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Honor Roll of Donors

Northeastern University


JULY 1, 2018, TO JUNE 30, 2019

We live in a time of unparalleled change, where
opportunities exist in every sector and region of
the world. To seize these moments, Northeastern
strives to position our students, faculty, and
researchers to achieve what’s next—and through
your philanthropy, you are making this possible.

I am constantly inspired by your unwavering
support of Northeastern. This year, you made
impressive gifts to protect the ocean’s treasures,
tackle the opioid crisis, close gender and
diversity gaps, prepare our next generation of
teachers, and so much more. We also celebrated
an extraordinary investment from trustee
Amin J. Khoury, MBA’89, H’19, and his wife,
Julie, MBA’89, whose largest single gift in the
university’s history has named the Khoury
College of Computer Sciences. Your support is
strengthening our communities and the world.

Thank you for all that you do, and all that we will
continue to achieve together.

Diane N. MacGillivray
Senior Vice President for University Advancement

COVER: “Northeastern has become not only my home
but my sacred place—a place where I feel connected,
where I belong, where I fit in. I want to set an example
by showing others how to stand up when things are
wrong. I want to do all this in my city of Boston, and
give back to my community. Without your financial
support, none of this would be possible.”

—Kashaye Everette-Charles, SSH’24
The Edmond J. and Maureen J. English Scholars Fund


HUNTINGTON SOCIETY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
BENEFACTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
MEMBERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
FOUNDERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
VISIONARIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
PATRONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
FELLOWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
ASSOCIATES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
FRANK PALMER SPEARE SOCIETY . . . . . . . . . . 26


THE HUNTINGTON SOCIETY Northeastern recognizes individuals who have made one-time commitments of $100,000 or
more by honoring them with a five-year term in the Huntington Society. Benefactors, our most
generous donors, whose cumulative giving totals $1 million or more, are lifetime members of
the society. To learn more, contact Charlotte Troyanowski, senior director of donor relations, at
617.373.3026 or [email protected]

BENEFACTORS Venetia G. Kontogouris, LA’74 Sami M. Alsaif and
Nancy E. Kramer Hend S. Dabbous, PNT
Lifetime commitment reached Richard G., DMSB’57, and
or exceeded $1 million by C. Murphy Archibald, L’77
June 30, 2019 Clare E. Lesser, L’84 Jean-Michel R. Ares and
Irving M., E’57, and Lenore Levine
Khaled Ahmed Al-Juffali and Ira A., H’96, and Barbara Lipman Sherrill E. McMaster
Olfat M. Al-Mutlaq Francis A., E’63, and Marlene Long Mark Armenante
Maria Lopez Jane F. Aroian, EdD’86
Samuel, MBA’58, and Nancy Altschuler William and Angela Lowell Michael P. Aroian, MBA’01
Eliot B. and Sheryl Barnett Anthony R., E’67, H’08, and Irving A., L’51 and
Louis H. Barnett, B’44, H’77
Robert L. Beal Michele F. Manganaro Charlotte S. Backman
George D., P’57, H’98, and Todd M., DMSB’95, and David and Sandra H. Bakalar
James C. Ballway, PA’75, and
Margo Behrakis Gina Manganaro
Rhoda B. and Howard Bernstein Roger M. Marino, E’61, H’96, and Valerie Hunt
Scott M. and Isabelle Black Judith T. and James F. Barr
Frederick, DMSB’66, and Kathy Campanella Nezih and Berrak F. Barut, PNT
Thomas P., DMSB’71, and Stefania Villa Batault, PNT
Darla C. Brodsky David G., DMSB’81, and
Betty Brudnick Olivia Nancy McDonough, LA’71
Nonnie S., L’78, H’07, and Alan S. McKim, DMSB’88 Laura D. Behenna
Jack Meyer Daniel P., DMSB’03, and Carrie Belcher
Richard Burnes Jr. Jenny Mui Stephen W., MBA’91, and
Peter B., DMSB’70, and Henry J., UC’77, H’08, and
Marybeth Bisson, PNT
Lynne Cameron Michele Nasella Bjarne and Maria E. Borg, PNT
Ronald L. Caplan, DMSB’72 James J., MBA’81, and Robert D. Boroujerdi, DMSB’99
Pierre and Maya Choueiri, PNT Sally Bould
William J., Jr., DMSB’90, and Kimberly S. Pallotta Erik G. Braathen and
John V., ME’72, and Joy Tong Pulichino
Doreen L. Conley S. Stephen Rosenfeld Ingeborg L. Werring, PNT
Nicole F., L’97, and Paul M. D’Amore, L’97 Ronald L., DMSB’66, H’06, and Sidney Braginsky
Richard A. D’Amore, DMSB’76 Margaret Bulens
Richard and Carol I. Daynard Linda Rossetti Janet Johnson Bullard, MBA’78
Susan S. and Larry Deitch Marcia Ruderman Mira Cantor
Ellen R. DeSanctis, PNT William J. Shea, LA’70, MA’72, and Benjamin M. Carter
James A. and Leslie J. Dolce William P., DMSB’68, and
Gary C., DMSB’78, and Lea Anne Dunton Susan McConologue
Maureen Egan Michael J., E’68, and Ann Sherman Barbara Ann Gillis Casey
Ted, DMSB’76, and Maureen English Robert J., E’68, H’00, and Mao Shillman Lawrence G., L’75, and Lynn T. Cetrulo
Renee D. Manganaro Enright, AS’91, Lorraine C. Snell Eva Y., PAH’76, and Shu Ngon Chau
Sy, ME’68, H’12, and Laurie Sternberg Wenlai J. Chen and Lihua Guo, PNT
and John R. Enright Jean C. Tempel, H’03 Paul C. Chrestensen, DMSB’68
Neal F. Finnegan, DMSB’61, H’98 Joseph M., H’04, and Maureen Tucci Marc Cinque
John and Cynthia Fish Mark L., DMSB’82, and John W., Jr., and Katharine Cipolla
Spencer, PA’96, and Sabrina Fung John J. Cochrane, E’60
Edward G., E’73, and Karen D. Vachon Donald, H’14, and Linda Comb
James L., H’93, and Rose M. Correia
Catherine Galante William J., LA’73, and Suzanne B. Cotter
Francis A., E’59, and Joan A. Gicca Faith P. Waters, MEd’72 Robert C., P’53, and Barbara Crisafi
Georgia Wall, L’77, and Donald Gogel R. Brian Wenzinger, Khoury’89 Eugene L. and Gay E. Crowley
Marlene Goldstein Laurie B. and Lon Werner Kenneth R., PAH’78, and
Robert H., E’55, and Betty Goodale Arthur W., E’61, and Lisa Zafiropoulo
Bernard M., H’07, and Sophia Gordon Michael J. Zamkow, DMSB’79, and Patricia C. Dandurand, BB’80
Deborah Shomberg Gries, PAH’77 Rolando, DMSB’73, MBA’75, and
Cathy Grinold Sue E. Berman
John N., LA’59, H’99, and Anonymous (8) Bertha de Aguiar, PNT
Charles F., III, DMSB’68, and
Patricia L. Hatsopoulos MEMBERS
James W., E’54, and Sandra R. Healy A. Sharon Deehan
Arnold S. Hiatt, H’94 Members through June 30, 2019 Robin W., DMSB’82, and
Charles J., ME’73, and Josephine Hoff
Martha E. Hurtig MaryBeth Abdo, PNT John J. Devereux, DMSB’80
Ellen Kariotis Hoda Jeanne Abou-Jamra, PAH’97, Robert E., DMSB’62, and
Frances Keegan
Amin J., MBA’89, H’19, and and Helmut Schühsler Denise DiCenso
Mary Ann and Ruediger H. Adolf, PNT Allan W., UC’68, and Priscilla Ditchfield
Julie E. Khoury, MBA’89 Daniel S. and Sabina Aegerter Scott E. Dolan, DMSB’89
Khalid Abdullah Almolhem Michael T. Dougherty, DMSB’79
Mosa and Laila Alomran John S. Driscoll, LA’57*

PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


Deborah Dunsire and Christopher McGrath, DMSB’88 Janet Shoemaker Swanson, BB’74,
Michael L. Hall Peter C., DMSB’86, and MS’76

Pieter R. and Ann W. McKay, UC’93, PNT Milliardaire, Jr., PAH’88, and
Yvette S. Eenkema van Dijk Jean-Michel R. Ares and Yves-Renee Syverain, N’88

Diane L. Feinzig Sherrill E. McMaster Francis L., E’62, ME’64, and
Gerald, DMSB’70, and Jane E. Feldman Christopher T., DMSB’75, and Marilyn Tempesta
Peter J. Franks, LA’71, MEd’74
Douglas M., DMSB’16, and Cynthia J. Meehan, MBA’86, PNT Gordon O., DMSB’80, MBA’84, and
Georges A. Melhem, E’84, ME’86, Christina L. Thompson
Beth Freeman
Joseph M. Giglio, PhD’03, and PhD’88 Allan, LA’69, MA’72, MPA’79, and
Richard Moore, L’07 Barbara Tosti, LA’69
Denise Caputi Timothy P. Moore, SET’87, E’88
Mark H. and Eleanor C. Gottwald Vilas Mujumdar Tin Lung Tse
Herbert P., P’55, and Marylou Gray Lloyd J., DMSB’64, and Liz Vanin Parisotto, S’16
Steven D., PhD’96, and Amie J. Gray Christopher A. and Alison Viehbacher
Daniel S. Gregory Nancy Jamieson Mullin Agustin O. Vilches, PAH’91
Andrew Garrett Halverstadt, MSA/ Robert J. Murray, MBA’66, and John and Kelly Waller, PNT
Gregory L. Waters, MS’89
MBA’17 Christa Balzer Steven M. Weishoff and
Anne Halverstadt, S’18 Musallam and Sarah Musallam
Douglas C. and David R. Nardone, DMSB’79, MBA’82, Marla L. Schaefer
Eric A. and Jean A. Young
Kathleen L. Halverstadt and Sirima Munphet, PNT Mohamad A. Zameli and Dina Tabbara
Jane E. Harding, N’71 Anita and Joseph Nassar Elizabeth A. Zitrin, L’79
Joanna D. Hobbs, BHS’17 Alan B., MBA’92, and Anonymous (12)
Amos B. Hostetter Jr.
William S., E’69, and Diane Howard Frances Offenberg
Lily S., DMSB’77, and Robert Huang Peter J. Ogren, E’69
Matthew R. Hutt, DMSB’91 Jeanne M. O’Keefe, PA’77, and Dan Rea
Roderick L. Ireland, PhD’98, H’98 Laurence P. O’Toole, E’76
George A., E’71, and Joanne L. Papa
and Alice D. Alexander, L’79 Dawn A. and Christopher Pereira, PNT
Michael P. Johnson and Peta A. Hackel Leonard C., E’68, and Linda Perham
John R. Joseph, E’61, MBA’73 Paul and Maureen E. Petracca
Jeffrey A., DMSB’79, and Dennis J., LI’59, UC’62, H’89*, and

Susan G. Kalowski, MBA’83 Dolores Picard
Chaitanya Kanojia, ME’93, and Christopher and Carol S. Piccaro
Lawrence, MBA’93, and Carol J. Rakers
Tracie Longman Neal Rantoul
Randolph C. Knepper, L’77 Enrique K. and Felicia Razon
Laurence H. and Suzanne R. Knowlton Eugene M., Jr., E’60, MEd’65, H’95, and
Robert R., E’73, and Louise Kursmark
C. Joseph, LC’66, UC’68*, and Corinne C. Reppucci, LA’64, MEd’71
Patrick A., Jr., and Jennifer A. Rivelli
Donna M. LaBonté Richard J. and Jean Roberts
Catherine Lai, PAH’76 Gail Saferstein
Arlene Lanes George P. Sakellaris, ME’75, MBA’82,
Jeffery M. Leving
James E. Lillie and Lisa M. Sheffield and Caterina Papoulias-Sakellaris
Wyatt S. Lillie, DMSB’18 Winslow L., E’86, and
Hong Liu, MA’87, MA’89, and
Ikanyeng Sargeant
Arnold Roquerre Ronald L. and Jill Sargent
Vincent G., AS’85, and Frederick, ME’67, and Judy Schmid
Louis A. Sgarzi
Robin Loporchio Carole J. Shapazian, LA’66, MS’72
Linda M., E’82, and Michael B. Silevitch, E’65, ME’66,

Robert B. MacIntosh PhD’71
Michael J., AS’83, and Merissa L. Simon, AS’10
James Simonetti
Lynne F. MacWade, N’83 Michail Sitkovsky
Susan Blackston Major, LA’74, MBA’78, David R. and Marianne Skok
Gordon H., Jr., E’66, ME’73, and
and John E. Major
Helen C. Makris Jane Slaney
John A. Massa, E’59, ME’66 Jane C. Smalley, BB’63
Thomas and Christine Mazza
Daniel J. and Margaret T. McCarthy James P., E’88, and
Jeffrey P., DMSB’77, and Amie M. Smith, AS’87

Cynthia McCarthy

PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“M y family and I cannot thank you
enough for the support you have
provided. Your investment in me
means so much—and I promise that
it will pay itself off when I use my
degree to help make the world a
better place.”

