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It could benefit cats all over the world...

Example of a cat without pain (left) CAN YOU HELP?
and a cat with severe pain (right):
Until this year, all the studies on The Feline Grimace
Note on the pain-free cat: Note on the cat in pain: the Scale had been performed using scores from vets. More
the ears are erect and facing ears are low and rotated recently, a small study showed that cat owners too can
forward, the eyes are wide backwards, the eyes are reliably use the Feline Grimace Scale. On two different
open, the muzzle has a round squinted, the muzzle has an occasions, a few cat owners scored images of cats with
shape, the whiskers are loose elliptical shape, the whiskers different degrees of pain.Their scores were similar to
and relaxed, and the head are tense and clumped those from vets and they were able to repeat these scores
is higher than an imaginary together, and the head is one week later. What the researchers would like to know
line crossing the shoulders. about the same height as is whether these findings would be the same if lots of cat
the shoulders. owners across the world undertook the same test.

So, as a cat owner, you are officially invited to
contribute to a follow-up research study aiming to
investigate cat owners’ ability to assess acute pain in cats
using the Feline Grimace Scale. Cat owners and breeders
are invited to complete an online survey available from
March 15 — May 15, 2021 using the following link:

normal position.This means receive less pain relief for WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE?
that evaluation of pain in cats problems in comparison to
should not be done if the cat dogs.The Feline Grimace

is sleeping, eating, grooming, Scale was developed to Your participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous.

or performing another activity. help vets to recognise and Anyone older than 16 years old who owns or has

We must wait until the cat treat pain in cats better. For previously owned a cat, and who does not have

has stopped these activities example, based on the scores veterinary training (vet or nurse) can participate.

to evaluate their facial of the Feline Grimace Scale, The survey takes approximately 20 — 25 minutes to

expressions. Facial changes the vet knows if the cat is in complete and includes 10 images of cat faces with

related to pain will persist for pain, if pain killers are needed, different degrees of pain.You will be asked to read a short

more than just a few seconds. and if pain decreases after training manual and to score these images using the

WHO CAN USE treatment. Feline Grimace Scale — you can still look at the manual,
THE SCALE? Working with final so it is not a test of memory!

year veterinary student It looks at different aspects of the head and face

Pain in cats has been Netta Lee from the (called action units) which are: ear position, orbital

neglected over the years, University of Edinburgh tightening (the shape of the area around the eye), muzzle

probably because our feline and in collaboration with tension (the area around the nose), whisker position, and

friends hide it so well. International Cat Care, the the position of the head in relation to the cat’s shoulders.

The veterinary next step is trying to find out Participants will not be identified but can choose to

world recognises whether cat owners, without respond to a few demographic questions at the end of

that cats any veterinary training, are the survey which will be available in English and Spanish

able to detect acute pain in languages.This will allow researchers to understand the

cats by using the effects of different ages, sex, backgrounds, household

Beatriz Monteiro Feline Grimace settings, and geographical locations on the Feline
Scale, and we Grimace Scale scores.

would like readers Results from this study could represent a major

of Your Cat contribution in our understanding of feline pain.The Feline

Magazine to help. Grimace Scale could be the first instrument for feline

acute pain assessment that could be used by cat owners

Did you at home — this would be a great advance for feline
● To take part go to

FGS2021 or for more information,

The project has its visit

own website: www.


