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Published by rlopezjr.cgaux, 2019-12-24 15:04:43

North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66 Winter 2019 Edition

North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

The official Publication of District 11SR, Flotilla 66
Volume 12, Issue 2
Winter – December 2019


Photo 1 – Once again, Flotilla 66 spearheaded the Vessel Safety Check (VSC) Program,
receiving the award for the most VSCs completed nationwide in 2018, thanks to Frank Boice
(not pictured) and his dedicated team members! From left to right - Front Row: Anne Evans,
Joel Kaplan, Heather Shanahan. Back Row: Ramon Evans and Roy Lay

Table of Contents

“It is Never Too Early to Discuss Boating Safety” by Anne Evans 2
“The Annual Flotilla 66 Picnic – A Tradition of Fellowship and Camaraderie!” 2
by Anne Evans
“Irv’s Lucky Slot Machine” by Jeremy Thio 4
“Annual Stars and Stripes Mass” by Anne Evans 4
“Veterans Day 2019” by Jeremy Thio 5
“Wreaths Across America 2019” by Anne Evans 6
“Good-byes and New Beginnings” by Frank Boice 7
“Farewell, but Not Really” by Jeremy Thio 8
“New Member Inductions and Awards” 9
“Greetings from the Incoming Flotilla Commander” by Heather Shanahan 11

Editor: Jeremy Thio, [email protected], (714)-333-7232


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

It is Never Too Early to Discuss Boating Safety
By Anne Evans

Our granddaughter, five-year-old Maya Evans (pictured), announced during a recent
lesson on water safety and the USCG that her grandparents are in the Coast Guard.
Lisa Dominguez, the Preppy K teacher at Glenknoll Elementary School in Yorba Linda,
invited Ramon and me to give her class a USCG Auxiliary presentation on 24 October.
The students were receptive and enjoyed watching our assistant, Maya, trying on a
properly fitting personal flotation device (PFD). Exceptionally well received was the
demonstration of outfitting a dog in a PFD (not pictured).

Photo 2 by Lisa Dominguez - Maya Evans,
standing alongside her grandparents, Anne
and Ramon Evans, proudly demonstrates
how to wear a personal flotation device.

1. Maya’s mother, Lorraine J. Evans, has
consented to publishing this photo of Maya.
2. Despite being indoors, the children really
wanted to see Ramon wearing his garrison
cap. They loved the uniform!

The Annual Flotilla 66 Picnic – A Tradition of Fellowship and Camaraderie!
By Anne Evans

A great time was had by all who attended our flotilla picnic this summer. Sincere thanks
to Ramon Evans for organizing and setting up the event. Special thanks to Richard
Crompton and James Tao for assisting with set up and cooking. Richard even brought
a fine collection of country music recordings to provide a festive mood. BZ to guest
Deanne Crompton, who provided a delicious chocolate cake with 114-06-06 iced on top.
Thank you to all the attendees, both members and guests, and even to Lily the Dog,
accompanied by VFC Heather Shanahan. If you were not able to attend this year, do
plan to join us at the 2020 picnic. A wonderful day of fellowship is to be expected.


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Photo 3 (to the left) - Richard Crompton
(left): "Hey Ray, do you think this hot
dog is done yet?" Ramon Evans (right):
"Umm... I think it needs a little more
time on the grill." We love our chefs!

Photo 4 (to the right) - Charlotte and Rachel are the
only ones brave enough to paddle that swan boat.
Hey, aren't they supposed to be wearing PFDs?

Photo 5 (below) - Heather presents her friendly little
companion, Lily.

Photo 6 (to the
right) - Deanne
Crompton brings
the best
chocolate cake
you could ever
dream of! We
enjoy and
appreciate the
support of our


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Irv’s Lucky Slot Machine
By Jeremy Thio

Back in 2018, I had the pleasure of visiting Irv and
Cheri Reisman at their home in Anaheim Hills.
They have a rare sense of hospitality that one
does not encounter much these days. Irv was
eager to entertain me with his lucky antique slot
machine, which he bought through the Penny
Saver, and he encouraged me to take it for a spin
– literally. It was quite a blast! Quarters came
flying out of the bottom. I wish I had that much
luck at a casino!