—Chelsey Harmer, S’19



ANNUAL LEADERSHIP GIFT CIRCLE We thank donors who made gifts of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. To
learn more about annual support, contact Catie Hsieh, senior associate director of leadership
annual giving, at 617.373.5793 or [email protected] To learn about how consecutive-year
alumni donors are recognized, contact Sarah Pelletier, senior associate director of annual giving,
at 617.373.2907 or [email protected]

FOUNDERS Robin W., DMSB’82, and Anthony R., E’67, H’08, and
John J. Devereux, DMSB’80‡ Michele F. Manganaro‡
$25,000 and above
Pierre D’Hemecourt Todd M., DMSB’95, and
John E. Abele Robert E., DMSB’62, and Gina Manganaro‡
Claire A. Adams, LA’71‡
Mary Ann and Ruediger H. Adolf, PNT Denise DiCenso‡ Roger M. Marino, E’61, H’96, and
Khaled Ahmed Al-Juffali and James A. and Leslie J. Dolce Kathy Campanella‡
Michael T. Dougherty, DMSB’79
Olfat M. Al-Mutlaq Deborah Dunsire and Michael L. Hall Grace W., LA’48, and Paul Martinez‡
Mosa and Laila Alomran Ted, DMSB’76, and Maureen English‡ Robert E., LA’62, and Eileen Matz‡
President Joseph E. Aoun and Renee D. Manganaro Enright, AS’91, Thomas and Christine Mazza
Christopher McGrath, DMSB’88‡
Zeina Aoun and John R. Enright‡ Peter C., DMSB’86, and
Walter Graham Arader III Gerald, DMSB’70, and
Jean-Michel R. Ares and Ann W. McKay, UC’93, PNT‡
Jane E. Feldman‡ Alan S. McKim, DMSB’88‡
Sherrill E. McMaster Neal F. Finnegan, DMSB’61, H’98‡ Donald F., E’56, and Gladys A. Meade‡
Mark Armenante Walton W. Ford Richard A., PA’75, and
William Barker, MBA’12 Peter J. Franks, LA’71, MEd’74
Eliot B. and Sheryl Barnett Edward G., E’73, and Andrea M. Montoni
Louis H. Barnett, B’44, H’77‡ Timothy P. Moore, SET’87, E’88‡
Rhoda B. and Howard Bernstein Catherine Galante‡ Henry J., UC’77, H’08, and
Stephen W., MBA’91, and Andrew Gaspar, ME’73
Joy S. Gilbert, UC’69, MEd’72‡ Michele Nasella‡
Marybeth Bisson, PNT‡ Philip Goelet Richard I. Neal, Ed’65, H’91
Scott M. and Isabelle Black Marlene Goldstein Ralph E. M., E’76, and
Jeffrey S., DMSB’89, and Robert H., E’55, and Betty Goodale‡
Bernard M., H’07, and Sophia Gordon Donna Reena Noblin
Jill M. Crocker Bornstein, PNT‡ Lucian C. and Caroline J. Grainge Vania K., AS’95, and
Frederick, DMSB’66, and Herbert P., P’55, and Marylou Gray‡
Steven D., PhD’96, and Amie J. Gray‡ Barbara O’Connor‡
Darla C. Brodsky‡ Daniel S. Gregory Peter J. Ogren, E’69‡
Ronald Brown, E’58, ME’65‡ Cathy Grinold Jeanne M. O’Keefe, PA’77, and
Margaret Bulens Richard C. Grinold
Nonnie S., L’78, H’07, and Phillip T. and Elizabeth C. Gross, PNT Dan Rea‡
Urs Grunder James J., MBA’81, and
Richard Burnes Jr. Andrew Garrett Halverstadt,
Robert E., LA’59, and Nancy R. Cain Kimberly S. Pallotta
Peter B., DMSB’70, and MSA/MBA’17 Paul and Maureen E. Petracca
Anne Halverstadt, S’18‡ Francis A. Piantidosi Jr., PA’71
Lynne Cameron‡ Douglas C. and Kathleen L. Halverstadt Mary Prendiville
Kathryn T. Campbell, DMSB’79‡ Jay I. Hanflig and Donna J. Sinden, PNT John E., CJ’77, and Connie Pritchard‡
Ronald L. Caplan, DMSB’72‡ Nicholas Hanflig, Khoury’21 John V., ME’72, and
William P., DMSB’68, and Oliver K. Homberg, SSH’18‡
Richard L. Iandoli, L’76 Joy Tong Pulichino‡
Barbara Ann Gillis Casey‡ Boris and Natasha Ivanov, PNT Lawrence, MBA’93, and
Nicholas J., E’52, and Carol Cedrone‡ Chaitanya Kanojia, ME’93, and
Lawrence G., L’75, and Lynn T. Cetrulo Carol J. Rakers‡
George W., UC’66, MBA’70, H’07, and Tracie Longman‡ Enrique K. and Felicia Razon
Frances Keegan George R. Riser
Maureen Chamillard Amin J., MBA’89, and Richard J. and Jean Roberts
Eva Y., PAH’76, and Shu Ngon Chau‡ George P. Sakellaris, ME’75, MBA’82,
Wenlai J. Chen and Lihua Guo, PNT Julie E. Khoury, MBA’89‡
Pierre and Maya Choueiri, PNT Stephen Martin Kohn, L’84 and Caterina Papoulias-Sakellaris‡
Marc Cinque Venetia G. Kontogouris, LA’74‡ Winslow L., E’86, and
Jeffrey J., MBA’85, and Suzette Clarke‡ Robert R., E’73, and
Marie Minisci Cohen, PAH’76 Ikanyeng Sargeant‡
Donald, H’14, and Linda Comb Louise Kursmark‡ Louis A. Sgarzi
Marilyn J. Comb C. Joseph, LC’66, UC’68*, and Carole J. Shapazian, LA’66, MS’72‡
Thomas J. and Lisa M. Corley, PNT William J. Shea, LA’70, MA’72, and
William J., LA’73, and Suzanne B. Cotter‡ Donna M. LaBonté
Nicole F., L’97, and Bob L., DMSB’73, and Mary Lentz Susan McConologue‡
Francis A., E’63, and Marlene Long‡ Donald Sheff
Paul M. D’Amore, L’97 Maria Lopez Michael J., E’68, and Ann Sherman‡
Richard A. D’Amore, DMSB’76‡ William and Angela Lowell Robert J., E’68, H’00, and
Richard and Carol I. Daynard Linda M., E’82, and
Charles F., III, DMSB’68, and Mao Shillman‡
Robert B. MacIntosh‡ James Simonetti
A. Sharon Deehan‡ Susan Blackston Major, LA’74, MBA’78, Michail Sitkovsky
Susan S. and Larry Deitch Gordon H., Jr., E’66, ME’73, and
Ellen R. DeSanctis, PNT and John E. Major
Jane Slaney‡
James P., E’88, and

Amie M. Smith, AS’87‡
Janet Shoemaker Swanson, BB’74,


‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“ I would like to extend my deep
gratitude for this scholarship. I
absolutely love the academic,
social, and career experiences I
have had so far, and I look at the
future with a sense of anticipation
and optimism. Northeastern is the
place for me, and I am excited to
continue my time here. Thank you
so much for your help in achieving
my goals.”

—Charlie Beurskens, E’21



“T his program provides a valuable
means of working with undergraduate
researchers in the summer, several of
whom have continued to work in my
lab in subsequent semesters. It also
helps to diversify the pool of students
interested in working in the lab, since
they know they will not have to forego
funding to do so.”

— Randall Hughes
Associate Professor, College of Science



Milliardaire, Jr., PAH’88, and Robert C., P’53, and Barbara Crisafi‡ Michael P. Johnson and Peta A. Hackel

Yves-Renee Syverain, N’88 Jeffrey R., AS’98, and Noah Kaufman, L’10

Jean C. Tempel, H’03 Denise A. Croteau, BHS’99‡ Christine M. Keville, ME’90

Gordon O., DMSB’80, MBA’84, and Ali Kamal M. and Misha Daud, PNT Scott M., AS’98, and

Christina L. Thompson‡ Robert Davoli and Eileen L. McDonagh Jennifer L. Kirwin, BHS’99‡

Joseph M., H’04, and Maureen Tucci Jonathan and Vicki A. DeSimone, PNT Katharine M. Kleinke, MEd’69‡

John and Kelly Waller, PNT Charles R. Jr., MBA’85, and Lori Digisi‡ Randolph C. Knepper, L’77

Gregory L. Waters, MS’89‡ Bernadette M. Di Re, PNT Mark A. Krentzman, DMSB’77

Laurie B. and Lon Werner Donna K. Doherty, LA’71‡ Arvind P., ME’87, and

William T. and Adriana Winters, PNT Jeffrey M. and Karin M. Dolce, PNT Christine A. Kumar

Eric A. and Jean A. Young Joshua Dornbusch, E’16 Saul Kurlat, ME’62

Arthur W., E’61, and Lisa Zafiropoulo Robert A. and Kay P. Douglas, PNT Catherine Lai, PAH’76

Michael J. Zamkow, DMSB’79, and John S. Driscoll, LA’57* John N., E’62, and

Sue E. Berman‡ Gary C., DMSB’78, and Valerie J. Lamb, DMSB’62

James Zar Lea Anne Dunton‡ Luo Lanxi

Elizabeth A. Zitrin, L’79 Raj Echambadi Barbara Kulik Lawrence

Anonymous (12) Mark N., DMSB’81, and Kee P. Lim and Ai N. Ong

Kimberly G. Edoff, PNT‡ Orrin Lippoff

VISIONARIES Jon H. Edwards, L’82 Roy Y. Liu
Wesley C. Elmer, DMSB’66‡ Richard Lockhart

$10,000–$24,999 David B. Elsbree Jr., PA’94 Vincent G., AS’85, and
Elaine M. Epstein, L’76, and Robin Loporchio‡

Ibrahim Abdulla, DMSB’03 James Krachey William E. Mackey Jr., E’58, ME’66‡

Alexander J. Aber, L’02 Timothy J. McGrath, E’73, and Michael J., AS’83, and

Hoda Jeanne Abou-Jamra, PAH’97, Roberta A. Ferriani, LA’70‡ Lynne F. MacWade, N’83‡

and Helmut Schühsler Robert A. Fishman Srinivas and Annapurna Maddali

Vikas and Rachna Aggarwal, PNT Gary M., PAH’81, and Ophelia Frazier‡ Robert C., E’54, H’97, and

Victoria Maria Atala Callejas, DMSB’19 Steven M. and Marti B. Friedman, PNT Anne Marini‡

Camilo Alejandro Atala Faraj Joseph M. Galvin, LA’59, MBA’71‡ Jonathan T. and Nicole S. Marom, PNT

Judith T. and James F. Barr Edward M., DMSB’68, and Mary Lou McArdle

James C. Bean Karen W. Gartner, BB’75‡ Brian L., and Konni A. McMurray, PNT

David M. Bear Lora, AS’00, and Gary Giampetruzzi‡ Douglas F. and Diane D. McNary, PNT

Barbara C. Beasley and Joseph M. Giglio, PhD’03, and Georges A. Melhem, E’84, ME’86,

David A. Goldstein Denise Caputi‡ PhD’88‡

Sheilah A. Boghos Abbot L., DMSB’76, and Lisa Gilman Robert C. Merton and Azita Sharif

Nanci L. Bonar Glenn J. and Gina Giordano, PNT Paul and Diane Metcalf

Sally Bould Andrew I. Glincher, L’84 Marc H. Meyer

James G., E’47, and Ella S. Gorlova, E’87 Susan Barbieri Montgomery, L’86,

Ifigenia Boulogiane‡ Alan D. Greene, PA’78‡ and Robert H. Montgomery

Joseph J. Bradley, ME’95‡ David A. Hamel, MHP’85‡ David and Hallie Moskowitz, PNT

