Sweeping curves and jagged lines ‘A seat on the council, yes-yes. I desire it. I deserve it!’
intersected madly, all glowing a curdled green. Dark
power hung in the air, awaiting only a catalyst to The Verminlord gave a hissing laugh. For a second
surge to malevolent life. Now, Skretch brought that Skretch feared the daemon would devour him.
catalyst from beneath his robes; the still-beating
heart of his late rival Kwirrik. He lifted the pulsating ‘Very well, little seer,’ it said instead, leering. ‘Tell-
morsel of flesh and bit into it, blood drizzling over speak what you offer in return.’
his muzzle as he spat the chewed gore into the centre
Grey Seer Skretch felt a surge of elation and
marshalled his thoughts. He had much to offer, he was
sure. This daemon would do his bidding, of course,
for he was the mighty Skretch! And oh, how his rivals
would suffer…

at the heart of Blight City. Known During particularly turbulent and brass. Twelve of the Shadow
as the Masterburrow, this cavernous periods in the history of the skaven, Council’s places are ever in flux,
space – large enough to permit the terrifying Verminlord known as repeatedly seized and lost based
substantial troop movements Skreech Verminking has squirmed upon the rat daemons’ metaphysical
should a diplomatic deadlock need from the nameless crack to sit upon machinations. The mixture of
to be settled through the use of the warpstone throne. These are Verminlord Deceivers, Warbringers,
force – incorporates thirteen sub- the only times during which the Corruptors, Warpseers and others
towers that line the circular sweep Council of Thirteen is ever truly changes by the day – sometimes by
of the walls at regular intervals unified – at least outwardly – for the hour – and each brings their
just outside of effective weapons even a Lord of Decay knows better own agendas and desires to the
range – most notably that of the than to denounce the word of the endless debate. The only constant
notorious Warplock Jezzails. Each Horned Rat’s avatar. The rat daemon is the thirteenth of their number,
tower supports a grand balcony- has ordered gnawholes bored and Skreech Verminking. Even the other
dais upon which a Lord of Decay invasions unleashed, ended civil Verminlords – immortal daemonic
may sit enthroned and screech at wars through bloody example, monstrosities that they are – fear
his rivals through snoutaphones and set in motion schemes to pit this eldritch creature, for if the
and amplisqueaker arrays. The the Lords of Decay against one Horned Rat himself were to have a
Lords of Decay invest vast resources another. This would appear to be strong left claw then Verminking
in warding their towers against as much direct involvement as the would be it. His words split the air as
attempted assassination, be it via Verminlords have in the rule of the though the Horned One himself had
magic, conventional weaponry, council. Yet in truth, even the Lords uttered them, and if his fellows seek
tailored plagues or assassins’ of Decay have been deceived. to work against him, they do so only
venoms – indeed, they put almost behind the greatest veils of secrecy.
as much effort into their own THE SHADOW COUNCIL Even then, such efforts are rarely
protection as they do into seeking Beyond the warpstone throne, far successful, nearly always ending in
ways to penetrate the defences of down the gullet of the yawning ghastly tragedy for all concerned.
their fellows. crack – that is, in truth, a gnawhole
riddled with warding curses no Though the Shadow Council
Looking to impress and intimidate, mortal creature could endure – lies interpret the Horned Rat’s will,
the Lords of Decay further enhance a horrifying sub-realm. It is a space they rarely pass their direction
their daises with all manner of of indeterminate size and constantly on to the mortal skaven directly.
elaborate stage-dressing. Lord shifting shadows. Its boundaries are Such candour is not in their
Hakkrit of Verminus Clan Fang, indistinct, resembling one moment nature. Instead they influence and
for example, festoons his dais with a mountain range of stitched and manipulate from behind the scenes.
heads on spikes and enough banners quivering flesh, the next a scrabbling Some Verminlords whisper into
to fill a military encampment. sea of claws and fangs, the next a Grey Seers’ minds, filling them
High Arch-Warlock Skrach of soaring wall of poisonous fog or an with ambitions and schemes that
Skryre Clan Ezzik sits within an all-consuming expanse of shadow they cannot differentiate from their
armoured mechanical simulacrum in which glint blood-red eyes. An own. Others appoint themselves
of himself that stands thirteen feet omnipresent scraping and scritching as patrons to particular skaven
tall and shoots fire from its snout, fills the air, and a sense of watchful leaders, be they existing Lords of
while Master Threkk of Eshin Clan menace and suspicion suffuses Decay or those who would take their
Scurrie speaks in eerie whispers all. The light shifts from spills of places. Still others – especially the
that carry from behind a shroud of venomous green to stirring masses Verminlord Warpseers – act through
impenetrable shadow. of grey-black shadow, lit by sudden entire networks of ratspaws, or – in
arcs of lightning. A cold wind blows, the case of many Warbringers and
Only the ominous Thirteenth Tower moaning low as though it spills Deceivers – manifest in the Mortal
stands empty, its dais playing host to through endless mountains of fang- Realms to take direct action.
an outsized throne fashioned from gnawed bones, and a mighty bell
pure warpstone. This is the symbolic tolls far off and ominous. Thus, even as the Council of Thirteen
seat of the Horned Rat, and behind it try to advance their own clans and
yawns a huge crack in the stonework In this awful place, known to its ambitions, so the Shadow Council
of the tower whose depths vanish denizens as the Deepengnaw, the work at their own multifarious
into fathomless darkness. An ill Shadow Council meet to determine plots, and the whole vast engine
wind gusts from that shadowy void, the course of skavendom. Thirteen of agendas, cruelty, paranoia and
bringing with it the stench of rank Verminlords make up the Shadow nepotism grinds countless skaven
fetor and the distant scratch and Council, perched upon ruinous lives in its gears. Such is the essential
scrabble of myriad claws. Those few daises twisted from living flesh, nature of this eternally fractured
arrogant or unfortunate skaven who churning gears and boiling race and – so long as his children
have attempted to enter the crack darkness around a vast sigil of the continue to multiply and to conquer
and explore its depths have never Horned Rat wrought of warpstone – the Horned Rat is content to watch
been seen again. it all play out.

Twisted and splintered are the many aspects of the Horned Rat, each godhead a baleful reflection
of this dark and verminous deity’s monstrous whole.


Skaven society is made up of clans, each of which derives from one of the five Great Clans. Named Verminus,
Skryre, Pestilens, Eshin and Moulder, each of these Great Clans has its own distinct areas of expertise and ways of
making war, and each is wholly convinced that they – and they alone – should rule skavendom.

So swiftly do the skaven multiply, they all owe fealty to one of the Clans Moulder ruled the council.
and so widespread are they Great Clans. Few – barring Moulder themselves
throughout the Mortal Realms of course – are keen to see their
that it is impossible to gauge their Throughout skaven history, the return. Since the dawn of the Age
true strength. Were the Lords of Great Clans have vied constantly for of Sigmar, it has been the Clans
Decay to be asked how many skaven pre-eminence, their efforts helped Pestilens and Skryre who have vied
they ruled, their most seemingly or hampered by the ever-meddling for a commanding share of seats on
hyperbolic boast would likely fall Order of Grey Seers, also known as the Council of Thirteen.
short of the truth. Even the Horned the Masterclan. When a Great Clan
Rat himself struggles to keep track of is in the ascendant, its clans are IRON AND FILTH
all his swarming brood, but suffice it commensurately more influential, The Clans Skryre employ equal
to say that there are probably more feared and resented, and its methods parts dark science, unholy alchemy
skaven in the Mortal Realms than for advancing skavendom come to and magic in the creation of their
there are grains of sand in all the the fore. machines. They are prolific – if
dismal deserts of Shyish. anarchic – innovators and engineers.
When the Clans Verminus rule the The Horned Rat blessed them with
It is unsurprising, therefore, that Council of Thirteen, for example, the relentless drive to invent and
there are billions of skaven clans. skaven armies typically rely upon experiment, and through costly
Some, the especially far flung or sheer weight of numbers to secure trial and error their warlocks have
nascent, may number only a few victory and become more warlike developed countless machineries
dozen ratmen led by a particularly and expansionist, often boasting upon which skavendom now
scurrilous and ambitious claw- huge spearheads of Stormvermin. greatly depends.
leader. By comparison, the largest Should Eshin come to the fore,
clans comprise teeming millions of the skaven swarms become more Temperamental farsqueaker
skaven, their tunnels and burrows reliant upon secrecy, cunning and machines that allow skaven to
honeycombing entire regions of the assassination. Scars have been left communicate over impossible
realms. Yet no matter how large upon the collective skaven psyche by distances, gyre engines that provide
or small a clan is, no matter how those horrific periods during which power – albeit sporadically –
individually powerful its rulers, the deranged fleshcrafters of the

T he sounds of violence echoed up the rocky Bonesplitterz into the ravine, before the war engines of
walls of the ravine. Warlock Engineer Reeknik Clan Ekkit fired from on high to break their strength.
of Clan Ekkit stood atop the cliff edge – not Reeknik surveyed his Warp Lightning Cannons, lined
too close, lest an ambitious underling give him an up along the lip of the ravine. It was almost too easy,
accidental shove – and looked down upon the carnage he thought, then puffed up his chest and screeched
below. The ravine was packed from its eastern end his orders.
by a savage mass of Bonesplitter orruks, drums
thundering and voices raised in savage chants. ‘Fire! Shoot-shoot! Kill-slay the green things and the
Pouring in from the opposite end and meeting the Clan Sputix both!’
greenskins in bloody battle were the Plague Monks of
Clan Sputix. Ragged skaven surged in their hundreds Chittering with wicked laughter, his crews
against the orruk battle line, shrieking and squealing pulled firing levers to unleash a rain of death upon
as they stabbed with poisoned blades. Bells and gongs the combatants below. Most were still leering in
raised a discordant clangour, and poisonous fumes amusement when the plague-bombs – wired into the
from dozens of plague censers wreathed the battle. Skryre firing mechanisms by Gutter Runner saboteurs
in the pay of Plague Priest Skrokk – detonated. The
Through his warp-optics, Reeknik could see his Ekkit batteries vanished in a roiling cloud of corrosive
temporary ally, the Plague Priest Skrokk, leading the smog that rusted brass and iron in seconds, and
fight from atop his Plague Furnace. Alone, neither reduced Reeknik and his underlings to bubbling slicks
clan had been a match for the greenskins infesting of rotting flesh before they could even scream.
this region, but together they had the strength and
cunning to prevail. Thus, after much posturing and In the ravine below, Plague Priest Skrokk glanced up
numerous threats, the skaven leaders had managed with an evil grin as he saw the lethal cloud erupt along
to agree a plan. The Plague Monks would lure the the Skryre firing line. He didn’t need those cog-snouts,
he thought madly as skaven and orruks fought and
died all around him. The Clan Sputix was invincible!

throughout Blight City, iconic war of disease. Their Congregations of influence of a Great Clan more than
engines such as the Warp Lightning Filth flow across the realms wreathed anything else, however: successful
Cannon or the Doomwheel; from in virulent miasmas, and they do conquests in the Mortal Realms and
mountain-sized machineries to everything in their power to spread – through them – the acquisition
minute gadgets no larger than the effects of their many poxes far of territory and resources in the
a claw or fang, the Clans Skryre and wide. To the Clans Pestilens the Horned Rat’s name. In this, both the
build them all and sell them on to Horned Rat is the Great Corruptor, Clans Pestilens and the Clans Skryre
whichever clans can afford their and in his name they seek to gather have been especially successful in
exorbitant prices. the metaphysical ingredients for recent years.
the Thirteen Great Plagues. By
Skryre armies are packed with unleashing these cataclysmic When the Age of Chaos began,
lethal machines of destruction and diseases, they believe that they will Nurgle – the Chaos God of plagues
Acolytes manning unpredictable bring everything to final ruination, – invaded Ghyran. His Maggotkin
but terrifyingly potent wonder- over which their scavenger deity will legions marched upon the holdings
weapons. Often less numerous reign supreme. of Alarielle the Everqueen and
than the swarms of the other Great hundreds of the Clans Pestilens
Clans, Skryre forces nonetheless PATHS TO POWER scurried alongside them. The Clans
can spew out more than enough The balance of power between Pestilens and the followers of
arcane firepower to slaughter enemy the Great Clans shifts constantly. Nurgle make natural allies, for both
armies many times their number, From politicking to assassination, use disease as a weapon and both
and are forever pushing out through bare-faced lying to open armed factions are – more or less – immune
the Mortal Realms on acquisitive conflict, the Lords of Decay baulk to the horrifying sicknesses and
missions to secure knowledge at nothing so long as it will advance chaotic taint of the other. Thousands
and materials for their cruel and their personal agendas. It is the rare upon thousands of Congregations
arrogant masters. gift of such truly great skaven to be of Filth flowed into battle alongside
able to see further than the next few daemonic Tallybands and
Where Skryre rely on iron and cogs, hours or days, and to lay accordingly Rotbringer Cysts, and wherever
the Clans Pestilens pursue a more ambitious and convoluted plans. they struck they brought about the
biological approach to warfare. They One thing increases the strength and withering of all that their Sylvaneth
are purveyors of plague and distillers foes held dear.

For all their similarities, however, advantage. They surged into of wonder-weapons and perfected
Nurgle and the Great Corruptor abandoned Dreadholds and machineries of death that could
are very different deities with very claimed them in the name of the be employed to turn back even a
different goals. Where Nurgle Great Corruptor. They pinned Stormcast assault – for the right
delights in the cycle of disease, decay failures upon the ineptitude of their price in warptokens, of course.
and burgeoning – if revolting – new erstwhile Maggotkin allies. They Yet as their power built, the Clans
life, the Horned Rat wants only fell upon Sylvaneth and Rotbringers Skryre also employed their weapons
ruin. The worshippers of Nurgle alike where they were exhausted in new wars of conquest of their
saw the Clans Pestilens as short- from battling one another, and own. They sought a very specific
sighted, self-aggrandising little even burrowed hidden lairs beneath prize: realmstone.
monsters good only for shock troops newly founded citadels of Order,
and cannon fodder. The Plague there to lurk and fester until the The Mortal Realms are replete
Monks, meanwhile, sneered down time was right to strike again. So did with natural magics. Where these
their snouts at Nurgle’s servants, the Clans Pestilens rapidly increase energies gather in especially high
viewing them as slow, lumpen oafs their standing within the Council concentrations they coalesce into
whose efforts at ruination were of Thirteen. realmstone. From the gossamer
constantly undone by their own tangles of lies given form that
excessive sentimentality. By comparison, the Clans Skryre are Ulguan realmstone, to the
have advanced themselves through macabre grave-sand of Shyish or the
Despite their differences, the chaotic technological innovation and burning primordial coal of Aqshyan
forces knew victory after victory vast wealth. Some believe that the emberstone, each Mortal Realm
in the War of Life. Yet with the Clans Skryre had heard whispers has its own very different form of
coming of the Age of Sigmar, and the of Sigmar’s armies gathering in the realmstone. Yet in all cases they are
rebirth of the Everqueen Alarielle Heavens, that perhaps the Arch- sources of such phenomenal power
in her war aspect, conquest turned Warlocks had agents or devices that – if tapped by the unwary – they
to catastrophe. that gave them eyes inside Azyr can bring horror and catastrophe on
itself. Whatever the truth, when the all around them.
Typically for skaven, the Clans Stormhosts descended and the Age
Pestilens took their allies’ defeats of Sigmar began the Clans Skryre Until recent years, there had been
and turned them to their own were ready. They revealed an array little call for the skaven to employ