Photo 7 by J. Thio - Irv Reisman, the proud
owner of an antique Lucky Sevens slot

Annual Stars and Stripes Mass
By Anne Evans

9 November 2019: The Stars and Stripes Mass is an annual salute to the military at St.
Martin de Porres Church, Yorba Linda. The pastor, Father Sy Nguyen, was a child
during the Vietnam War, where both his parents were killed. He escaped by boat when
he was fourteen years old and eventually became a United States citizen. He continues
to be a dedicated and proud American, giving thanks for the assistance America gave to
his country during the war.

Photo 8 by R. Evans - Anne Evans, Father
Sy, Father Hoa, and the US Army color-
guard from the Brea and Orange recruiting
offices celebrate the Stars and Stripes
Mass. Bravo Zulu to Mrs. Evans for being
the only servicemember to wear her cover


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Veterans Day 2019
By Jeremy Thio

I had the pleasure of attending two Veterans Day events this year. On Saturday, 9
November, I joined fifteen other Division 6 Auxiliarists, led by Rudy Lopez, Jr., in
demonstrating our tremendous appreciation for our veterans at the O.C. Fair and
Events Center. On Monday, 11 November, I participated in the Veterans Day
Ceremony at the Yorba Linda Veterans Memorial Park. My parents also attended. The
willingness and bravery of our military servicemembers – past, present, and future – to
fight for what they believe in is the core of the American Spirit. God bless America!

Photo 9 – Rudy Lopez, Jr., along with Brian Tankersley, Joel Kaplan, Wayne Palmer, Bill
Kopenski, and Jeremy Thio, present to the Orange County Employees Association what
amounts to “$500.00 worth of non-perishable food goods and $150.00 in gift cards,” according
to Mr. Lopez, for distribution to low-income veterans.

Photo 10 – The veterans appreciation event at the O.C. Fair and Events Center had a great
turnout from members of Division 6. Even Coastie was there!


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Photo 11 by Stacey Thio – Photo 12 by Stacey Thio – From left to right, front to back:
Jeremy Thio rings the bell in Heather Shanahan, Anne Evans, Frank Gonzales, Jeremy
remembrance of fallen U.S. Thio, Richard Crompton, and Wayne Palmer took time out
servicemembers. of their day to honor veterans and support the community at
the Yorba Linda Veterans Memorial Park.

Wreaths Across America 2019
By Anne Evans

Wreaths Across America (WAA) Day, 14 December 2019, at Memory Gardens
Memorial Park in Brea was attended by USCG Auxiliary members Matthew Airey,
Richard Crompton, Ramon and Anne Evans, and Jeremy Thio, all of Flotilla 66, and
SO-PB Rudy Lopez of Flotilla 62. Richard carried the U.S. Coast Guard wreath and laid
it at the base of the Veterans Field of Honor Monument. Anne laid the Auxiliary wreath,
and Ramon laid the wreath for Vietnam veterans.

Photo 13 by J. Thio – Veterans of Foreign Wars members Photo 14 by J. Thio – Rudy Lopez,
prepare to present wreaths. Jr. and other Auxiliary members
pay their respects.


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

This year’s ceremony, organized by Elaine and Gary Brattain, Gold Star Parents, was
exceptionally beautiful. The light rain, which diminished into a light mist, did not impede
the service, which began promptly at 0900, in synchronization with a noon WAA
ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Mark your 2020 calendars for WAA day on the second Saturday in December. Join
Flotilla 66 in Brea, where we guarantee a lovely presentation!

Photo 15 – From left to right: Ramon Evans, Rudy Photo 16 – Anne Evans greets
Lopez, Jr., Jeremy Thio, Anne Evans, Richard event organizer and longtime friend,
Crompton, and Matthew Airey pose in front of the Gary Brattain.
Veterans Field of Honor Monument.

Good-byes and New Beginnings
By Frank Boice

In my waning days as a member of Flotilla 66, I am sitting at my desk
in my new condo in Solitude, UT. Looking outside, it is steadily
snowing and has been for a few hours. The scene is spectacular.

After about 11 years, I am leaving Flotilla 66 with some reluctance.
However, the new commute to flotilla meetings has become cost

prohibitive. As a result, I am joining a flotilla in Provo, UT. It is an
Photo 17 by J. Thio active flotilla with a few VEs, lots of boat crew, and the current
– Frank Boice, division commander for Division 7 in D11N. There seem to be ample
Expert Vessel opportunities for Vessel Safety Checks on the lakes and waterways
Examiner of Utah, so I will stay busy.