Michael Brown Stephen P., E’78, and Vilas Mujumdar

Katherine S. and Kathryn Hannabury‡ Martina A. and Thomas F. Murphy

Thomas R. Burke, PNT Renate R., LA’69, and Donald Heaton Anita and Joseph Nassar

Ahmed A. Busnaina William I. Hochberg, L’90 Thomas Nedell and

Janet C. Campagna, AS’80 Paul D. Holleb and Patricia M. Boozang, PNT

Christine C. Carsman, L’87 Sarah M. Alderman, PNT Marwan E. Nuqul

Anthony Casagrande Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz Brian R., E’79, MBA’84, and

Patrick A. Cavanagh, DMSB’90‡ David M. Hough Sandra M. O’Donnell‡

Gerald Chan David L. House, ME’69 George A. Papa, E’71‡

Manish and Asha Chandra, PNT Jee-Min Hu, L’82, and Gina M. Perini, L’01

Art, DMSB’76, and Beverly M. Cherry‡ Chih-Tang Chang James Rasteh

Joyce Cheung and Chun Lun Li, PNT Zhang Shu Hua William, Jr., DMSB’58, and

John R. and Jennifer Chisholm, PNT Sally A. and Joel A. Hughes, PNT Clarita Redmond‡

Paul C. Chrestensen, DMSB’68 Matthew R. Hutt, DMSB’91‡ Eugene M., Jr., E’60, MEd’65, H’95, and

Raymond J. Ciccolo, MBA’82‡ Anthony R. Ianniello, PA’66 Corinne C. Reppucci, LA’64, MEd’71‡

Lee P. Claro, PNT Frances N. Janis, MBA’82, and William J. Roache, E’75

Beverly A. Cleathero, UC’72, UC’75, Mitchell A. Harwood‡ Carol Roberts, BB’60‡

MBA’82‡ Carl Jelleme John C. and Vivian M. Robinson

John J. Cochrane, E’60‡ Glenn A., MBA’88, and Richard A., E’69, and

Daniel T., DMSB’75, and Deborah G. Johansen, PNT‡ Bernyd P. Rosenberg, PAH’67‡

Carol Ann Condon‡ *Deceased

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


S. Stephen Rosenfeld PATRONS Michael F. Gilligan and
Robert J. Rudnick Anne K. Helgen, PNT
David J., DMSB’78, and Robin Ryan‡ $5,000–$9,999
Magnus O. and Nancy A. Ryde Laurance J. Ginsberg, PA’77‡
Gail Saferstein Kenneth R. Allen L’75 Susan E. Gisler
George Sarlo Brian J. Alves, E’82‡ Lawrence, BB’69, and
Frank J. and Kimberly S. Schlehr, PNT Theresa L. Arangio
Richard A., E’71, and Thomas A. Aucella Jr., DMSB’73‡ Sara J. Gluckman, BB’71‡
Bernice L. Auslander Elizabeth Jessica Norton, MS’17, and
Martha Schoenfeld‡ James E. Averill, E’86‡
Frank Schwab Paul F. Bailey, E’70‡ Edgar D. Goluch‡
Vikas and Minakshi Sehgal, PNT James C. Ballway, PA’75, and Steven Gordon, DMSB’72‡
Dennis R., MBA’94, and Daniel A., DMSB’60, MBA’68, and
Valerie Hunt‡
Virginia A. Shaughnessy‡ Herbert W. Batchelder Jr., DMSB’69‡ Dorothy Grady‡
Tara K., DMSB’95, and JD Sherman‡ Daniel P., DMSB’03, and Louis L., E’59, and
Theodore R. Sobolewski
Mladen Solar Carrie Belcher Janice M. Guerriere‡
Peter Y. Sonnenthal, L’83 Lee J. Belitsky, DMSB’83‡ Ann Patrice McCarthy Hackney, MBA’13,
Peter V. Sorgi, DMSB’43‡ Reginald R. Bernard, Ed’67‡
Jane Specter Marjorie E. Boone, L’92, and and James R. Hackney
Sy, ME’68, H’12, and Laurie Sternberg‡ Alan B. Heilbron, PA’75‡
Shelley, Jr., CJ’75, MJ’78, and Jonathan S. Klavens, L’93 Charles C., III, and Theresa Hewitt
Andrew P. Borggaard, DMSB’89‡ Donna J. and David W. Hill, PNT
Ann W. Stewart, CJ’76‡ Dominique T. Bravo, L’91, and Todd Hohman
William C. Stone Jr., DMSB’97, MS’02, Elizabeth A. Holland, Ed’70
Eric Sloan Amy Speers Holler
and Casey Carlson‡ Marc L. Breakstone, L’86 Ann and Barlow Irvin III, PNT
Michael Stubblefield Kim Bromley, LA’78‡ Mark L., L’75, and
Stanley J. Sutula III, DMSB’88‡ Richard, LA’67, and
Maria Danesi Tedesco, MBA’84‡ Susan K. Irvings, LA’71‡
Francis L., E’62, ME’64, and Patricia C. Brownstein‡ George Jamieson, DMSB’59‡
Sarah A. Chambers, L’83 Paul A. Janell, DMSB’68‡
Marilyn Tempesta‡ Dennis A. Charette, E’69, ME’72‡ Christopher D. Jelly, Khoury’14‡
Kelly A. and Matthew Thomas Joseph M. Ciccolo, CJ’04‡ Kim Y. Jones, AS’91
Peter A. Thorne and William D. Coen James M., DMSB’73, and
David Comb
Katherine M. Gross Frank C. Condella Jr., PAH’77, MBA’84‡ Sally B. Kaloyanides‡
Allan, LA’69, MA’72, MPA’79, and James M. Connolly, PA’89‡ Gerald M. Karon, E’54, MBA’61‡
William F. and Vicky Crittenden Alan R. Korpi, PA’69‡
Barbara Tosti, LA’69‡ Vincent and Theresa M. Cuomo, PNT Jean A. Kovacs, UC’83‡
Jean-Pascal and Alexandra Tricoire, PNT Joan H. Curry, DMSB’86‡ Melinda J. Kramer, Khoury’83, and
Ogbonnay A. Ukohaajike, E’88‡ Phyllis A. Daigle, MBA’85‡
Raimund G. Vanderweil Jr. Rick Davis Robert Ernst, PNT‡
Christopher A. and Alison Viehbacher Kevin A., DMSB’81, and Jaclyn L. Kugell, L’92
Alfred and Joy W. Viola Caren Lambert, PNT
Alexander Stalievich and Claudia DeNuccio Carol B. Langer, PA’78‡
Leslie Tuttle Di Trani, L’94, PNT Mary Kay Leonard, L’79, and
Galina Voloshin Roxanne H. Donovan and
Marilyn R., L’72*, and Ronald A. Walter Richard Valachovic
Michael A. and Amy J. Weil, PNT Thomas Z. Scarangello, PNT Allen C. Lomax, LA’77‡
James O., III, and Susan B. Welch Michael J. Dow, DMSB’91‡ Raymond B. Ludwiszewski, AS’81‡
William C. and Karen K. Winget, PNT A. Richard, L’73, and Lisa A. Dykstra Robert T., E’72, and Loretta Maddock
Donald R., E’68, and Jon A. Ebacher, E’66, ME’68‡ James T., DMSB’86, and
Don and Cheryl Fair
Barbara Wood, N’68‡ Du Shi Fan Kimberly A. Madigan, PAH’83‡
Lihua Yang, S’17 Janet Fitzgerald Neil D. Manasse, DMSB’83‡
Milton J. Yanofsky, MBA’81‡ Jonathon H. Foglia, L’05 Philomena Mantella
Dean Zerbe Heather M., E’79, ME’87, and Daniel J. and Margaret T. McCarthy
Aurora Z. Zhou Edward C. McCarthy, E’70‡
Chuanwei Zhuo, ME’09. PhD’14, and Thomas Ford, E’78‡ Joseph P. McConnell, L’93
Yves J. Fournier, ME’67, ME’72‡ Kristina L. McGill, PAH’75, MS’78‡
Jing Wang, MA’09 Georgann F. Fuller William and Cathy Merchantz, PNT
Charles T. Ziakas, LA’75‡ Christine M. and Lyle J. Micheli
Anonymous (11) Stephen Milliken
Stephen F. Furstoss, PNT Gary J. Murphy, MBA’87‡
Ian H. Gardiner Robert J. Murray, MBA’66, and
Mark S. Germain, MBA’81
Francis A., E’59, and Joan A. Gicca‡ Christa Balzer‡
Jared Novack
Patrick F., DMSB’83, and

Maureen O’Donnell‡

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“ Today’s global business landscape demands fresh
approaches to international corporate governance,
social responsibility, and global strategy—and
we have a responsibility to ensure that students
thrive in this developing environment. Support
from Fred and Darla Brodsky inspires my teaching,
invigorates my research, and brings important
visibility to Northeastern’s thought leadership in
international business.”

—R uth Aguilera
Professor, D’Amore-McKim School of Business



Francis H., DMSB’77, and David and Pamela Waud Keith A., AS’02, and Esther Chewning‡
Susan J. Oleskiewicz‡ Cai Yi Wei William Douglas, L’75, and
Austin N. Wentworth II
Roger E., E’69, and David W. West, DMSB’76 Catherine A. Chin
Deborah E. Ormon, LA’71‡ Robert E. White, E’70‡ Gregory W. Condon, E’65‡
Christopher H. Willis, E’82‡ Stacey Savage Constas, L’92
Theodore C., AS’86, and Barry, UC’66, UC’69, and Lindsay Cook, PA’79
Corine E. Parigian, PNT‡ Hugh Courtney
Brenda Winston George L. Curtis, MBA’88‡
Leander F. Pease III, MBA’68‡ Wei Yu and Fei Lu Gregg J. Darish, UC’95
Mark S., DMSB’88, MBA’94, and Richard R., E’74, ME’76, and Donna G., Ed’67, and Albert R. DeFlorio‡
Pierre J., DMSB’96, and
Patricia M. Pelletier, PNT‡ Margaret Yuse
Katherine N., MEd’73, and Tan Run Ze Tanya Jaeger de Foras‡
Yang Zhong, MS’96‡ Thomas J., Jr., E’73, MBA’78, and
Edward H. Pendergast‡ Anonymous (9)
Valerie W., E’86, and Marie Falvey DeSisto, N’77‡
FELLOWS George D. Dick, LC’63, UC’67‡
William Perlowitz‡ Robert G. Dietrich
Michael J. Poirier, DMSB’87‡ $2,500-$4,999 Chen Xu Dong
Francesco and Marybeth Pompei Ding Wei Dong
John R. Power Jr., DMSB’63‡ Elisabeth K. and Graham T. Allison Edward Donovan
Frederick S. Price, DMSB’71‡ David J., E’83, and Jean-Michel R. Eid and
Stephen R., E’81, and
Claire M. Anderson, PNT‡ Amy L. Ballard-Eid
Karen L. Pritchard, DMSB’81‡ Kenneth J., DMSB’88, and Rita F. Fahy, LA’78, ME’89‡
Gordon G. Pugh, MBA’94‡ Robert and Lolita Farra
Ravi Ramamurti Serena Anderson, CPS’11‡ Steven D. Farrell, AS’94‡
Alonzo C., Jr., E’45, and Sarah J. Anderson, DMSB’73‡ Janet E. Flagg, N’74
Thomas R., UC’89, UC’90, and Clotilda Flahive, UC’92‡
Margaret H. Rand‡ Jane M. Fogg, UC’82‡
Anders Reinertsen, MBA’10 Ellen M. Arsenault‡ George E., MS’83, and
John R. Reynolds and Lynne M. Sylvia Tarek Yousef Asad, DMSB’94‡
Gary R. Rice, LA’77‡ Annlouise R. Assaf and Irene K. Frangiadakis, AS’80, MA’81
Jeff and Kathy Rodman David U. Furrer
Randi Beth Siegel and Lynn A. Potter, PNT James I., LA’66, and Jill Gabbe‡
Paul V. and Kathleen M. Atkins, PNT Mary Burns Giessen
Wayne John Romano, PNT Robert J. Awkward, LA’76, MS’81, and Thomas Michael Glavine
Gregory W. Rouan and Kay A. Johnson Frank Gleason
Mary L. Ryan, LA’79‡ Beverly Edgehill‡ Debra K. Glidden
Vinod Sahney Elliott V. and Annie Azrak Jeffrey D. Glidden
P. Miyoko Sato, L’97 Virginia Close Bacon, LA’65‡ Mary H. Glineburg, LA’73‡
Frederick, ME’67, and Judy Schmid‡ Patrick G. Barry, DMSB’83‡ Frederick H. and Constance P. Glore
Albert B. Sebag, PhD’02 Mary A. Battista, UC’93‡ Robert L., E’59, and
Sharon Shapiro Marie L. Berry, N’86, DNP’18‡
Janet Smith, L’79, and Michael L. Bessette, DMSB’85‡ Frances Z. Goldberg‡
Hong Guang Biao Cathy D. and Philip B. Goldstein
R. Robert Woodburn Vikki H. Black, MEd’76‡ Annette L. and
Eugene S. Smotkin Lucille A. Bland, LA’74‡
Margaret M. and Deborah D. and Joseph G. Goodwine, PNT
Zhou Zhi Guang
William T. Snidow, PNT Mark R. Boedicker, PNT F. David Haas, PA’80‡
Fernando F. Suarez Kelly M. Bonnevie, L’92 Eileen P. Hayes, P’72‡
Stephen N. and Joan A. Subrin George D. Bottas, E’90‡ Robert W. Healy, LA’65‡
Edward C. Swift, E’52‡ Leo H. Boudreau, E’68‡ Kenneth W. and
Thomas, L’93, and Stephen P. Bowen, PA’90
James K. and Judith O. Brown Elizabeth Henderson
Alexandra Swift Moffatt, L’93 John Skidmore Brown Daniel Hess
Philip S., PA’78, and Kathleen Taymor‡ Shawn E. and Mary L. Brown Edward J. Higgins, E’52‡
Deborah L. Thaxter, L’78 Michael F. Brunner, DMSB’94‡ Kenneth W., E’56, and
Alan D., DMSB’52, H’94, and Alan B. Butler, E’67‡
John P., E’89, and Barbara P. Hiseler‡
Judith Tobin‡ Mo Honglian
Joyce Toher Barbara M. Butler, E’89, PNT Lin Ying Hui
Kevin M. Upton, LA’65‡ Vanessa English Candela, L’00 Paul A. Iskyan, DMSB’82‡
Jason R. Vaillancourt, DMSB’96, and Lamar, DMSB’14, and David S. Jacobson, DMSB’66‡
Joseph J. Jankowski, MS’59‡
Kathryn M. Michalewicz, DMSB’86‡ Italia Cardinez, DMSB’14 Qiu Hong Jian
James E. Vath, AS’84‡ Su Wan Chao Pan Jin Jiao
Agustin O. Vilches, PAH’91‡ Philip Chen
Ruth Johnstone Wales, MEd’69*
Clarence W., DMSB’48*, and

