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FAQs for MobileUp

FAQs for MobileUp

Health Services:

What are the hours and location of the Office of Health Services?

The Office of Health Services is located at 401 South Broad Street, Gershman Hall, Room 306. All current
students with a valid student ID are able to access the building.

Office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Appointments are not necessary.

What are the required forms and documents for Health Services?


• Health Information Form
(Note: a portion of the form needs to be completed by your physician. Please schedule your
appointment sooner rather than later to ensure you can be seen in a timely fashion).

• Immunization Records (to be submitted with Health Information Form). In the event of an outbreak,
students without immunization documentation on file may be required to leave campus for a period of
time based on the recommendation of the CDC and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

• Meningitis Form

• Online Health Insurance Form*
(Note: full time students are required to fill out the online health insurance form each year)


• Online Health Insurance Form*
(Note: full time students are required to fill out the online health insurance form each year)

*NOTE: If you have your own insurance, you MUST complete the online health insurance form or else you will
be charged for the school-based insurance. If you are enrolling in the school insurance, you MUST complete
the online health insurance form by August 1.

What is the required online health insurance form and how do I complete it?

All full-time matriculated UArts students taking 6 or more credits are required to have health insurance and
must confirm this by completing the online health insurance form each year. The form can be accessed

If you have your own insurance or are covered by a parent’s insurance:
IMPORTANT: The fee for the school insurance is included on the tuition bill. In order to remove this fee
you must access the online health insurance form at to opt out of the school
insurance. After the end of drop/add we are unable to make changes to insurance information including the
removal of the health insurance fee from a student’s bill. No exceptions can be made.

If you are signing up for the school-based insurance:

You must visit to opt into the school-based insurance.

What medical supplies should I bring with me to school?

Students who use inhalers, epi-pens or similar must bring their own to school as the Office of Health Services
does not provide these items. We encourage students to carry one with them at all times (especially on school
trips) and to keep a spare in their living space.

If you require routine medication, prescriptions or allergy shots, you must make arrangements before coming to
school. For the first two, contact your physician or prescribing doctor about filling your prescription while at

For students requiring allergy shots, we recommend setting up an allergist in the area prior to coming to UArts.

What should I do if I’m not feeling well?

Students are encouraged to stop by the Health Office to meet with a nurse who can better determine what plan
of care is best suitable. If an advanced practitioner is necessary, we can refer students to Jefferson Family
Medicine Associates or Philadelphia FIGHT*, local primary care offices, free of charge, with a referral from the
health office.

*In order to take advantage of this partnership with Jefferson or Philadelphia FIGHT, students must be seen
first in the Health Office.

If the Office is closed:

If you are truly unwell and require immediate monitoring or medical attention, please contact Public Safety (at
the front desk of any UArts building, for assistance). For minor illness, we recommend visiting the Health Office
during office hours.

In the event of a non-emergency that takes place after hours or during the weekend, we encourage students to
visit one of the following urgent care centers, based on their location:

myDoc Urgent Care (located near campus). The website with hours and information

Doctor’s Express (South Philly location). The website with hours and information can be found

In the event of a true emergency, call 911.

What services are provided by the Office of Health Services?

• The office treats minor illnesses and injuries and refers students to other professionals within the local
area when necessary. To complement our on-campus services, Jefferson Family Medicine Associates
and Philadelphia FIGHT provide treatment of acute illnesses and injuries free of charge for all UArts
students with a referral from our office.

• During the school year, a physical therapist is on-site 3 days a week in Terra, Room 401. Students can
schedule an appointment by signing up on the sheet outside of the door or by
emailing [email protected].

• Free HIV testing is performed in office every other Wednesday during the school year by a
representative of the Youth Help Empowerment Project (Y-HEP). Testing is confidential (with Y-HEP
following-up with the student directly) and results are never shared with UArts staff, including the Office
of Health Services.

• Our nurses can administer tuberculosis (TB) skin tests to students who are in the master’s programs for
teaching and require this screening before going into a classroom setting.

• Flu shots are available on a seasonal basis, beginning in October/November. Flu shots are free to
UArts students and administered by a school nurse. There is a limited supply and flu shots are given on

a first-come, first-served basis, so students interested in this service are encouraged to contact Health
Services in October to inquire about availability.
• Free items and samples are available in the Office of Health Services as part of our “Free Sample
Station.” Items available year-round include condoms, feminine hygiene products, Band-Aids and
cough drops. Other items can include hair care products, deodorant and other such samples as sent to
us by various health and wellness companies throughout the year.
• Local references and resources. If you are a student looking for a local specialist, Health Services can
provide a list of recommended local practitioners. Call us at 215-717-6652 or
email [email protected] for assistance.