realmstone, as Blight City sat upon absolute power over skavendom. Located as it is beyond the bounds of
vast reserves of warpstone. Rumour Secretly, Skrach harboured reality, Blight City was shielded from
had it that the Clans Eshin made dreams of overthrowing Archaon the worst effects of the necroquake.
limited use of the realmstone of the Everchosen, and becoming Still, massive shock waves rolled
Ulgu in some of their most potent the new favoured champion of through the endless sprawl and sent
charms and weapons, but other than Chaos with the Horned Rat as his entire warren-districts crashing
that the Children of the Horned Rat almighty patron. down in ruin. Terror spread as
disdained it as inferior to warpstone. invasions of screaming ghasts
Megalomaniac though he was, burst into the city through open
Then came Arch-Warlock Skrach of Skrach was no fool. Within a decade gnawholes, and war lit the tangled
Clan Ezzik. Young, aggressive and he had clambered up a mountain streets aflame as the skaven fought
possessed of a breadth of vision rare of slain test-victims, rivals and back the invaders.
among his species, Skrach – then erstwhile allies to seize one of the
but an Acolyte with ideas above most powerful seats on the Council Every opportunist in Blight City
his station – succeeded in refining of Thirteen. Now, more than ever, sought to take advantage of the
a minute quantity of Chamonite High Arch-Warlock Skrach seeks mayhem to advance their own
transmutational gold and using it out deposits of realmstone. He looks cause, with the Lords of Decay chief
to supercharge a Warp Lightning to fathom ways that their power amongst them. Even before the dust
Cannon. When that cannon was can be harnessed and blended with had settled it became clear that no
subsequently employed to annihilate warpstone to create even more fewer than four Lords of Decay had
Retch-Chanter Bubolskrit and powerful energy sources. Should he been slain or had vanished, leading
his entire coven of Plague Priests, succeed on the scale he envisions, all to rapid appointments of successors
Acolyte Skrach ascended to the the Mortal Realms will tremble at and swift, violent manoeuvrings
rank of Warlock Engineer. He began the might of the Clans Skryre. for power. For a matter of days, the
gathering resources to seek out and Clans Pestilens held a commanding
capture more realmstone. It was his A PRECARIOUS BALANCE three seats on the council, but the
vision that the Clans Skryre would At the end of the Realmgate Wars alarmed backlash of assassinations
harness magical energies that no it was arguable that the Clans this triggered soon saw the council’s
other Great Clan understood, and Skryre and the Clans Pestilens were fifth seat left empty and hotly
through them would ascend to both poised to seize dominance contested. At the same time the
of skavendom. In terms of martial Clans Skryre were prevented from
might it was the Clans Pestilens ‘securing’ the council chambers
that posed the greater threat. only through a mixture of vicious
However, much of that strength politicking and overt military
was still committed to the war intervention by the Masterclan and
in Ghyran. By comparison, the several Clans Verminus.
Clans Skryre had consolidated
their power base in Blight City The Council of Thirteen find
itself, even daring to raise ratling themselves in as precarious a
cannon towers and warp-rocket position as they have seen for
batteries within striking distance centuries. Both Skryre and Pestilens
of the Tower of Kavzar itself. The agitate for all-out civil war, their
implicit threat was obvious to all, its posturing and aggression becoming
arrogance astounding. more pronounced by the day.
Verminus and Moulder throw their
Then came the Shyish necroquake. weight behind first one faction
This catastrophic event was then another, scrabbling for short-
the culmination of the Great term advancement wherever the
Necromancer Nagash’s plan to opportunity presents itself, and the
exterminate all living beings in Masterclan frantically manipulate
the Mortal Realms and raise them in the hopes of unifying the council
as his undying servitors. Instead, again – under their rule, of course.
thanks to the meddling of the Clans Only Eshin remain aloof, though
Eshin, Nagash’s great endeavour of course, behind a veil of shadows,
raged out of control and sent they are just as viciously active as
untrammelled magics pulsing across their rival Great Clans. The matter
the Mortal Realms. The dead rose must be decided soon, for war rages
in their billions, untamed spells across the realms as never before and
prowled the lands like predatory presents countless opportunities for
beasts. Catastrophic destruction skaven conquest. Yet day by day the
was unleashed. unrest triggered by the Clans Skryre
and Pestilens worsens.



Bypassing the need for Realmgates, the noxious tunnels known as gnawholes are bored through the void itself by
means of dark prayers, infernal machines, unholy spellcraft, warpmawed beasts and bizarre metaphysical plagues.
Unstable and unpredictable, they are nonetheless one of the greatest strategic advantages the skaven possess.

Since they first slunk from the shadows, the skaven have possessed the secret
of creating gnawholes. No other race has mastered this insane craft, and
indeed few would be fool enough to even try, for gnawholes are unnatural
tunnels bored through the very stuff of the void. They are inimical to the
natural magics of the Mortal Realms, and lethal for any but the skaven to
traverse. Yet for the Children of the Horned Rat, these arcane bore-holes
are an incredible strategic boon, for they allow them to strike wherever they
please, bypassing their enemies’ every defence and doing away almost entirely
with the need to control the Realmgates that other races covet.

Each Great Clan has its own methods for fashioning gnawholes. The Clans
Skryre, for example, employ reality-piercing drills driven by warpstone
generators and monstrous gyre engines. The Clans Moulder utilise enormous
burrowing rat-beasts, blind and hairless abominations that burrow tirelessly
through the void. Whether it be the corrosive gnaw-plagues of Pestilens,
though, or the thousands-strong slave packs of Verminus, however these
tunnels are formed, they are equal parts boon and curse. Gnawholes have
allowed the skaven to assail Kharadron sky-ports and Idoneth enclaves, and
even – rumour has it – to slink into the Realm of Heavens itself. Yet for every
surprise attack and tactical master-stroke, another gnawhole has opened into
an ocean or volcano, or simply collapsed upon the skaven swarms attempting
to use it. The Lords of Decay care little, of course, and more gnawholes criss-
cross the void with every passing day.


The history of the skaven is an anarchic tangle of lies, half-truths and exaggerations in which every ratman
believes himself the hero and all others fools. From epic events to distorted fiction, all skaven seek to claim
responsibility for their race’s victories.

AGE OF MYTH and launch a vast invasion of Prince Sylacitous, never gets to see.
Thandria. So confident are they in He falls to the strike of a Verminlord
THE FIRST CLANS their superiority of numbers and Deceiver in the last moments before
At the dawning of the Age of Myth, the power of their chronomantic the Eshin operatives vanish without
the Great Horned Rat slinks from weapons that they openly defy trace, their sudden breaking of faith
the shadows of the void. In his jaws Sigmar and all his allies. Though remaining inexplicable to their
he holds the first skaven, and these more than half of the so-called former allies.
he scatters throughout the darkest Endless Kingdom is annihilated
corners of the Mortal Realms. These by the efforts of the Clans Tichritt, PARADISE ROTS
are the first Great Clans, and it is the God-King and his allies crush As the Age of Chaos begins,
claimed that as many as thirteen the skaven and purge them from Verminlord Corruptor Vermalanx
were released into the realms, along existence. The eleven Great Clans leads a coven of thirteen ancient
with the Grey Seers who would guide that remain learn a seminal lesson Plague Priests in a hideous ritual
them. The Great Horned Rat charges of caution from the demise of their within the Vitreous Vale. Reality
his myriad children to multiply, to arrogant cousins. itself rots away before their
consume and to ruin, and so they do foul magics, spilling raw Chaos
with frenzied vigour. AGE OF CHAOS into that ancient and beautiful
Sylvaneth greenhold.
Even while Sigmar is still forming During the early invasions of the THE GREAT CIVIL WAR
his pantheon, the skaven establish Age of Chaos, several Slinktalons The bastions of Order fall on every
Blight City in a twisted sub-realm from Eshin Clan Nichtus aid in the front. As the hordes of Chaos wreak
lodged like a splinter in the void. attack upon the immense fortress havoc and ruin across the Mortal
Legends differ as to how this occurs. of Obstryx. Creeping through the Realms, the Under-Empire grows fat
Some say that it is the ruin of a fortress’ defences while the legions of upon the spoils. Two Great Clans,
former mighty skaven metropolis, Slaanesh batter away from outside, warlike Verminus and savage Ikk,
its carcass fetched up upon a vast the Eshin operatives slay sentries, make the greatest gains during this
deposit of warpstone like a wrecked evade patrols and lace a mile-long period, at one point holding an
ship impaled upon rocks. Others section of the walls with gnawbombs. unimaginable four seats each upon
claim that it begins as a proud city of The resultant implosive blast gouges the Council of Thirteen. Civil war
men and duardin known as Kavzar, a mighty breach through which the is inevitable as the two Great Clans
that falls prey to the Horned Rat’s howling Slaaneshi hosts pour to vie to seize absolute power, and the
terrible curse. Every Great Clan victory. It is a triumph their leader, remaining seven Great Clans hasten
proclaims that they, and they alone, to ally themselves with one side or
founded Blight City, though of the other while – in truth – plotting
course the truth of such assertions to bring down both. For twenty-six
will never be known. years the war rages, leaving swathes
of Blight City ablaze and costing the
GNAWING DOOM skaven terribly in lives and territory.
By the teachings of the Verminlords,
the skaven gain the ability to create At last, the Clans Verminus enlist
gnawholes. Each Great Clan is quick the aid of the Clans Pestilens to
to take these incantations and arcane spread the frothjaw plague through
secrets and twist them in their own the Clans Ikk, turning their
fashion, eagerly ‘improving’ upon animal ferocity into something
what they have been taught as is the uncontrollable and, ultimately,
skaven way. From this day onwards, lethal. Over the next two years,
reality will become ever more the devolving abominations that
honeycombed with the winding were once the Clans Ikk run amok
tunnels of the skaven. through skavendom, but eventually
they are annihilated. Their demise
TICHRITT’S DEMISE leaves a power vacuum and, though
The Clans Tichritt, one of the the Clans Verminus ostensibly
twelve Great Clans that exist at this emerge from the civil war as victors,
time, gather their entire strength still the conflict rages on.

WAR OF LIFE Ebolox, Grand Clawlord Thrakk, Templars storm forth. Clawlord
While much of skavendom fritter Things-twister Rukhtik, Lieweaver Splitfang is slain by Lord-Celestant
away more than two decades locked Yrkrit and Shadowmaster Pheng Proudhelm, Clan Skrabb are
in a war of mutual annihilation, to sloughing rot and bubbling overwhelmed by this terrifying new
many of the Clans Pestilens instead slime with a twitch of his tail. foe and their ragged survivors are
turn their attentions to Ghyran and The surviving Lords of Decay, rounded up and dragged away into
the War of Life. Virulent Processions and those who seize the thrones slavery by Clan Stryk’s operatives.
pour across the Jade Kingdoms, of the slain, scurry to obey Lord
billions of Plague Monks lending Verminking’s decree. WAR IN THE REALMS
their frenzied fury to Nurgle’s All across the Mortal Realms, skaven
onslaught against Alarielle and INTO THE BEYOND clans have their schemes soured
her Sylvaneth. The Clans Feesik, As though at some silent call, the and their strongholds smashed
Morbidus and Septik all gain great Clans Shrykt gather in Aqshy, in the by the onslaught of the Stormcast
power from this ongoing conflict, howling caverns. There they dig an Eternals. In the Scabrous Sprawl,
their sub-sects and thrall clans almighty gnawhole. They vanish into Arch-Warlock Warpskreech finds
multiplying again and again to infest its depths clan by clan until at last it his parasite engines besieged by
ever more of the Realm of Life. collapses behind them. No further the Knights Excelsior, the conflict
sign of the Clans Shrykt has been becoming bloodier by the day. In
PARASITE ENGINES seen since this day, and no skaven has Ghyran, Plague Priest Kratsik of the
A Verminlord Warbringer known ever determined where they went, Red Boil and his Virulent Procession
as Gnawsoul triggers the invasion nor why. are overrun by a combined force of
of the Scabrous Sprawl in Ghyran. Sylvaneth and Hallowed Knights
Arch-Warlock Warpskreech leads the WATCHING EYES before they can unleash their
attack, unleashing city-sized walking Barricaded within the Realm rotsmog upon the Jade Kingdoms.
fortresses known as parasite engines of Heavens, hidden behind the The ‘lightning-things’ are soon
that leech the vitality of the lands. most powerful occluding magics hated and feared in equal measure
This entire invasion, which causes ever conjured, Sigmar gathers his by many in skavendom. Yet there are
untold devastation and comes with Stormcast Eternals. He prepares to those clans who receive forewarning,
a monstrous cost in lives, is in fact a unleash a war of reconquest that will thanks in large part to favourable
bid by the Clans Skryre to undermine drive back the forces of Chaos and connections with one or other of
Pestilens’ monopoly in Ghyran shake the Mortal Realms to their the Clans Eshin, and who are able
while accruing more might for their cores. Even mighty Tzeentch, the to melt away before the Stormcasts
own ongoing efforts in the Great Chaos God of Fate, does not suspect attack, or launch ambushes of
Civil War. the nature nor the scale of Sigmar’s their own.
plans. Yet, eyes glinting in the
VERMINKING’S DECREE deepest shadows of the God-King’s THE GREAT SCRYING
Skreech Verminking comes forth throne room, Eshin operatives watch A message filters through the
to find the Masterburrow itself the final preparations. Quietly they strata of skavendom, spreading
shuddering in the grip of civil war. slip away, bearing their priceless from one Grey Seer to the next via
Unleashing a horrific curse that knowledge through a well-hidden farsqueakers, couriers, scuttleclaw
blasts the warring clawpacks to ash, gnawhole to warn their mysterious envoys and other, weirder vectors.
he settles himself upon the warpstone masters. The tide is about to turn. The Travelling alone and in secret,
throne and glowers at the terrified forces of Chaos are about to suffer the or else at the head of duped or
Lords of Decay. The Great Horned greatest blow they have known in a manipulated swarms, the whole
Rat has been amused by his children’s thousand years. The skaven, surely, order of Grey Seers gathers in Hysh.
squabbles, says Verminking, but can capitalise upon this… Their gnawholes bring them to
now the Great Civil War must end. the echoing Chasm of Shattered
The other Chaos Gods have waxed AGE OF SIGMAR Questions, where they abandon their
in power during the Age of Chaos bodyguards and surviving protectors
but the skaven deity has lagged SPLITFANG’S END and scurry on into the depths. As
behind as his servants have fought Clawlord Splitfang finally conquers they do so, Verminlords unfold
amongst themselves. a ruined duardin karak that he has themselves from the shadows and
long contested with Eshin Clan follow them down, the threat of these
Skreech demands that the six Stryk. Attributing the assassins’ fearsome rat daemons more than
surviving Great Clans follow the sudden retreat to them finally having enough to ward away even the most
guidance of the Masterclan from recognised his absolute supremacy, suicidally curious underling. For
this day forth, and strike not at one Splitfang and his Clan Skrabb sweep thirteen nights and thirteen days,
another but at the remaining bastions through the fortress and make it the chasm glows with unholy green
of Order and the servants of the theirs. Just days later, the sealed witchlights as the Masterclan meets
other Dark Gods alike. To ensure Realmgate atop the karak mountain in its entirety. When the Grey Seers
obedience, he reduces Arch-Warlock blasts open and a force of Astral emerge again they do so with fresh
Snitterkrit, Great Plague-speaker purpose burning in their eyes.

