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Industrial Supply Plus
Preferred Supplier Line Card

(list as of 10/1/2019)

New IBC Preferred Suppliers:

Abrasives Cutting Tools Hand Tools

Cutting Tools – Finishing Hand Tools – Mechanics
Brighton-Best International
Shaviv USA Deburring Tools Mechnanic Tools New! Crescent Tools (Apex Tool
Group Hand Tools) Clamps, Hex Keys,
Cutting Tools – Indexable Screwdrivers &
Nutdrivers, Cutting,
Abrasives – Bonded & Superabrasives New! WIDIA Turning, Holemaking, New! GEARWRENCH (Apex Tool Measuring, Shaping, Milling, Boring, Group) Sockets & Sets,
Threading Mechanics Tool Sets
ARC Abrasives Inc. Bonded (Grinding & Pliers, Screwdrivers Cutting Resinoid Wheels) YG-1 Turning, Milling, Drilling Proto Industrial Tools & Nutdrivers, Torque Products, Cutting Tools,
New! CGW Abrasives Abrasives Proferred Impact Products, Pullers, Cutting Tools – Solid Holemaking (MRO/Production) Sockets, Wrenches,
Hand Tools – Specialty Ratchets & Drive Tools,
Radiac Bonded and Super Alfa Tools HSS, Cobalt, Carbide New! Crescent Tools (Apex Tool Hammers, Punches Abrasives Drills Group Hand Tools) & Chisels, Mechanics Tool Sets
United Abrasives - SAIT Bonded (Grinding & Brighton-Best International HSS, Colbalt Drills, Mechanics Hand Tools Cutting Resinoid Wheels) Masonry Bits Proferred Mechanics Hand Tools
New! Walter Surface Technologies Abrasives New! WIDIA Carbide Drills, Reamers Vaughan & Bushnell Clamps, Hex Keys,
Screwdrivers &
Weiler Corporation Abrasives YG-1 HSS, Solid Carbide Drills New! Weller (Apex Tool Group) Nutdrivers, Cutting, Measuring, Shaping,
Sockets & Sets,
Abrasives – Coated Cutting Tools – Solid Milling (MRO/Production) Wheeler Manufacturing Mechanics Tool Sets Screwdrivers, Hexbits
ARC Abrasives Inc. Belts, Discs, Rolls, Alfa Tools HSS, Cobalt, Carbide Hand Tools – Storage & Tapes Specialties, Sheets End Mills New! GEARWRENCH (Apex Tool Hammers (Striking
Group Hand Tools) Tools, Claw & Soft Face
New! CGW Abrasives Abrasives New! WIDIA General Purpose and Hammers) High Performance New! Jobox (Apex Tool Group Electronic Shear Cutters
Boxes/Storage) & Pliers, Cutters,
United Abrasives - SAIT Coated Belts, Discs, YG-1 HSS, Cobalt, Carbide, Tweezers, Nutdrivers, Rolls CBN End Mills Hand Tools – Tool Boxes Screwderivers, Precision
Kennedy Manufacturing Knives & Blades
New! Walter Surface Technologies Abrasives Cutting Tools – Specialty Tooling/Holders Pipe Cutters & Threading Equipment
Alfa Tools Combined Drills & Waterloo Industries
Weiler Corporation Abrasives Countersinks Tool & Utility Carts, Hand Tools – Miscellaneous Accessories
Brighton-Best International Tap Wrenches, Reamers, Acme United Corporation
Abrasives – Non-Woven Spade Bits Tool Boxes, Tool Chests,
Bessey Tools, Inc Mechanics Tool Chests,
ARC Abrasives Inc. Belts, Discs, Flap Special Carbide Tools Custom End Mills, Drills, Roller Cabinets, Racks, Wheels, Rolls Reamers, etc. COAST Products Toolboards, Hook Sets Tool Storage
New! CGW Abrasives Abrasives New! WIDIA Tooling Systems; Collets Custom Leathercraft and Sleeves Shears

New! Walter Surface Technologies Abrasives YG-1 Spade Drills Clamps
Knives, Multi-Tools
Weiler Corporation Abrasives Cutting Tools – Threading (MRO/Production) Softsided Tool Carriers
Allen Benjamin High Performance Taps
Alfa Tools HSS Taps, Dies,
Production & Maintenance Extractors
United Abrasives - SAIT Power Brushes Brighton-Best International Carbon Taps
New! Walter Surface Technologies Mounted Wire Brushes,
Saucer Cup Brushes, North American Tool Special Taps, Thread
Weiler Corporation Wire Cup Brushes, Wire Mills, Gages & Dies Wheel Brushes
Power & Maintenance New! WIDIA Aerospace, High
Brushes Performance, GP+;
Thread Mills