I have a pre-existing medical condition/require routine medication, what should I do?

Health Services does not write or fill prescriptions. If you require these services for an existing diagnosis,
please contact your primary care physician to make arrangements before coming to UArts.

Students with pre-existing medical conditions that require routine assessments are encouraged to find a doctor
in Philadelphia. The best way to do this is 1) ask your existing physician for a recommendation or 2) go to your
insurance company’s website and use the “Find a Doctor” tool. The school zip code is 19102.

I need an allergy shot, what should I do?

Health Services cannot administer allergy injections. Should you require this service, especially on a routine
basis, we recommend finding an allergy doctor in the area prior to coming to UArts. To do this, you can 1) ask
your primary allergist for a recommendation, 2) go to your insurance company’s website and use the “Find a
Doctor” tool (the school zip code is 19102) or 3) Call or email the Health Office for a list of local immunology
offices at 215-717-6652 or [email protected].

Will Health Services write me an excuse/class absence note?

The University of the Arts Health Services does not provide written excuses for students who miss class due to
routine illnesses or injury.

• For minor/routine illness related absences, students should notify their faculty as soon as possible
regarding their situation, ideally before they miss a class, exam or other evaluative activity. It is the
student's responsibility to make up any missed work.

• Medical documentation will be accepted for significant illness or injury, and should be submitted directly
to Health Services.

Laptop Requirement:

Who is required to purchase a new laptop?

All incoming graduate and undergraduate students are required to bring a laptop. The laptop does not
necessarily have to be new but, keep in mind, this is a tool you will be using for several years. If you start out
with a high-powered laptop, it will be much more likely to serve you for four or more years.

Why Apple?
With the exception of Game Art, the Mac OS is the preferred platform for all of our programs. We currently
make a variety of software available to students for free, some of which is only available for Mac.

What if I already have a desktop or laptop computer?
Mobile computing is critical to a student’s ability to complete coursework at UArts. Not all classes occur in
rooms equipped with computers and virtually all classes require at least some computer work. We also cannot
provide software for personally owned desktop computers.

If you already have a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the Minimum Requirements of your program, you
do not have to purchase a new computer.

Is there financial aid available to cover the cost of a new laptop?
There is no financial aid designed specifically to aid in the purchase of a new laptop, however, financial aid
received may be used to cover the cost of the laptop. Please speak with a Student Financial Services advisor
or Admissions counselor. More information about Financial Aid can be found on the Types of Aid page.

School is about to start but I don’t have my laptop yet. What can I do?
Some students may be able to get by temporarily by using the computer labs to work on assignments.
Otherwise, students may check laptops out from the Media Resources equipment room. Checkouts are up to a
week with two renewals allowed. Laptop checkouts are not a way around a laptop purchase. Students will not
be permitted to check out laptops for an entire semester and failure to return a laptop that is due will result in
being charged for the cost of replacement.

Do I need laptop insurance?
Students are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance. Many students choose to insure their laptops and
other personal property through a parent or guardian's homeowner's policy. We recommend an insurance
policy that will cover the laptop for loss, theft, environmental damage and accidental damage. Affordable
insurance options specifically for students are available through College Student Insurance or National Student
Services, Inc.

Should I buy the AppleCare Protection Plan?
It is highly recommended that students purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan. This extended warranty
covers defective parts and offers service and support for three years. Bear in mind the AppleCare warranty
only covers defective parts. It does not cover accidents such as theft or physical damage. Laptop insurance is
strongly recommended.

Do I get operating system and software upgrades?
The University will provide periodic upgrades for software that it holds licenses for. Students are responsible
for maintaining a current operating system. Operating system upgrades may be required to install or update
some software during the duration of a student’s time at UArts.

Can I use UArts-licensed software after graduation or when I leave the Laptop Program?
No. We encourage our students to consider purchasing their own software just prior to graduation to take
advantage of any potential educational discounts. Students will automatically become responsible for
subscription-based software, such as Adobe, should they wish to continue using it.

Can I use my own software if I own what is needed for my classes?
Absolutely. If you own current software licenses and prefer not to take advantage of free software provided by
the University, you are free to do so.

Does my computer have to be erased in order to get University software?
No, we will not erase your computer. In order to access the software, you will need to install an application
called Self Service that will allow you access to package installers of all the software available to you. You will
be guided through the process of installing Self Service during orientation.

Do I have to install all of the software?
You do not have to install all of the software. The Self Service application we use to deliver software allows you
to choose which applications you wish to install. You may install all or none of them at any time during your
career at the University.