Marie M. Walker
Mark E. Warms, DMSB’87‡

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“T his scholarship has meant so
much to me. I’ve been an underdog
my entire life. I had a dream since I
was a kid to play Division I hockey
and play for a Beanpot school. It
wasn’t until three years after high
school that I made that dream
come true.”

—John Picking, DMSB’20



Chen Xiu Juan George I. Platt III, L’72 ASSOCIATES
Samuel C. Kapreilian, E’87 Barbara G. Plunkett, LA’75‡
Barry L. and Trudy Karger Michael B. Porterfield, AS’89‡ $1,000-$2,499
Naomi Karp, L’78, and David M. Wessel Gregory P. Pratt, CJ’88, MBA’96‡ Includes young alumni who made
Martin J. Kelly, UC’91‡ Keith and Lisa Primeau, PNT gifts totaling at least $100 multiplied
William E. Kneeland Jr., DMSB’67‡ Mark D. Pyke, DMSB’83‡ by the years since their graduation
Takafumi Komatsu Mi Yue Qin
Theodore M. Lieverman, L’78 Mala M. Rafik, L’97 Judith and Kevin J. Abrams, PNT
Timothy Linehan, MBA’88‡ Cynthia Stewart Reed, L’80 Deborah M. Adamian, LA’70, MBA’75‡
Danyank Lok, MS/MBA’09‡ Neal J. Reenan, MS/MBA’94‡ Max Y. Alcobi, DMSB’18
Manuel Lopes, MBA’09‡ Charlene Rice, AS’85‡ Mitchell B. and Kathleen K. Alden, PNT
Teneil S. Luces, S’14 Victoria A. Roberts, L’76, H’04 Barbara C. Alleyne, LA’70‡
George A. MacConnell, DMSB’71‡ Rachel Florence Rodgers Avraham Almozlino
Dennis Maguire Li Mo Rong Khaled Alzamil, DMSB’18‡
Kim Mailey and Victoria A. Rogers Ronald W. Ruth, L’80 Stephen Amato
Roger A. Malinowski and Michael P. Sams, L’94 Lawrence A. Amoroso, E’57‡
Ann Schwartz, BSN/MS’10 Alfred F. Andersen, E’67, ME’71‡
Linda M. Perez, PNT Wendell A., AS’89, and Carlton C. Anderson, E’50‡
John P. Malone Courtney K., CJ’89, and
Angela Gauthier Marcucci, UC’70, UC’77, Annette Mitchell Scott, AS’88‡
Rick and Kathy Scranton Sylvia L. Anderson, PNT
MA’90‡ Maria L. and Paul J. Selian, PNT Joseph J. and Shereen Anis, PNT
Edwin B., DMSB’74, and Rose and Scott Serels, PNT Roy Apostle, S’15‡
Stanley J., LA’61, MBA’71, and Nicolas Ares, E’19, ME’19
Nancy O. Martin‡ Edward S., ME’89, and
Ralph C. Martin II, L’78, H’03 Elsa Sidel
Anthony and Elaine Marzilli Rob Silk May Arthur, AS’88, PNT
Jeffrey P., DMSB’77, and Peter Benjamin Sims, BHS’03, MS’04‡ Robert R. Atkins, LA’75‡
Richard H. Sioui, E’64‡ Jerrold D. Atlas, E’57‡
Cynthia McCarthy‡ David A. Smith Frederick G. Aufiero Jr., E’67, ME’79‡
Jack and Eileen McCarthy Emily A. Spieler Karla A. Austen, AP’87‡
Thomas P., DMSB’71, and Patricia A. Stewart, PNT Robert J. Averill, E’57, ME’59‡
Constance Hanlon Sullivan, BHD’84, Philip Ayers, E’69, L’74
Olivia Nancy McDonough, LA’71‡ Jonathan E. Bachand, E’03, and
Michael B. McGrath, E’70 MEd’90‡
Katherine S., L’74, H’08, and Bart Swenson and Ana Alvarez Valdepena‡
Sophie Catherine Bacq
James F. McHugh Bibi Rafikh-Swenson Tasha Bahal, L’09
Yang Wan Mei Dianju Tao Brook K., L’76, and Judith Baker, LC’85
Feng Meng Meng Robert P. Thurstans, LA’79‡ Adrienne M. and Christopher P. Baker
John J. Merianos, P’61‡ Eileen Lacey-Trahan, UC’01, and Jeffrey R. Baker, BHD’92
Margaret Meyer Harrison M. Balder, DMSB’18
Richard O. Michaud, LA’63‡ Emery A. Trahan Nino L. Balduzzi, CJ’01‡
Wendy S. Wayne, L’89, and William L. Vanderweil Bruce W. Baran, MS’79, PhD’83‡
Joseph M. Vecchio, E’63, ME’69‡ William Barbo, MBA’95‡
Jonathan I. Mishara, CPS’97 Albert Vezza, ME’64‡ Stanko Barle, PNT
Luigi Morelli, MS’67, PhD’72 Kirill Voloshin, Khoury’18‡ Charles T. Barooshian, E’59‡
Thomas E. and JoAnn Murphy Paul and Irene Vouros, CPS’05 Paul H. Barry, DMSB’83‡
Francesca Murray, AMD’15‡ Stephen A. Wallis, MBA’67, and Gregory M. and Rebecca G. Basara
Cheryl A. Murtagh, MBA’91‡ Thomas J. Beale, Ed’77‡
Tyrone E., II, PA’94, and Frederica Cushman Karen I. Bedrosian Richardson, MBA’70‡
Richard L., E’70, and Christine White‡ Charles H. Beede, LA’57‡
Crystal Corbeil Muse, DMSB’95‡ Ramona Wilcox, MBA’01‡ Conrad R. Beliveau, MPA’77‡
Anthony D. Ngo, ME’72‡ Michael S. Winston, DMSB’10‡ David A. Bell, E’79‡
Kathryn M., DMSB’66, and Wang Yu Xing George S. Bellamacina, E’69‡
Yaakov Zar Albert A. Belmonte, P’67, MS’69‡
James E. Nicholson*‡ Michael Zawilinski Barry P. Benjamin, MBA’81
Kenneth O. Nilsen, E’69‡ William and Donna S. Zhukovsky Robert J. Berardi, EdD’84‡
Karen O’Malley, L’94 Anonymous (10) Curtis R. Bergh, DMSB’06‡
Gerald F. O’Neil, DMSB’52‡ Barry A. Berkowitz, P’64‡
Lawrence A., DMSB’65, and Kerri S. Bernstein, DMSB’97‡
Katharina Otto-Bernstein and
Marie O’Rourke‡
Ann F. Osborne, UC’84‡ Nathan A. Bernstein
Mark S. and Luanne L. Paley
Li Pan, ME’98‡
Arthur A., E’60, and Dianne L. Pappas‡
Michael P. Parent, DMSB’72‡
Holly L. Parks, L’00
Suzanne and Andrew Pinkes, PNT

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“ I would like to express the utmost
gratitude for this scholarship, as
it has allowed me to continue my
academic endeavors and apply
them to meaningful experiences for
myself and those around me.”

