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Toronto Hot Topics

Toronto Hot Topics


November 1, 2018 | Toronto
Listed by Priority

1. Problem: How to collect data for placement of a cyber program in a business
which has a highly-devolved structure and diverse operations and variable
standards in relation to IT? (Tom Richardson)

2. Silent Cyber: where are the markets? Where are the solutions? (Joerg

3. Large Claims: why are Insurers still reluctant to follow the claims handling
protocols and lawyer up? (Anne Chalmers)

4. Blockchain: A lot of hype but can anyone share an actual specific example of
this technology adding value in our industry? (Alain Lagesse)

5. Is anyone working on blockchain programs? (Nancy Wollebek)



November 1, 2018 | Toronto
Listed by Priority

6. HR Insurance Topics: Cooperation between Insurance Risk Management and
HR. (Alexander Mahnke)

7. Current market situation in property. A German / European Issue? Dealing
with Chinese insurers. (Dirk Foerster)

8. What do members think of the recent consolidation in the industry – in
particular the Marsh/JLT deal; is this good for buyers and insurers? (Matt

9. Experience dealing with closure of insurance companies/captives and
addressing legacy issues? (Stacey Regan)

10. Experiences of Risk Managers with RMIS systems. Do they use one, if so,
which one, and what is their experience in terms of time it took to implement,
what functionalities are included, user experience, speed of obtaining
reports? At SAP, we do not currently have a RMIS system in place, but are in
the middle of an RFP pertaining to same. (Volker Ahrens)

11. Risk Management. Managing and navigating the corporate relations and
public face of Reputation Risk and Disclosures. (Anne Chalmers)

12. Risk Management. The younger generation. Do they have the discipline and
strategy right? How do we coach in these trending times? (Anne Chalmers)



November 1, 2018 | Toronto
Listed by Priority

13. Insurance Governance in Holding Structures (Alexander Mahnke)
14. Mergers and Acquisitions in Large Brokerage and Insurance Companies what

is the acceptable return to shareholders how much is too much? Is there a
potential for more loss of client services? (Anne Chalmers)
15. Frustration. No obvious method to benchmark broker remuneration without
full-blown RFP process? (Tom Richardson)
16. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good resource for captive
feasibility and domicile selection? (Stacey Regan)
17. Risk Management. Changing times as Internal Audit sees narrowing scope.
(Anne Chalmers)


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