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

I want to thank everyone in Flotilla 66 for making my time in that flotilla very rewarding.
I especially want to thank the flotilla's VEs for their unwavering support through the last
10 years. Together, we were able to accomplish VSC numbers that I doubt have been
seen before in the Auxiliary, at least not in the last many years. In my heart I KNOW
that we significantly improved boating safety in Southern California and probably saved
some lives. Thank you all.

The ski slopes will open in about four weeks. It is about a 200-foot walk from my ski
locker to the first lift. I have limited space for visitors - any time of the year skiing (alpine
and cross country), hiking, critter watching, fishing, or just plain relaxing.

Semper Paratus,
Frank Boice

Farewell, but Not Really
By Jeremy Thio

As some of you know, after 9 years of service, I am leaving the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
It has been a pleasure to serve as your Flotilla Staff Officer of Publications, showcasing
your talent and hard work. Although the Coast Guard itself makes news headlines with
its rescues and drug busts, in many cases, the Coast Guard Auxiliary has a more visible
presence at public events, in boating education, and in certain areas of recreational
boating safety. Therefore, Auxiliarists are not easily replaceable. Only the most
dedicated are willing to put forth so much time and effort into serving our country without
pay. For some of you, it is a full-time job!

When I look back at my career in the Coast Guard Auxiliary,
the camaraderie and the friendships built have been the most
important to me, especially during some difficult periods of
my life. In the end, I knew you always had my back. Special
bonds are forged when a team of six of us has to remove
200+ kayaks from their racks, inspect every one of them, and
put them back into storage over the course of several hours.
That kind of hard labor and teamwork is what earned us the
title of the Most Active Flotilla in Vessel Safety Checks year Photo 18 - Jeremy Thio
after year! Plus, the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s fellowships (left) with his friend, Rudy
cannot be beat! Lopez, Jr. (right)

Even as I move on in life, furthering my education and preparing to respond to state
emergencies as a member of the California State Guard, you will still see me at some
ceremonies and public affairs events. Through the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I learned that
participating in these is my patriotic duty. Thank you and God bless!

Very Respectfully,
Jeremy Thio


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

New Member Inductions and Awards

Photo 19 by A. Evans – On 1 August Photo 20 by R. Evans – On 5 September 2019,
2019, FC Joe Campos presents James Tao is sworn in by FC Joe Campos. Mr. Tao
Richard Crompton a letter, welcoming has already completed Core Training, Risk
him to the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Management, FEMA 100 & 700, and Basic
Qualification Course II.

Photo 21 by A. Evans – On 7 November 2019, Photo 22 by A. Evans – On 7 November 2019,
FC Campos presents Heather Shanahan with FC Campos presents Ramon Evans with his
her first Sustained Service Award. eighth Sustained Service Award.


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Photo 23 by R. Evans – On 1 August 2019, FC Photo 24 – On 5 September 2019, Walter
Joe Campos presents Alexis Jones with a Baranger receives a certificate from the
certificate upon graduating from the prestigious national level for his position as editor of The
online United States Coast Guard University Navigator publication.

Photo 25 – On 5 September 2019, VFC Heather Shanahan (on the far left) and FC Joe Campos
(on the far right) present Ramon Evans, Anne Evans, and Brian Tankersley with the Meritorious
Team Commendation for Maritime Domain Awareness patrols.

Photo 26 by A. Evans – On
1 August 2019, Ramon
Evans, Brian Tankersley,
Joel Kaplan, and Alexis
Jones each receive the
Century Club Award,
presented by FC Joe
Campos on the far left, for
performing in excess of 100
vessel safety checks in


North Orange County Watch Flotilla 66

Greetings from the Incoming Flotilla Commander

By Heather Shanahan

Having just completed the Flotilla Commander’s Academy alongside my
Vice Flotilla Commander-elect, Mr. Gary Hooper, I am excited to take on
the new year. The leadership in Division 6 is looking strong, and all of us
are discussing ways to better support each other and bring the flotillas
together. We are planning for 2020 to be a year of unity and solidarity. A
Photo 27 by J. few staffing changes have left some big shoes to fill. The board realizes
Thio - Heather that it will take our collective efforts to keep Division 6 as one of the top
Shanahan, in the nation. Joining forces, we will be able to cross train our specialties
proven leader
and increase flotilla diversity and interests. Next year, you can look
forward to more opportunities and fellowships!

Very Respectfully,
Heather Shanahan
Flotilla 66 Commander for 2020


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