—Arief bin Johan Alimin, SSH’20




Ross D. Beroff, DMSB’18 David J. Carroll, PA’97‡ Roger P. Day, E’75, and Joan Hong‡
Allan F. Bezanson, E’58 David W. Carroll, L’74 Robert F., E’61, ME’68, and
Prashant Raj Bhattarai, MS’12 Celeste M. Carty
Rebecca Bidwell, MEd’12, and Susan G. Case, MEd’75, AGS’81‡ Susan R. Daylor‡
David M. Casey, E’96‡ Paul, E’68, and Alexis Dayton, LA’67
Paul Hanson‡ Clemence Diane Eve Cazeau, Kevin B. Deasy, E’64‡
Luh Putu Kim Wirahmini Biesterfeld, Brian S. Delidow and
SSH’13‡ Claude Cazzulino, L’84, and Theresa J. Boehm, PNT
Richard A. Binder, E’60‡ Beth and William Depietri, PNT
Robert E., E’60, and Theresa M. Traber, L’84 Robert A. Desantis, E’64‡
Lynne S. Champion, E’69‡ Thomas J. DeSimone, PA’73‡
Ruth S. Binder, LA’60‡ Clark Chandler, PA’66‡ James J., PA’91, and
Michael Birch, L’10, and Ming Chang, E’69, ME’72‡
Mariana Charakopoulou-Travlou, S’19 Eileen S. Desisto, PA’91‡
Elizabeth McEvoy, L’11 Sachinder Chawla and Anthony J. Devico Jr., LA’72‡
Herbert L. Bishop Jr., DMSB’67, MBA’74, William G. Devlin, DMSB’89‡
Surita Manhas, PNT Christopher Dewitt, DMSB’87, and
MA’75‡ Peter J. Cheever, ME’80
Elizabeth Bitterman, LA’70‡ Joel, Ed’68, and Barbara Cherande‡ Eileen C. Quinn-Dewitt, N’87, MS’97,
Ryan E. Blair, E’05‡ Howard Y. Cheung, Khoury’17‡ PNT‡
Elaine Blaustein Antoine Choueiry, DMSB’16, MS’17‡ Lorraine V. R. Dias-Sotiriou, DMSB’92‡
Anette Kristine Blystad, SSH’14‡ Michael and Vasiliki Christopher, PNT Alexander P. Dick, DMSB’18‡
Margaret C. Bogdan, L’93 Cara M. Christous, SSH’11 David Leonard Dick and
Paul Bolster and Jessica Li Jie Chu, BHS’19 Veronique M. Van Pottelbergh
Mary E., DMSB’92, and Paul Ciampa‡ Joseph E. Distefano, PAH’84
Althea Wagman-Bolster Mark Ciccarelli Lisa J. Dobbs, PNT
Kathleen F. and Gerald P. Ciejka, CJ’82, L’88 Roger J., E’63, and
Richard G. Clark Jr., DMSB’63‡ Rochelle K. Dolan, E’63‡
Mark N. Bonaguro, PNT George A. Clattenburg, UC’61, LI’61‡ Barbara L. and Benjamin Dominguez, PNT
William L. Boodger, DMSB’71‡ Justin Argyrios Clear-Vekinis, SSH’15‡ James C. Donnelly, DMSB’69, MBA’74‡
Raymond George Booth, PAH’83‡ Daniel Cohen Joseph J. Donnelly Jr.
Joanna D. Borg, BHS’17‡ Daniel C. Cohen, MS’88, PhD’92‡ Donna L. Hale, PAH’77, and
Laurie B., UC’83, L’86, and Sidney A. Cohen, LA’60 John D. Donovan‡
Kenneth L. Coleman and Paul M. Donovan, DMSB’84‡
Ruud H. Bosman Richard G. Dooley, DMSB’51‡
Ralph Boyce Susan A. Morelli Elaine A. Dors, N’67, UC’69‡
Emil August Werring Braathen, E’19 Timothy J., MBA’85, and Yvonne G. Douglas, LA’74‡
William B. and Meredith C. Brace David E. Drake, E’70‡
Daniel E., UC’78, UC’80, and Ames T. Connelly‡ Michael E. Driscoll, DMSB’18‡
Brian C. Considine, E’62, ME’64‡ Kristen J. Drobnis, UC’94, MS’07‡
Elaine Gentile Breslin, UC’78, UC’79 Peter T., DMSB’90, and Frances A. Drolette, MBA’91, L’16
Joseph H. Brindley, E’60 Stella Drummond and
Cris G. Brodock, Ed’69‡ Suzanne W. Corcoran, DMSB’90‡ Gillmore N. O’Neill, PNT
Michael E., DMSB’93, and Eric Cordeiro Daniel G. Dufresne, E’62‡
John F. Cormier, MS’70‡ George L. Duncan, UC’65‡
Betsy M. Brodsky, DMSB’93‡ Lois D. Cornell, L’86 Diane L., DMSB’85, MBA’99, and
Adam Broun and Shawn Cote, MSLD’16‡ Michael E. Dunn, PNT‡
Arthur Joseph and Mary Judith Coury Cedric H. Dustin Jr., E’51‡
Anne Macdonald-Broun, PNT Jennifer D. Cox, CJ’10‡ Jeremy H., DMSB’82, and
David H. Brown, AS’92 Bradford J. Crevier, L’07 Patricia Naughton Dwyer, DMSB’83‡
Jane B. Brown Laureen Mulkern, L’92, and Mayrene T. Earle, BB’74‡
Ellen A. Bruce, L’74 Ilana, UC’98, and Yizhaq Edry, UC’92,
Barbara Hayes Buell, L’71 David M. Cronin, E’87, MBA’95, PNT‡ UC’94, PNT‡
Stanley J., LA’61, and Janet L. Burba‡ Michael and Joanne Crossen, PNT Maarten A. Eenkema van Dijk, E’14‡
Daniel J. Burchstead Jr., DMSB’62‡ Harold S. Crowley Jr., Ed’59, MEd’65‡ Tamar G. Eisenstat, L’00
John F., Jr., PAH’73, and Thomas H. Cuddy Jr., DMSB’56‡ Stanley G. Elfbaum, LA’61‡
Lisa M. and David A. Curry, PNT Marlin Jay Eller
Mary A. Burke‡ Stephen H., DMSB’73, and Stephen Elliott and
Margaret A. Burnham and Kimberly Risedorph, PNT
Sharen M. Cutler, Ed’73‡ Jessie V. and Russell A. Emery, PNT
Max D. Stern Robert F. Cutting, LA’64‡ Eric A. Enge, LC’82, and
Lauren Butin Jay Dacey Elizabeth P. Dill
Gail E. Butler, DMSB’79‡ Richard E. Dahlberg, DMSB’64 Richard and Diana R. England, PNT
Richard E. Butler, E’56‡ Maxwell B. Dammeier, SSH’18‡
Mickey, E’45, and Lois Cail‡ Flora E. D’Angio, B’51‡
Stephen Camardo, PNT Ralph and Mary Margaret Darling
Katherine A. Campbell, L’07, and Steven M. Davis, CJ’81‡

Per W. Olstad, L’06
Joseph E. Cancilla Jr., DMSB’68‡
Stephen I. Caron, PA’72
Vincent A., E’40*, and

Dorothy J. Carpano

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


Diana L. Erbsen, L’92 Stephen F. Gockley, L’88 Alice D. Alexander, L’79‡
Nima R., L’96, and Katherine Eshghi Robert J. Goebel, LA’76‡ Martha Izzi
Ellen M., LA’70, MS’74, and Joel S. Goldberg, L’96 Edward L. Jackson, P’70‡
Marc Goldberg, DMSB’19 Christopher M. and
John M. Essigmann, LA’70‡ Diane, E’89, and
Georges Exilien Carol A. Jakubik, PNT
James M. Fahey, AS’02‡ Charles J. Gore, E’89, ME’96‡ Kayvon Jalali, PhD’88‡
Catherine L. Farrell, L’73 Peter J. Gowaski Matthew L. Janning, DMSB’10‡
Jean Fuller Farrington, L’77 Kenneth A. Graham, MA’74‡ Deanna Pinney Jantzen, LA’75,
Darin S., DMSB’93, and Peter H. and
MPA’76, L’95
Michelle F. Fass, AS’94‡ Louise R. Greaves-Tunnell, PNT Robert Jarrin, L’99
Alexander Faust, SSH’12‡ David Robert, DMSB’86, and Mark V. Jenkins, AS’91‡
Daniel D. Fay, E’88‡ Richard R. Jerbi, E’77‡
Jeffrey A. Feldman, E’72‡ Katherine J. Greco‡ Anne C. Johnson
Michael D. Felsen, L’78 Donald E., UC’74, L’81, and Roger Jones
Benjamin J. Fenster, DMSB’16‡ Frances M. Jordan, PAH’78‡
Edward Ferris, MBA’67‡ Annette Hill Green, L’97 Francis S. Joubert, UC’65, UC’69‡
Nazareth and Nila Festekjian, PNT Jesse L. Greif, AS’06‡ Bassel F. Jounblat, DMSB’17
Paul T., DMSB’83, and Mary J. Griffin Jennifer E. Judge, E’14‡
Jill Braut Grossberg, L’83 Thomas W. Jurczyk, E’71‡
Judith B. Filipe, PNT‡ John J. Guarino, LA’72, MS’84, PhD’88‡ Laura B. Kabay
John A. Fiore, LA’73, MBA’78‡ Ian N. H. Gumprecht, AS’00‡ Hassan Kabbani and Dima Bissat, PNT
Ronald M. Fish, E’81 Tina K. and Daniel J. Kaferle, LA’75‡
Chuck Fletcher Jeffrey A., DMSB’79, and
Eugene P., DMSB’65, and Mattias O. Gunnarsson, PNT
Stephanos S., ME’62, and Susan G. Kalowski, MBA’83‡
Karen Sousa Flynn, LA’65‡ John W. Kane, DMSB’73‡
Joan M. Fortin, L’96, and Katherine A. Hadjiyannis‡ George, DMSB’94, and
Jerome F. Hajjar
Chet M. Randall, L’96 Mark X. Haley, E’71‡ Vicky C. Karalis, DMSB’94, PNT‡
James Alan Fox Nancy Hanna Emily Z. Katzner, E’18‡
Debra Lynn Franko Nancy L. Hannan, AS’84‡ Akshay Kaushik, E’19
Maria Isabell Franko, E’19, ME’19 Jane E. Harding, N’71‡ Robert E. Kearney, E’71‡
Richard M. Freeland, H’06, and John G. Harding, E’88‡ Ronald J. Keating, DMSB’76‡
Peter J. and Margaret Hark Yvonne G. and
Elsa Nunez Margaret Hark, S’17
Sherry D., PhD’75, and Nicolas Harris-de La Tour, E’21 Christopher T. Keene, PNT
Debra E. Harvey, DMSB’87 Christopher T. Kelley, SSH’10‡
Michael H. Frese Dean M. Hasseman, LA’68‡ Barbara J. Kelly, L’79
Denise Frias, CPS’14 C. Hawkins John Terence Kelly, DMSB’15‡
Jan M. Fritz, L’76, and Anthony M. Helies, ME’70‡ Daisy S. Kendrick, SSH’16‡
Elliot B., AP’89, and Michael J. Kennedy, AS’00‡
Michael P. Mauer, L’77 Peter Keough
Chester R. Frost, DMSB’62‡ Kimberly B. Herman, AS’92‡ Siddalingappa S. Kere, MS’70, PhD’74‡
Thomas L. Gallerani, E’64, MBA’69‡ Armando Andres Hernandez Portillo, Gregory Ian Kerr, Khoury’13‡
Lois A., LA’58, and Thomas J., E’69, ME’71, and
Donald C. Garaventi‡ Michael L. Hertz, PAH’75‡ Carol J. Kerr, Ed’73, MEd’76
Andrea Regina Garcia-Mendez, SSH’19 Jeff Hiltz, DMSB’82‡ Ban-An Khaw
Alison M. Gardyne, L’93 Hector Ho Fuentes, MSC’02‡ Hyun Michael and Yoonies Kim, PNT
Louise M. Garone and Lucas Q. Ho, S’18 Carla A. Kindt
Robert E. Hodder, E’55‡ Timothy R. and Elise C. Kjos, PNT
William P. Gooley Paul Hogan John G. and Melissa T. Klauberg
Howard Garsh, CPS’84 Phillip Holm Marilyn B. Kloss, E’82‡
Christopher T. Gassett, L’93 K. Steven Horlitz, ME’73‡ Kenneth J. Knieser, DMSB’64‡
Hagai Gefen, E’79‡ William H. Hover, E’77‡ Jeffrey R., E’74, ME’76, and
Allan C. Gehant, AS’01‡ Dennis A. Huebner, E’67, ME’76‡
Steve Gerzof Ronald Hunter, E’76‡ Diane S. Kontoff‡
Beth Ann and Andrew J. Ghio, PNT David H., E’67, and Janet A. Hurwitz John E. Korona Jr., DMSB’67, MBA’76‡
Manit Ghogar, DMSB’17‡ Leslie Fletcher Husain, AS’85 Candace S. Kovacic-Fleischer, L’74
Christopher D. and Earl H. Hutt, MBA’60‡ Linda J. Kovitch, UC’81, MS’96‡
Ilan J. Iacoboni Benatar, DMSB’16 Joseph J. Krackeler III, PhD’67‡
Diane Y. Gilbert, PNT Omair Ikram, Khoury’99 Jill S. and Steven R. Kramer, PNT
Thomas R. Gilbert Stephen W. and Nancy E. Kramer
Charles F. LA’69, L’ 72, and Scot W. Krueger and Mary J. Cole
Suzanne B. Ingram, PNT Zayd A. Kuba, SSH’14‡
Gail G. Gilchrest, LA’70‡ Stephen S. Intille
Albert J. Glassman, E’57‡ Roderick L. Ireland, PhD’98, H’98, and
James Glick, PhD’09‡
Robert M., E’62, and

Deanne Glorioso‡

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate

“I ’ve always been passionate about
finding ways to use capital as a
force for good in society. Meaningful
problem-solving, quantitative impact,
and collaboration resonate deeply
with me. Those pillars have led
me into work centered on social
enterprise and leadership. I cannot
wait to continue making my mark on
the world with Northeastern by my
side. My gratitude for your support is

—Seema Korumilli, DMSB’20



“ There were good times,
adventurous times, hard times, and
overcoming phases—yet all of these
experiences created a mosaic of
memories that I can reflect on and
grow from. I am truly thankful to you
for investing in me and others, and
your generosity has been such a