THE BEASTS OF UHLMARSH A FITTING END Sethril Brightblade returns to
Master Moulder Skabgut unleashes When wasting pox spreads through Azyrheim in triumph. He is
his Fleshmeld Menagerie upon the their war packs, Moulder Clan feted through the streets for his
defenders of Uhlmarsh. Wave upon Ghrubbitus suffer a severe defeat generalship and personal heroism
wave of giant rats and rampaging in their underground war with the in the war to rid the jungles of
Rat Ogors are driven back from Fyreslayers of the Kharzmid lodge. Shasmodach of skaven. Brightblade
the stockades by brave Freeguild Apoplectic, Master Moulder Skhorj has seen many horrors, endured
soldiery. Then the ground within employs torture, intimidation and much personal loss and agony, yet
the fortress buckles, bulging parasitic spy-beasts to discover his is a tale of triumph and courage
upwards then collapsing into a slimy that the pox was introduced into that is trumpeted to the skies by the
pit. Amidst the rising fumes and his breeding stock by his hated Grand Assembly of Azyrheim. He is
billowing smoke, a trio of ghastly rival, Pontifex-Pestilent Rhaspfang a poster-child for the war to reclaim
Hell Pit Abominations surges up of Pestilens Clan Vomix. Shortly the realms, and much beloved by
into the stronghold. The massacre afterwards, Rhaspfang disappears all. The shock and horror is so much
that follows is horrific, and leaves amidst mysterious circumstances. the greater, then, when Sethril
Uhlmarsh nothing more than a He is never seen again, but when the Brightblade is found the morning
gore-splattered shell. swarms of Clan Ghrubbitus renew after his victory parade slumped
their assault on the Kharzmid’s dead in a chair in his locked quarters
THE BUBOE WARS magmahold it is with an especially atop the high and well-guarded
What begins as a rabid quarrel disease-bloated and horribly Tower of Triumphs. Brightblade is
between two Plague Priests rapidly disfigured war beast thrashing eyeless, his veins clotted black with
escalates into a full-blown civil war. and screaming at the forefront of poison, the rune of the Clans Eshin
Soon the Clans Septik, Virulox and their attack. carved into his chest and a look of
their many sub-clans are tearing one abject horror twisting his features.
another to pieces all through the ANVILHEIM DEVOURED
fire-lit labyrinth of Pyropia. Virulox The Anvils of the Heldenhammer STORMTHIEVES
develop bizarre new plague engines lead a war of reconquest that purges Grey Seer Kritch enlists the aid of
with the aid of Skryre Clan Phrikk, the Slaves to Darkness from the Skryre Clan Shokryk for a secretive
while Septik seal clawpacts with the kingdom of Ulhor. Little do they project. Utilising rumbling,
Clans Moulder. The war escalates know that, though the taint of Chaos tracked voltovore engines, the
by the day, spilling over into nearby may be gone from the surface, the skaven attempt to snatch departing
Moonclan lurklairs as it does so. skaven war burrow of Lurkspine Stormcast souls from the air during
Deeps remains below the surface. battle and trap them in Kritch’s so-
THE MUCH-GREAT SKY-KILL The ratmen bide their time, watching called ‘storm-thing snatchers’. Initial
AIR ARMADA with avaricious eyes as the forces of experiments prove disastrous when
Inspired by captured Kharadron Order raise a rich city – Anvilheim – the Celestial Vindicators of Lord-
technologies, Arch-Warlock above their tunnels. Exorcist Esmodire slaughter Kritch’s
Steelklaw begins a truly ambitious hireling Clanrats and the only
project. For almost two years, the Thirteen years to the day after the soul drawn into a voltovore engine
laboratory burrows of Skryre Clan first foundations of Anvilheim are overloads it and blows it sky-high
Shyvik glow with strange lights and laid, the skaventide pours up from before flashing back to the Heavens.
swarm with furious industry. At below. Verminus Claw-hordes storm Yet Kritch and his warlock followers
last, the newly self-titled Warlock- up through culverts and sewers to are unperturbed and – chalking
Admiral Steelklaw launches his fleet spill through the streets. Plague their failure up to incompetent
of Skryre airships. Built around smog billows, gas-masked Skryre underlings – they begin construction
cannibalised Kharadron craft and Acolytes dashing through it to hurl on new, more powerful engines that
the fevered designs that have poured their poisonous bombs at the city’s they are sure will do the job.
from Steelklaw’s mind, dozens of reeling defenders. The Anvils of
armoured dirigibles, lightning-ships, the Heldenhammer, the Freeguilds INEVITABLE VENGEANCE
warpfire barges and klawbombers and Ironweld, even the Order of Several chambers of Stormcast
take to the skies. Over the months Azyr all make spirited attempts Eternals purge Rotstump Warren
that follow, the skaven sky-pirates to drive the skaven back, but they in the Jade Kingdom of Veridian.
of Steelklaw’s Much-great Sky-kill are surrounded, outnumbered and Outraged at the damage done to
Air Armada raid Barak-Zilfin and caught completely by surprise. When his web of plots, the Verminlord
Barak-Mhornar, annihilate Waaagh! a coven of Grey Seers summons Corruptor Pestifrious vows
Gutcrusha with bombing from on Skreech Verminking himself to lead vengeance upon those who led the
high, and bring their upstart rivals of the final assault, the defenders of attack. The daemon stalks his prey,
Skryre Clan Ziknak to their knees. Anvilheim are doomed. spending untold skaven lives to see
It is not long before Steelklaw’s plans his foes sicken and die. That Sigmar’s
are stolen, copied and spread far and DEATH OF A HERO heroes can be reforged time and
wide, and further skaven armadas After eighteen years of courageous again only deepens and prolongs
begin to menace the skies. crusading, the aelven drakelord Pestifrious’ furious vendetta.

YEAR OF THE DROWNED RAT outraged screeching and violent it. Their presence sours the ritual
In Shyish, the Realm of Death, recrimination as their every plan to and causes it to rage out of control.
Nagash nears completion of his stop the invaders fails. Then comes The necroquake is unleashed. The
Great Black Pyramid. Raised at the Grey Seer Thanquol. To some he is a dead rise in their trillions across the
heart of his capital, Nagashizzar, stranger and an upstart, to others a Mortal Realms. Endless spells are
this cyclopean edifice will unleash name out of half-remembered myth. set loose to prey upon friend and foe
the unstoppable energies of death To most, he appears an egomaniacal alike. It is a matter of hours before
magic upon the Mortal Realms and lunatic. However, somehow – the skaven begin to fight amongst
annihilate all life. Determined to accounts vary and confusion reigns themselves to claim credit for this
prevent this occurrence, the Lords of as to his precise methods – Thanquol clearly masterful and obviously
Decay scramble to launch multiple orchestrates a series of ever-more entirely intentional act of sabotage…
assaults against Nagashizzar. The convoluted attacks by scrabbled-
greatest of these is a millions- together swarms that first blunt SORCERY UNLEASHED
strong swarm led by the preening and then drive back the undead. At the battle of Six Twistings,
Master Moulder Things-master After several more days of desperate Pestilens Clan Shrok unleash the
Snitterskritch. However, the Things- conflict, the threat is contained and Neverplague upon their Sylvaneth
master’s glorious assault is brought Thanquol disappears as suddenly as foes. Not to be outdone, Grey Seer
to a premature and ignominious he appeared. He does so driven by Krektus summons first a Warp
halt when his gnawhole emerges at justified paranoia that the Council Lightning Vortex and then the
the bottom of the Kaphtar Sea. A of Thirteen will want to quickly terrifying Bell of Doom. While the
zombie-choked flood tide thunders crush such a successful leader, and spinning warp crystals whirl around
down the tunnel, a crushing that a large number of very unhappy the Sylvaneth and blast them with
sledgehammer of dark waters that Clawlords will want to ‘discuss’ the furious lightnings, the eldritch
kills Snitterskritch and his swarms catastrophic cost in skaven lives that bell tolls again and again, sending
before erupting in a mile-high his plans entailed. shock waves of madness and terror
geyser in Blight City. Slitwarren, through the plague-ridden forest
the Gyredelve and Scuttlebleak NECROQUAKE spirits. Soon enough, their battle line
are all flooded. A vast infestation Tempted by the promise of a wealth collapses altogether and Krektus’
of Deadwalkers pushes out into of Shyishan realmstone, Grey Seer swarm ends the day gnawing upon
the neighbouring districts, the Retchnik allies himself with Eshin their shattered lamentiri.
reanimated corpses of Snitterskritch Clan Slynk and contrives a way
and his warriors amongst them. for their agents to creep down the DEATH IN THE DEEPS
part-flooded gnawhole, through A fleet of strange submersibles
THE CORPSE-THING WAR the bed of the Kaphtar Sea and into launched by the Clans Skryre
Though several secondary invasion Nagashizzar. Neither Retchnik begins a bloody invasion of the
swarms continue to move against nor the Eshin agents survive Idoneth enclave of Nautilar. The war
Nagashizzar, the Council of Thirteen the machinations that surround beneath the waves rages, the skaven
now turn their full horrified this alliance, but their meddling plundering the arcane repositories
attention to the Floodwarrens and ensures that – as Nagash triggers of the sea aelves and abducting
undead hordes spilling into the his Great Black Pyramid – hapless several Isharann in the hope of
heart of Blight City. The districts Eshin agents are trapped within extracting the secrets of their
afflicted are only a handful of miles soul-thieving magics.
from the Tower of Kavzar, and
many clans scramble to hurl their THE SECOND GREAT CIVIL
warriors at the invading foe. More WAR BREWS
scurry rapidly out of harm’s way, As the Soul Wars rage throughout
Skryre engineers fleeing with their the Mortal Realms, it is a time of
prized inventions and leaving their great opportunity for the skaven.
underlings to drown or be torn apart Yet true to their nature, the ratmen
by hundreds of groaning zombies. are so caught up in trying to keep
Skirmishes break out amongst the all the spoils for themselves while
defending forces as some clans slaughtering their rivals in the
attempt to capitalise upon territory process that a Second Great Civil
lost or abandoned by their rivals, War threatens. The Clans Skryre
while others pull out of clawpacts and the Clans Pestilens vie for pre-
at the last moment and allow their eminence in Blight City. Everywhere
supposed allies to be overrun, only skaven swarms assail the other
to find themselves outnumbered and races of the realms, seeking to steal
dragged down in turn. For several whatever powers or technologies
perilous days the threat draws ever may give them an edge. Meanwhile,
closer to the Masterburrow, and in the deepest shadows, Grey Seer
the Lords of Decay are reduced to Thanquol concocts fresh plans…



The vast mass of skavendom consists of the five Great Clans. Each Great Clan, in turn, comprises millions of clans,
each of which is an autonomous, anarchic and militarised society in its own right. The armies that these clans
send forth are known as swarms, and are terrifying forces to behold.

The Great Clans – Skryre, Pestilens, rely on massed warriors and strength peculiarities of outlook and societal
Verminus, Moulder and Eshin of numbers to fight their battles, the doctrine that actively encourage such
– are immense and incredibly Clans Moulder focus on the breeding back-biting and internecine warfare,
factionalised. Skaven legend has it of ghastly beast-broods, and the echoes of the Horned Rat’s desire for
that, at the very beginning of the Clans Eshin are universally devious his children to scrabble ever higher
Age of Myth, the Great Horned sneak-assassins. Heraldic icons in his regard up a mountain of their
Rat scattered the First Clans and colours very enormously from slain rivals. The Clans Pestilens,
into the darkest corners of the one clan to the next, and all believe for example, interpret the will of
Mortal Realms. These were the themselves to be superior to their the Horned Rat through unholy
primogenitors of each Great Clan – rivals, but each Great Clan retains texts known as the Withered Word;
the first Clans Eshin, the first Clans a distinct and defined identity from these ever-changing scriptures
Moulder and so forth – and there one end of skavendom to the other. emphasise the constant division
were but a handful of each. The and spread of the Clans Pestilens
Clans Pestilens, for example, are said ‘None is as much-mighty as Clawlord and – while the Plague Priests argue
to have begun as just three clans, Vratch of Clan Gnarlkyn! So fast-fast my constantly about interpretations of
Feesik, Septik and Morbidus, while blade! So sharp my fangs! See-look at my the Withered Word and no few holy
the multitudinous Clans Verminus many trophies, skulls of fool-things that wars have been fought over them –
of the modern day supposedly thought they could defeat me! None will this process of division and conquest
originated from just two clans, Klaw ever defeat Clawlord Vratch! I will rule continues apace, to the greater
and Skarrik. benefit of Pestilens as a whole.
Clan Gnarlkyn for a thousand years!’
The Great Horned Rat encourages SWARMS
constant infighting amongst his ever- - Clawlord Vratch, whose rule of Clan Skaven armies are known as swarms,
multiplying broods, and from the Gnarlkyn lasted a bloody three days and range in size from a single
original clans sprung dozens, then leader and a clawful of regiments
hundreds, then many thousands of CLAN CONQUESTS to a thousands-strong horde led
splinter clans. Some faltered and At its simplest, a skaven clan by dozens of constantly competing
failed. Many were set upon by their consists of a single leader, his skaven lords. Some hail from a single
fellows and annihilated, reduced viciously ambitious lieutenants Great Clan, and may even be made
to slaves or re-absorbed by more and his regiments of warriors and up entirely of warriors from a single
powerful clans. Yet others met with war engines. It also includes all of clan. With the differing specialisms
success and have gone on to carve the breeders, slaves and ancillary of the Great Clans, however, it is far
out territories of their own within hangers-on that dig out the clan’s more common for a clan to field a
the Under-Empire and to spawn burrows, forage its food, forge or swarm that incorporates supporting
their own splinter-clans. scavenge its weapons and armour, elements from other clans who have
and perform whatever menial been hired, bribed, manipulated or
Strangely for such an anarchic and duties are considered beneath the blackmailed into fighting.
egotistical race, a clan’s origins swaggering blade-rats that make up
are instantly recognisable, rarely its armed forces. Without exception, For example, a swarm gathered
diverging far from the accepted skaven clans are geared towards by Verminus Clan Fang might be
cultural norms of their Great Clan. conquest at all costs. Skaven always led by a Warlord of Clan Fang and
Every Clan Skryre, for example, want more, be it power, territory, built around several Claw-hordes
emphasises arcane engineering and riches, breeders, notoriety or from that clan. It could then be
goes to battle armed with arrays of whatever else their fevered minds supported by a number of weapon
unstable wonder-weapons, though fixate upon. They are short-sighted teams and warp lightning artillery
of course the nature of these devices and aggressively acquisitive, burning pieces bartered from one of the
varies immensely from verminous through resources faster than they Clans Skryre, and have scouting and
cog-automata and multi-limbed can seize them, and the entire assassination elements clawpledged
steam-driven engines to batteries of existence of their clans revolves from one of the Clans Eshin. Of
flame-hurling artillery. Each Clan around this endless race to keep pace course, those auxiliary elements
Pestilens fields seething masses of with their own rapacity. may well have their own agendas
Plague Monks and other diseased or hidden loyalties, but those
fanatics who make up congregations The clans are forever at each others’ will only become clear when the
that then form the larger Virulent throats. Each Great Clan evidences double-crossing begins…
Processions. The Clans Verminus

Verminlord Warbringer Lord Hakkrit of Verminus Clan Fang Grey Seer Skritterik
Thrashsnik of the
Black Gnawing Hakkrit’s Forgefangs - 2 Clawpacks of Stormvermin

Retchtooth’s Vrekrit’s Much-very Arch-Warlock Shoktail’s
Unstoppable Kill-Slayers Magnificent Killers Smogspark Destroyers
Warpcog Convocation
Claw-horde Claw-horde - Arch-Warlock Shoktail
- Clawlord Retchtooth of - Clawlord Vrekrit of - 1 Arkhspark Voltik
Verminus Clan Fang Enginecoven
Verminus Clan Fang - 3 Clawpacks of Stormvermin - 2 Gascloud Chokelung
- 1 Clawpack of Stormvermin - 9 Clawpacks of Clanrats Enginecovens

- 4 Clawpacks of Clanrats

(Hired in secret by
Clawlord Retchtooth)

The Thirteenth Blade The Blood-Gore Grinders - 3 Doomwheels
Vrekrit’s Slay-Kill Scruntclaw’s Ravenous
- Deathmaster Thwik Wonder-weapons Maw-Chewers
- 2 Clawpacks of - 2 Warpfire Throwers
Gutter Runners - 2 Clawpacks of Stormfiends Fleshmeld Menagerie
- 4 Clawpacks of - 1 Clawpack of Jezzails - Master Moulder Scruntclaw
Night Runners
To this day, no one knows - Hell Pit Abomination
The Undergnaw how Grey Seer Skritterik came - 2 Clawpacks of Packmasters
- 3 Warp-Grinders to consume mutagen-laced
warpstone and devolve into a - 2 Packs of Giant Rats
The Warlock Engineers who gibbering monstrosity in the - 3 Packs of Rat Ogors
piloted the three Doomwheels of midst of the Battle for Mausol.
the Blood-Gore Grinders were However, it is a fact that Master Though Retchtooth believed he
notoriously competitive, often Moulder Scruntclaw remains had hired the Thirteenth Blade
racing one another into battle. a valued – and rich – ally of as assassins, Hakkrit had paid
Clan Fang. Deathmaster Thwik substantially
more to turn on his ‘employer’.

Lord Hakkrit claimed his seat on the Council of Thirteen through his masterful conquest of Mausol. A towering
city of bone raised by the Soulblight Vampire Zhlatomir the Unholy, Mausol had been raised atop an ancient
skaven war-burrow, the defenders of which had fled the vampire’s wrath and abandoned a daemon’s ransom in
warpstone and ancient, arcane technologies to gather dust in the darkness. The then-Clawlord Hakkrit boasted
that he would hurl the Soulblight stronghold down in ruin and claim the vast wealth of Mausol for Clan Fang, and
in so doing make them the most powerful of the Clans Verminus in Blight City. Hakkrit had reason for confidence,
for he had the patronage of no less than a Verminlord Warbringer named Thrashnik of the Black Gnawing. This
abomination had been conjured by Grey Seer Skitterik, who made a show of counselling Hakkrit, but who in truth
sought to seize the riches of Mausol for the Masterclan, ideally over Hakkrit’s withered corpse.

