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Highlights Genies (March 2017)
Highlights Genies is a magazine for 2-6 year olds. It is designed to keep kids engaged in fun activities while helping them develop essential skills they will need in school. It is an exciting, colorful, fun-filled magazine developed by early childhood development experts specialized in child education.

The magazine has multiple segments encouraging the natural sense, reasoning ability, communication, self-motivation, expression, creativity, problem solving ability and much more. Just like some staple and popular characters, Highlights Genies has some special trademark characters. They are Tex, India, Kiran and Meera. These characters are adventurous, source of encourage, fun and entertainment.

There are a few interesting parts in this magazine.

Kids of all ages (even adults) love the picture puzzles. The magazine provides interesting, easy to solve picture puzzles. Simple activities with systematic instructions and pictures are yet another interesting segment. How to grow your own veggies, how to make a clay dough, how to make a pizza or a pie – kids find them interesting.

Another intriguing feature of the magazine is ‘That’s silly’ page! The concept is finding the silly or funny activities. Just as freebie, cards, cutout papers, mini toys are provided with the magazine. The cards and cutouts can be used to play games, create stories, make crafts, etc.

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