—Davae Gibson, AMD’19



Sundar Kumarasamy Arthur N. Malkin, L’78 Richard H. Morrison Jr., LC’81‡
Ronald A. Kyewski, DMSB’72, UC’86‡ Joseph W. Maloney, LA’65‡ Edward F., E’72, and Carol Ann Mosel‡
Evmorfilli Kyridis, LA’72‡ Sunjeet Manchanda, DMSB’17 James K. Motley, Ed’78, MEd’81, and
Priscilla Labovitz, L’72, and Peter G. Manson, DMSB’65‡
Qunkai Mao, ME’00, and Angela S. Lester, E’85
Joseph Cirincione Richard Paul Moynihan, E’58‡
Tessa J. Lafortune Greenberg, AS’94‡ Cuie Hu, ME’02‡ Jessica L. and Sven E. Muhlenberg, PNT
Susan K. and Samson Lai, PNT Theodore P. and Gary R. Mullen, LA’68‡
Nicole E. Lake, L’06 Janet A. Mullen, DMSB’77‡
Dennis Lane, L’75 Anastasia Manziaris, PNT Michael F. Murphy, DMSB’68‡
Janice R. Lane Carol B. Marcus, Ed’69 David M. and Esther S. Muschel, PNT
Kellie E. and James M. Langrock, PNT Joel K. Marcus, UC’76 Thomas Myers
John D. Lanza, L’95 Gerald S. Markow, DMSB’79 Joshua D. Nadreau, L’13, and
John D. Lapey, PA’91 Denise W. Marks, MS/MBA’93‡
Nicholas F. Lara, DMSB’15‡ Michael R. Martin, MBA’84‡ Valerie K. Jackson, L’13
Charles Larsen Tara Martin John F. Nelson, LA’75‡
John K., Jr., UC’71, and Francis X. Masse, LA’56‡ Ellen Nestervich, E’80, MBA’87‡
Deborah Bovarnick Mastin, L’75 Donald S. Neumann Jr., L’72
Joan Leary‡ John P. Maynard, MA’93, MEd’99‡ Brian O. and Ingrid G. Nevins, PNT
Daniel S. Lebowitz James T. Mayne, PAH’81‡ Hoang Minh Nguyen, E’13
Garrett Lee, L’07 William McAbee Mary Jane Nichols, BB’61‡
Sun-Kyoung Lee Joseph P. McCoy, PA’74‡ Jane E. Niederberger, MBA’88
Carolyn W.T. Lee-Parsons Paul V., DMSB’73, and Jorge L. Nieto Morales, DMSB’15
John H., L’75, and Susan Nitta
Katherine M. McDonough, N’72, Robert A. Norbedo, E’66, ME’70‡
Jeanne Bonin Lefevre, L’77 MS’01‡ Carl A. Nordell, DMSB’69
Jeremy R. Paul and Laurel Leff Brent L. and Gina T. Mckenelley, PNT George T. Nugent, DMSB’73‡
Mathew P. and Daniel M. and Julie A. McLaughlin Ellen H., MS’69, and
Jeffrey D. McLaughlin, AS’89‡
Kristine N. Leffers, PNT Laura A. McLaughlin, MBA’87‡ Frederick P. O’Brien, DMSB’67‡
Madeline J. Leger, E’18 Ross A. McLeod, L’07 John J. O’Brien, CJ’94‡
David Leitao, DMSB’83 and William C. McLeod, E’68‡ Richard C., DMSB’52, H’95, and
Robert E. McManus, MBA’68‡
Joycelyn V. Christopher, CJ’88 Kathleen C. McShea, MBA’96‡ Anne Ockerbloom‡
Mary Leno William J. McVeigh James J. O’Connor Jr., DMSB’65‡
Richard G., DMSB’57, and Daniel Stern Medwed John J. O’Donnell, E’56‡
Christopher T., DMSB’75, and Stephen M. O’Hara, DMSB’65‡
Clare E. Lesser, L’84‡ Cynthia J. Meehan, MBA’86, PNT‡ Wayne J. Oliver, MA’76‡
Robert and Marilyn Levash Christopher Meledandri Molly E. O’Neill, AMD’18‡
Elizabeth R. Levi, AMD’17 Ann D. and Stephen W. Mendelsohn, PNT James H. Orr Jr., MBA’58‡
Michael L. and Alice M. Lewis, PNT Haley Meng, SSH’11‡ Amy R. Ostiguy, L’06
Leonard P. Lewis, LA’60‡ Marvin Menzin, ME’62, ME’79 Paul G., LA’76, and
Wyatt S. Lillie, DMSB’18‡ Luke J. Merkl, E’18
Chris E. and Kerry S. Lindsey, PNT Paul J. Merluzzi Jr., E’66‡ Susan M. O’Sullivan‡
Terence and Laura Linehan, PNT Joseph Metelski, E’61‡ Simon Otalora, SSH’14‡
Steven A. Lintz, AS’03‡ Marcia L. Michaelson, N’68‡ Thomas C. Palmer Jr.
Iris M., MBA’82, and David J. Littwitz‡ Joanna L. Michel, DMSB’91‡ John A., LA’66, MS’67, and
Uri Litvin, DMSB’14 Patrick A. Michel, E’93
David T. Locke, AS’90‡ Marie Milbrandt Nina Hantzis Pantazis, LA’66‡
John M. Looney, ME’67‡ William J. Millar, DMSB’82‡ Alexander, III, DMSB’72, and
Robert Paul, MBA’76, and Gregory M. Miller, L’84
William J. Miller, DMSB’70‡ Shirley G. Papp, N’74‡
Cathrine S. Lowndes, UC’84 Chirag Suresh Mirani, SSH’13‡ Jitendra R. Patel, E’98
Donald A. Lucchesi, DMSB’74‡ Lara Modiano, AMD’19 Margaret L. Peak, L’90
Bernard D. Lucey, Ed’65, E’71, ME’78‡ David D. Moir, L’02 Paul M. Peduto, BA’72, MBA’74‡
G. Raymond Luddy III, E’69‡ Anthony Monaco and Richard L. and Maria G. Peers
Jieteng Luo, AMD’18, MArch’19‡ Zoia Larin Monaco, PNT David B. Pendleton, LA’79‡
Eleanor Goldman Lurensky, LA’47, William O. Monahan, UC’80, and Hanoj Perez
Erin Maloney, PNT‡ Edward F. Perlman, E’68‡
MEd’62‡ Maryanne Monroe-Tackeff, AS’81 William J. Peros, MS’80, PhD’85‡
Edward J. and Barbara Tummons Lynn Gladys S. Morales and Oscar A. Nieto George S. Perry Jr., Ed’77‡
Claudio A. Maalouf, SSH’13‡ David C. Mores, E’72, ME’76‡ Leo F. Peters, E’60, ME’66‡
Caroline and Bruce MacDonald, PNT Gordon R. Moriarty, L’93 Marcia C. Peters, L’76
Bruce R. MacDonald, E’86‡ Karen L. Pfeil, MS/MBA’01‡
Diane MacGillivray Amy L., AS’94, and
John Magee
Seema A. and Anil K. Mahtani, PNT Erik C. Philbrook, DMSB’94‡
Vito J., DMSB’52, and Lucy A. Maida‡ Norman G. Phillibert, E’79‡

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


“ My involvement with the Pro Bono Society;
the Center for Public Interest, Advocacy and
Collaboration; and the National Lawyers’ Guild
has connected me to a community of like-
minded law students who share a passion for
public interest law. I am incredibly grateful for
such invaluable opportunities, and thank you
for providing the funding to make it possible.”

—Katelyn Dooley, L’20



“ Your gift will enable the college to pursue bold
initiatives that take advantage of our existing
strengths. Having the opportunity to do this is
very exciting. We are already strong in research
areas such as security, artificial intelligence,
and human-computer interaction—and through
your generosity, Khoury College will be globally
recognized within the field.”

— Alan Mislove
Associate Professor



David M. Phillips Daniel G. Rinehart, Khoury’00, David L. Snitman, LA’75‡
William A. Phillips and MCS’09‡ Theodore R., DMSB’09, and

Mary C. O’Toole-Phillips Karen A. and Michael M. Ritzenhoff, PNT Elizabeth Sobolewski, AMD’11‡
Steven, E’64, and Helice Picheny Constance K. Rizoli, LA’69‡ John Soley, MBA’99‡
Lynn Pickard, L’74 Arthur S. Robbins, DMSB’54‡ Jasmine Soliman, AMD’20
Jeffrey N., AS’99, MA’04, and Wendell C. Roberts, L’92 Jane Song, ME’00‡
Megan Robinson and Ju Eun Song
Amy C. Pickel, AS’99‡ Troy J. Sorrento, DMSB’17
Albert B. Pincince, E’63‡ Terry Triplett, PNT Frank D. Souder Jr., LA’70‡
Victor J., DMSB’72, and Philip D. Robinson Wilbur T. Soulis, LC’65, E’72‡
Gerard A. Roccapriore, DMSB’84‡ Lucinda T. Spaney, MBA’69‡
Althea J. Pisinski, N’74 Joel Rosen, L’94 Maryanne Spicer, LA’66, MA’70‡
Pasut Pitisongswat, SSH’12 Sierra J. Rosen, L’06 Geoffrey E., L’89, and
Harlan D. and Marjorie A. Platt Stephen N. Rosenfield, L’92, and
Brian E. Player, LA’68‡ Juliana E. Spofford, L’89
Uta G. Poiger Barbara E. Goodyear, L’91 Richard Srikureja, BHS’14‡
Rachele M., BHS’04, and George Rosenthal Dimitrios S. and
John W. Roslansky, L’91
John J. Pojednic‡ Thomas A. Rosse, E’60‡ Pamela S. Stamatiou, PNT
R. Jeffrey Pollock, L’76 Marsha E. Rosselli, Ed’68‡ Samuel M. Starr, L’82
Elliot A. Ponchick, MA’68‡ Steven Maze Rothstein, MBA’84 Gary H. Stein, DMSB’75‡
Eli Posner Todd A. Ruderman, E’91‡ Amy J. Stephson, L’77
Gerald R. Powderly, MBA’95, and Dennis J. Ruggere, DMSB’97 Nolan K. Stevens, AMD’18‡
Steven K. Ruggieri, E’74‡ William H. Stevens Jr., L’92
Adriana M. Bauza, MBA’97‡ Maxim Russkikh, DMSB’15 Wendy T. Stocker
Robert G. Powderly, PA’75‡ Rheba Rutkowski, L’96 James H. and Deborah Stoessel
Helen C. Powell Kenneth J. and Julie B. Saffir Peter Sturges, L’75
Roslyn Poznansky, L’90 Andrew and Carol A. Saitas Richard F. Suitor, MS’67, PhD’69
Eric S., PA’88, and Kerry A. Salerno Cyriaque Sukam, ME’00‡
Edward M. Saliba Jr., LA’71, DMSB’76‡ Brian P., E’81, and Karen P. Sullivan
Pamela L. Price, PA’88‡ Demetrios Salpoglou James V., E’67, and Susan Sullivan‡
Michael Steven and Donna Pritula Maya Samawi, AMD’19 Sally H. Sullivan, L’04
Michael J. Pritula, E’10 James M. Sarazen, AS’83, MBA’90‡ Alan H. Sun, DMSB’17‡
Francis D. Privitera, LA’53‡ Rochelle Sargeant-Hardy Kathy Sun, DMSB’18‡
John G. and Felia I. Proakis Lynne A. Sarikas Melissa Swanfeldt, PAH’90‡
John, E’69, and Carlo Sartori Pacifici, E’14‡ Timothy E. Sweeney, DMSB’83‡
Whitney R. Savignano, MA’96‡ Katherine Tabor, PNT
Priscilla M. Promise, Ed’69‡ Amarpreet S. Sawhney Zuren Tai Zhang, E’14‡
Cynthia D. Quinn, LA’70‡ David R., Ed’63, and Rajiv and Nina Taneja, PNT
Jeffrey C. Quinn, LA’75‡ Olivia J. Tappan, LA’65‡
Devina Chandresh Virendra Raithatha, Cynthia G. Sawyer, Ed’66‡ Terry A. Tattar, LA’67‡
Frank L. and Margaret C. Schadt Sue Ellen Tatter, L’76
DMSB’18‡ Ian Schwartz, DMSB’94‡ James H. Taylor, MBA’93‡
Federico Ramirez Novello, SSH’12‡ Richard W. Sears Jr., DMSB’67, MBA’75‡ Nicholas P. Taylor, PA’94‡
Joseph M. Ranahan, E’05‡ Alexander C. Seegers, DMSB’14‡ David F. Teall, DMSB’66‡
Annette Black, Ed’72, and Robert A., E’69, and Vinny J. Tejada, DMSB’08, MSA’10‡
Stephen P. Tereshko, E’75
Stephen C. Raphel, Ed’71‡ Eileen M. Segerson, LA’81‡ Robert H. Terranova, DMSB’65‡
Steven Rappaport, DMSB’71‡ Adrian Sevier, L’95 Alexander L. Thorndike, CPS’95
Tawna A. Rathe, AS’98, MBA’11‡ Vaishali and Jayesh Shah, PNT Stephen E., DMSB’72, and
Janet Murrin Razin, LA’62‡ Linda Shak
John E. Reardon, E’58‡ Mark F. Shamp, AS’04‡ Joyce-Ellen B. Tibbetts, N’71‡
James B. Redmond, MS/MBA’97‡ Kenneth A. Shapiro, DMSB’93‡ Noell Peter Tin, L’93
W. Wesley Reed, LA’69‡ Thomas C. Sheahan Douglas B. Tomb, MBA’92‡
Carol L. Reid, PAH’67, UC’70‡ Keith A. and Suzanne E. Shupe, PNT Nancy L. Tompkins, L’90
Robert K. and Dawn L. Renner, PNT Garfield B., L’97, and Teresa Simms Norman J., Jr., DMSB’87, and
Konard and Marion E. Rentrup, PNT William A. Sloane, MBA’75‡
Stephen J., DMSB’74, and Janet Lee Smart, PAH’79, MS’84, Carin Tonina, PNT
Janice A. Toran, L’74
Donna Reynolds‡ PhD’86‡ Mary Tornabene
Cathy Rezac Barbara Healy Smith, L’88 Per Sebastian Traaseth, DMSB’18‡
Stephen O. Richard, DMSB’85‡ Kara L. and Mark A. Smith, PNT Fred C. Travaglini
Anne Richards, BB’45‡ Marcia L. Smith, LA’79 Richard J. Tucker, E’67, ME’69
Deedee Ricks Melanie Leasca Smith, PAH’75‡ Robert B. Tufts Jr., BB’73
Martin N. Riddle, Ed’68‡ Michael D. Smith, DMSB’74‡
Stephen A. Ridlon, E’66, ME’70‡
Bruce and Kirsten Rifkin, PNT
Angeliki A. Rigos, MBA’04, and