Hakkrit assembled a sizeable swarm for his assault upon Mausol, based around a huge Claw-horde led by his evil-
eyed protégé Clawlord Vrekrit, and a smaller force led by the insanely paranoid Clawlord Retchtooth. He struck
a deal with Arch-Warlock Shoktail of Skryre Clan Phrikk, promising the avaricious despot a portion of the lost
machineries in return for his aid. He also agreed a clawpact with the revolting Master Moulder Scruntclaw of Clan
Threbb, who agreed largely to spite a rival who had been courting Hakkrit’s favour. The force was completed by
an Eshin Slinktalon known as the Thirteenth Blade, who Retchtooth hired to shadow the swarm and strike down
Clawlord Hakkrit so that Retchtooth could win favour with Grey Seer Skitterik. The machinations through which
Hakkrit played his lieutenants off against one another and claimed victory are still Clan Fang legend.

The Clans Skryre


The skaven are cunning creatures, capable of great feats of ingenuity. Amongst their teeming masses there are
no greater or deranged inventors than the warlocks of the Clans Skryre, who craft deadly engines of skaven
supremacy for the highest bidder.

There are vast numbers of Skryre pace. Vast and strange are the of the Clans Skryre to lurk at the
clans scattered across the Mortal engines of war created by these heart of skavendom, and with its
Realms, varying from small bands nightmarish factories, and though High Arch-Warlock Skrach sitting in
of Warlock Engineers and their the Clans Skryre sell many of their the coveted first seat of the Council
scurrying servants to massive, contraptions to the highest bidder, of Thirteen, the banner of Skryre
millions-strong hordes that inhabit they always keep the best weapons Clan Ezzik flies above more fortress
sprawling fortified burrows. They for themselves. warrens and laboratory burrows by
gnaw out their workshop spaces the day.
inside craggy mountains or The sale of their surplus arsenals
rumbling volcanoes, beneath ruined has made many of the Clans Skryre The Clans Skryre maintain plenty of
cities or through the innards of very rich, in turn allowing them strongholds beyond the bounds of
colossal ancient mechanisms that to afford ever more excessive Blight City. Grasping and covetous,
grind and churn beneath the surface workshops and weapons. Some of the Clans Skryre use monstrous
of the realms. the most successful Skryre clans ether-bores and scrabbledrills to
possess weapons of incredible power, drive gnawholes into every Mortal
These factory-burrows are hellish from the city-sized parasite engines Realm in search of technologies,
places, crammed with spinning of Clan Zikk to the giant Warp warpstone and – more recently –
gears, roaring furnaces, clanking Lightning Cannons that adorn the realmstone to steal. In Aqshy, for
pistons and copper-coil tubes that mountainous stronghold of Clan example, the scavenge-covens of
dance with caged green lightning. Shokryk. Clans that have built such Clan Phrikk sally out from their
Unstable alchemical apparatus terrifying contraptions are feared burrows beneath the Ventruscan
bubbles amongst teetering crates of and hated in equal measure by the Hills. They pick over the ruin of
machine parts and heaps of explosive rest of skavendom. others’ battlefields, break into their
munitions. The weird machines enemies’ strongholds and release
of the laboratory burrows require When one of the Clans Skryre sends billowing clouds of poisoned wind
vast amounts of power, generated its swarms to war, its engineers are in the name of picking the dead
by mechanisms such as slave gangs divided into Warpcog Convocations. clean of every fragment of metal and
running inside huge wooden wheels, These formations are led by technology they can acquire. Their
leech-pipes sucking the vitality swaggering Arch-Warlocks and warrens are piled with mountains of
from slowly dying volcanoes, comprise numerous enginecovens stolen spoils, magnificent fragments
titanic brass batteries powered by that specialise in particular types of ancient artefacts heaped in with
the bubbling remains of the cursed of mechanised warfare. The tangles of scrap in undiscerning
dead, and countless other foul Whyrlblade Threshik, for example, profusion. Slave gangs pick over
innovations. Barely controlled chaos build great rumbling war machines these huge mounds of detritus
reigns as construction lines churn covered in slicing blades that crush night and day, sorting the dross
out lethal devices at a terrifying and hack the foe to bloody ruin. The to be melted down for reuse and
Gautfyre Skorch, meanwhile, create murdering one another for choice
hideous fire throwers, while the finds to bring to the warlocks in
Arkhspark Voltik fashion batteries of the hopes of being rewarded with
lightning cannons. their freedom.

While all Clans Skryre share a By comparison, Clan Rhukrit –
strong cultural link, each has its own whose stronghold of Gryndfang
peculiarities and pet obsessions. lies beneath Ghur’s Ravenous
Even within Blight City itself there Steppes – are swift and direct. Their
are hundreds of Clans Skryre, from Whyrlblade Threshik enginecovens
the self-avowed pyromaniacs of assemble entire spearheads of
the Clan Krakhl to the Warlock Doomwheels and Doom-Flayers
Bombardiers of Clan Shyvik who that rumble across the plains
specialise in long-ranged artillery in bladed convoys crushing
with indirect firing arcs, and the everything in their path. Behind
politically conniving Clan Staktik them come crawlburrows, mobile
who manufacture listening devices, fortress-workshops into which
arcanospectral spygoggles and more go the spoils of war, and down
for sale to the other clans of Blight whose ramps roll fresh waves of
City. Clan Ezzik is by far the largest anarchic assault-vehicles.

Arch-Warlock Vrikt sat in his huge brass throne ‘Whyrlblade Threshik offer-gifts the Rip-flinger,’
at the heart of his laboratory burrow. He was announced Warlock Bombardier Blacktail. ‘Ready
surrounded by the bedlam of heavy industry, swift-quick yes? Long-long ranged, shoots fast and kills
the wails of slaves and the hiss and thunder of steam all.’ With that, the weapon’s firer snapped his goggles
and pistons. He sneered down at the engineers into place, cringed slightly then pulled the trigger.
prostrating themselves before him. Vrikt drummed The arm snapped back, grabbed a blade and flung it
his talons on the arms of his throne and twitched his with tremendous force. Arch-Warlock Vrikt nodded
barbed tail as he waited for the warlocks to finish appreciatively as the projectile sang through the air
fawning. His patience frayed by the moment. and slammed into a trussed and screeching target. The
blade sliced its victim in half at the waist, with enough
‘Enough!’ he screeched. ‘Who speaks for the force left over to cut through the pole he was bound to.
Arkhspark Voltik?’ After a quick bout of snarling Metal, twitching flesh and slippery innards splattered
and jostling, the lightning-engineers shoved one of the burrow floor.
their number forward. He peered up at Vrikt from
behind thick-lensed goggles, doing his best to puff ‘Again-again,’ snapped Warlock Bombardier
himself up despite his obvious terror. The engineer was Blacktail, his muzzle twisting into an arrogant grin
actually shaking. as the Rip-flinger snatched three more blades in quick
succession and threw them. Two hit their intended
‘I, Warlock Engineer Kratchik, talk-speak for—’ target while the third span on to carome from a
‘And who for Whyrlblade Threshik?’ snarled Vrikt, piston-press and mow down several luckless slaves.
cutting the nervous skaven off. A burly Warlock Impressive, thought Vrikt, and surely the victor,
Bombardier pushed his way to the front of his especially as the Arkhspark Voltik had yet to even—
enginecoven’s delegation, snapping viciously at
another ratman who tried to pre-empt him. The thought was cut off as there came a crackling
‘Warlock Bombardier Blacktail speaks, oh mighty- roar and a blast of lurid green light. Vrikt was
great Arch-Warlock,’ he growled, snout jutting. blinded and his fur stood on end. There was another
‘You have-bring inventions, yes?’ asked Vrikt. ‘You blast, and another, and yet another. At last the din
show them now. Impress me and I will give many- stopped. Blinking furiously, crouched in his throne
much warp tokens and slaves for your workshops. and brandishing his warpfire projector, Vrikt sought
Waste-fritter my time…’ Vrikt left the statement the source of the terrifying explosions. As his sight
hanging, and gestured with one hand-claw. The cleared he saw that, where the Whyrlblade Threshik
engineers’ attention was drawn to a space amongst delegation had stood there was now naught but
the mayhem of the laboratory, that was even now blackened earth and the twisted remains of charred
being cleared as slave gangs dragged work benches and corpses. The Rip-flinger had been reduced to smoking
smoke-belching mechanisms out of the way. Revealed wreckage. Gaping, Vrikt stared at the multi-barrelled
were thirteen brass poles that jutted from the burrow lightning cannon of Arkhspark Voltik. It was glowing
floor some hundred yards distant. Lashed to each as it cooled, and its crew were chittering with glee
was a struggling figure, bloodied and beaten but still as they hurried to swap its blackened warpstone
clad in the rags of the Gautfyre Skorch enginecoven. power core out for a new one. His feigned nerves now
It brightened Vrikt’s mood somewhat to see these nowhere to be seen, Warlock Engineer Kratchik spat
fools offered up as test subjects. They had protested on the remains of his former rivals.
of sabotage when their fire-belcher engine blew up
during a demonstration earlier that day, but their ‘The Rip-flinger was fast-fast, yes, but crude, and
whining meant little to Vrikt. Whether incompetents look, oh mighty Arch-Warlock, how flimsy it was!
or dupes, either way these failed engineers were useless Not like the Warpraker Cannon of Arkhspark Voltik.
to him for anything other than target practice. Surely, oh great and most-mighty, there can be only
The two enginecovens hurried to obey his command, one victor here.’
pulling dirty tarpaulins off the devices they had
brought. Arkhspark Voltik had created some kind Vrikt sniffed, lowering himself back into his throne
of multi-barrelled lightning artillery piece, smaller with as much dignity as he could muster.
than a Warp Lightning Cannon but with a fiercely
destructive look to it. However, they were still ‘Good-good, Kratchik, most-very impressive. But
busying themselves with frantic preparations when there are still test-targets…’
Whyrlblade Threshik hauled their own device up
to the firing line. Carried by a pair of skaven, the The engineer leered his understanding and shrieked
Whyrlblade Threshik weapon consisted mainly of a orders at his comrades. Surely, Vrikt thought with
huge, sprung throwing arm. Vrikt intuited that, at a dawning paranoia, that Warlock Engineer would
trigger-pull, that arm would swing back and snatch expect rewards and advancement. He had shown
a foot-wide circular blade from the rack lashed to the cunning, promise and ambition, entirely too much
other crew-rat’s back before springing forward again of all three. Even as the cannon fired again, the
and hurling the blade like a huge Eshin throwing star. Arch-Warlock was already planning how best to
send his agents into Kratchik’s workshop to steal the
weapon’s plans and prepare an ‘accident’ for him. The
Warpraker Cannon was magnificent, Vrikt thought,
and he must have it. Its inventor, he could do without.

The Clans Pestilens


The Children of the Horned Rat take many forms, the foulest of which are found within the Clans Pestilens. These
zealous skaven are disciples of disease, foul harbingers of decay who hurl themselves into battle with frenzied
ferocity and who seek nothing less than the final rotting of reality itself.

The Clans Pestilens form the Horned reality itself. Each is recorded in clans are hundreds of Churches
Rat’s multifarious Churches of one of the thirteen Libers Pestilent, of Contagion, each following
Contagion, the uncounted billions tomes of forbidden lore that exude slight variations upon their clan’s
who fervently worship him in his spiritual foulness. To date, the holy writ.
aspect as the Great Corrupter. The Clans Pestilens have discovered
ratmen of the Clans Pestilens are the eight of these terrible diseases – Not all of the Clans Pestilens are so
most overtly religious of their race, the eighth was seized during the powerful. Countless smaller clans
frothing zealots who display their latter days of the War of Life, and are forced from their warrens every
faith by making themselves willing rumours abound of its contents and year. Most often these are Churches
hosts to the myriad diseases and current location. of Contagion who have strayed
parasitic malignancies of their god. into what their parent clan views as
The powers of the Great Plagues have heresy. The dark gospel of the Great
The other Great Clans seek to been unleashed only rarely. This is Corruptor – known as the Withered
manipulate the denizens of the not through any sense of restraint, Word – is subjective and convoluted.
realms, or to become their tyrannical for such concepts are foreign to the Its unreliable nature owes much to
rulers. Not so the Clans Pestilens. skaven mindset. Rather, each Great the fact that many of its passages
These feculent fanatics ally or enslave Plague is a malefic concoction that have been dictated by Plague Priests
the peoples of the realms when it requires ingredients both strange in the grip of frothing madness,
suits their ends, but ultimately they and incredibly rare and can only be or whispered from the shadows by
seek dominion over a withered brewed under specific conditions, Verminlord Corruptors whose every
wasteland in which they are the only such as the thirteenth moonrise word drips falsehood. Combined
living things. The Clans Pestilens over the red veldt or in the skull of a with the skaven propensity to
believe that the skaven will achieve pox-slain arachnodon. They include creatively interpret instructions, this
this nihilistic supremacy only once such abominations as the Undulant has led to violent schisms beyond
their god is of one mind and one Scourge – a tentacled parasite that number over the centuries.
aspect – that of the Great Corruptor. bursts through the victim’s flesh
The Churches of Contagion know from a space beyond reality – the Each conflict produces further
that they must conquer not only the Crimsonweal Curse, which rapidly splinterings. Heretic Congregations
other races, but ultimately the other exsanguinates its victims and of Filth spew like spores from their
Great Clans as well. For this they possesses a malign sentience that parent creed, convinced that their
require the Thirteen Great Plagues. wishes only to spread to all living interpretation of the shade of buboes
things, and the cannibalistic fury or the consistency of mucous is the
The Great Plagues are metaphysical of the Redmaw Plague that sees its correct one. The Withered Word
diseases that strike not only at the victims rend, tear and devour one dictates that such splits must happen
flesh but at the soul and, in some another until they are dissolved in threes, and no Plague Priest is
cases, even at the warp and weft of by the virulent acids churning willing to risk the Horned Rat’s
in their guts. Were the Thirteen displeasure by acting otherwise.
Great Plagues to be combined in a Thus, when one church leaves their
single unholy vessel, the priest who clan, another two will be singled out
achieved this dark miracle would and violently ejected by rivals quick
bring about the Age of the Great to shriek accusations of heresy for
Corruptor and the ascendancy their own devious ends.
of Pestilens.
Some Clans Pestilens, such as
Until that time, the Clans Pestilens Buborix, Corruptus and Pustulous,
continue to spread like an claim proud heritage from an
unstoppable plague, multiplying ancient clan like Morbidus. Others,
endlessly into ever more foetid such as Vomikrit and Retchid, act
congregations of ruin. Ancient Clans as thrall clans to their progenitor
Pestilens such as Feesik, Morbidus or – in this case, Feesik. Still others
Septik number their Plague Monks are so deviant that they abandon
in the billions. These are the eldest of their origins altogether; the Clan
the Clans Pestilens, claiming descent Brakkish, who dwell on the flanks of
from those survivors plucked by the pus-volcano Expugtor in Ghyran
the Great Horned Rat from the and specialise in plague artillery, are
world-that-was. Within each of these one such wilful offshoot.

The Clans Verminus


The strength of the innumerable Clans Verminus is in their teeming swarms of Clanrats and Stormvermin. These
hordes of ratmen pour across the battlefield with screeched war cries to engulf the foe in a heaving mass of lank-
furred bodies and rusted blades.