Where on campus will I be able to access the Internet?
Wireless network and Internet access is available throughout campus, including the residence halls.

How can I best protect my computer against damage and theft?
Students are responsible for protecting their belongings against theft or damage. Insurance is strongly
recommended. See 'Do I need laptop insurance?'

Although insurance can help you replace your computer, it does not restore access to all the work stored on
the computer. Keeping work backed up is absolutely essential. Work can be backed up to an external drive, to
a cloud storage service or both. Two cloud-based backup options are CrashPlan and Backblaze. While not a
full backup solution, a free Dropbox subscription can store up to 2 GB and is a handy way to keep important
files accessible.

Another useful tool is the Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Prevention is always best.

• Don't leave your laptop (or phone or any other valuable items) unattended in a classroom, not even
hidden in a bag

• Do not leave your laptop in unattended cars
• Do not walk around with your laptop open
• Always transport your laptop in a suitably padded bag or case
• Be aware of cords and cables attached to your laptop; even with today’s “break-away” design, tripping

on these can yank your laptop off a table

What are my laptop support resources?
The OTIS Service Center and Help Desk on the 8th floor of Terra Hall is always a good place to start. The staff
there can help with a number of problems. See Help Desk & Service Center for hours and contact information.

The nearby Apple Store provides free weekly workshops, a Genius Bar, product consulting and retail outlet.
Apple Computers and provide manuals, tutorials and a vast troubleshooting database available to
all Mac users.

If my laptop needs repair, is a loaner available?
Students may check laptops out from the Media Resources equipment room if their laptop is out for repair.
Checkouts are up to a week with two renewals allowed. Laptop checkouts are not a way around a laptop
purchase. Students will not be permitted to checkout laptops for an entire semester and failure to return a
laptop that is due will result in being charged for the cost of replacement.


Do I have to go to Orientation?

Yes! Orientation is mandatory. Students are required to attend all orientation sessions in order to help them
prepare for their specific major and lives as student artists at UArts.

What if I can't check in during the allotted time?

These times are highly encouraged. However, we do understand if travel arrangements cause you to arrive
earlier or later. Check-in for residential students will close at 4pm. Be sure to plan your arrival before 4pm.

What happens at orientation check-in?

The check-in process at New Student Orientation is a little like going shopping and visiting each store. You will
be given a check in bag, Orientation schedule, and your student ID. You will check-in with Health Services,
Student Billing (if necessary), and have the opportunity to pick up information from local businesses.
Residential students will get their keys at check-in.

Do I have to move in on August 22?

Yes! Move-in for new students is from 7:30am to 3pm on August 22. If you absolutely cannot move in on this
day, please contact the Office of Campus Life at [email protected].

Is there parking available for move-in day?

Temporary 20-minute unloading zone parking will be available at each of our residence halls from 7:30am-5pm
on August 22. At check-in, families will be provided with a map of parking garages in the area. Public Safety
Officers will be present on the street to answer questions and there will be student leaders and volunteers to
help students and their families get everything unloaded.

When will I get my orientation schedule?

A generic schedule will be available on the orientation webpage in early August. You will get a personalized
orientation schedule when you check in on August 22.

Can my parents attend orientation with me?

Parents can attend check-in. Students are encouraged to use orientation as a time to meet other new students
and become adjusted to life in Philadelphia. There is also a specific Parent & Family Information Fair on
Thursday, August 23, from 9-11am that parents and family members are invited to attend.

Is there a dress code for orientation?

No. Dress comfortably as you may be walking around a lot.

Do I need to sign up for orientation or pay a fee?

No. As orientation is mandatory for everyone, you are already "signed up." There is no additional fee for

When will I receive my class schedule?

New students register for classes at different times depending on the program of student and enrollment
status. Although some new students may not register until Orientation, all new students can expect to receive
information from the Office of the Registrar by late July to early August. The Office of the Registrar sends all
registration information to UArts email accounts only; be sure to check your University email account regularly.

What should I bring to orientation?

Photo ID (state issued or previous school ID). You'll be required to show proof of identification to pick up your
school ID.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Director of Campus Life, Kristen Burkett
([email protected]) or by calling the Office of Campus Life at 215-717-6144.

Meal Plans:

I live on campus. Why am I required to have a meal plan?
The most important reason why we require the Platinum Plan for residential students (Returning students can
opt to enroll in the Gold Plan if they do so by the drop/add date) is that we want to ensure that students can
concentrate on studies without worrying about regular shopping, cooking (safely) and having nutritious food
readily available.

I live off campus. May I sign up for a meal plan?
Yes! Students can enroll online anytime up until the day before new student move-in each semester.

