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Div Newsletter Dec 2019 PDF DRAFT

Happy Holidays
from your

D11SR Division 6 Bridge, Board and Staff

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 1
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

A Message from the Editor…

Greetings! This issue of The Scuttlebutt Newsletter comes to you with information, events, photos and
announcements covering the past 6 months of 2019. Throughout the year, members from each Flotilla
within Division 6 have taken time to send us what you are about to read. The success of this newsletter
comes from this kind of participation and we thank you. We look forward to more of the same in 2020.
Until then, here wishing everyone a safe holiday season and a very happy and prosperous new year.

Division 6 Change of Watch

When the sun rises on 01 Jan 2020, a new Division Commander will take the helm of D11SR Division 6. Perry
Wayne Palmer, FC for 06-07 was elected to lead us into 2020, replacing Joel Kaplan who served as DCDR with
honor and distinction in 2018 and 2019, and is now the Immediate Past Division Commander. Brian Tankersley,
IPFC for 06-06 will continue another year as Vice Division Commander. May the winds be always at your backs
and that you encounter calm seas as you take on your new roles.

Perry Wayne Palmer Brian Tankersley Joel E. Kaplan
Division Commander Vice Division Commander Immediate Past
Division Commander

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 2
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Division 6 Bridge, Board and Staff

Division 6 now has newly elected Bridge, Board and Staff for 2020. Here is a list of the leadership.


Division Commander: Perry Wayne Palmer, 06-07

Vice Division Commander: Brian Tankersley, 06-06

Immediate Past Division Commander: Joel E. Kaplan, 06-06

Flotilla Leadership Staff Officers

06-01: Mark Hilstad, FC
Communications: Mark Forster, 06-08
Charles Hutchings, VFC Communications Services: Tyler Tong, 06-07
Diversity: Felix Lopez, 06-10
06-02: Rudy Lopez Jr, FC
Finance: Guy Talbott, 06-02
John A. Randall IV, VFC Food Services: Frank Gonzales, 06-06
Human Resources: Paul Heller, 06-01
06-03: Abdo Akil, FC
Richard Weiss, VFC Information Services: Chris Mather, 06-08
Materials: Bill French, 06-02
Marine Safety: Jim Haas, 06-02
06-06: Heather Shanahan, FC
Gary Hooper, VFC Member Training: Susan Villotti, 06-03
Navigation Systems: KG Clements, 06-08
Operations: Dale Zimmerman, 06-01
06-07: James Babcock, FC
Paul Griger, VFC Public Affairs: Rudy Lopez Jr, 06-02
Publications: Rudy Lopez Jr, 06-02
06-08: Eric Gritzmacher, FC Public Education: Steve Baine, 06-01
Chris Mather, VFC Program Visitor: Ray Evans, 06-06

Secretary: Anne Evans, 06-06
06-10: Russ Lambert Vessel Examiner: Richard Weiss, 06-03
William Reed, VFC

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 3
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

A message from the …

Division Commander (Elect) Division Commander (Current)

I would like to wish each and
every member and your family
a Wonderful Holiday Season
and ask that all keep in mind

that safety is not just on the water. Enjoy your
season with the same gusto and energy that you
live your life with and remember that it is all about
Family! Don't forget to tell them that you love
them and appreciate their co-operation and
understanding of the time and efforts that you
have put forward in the USCG Auxiliary. I look
forward to serving with each and every one of you
in 2020. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

Serving One is just as important as Serving all!

Semper Paratus.

PWayne Palmer Ph.D., Th.D.
114-06-07 FC, FSO-HR
114-06 DCDR Elect 2020


Mark your calendars! The Division 6 Change of Watch

Ceremony will take place on Saturday, 22 Feb 2020.

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 4
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Ombudsman…wonder what this is? Well, Flotilla 06-02 has one.