It is the Clans Verminus that provide and the absence of arcane elements The Clans Verminus – and
the vast quantities of warriors and or lethal technologies within them. particularly their heavily armed
slaves required to keep the armies Yet the simple truth is this: without and martially minded Clawlords –
of Blight City scurrying ever the incalculable numbers of the are the most territorial, belligerent
onward, and the anarchic society Clans Verminus, skavendom would and aggressive of all skaven.
of the skaven thriving despite its eventually cease to exist. They venerate the Great Horned
propensity for self-destruction. The Rat simply as the Conqueror, or
other Great Clans like to dwell upon The Clans Verminus possess strength sometimes the many-tailed King
the Verminus’ lack of specialisation. in numbers, both in terms of the of Lashes, and they believe that
They scorn the allegedly simplistic sheer size of their clans and of the he will reward those ratmen who
nature of Verminus’ Claw-hordes myriad warriors that make up each successfully place their footclaws
one. Many more swarms contain upon the throats of all the other
at least some Verminus warriors sentient races in the realms.
than do not. The Grey Seers view
Verminus as an inexhaustible source This aggression is not reserved
of ratpower, and it is a rare Arch- for external foes alone. The Clans
Warlock, Deathmaster or Master Verminus are forever warring
Moulder who cannot see the value of amongst themselves, with the
a bodyguard of burly Stormvermin pre-eminent clans rising to the
or a few expendable regiments of top only to be cast down again in
Clanrats to fling into battle. ruin. Currently, Verminus Clan
Fang are the most numerous clan
Far from seeing themselves as being in all skavendom, or so they claim.
exploited, the masters of the Clans Yet challengers such as the bone-
Verminus preen and boast of their armoured Clan Scour from the
importance to skavendom; so long as Realm of Light, the fiery-furred Clan
it isn’t their necks on the line, most Koniptik from Aqshy, the tenacious
Verminus warlords are more than survivors of the ancient Clan
happy to send thousands of their Morskrit and the trophy-bedecked
underlings to their deaths if it puts braggarts of Clan Vrash are already
the members of another Great Clan circling, watching intently for the
in their debt. first sign of weakness…

C lawlord Gnawdrek imperiously raised a talon Bullets whipped in, ricocheting from his shield or
to point at the beleaguered duardin battle line. thudding into the armoured forms of his bodyguards,
‘Kill-slay!’ he screeched, his order sending but though his glands tightened Gnawdrek kept going.
a scurrying tide of Clanrats surging into the enemy’s To flee now would be to show weakness, and invite
guns. Gnawdrek’s underlings poured across the hot the blades of his rivals to sink into his back before
desert sands beneath a hard blue-green sky, and their darkness fell.
enemies’ bullets and shells tore through them. Broken
bodies and sprays of blood filled the air as the duardin A cannonball roared in low, smashing the heads
fired again and again from the sandy slopes. The from three Stormvermin. Gnawdrek spat on their
rippling thunder of gunfire rolled across the dunes. corpses and dug his footclaws into the thick sand.
Gnawdrek watched impassively for a few moments Crossing the last dozen feet between himself and the
before lashing his tail and drawing his hooked blade. foe, the Clawlord swatted a wounded Clanrat aside
then lunged and drove his blade into a beard-thing’s
‘Now, while the scum gnaw on their bullets, face. Ripping his sword free, Gnawdrek bulled his way
charge-charge,’ snarled Gnawdrek to his into the enemy’s line. His victims were exhausted and
Stormvermin bodyguards. reeling from the Clanrat onslaught, their feet tangled
in mounds of skaven corpses. Gnawdrek hacked and
Clad in the brass and green of clan Stabbik, the slashed, whirling in a vicious circle to open throats
hulking war-rats brandished their halberds and broke and lop off limbs.
into a swift lope. Gnawdrek ran in their midst, trophy
skulls rattling on his armour’s back-racks. He vaulted ‘Slaughter-kill them all!’ he cried as his
a broken heap of Clanrats then pelted through more Stormvermin poured into the gap he had opened.
fallen bodies as the sand turned red beneath him. ‘Victory! Victory!’

The Clans Moulder


The Clans Moulder are the beastmasters of the skaven race, twisters of the natural order who create monstrous
abominations to loose upon the battlefield. Their rapacious war beasts are greatly feared across the Mortal
Realms. Even amongst their cruel race, the Clans Moulder have a dark reputation.

The Master Moulders of the Clans creation of some of the most hideous war beasts – they may be bloated
Moulder use weird alchemy, crude terrors employed by any race in war. and hairless, have glowing eyes,
surgery and blasphemous dark magic Amongst these are certain favoured be always voraciously hungry, or
to meld disparate creatures together breeds of war beast – Rat Ogors possess additional tails or limbs.
and create terrible aberrations. and Giant Rats chief amongst them
From vast albino monstrosities that – that have secured the position of Currently, the most powerful of all
rend tunnels through the bedrock the Clans Moulder as a real power the Clans Moulder is Clan Dregg,
of the realms, to seething tides of in skavendom. The secrets behind whose Master Moulder Zhurn
flea-infested fiends that devour the creation of such abhorrent flesh Aelf-eater holds the tenth seat on
everything in their path, the Clans hulks as the Hell Pit Abominations, the Council of Thirteen. Dregg
Moulder are responsible for the meanwhile, are amongst the most are renowned for the sheer fecund
valuable that the Clans Moulder numbers of their beasts, and hold
possess. Countless spies from other lucrative contracts with many Clans
clans have been used as brood fodder Verminus and Skryre. However, they
for daring to try to steal them. are far from the only major power
amongst the Clans Moulder.
The Clans Moulder worship the
Great Horned Rat in his aspect as In Ghyran, for example, the Clan
the Writhing Broodsire, a protean Threbb channel perverted life magics
nightmare of ever-multiplying into their war beasts in order to
verminous flesh whose fecundity keep them regenerating far past
they wish to bring into reality so that all sane notions of resilience. The
it buries all the realms. The Clans’ sinister skin-and-bone creations
Packmasters are renowned as surly of Shyishan Clan Snirk are terrible
and crude individuals, more akin to to behold, while all have cause
the brutish beasts they herd than the to fear the grotesquely modified
rest of their cunning race, and their snatch-packs of Clan Ghrubbitus,
disgusting belief system doesn’t help who spirit away enemy champions
matters. Moreover, many members and leaders – skaven or otherwise
of the Clans Moulder are tainted – to serve as unwilling subjects for
and twisted by the warpstone-based experimentation and high-level
procedures they use to create their breeding programs.

At first glance, the revivification pit looked Three of his underlings dashed to obey, the largest
to be full of mangled remains. Mounds of kicking and clawing the other two away from the huge
flesh and scabrous clumps of fur were piled brass lever. He wrapped both hand-claws and his
high amongst drifts of wet muscle, jutting fangs and tail around the control and gave it a mighty wrench.
claws, blinded eyes and other, less easily identifiable The lever fell with a loud thunk, and warp lightning
organic detritus. coursed down the extended wakening vanes. Energies
arced, leaping into the pit and crawling across the
Master Moulder Sturknik saw past the revolting huge carcass curled there. Sturknik felt triumph rise in
anarchy. As he stared down into the massive pit, his his chest as it twitched and jerked.
practised gaze picked out the stitches that bound
fleshy sacs and bloated limbs together. He saw the ‘The second lever! The third! Pull-throw them all!’
gland-clusters where they had been melded with he screeched, and his Packmasters did so with gusto.
warp-engines and viscid tangles of exposed nerves. In Blast after blast, bolt after bolt of lurid green energy
his mind’s eye, the corpulent skaven saw the beast as stabbed down into the monster’s body. The stench of
it would soon look, rather than this obscene jumble cooking flesh filled the air. Smoke rose, and suddenly
of parts. Sturknik felt a subsonic growl shudder through
his bones.
‘It awaits only the spark-touch of the Writhing
Broodsire,’ he hissed through his crooked fangs, and Amidst a last cannonade of lightning blasts, the
his attendant Packmasters nodded and muttered in Hell Pit Abomination unfolded itself like a vast
agreement. ‘It lurks beyond the veil,’ cried Sturknik, and verminous worm and reared up to roar with
his eyes bulging with mad intensity. ‘We must goad- myriad gaping maws. The beast was alive, and it
goad it forth! Throw the first lever!’ was hungry…

The Clans Eshin


The most shadowy and mysterious of all the skaven, the Clans Eshin are versed in the arts of stealth and
assassination, poison and spycraft. They are seen as hired killers and slinking back-stabbers. Yet there is much
more to the Clans Eshin and their hidden agenda than mere mercenary assassins.

may give them an edge. The most The greatest strength of the Clans
accomplished agents of the Clans Eshin is believed to lie hidden in
Eshin can walk on shadow, and the dark corners of Ulgu, the Realm
slip through holes no larger than a of Shadow. How many fortress-
coin. These sinister skaven evade the warrens they maintain there, how
staunchest guards and most potent they are hidden and what strength
magical wards to leave their victims of warriors they contain are
mysteriously slain, or else vanished questions to which the Masterclan
altogether, never to be seen again. are forever seeking answers. Few
are forthcoming. Indeed, even the
Not even the Masterclan know very This is not to say that the strength of names and markings of the Clans
much about the hidden enclaves the Clans Eshin lies only in small- Eshin are typically kept vague
and secretive practices of the Clans scale missions of assassination and and mysterious.
Eshin. Where they hide their intrigue. When they choose to move
shadowy, heavily fortified burrows in force, packs of Night Runners Clan Scurrie and Clan Stryk give
is a secret that many have died to and Gutter Runners attack in their the appearance of being the two
protect. How the Clans Eshin train hundreds, using stealth, blurring largest and most powerful of these
their deadly killers or instil in them a speed and feral cunning to surround shadowy clans, for both possess
discipline so utterly lacking in most and overwhelm their enemies. The strong presences in Blight City, and
skaven is also a mystery. Who are the foe’s advance guards are ambushed both have a Master seated upon the
mysterious Masters that rule their and buried in furry bodies that Council of Thirteen. It is known that
clans and disguise their identities stab and bite frantically before Scurrie specialise in assassination
through illusion, body-doubles and disappearing to leave only corpses through the use of complex gadgetry
webs of misdirection? What are in their wake. Artillery crews such as gnawbombs, warp-grinders
the Clans Eshin’s true goals? Why, and other rear-echelon assets are and telescoping blades – they are
when they have such lethal agents of annihilated by skaven striking from believed to maintain strong ties with
assassination at their disposal, have unexpected quarters. Enemy officers at least one of the Clans Skryre – and
they never made a bid for control of are hit from all sides by hurtling that their agents can be recognised
Blight City? These are question that throwing stars and envenomed by the distinctive clan rune branded
play upon the minds of all skaven daggers before the skaven assassins into their flesh or stained upon their
who have dealings with the Clans leap from the shadows to finish off fur. Clan Stryk, by comparison,
Eshin, filling them with paranoia their weakened quarry. Then come are believed to be masters of subtle
and outright fear. the terrifying Verminlord Deceivers, poisons and contact-venoms,
slipping from the dark spaces behind achieving many of their kills without
In truth, this aura of ominous reality to strike the heads from the ever seeming to raise a claw in anger.
mystery is just another weapon in enemy’s commanders and send Their agents are believed to wear
the arsenal of the Clans Eshin. And the last of their warriors fleeing in garb of black and dark purple, and
they have many, many weapons. mindless terror. communicate in a secret tongue that
Supernaturally fast and possessed even the Masterclan have never been
of incredible agility, their agents The Clans Eshin see the Great able to decipher.
are well versed in the arts of Horned Rat as the Shadow of
unarmed combat, bladesmanship, Murder, a secretive abomination Of course, what is believed about the
explosives, poisons, firearms, that compels them to slay all those Clans Eshin and what is the truth
throwing weapons, and any other who hold positions of power, and to can be two wholly different things;
method of delivering a swift kill spread anarchy, confusion and panic it is possible that Scurrie and Stryk
that their elusive Masters believe among their rivals until they – and are far from the most powerful clans
they alone – possess the information amongst the Eshin ranks, that they
and wherewithal to rule. All of their are but false fronts or even that they
hit-and-run battles and elaborate are not who they say they are at
covert missions are executed with all. Meanwhile, even less is known
this goal in mind and, though they about clans such as black-furred
would never reveal as much to the Clan Nichtus, the expert saboteurs
other Great Clans, Eshin seek to of Clan Kratt or the grey-cowled
destabilise their fellow skaven as mage-slayers of Clan Nullix. Most
much as they do the other sentient know only that the Clans Eshin are
races of the Mortal Realms. to be feared…

The Masterclan


Even amongst a race as devious and self-serving as the skaven, there are those with minds so cunning that they are
able to manipulate the rest of their species into doing their bidding. Such is the nature of the Masterclan, whose
seers and daemons direct the swarms of skavendom on the road to ultimate victory.

Through sorcerous might, force Grey Seers spend much of their time When compelled to go to war in
of arms and a dizzying array of operating behind the scenes in the person, many Grey Seers ride high
trickery, back-stabbing, bribery Under-Empire. They emerge from upon the creaking carriages of
and deceit is the skaven race ruled. their heavily guarded warrens only Screaming Bells. Of all the diabolical
The Council of Thirteen believe when accompanied by a bodyguard wonder-weapons of the skaven, none
themselves to be the absolute masters of hulking albino Stormvermin is more iconic nor more dreaded by
of the Under-Empire and – to some whose loyalty to their masters has their enemies. They take the form
degree – they are correct. Yet in been sorcerously or alchemically of massive brazen bells, swinging
truth, at least as often as they enact ensured. The rest of their time within an arched carriage of stone,
their own wills, the Lords of Decay is spent plotting and scheming, metal and wood and heaved into
are actually serving the ends of the scrying faraway developments and battle by frenzied masses of wild-
Masterclan whether purposefully or manoeuvring their rivals with deft eyed ratmen, and their dolorous
through being subtly manipulated. claw-twitches and cunning ploys. peals have been harbingers of doom
for countless civilisations across the
The Masterclan is far smaller than Nor are the Grey Seers immune Mortal Realms.
any of the Great Clans, its numbers to the lure of politicking and
minuscule by comparison. Indeed, the pursuit of power. Orders The bell is an ever-present symbol in
there are mere clans in skavendom can be misinterpreted, after all, the mythology of the skaven, and the
whose numbers are greater than all or misunderstood by dullard mighty toll of each Screaming Bell
the Grey Seers of the Masterclan underlings who – through no fault strikes deep inside the black hearts
combined. Yet even the least Grey of the Grey Seer’s, they would of the ratmen. They inspire awe, fear,
Seer is a powerful practitioner of protest – end up perpetrating and the closest thing to devotion the
dark sorcery, their skulls crowned massacres or enacting retreats that skaven can achieve. From atop these
by curling horns, their minds ever coincidentally further the seers’ unholy altars the Grey Seers preach
churning with a million underhand agendas. The rivalries between the their plans of total domination in the
schemes and devious thoughts. Grey Seers are legendary, and the name of the Great Horned Rat.
Like parasites lodged in the brain of power games these supposed leaders
an infinitely larger beast, the Grey engage in with one another can Each Screaming Bell is an unholy
Seers compel the vast mass of their see invasions derailed and clans relic, cast in the hellish warpforges
species to follow their commands, exterminated wholesale. beneath Blight City using brass
while using the might and numbers laced with pure warpstone. Warlock
of the Great Clans to bolster their For all this, when they do take to Engineers from Clan Resnykt – who
own power. the field of battle, the Grey Seers have grown rich off the secrets of
are to be feared. They possess a creating these potent artefacts – and
There are representatives of the ferocious grasp of the arcane arts, Grey Seers engage in a thirteen-
Masterclan on the Council of wielding horrific magics that can day ritual to create each bell. Their
Thirteen, and if questioned, the summon tides of ravenous vermin, chittering incantations cause
other Lords of Decay would all claim or rip open the lands so that noxious glowing balefire runes to writhe
that their own influence equals – if fumes and scorching flame consume mystically across the surface of the
not exceeds – that of the grey-furred their enemies. They can even call bell, and as the casting is cooled,
sorcerers. This is how the order of forth unnatural tempests from the the metal is coated many times
Grey Seers prefers to keep it, for they beyond to ground airborne enemies, with sacrificial blood. The result
have found the Great Clans more and should they find themselves is a magical terror-weapon whose
biddable if their arrogant leaders in imminent danger, they are able peals roll out across the battlefield
believe the Grey Seers to be at their to teleport across the battlefield in waves of physical force. Each
beck and call rather than the other in great ‘skitterleaps’. Yet it is the thunderclap of sound sends enemies
way around. Yet the truth is that – Grey Seers’ frenzied intellect that is reeling in terror and pain, even as it
even as they give the impression of perhaps their most deadly weapon reverberates a message of inevitable
enacting the will of the council – the of all. They are arch-manipulators skaven supremacy that sends the
Masterclan is nearly always three possessed of a rabid desire to control ratmen surging into battle with
clawsteps ahead. They must be, for all that they survey, and when they froth spilling from their jaws. Stone
they are the prophets of the Horned turn their wits to military victory shatters, the enemy’s bones are
Rat as a single, unified deity, and it is it takes a truly great mind to match pulverised to dust and – as the peals
their duty to interpret and enact his their puissance and willingness to grow ever louder – even reality itself
will no matter the cost (to any but sacrifice their own warriors in the is split asunder by the unnatural
themselves, of course!). name of victory. cacophony of the Screaming Bell.