com 49

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When Imogen is struggling to adapt to university life, could be on. Imogen had a
there’s a cat on hand to give her a nudge in the right clear ranking of which texts
direction. A short story by Michael Hallam. were her favourite so had
been really working hard to
It was the point in the week She loved her English deep snooze as she stroked get to grips with the book
when Imogen felt most Literature course — it was his fur so lightly he would not she felt she was weakest on.
relaxed. Sat in the pen, she like the best book club she’d even have felt it. She watched As she buried her head in
dangled the fishing rod toy ever been part of — but this cat, who had been her notes and the book, with
in front of the grey kitten and there was the pressure of her discovered abandoned in a its mohican of sticky notes,
watched as he leapt forward exams. While she had friends, bin, finding her own breathing there was a scratching at her
like an uncoiled spring to there wasn’t that person or slowed down in time with the window. As she turned to look,
pounce on the imaginary group she was really close rise and fall of his tiny chest. Imogen was so startled by the
prey. with. She had missed out on A smile spread across her orange tabby on her window
the table tennis team, which face as she thought about ledge, it made her lurch back
Bonding with the cats wouldn’t have bothered her how the kitty could seem tired in her seat.
was Imogen’s favourite part but it felt like the trials weren’t enough to sleep for a week,
about volunteering at the but would soon wake to fizz “Hello, what are you
around the cage once more. doing here?” she said as
The game had worn out In her mind, she gave him the she opened the window to
name Pinball. greet the furry visitor. Not
the sleek grey kitten waiting for an invitation, the
●●●●●●●●●●● skinny cat slid through the
local rescue centre. She that fair, with her only having slight gap onto the desk and
loved cats and helping the 10 minutes to show what The next day was Monday Imogen’s work, sending the
unwanted and abandoned she could do. Her university and Imogen was sat at book careering on to the floor.
residents gave her a sense experience was still waiting for the desk in her student hall Imogen was momentarily
of fulfilment and the inner joy the spark to make it catch fire. accommodation. She was aghast as the cat leapt on
of doing something good. It getting in some study for to her bed and let out a loud
also reminded her of her own The game had worn out an exam coming up the meow.
cat, Othello, and eased the the sleek grey kitten. He following week.There were
homesickness she had felt pulled his weary body onto three different books the exam “Oh wow! Coming in are
since moving to university. Imogen’s lap and fell into a we? Well, I guess that I won’t
be revising anymore.” She
Leaving behind her family, offered the back of her hand
including the ageing pure before remembering she
black cat she had grown up had some packets of treats
alongside, had been harder she would take to the rescue
than she thought it would be.
Going to university was meant
to be the best experience
ever; the parties, the free
thinking, and the opportunity
to shape yourself into whoever
you wanted to be. But it hadn’t
quite worked out like that for
Imogen and she couldn’t
quite put her finger on why. 51


centre for the cats. Getting the same comfortable spot. the carrier she had provided. performed a magic spell.
them from the drawer, she So she gave her visitor more She had been trying for over A stunned Imogen
offered one and the grateful treats and put a paper collar 45 minutes but the lively cat
tabby lapped it up and on the cat. Over the next few evaded her, leaping on to managed to relay the story of
looked expectant for more. days, she waited to see if an shelves and anywhere to get the tabby and asked where
owner got in touch. A couple away from the confined box. he had appeared from.
After half an hour and of days later, she had received
several treats, Imogen had to a phone call from a lady in “Come on, please just get “I live in the block next
leave. She had a seminar to the area who said that the in the carrier,” she pleaded door and just happened
go to but the content cat had cat had been owned by her with the cat who she had yet to recognise you from the
snuggled up in her unmade next door neighbours, but to give a nickname to. Despite window chasing the cat
bed. Not knowing what to do, they had abandoned the being an affectionate kitty around,” he explained.
she felt she couldn’t kick the tabby when they had moved. who enjoyed being stroked “I didn’t realise you lived
poor puss out. She decided to She had been feeding the by Imogen, the tabby resisted round here. But I thought I
take her laptop and anything cat infrequently but the tabby being picked up to be put in might help.”
valuable with her and leave had been roaming for weeks the carrier, fighting Imogen
the window open in case her in search of a new place to all the way. She’d gotten a They chatted for twenty
guest wanted to leave. rest its head, with Imogen’s a scratch on her arm and the minutes and Imogen couldn’t
regular drop in over the recent thought of being late to the
At the seminar, Imogen tried days. centre was filling her with
to keep the tabby from her dread, particularly as she
mind and immerse herself Imogen borrowed a wanted to get home quickly
into the discussion. She loved microchip scanner from the tonight for one last study
these intellectual explorations, rescue centre but found that session before tomorrow’s
even if there were a couple the cat was not chipped. exam.
of people who always tried to Hardly a surprise, she
take over and show off. The moment was getting on
top of her and now the kitty
The tabby had been a had slipped out the window
nice distraction... and was refusing to come
back in. Imogen shut the
“What did you make of thought, the type of owner window and began gathering
the text, Imogen?” asked the who would just abandon up her stuff, deciding she
tutor. It brought the session their cat wouldn’t get them would have to walk around
back into sharp focus and microchipped. So, she the building to the outside
she explained what she arranged for the tabby to and capture the tabby, as
thought the text meant. After go into the rescue centre to they really needed to get
she had finished, the young find the forever home the cat going.
man opposite her added his deserved.
view, agreeing with Imogen Still the elusive cat wouldn’t
and furthering the point. Imogen had become play ball. Imogen was getting
Imogen had always been attached to the kitty’s cheeky desperate and even lurched
drawn to him over the weeks. ways of nipping into her at the cat, hating herself for
He didn’t always speak in flat and she always left the it, but not being successful.
class, but when he did, it was window open so the tabby In a last ditch effort to grab
thoughtful and considered. knew it was welcome. One the tabby, Imogen stumbled
He was polite too; she noticed night, Imogen had received a and the contents of her bag
he always pushed his chair in shock when the tabby turned scattered all over the floor,
when they left — a little thing up and decided to spend the and the nimble cat brushed
but it left an impression on night curled up at her feet. past her, with what she was
her. And she would admit, he sure was a hint of glee.
was nice to look at too. But Looking out for the cat Imogen was ready to give up.
they had never really spoken meant that she had not had
because Imogen didn’t have as much time to revise for her “Hey, who is this tricky
the confidence to go and say exam. However, the tabby had customer?” Imogen froze
hello. been a nice distraction from inside as she turned to see
the stress. it was Alex, the boy she liked
●●●●●●●●●●● from her seminar group.The
Sunday came and she was previously frantic tabby was
When Imogen returned to due to take the tabby with now at home in his arms
her flat, the tabby was still in her when she went to her and Alex walked calmly
usual volunteering slot at the over and placed the kitty
rescue centre. But she just into the carrier — with the
couldn’t get the tabby into tabby immediately settling
for a snooze. It was like he’d