On 26 JUN 19, Jerry Myers, FC for 06-02 attended a three
day Ombudsman Training course held at Sector San Diego.
Jerry is one of the few who hold this office locally and is
assigned to the FRC Robert Ward. Jerry proudly volunteers
much of his time to support the crew of the Robert Ward
and their families and has even joined them on maneuvers.
Jerry is pictured second from the left.

Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.
An Ombudsman is a volunteer (who may be a spouse, Reservist, or
Auxiliarist) designated by a Command to serve as a link between the
command and service members' families. His/her main
responsibilities are to provide information on policies, services and
sources of assistance, and activities of interest to family members, as
well as locating resources for them. For more information, visit

Joel E. Kaplan, Division Commander visits the new radio facility
Huntington Beach Radio 2

Radio Comms became a reality in the Huntington
Beach area with the approval of the newly recognized
Huntington Beach Radio 2, or HBR2. The location is
at the Huntington Beach home of Tom Oberlin, FSO-
CM for 06-02 (and recently appointed DSO-CM). On
26 JUL 19, Joel E. Kaplan, Division Commander
visited the station where Tom demonstrated the radio
system which strengthened radio communications in
and around the Huntington Harbour, out toward
Catalina Island and more, supplementing the
Auxiliary Radio Newport (ARN) Station in Newport

Tom Oberlin (top) explains the operations of Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.
the radio system to Joel E. Kaplan, DCDR.

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 5
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

More Radio Communications News …
Creativity in the Auxiliary is alive!

Flotilla 6-8 engineered, designed, and built a communications
system to be self-contained, mobile, and easy to setup. The system
can be loaded in the back of a SUV or pickup truck, unloaded and
setup in a matter of minutes. The system currently has two marine
VHF radios with DSC, a transformer to allow power from 110V to
12VDC, magnetic mount antennas, a 12V DC battery, along with a
four panel solar array. During the day in remote locations the solar
system charges a marine battery that will allow the two marine
radios to operate for up to 13 hours. The design team included past
Division Six Command Don Norby, and now Vice Flotilla
Commander Mark Forster. Upgrades to the system have been made
by Brady Coyle and Ken Clements. The team saw a need and
developed a plan to be able to go to remote locations in a hurry and
be able to operate for long periods of time. The system has been
deployed to the Dana Point Christmas parade, Lake Pyramid, Lake
Elsinore, and the Dana Point Emergency Expo.

Article written and photos taken by Mark Forster, VFC (06-08)

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 6
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Coastie and Crew visit at the CSR Children’s Foundation Kids Day

On 12 JUL 29, Coastie and the crew visited with kids and their
families at the annual CSR Children’s Foundation Day held
at the Long Beach Marina. This very popular event drew
scores of families and the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Division 6
was a part of it. The event was organized by Don Miller,
VFC/PA for 05-05.

For additional photos, visit

Photos taken by Robert Morris (06-03) and Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-
PB (06-02).



at the
Kids Day

Long Beach

Robert Morris


Rudy Lopez Jr

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 7
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]


The Right PFD
(Personal Flotation Device)

By Mark N. Monroe, M.D.

Q: I am overweight, and find life jackets uncomfortable and life preservers too small for me. Which one is
right for me and my support dog?

A: There is an old saying: “The best Personal Flotation Device is the one that you and your pet are wearing
when you need it such as when you are on the water.” The USCG approves only 5 types of PFDs: Type I is the
large bulky uncomfortable type that is used on cruise ships and commercial vessels. It is for offshore voyages
and is designed to turn most individuals into a face up position even in rough seas. Type II is intended for
calm inland waters, is less expensive, and is intended to turn some unconscious victims to the face up
position. Type III is comfortable for continuous wear with freedom of movement. It is designed so the
conscious wearer can turn into the face up position but may have to tilt the head back to avoid being face
down in the water. Type IV is the throwable buoyant cushion, life ring, horseshoe, or Life Sling. It is not worn
and is only meant to be a backup for a PFD, not instead of one. Type V is a special-use device such as a float
coat, mustang survival suit, fishing vest, windsurfing, waterskiing, Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP), hybrid
inflatable vests, etc. It must be worn continuously while performing that activity to be acceptable by the
USCG. The USCG also requires that all PFDs have the inside label be legible and are the appropriate size for
the wearer. It must be in good usable condition, including the straps and clasps. Plastic clasps do not corrode
like the metal ones.