THANQUOL Grey Seer Thanquol crouches atop the broad shoulders of his monstrous Rat
AND BONERIPPER Ogor, Boneripper. The beast’s censer-fists billow poisonous warpstone fumes as
Rabidly ambitious, as
inspired as he is delusional, its master screeches the jagged words to an arcane invocation.
and dangerously addicted to
devouring warpstone, Grey
Seer Thanquol is a loose
cannon. He inspires a mix of
envy and hatred amongst his
peers, for his schemes are so
entangled as to bewilder even
the other Grey Seers – at least
until they come to improbable
spectacular fruition or else blow
up in his face. If there is one
thing Thanquol possesses in
abundance, it is self-confidence;
so convinced is he of his own
genius that he can swiftly shift
any blame for failure to the
first available victim, adapt his
plans to account for – or even
capitalise on – catastrophe, and
simply press on.

Traditionally, Thanquol
has been accompanied by a
monstrous Rat Ogor called
Boneripper. The first of these
beasts was slain long ago,
serving as a fleshy bulwark for
its shrieking master. However,
Thanquol is surprisingly
sentimental about this brute,
and after each loss has always
commissioned agents of the
Clans Skryre and Moulder to
fashion him a new and usually
improved beast to serve as
bodyguard and steed.

Rumour has it that Thanquol
is ancient, that the Horned Rat
plucked him from the world-
that-was and imprisoned him
for some grandiose error, and
that he gnawed his way free.
Certainly he has appeared
suddenly in Blight City, playing
many sides against the middle
in a frenetic bid to accumulate
power. Does Thanquol seek
a seat on the Council of
Thirteen? Is he under the
Horned Rat’s protection, or
is he on the run from his god
and blessed with obscene good
fortune? Skavendom seethes
with questions about this
shadowy figure…



To behold a Verminlord is to see a splinter of the Great Horned Rat himself. It is to see creeping decay and
inscrutable knowledge made manifest, anarchic ambition and insidious malice given physical form. These
towering rat daemons are living icons of ruin, the ultimate scavengers from beyond the veil.

Verminlords are exemplars of However, for all their dark bargains dramatic entrances, arriving in
everything a skaven aspires to be. and politicking, when a Verminlord clouds of smoke before mustered
Insanely cunning, malevolent and steps into the light and flexes its skaven hordes, or tearing their way
menacing, viciously strong, whip- monstrous talons, there can be no into reality through the screaming
fast and eternally manipulative, doubt who is the master and who form of an enemy champion. Their
they are the daemons of the Horned the slave. egotism and showmanship are not
Rat. Verminlords loom above the baseless, however, for few foes can
hierarchy of skaven society. They see Just as the Horned Rat is split into match the speed and strength of
all other Verminlords as rivals and different aspects, so his Verminlords a Verminlord Warbringer when
all mortal skaven as pawns in their reflect these personas. They are its blood is up. Meanwhile, their
ongoing schemes. However, the Grey divided into the Warbringers, presence spreads a supernatural
Seers of the Masterclan cling to the Deceivers, Corruptors, Warpseers fervour through their underlings.
boast that the Verminlords are theirs and other rarer and stranger castes.
to summon and to bargain with as Certain of these beings are drawn Verminlord Deceivers, by
they see fit, and that they are thus to particular Great Clans whose comparison, are subtle and secretive
tools of the Masterclan rather than aspects echo their own, and are held killers whose daemonic might is
the other way around. up by those clans’ leaders as vengeful complemented by supernatural
totems. Verminlords manipulate and stealth and skill. Closely associated
It suits the Verminlords to permit terrify any and all skaven into doing with the Clans Eshin, these half-
this charade; even the daemons their bidding – it is simply that they seen terrors move amidst clouds
of the Horned Rat like to have an are most likely to manifest alongside of obfuscating shadow and speak
incompetent minion or two to blame those ratmen whose methods are in ominous whispers, their every
should matters go awry, and it befits most pleasing to them. utterance echoing thirteen times
the Verminlords’ sinister natures over in a chorus of subtly differing
to manipulate from the shadows Verminlord Warbringers are the lies. When they strike, they burst
wherever they can. It is for this most commonly seen of the rat forth with blistering speed to slide
reason that certain rat daemons act daemons, especially amongst the their warpstilettos through their
as patrons for particularly promising Clans Verminus, and of all the victims’ ribs, or fling their spinning
skaven leaders; they whisper advice Verminlords they are the most doomstars to lop off heads before
into their twitching ears and ensure arrogant, aggressive and territorial. the fiendish weapons return to their
horrible fates befall their rivals. Warbringers have a fondness for waiting talons.

SKREECH VERMINKING to slay and supplant him as they would one another.
Dark tales tell of a Verminlord like no other, a terror Whatever the truth, their punishment was hideous.
by the name of Skreech Verminking. It is said this fell Millennia trapped in a metaphysical prison, their
being began as an entire Council of Thirteen, twelve only nourishment the tattered remnants of failed
Lords of Decay snatched up by the Great Horned schemes, their only pastime an endless round of
Rat and cast into a shadowed oubliette. These were recrimination and talon-pointing. When at last the
the most devious, the most wicked and malevolent Horned Rat relented and plucked the Lords of Decay
council there has ever been. Their plots wound about from their prison, what emerged was not twelve
one another like twining rats’ tails, and their efforts individual beings but a hideous amalgamation of
to undermine one another saw them scale new heights them all. Twisted and tail-locked, they were now one
of cunning and conquest. Then came a scheme unlike squirming abomination that mutated further in the
any other, all twelve Lords of Decay clawpledging Horned One’s grip until at last it arose as the mightiest
to work as one until their great undertaking was Verminlord of all time. So Skreech Verminking came
complete. Little could they know that their god heard into being. He possessed every scrap of knowledge
them make this vow, and the hideous fate it would ever accumulated by the skaven race, and the absolute
lead them to. Some versions of the legend claim the desire to see the Horned Rat reign supreme. Since
council sought to gnaw away the void around the that day, Skreech Verminking has led the Shadow
Realm of Heavens and send it crashing down in Council in its machinations, unleashed terrible curses
ruin. Others tell how the council pursued the secret and monstrous fates upon countless civilisations,
of immortality. Some even whisper that they were and commanded skaven swarms in battles that have
fashioning a weapon that could kill gods, and that brought entire races to ruin. He is the left claw of the
the Horned Rat suspected his children of attempting Horned Rat, and he is doom to all who look upon him.

Verminlord Corruptors are A Verminlord Warbringer strikes a conqueror’s pose, taunting
demigods of the Clans Pestilens. his enemies with his martial might even as he prepares to butcher
They are the daemonic avatars of the
Great Corruptor, fonts of eldritch them for the glory of the Horned Rat.
ruination. Foulness runs through
their clotted veins, lice teem in their
scabrous pelts, and their flesh reeks
of decay. Verminlord Corruptors
are fanatics, single-minded in the
spreading of disease and entropy.
They wield plaguereapers with
savage skill even as they vomit
geysers of rancid filth and chitter
dark prayers that unleash noxious
blights upon any unlucky enough to
be stood nearby.

Verminlord Warpseers are the most
inscrutable of their kind. They are
manipulators and schemers who
manifest to take command of skaven
swarms wherever it will further their
labyrinthine plots. Their strength
lies in the arcane arts above all else;
these rat daemons are able to conjure
forth dark lightnings and unleash
withering curses upon their enemies
with every hissed syllable. The paths
of the future are also theirs to see,
for the Warpseers can summon
pulsating scry-orbs that reveal to
them all the secrets they wish to
know. In extremis, these orbs can
be flung as a weapon, detonating in
a cascade of fractured futures and
splintered possibilities that drives
the foe to madness and despair.

Warlocks and Weapons of Skryre


The Clans Skryre fight their battles using a mixture of dark sorcery and arcane engineering. The warlocks that
lead their covens go to battle festooned with bizarre contraptions for the channelling of magical energies, and
their potent wonder-weapons can blast gaping holes in the enemy battle line with every shot.

SKRYRE WARLOCKS gas-jetting Warlock Fumigators to of the Gautfyre Skorch fashion
The warlocks of the Clans Skryre the esoteric sciences of the Warlock warheads that explode in sprays of
are the artificers of skaven society. Shattertalons who guide the drill- corrosive warpfire.
They blend arcane sorceries with engines used to fashion gnawholes.
technology in an insane and SKRYRE ACOLYTES
mind-boggling mix, using strange Warlock Bombardiers, meanwhile While the warlocks form their
contraptions like warp-power become ever more fixated on covens to rule over the Clans Skryre,
accumulators and thaumognaw- wreaking destruction with explosives the great mass of ratmen below
accelerators to channel the launched from afar. Alongside their them are known as Acolytes. These
magic of the realms into blasts of ability to channel and unleash warp skaven scurry in their masters’
dark lightning. lightning, These skaven specialise shadows. They fetch, carry, tinker,
in long-ranged ballistic devastation. aid with experimentation and bully
The greatest amongst their number – Their favoured weapons are the slave gangs into running in their
those warlocks who have successfully doomrockets that they build in their wheels or ‘volunteering’ to test the
risen to control their clans through precarious workshops. warlocks’ weapons.
politicking, assassination and shows
of force – are known as Arch- A doomrocket consists of a long Every Acolyte has a singular desire
Warlocks. While smaller Clans brass pole fitted with a trigger and – to rise to the rank of warlock
Skryre or expeditionary swarms may warp-volt sparking mechanisms, either through the favour of his
be led by just one of these eldritch upon which is a affixed a sizeable betters or by murdering one of
beings, many clans are led by entire warhead. When the Warlock them and claiming their workshop
mastercovens of them. Clad in Bombardier points his rocket in for his own. In the meantime, the
elaborate suits of warpstone-powered the general direction of the foe and Acolytes fight for their clan by
armour, these potent engineer- squeezes the trigger, a shock of warp donning heavy gas-hoods, robes and
warriors can unleash blasts of lightning runs up the insulated pole goggles, shouldering gasp-breather
sorcerous energy and roiling tongues and sparks off the propellant in the backpacks and taking to the field
of warpflame from high-tech doomrocket’s base. There comes a armed with bandoliers of volatile
projectors while their interlocking fiery roar as the doomrocket leaps poisoned wind globes. These fragile
brass plates protect them from harm. from its launcher and races through spheres of glass are filled with toxic
the air, slamming into the ground warpstone-derived fumes produced
There are many different schools of in the enemy’s midst to detonate by the warlocks in their laboratories
engineering scattered throughout with a ferocious boom and blinding and named poisoned wind.
the Clans Skryre, with individual green flash. When the smoke clears,
warlocks choosing whatever hideous devastation is revealed in Poisoned wind globes are much
specialism they believe will the explosion’s wake. feared by the skaven’s enemies,
best allow them to realise their for armour is no defence against
megalomaniacal ambitions while Different Warlock Bombardiers the seeping gas they release upon
putting paid to their rivals in prefer to fashion alternative types shattering, and even thick cloth
violent and explosive fashion. Many of warheads for their weapon, hoods and rubberised seals quickly
become Warlock Engineers, whose often dictated by their enginecoven break down beneath the corrosive
areas of construction and sorcery allegiance. Thus, those Bombardiers fume. Those who breathe poisoned
are broad and varied. Skilled in belonging to Whyrlblade Threshik wind find their lungs filling with
the creation of weapons of war and tend towards flechette bombs, fluid, their flesh breaking out in
the conjuring of warp lightning while Gascloud Chokelung agonising blisters and their eyes
through techno-sorcerous devices, Bombardiers create long-range dissolving and weeping from their
Warlock Engineers prefer to put poisoned wind bombs, and those sockets. Death comes soon after, an
paid to their enemies at a distance. agonising dissolution as the victim
When cornered and forced to fight, is eaten away from without and
however, their crackling warp- within. Acolytes hurl volley after
energy blades and potent warplock volley of poisoned wind globes into
pistols can make a bloody mess of the enemy’s ranks and – barring
even the toughest foes. catastrophic mishaps with the fragile
and easily dropped spheres – can
Other warlocks become slowly more rapidly annihilate even the most
obsessed with particular areas of resilient foes.
arcane death-dealing, from the

DOOMWHEELS new for the skaven, however, and so that scorch their victims to the
Few devices sum up the crazed long as Doomwheels continue to rip bone while the crew-rats squeal
ingenuity of the skaven better than through the foe’s formations with with savage glee. Ratling Guns,
the infernal war engine known as the such breathtaking effectiveness, they meanwhile, are multi-barrelled
Doomwheel. At first, the Doomwheel will continue to be built. whirling death-machines. Powered
might seem ludicrous to those who by warp-steam and kicked into
have never seen one in battle. This WEAPON TEAMS gear by the frenzied working of a
delusion is soon shattered as the war The Clans Skryre churn out hand-crank, the six barrels of the
engine ploughs into the enemy lines, mountains of materiel every Ratling Gun spin and whir, spitting
spitting bolts of coruscating warp day, more weapons of war than a fusillade of warpstone-laced bullets
lightning while crushing everything they could ever possibly wield that tear rank after rank of the foe
in its path to bloody paste. by themselves. A great many of to bloody shreds. Overheating can
these are cumbersome weapons of lead to an explosive misfire – always
Rats scampering on twin treadmills destruction intended to be borne by a danger once the skaven crew begin
inside an enormous wheel provide a pair of skaven known as a weapon maniacally cranking and firing for
the primary motive force of this team. Whether carried into battle all they are worth – but the carnage
bizarre machine. This, in turn, by dedicated Skryre Acolytes or they cause first more than makes up
sparks the warpstone generator sold to the other Great Clans to be for this dubious instability.
that – if all goes well – discharges crewed by whichever overconfident
bolts of lethal warp lightning. If the fools can be talked into the job, these The Doom-Flayer is a truly unsubtle
green-black bolts that arc out from wonder-weapons can wreak horrible tool of slaughter. This motorised
the warp conduits do not slay the foe, devastation amongst the enemy – at metal ball of whirling blades was
then it will be up to the great iron- least until their inevitable, often originally developed for tunnel
banded wheel to crush all who dare spectacular malfunction. clearance in subterranean warfare.
to stand in the Doomwheel’s path. A warpstone generator powers
At the centre of the contraption sits a For ranged mass carnage, the the contraption, with one lurking
Warlock Engineer pilot. Occupying Warpfire Thrower and the Ratling skaven tending its temperamental
this mighty work of death-dealing Gun are both extremely popular motor and keeping the Doom-Flayer
artifice leaves the warlock so full of weapons – at least with those moving. The other crew-rat steers,
bold reassurance that the otherwise skaven not standing too close when shrieking and cackling maniacally
dubious courage of his race is, at they’re fired. The former pipes a as his vehicle ploughs through the
least partially, offset. Doubtless, the warpstone-infused alchemical enemy ranks amidst sprays of gore
wafting fumes from the warpstone solution from a sloshing tank into and spills of viscera. Of course,
generator bolster the engineer’s a heavy nozzle, through which should the Doom-Flayer stall in the
confidence as well. it is sprayed in gouts across the midst of the foe, their vengeance is
enemy. The viscous mix ignites often swift and bloody.
Of course, there are always on contact with the air, bursting
‘technical challenges’ that make the into ferocious green-black flames Strangest of all the commonly seen
Doomwheel dangerously haphazard. weapon teams is the Warp-Grinder.
For instance, the rat propulsion Originally intended as a device to
system of the Doomwheel might, help the skaven tunnel more quickly,
on occasion, produce results that this weapon’s warp-energy projector
veer between mildly disappointing pulverises compacted earth, rock
and deeply lethargic. At the same and even metal in a wide area,
time, it is not uncommon for an leaving a narrow, smoking tunnel
overstressed warpstone generator in its wake. Though cave-ins and
to fire arcs of lightning at random, meltdowns of the weapon are a
or to simply detonate in spectacular constant danger, groups of skaven
fashion. The Warlock Engineer can scurry along the tunnel in the
who pilots the Doomwheel also Warp-Grinder’s wake and – with
has much to attend to – ensuring some margin for user-error – burst
that the warpstone generator is not up from the ground to fall upon the
overloading, or goading the rats enemy’s undefended flank or rear.
of the propulsion system with a The Warp-Grinder is especially
shock-prod. Sometimes, steering popular with the Clans Eshin,
is a duty that must be temporarily who use it to slip bands of Gutter
abandoned due to more immediate Runners into the enemy’s midst. It
concerns, and it is not uncommon to doesn’t hurt that the Warp-Grinder
see Doomwheels plough through a itself, while not primarily designed
pack or two of allies before they slam for combat, can pulverise enemy
into the enemy lines. Random, cruel warriors and war engines as easily as
and undeserved death is nothing it does bedrock.