How are meals counted each week?
Meal plans are tracked on a weekly basis, from Monday morning until Sunday evening. You may not exceed
more than the number of meals per week as outlined in your plan above, unless you have purchased the Gold
Plan and are using one of the four (4) weekly guest passes. There are up to four (4) meal time periods per day
(breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night). Students may either use their meal plan, Dining Dollars, or receive a
meal plan equivalency during those time zones, based on the specific location. For students wishing to dine at
Mangia or the Mezz, those locations will offer a la carte items for a meal plan equivalency.

Meal Exchange vs Dining Dollars:
Dining Dollars can be used at any time to purchase items on a retail a la carte basis.
Meal Exchange is when a guest uses one of their All You Care to Eat Meals from the Terra Dining Hall in
exchange for bundled offering in Terra To-Go, Mangia, or The Mezz.

Guests also have the opportunity to take advantage of Meal Exchange Program in Mangia during the 4th Meal
Zone of the day (Late Night).

The Meal Zones are as listed below:

Monday - Friday Terra Dining Hall "On the Go" Late Night
Breakfast (Terra Dining Hall) (All Locations) Mangia
Dinner 7:00am-10:59am 7:00am-10:59am 7:30-10:30pm
Late Night (Mangia) 11:00am-3:59pm 11:00am-3:59pm
4:00-7:30pm 4:00-7:30pm

Once the semester begins, can I make changes to my plan?
Students may not select a lower-level meal plan during a given term after the add/drop deadline, but may
upgrade to a higher-level plan at any time during the semester. All changes must be made at Student Life on
the 3rd floor of Gershman Hall. Residential students (those who live in on-campus housing) may not make
changes to their plan at any time.

Are there any exceptions to this policy?
Typically, no. However, the University understands that there are sometimes circumstances beyond a
student's control, such as a major health issue, that do not fall within the general scope of our policies and
need to be reviewed. Any exception to policies can be requested through the Office of Student Affairs at 215-

My meal plan comes with Dining Dollars. How do those work?
Dining Dollars can be used at any dining location on campus in exchange for a meal or snack. Dining Dollars
do not roll over from semester to semester.

Dining Dollars cannot be used at vending machines on campus. E-Accounts can.

I have friends visiting for the weekend. Can they eat with me?
Yes, of course! However, your meal plan can only be used once per meal time, unless you have purchased the
Gold Plan and are using one of the four (4) weekly guest passes. Guests can pay using cash, UArts Dollars, or
a credit card.

What are the hours of operation at the dining facilities?
The University of the Arts understands the complexities of our students' schedules and we have designed
convenient meal periods with extensive hours of operation:

Terra Dining Hall
Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Friday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Closed Saturday & Sunday

The Mezz
Monday – Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Please note that these hours are subject to change

I am a vegan. Does the UArts dining services plan have options for me?
Yes! We have regular menu items that cater to a variety of different tastes, lifestyles and dietary
needs. Specific questions regarding menus and other health-related needs can be addressed to the Director of
Dining Services at [email protected].


I was involved in an incident, what do I need to do?
If you were documented (by Public Safety, Student Life staff, faculty, or anyone else) as being involved in an
incident, expect a Notice to Appear email from our office. After receiving the email, you should check date/time
of your hearing. In addition to checking your inbox, we encourage students to check their spam/junk folder as
well. You should also consider reviewing the Code of Conduct, specifically the policy in question and the
procedure. You can contact a Hearing Adviser or the Director of Residence Life + Conduct if you have
questions related to your incident. Please understand that the process is fair and that your side of the story will
be heard. If you are in violation and there are sanctions, complete them on time to avoid further

I didn’t do anything wrong.
You will have an opportunity during your hearing to explain your perspective of an incident. Our staff will then
make a determination as to what occurred. Keep in mind, our process is meant to be educational and that is
our focus when meeting with students.

What can happen to me?
If you are found in violation of the UArts Code of Student Conduct or our Residential Living policies, sanctions
range from warning to loss of housing, and in some cases, expulsion from the University. Often times there are
additional sanctions, such as; assessments, community service, reflection papers, policy reviews, fines, or
other projects. All sanctions applied by the Hearing Officer should be completed on time or students risk further

What will happen during the hearing?
Students meet in small groups, if multiple students were documented, or one-on-one with a Hearing Officer
from the Office of Residence Life + Conduct. If a student has contacted an advisor, the advisor will sit quietly
in the room as well. The Hearing Officer will explain the process, discuss charges, review the incident report
and ask the student to share the incident from their perspective. The Hearing Officer will engage in a
questioning process to organize the incident details and determine, to the best of their ability, what occurred.
The Hearing Officer will make a determination of "responsible" or "not responsible" and, if applicable, apply

The aim of our Hearing Officers is to create a climate for open dialogue of expectations and policy. Students
should expect a supportive and non-adversarial environment.