Paul M. Champion, PNT‡

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate

Gulten and Ali R. Tural, PNT *Deceased
Henry J. Turner, Ed’69‡ PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate
James R. Turner Jr., LA’71‡
Wayne T. Turner, BHD’81, MPA’86‡ 25
Rajitha K. and Srini P. Uppugunduri, PNT
David Lee Valdina, UC’69, UC’73, L’76
Sasha N. Varasano, SSH’15
Lynda S. Vickers-Smith
Angela M. Vieira, L’90
Richard Vincent, DMSB’53‡
Emily E. Visnic, BHS’17‡
Lisa T. von Geldern, PNT
Richard C. Wakefield, PA’70
Cynthia L. Walker, PA’79‡
Mary B. Walkins, MS’89, PhD’94‡
David M. and Valerie C. Walls, PNT
Rebecca M. Waltuch, L’07
Rahul Jai Waney, DMSB’19
Judith G., LA’69, and

Steven E. Wasserman, P’67
George E. Waterhouse, UC’77‡
James L., H’93, and

Faith P. Waters, MEd’72‡
Haley A. Waud, BHS’12, DPT’13‡
Alexander B. Wayman
Susen Wehner, AS’82‡
Paul S. Weinberg, L’81
Michael J. Welch, L’85
Tanya S. Welch, E’16‡
Andrew M. Weller, DMSB’69‡
Michael J. Wenig, DMSB’80‡
Geoffrey C. Wilkinson, DMSB’00‡
Ronald J. and Michelle M. Willey
Lucy A. Williams
Keith H. Williamson
David B. Wilson, L’86
Dani Wojdyla, DMSB’14
Susan Wolf, PhD’94
Christopher J. Wolfel, DMSB’13‡
Zichao Xia, DMSB’15
Harry J. Yaffe, DMSB’70‡
Ramzi Yamusah, S’14‡
Amber Y. Yang, AMD’18
Yu Yang, SSH’18‡
Anne W. Yates, L’76
Bernice Yeung, PhD’95, and

Balam A. Willemsen, MS’91, PhD’96‡
Lin Jie Ying
Mark R. Young, L’92
Joseph F. and Janet L. Zabilski
Ahmad Zameli, E’14‡
Nadim Zameli, E’17‡
Samuel E. Zamkow, DMSB’16
Carl Zangerl-Salter
Wendy B. Zazik, L’94
William C. Zelenakas, E’67‡
David P. Zgarrick
Liuxi Zhang, PhD’14
Amy Zhou, DMSB’16‡
Anonymous (23)

‡ Husky Cornerstone Club member

FRANK PALMER SPEARE SOCIETY The Frank Palmer Speare Society recognizes donors who have made estate provisions or other
planned gifts. We thank the following individuals for their commitment to Northeastern. To join
the society, contact Patty Boutiette, director of gift planning, at 617.373.2231 or [email protected]

MaryBeth Abdo, PNT† Robert E., LA’59, and Nancy R. Cain Carole Ford Dobeck
Claire A. Adams, LA’71 George J., DMSB’67, and Donna K. Doherty, LA’71
Barbara C. Alleyne, LA’70 Roger J., E’63, and
Josepha Delancey Altersitz Louise M. Firth Campbell, DMSB’68,
Samuel, MBA’58, and MA’70 Rochelle K. Dolan, E’63
Richard A. Cantor, L’79 Michael T. Dougherty, DMSB’79†
Nancy Altschuler Leah R. Carneiro, LA’75 Brian P. Downey
Dora Alves* Nancy J. Caruso, DMSB’52, MEd’56, H’00 C. Beverly Dowrick
David L. Anderson, SSH’68 Joanne Mary Casella, LA’65, MS’74* Elisabeth M. Drake
John R. and Susan Anderson John J., and Frances A. Castellano Aleksandr S. Drogobetski, DMSB’05
Robert B., E’47, and Sara Angus James A. Cermenaro, Ed’65 Gary C., DMSB’78, and
George J. Antonucci, E’63 Lynne S. Champion, E’69
Daniel F. Appleton Jr., B’59 Jee-Min Hu, L’82, and Lea Anne Dunton
C. Murphy Archibald, L’77 Chih-Tang Chang A. Richard, L’73, and Lisa A. Dykstra
JoAnne M. Austad, UC’77 Edward R. Chaplin Jr., LA’67† Richard, E’52, and MJ Ebens
Jonathan E. Bachand, E’03, and Joel Barry Chase, E’67 Donna Ellsworth
Matthew L. Chase, AS’10 Frederick J. Emmett Jr., ME’67
Ana Alvarez Valdepena† Peter C., ME’87, and Leslie C. Chatel John T. Enman, DMSB’52*
Tim E. Bailey Jr., MBA’80 Elyse D. Cherry, L’83 Mark D. Epstein, E’10, MBA’11
James C. Ballway, PA’75, and Priscilla Labovitz, L’72, and William E. Epstein, E’72
Joseph Cirincione Carl E. Erikson, DMSB’74
Valerie Hunt Eleanor M. Clarkson, DMSB’82 Eleanor Stanford Erskine
Louis H. Barnett, B’44, H’77 Robert A., DMSB’70, and Lois Clayson Rita F. Fahy, LA’78, ME’89
Charles T. Barooshian, E’59 John J. Cochrane, E’60 Peter A. Fanger
Donald F. Bates, LA’65, and Marjorie Coleman-Glaister, BB’44 Sumner S., LA’46, and
Glenn S. Combs, LA’73
Cathleen Dullahan-Bates Harold T., E’63, and Kathleen Connors Phyllis S. Fanger, MEd’69
John E. and Priscilla H. Baublitz Robert L. Cord Steven D. Farrell, AS’94
Bonaday C. Beck, DMSB’75 Rose M. Correia Joseph D., Jr., LA’72, L’75, and
Harry R. Bedell Jr., E’50 Edwin J. Costa, LI’56
Charles H. Beede, LA’57 Cynthia L., DMSB’68, and Phyllis D. Feaster
Beverly Ann Bendekgey, LA’69 James G. Coutu Diane L. Feinzig
David M. Benjamin Kenneth J. Creary and Gerald, DMSB’70, and Jane E. Feldman
Arthur J. Benson, PAH’84 Lauren C. States Marshall P. Feldman, PAH’75
Richard J., E’63, ME’65, and Ruth J. Crowley Amy Ferdinando
John J., DMSB’59, H’99, and Sabina Fiantaca
Sandra W. Blaha, Ed’65 Diddy Cullinane Teresa K. Filet, UC’69, UC’70
Robert Blank, E’80 Robert F. Cutting, LA’64 George J., DMSB’67, and
Patricia M. Bordewieck Flora E. D’Angio, B’51
Ward C. Bourn Louis A. D’Angio, B’48 Louise M. Firth Campbell, DMSB’68,
Richard B., Jr., E’69, and Claire T. Dantas, UC’83, UC’84 MA’70
George F. Dawson Jr., E’53 Nancy Fisher
Lennie Bourne Robert F., E’61, ME’68, and Clotilda Flahive, UC’92
Laurie W. Bowater† Susan R. Daylor Barbara Lee Flight, SSH’70
Beverly L. Bowen Richard and Carol I. Daynard Emma M. N., LA’73, and Thomas Flinn
Thomas W. Brahms, E’71 Richard J. DeAgazio, UC’68, UC’69 William J., Jr., UC’73*, and
Diana L. Brassell, BHD’91 Donna G., Ed’67, and D. Avril Forest, MBA’83
Ralph R., LA’66, MA’69, and Albert R. DeFlorio William F. Forster, Ed’67
Susan S. and Larry Deitch Yves J. Fournier, ME’67, ME’72
Vivian G. Bravoco Philip S. Deming, CJ’77 Richard M. Freeland, H’06, and
Frederick, DMSB’66, and Robert A. Derrah, E’55* Elsa Nunez
Mary Ellen Derry Marvin M. Fried, DMSB’58
Darla C. Brodsky Thomas J., Jr., E’73, MBA’78, and Arnold M. and Florence Friedman
Michael E., DMSB’93, and Marie Falvey DeSisto, N’77 Neil A. Friedman, LA’69
Robert E., DMSB’62, and N. Paul Galluzzi, ME’58
Betsy M. Brodsky, DMSB’93 Denise DiCenso Lois B., CJ’73, and Ralph G. Ganick
Richard, LA’67, and Lawrence D., DMSB’68, and William H. Garvey III, AS’80
Elizabeth Dietz David A. Gascon
Patricia C. Brownstein Virginia DiFranza, Ed’66, MEd’67, AGS’72 Paul E. Gavin, Ed’72
Margaret R. Bruce Allan W., UC’68, and Priscilla Ditchfield Jonathan E. Gbur, MBA’80
Ruth Marina Bruce David A., E’59, and Louise Doane Diane Geis
Shirley M. Budden, UC’85, UC’93 Robert P., DMSB’57, and
Barbara Hayes Buell, L’71 Marie K. Gerrier
Janet Johnson Bullard, MBA’78 Francis A., E’59, and Joan A. Gicca
Maureen E. Burke, N’76 Joseph A. Glavickas, DMSB’62, PA’67
Ralph R. Burwell, E’50*
Arthur M. Butler Jr., DMSB’43 *Deceased
Peter M. Bzowski, E’68, and Orla J. Uber PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate
Anthony J., E’48, and Ann E. Caggiano
Margaret J. Cain, MS’73 27

†New Sp eare Soc iety mem ber

Marcy G. Glenn, L’81 Herbert H., DMSB’58, MBA’60, and Donald A. Lucchesi, DMSB’74
Robert M., E’62, and Deanne Glorioso Judith B. Itzkowitz, CPS’09 G. Raymond Luddy III, E’69
Conrad, L’87, and Diane H. Lupean, BB’65, MBA’81
Doris H. Jamison Lydia J. Luz, L’86
Louise Golaski, AS’85 George M. Jett, E’70 Joanne Lynch, LA’78, MEd’90
Robert L., E’59, and Alexander E., UC’66, and Linda M., E’82, and