The inflatable PFD is one of the newer PFD types and has advantages over the standard noninflatable PFD.
The inflatables include vests, waist packs, Sospenders©, and combination with a safety harness. It can be
automatically inflated in case of an unconscious victim or manually using a CO2 cartridge or an inflation
tube. Some come with lights that are water activated. A plastic whistle attached with a 36” cord is also a good
idea. It is less hot, less bulky, more expensive, and more comfortable than the noninflatable PFD. It does
require more maintenance. Some have a green indicator when the cartridge is good and a red indicator when
it needs replacement.

(Continued on Page 9)

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 8
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

The Right PFD (Continued from previous page)

Child PFDs need to be in the appropriate size for the wearer, and must be worn when not inside the cabin. It
is based on the child’s weight: Infant is 8-30 pounds, child is 30-50 pounds, and youth is 50- 90 pounds.

Pet PFDs are not USCG certified but pets, too, can be saved by the right one. Recently, this happened to a Jack
Russell Terrier off the western coast of Florida that was lost at sea for hours before another boat came along,
rescued it after seeing the bright orange pet PFD, and notified the USCG. The USCG was able to reunite it with
its owner who had notified the USCG when he got back into port. The dog was very glad and grateful to be
reunited with its owner. Pet PFDs should fit the pet well so as not to slip off when wet. It should have a handle
for lifting your pet out of the water easily.

Overall, picking the right PFD for you is just picking the right cost, size, and comfort level.

Dr. Monroe works in Santa Ana, CA and specializes in Family Medicine. Dr. Monroe is affiliated with Fountain Valley
Regional Hospital & Medical Center and South Coast Global Medical Center. He is also the FSO-DV for Flotilla 06-02.
Article posted and released with Dr. Monroe’s permission.

News from Flotilla 06-06

Photo One: Richard Crompton receiving acknowledgement for CT completion and some of the BQII
Photo Two: MDA Inspectors Ramon & Anne Evans and Brian Tankersley receive meritorious team
commendation for MDA (Maritime Domain Awareness) duties. VFC Heather Shanahan on left; FC
Joe Campos on right. Photographer: Walt Baranger.
Photo Three: Swearing In Ceremony for new member James Tao. He joined in July and has already
completed CT, RM, FEMA 100 & 700 and BQII. BZ to Mr. Tao!
Photo Four: Walter Baranger receives certificate from National for his position as editor for
the Navigator publication.
Photos 1, 3, & 4 taken by Ramon Evans, FSO-NS/CS (06-06)

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 9
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

A moment at the 2019 Fleet Week…

These two photos were taken on 31 AUG 19 at the 2019 Fleet Week at the Port of Los Angeles. Division
6 participated with their PA Booth at the event.

It appears Coastie was on patrol on the grounds when the Marine Corp Bomb Squad Robot rolled up.
Photo One shows when the robot pulled up alongside Coastie. Best we can tell, in Photo Two, the robot
realized who Coastie was and immediately snapped to attention (at least that’s how we are going to tell

Photos by Guy Heaton, 06-08.

Did you know these two served in the Coast Guard?

Actor Cesar Romero Actor Victor Mature
Last Rank Last Rank
Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer
Last Primary Rate Last Primary Rate
BM-Boatswain's Mate BM-Boatswain's Mate
Last Rate Group Last Rate Group
Boatswain's Mate Boatswain's Mate
Primary Unit Primary Unit
1943-1945, BM, 1945-1945, BM, USS Admiral H.T.
USS Cavalier (AP-82) Mayo (AP-125)
Service Years
Service Years
1943 - 1945 1942 - 1945

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 10
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Flotilla 06-07 Award Presentations

During the 26 Jun 19 Flotilla 06-07 meeting, Wayne Palmer, FC presented some awards and recognition
to several of its members earned throughout the year. Here are the recipients.