Chemicals YG-1 Metric, Unified ANSI and DIN Length Taps, Thread

Chemicals – Aerosol/Lubricants Fasteners

GUNK, Liquid Wrench, Motor Medic, MRO Chemicals Fasteners
TiteSeal New! Apex Bits (Apex Tool Group Bits, Assembly Tool
Bits) Accessories
Federal Process Penetrants & Lubricants Fasteners
Brighton-Best International
MRO Solutions Anti-Seize Lubricants

New! Walter Surface Technologies Fluid Power
Fluid Power – Sealing Devices
Chemicals – Cleaners/Degreasers
APG - American Packing Gasket
New! Walter Surface Technologies Gaskets, O-rings, Couplings
MP Pumps
Chemicals – Silicones/Caulks/Sealants Centrifugal Pumps

Red Devil Caulks, Sealants, Fillers

New! = New Preferred Supplier = Using Central Billing = Course(s) Available in IBC University

Industrial Hose, Tube, Fittings, Valves & Power Tools
Airmaster Fan Company Fans
Industrial Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Sealants
Maintenance – Markers Marking Chalk &
Midland Metal Manufacturing Fittings & Valves for C.H. Hanson Crayons Tube, Pipe & Hose Markers, Railroad
Field Tool Supply Company Chalk, Lumber Crayons,
Federal Process Thread Sealants Carpenter Pencils, Heat Sensitive
LA-CO/Markal Industrial Markers Power Tools – Electric
Ladders Maintenance – Rags, Wipes, Wipers Rags, Wipes, Wipers Makita U.S.A. Cordless and Corded
Ryzun Corporation Drills & Fastening,
Ladders & Work Platforms Metalworking, Saws

Werner Ladder Ladders New! Walter Surface Technologies Cutting, Finishing, Grinding, Magnetic
Drilling Units,
Machine Tools & Accessories Accessories

Machine Tools – Clamping, Workholding & Positioning Power Tools – Outdoor Power Equipment

Northwestern Tools Clamping and Fixturing Makita U.S.A. Cordless, Corded and Products Gas Powered String
Trimmers, Blowers,
Palmgren (Div. of C.H. Hanson) Drill Press Vises Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Hedge Trimmers

Wilton (JPW Industries) Vises, Clamps Maintenance – Miscellaneous Power Tools – Pneumatic
Rayovac Corporation New! Cleco (Apex Tool Group)
Machine Tools – Machinery Batteries
G&J Hall Tools Portable Magnetic Baldwin Filters Filters for Lubrication, Florida Pneumatic/Universal Tool/Fuji Pneumatic Air Tools Drilling Systems Air, Fuel & Hydraulic Air Tool
JET (JPW Industries) Metalworking Machinery Field Tool Supply Company Grease Guns,
Lubrication Equipment & JET (JPW Industries) Pneumatic Air Tools
Legacy Manufacturing Accessories
Powermatic (JPW Industries) Woodworking Machinery
Makita U.S.A. Compressors, Nailers,
Edwards Ironworkers Metalworking Machinery Staplers
(JPW Industries) Power Tools – Soldering

Machine Tools – Tool & Die Supplies Material Handling Equipment New! Weller (Apex Tool Group) Soldering Stations, Soldering & Laser
Material Handling – Fittings, Cables, Wire, Clamps, Fume Extraction
Maudlin Products Shim Stock Accessories Solutions, Nozzles, Tips, Accessories
New! Campbell (Apex Tool Group) Welded & Weldless
Precision Brand Products Standard & Custom Chains, Fittings, Power Tools – Specialty Tools & Accessories Shims, Punches & Die Overhead Lifting,
Supplies Cable & Wire Rope,
Lifting Clamps, Blocks, Legacy Manufacturing Pneumatic Air Tool
Machine Tools – Tool Holding / Work Holding Assemblies, Accessories Accessories

New! Jacobs (Apex Tool Group) Chucks, Tool Holders, Makita U.S.A. Bit Holders, Bit Sets & Arbors, Accessories Storage Systems, Nut
Setters, Socket Adapters
Kennedy Manufacturing CNC Tool Holding New! Walter Surface Technologies Portable Power Tool Drill Bits, Annular Cutters,
Machine Tools – Workstation & Machine Lights Power Taps, Carbide
Electrix, LLC Workstation & Machine Lights Material Handling – Lifting