WARP LIGHTNING brain. This is achieved by the Those bearing shock gauntlets
CANNONS gruesome expedient of suturing are transformed into walking
The Warp Lightning Cannon is a atrophied ‘brain-skaven’ directly lightning-generators, lethal energies
contraption built by the fiendishly to their backs. These vile beings are arcing off them in all directions to
clever Warlock Engineers of the fused to their monstrous charges annihilate anyone luckless enough
Arkhspark Voltik enginecovens, and with wires and tubes, their own to be stood nearby. Then there are
is powered by an enormous hunk bodies withering until they become the grinderfists, which combine
of warpstone. This war machine little more than auxiliary minds the ability to tunnel through the
generates an unearthly charge with whose only purpose is to guide the bedrock of the battlefield and
massive destructive potential, which Stormfiends and direct their fury. attack from unexpected quarters
is directed along a rune-etched with the capacity to churn through
barrel forged and enchanted to armour, flesh and bone with
channel its fury. hideous efficiency.

When fired, the Warp Lightning As if their phenomenal resilience, WARPLOCK JEZZAILS
Cannon emits a sizzling ball of virtual immunity to pain and Warplock Jezzails are long-barrelled
warp energy. Any skaven near the shield-crushing strength were rifles that require a two-skaven
weapon at the time get a shock, not enough, the Clans Skryre team to load and fire, and loose
causing their fur to stand on end and further arm Stormfiends with an high-velocity rounds made of
searing sickly green after-images arsenal of spectacularly destructive refined warpstone that strike with
across their vision. The bolt arcs weaponry. This transforms them enough force to punch through
groundwards, punching through into either walking artillery pieces even sigmarite plate. The glowing
anything in its path and then or line-breaking assault units with warp-bullets leave vivid green trails
erupting in a crackling storm of few equals. Moreover, directed as they rip through the air, and
warp lightning. The shot travels too by their vestigial brain-rats, they impact with a deafening and highly
quickly to follow, but its trail is easily stomp forwards with beady-eyed distinctive crack. Victims struck by
marked. Blackened corpses twitch in determination, holding to their jezzail fire are smashed off their feet
its wake, and anything large enough simple but destructive purpose no as though hit by a wrecking ball.
to fully interpose itself between matter the odds against them.
the bolt and its target is left with a Jezzails are popular weapons within
smouldering hole several feet wide Stormfiends armed with ratling skavendom amongst hired killers,
punched through it. Naturally, Warp cannons can lay down screaming for they allow their wielder to strike
Lightning Cannons make excellent hails of hot warp-lead bullets that quickly, from a great distance and
siege weapons, for rare are the gates reduce swathes of the enemy to without their target knowing the
or walls that can long absorb the red mist in moments. Those with danger until it is too late. Of course,
punishment these weapons can mete warpfire projectors shoot torrents not every target has the good grace
out – at least so long as the crew-rats of green-black flame over great to die from a single shot – protective
do not overload their weapon and distances that dissolve anything they warding, inhuman resilience,
blow themselves to smithereens. come into contact with, while those inconvenient crosswinds or simple
armed with windlaunchers hurl inaccuracy by the highly strung
STORMFIENDS poisoned wind grenades into the skaven marksmen can lead to the
Rat Ogors are hulking beasts foe’s midst, where the corrosive gases jezzail teams coming under attack
stitched together out of component they release swiftly render flesh and from their erstwhile victims. To this
parts harvested or grown by the metal alike into bubbling goo. end, each jezzail is equipped with a
Clans Moulder. Purchased in bulky pavise designed to protect the
a still-gestative state from the By comparison, Stormfiends with weapon’s operators from return fire.
moulders by the Clans Skryre, these doomflayer gauntlets annihilate
mindlessly violent war beasts are their enemies in hand-to-hand Lightweight in comparison to the
biologically boosted with warpstone combat with huge motorised iron equipment carried by other weapon
serums and augmented with arcane balls and arrays of whirring blades. teams, quick to relocate and easy
technologies to become something to maintain, Warplock Jezzails are
truly abominable. favoured by the Clans Eshin, and
by those Skryre forces making war
Larger still than a normal Rat Ogor amidst ruined forts and settlements.
and boasting skin-fused armour Many an enemy hero has been felled
plates, Stormfiends are amongst the by a sudden volley from a leaning
most terrifying weapons to emerge spire or crumbling belfry, and when
from Blight City. Furthermore, deployed atop commanding vantage
Stormfiends overcome the greatest points, these weapons can turn
weakness suffered by unaugmented entire regions of any battlefield into
Rat Ogors – that of a very small lethal no-go zones for the foe.

THE FLESHSCORCHERS into battle and there douse their enemies in glowing
Skryre Clan Krakhl are amongst the most prolific flame. Most Warlock Engineers wouldn’t risk standing
wielders of warpfire as a weapon in battle. Their lurid within thirteen paces of an active warpfire thrower,
green livery is forever singed at the edges, their fur yet the Fleshscorchers tinker constantly with their
burned away in blackened patches and their flesh unstable gear to maximise its output – even in
stained with soot and ash. Many skaven of this clan the heat of battle – and insist on unleashing their
are badly disfigured by warpfire burns, some even weapons’ fury in person. Such is his arrogance that
showing bare bone through their ravaged flesh. Yet each engineer believes himself too skilled to fall foul
nothing stays their pyromania. Infamous amongst of mechanical malfunction, and each is sure that
the ranks of Clan Krakhl are the Fleshscorchers, a he will be the one to build and unleash the ultimate
sub-cult of engineers driven to bear warpfire throwers warpfire thrower.

Devotees of Pestilens


The Clans Pestilens are the most overtly religious of all the Children of the Horned Rat. They are deranged zealots
whose swarms rely upon numbers and ferocity, coupled with the deleterious effects of their weaponised plagues, to
rapidly wear their enemies down before a last headlong charge sees them annihilated wholesale.

PLAGUE PRIESTS coercion or back-stabbing to rise them brave and extremely dangerous
Plague Priests are the fanatical above their rivals. A common tactic in large numbers.
leaders of the Churches of employed by the priests of Pestilens
Contagion. Entire conclaves of these is inventing new and ever-more- Congregations of Plague Monks spill
rancid beings rule over each of the important-sounding titles for across the battlefield in a hideous
Clans Pestilens, maintaining their themselves. These names are tied to tide. Ragged, robed figures scrabble
tenuous grip on power through the priests’ duties within the church, over and around one another in
zealotry, cunning and outright and are ridiculously overblown; their eagerness to sink their fangs
violence. They wield warpstone- names such as the Most-blessed into flesh. A rank odour heralds this
tipped staves that rot all they touch, Master of the Chittering Chant or horrific onslaught, while the squeals
or foul plague censers that belch the Arch-Squealer of the Followers and gurgled chanting of the Plague
clouds of diseased smog across the of the Furnace impress dull minds – Monks presage a hideous death for
enemy, and can spit forth the words reason enough to tear the throat out their foes. Weird religious trappings
of pestilent prayers that reduce of anyone foolish enough to laugh clang and flap in the winds of battle,
the foe to plague-riddled corpses at them. scrolls nailed directly into sloughing
in moments. flesh and unholy icons brandished
All Plague Priests have at least some aloft. As the Plague Monks crash
The Plague Priests of the Horned ability in brewing the plagues and into the enemy lines, their madness
Rat are frothing lunatics, ranting toxic concoctions that their clan only intensifies. Their numbers alone
preachers of the Withered Word uses against their foes in battle. The are enough to blunt enemy attacks
and true believers in the Great true masters of this art command and overrun defences, while the
Corruptor. These diseased fanatics heightened levels of fearful respect unnaturally virulent diseases they
are unusual in skaven terms for from their peers, using their great bring cause enemies to sicken and
their propensity to lead from the bubbling vats to create diseases and die in droves.
front. They hack, claw and bite their poxes so contagious and foul that
way through their enemies while they can devastate entire armies. The weapons these fanatics wield are
screeching prayers that conjure It is these diabolically talented vectors of plague in their own right.
unholy miracles or blessings of foetid architects who attend the Foulrain They brandish rusted cleavers and
filth. Some Plague Priests fight in Congregations in battle, working jagged, splintered knives that drip
this seemingly courageous fashion dark blessings upon the Plagueclaw poisonous concoctions, and their
because their sanity is so eroded catapult batteries to ensure their fangs and talons are coated with
that they do not recognise their own absolute lethality. layers of noxious filth. A mere nick
danger. Most simply seek to win the or scratch from such a weapon is
Horned Rat’s favour, and will gladly PLAGUE MONKS enough to cause rampant infection
use their underlings as living shields Diseased devotees of the Horned to take hold, meaning that those
at the first sign of real peril. Rat, Plague Monks form the heart who survive battle with the Clans
of the seething hordes of the Clans Pestilens soon shrivel and die if
To the Plague Priests, winning their Pestilens swarms. Though inherently they have suffered even the most
verminous god’s blessing is their cowardly like the rest of their race, superficial of wounds.
main goal, for it is vital in their the Plague Monks’ zealotry makes
climb towards ever greater power. Even worse are the arcane weapons
Even the smallest Clans Pestilens of the Bringers-of-the-Word. These
are led by several competing Plague spiteful and ambitious beings are the
Priests. The largest have hundreds, aspirant underlings of the Plague
even thousands of these vile beings Priests themselves, each attaching
to drive their swarms into battle, himself to the tail of whichever priest
and to lead the devoted chitterings he believes can expedite his climb to
of their congregations in praise of power. Bringers-of-the-Word further
the Great Corruptor. The internal their priestly masters’ agendas and
hierarchies of these priesthoods are are rewarded for their efforts with
convoluted in the extreme, but all potent plague scrolls and Books
hinge around violence and fear. of Woes. When the crabbed and
squirming characters of these texts
The Plague Priests within any given are read aloud they cause the air to
clan vie constantly for dominance, curdle, reality to sour and the enemy
and will resort to any act of bribery, to rot where they stand.

The battle madness of the Plague The billowing fog that rolls from the deluded or unfortunate amongst the
Monks not only makes them deadly censers of the Plague Censer Bearers teeming ranks of the Clans Pestilens
aggressors, but also lends them is inimical to life. Before battle, each find themselves wielding plague
a frightening resilience. Beneath large brass censer is carefully filled censers. Some, those with rotgrubs
their rotting robes and filth-matted with noxious concoctions of the riddling their brains or frothblight
pelts, the zealots’ hides have been Plague Priests’ devising. Whether flowing through their arteries, see
rendered leathery and tough by the it be pus-soaked incense of pallid becoming a Plague Censer Bearer
cornucopia of diseases they have rotshade, the disease-bloated hearts as a true blessing. To such beings,
willingly subjected themselves to. of butchered, plague-riddled corpses, the corrosive vapours emitted by
Nerve endings are rotted, or dulled thrice-cursed ashes from a victim the plague censers only intensify
through leprous degeneration. In of a Great Plague or some other fell their already feverish hallucinations
this way a Plague Monk may easily mixture, the end result is the same. and strengthen their convictions
shrug off even the most agonising Soaked in warpstone-infused oil that the Second Great Withering
pain, at least until they realise the and set alight, the contents of the is underway.
severity of their wounds and their censers belch noxious gases. These
overdeveloped skaven instinct for blister flesh, corrode metal and For the majority, though, there is
self-preservation kicks in. cause organs and joints to swell with some reticence, at least until the
rancid fluids. plague fumes cloud their minds
What Plague Monks lack in cunning and drive them into an insensible
and guile they more than make up Plague Monks are significantly killing frenzy. Such wretches are
for with blind religious fervour. more resistant to these fumes than likely to be selected by the Plague
Compared to most skaven, the other, less corrupt forms of life, but Priests from amongst those up-and-
warriors of the Clans Pestilens are even they will eventually dissolve coming brethren who might soon
positively daring. They exhibit a and die amidst the smog. It is for become rivals. Set upon by gangs of
surprising lack of cowardice in the this reason that only the most their peers, these Plague Monks are
face of battle, danger or sudden loud knocked unconscious, only to wake
noises. This is a blessing for all, as upon the battlefield with plague
when a Plague Monk’s glands do let censers chained to their handclaws.
go, their curdled musk of fear has a Others are captives and slaves from
particularly offensive stench that has different clans, swaddled in filth-
been known to make even Rat Ogors caked robes and given the choice
baulk. They are still skaven at heart between wielding the censer or being
though, and should battle begin to used as ingredients for the vile brew
turn against the hordes of the Clans inside it.
Pestilens, they will cut and run just
as quickly as their less feculent kin. However they came to be, once
the fumes take hold and the battle
PLAGUE CENSER BEARERS is at hand, the Plague Censer
Plague Censer Bearers are the most Bearers become whirling, slavering
deranged and devoted practitioners dervishes. They charge into the
of their unhinged faith. Wielding enemy lines with no thought for
fuming flails, these hallucinating their own safety, ignoring whistling
lunatics scamper madly into battle bolts or coruscating blasts of magic
and cause untold damage before as they scurry madly across the
meeting their end. battlefield to bludgeon and kill with
their horrific weapons.

The Verminlord Corruptor known as Sepskrik the Foul has been responsible for the outbreaks
of some of the most horrific plagues in the history of the Mortal Realms. It was he who
introduced the Crimsonweal Curse to the fountains of the Glittering City, and who set
loose the Grey Shrivelling amid the Everwoods of High Sephardia. Sepskrik is known
as the Foul for his pestilent stench and for the living carpet of parasites that seethes
over his fur. Yet even though the Verminlord’s very presence leaves greasy trails of
dark corruption on everything he touches, the daemon is actually a fastidious and
obsessive collector of the very finest plague ingredients. Hagwolf teeth must be polished
to a fine sheen, rotwater must retain the perfect porridgy consistency, while troggoth
warts must be shrivelled to just the right size. The daemon’s strange lair is a clinking,
creaking repository of alembic jars beyond count, within which float myriad horrors gathered
from across the realms, horrors that he has slain entire armies to possess.

