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Published by sfuentes3, 2019-12-05 17:26:20

Low Organized Games Sonia fuentes (1)

Low Organized Games Sonia fuentes (1)


KINE 1151-P01

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019


4 Square 5
Rock-Paper-Scissors HOP 6
Hula Hoop Tic-Tac-Toe 8
Rock, Paper, Scissors Train 9
Simon says 11
Freeze tag 12
Keep the balance 13
Running Relay 14
Hot Potato 15
Duck, Duck, Goose


• 1 Lap around the gym
• High knees- 10 seconds
• Butt kicks- 10 seconds
• Stretch: 10 seconds each

– Middle,
– Left
– Right

• Arm Circles: 10 seconds each

– Forward
– Backward


• Skill Focus: Concentration
• Equipment: Cones / Lines, Bouncy-ball
• Objective: Get to the Queen Square
• How to Play: There will be four squares, each with

one person. The person in the Queen square (number
one) will serve the ball. Play will continue until someone
gets “out”. Players will rotate up one square. Instructor
will end game.
• Rules:

• No slamming of the ball
• Each player only gets one touch when it enters their

• Pass must be underhand
• If ball bounces on a line, it is still in play. If it is between

two players square’s and no one plays it, the person in the
higher numbered square will go to the back of the line.

• Time: 10 minutes



• Skill Focus: Agility, Concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: 30 Hula Hoops
• Objective: Jump through all of the hula hoops, ending on the

other team’s side
• How to Play: Class will be divided into 2 groups, each starting at

separated ends of the hula hoop line. Upon instruction, the first
people in line will hop until they meet at two adjacent hula hoops.
They will then play rock, paper scissors. Whoever wins, continues
hopping until they meet again with the next person in line from the
opposing team. Whichever team hops all the way to the other
team’s side wins.
• Rules:

• Players must HOP, not run. Running will result in the end of
that player’s turn

• The winner will be determined off the fourth choice
• i.e. rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT.

• Time: 10 minutes or whenever one team wins


• Skill Focus: Concentration, Speed
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: 6 Hula Hoops, bean bags / pennies / different colored

• Objective: Get three in a row of your team’s marker
• How to Play: Class will be evenly divided into 2 teams. Each team

will be given 3 markers of the same color. One person from each
team will place their marker in one of the 6 hula hoops at the same
time. Then, race back to their group so the next person can go.
Once all 3 markers have been used, the next person in line will
move one of their team’s markers to try and make 3 in a row thus
ending the game.
• Rules:

• Only one marker per hula hoop
• You may not move your opponent’s marker

• Time: 10 Minutes or when one team wins

TRAIN• Skill Focus: Concentration

• Objective: Get everyone to join your train
by winning rock, paper, scissors

• How to Play: Each person in the class will
have a partner. Each group will play one game
of rock, paper, scissors. Whoever loses will
then stand behind the winner. The winner will
find another winner, and play rock, paper,
scissors. This cycle will continue until there is
one definitive winner.

• Rules:

• The winner will be determined off the fourth
• i.e. rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT.

• Time: 5 minutes


• Skill Focus: Listening
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: no equipment
• Objective: listen close to the order “Simon” gives
• How to Play: Simon will get in front of the room

and call out commands. If Simon begins the sentence
by saying “ Simon says..” then everyone is required
to do the action. If he does not begin with “Simon
says..” the players are not allowed to do the action.
• Rules:

• Players must follow everything simon says

• If a player does a move simon did not say you
are out.

• Time: until one person is standing


• Skill Focus: motor skills, speed, and

• Equipment: none

• Objective:

• How to Play: 1-3 students will be “it”
and the rest of the class will be scattered
around the gym. When given the signal
“it” will attempt to tag other players.
When a player is tagged, he/she must stop
in the spot they were tagged in until they
are rescued by another player. In order to
be rescued, a player must be tagged by a
non “it” player

• Rules: always moving around

• If tagged must be untagged by a non
tagged player

• Time: 10 minutes


• Skill Focus: balance, listening skills, and body

• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: music player
• Objective: Be the last person standing
• How to Play when the music plays, students

must be moving and when the music stops the
students must balance on one leg, one leg and two
arms, or one arm and one leg until the music
starts again ( they cannot repeat the same balance
move back to back). The last person standing wins.
• Time: 15 minutes
• Rules: always moving, and cannot repeat the
same balance back to back


• Skill Focus: Speed
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Objective: Complete the relay before the other

• How to Play: The class will be divided evenly into 2-4

even teams. The teams will race, one person at a time,
from baseline to half court. The first team finished
• Rules:

• Players must touch the half court line with their

• Team members must all be sitting criss-cross to be
pronounced the winners

• Time: 5 Minutes


• Skill Focus: Concentration
• Space Requirement: Half-court
• Equipment: 2 bean bags
• Objective: Don’t have the bean bag I your hand when

the time runs out
• How to Play: All players will sit in one circle.

Everyone will pass the bean bags clockwise while saying
“hot potato, hot potato, hot potato hot. Hot potato,
hot potato, hot potato, STOP. Whoever has the bean
bag in their hands at the time STOP is said, is
eliminated. The game continues until there is one
winner (when down to the last two players, there is
only one bean bag).
• Rules:

• If the bean bag is dropped on the ground when
STOP is said, the last person to have it in their
hands is eliminated.

• Time: 5 minutes


• Skill Focus: Listening / Comprehension and Cardio
• Objective: Relay the same message that was told

• How to Play: Players will stand in one single line.

The instructor will whisper one sentence to the first
person in line and this sentence must be passed
through the whole line of players. Players must jog in
place when not directly involved in passing the
message. Players want to pass the original message
through the whole line correctly.
• Rules:

– Players should not intentionally try to change the

– Players may only repeat the message once after the
initial telling

• Time: 2 Minutes


• Skill Focus: Speed, Listening
• Objective: Don’t get tagged
• How to Play: Players will sit cross cross in a

circle facing the inside. The person who is “it” will
walk around the circle, tapping everyone on the
head while saying “duck.” Whenever they say
“goose” they must run around the circle as quickly
as possible, attempting to avoid being tagged by
the goose. If they make it all the way around the
circle back to the empty space they are safe, if
tagged they must sit in the middle of the circle
until another person is tagged to replace them.
The instructor ends the game.
• Rules:

– Players must sit criss-cross with their hands in their

• Time: 5-10 minutes


• Skill Focus: Speed, concentration
• Space Requirement: Full court
• Objective: Be the first person to cross the

• How to Play: Players will line up on one

baseline, and the instructor will stand on
the other. The instructor will call out one
of three commands. Red light means stop,
no movement. Yellow light means walk.
Green light means Run as fast as you can.
The person to reach the other baseline first
• Rules:

– Anyone who continues moving on red must
go back to the beginning

• Time: 5 minutes


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