I was found responsible for a violation. Does this go on my permanent record at the University?
With the exception of suspension and expulsion, conduct records to not appear on transcripts. Conduct
records are confidential and cannot be released without the written consent of the student. Students should
note that if the violation is also a violation of the law, the University will communicate all information
surrounding the incident to the police.

Many graduate schools and employers with sensitive information often ask for a release of the applicant’s
conduct record.

Our office maintains students conduct files for seven years after the incident, or in the event of an expulsion
records are indefinitely maintained.

Will I lose my scholarship?
Depending on the sanction and severity of the incident this is a possibility. Students should discuss their
scholarship requirements with their Student Financial Services Counselor.

Do my parents find out?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) keeps university students’ academic records

(including conduct) confidential. A student must complete a Release of Information form in order for our office
to share details with anyone other than the student.

However, there are exceptions to FERPA. Students found responsible of the University alcohol or drug policies
or other serious violations will have a letter sent home notifying their parent or guardian. We encourage
students to talk with their families before such notification is sent.

Can I bring my parents or lawyer to my hearing?
All hearings are closed, which means only accused student(s), advisers, witnesses, and the Hearing Officer
are permitted to attend the hearing or appeal.

The accused student may have a trained conduct advisor present during the hearing or appeal. Therefore,
parents may not serve as advisors unless they are also a current member of the faculty, staff or student body.
To assist students who are participating in the conduct process, students and staff that have participated in
Conduct Advisor training are listed on the Conduct Advisors page.

A lawyer will only be permitted to attend a hearing when related criminal charges are filed and pending. In
cases where a lawyer attends as an accused student's hearing, the student is responsible for any lawyer's fees

What rights do I have?
Students have the right to contact an advisor, review the incident report and information as it is available, to
bring forth witnesses with relevant information relating to the incident, and the right to appeal following

I do not agree with my sanction(s). Can I appeal?
Students can make a written request for an appeal as long as the appeal is based upon one or more of the
following reasons, which must be specified in the appeal:

1. Violation of University conduct procedures;
2. Misinterpretation of the policies alleged to be violated;
3. New evidence not reasonably available at the time of the hearing;
4. Improper or excessive sanction(s);
5. Decision not supported by a preponderance of evidence.

A request for an appeal must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Vice President for Student Services (or
their designee) within two business days (48 hours) of the decision.


What is the Housing Selection Process?
The Housing Selection Process is a random computer-generated system that will give you a number.
Receiving a number does not commit you to a contract or a room; it allows you the chance to participate in
Room Selection. If you participate in room selection; sign your contract; pay your $200 deposit, you are
committed to housing for the full academic year, all housing and board fees apply.

What is is an online portal for students to fill out contact information, fill out roommate preferences,
and sign the housing agreement.

What is my user name and password?
All students’ user names and passwords are the same user name and password used to check campus email.
Problems with passwords should be directed to the IT Help Desk at 215-717-6677.

How do I pay my housing deposit?
Students that have received a number must submit their deposit online during select dates at

If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card, please contact the Office of Residence Life + Conduct at
[email protected] or 215.717.6970 to make alternative arrangements.

If I forget to sign up for the Housing Selection Process, what options do I have?
If you do not sign up during Feb. 1-28, you will have the option to go onto the waitlist. To be added to the
waitlist, email [email protected]. Additional spaces do become available over the summer, and students
placed on the waitlist should not be discouraged. In typical years, most students who are added to the waitlist
receive housing before the start of the fall semester!

What is the Housing Agreement (electronic signature)?
The housing agreement is a binding agreement that all residents sign on after completing
their housing application.

Is the Housing Agreement binding?
Once this document is signed, you have paid the housing deposit, and you have selected a room for the
upcoming year, you are committed to campus housing for a full academic year (Fall and Spring semesters).
Students are released only if they meet extenuating circumstances as defined by the Office of Residence Life
+ Conduct. Signing an off campus lease will not warrant a release from your housing contract.

When do I sign my housing agreement?
As soon as you fill out your housing application, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and electronically
sign your Housing Agreement by clicking “I Agree”. If you log off without clicking “I Agree”, a number WILL
NOT be held for you.

