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1. There are cholesterol
that is useful.Fatty acids in
bee wax help to reduce 21
percent Iow density low
density lipoprotein which is
a bad cholesterol.
2. The mixture of bee wax helps the liver to function normally.
3. Bee wax helps reduce the level of insulin that causes diabetes.

Dried rose tea


1. Rose tea is rich in vitamin C. And
antioxidants in the cyclotene group Allowing
the body to benefit from these substances
helps stimulate the immune system

2. The use of rose canina L (rose-hip
powder ; RHP) rose bark extract also reduces the use of
painkillers in the paracetamol group. Codeine analgesics and
tramadol pain medication clearly.

3. Rose tea is rich in vitamins A,B3,C,D and E that are involved
in skin care.

Olive oil


1. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E ,
carotenoids and phenolic
compounds , all of which are

2. An extract in olive oil called Oleocanthal may reduce the risk
of Alzheimer’s disease and the Iearning recession that often
occurs when entering old age.

3. Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids.High , which is a fatty
acid that the body cannot produce by itself Therefore need to get
through eating.



1.Rose is full of Vitamin and mineral
that necessary for the body such as
Vitamin C Vitamin K Vitamin D
Calcium Potassium Copper Iodine.

2.Rose are beneficial to the female
reproductive system and inhibit
infection in the genitou rinary



1.Acid and Vitamin C in lemon help digestion system at work
increases efficiency.

2.lemon is full of Potassium Calcium regulate water balance in the
body and also reduces blood clotting caused by Potassium

3.Lemon is full of nutrients. Vitamin C fiber Calcium Potassium
and folate.



1.Absorb toxic substances
digestive tract and intestine
including any gas that
makes diarrhea and

2.Stimulate blood circulation in the body.

3.Nourish the skin bright and eliminate dead cells on skin.

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