PLAGUE FURNACES spiked sphere back and forth in an stalking insect. They creak forward
The war engines of the Clans ever more aggressive rhythm until on mouldering wooden wheels,
Pestilens are more than just its momentum is unstoppable and heaved into position where they
weapons; they are the befouled altars every swing emits a low, throaty can overlook the battlefield like the
at which the Virulent Processions roar. When the Plague Furnace spectre of death come to rain misery
worship, mobile fanes of corruption draws near enough to the foe, and decay upon the foe.
towards which the Plague Monks the Plague Monks can send the
direct their devotions. This is most censer rattling forward like a giant Plagueclaws are seen by the Clans
true of the fearsome constructs wrecking ball to smash down onto a Pestilens as divine instruments of
known as Plague Furnaces. packed regiment, crush a monstrous the Horned Rat’s will, the devices by
opponent or shatter fortress gates which he bestows pestilence upon
Plague Furnaces are huge wheeled with a single blow. This motion the worthy and the unworthy alike.
carriages of rotting wood and also sends lethal clouds of plague- They are potent vectors for plagues
rusting metal, heaved into battle by smog rolling outwards, engulfing so incredibly lethal that they spread
teeming hordes of Plague Monks. the shell-shocked survivors of the like wildfire through armies in the
Their sheer bulk is deadly in its own censer’s impact in killing vapours. So field, fortress garrisons and city
right, and many foes are crushed does the Plague Furnace shatter the populations alike.
beneath their grinding wheels as the heart of enemy battle lines, or bring
engines are driven forwards. Yet the down the walls of their fastnesses The Plague Priests make a great
mass of the Plague Furnace is but the and leave nothing but suppurating show of calling down the Great
least of the many reasons why the corpses in the path of the onrushing Corruptor’s blessings upon the
Clans Pestilens’ enemies should fear skaven hordes. cauldrons in which Plagueclaw
these foul creations. ammunition is brewed, for to
PLAGUECLAWS them the act of firing the weapons’
Each Plague Furnace is ridden to Rotten wood creaks as the throwing payloads into the foe is a ritual of
war by a Plague Priest, who uses the arm of the Plagueclaw catapult is dark baptism that can end battles
furnace as a moving pulpit from cranked slowly back until it strains before they begin and bring sieges to
which to call down foul curses on near to breaking point. Only then a swift and horrific conclusion. Into
the foe and dark blessings upon his are the plagues of the Clans Pestilens the Plagueclaws are ladled the most
allies. Some of the most virulent loaded into the weapon’s claw, the infectious brews the Plague Priests
blights known to the Plague Priests diseases mixed into a rank sludge can conjure and even – on occasions
of the Clans Pestilens can only be composed of decaying organic of great moment – precious doses
summoned beneath the pulsating matter and foul effluvia that bubbles of one or more of the Great Plagues
light from a Plague Furnace’s runes, and hisses ominously. A single that may be used to infect whole
and the efficacy of the contagions wrench upon a rusted leaver and nations from the catalyst of a
that the priests unleash is said to be the vile brew is hurled high into the single battlefield.
magnified by the Great Corruptor air before raining down upon the
when they are evoked from the enemy, where it spreads fast-acting Whether lofting their shots high
platform of such a rolling shrine. and withering contagions to all those over castle walls or into the midst of
it does not immediately dissolve a heaving melee, accuracy is of little
More dangerous still is the great into flesh-slurry. concern to the Plagueclaw crews.
censer at the Plague Furnace’s The weapons need only drop their
heart. Chunks of raw warpstone are Rolling at the rear of each pestilent ammunition in the general vicinity
saturated with mixtures of diseased procession, the silhouettes of these of their victims in order to begin an
foulness and piled into this massive rotwood catapults resemble sinister epidemic amongst their ranks. And
sphere before being doused with gallows or some species of ghastly if a few friendly warriors are caught
rancid alchemical fluids and set amidst the splattering salvoes?
aflame. The resultant toxic smoke Well, then those Plague Monks are
billows outwards in waves that drive especially blessed!
the devotees of the Clans Pestilens
into an ecstatic frenzy even as they It is also seen as a great honour to
cause rapid decomposition and crew a Plagueclaw, and not only
outbreaks of plague amongst the foe. because it allows a skaven to attack
his foes from a nice safe remove.
These enormous censers are swung Many Plague Monks believe that
back and forth by means of chains those who crew these weapons
that are tugged upon by packs of become so saturated with filth
claw-chosen Plague Monks. The that, upon their inevitable and
monks are lent crazed strength by unpleasantly messy deaths from
their zeal, coupled with inhalation exposure to irresistible plagues, they
of the censer’s fumes. Working pass through the veil to become one
together, they swing the giant with the Great Corruptor.

THE FERVID FANG the spore-storms to tear the beating heart from the
The Plague Monks of the Fervid Fang fought in many Jade Kingdom of Eyshir. Normally, such a history
great battles during the War of Life. They surged of endless slaughter would have seen a clawpack of
against the walls of the greenhold of Yillith and Plague Monks annihilated, yet the Fervid Fang are
hacked their way through the bladebowers to devour infected with a rare strain of groansplice pox – no
the Sylvaneth soulpods beyond. They fought alongside, matter what violence is done to them, so long as their
and then – once their duplicitous trap was sprung – festering hearts are not destroyed these Plague Monks
against the Rotbringer Cysts of Lord Gortulpus the will slowly – and revoltingly – regrow and regenerate
Thrice-spattered. They even followed the cloven hoof- their ravaged flesh. This process of foul rebirth has left
tread of the Verminlord Corruptor Threxiphane the the Fervid Fang raving mad, for it is agonising and
Malignificant, all the way up the Vinecoil and through hideous, yet still they fight on.

Warriors of Verminus


Where other Great Clans base their power upon twisted ingenuity or strange arts of war, the Clans Verminus rely
upon sheer numbers. It is a strategy that has served them well, as attested by their warriors’ presence in the vast
majority of skaven swarms, and the trail of enemies they have left as nothing more than gnawed bones.

CLAWLORDS he wishes to survive. Any threats to this near-mindless state, they must
In battle, Clawlords fight with the a leader’s position must be ruthlessly either consume sufficient flesh to sate
same merciless and underhanded countered, and no effort is spared themselves, or else perish as they
savagery with which they have in eliminating potential usurpers. are gnawed away from within. Thus
climbed the rungs of skaven society, Meanwhile, conquests and victories the fallen of both sides soon become
seizing upon the slightest advantage must be constantly accrued if a naught but meat for the surviving
that may offer victory. Though Clawlord wishes to minimise the Clanrats come battle’s end.
swaggering and toweringly arrogant, muttering of detractors. Many in
Verminus Clawlords share – perhaps skavendom believe this is one of the STORMVERMIN
even epitomise – their race’s instinct main reasons the Clans Verminus The Stormvermin are the fighting
for self-preservation; they will not are so perpetually aggressive – elite of the Clans Verminus. They are
think twice about stooping to any the Clawlords always need new distinguishable from their scrawnier
depths in order to murder their foes trophies, and will spend as many of litter-mates, often standing a full
while remaining alive themselves. their fellows’ lives as they must to head taller, with thick, muscular
Whether it be blowing warpstone acquire them. necks and a powerful build. They
dust into an enemy’s eyes to blind are marked from birth by their
them, hurling a hapless lackey into CLANRATS stature, their dark-hued fur and their
their foe’s path, dropping a massive The main body of many skaven willingness to savagely dominate the
stalactite on their opponent or any swarms is formed of Clanrats – the lesser skaven around them.
number of other devious tactics; if it vast and flea-bitten hordes of ratmen
wins the fight, a Clawlord will try it that make up the bulk of the Clans Stormvermin clawpacks are
in a heartbeat. Verminus. In all the underground outfitted with the best gear of war
burrows, strongholds and teeming in their clan’s armoury. Their duties
The status of Clawlord is not cavern-cities that constitute the may include forming a retinue or
something that a skaven works Under-Empire, only the worker bodyguard for Clawlords, standing
towards and earns, but rather dregs and slaves are more numerous. sentry over crucial clan assets –
something that is seized in a bloody armouries, food stores, breeder pens
instant. Rivals must be butchered Individually, Clanrats are not and the like – or being deployed as
without mercy. Some would-be natural warriors. Their weapons vanguard line-breakers, enforcers
Clawlords arrange unfortunate and armour are typically rusty and and shock troops.
accidents for their opponents; poorly maintained, often scavenged
whether they are crushed by from fallen or murdered comrades. In return, Stormvermin revel in their
a collapsing tunnel, carelessly They are ill-disciplined, cowardly favoured status, reserving the right
impale themselves upon a clawful and prone to infighting. However, to feed first upon the fallen from
of throwing daggers, succumb to Clanrats are fast and vicious, battle – or any insolent enough to
mysteriously poisoned meat, find and when they gather in large attempt to do so before them – and
themselves on the wrong end of numbers they become exponentially being assigned their own slaves and
a misfiring warpfire thrower or more dangerous. warrens to lord over.
whatever else, death can come
suddenly and with a remarkable Sweeping forward in seething The services of Stormvermin are
sense of timing. hordes, the Clanrats overwhelm often bought by other clans who
their enemies, biting, stabbing, value their muscle and sheer
Other aspirants are less subtle, screeching, squirting the musk savagery. They are especially popular
calling out their rivals amidst much of fear and trampling their own as bodyguards, with every ratman
snarling and baring of chisel-like fallen beneath their bloody claws. of rank, from Grey Seers to Master
incisors, overcoming them in Hundreds of Clanrats inevitably Moulders to Arch-Warlocks, hiring
bloody one-on-one combat and fall in any determined assault, but their own pack of arrogant, bullying
then devouring their corpses in this just means more rivals slain Stormvermin to show off their might
front of their horrified underlings. and better scavenging rights for the and importance. Of course, such
However they come to power, the survivors. It also ensures a ready Stormvermin may well remain loyal
real battle for a Clawlord is holding source of food – so hyperactive are to the Verminus clan of their birth,
onto it. Manipulation, the ability to the metabolisms of skaven that, after and more than one preening skaven
set rivals against one another and sufficiently frantic exertion, they dignitary has met their end skewered
retaining the loyalty of those who succumb to a ravenous mania known upon or hacked to pieces by the
would murder him in a heartbeat are as the black hunger. Once pushed to blades of their bodyguards’ halberds.
all skills a Clawlord must possess if

HAKKRIT’S FORGEFANGS once-noble stronghold, and it is with the aid of tainted
Though they have war-warrens dotted throughout rune-magics that he has created his Forgefangs.
skavendom – not least amidst the endless sprawl This band of elite Stormvermin wear heavy armour
of Blight City itself – the ultimate stronghold of engraved with jagged skaven runes of spite, and their
the mighty Verminus Clan Fang can be found in blades glow with ensorcelled power. Green sparks fly
Chamon. Above the Quenched Lands in Odrenn rises as the Forgefangs duel with their enemies, each strike
a mountain known as Gildpeak, and there, amidst the and counter-strike loosing arcs of warp lightning
ruins of Karak-a-Zaruk, the burrows of Clan Fang that blast the enemy to cinders. Strutting at the head
proliferate. With hired help from the Clans Skryre, of this scorched and arrogant bodyguard, Clawlord
Lord Hakkrit has been able to breathe a corrupted Hakkrit carves down all who dare to stand in his
form of life into the ancient duardin forges of that magnificent path.

Monsters of Moulder


Flesh-twisters and monster-makers beyond compare, the Clans Moulder are ghoulish beastmasters whose power
stems from the grotesque living weapons that crawl from their spawning pits. With lash and goad do their
Packmasters drive their verminous monsters into battle, then delight in watching them tear the enemy to shreds.

MASTER MOULDERS battle, but their real weapons are the WAR RATS
Deranged experts in beast breeding monstrous creatures that they raise Rats of every size are unleashed by
and warpstone-triggered mutation, and unleash upon the foe. the Clans Moulder. The smallest flow
the Master Moulders hold absolute across the battlefield in huge and
power over their clans. Brutish, PACKMASTERS voracious swarms. The larger beasts,
conniving and vicious, they have The mutated fighting beasts made some reaching the size of hunting
come to resemble the very monsters by the Clans Moulder are driven hounds, launch themselves at the
they create. Many have been mutated into battle by Packmasters. These enemy in waves and can drag down
by constant exposure to warpstone, cruel skaven are experts at goading even the most accomplished warriors
or in some cases even self- their ferocious charges into battle, through sheer weight of numbers.
experimentation. They boast bulked- ensuring that the beasts are
up musculatures, additional limbs, sufficiently riled when they reach RAT OGORS
monstrous visages and ferocious the foe’s lines. Packmasters ply their These hulking monsters are arguably
metabolisms that require them whips and things-catchers with the Clans Moulder’s most successful
to constantly devour living flesh. savage skill, for any who fail to do so breed of war beast. Horrific
Master Moulders wield whistling are soon devoured by the beasts they fusions of skaven and ogor, they
lashes and huge, spring-loaded pole seek to master. are stitched, melded and – in some
arms known as things-catchers in cases – vat grown through a mixture
of cryptosurgery and sorcery.
Warpstone balms make obscene
fusions of normally incompatible
anatomies possible, and forge hugely
muscled, rabidly ferocious and
extremely stupid monsters. Driven
into battle at the head of Moulder
swarms or sold off to other clans
for obscene prices, these berserk
monstrosities rip through the enemy
ranks in sprays of blood and viscera,
and can break entire enemy armies
with their fury.

The notorious Fiendmongers of Clan Snirk are a band of Packmasters HELL PIT ABOMINATIONS
who well understand the value of psychological warfare. The beasts The Hell Pit Abomination is a
they breed are amongst the ghastliest of all Moulder’s creations. living mountain of misshapen
flesh, the product of warpstone-
fuelled grafting of many monstrous
beasts into a single unholy whole.
The creature moves in a revolting,
undulating motion, its myriad limbs
clawing and dragging, its wheeled
carriage groaning under the strain
of its bloated, stinking flesh. It
hunts by scent, sound and vibration,
slither-shambling as quickly as it can
towards its prey. Those who do not
flee in terror find themselves facing
a looming mass of scabrous muscle
and blubber that rears high before
slamming down to crush them flat.
Maws snap, talons lash, bludgeons
pulverise, and another mound
of mangled corpses is left in the
Abomination’s wake.

Agents of Eshin


Stealth, misdirection and a sudden, agonising death – these are the hallmarks of Eshin. Their clans lurk in the
shadows and hire themselves out as spies and assassins. Yet they have their own warriors, their own weapons and
ways of war, and their numbers are far greater than even their most paranoid rivals might dread.

DEATHMASTERS countless aspirants from trying to NIGHT RUNNERS
Though the true masters of the trick or murder their way to the top, Night Runners make up the bulk of
Clans Eshin rarely emerge from the of course, but such fools are rarely the Clans Eshin. They slink furtively
Realm of Shadow, all of skavendom heard from again. around their enemies’ flanks and
know to fear their strong left claws, encircle their rear before striking
the Deathmasters. Little is known Gutter Runners are adept at both with vicious aggression. Night
about these elite agents beyond armed and unarmed combat. They Runners hurl volleys of throwing
rumour and fear. It is said that serve as scouts and saboteurs, stars and sling-stones to panic and
they can slither through cracks no often softening up the enemy weaken the foe, then fall upon them
wider than a hair, that their very before battle begins by spiking with fangs and flashing blades.
shadows are poisonous, and that guns, murdering key personnel, Wherever possible, they aim for their
they can communicate silently with stealing plans, poisoning rations targets’ vulnerable spots, seeking
one another within their minds. and otherwise causing mayhem. to do as much damage as they can
Certainly, their mastery of the arts Once the real fight begins, they slip as quickly as they can. If they do
of swift and stealthy murder are through the carnage like half-seen not swiftly overrun their enemies
remarkable. Deathmasters can leap ghasts, striking wherever the foe is the Night Runners will scurry
many times their own height, can weakest before fading away to attack away, ready to strike again from
run along vertical surfaces, and duck again elsewhere. another angle.
and weave so fast that even the most
skilled warriors find it impossible
to land a telling blow on them. They
can detect and identify venoms
by smell alone, catch hurtling
projectiles out of thin air, and are
as deadly with their bare claws as
most veteran killers are with their
favourite weapon.

Of course, Deathmasters do
not practise unarmed combat
exclusively. A bewildering array of
blades, throwing weapons, poisons,
explosives and more esoteric tools
are theirs to wield as they see fit.
Arson, sabotage, assassination and
misdirection – all lie within their
remit. The Clans Eshin entrust their
Deathmasters with almost complete
autonomy when it comes to the
manner in which they complete
their secretive missions, and these
clandestine skaven are all the more
effective for it.

GUTTER RUNNERS The Thirteenth Blade is a Slinktalon belonging to Eshin Clan Stryk.
The Gutter Runners form the black- Each skaven must brew and then prove the lethality of a unique poison
clad death squads of the Clans Eshin.
Having proven themselves amongst for his blades in order to earn a place in their ranks.
the ranks of the Night Runners, they
are claw-picked by their masters
to be initiated into the deeper
mysteries of Eshin. Alone amongst
the Great Clans, a skaven must
earn the right to progress through
the Eshin ranks. This does not stop

Delving for secrets of the past, the Kharadron Overlords break open an ancient karak. Instead of
riches, they are confronted by a seething tide of murderous skaven boiling up from the depths.



From crackling warp lightning and gleaming fangs, to the sheer number of verminous foot soldiers flooding the
battlefield, skaven swarms are as impressive as they are fearsome. Here we present a showcase of skaven Citadel
Miniatures expertly painted by Games Workshop’s very own ’Eavy Metal Team and Design Studio army painters.

Taking up a commanding position at the heart of his swarm, a Clawlord shrieks orders at his teeming underlings. In the
shadows around him, the agents of the Masterclan watch with glee as their twisted agendas are fulfilled.

Grey Seer Clawlord Warlock Bombardier

Grey Seer Thanquol on Boneripper

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