What if I change my mind?
Be aware that the housing agreement is binding for the Academic Year. If you are not entirely sure you will
want housing for both the Fall and Spring semesters, it is recommended that you do not participate in the
housing selection process. Once your room has been selected, your deposit paid, and your contract submitted,
you are bound to its terms. However, if you have received a number, have not yet selected a room or paid a
deposit, and decide you no longer want housing you may forfeit your number by emailing
mailto:[email protected]. Once you have cancelled your application, your number will be issued to another

How can I get my $200 housing deposit back?
Housing deposits are non-refundable.

What if I plan to study abroad?
When students are studying abroad for the Spring Semester, the Office of Residence Life + Conduct
encourages them to go through the housing selection process if they wish to live on campus for the one
semester they are at UArts. Once a student is approved to go abroad, the Office of Residence Life + Conduct
will receive the approval from the Provost Office and will release the student from their housing agreement for
only that semester, without penalty. Students who study abroad in the Fall and would like to live on campus in
the Spring should contact the Office of Residence Life + Conduct via [email protected] in November to see if
there is space available. Housing for the Spring semester cannot be guaranteed.

May I view the Housing Agreement Terms and Conditions before I sign my contract?
You may view the contract on

How do I know when I can sign up for a room?
Numbers will be emailed to your UArts email account. Students will also be sent multiple reminders and
updates via their UArts email accounts.

I received a number but I cannot be there on the day of housing selection. Can I sign up in advance?
Students are strongly advised to be present on the Housing Selection Day. If extenuating circumstances make
it impossible for you to be there, the Office of Residence Life + Conduct will provide:
A) a proxy form for another student to choose for you or the housing coordinator can choose for you
B) one week to choose your room from the spaces remaining. Students with numbers who do not choose their
room within this time frame will forfeit their housing number and space.

I want to be roommates with my friend. How do we do that?
If you and another student(s) wish to be roommates, all students must
A) sign up for the housing selection process
B) pay their $200 housing deposit
Students that have not completed these steps will not be allowed to choose a room on Housing Selection Day,
so plan accordingly. Students with the lower number will bring their preferred roommates with them when they
are called to pick their room. For example, if Anthony has number “1” and Amy has number “120” and they
wish to be roommates, Amy will come with Anthony when “1” is called.

Who can select a 2/3/4 person room?
You may select a 2/3/4 room individually or as a group. If you are selecting a room as a pair or group, the
student with the lowest number, selects the room for the pair or group. For example, if Anthony has number “1”
and Amy has number “120” and they wish to be roommates, Amy will come with Anthony when “1” is called.

If the desired room space is not available at the time of selection, the pair or group will have to separate and
select rooms as individuals based on each person’s number, Residence Life + Conduct will also maintain
waitlists for certain room types.

Can I get a single room? There were no singles left when my number was called, what do I do?
There are a few single studio apartments available in Pine and Spruce (occupancy of 1). There will also be a
few private bedrooms within a suite available in Pine and Furness (you will have a private bedroom but share
kitchen/bath/etc. with 1 or 2 other students). If you desire these room types but none are available on room
selection day, you may have the option of being placed onto a waitlist. Residence Life + Conduct will monitor
the waitlist and place students into as they become available. Also please note that these rooms cost more
than the shared space rooms.

I have a number and so does my preferred roommate, but they cannot come to the selection day. Can I
choose the room for us?
All students should try to be present for Housing Selection. If a roommate cannot come to Housing Selection,
contact Residence Life + Conduct for a proxy form (a form for that roommate to fill out, stating that they will
allow another roommate to make a decision for them).

What if my roommate cancels their housing at some point in the process? Will I be assigned a new
If your roommate cancels housing, you will be assigned a new roommate. If you would prefer to be reassigned,
the Housing Coordinator can reassign you up until July 1. After July 1, no new assignments can be arranged.

I want to live on campus, but I don’t want a meal plan. Is that allowed?
All students who live on campus are required to participate in the meal plan.

What meal plan can I get?
Students who are living on campus for a second year will have the option to choose between the 19 meals per
week and the 14 meals per week plan.

When do I select a meal plan?
Meal plan selection will take place on Housing Selection Day. On campus students can change between the
19 and 14 meals through the Open Registration period (occurs in both September and February).

*Students seeking information regarding campus housing or meal plan accommodations should email
[email protected].

Student Financial Services (SFS):

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Generous, merit-based scholarships are available for UArts students, including international students.
Scholarships are competitive and vary in amount but offer a considerable reduction in the price of tuition.

What are the amounts of scholarships?

Scholarship amounts vary but scholarships can cover up to 50% of the cost of tuition.

How is the amount decided?

Applicants are evaluated on a combination of credentials including: past academic success, creative portfolios
and/or auditions, test scores, related experience and general suitability of one’s interests and goals within our

Are international students eligible for scholarships?