52 Your Cat March 2021

believe how lovely he was better than any last-minute was on her favourite book. “Hi Imogen, now the exam
— he even liked cats! The chat cramming. She was still Leaving the exam hall three is done, would you like to grab
meant Imogen lost track of excited about her chat with a coffee together on our way
time before she realised she Alex and was hoping they hours later, Imogen was on home?” Alex approached her
was now definitely going to be might bump into each other cloud nine — she felt the to ask. Imogen’s heart did a
late for the rescue centre. She in one of their classes. But exam had gone brilliantly. somersault.The arrival of the
said her goodbyes and Alex now the impending pressure As she gathered up her tabby had not just been a
said he would see her in class of the exam was heightening belongings, she thought lucky charm, but perhaps the
next week. Her heart was still her nerves.The exam paper about how the arrival of the real start of a her university
beating quicker, long after she loomed before her and delightful tabby had been experience. She couldn’t
had safely delivered her feline behind her steely gaze she like a lucky charm. Imogen wait to go back to the rescue
friend to the rescue centre. just hoped it was on her had loved having the tabby centre to thank the tabby,
favourite of the three books. around for company, she had who she had found a new
●●●●●●●●●●● properly met Alex, and now nickname for: Sparks.
“You have three hours for the exam had gone well too.
Imogen headed into the this exam and can begin…
exam hall. Returning late last now,” announced the
night, she had decided a invigilator.
good night’s sleep would be
With a deep breath, she
turned the page. A wave of
relief crashed over her — it

tabby had
been like

a lucky
charm... 53

Add some drama to xx
your feline photos
with a silhouette.

Top tip!

Celebrating Black cats make
great pets — and
BLACK BEAUTIES photographic stars!