Jim Babcock, VFC for Sustained Edward Grinius received his Jose Rios received a Meritorious
Auxiliary Service – 1534 hours. new member certificate. Team Commendation for the LA
Fleet Week and the HB Air Show.

Tyler Tong, IPFC received the Meritorius Jim Babcock, VFC presented Wayne
Team Commendation for the LA Fleet Week Palmer, FC awards for the Meritorious
and the AB Air Show. Team Commendation for the LA Fleet Week

and HB Air Show, Sustained Service award
of 1735 hours and the PV Qualification.

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 11
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Division 6 shines at the Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point

Several members of Division 6 worked as a team at the Tall Ships Festival held on 07 SEP and 08 SEP
19 in Dana Point Harbor. The PA Booth Event, arranged by Mark Forster, VFC/PA (06-08) featured
Coastie and Panda during the two day event. Photos taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02) and
Anne Evans, FSO-HR (06-06).
For more photos, visit

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 12
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Flotilla 06-02 Awards Presentations

Flotilla 06-02 had its own share of awards and recognition that were presented during their 26 JUN 19
Fellowship Meeting held at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club. Awards were presented by Bill Kopenski,
DCAPT to (PHOTO ONE) - Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM, Jim Haas, FSO-MS, COMO Harry Jacobs, Rudy Lopez Jr,
FSO-PB, Victoria Jacobs, FSO-SR and Champ Clark, FSO-OP for the Meritorious Team Commendations for LA
Fleet Week; (PHOTO TWO) – Desiree de Liser, FSO-IS, Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Award: excess of
65 Vessel Examinations and/or Program Visits during 2019 (3rd performance award); (PHOTO THREE) - John
Counts: Auxiliary Annual Performance Award: excess of 210 Marine Safety Operation/Support Hours during
2019 (8th performance award); (PHOTO FOUR) - Jon Ross, FSO-MT received the Sustained Service Award for
15,102 cumulative hours; and (PHOTO 5) – Harry Homsher, Dennis Pehrsson and Champ Clark, FSO-OP for
the Meritorious Team Commendation for the LA Fleet Week. PHOTO SIX – Jon Ross, FSO-MT presided over
the time of Fellowship.

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 13
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Coastie Training Course Division 6 came out strong

produces nine new Operators at the 2019 Coastal Clean up
On Saturday, 21 SEP 19, as part of the
National Coastal Clean Up Campaign,

members of 11sr Division 6 got together to do
their part to help clean the coast line,
walkways and travel road of Bolsa Chica State

Beach, CA. Thirteen total Auxiliarists
participated in the clean up and Public Affairs
Booth set up. The planning and execution

included a briefing and safety checks, radio
communications, teamwork, public
information booth and fellowship. The
operation was headed by Jim Haas, FSO-MS

The Coast Guard Auxiliary welcomed the (06-02).
newest Coastie Operators who completed the
training course on 27 JUL 19. The training Photos taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02)
was held at Sector LA/LB conducted by and James Tao (06-06).
Richard Weiss, ADSO-COASTIE. The training For more photos, visit
included class time and hands on operation.
The timing of this course turned out to be
crucial as several PA events followed where
these new operators were put to the test.

The new Coastie Operators are Wayne Palmer
FC, (06-07), Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02),
Bill French (06-02), Gordon Tody (06-07),
Guy Heaton (06-08), Grant Dixon (06-08),
Steve Carter (06-08), Robert Hamming, FC
(07-02) and Ulises Sanchez, (04-05).

Photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.