Yes, international students are eligible for merit-based scholarships under the same criteria as domestic

Is there an application or deadline?

No, students are automatically considered for scholarships at the time of admission. UArts operates on a
rolling admissions basis, but programs are filled on a space-available basis, so submitting your materials early
may improve your chances for acceptance.

Is there a scholarship consideration deadline?

No. UArts operates on a rolling admissions basis, meaning you’re considered for admission and scholarship
regardless of when you submit your application. However, keep in mind that programs are filled on a space-
available basis, so submitting your materials early may improve your chances for acceptance.

Can I appeal my scholarship?

While the amount of your Merit-Based scholarship won’t change, please contact Student Financial Services if
you have a situation that warrants appealing for additional financial aid.

How do I apply?

UArts only requires that students complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be
evaluated for need-based aid. All US Citizens and eligible non-citizens are encouraged to apply at

Do you accept Veterans Benefits?

Financial support from Chapter 33 Post-9/11, Chapter 35 Dependents’ Education Assistance and Montgomery
GI Bills can be used to help pay for your tuition if you are eligible to receive them. Apply online for VA Benefits.
The VA certifying official for UArts is Lakeisha Sanders. For any certification questions you can contact her at
[email protected].

What if my Financial Aid isn’t enough?

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to cover the costs of your tuition, please contact our office so we
can review all available options for your specific circumstances.

Can I attend part-time and receive aid?

University aid, including Merit-based Scholarships, is typically not awarded to part-time students. There may be
federal or state programs for which you may be eligible for as a part-time student. Please contact our office
prior to making the decision to attend part-time so we can review how this will impact your financial aid and
billed expenses.

Does my Financial Aid apply to Study Abroad?

Yes, financial aid and Merit-based scholarships can be applied toward approved study-abroad programs. Since
there are additional costs such as travel insurance, housing and airfare, we encourage all students to meet
with a counselor in Student Financial Services prior to applying to study abroad.

Can I use Financial Aid to pay for Off-Campus Housing?

Yes, you can use financial aid, including loans, to help assist with the cost of living off-campus. If you are
relying on a refund from an over-payment, keep in mind that fall refund checks are generally not available until
late September and spring checks until mid-February. Make sure you plan ahead to pay your rent for these

How do I get refunded for an overpayment?

Refunds are automatically issued in the 2 weeks after the drop/add period has ended. The refunds are issued
as checks and are able to be picked up by students if made out to them or mailed to Parent PLUS loan

Can I become an Independent Student?

Students cannot become independent unless there are extraordinary circumstances or they meet the
Department of Education's criteria for Independent Students. Filing taxes and claiming yourself as a dependent
typically does not make you independent for the FAFSA. You can view common questions about FAFSA
dependency status on the federal student aid website.

What payment methods can I use for one-time payments?

One-time payments can be made online with a checking account for free or with Visa, Master Card, American
Express, or Discover; there is a surcharge when paying with a credit card. These payments can be made
online through the Student Account Center or in the SFS office with a check.

When are bills due?

You can find the current billing timeline at

Why is health insurance on my bill?

All students are required to have health insurance coverage or take the university health insurance plan. To
learn more about the health insurance requirement, the university-sponsored health insurance plan, or to
remove the charge from your bill, visit

I set up a payment plan, but my bill still shows a balance due?

If you bill reflects the payment plan but still shows a balance due then your payment plan was not setup for
enough to cover the bill in full. You should call TMS at (800) 722-4867 to adjust your bill or call our office if you
need help finding additional options to cover your balance.

I want to pay my bill with a 529 how do I get it applied?

Check with your 529 agency to see what information they require well in advance of the billing deadline. Many
529 agencies take 2-3 weeks to process payments so plan ahead to make sure your funds will arrive on the
billing due date.

I have an outside scholarship that will be covering part or all of my bill, how do I get this applied?

Please email our office a copy of the outside scholarship notification. It must include the amount, time period
(year or semester) you are receiving it for, and the agency or payer contact information for the scholarship.

I’ve taken out a loan to cover my bill but they said it won’t disburse until after the due date?

All loans that are fully certified will be credited on your bill and you will not receive a late fee if the loan was
ready for certification by the due date. Please make sure your lender has all required documents if you have
not received notification that the loan has been certified.

Why is my balance in carets ("<>")?

The carets indicate your bill has a negative balance or credit. If you are due a refund, refunds will be issued
according to our policy specified at

I paid my old bill but it still shows as unpaid?

Statements will continue to show until you file them if they were not paid through the online system. If your
payment came in another form, you will need to file the old bill so it no longer shows.


