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Highlights Hello (March 2018)
Highlights Hello Magazine was introduced in December 2012. This magazine for babies and toddlers targets

children ages 0–2 years old. Highlights announced that this magazine, which is offered in several subscription

packages is designed specifically for babies.

Laughter and Learning

Each Hello magazine follows a theme such as Sounds, Food or Farm Animals, that helps young children make sense of their world. Every issue is filled with colorful images, whimsical read-aloud stories, poems and simple

activities that make babies giggle, laugh and learn. You’ll also find word play, games and lots of silly fun.

Babies love to look at other babies, so Hello also features plenty of photos of happy faces and little ones

laughing and playing. Plus, our read-aloud stories are just the right length for even the youngest ones’

attention spans.

Thoughtfully Designed

Hello is the perfect size for little hands to hold and to fit into a diaper bag or purse. It’s also baby-safe, made of a tear-resistant, washable material with rounded corners and a stitched — not stapled — binding. For

extra safety, Hello is mailed in an envelope that keeps it germ-free while it’s on its way to your home.

You’ll love watching your special little one get excited with every turn of a page. Best of all, time spent

laughing, playing and reading Hello will help baby to make positive connections between reading and fun.


The childhood experts at Highlights have developed this special baby and toddler magazine to make it easy for parents to read to and bond with their little ones ages 0 to 2!

As always, Highlights is dedicated to Fun with a Purpose, so every issue of Highlights Hello:

Sparks creative play and laughter that strengthens parent-child bonding
Supports early language development
Engages babies and young children visually
Offers story-time tips for parents
Helps parents teach their kids about the joys of reading

Each 16-page issue of Hello is filled with age-appropriate content such as:

Themes that help toddlers understand the world around them
Photos and colorful illustrations guaranteed to make your baby smile
Word play, simple activities and games that encourage fun and silliness
Read-aloud stories, poems and songs that fit young attention spans
A just-right “Find It” version of our world-famous Hidden Pictures puzzles

We ensure baby's safety with:

Durable, tear-resistant pages
Washable material for easy cleanup
Rounded corners
Stitched, not stapled, binding
A sealed envelope so Hello arrives germ-free
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