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The Green Parent (August 2019)
The Green Parent magazine was started in 2002 out of a passion for natural parenting. Not able to find any

information about how to parent differently from the mainstream, Melissa Corkhill started her own magazine.

Covering natural birth, breastfeeding, home education, nutrition, health and simple living it became really

popular and grew a niche audience of hippies, crunchy mamas and alternative thinkers. Now a gorgeous lifestyle magazine that is read by 150,000 parents, the magazine has been featured in many newspapers, on TV and in the movies!

Full of insightful features on everything from biodegradable planting to attachment parenting, you'll find

inspiration for making your life greener and cultivating a great relationship with your children.

Here are six reasons why you should get the magazine delivered to your door:

- You become part of a supportive community
- The magazine helps you be the best parent you can be
- You receive plenty of money saving advice
- You can read articles that’ll change your life
- You’ll feel supported on those tough days when nothing’s going right
- You get the pleasure of a regular treat just for you

There are tips on topics you might not find elsewhere, like babywearing, alternative therapy and homeschooling, as well as relationship advice and money-saving hints.

Written and published in Britain, Green Parent is also the only parenting magazine to bring you regular columns on green travel, seasonal food and drink, ethical fashion and organic gardening.

From the publisher

The Green Parent magazine covers every stage of your family's life. From pregnancy to birth, education to

nutrition, gorgeous eco fashion to health and beauty, every issue is packed with 116 pages of ideas and

articles, bringing you an exciting, vibrant take on green living.What readers say about the magazine:'My

children range from 14 years old down to six years old and there is so much information I can put into practice.' Joanne'I have finally found a magazine that reflects, inspires, supports and gives me strength and

hope to raise our family in a loving and joyful way.' DawnSubscribe to The Green Parent magazine today for an excellent read and plenty of inspiring practical advice that you can use to make your family home a happier, healthier place.
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