Frances Z. Goldberg Virginia M. Johnson Robert B. MacIntosh
Harriet Goldman Carl R. Johnson, E’73 Robert T., E’72, and Loretta Maddock
Marlene Goldstein James A. Johnson Jr. James T., DMSB’86, and
Humberto F. Goncalves, DMSB’76 Donald R. Johnston, UC’90, UC’96
Robert H., E’55, and Betty Goodale† Paul G., DMSB’71, and Kimberly A. Madigan, PAH’83
Ralph D., MA’68, and Vito J., DMSB’52, and Lucy A. Maida
Beverly H. Joubert Helen C. Makris
Elizabeth W. Gordon, MA’71 Jeffrey A., DMSB’79, and Mark D. Malkasian, E’63
Kenneth A. Graham, MA’74 Vasiliki Manousos
Herbert P., P’55, and Marylou Gray Susan G. Kalowski, MBA’83 Peter G. Manson, DMSB’65
Alyssa E. Greeley James M., DMSB’73, and Roger M. Marino, E’61, H’96, and
Paul M., DMSB’67 and
Sally B. Kaloyanides Kathy Campanella
Christine K. Greeley Patricia Karll Charles D. Mason, E’54
Daniel B. Greenberg, L’74, and Joseph F. Kelley, B’54, DMSB’59 John A. Massa, E’59, ME’66
Paul T., DMSB’66, and Kathy Kerins Robert A., DMSB’57, and
Patricia Salt Thomas J., E’69, ME’71, and
Richard A. Grenier, LI’76 Natalie J. Matthews
Elizabeth J. Griffin, UC’99 Carol J. Kerr, Ed’73, MEd’76 Bruno R., PAH’64, and
Cathy Grinold Gertrude V. Keyes
Louis L., E’59, and Janice M. Guerriere Amin J., MBA’89, and Vivienne Mazzotta
Alice L. Hageman, L’77 Mary Lou McArdle†
Beth Haley Julie E. Khoury, MBA’89 Philip R., LA’63, MEd’67, and
Paula M. Haley, LA’78, L’81 C. Josephine Kilbourn
Lillian E. Hammond Mary E. Kiley, UC’86 Beth B. McCabe
H. Patricia Hanna, UC’74, H’96 Helen A. Kirkpatrick Eugene A. McCalvey, UC’77
Stephen P., E’78, and Marilyn B. Kloss, E’82 Daniel J. and Margaret T. McCarthy
Randolph C. Knepper, L’77 Thomas P., DMSB’71, and
Kathryn Hannabury Paul M. Knight, DMSB’70
Gloria M. Hanson Jeffrey R., E’74, ME’76, and Olivia Nancy McDonough, LA’71
David V. Harmon, DMSB’63, MBA’69 Leonard F. McNally, LA’72, MS’78
William T., IV, ME’70, and Diane S. Kontoff Donald F. Meade, E’56
Venetia G. Kontogouris, LA’74 Dominic Meo III, E’68
Joan L. Hathaway Barry N., LA’66, and John J. Merianos, P’61
William P., III, DMSB’72, MBA’75, and Joseph Metelski, E’61
Marlene Friedland Koslow, Ed’69 Richard L. Meyer
Jan E. Hayes Stanley P. Kovell, E’55 Adele M. Milani
James W., E’54, and Sandra R. Healy Linda J. Kovitch, UC’81, MS’96 Bruce F. Miller, UC’68
Elizabeth G. Hill and Ruben D. Orduna Frank Kozacka, E’71 Elwynn J. Miller, B’55
Kenneth W., E’56, and Barbara P. Hiseler Melinda J. Kramer, Khoury’83, and Linda J. Miller, UC’82*
Charles S., E’91, and Lisa Hocking Marcus A. Moche, E’10
Jay M. Hodes, CJ’82 Robert Ernst, PNT Brian C. Monahan, LA’71, and
Barbara Hoffstein Nancy E. Kramer
Reidunn Holm Kenneth Kroohs, E’72 Jean M. Whaley
David M. Hough John M., LA’72, and Mary Kudless Jack W. Morrissey, E’67
Emma S., BB’62, and Leigh Houseman Frederick H., E’57, and Carole Kurtz John D., E’59, and Doris A. Morrissey
Jee-Min Hu, L’82, and Priscilla Labovitz, L’72, and Margaret G. Moses, BHS’70
George E. Mosse Jr., DMSB’60
Chih-Tang Chang Joseph Cirincione Ramesh K. Motwane, E’77
Roy Hughes, PhD’75 Darryl M. Lahey, MBA’89 Vilas Mujumdar
Kenneth L., DMSB’71, and Catherine Lai, PAH’76 Ann Marie Dutra Mullane, AS’01
David R., E’71, and Francis E., DMSB’70, MBA’72, and
Kathleen A. Hume
Frederick Hunt, DMSB’71, and Deborah S. Lambert Francine P. Murphy
Theodore, E’64, and Terri Lavoot Fern F. Musselwhite, AS’90
Mary MacVey Corinne K. Lawson Henry J., UC’77, H’08, and
David P., E’86, and Irene M. Leonard, LA’65
Mary Kay Leonard, L’79, and Michele Nasella
Paula H. Hunter, PNT Myrna S. Nasisi, Ed’64
John J. Hurley Jr., PA’68 Richard Valachovic Dorothy H. Nelson
Sheila Hutchinson Herbert A., E’50*, and Norma E. Newcomb
Diane E. Hynes William H. Newman III, E’77
Richard L. Iandoli, L’76 Rose F. Lerner, LA’53 Mary Jane Nichols, BB’61
Alfred G. Irish, DMSB’42, MBA’53 Irving M., E’57, and Lenore Levine
Nancy F. Lob
†New Sp eare Soc iety mem ber Gerard M., LA’73, and Eleni V. LoPorto
Ellen T. Lorensen, BB’62
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate

“ The University Library supports teaching, learning,
and research by offering investigative expertise
from subject librarians, dynamic collaboration
spaces, and advanced technology in our media
lab and digital creativity center. Thanks to your
support, we’re keeping step with Northeastern’s
remarkable pace of innovation and discovery.”

— Dan Cohen
Vice Provost for Information Collaboration and Dean



“A lumni like you verify my belief in
Northeastern’s commitment to truly
unique education. It is comforting
and empowering to know that our
alumni are exemplary not only of
lifelong, cross-disciplinary learning,
but also of a style of philanthropy
that furthers the next generation
of students. I look forward to the
wonderful work that Khoury College
will produce in the years to come.”

—Johanna Gunawan, SSH’17, Khoury’24



Gayle Dufton Nieburger and Eugene M., Jr., E’60, MEd’65, H’95, and Philip S., PA’78, and Kathleen Taymor
Edward Nieburger Corinne C. Reppucci, LA’64, MEd’71 Paul H., CAGS’74, and

Rosemary R. Nixon, UC’68, MA’70 Michael Riccio, E’70 Eleanor H. Tedesco, UC’89
James Q., Jr., UC’71, and D. Paul, LA’59, and Dorothea Rich Mary Ellen Thompson, CJ’84, L’89
Michael P. Richardson, UC’91, SET’95 Stephen C. Toebes, E’91, E’93
Deborah Nolan Scott M. Richter, DMSB’89† Stephen Tolman, LA’58
Len A. Oberg, DMSB’69† Carol Roberts, BB’60 Norman J., Jr., DMSB’87, and
Carla B. Oblas Joseph F., UC’78, UC’80, and
Beulah R. O’Bryant Carin Tonina, PNT
Brian F. O’Donnell, BHS’83 Joseda Robicheau Robert B. Tufts Jr., BB’73†
Edward T., E’59, ME’66, and William D. Robinson, LA’66 Edward H. Tutun, E’47
Arthur E. Rogers, DMSB’61 Sumner H., DMSB’48, and Lila Tye
Carol O’Keefe Barbara David Rollins Cara F., AS’04, SSH’11, and
Francis H., DMSB’77, and Sierra J. Rosen, L’06
Ronald L., DMSB’66, H’06, and Christopher R. Veilleux
Susan J. Oleskiewicz Heidi Vernon
Jane A. Ollen Linda Rossetti Alfred and Joy W. Viola
George B. Olson, PA’71 Earl C., DMSB’47, and David E., DMSB’84, and
Lawrence A., DMSB’65, and
Patricia J. Rossler Ann Violette, E’85, PNT
Marie O’Rourke Suzanne R. Rudalevige, L’82† Ann E. Vogel, MEd’68
Marshall B. Paisner, DMSB’54 Brian M. Sagrestano Rubina Vohra, MS’88, PhD’93
Rosemarie Paolini, N’93 Anthony F. Sarcone, MA’69 Carola T. von Kapff
Alexander, III, DMSB’72, and Phyllis Mayover Schaen, MEd’77, EdD’84 Theresa Votta, UC’75
Ricard V. Scheuerman, E’76 Corinne Waite, MA’71
Shirley G. Papp, N’74 Charlotte Schlesinger Brenda Walker
Michael P. Parent, DMSB’72 Ted S. Schneider, DMSB’74 Clarence W., DMSB’48*, and
Augustin H. Parker III, MEd’71 Richard A., E’71, and Martha Schoenfeld
Robert J. Payne, Ed’70, E’86 David A., E’69, and Marie M. Walker
Susan N. Peck, N’74 B. Fallon, CPS’77, and
Sandra M. Penny, UC’80 Lorraine M. Seres, LA’70
Steven, E’64, and Helice Picheny Kenneth E., UC’69, and Coleman J. Walsh, Jr.
Philip J. Picott, DMSB’88 Claudia J. Walsh, PAH’68
Matthew J. Pimm, AS’04 Bonnie L. Shank Eleanor G. Waterman, DMSB’66
Joel H. Pitcoff, DMSB’65 Carole J. Shapazian, LA’66, MS’72 Mary E. Watson, UC’77, MS’95, and
George I. Platt III, L’72† Wayne G. Sharpe Jr., UC’73
Victor L., LC’70, MBA’81, and Eugenia Shepard Thomas Giancristiano
Stanley J., LA’61, MBA’71, and Edward L., E’59, and Carolyn Wax
Carmel Poirier Leigh Webb
Peter P. Poole, DMSB’59 Elsa Sidel Dianne H. Webster, UC’83
Norma E., P’52, and Arthur L., E’69, ME’75, and Michael S. Weintraub, CJ’77
Lawrence G. Welch, E’79, ME’80,
Salvador F. Porras* Jane W. Singer, MEd’71
Anne Conary Porter* Barbara Skinner MBA’02
Jack Nusan Porter George B., UC’81, and Janice G., BHS’79, and Ward L. Wells
Miriam A. Porter, MEd’78 Ronald P. Weston, ME’66
Roni D. Posner, MEd’72, EdD’78 Annemarie Smeltzer William O., LI’79, and Roberta Wheeler
Mary Louise Pottle, E’48, MEd’60 A. Howard Smith, E’66 Stephen D., L’92, and
John R. Power Jr., DMSB’63 Kenneth C. Solano, LA’68, MEd’75
Mary Prendiville Anne W. Sommers Cheryl Whetstone
Charles H., Jr., E’55, ME’60, and Peter Y. Sonnenthal, L’83 Matthew Whisman
Claire A. Sordillo Robert W. Whiteacre III, E’47*
Imelda C. Price Maryanne Spicer, LA’66, MA’70 Charles C., Jr., LA’62, and
Donald J. Price, LI’57, B’59, MBA’63 Maia T. Spilman, L’96
Joseph J. Prifti, E’59, ME’64, PhD’67 Amy J. Stephson, L’77 Alberta C. Whitney
Sheila M. Puffer William W. Stetson, DMSB’64 Nelson, LA’63, and Anita L. Wikstrom
Marguerite A. Raffio James H. and Deborah Stoessel Alfred F. Wilde Jr., E’75†
Dennis Ramsier Anne B. Stone Betty J. Willis
Alonzo C., Jr., E’45, and Janet M., UC’82, UC’85, MPA’88, and Barry, UC’66, UC’69, and

Margaret H. Rand James E. Surette Brenda Winston
Leon Rand, LA’53 Janet Shoemaker Swanson, BB’74, Jeffrey V. and Susan C. Winston
Leon W. Rank, E’47 Michael S. Winston, DMSB’10
Neal Rantoul MS’76† Janet Smith, L’79, and
John D. Rattray, E’63† Stephen J., Jr., LI’57, H’94, and
Cecilia P. Reiling, UC’60, LA’64 R. Robert Woodburn
Genevieve Sweeney John J. Wroblewski, LC’70
Jeffrey D. Renzi, CJ’78, and William B. Swenson Jr., DMSB’54 Ellen M. and Peter L. Zane
Celeste A. O’Connell
Steven N., DMSB’79, and Lucille R. Zanghi, LA’72, and
†New Sp eare Soc iety mem ber Wendy Tannenbaum James M. Dow, LA’72

PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate


Joe, ME’88, PhD’91, and
June Sun Zheng

Mark R. Zobel, CJ’86
John A. Zukowski, AS’89, Khoury’89
John A. Zukowski, LI’55
Lorraine Corneau Zwycewicz, DMSB’71
Anonymous (13)

Heratch Emekjian • Adam Glanzman • Matthew Modoono • Liz Linder Photography

Additional photos courtesy of Northeastern faculty and students

We make every effort to verify the accuracy of names and data. Please bring errors
or omissions to our attention by contacting Charlotte Troyanowski, senior director

of donor relations, at 617.373.3026 or [email protected]

†New Sp eare Soc iety mem ber *Deceased
PNT designates parents of a current student or 2019 graduate

“ I originally chose Northeastern
because of its excellent pharmacy
program and the unique co-op
experience. But in my five years
here, it has opened so many more
doors for me—for which I am very

—Lily Vitali, PharmD’20




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