How do I order my cap + gown?
A google form asking you your height will be sent to your UArts email after Feb 1st. If you haven’t received it,
feel free to email your height to [email protected]

Is there a charge for cap + gown?
Nope. We always have extra sizes available as well, in the event that a replacement is needed.

When and where do I pick up my tickets, cap + gown?
Each year we assign one week for students to pick up their tickets, cap and gown in Gershman Hall, 3rd floor
and is typically two weeks prior to the commencement week. We will absolutely notify students via email and
social media once that week has been appointed according to the commencement date that year.

I lost/you never gave me my - tassel, honors sash, cord, tickets, what do I do?
Come by Gershman Hall, Room 311 and we will provide replacements. The day of graduation, you can visit
our staff in CBS Auditorium for assistance.

I'm a Grad Student/I work/I am out of town - I can't get back to UArts for ticket + regalia pick up - can
you mail them all to me?
We don’t mail out items but we will certainly allow a friend or family member to pick them up for you if you
email us that information directly from your UArts email account to [email protected]

What side of my cap does the tassel go on?
Prior to conferral of your degree, it goes on the right side. After you receive your degree, it goes on the left
side. There will be a moment during graduation when all graduates move their tassels together.

Why don't you do a separate ceremony for each college?
The Commencement Ceremonies celebrate the University of the Arts, one of the very few universities devoted
to all of the arts. Smaller award ceremonies are held by colleges and programs as part of Commencement

I need more tickets, is that possible?
The number of tickets we give each eligible graduating student is based on the amount of seats available in the
venue vs the amount of graduates walking in that year’s class.

How does the ticket lottery work?
Once tickets are picked up by graduates, we will see if anyone has returned tickets or given them back for
other students to use. After 6pm on the Friday of Distribution Week we then send out an email to the student
graduating stating we are holding a lottery for any leftover tickets. Students then reply via their UArts email with
the amount of tickets they wish to apply for and we run our lottery system – again it depends on tickets given
back or not picked up by other students. Our office does our very best to accommodate everyone who needs
additional tickets based on what has been turned back in.

I lost my tickets, what do I do?
Simply have your guests arrive at Will Call in the lobby of the Commencement venue on the day of your
ceremony and we will provide your guests with duplicate tickets. If you find the lost tickets prior to that pick-up,
please let us know

My guests need the tickets I never picked up, what do I do?
Let your guests know they can pick their tickets up under your last name at the Will Call table in the venue on
the day of your ceremony

How long is the ceremony? I need to make lunch reservations, what time should I make them for?

The ceremony lasts until approximately 12:45 - 1 PM. Immediately following the ceremony there will be a
reception in Hamilton Hall of light refreshments for graduates, families, and faculty. You will pick up your
diploma at that time, also. We suggest making reservations for 2PM or later.

How do I view the ceremony in perpetuity?
On Search: “The University of the Arts Commencement” and add your graduating year

How do I get photos that were taken at the ceremony?
LifeTouch will send you an email to your UArts account within two weeks of the ceremony to purchase your
photos. You may also search their database after two weeks of your ceremony for yours and other ceremony
photos at

I have a preferred name and I'd like that said instead of what is on my diploma when I walk up on stage.
How do I ensure that will happen?
When you come in to pick up your tickets, cap and gown during distribution week, be sure to let a staff member
know that you would like your preferred name said when you walk up on stage during commencement. We will
help you at that time.

Will someone know how my name is pronounced out loud when I walk across the stage?
Yes, they will. We ask you to pronounce your name on audio when you come in to pick up your tickets, cap
and gown. The announcer listens to all the names, studies them and knows how to repeat your name aloud,

When and where do I get my diploma?
If you have finished all your required credits for your degree you will receive your in CBS located in Hamilton
Hall immediately following the commencement ceremony. If you still have outstanding credits and finish them
by August of that same year, the Office of The Registrar will mail your degree to you following completion.

I want to make sure my name is correct on my diploma, how do I check that?
When you submit your graduation application, you provide your diploma name. You can check your diploma
name with the Registrar, or update the diploma name if you change your mind after submitting your graduation

Will my academic minor be written on my diploma?
No, only your major. If you receive honors (3.6 or higher cumulative grade) that will be noted on your diploma
as “with honors”

Where do I buy announcements/frames and other commemorative items?
Online at: http://college-graduation-

Do you have relationships with any nearby hotels so that we can book early?
Yes, we do. Here’s a list:

• Double Tree - account # 560032780. 10% off from room rate.
• Holiday Inn - $134.00 per night
• Fairfield Inn - $135.00 per night.
• Cambria Hotel - 30% off the best available rate

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