With an alarming spike in pet abandonment, CHOOSE A
many black-coated pets are being cast aside
The right backdrop can
because they don’t stand out on social media, really help get a brilliant
picture of a black cat.
reports popular petcare brand Webbox. Choose a setting where
there are not too many
As we see a worrying amount of pet abandonment PET BOOM things in the background
during this pandemic, animal-loving pet experts at — so your kitty is the centre
Webbox are encouraging prospective pet owners to Battersea Dogs and Cats of attention. In the garden
take pride in their black-coated cats and dogs. Home revealed earlier this or their favourite chair might
year that it found forever provide a nice clear setting
The struggles for pets with that modern trends are a homes for over double the where your cat will stand out.
black coats are well known, significant contributor for amount of pets during the first
with them suffering from this disfavouring, with week of lockdown than the FOCUS ON THE EYES
misconceptions about them black-coated pets not being week preceding.
being bearers of bad fortune. seen as ‘Instagrammable’. “You only need to check
While it’s also suggested that However, not all forever out the #BlackCat feed on
their dark fur makes it more Camille Ashforth, senior homes are as permanent as Instagram to know that a
difficult to make out their brand manager at Webbox, pet charities would hope. black pet’s biggest asset is
features and to photograph said:“We live in a time when its gorgeous stand-out eyes,”
them. So, these beautiful cats everyone wants to show From 2015 to 2017, the says Conor.“Use some treats,
can struggle in finding homes. off their new fur-baby on RSPCA stated that it took like Webbox’s Chomping
social media, and rightly so! them, on average, 30 days Chews or Tasty Sticks,
Black-coated cats are the However, we know that it can to rehome their black cats, and hold these above the
kitties most likely to be rescued sometimes be a bit tricky to while ginger cats only took camera to grab your pet’s
by shelters, with 70 per cent of get a distinctive shot of our an average of 19 days.The attention, and snap
cats in RSPCA care homes in gorgeous black-furred cats most common cat rescued the perfect shot of their
Britain being black, or black and dogs. by the charity are those who bright-eyed faces.”
and white. are black and white, but
“With most adoption homes unfortunately these forlorn CREATE DRAMA
Webbox also point to media having to go through virtual felines take an average of 28
reports that have suggested processes due to covid-19, days to find their new owner. “If you’re really struggling
this means that many black to get a great shot of your
Photographer pets will seem lacklustre on To help encourage new black pet, then use them
Conor Braiden. screens compared to their or current black-furred pet for what they’re best at:
ginger and other coloured owners to take pride in their silhouettes!” says Conor.“As
competitors. pets — and help grab a the days get darker earlier,
brilliant photograph of them now is the best time of year
“Amazingly, we have seen — Webbox shares its black to use the setting sun to
such a huge rise in pet pet photography tips from create a dramatic backdrop
purchases and adoptions Belfast-based photographer, for your silhouetted pet
during the covid-19 Conor Braiden. Conor says: portrait.”
lockdowns as people seek “A professional camera setup
companionship. However, we will always be the best way Who says you can’t get
are concerned that this could to snap a perfect pet portrait. a great picture of a black
lead to a huge increase in However, black-furred pet cat? They can make brilliant
abandonments as things, owners should also know pets and all our loving pets
these simple tricks to bring deserve some time in the
hopefully, return to normality their cat to life in a photo.”: spotlight!
this year.”

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54 Your Cat March 2021

fiMrsY t❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


A persistent cat decided
to make Paulene Grant a Sassy with
f irst time owner — and she a pose!
couldn’t of been happier.


It wasn’t that I didn’t like became good friends. All of a sudden, I found
cats — I didn’t mind them Then one day, out of the myself as a cat owner!
at all — but I wouldn’t have
called myself a ‘cat person,’ blue, a ‘for sale’ sign went up
in the neighbours’ garden

like some of my friends were. — I was devastated! On the

Then one day, I noticed a day they were moving out, again — she’d come back This was a whole new

neighbour’s black and white Sassy spent the morning in to me! learning curve for me as

cat sitting in the middle of my house and when the time Over the next year, she I knew precious little about

the road.“Don’t sit there, silly,” came, I put her in her cat slowly wormed her way into cats. I learned about their

I said.“You might get hurt.” basket, we said our goodbyes, our lives more and more as ways and mannerisms, their

However, she just blanked me! and off Sassy went to her new she went between the two likes and dislikes, and the

It turned out she’d actually home. houses. Her visits became sheer joy they brought.

lived across the road from me I missed her so much but, more frequent and the I enjoyed watching her

for five years but until then thankfully, she still lived locally duration of each visit got wash and listening to her purr

I had obviously not noticed! and amazingly, 10 days later, longer. She started ‘knocking’ when she was content on

It wasn’t long before she she appeared in the garden on the front door in the middle my lap. I laughed when she

started coming into of the night to get in had her mad moment in the

my garden, then the A real and would then curl up morning and would run full
house, and then sitting lap cat.
in bed beside me. pelt around the house, in and

on my lap — I soon I was worried that out of all the rooms. It was one

came to realise she she wasn’t getting lesson I thoroughly enjoyed.

was very much a lap enough food so the We had Sassy for seven

cat. By now, she was owner suggested that wonderful years until she

quite at ease and I start feeding her and got a tumour in her nose.

even started taking adopt her (although Both the vet and I felt that, at

afternoon naps on the I’ve always said she the age of 18, she was too

bed in the spare room! adopted me). So, all of old for invasive operations

I found out her name a sudden, I found myself and might not even survive

was Sassy and we as a cat owner! the anaesthetic, so we did

&Wwriitne! Write to us with memories of your first cat (around 500 words). If your story what we could for her with
is included, you will win a Catit LED Flower Fountain with Triple Action Filter. twice daily injections and
The fountain uses running water to encourage your cat to drink, helping to medication until the day
came for the vet to come

ensure proper kidney function.The water level indicator lights up with out to the house and put
a gentle glow to guide your cat in the dark.The filter purifies and softens tap her to rest.
water while retaining stray hairs and debris. For more information, visit
Email [email protected] with ‘My first cat’ in the subject line or write to us. Her pawprints will stay on
Don’t forget to include pics, your name, address, and contact number. my heart forever.