For more photos, visit

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 14
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Meet Flotilla 06-02 Bridge Division 6 prepares for the
Officers for 2020 2020 Leadership

On 16 NOV and 17 NOV 19, the newly elected
members of the Flotilla Bridge Officers from

within Division 6 attended a two day
Leadership Academy held at the Newport

Beach Harbor Patrol office. The event included
presentations from Jon Ross, ASC Sector
LA/LB, Joel E. Kaplan, DCDR, and a welcome

by Bill Kopenski, DCAPT.
Congratulations to those taking the helm of
each Division 6 Flotilla.

Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.

The elected Bridge for Flotilla 06-02 for
the year 2020 are Rudy Lopez Jr, FC (left)
and John A. Randall IV, VFC.

Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02)

D-Train is set for the 20 MAR to 22 MAR 2020 in the City of Ventura.
Mark your calendars!

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 15
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Veterans Day 2019 at the Orange Co. Fairgrounds

On 09 Nov 19, members of Division 6 had a strong showing at this year's Veterans Day Festival held on the OC
Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa. Sixteen souls dedicated part of their Saturday to Honor our Veterans at this event. The
detail was divided into teams that were as follows:
PA Booth Team - manned to talk to the passing public about the Coast Guard Auxiliary and to thank the Veterans
for their service.
Mobile Teams - members paired up to walk the Festival to meet and greet the Veterans in attendance to thank
them for their service, and to be seen by the public throughout the compound.
Coastie Team - qualified operators handled Coastie in and around the area of the PA Booth to interact with
Children and Adults alike.
The event included a Food Drive for Veterans. Division 6 came together and collected nearly $500.00 worth of
non-perishable food goods and $150.00 in gift cards. Representing Division 6 as the food was presented to the
Food Drive Committee was Bill Kopenski, DCAPT, Joel Kaplan, DCDR, Brian Tankersley, VCDR and Wayne
Palmer, DCDR Elect. Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB was privileged to speak on behalf of Division 6 as the food was
The four hour event was a success in that we were

able to show how proud we were of our Veterans on a
picture perfect day.
Division 6 members participating were:

Bill Kopenski, DCAPT (06-02)
Joel Kaplan, DCDR (06-06)
Brian Tankersley, VCDR (06-06)
Wayne Palmer, DCDR Elect (06-07)
Rick Weiss, VFC (06-03)
Mark Forster, VFC (06-08)
Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02)
Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM (06-02)
Jeremy Thio, FSO-PB (06-06)
Guy Talbott, FSO-SR (06-02)
Ajit Badami, FSO-CM (06-01)
Bill French, (06-02)
Guy Heaton, (06-08)
Don Nguyen, (06-02)
James Tao, (06-06)
For additional photos of this event, visit Flotilla 06-02’s Richard Crompton (06-06)
website at
Photos taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB (06-02) and
Mark Forster, VFC (06-08).

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 16
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Congratulations to Flotilla

06-02’s Recreational Boating
Safety Program Specialist

On 23 OCT 19, one of Flotilla 06-02’s members was
awarded the title of Recreational Boating Safety
Program Specialist (RBS Specialist). Gary Bean,
FSO-VE, an 11 year member of the Coast Guard
Auxiliary, was recognized at the Flotilla meeting held
at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club. He was
presented the certificate honoring him of that title,
and the distinguished RBS Device by Jerry Myers, FC
in front of her peers.
Congratulations Gary and Bravo Zulu!

Division 6 Internet Links
(L to R) Gary Bean, FSO-PV and Jerry Myers, FC
District 11SR: Website
Division 6: Website

Flotilla 06-01: Website

Flotilla 06-02: Website

Flotilla 06-03: Website

Flotilla 06-04: Website
Flotilla 06-06: Website

Flotilla 06-07: Website
Flotilla 06-08: Website

Flotilla 06-10: Website

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 17
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Photos from around the Division

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 18
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Photos from around the Division

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 19
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

Photos from around the Division

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 20
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 21
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 22
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter Editor: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB P a g e | 23
D11sr Division 6 [email protected]

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