Maintenance & Janitorial Supplies Harrington Hoists, Inc. Manual Chain, Electric Quality Control Products Chain & Air Chain Hoists/
Trolleys Quality Control – Microscopy & Other
Maintenance – Absorbents
Aven, Inc. Microscopy, Inspection &
ADENNA/NuTrend Disposables Wipes, Sorbents, JET (JPW Industries) Hoists, Pallet Trucks, Lift Precision Assembly Washroom Specialties Tables
Quality Control – Precision Measuring & Gaging
New! Evolution Sorbents Sorbents, Rags, Wipes Material Handling – Shelving/Storage New! Walter Surface Technologies Precision Measuring
Durham Manufacturing Shelving, Racks, & Shop
New! NPS Corporation Sorbents, Rags, Wipes, Furniture Tissue and Paper Quality Control - Test & Measurement
Products Kennedy Manufacturing CNC Tooling Carts REED Instruments Test & Measurement Products
Ryzun Corporation Sorbents, Rags, Wipes Tennsco Corporation Steel Shelving, Storage Racks, Modular Drawer
Cabinets Safety Products
SpillTech Environmental Sorbents, Containment Safety – Disposable Respirators
Material Handling – Miscellaneous
Gateway Safety, Inc. Disposable Respirators
New! United Sorbents Sorbents Hamilton Caster Casters, Wheels, Carts Disposable Respirators & Trailers
Proferred Tape (Caution/Electrical/
Maintenance – Cleaners, Systems Kennedy Manufacturing Stationary & Mobile Vinyl) Storage
New! Walter Surface Technologies Safety – Electrical Safety Reelcraft Hose Reels Proferred
Maintenance – Fans

Air King America Fans

New! = New Preferred Supplier = Using Central Billing = Course(s) Available in IBC University

Wholesaler & Service Providers

Safety – Eye/Face/Head Protection Safety – Security Wholesale & Service Providers

Boss Products Safety Glasses Safehouse Signs Lockouts Field Tool Supply Company Cutting Tools, Precision Tools, Machine Tool
Safety Glasses Barriers & Safety Accessories
Brighton-Best International Eye, Face & Head Tensator, Inc. Railings Protection Global Test Supply Test & Measurement
First Aid Barricade Tape / Marking Products
Proferred Safety – Signs & Identification Products 250, 400, 750 Lumen Industrial Signs ORS Nasco MRO Supplies; Jantiorial;
LED Flashlights Electro Tape Specialties, Inc. Safety; Abrasives;
Gateway Safety, Inc. Barricade Tape / Marking Plumbing; Welding Footwear: Boots Products
Footwear: Shoe Covers Safehouse Signs Specialized Mail Order (SMO) Material Handling
Safety – First Aid & Heat Stress Floor Matting Sorbents Products
Floor Matting
Acme United Corporation New! Shurtape Technologies Sorbents Travers Tool Company Cutting Tools, Precision Hand Protection - Gloves Tools, Machine Tool
Sorbents Accessories
Safety – Flashlights Hand Protection - Gloves Safety – Spill Control
Proferred Ear Plugs New! Evolution Sorbents Hearing Protection

COAST Products Full Body Harnesses New! NPS Corporation
Sleeves, Vests, Rainwear,
Safety – Footwear & Matting Aprons Ryzun Corporation
Boss Products Reflective Vests New! United Sorbents
Proferred Saw Blades Production Saw Blades
Circular Blades
Crown Mats & Matting Band Saw
Amada Machine Tools America
Superior Manufacturing
Circular Saw Blades
Safety – Hand Protection
Gaylee Saws
Boss Products
Brighton-Best International Tapes – Electrical Tapes, HVAC Tapes, Packaging Tapes,
Industrial Tapes, Painter’s Tape
Proferred Electro Tape Specialties, Inc. Tapes PLATINUM SUPPLIERS
Safety – Hearing
New! Shurtape Technologies Cloth, Duct, Foil, Film,
Proferred Foam, Paper, Packaging, Double-Coated

Gateway Safety, Inc. Welding Equipment & Supplies
Welding Equipment & Supplies – Supplies, Chemicals,
Safety – Personal Fall Protection Accessories

Elk River Thermacut Welding Tips; Replacement
Safety – Protective Apparel
New! Walter Surface Technologies Anti-Spatter, Weld
Boss Products Cleaning, Accessories

Brighton-Best International


New! = New Preferred Supplier = Using Central Billing = Course(s) Available in IBC University

2 Creamery Brook
East Granby, CT 06026-8702
Office: (860) 246-1618
Toll free number: (888) 509-5609
Fax: (860) 653-6125
Email: [email protected]

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