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 55

Winston, Check out these blue-eyed beauties!

Billy, from Blaydon on
Tyne, Tyne and Wear.

Honey, from Pepper, from
Nelson, Lancashire. Carshalton, Surrey.

Chloe wins an Ancol Premo XL Activity Olympia, from Edinburgh.
Centre, worth £21.90, while the others
receive an assortment of cat toys,
including a Jittery Mouse, courtesy
of Ancol Pet Products. For more
information, call 01922 402428.
(UK only)

56 Your Cat March 2021

pShtoatro Sacha, from
Canton, Cardiff.

Chloe, from
Gateshead, Tyne

and Wear.

Rie Rie, from Jasper, from
Mill Hill, London. Morpeth,

Bailey, from Edwin, from Doncaster, Pickle, from Sunderland,
Harlow, Essex South Yorkshire. Tyne and Wear.

Email a clear (non-blurry) image of usable size (around 300dpi and 1MB) [email protected]
to [email protected] Please include your full name, address, and
phone number, as well as your cat’s name. 57

Pickle has put together a selection of
fun puzzles for you to enjoy this month!

Pickle’s puzzles

Spot the difference Can you spot the five differences between CLICK
these two pics? TO ENTER

Name: _________________________________________________ CLICK

Word searchThere are six resources TO DOWNLOAD
Word search you would buy for your cat
Key letters hidden in this word search

Test your knowledge of the the mag! Take the F U D NW B OW L L X K D L W H U H
first letter of each answer to reveal the name of K V R H DG EWQA JW J H A I R I
a fictional cat. C T V DX SA TOY S T BMJ I VG
1 First name of the celebrity interviewed this CSCRA T CH POS T B P U B FD
month. S A U JO L I T T E R T RA Y XG I
2 Maine Coons __________ and Benjen are X D R A N U P B E D RGQ UW R Z V
therapy cats who feature in this month’s ‘Hero KA V R ZGZ H J V V JCH J XN Z
3 Name of the cat who is featured in our R P RGX EWU NV U X E F L S SG
‘Picture of the month’. P W V X O Z R P MQ J T R U R Y A D
4 The ‘Senior Kitizens’ reveal that cats are K N R MW S U CG V W S N H QO T R
considered elderly at __________ years old.
5 Claire Bessant discusses the mandatory
__________ of cats in the International Cat Care

Your answer:


58 Your Cat March 2021 Find the following words in the puzzle.

Words are hidden and .


March 2021
For your chance to win one of this
89 month’s great giveaways, visit

giveaways using the code
11 PWN23PWN — you can enter

KittySowlve o& wridn! 12 online from February 16.The closing
date for entries is March 15, 2021.
ACROSS cats living here (9) DOWN
10. When a cat is HERE’S A REMINDER
3. Cats may do this scared, he will put these 1. Cats use their long tails to OF THE GREAT PRIZES
as a way to end a back, but when in hunting do this when they’re jumping or ON OFFER:
confrontation with mode, he puts them walking along narrow ledges
another animal (4) forward (8) (7) BOOKSHOP (PAGE 9)
4. A cat’s ________ 11. A mature Siberian 2. The term ‘big cat’ is typically
doesn’t connect to their _____ can top out at 11 used to refer to any of the ● ‘Working from Home with a Cat’ by
other bones, as these feet long and close to 700 five living members of the Heidi Moreno
bones are buried in their pounds (5) genus________ (8)
shoulder muscles (10) 12. Cats have nearly 5. Character from the 1981 ● ‘The Aromatic Cat: How to use
6. The French word for twice the amount musical ‘Cats’ who loves to be herbs, hydrosols, and essential
cat (4) of_______ in their cerebral the centre of attention (3,3,6) oils for cats’ wellbeing’ by Nayana
8. Top Cat (T.C.) is the cortex as dogs (7) 7. Mistakenly believed to have Morag and Julie-Anne Thorne
leader of a gang of alley hailed from Canada, this cat
breed was first acknowledged FREEBIES (PAGE 17)
Sudoku in the cat fancy as ‘Chocolate
Siamese’ in the 1880’s (9) ● Arden Grange cat food
12 34 9. This breed of cat was ● Doc & Phoebe cat toys
believed to have originated ● Felight cat litter hampers
92 5 from the Lake Van region of ● Crochet cat toy kits
Turkey (7,3) ● Vesper cat tree

7 91 Clue: Cats are _______ which PUZZLE (PAGE 59)
means they’re most active at
Kittyword Kittyrama puzzle
8 26 dawn and dusk (11). — submit your answer online

52 7 19 Enter your Kittyword answer online on WHY NOT SIGN
the Your Cat website (see right on how UP TO OUR
97 4 to enter).The first three correct entries NEWSLETTER?
drawn will each win an award-winning
52 3 Kittyrama cat collar! They’re soft, When entering online, why not
comfy, and naturally hypo-allergenic. also sign up to the Your Cat
3 15 Find out more at e-newsletter? It’s free! As well
(UK only. Colours may vary). as featuring bonus content,
35 98 there are often exclusive
Turn to page 61 competitions — so more
chances to win great prizes.
for the solutions Visit and
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at the top of the page.

For information on how your personal data is processed,
secured, and your rights, our Privacy Policy can be viewed
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Spot the difference

Best friends: Jess
and Cookie.

catTahe fdaiarrymof

In her second diary piece, Donya Cookie settled
Donger tells of how farm cat into the home.
Cookie met the resident canine.
FIRST MEETING instead decided to run as fast
Before throwing herself full swing into life as a farm as she could up to Jess, tap
cat, Cookie needed to be completely comfortable Next was to allow them to see her on the nose, and quickly
at home and as part of the family — the farm cat each other. We left the kitten in hide back behind the coffee
needed to meet the farm dog! her room and let the dog go table.The first time, Jess hardly
right up to the door which was moved. She opened a single
FARM DOG Follow all the antics on on its hook so the cat could eye, saw who it was, and
the farm by searching for come and go but the dog decided it was too much effort.
My husband, Leigh, had grown @Peacockfarmmuston couldn’t get through. At first, Five minutes later, Cookie did
up on the family farm in the on Facebook. Cookie sat back looking a little the same and Jess was a little
tip of rural Leicestershire and frightened, but it didn’t take more irritated by this and sat
when I moved in with him, lots of research done, we then long before curiosity took over up and looked at us as if to
one of the first things we did began the introductions. We and she came to investigate say ‘are you seeing this?’
was get a dog. Our Springer started by giving Jess and the wet, sniffing nose at the
Spaniel Jess is pretty much Cookie each a towel with the bottom of her door. Cookie went in for a third
our first child. During the others’ scent on it. We then attempt and Jess playfully
day, she goes to work on the allowed each of them in the As they came nose to nose, snapped at her as she went
farm with Leigh — she even others’ space while the other both remained calm and past. Finally, on the fourth
sits with him in the tractors! one wasn’t there. happy — a good sign. We attempt, Jess decided she
So, when Cookie joined the sat and waited until the dog needed to teach the little kitten
family, ensuring they could live Jess outside backed off a little and Cookie a lesson. She jumped up and
happily together was a priority. Cookie’s room. stuck a paw and a shoulder chased her back under the
out. Jess did try to play with her table and then sat watching
Before bringing her home, a little but as soon as it got too her, waiting for her next move.
we created a space just for much, Cookie scarpered back It was a stand-off for a good
Cookie. It’s a utility room at to her safe space. After a few 20 minutes of staring at each
the back of the house where days, the cat felt safe enough other, but eventually both
she can always escape to to be around Jess more and quietly curled up and went to
and where she has all her so much so that she started to sleep facing each other!
resources. Below the window, play back.
we even created a cat flap Cookie’s paws were well
through the stone wall that We’re fortunate that Jess has and truly under the table and
leads to an alley that runs by such a calm temperament it’s safe to say that the two are
the side of house. It means and it didn’t take long at now firm friends.They will often
Cookie can slip into her all before she had clearly be spotted sleeping next to
territory on her own terms, not decided that Cookie was each other, sharing a bowl of
that Cookie seems intimidated now part of the family and food, or even going for a walk
by anything! On the door that was nothing to be concerned together! Cookie had a few
connects to the rest of the about. more friends to meet on the
house, we fixed a hook on the farm yet but meeting Jess was
door that meant it could be One night, as an exhuberant a roaring success.
left open just enough for the kitten, Cookie clearly wasn’t
cat to get through, but not the in the mood for snoozing and

With everything set up and

62 Your Cat March 2021

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